Pisces Horoscope 2014

Pisces Horoscope 2014Pisces horoscope shows psychic detoxing during 2014. In some cases this will actually be literal, but mostly the cosmic cleansing is psychological. Friends are in the firing line when you realise some of them have become more than just a little parasitic. This is because we start the year with Venus retrograde falling in your solar 11th house of friends. Your platonic pals will get the loyalty test treatment while you ponder on whether you have actually grown apart from some of them. There could be a bit of rivalry going on between your partner and your best friend around the period of Jupiter opposite Pluto/Venus on January 31. Indeed the friend might be acting more like an obsessive lover than your own beloved. The film “Single white female” springs to mind. You may have to tactfully tell your mate to butt out of your business around this time.

When your ruler goes direct on March 5 do take every advantage of the sun-kissed romantic promise of Jupiter in your solar 5th and go on a serious lust spree. Certainly don’t let envious gripes from your so called friends dictate how you spend your free time. By now you should have set things straight with your more demanding friends. You may have to shed a few that were proving to be quite vampiric also. This is ultimately liberating and leaves a space for new connections to come in. Venus will enter the seclusion of your solar 12th anyway from March 5 which means you may withdraw from socialising for a while. Good use of this transits would be to join a meditation or yoga type group that is focused on self development and spiritual health. Weeding out toxic friends is good prep for such activity as the purifying theme of the year continues. Welcome Mars retrograde in your solar 8th house of secrets, demons and shadows from March 1…

Cosmic Cleansing

It is also essential that you do approach the April 15 Lunar eclipse in your 8th house as spiritually clean as you possibly can. This eclipse will give you some merciless luminary irrigation and will show up the.. erm… s**t in your life big time. If you have done your spring-cleaning then the unforgiving spotlight on your nether regions shouldn’t reveal too much of a nightmare. But if you’ve been neglecting your soul’s needs then this eclipse will feel just like you have pulled away the sofa and have found a rat has come through a hole in the floorboards, chewed into an abandoned crisp packet and there are “pellets” everywhere…urgh. The good thing is, now you can clean all that up and set up protection! Pisces mermaids and mermen do need stronger boundaries that most I’m afraid. Once you have built your crystal aura shield you’ll be ready for the Cardinal Grand Cross on April 23. The Mars retrograde part of the cross is still in your solar 8th house so there is no escape from the relentless detoxing. This time is more like a fire purging. The heat could rise in a sexual relationship where you suddenly feel “All shook up” in an Elvis kind of way. Surging flames from your root chakra can be very distracting.

Thankfully the April 29 Solar eclipse in your solar 3rd house will at least help you examine things in a detached way and allow you to get into some psychological shadow work. As I said in the 2014 forecast “The Solar Eclipse will sextile Neptune and square Black Moon Lilith making a nice mystical learning triangle. This may seal the deal nicely if you have been trying to exorcise someone for a while. Use the eclipse for some clearing and cleansing magic.” This is especially useful to you Pisces while you have Mars in the 8th house for such a long time. To cap it all you have Persephone’s Nodal Rod falling across your 2/8 house axis on Jul 15. The 8th being the house of the Underworld and the 2nd being the Gate of Hades (in Hellenistic astrology.) brings up the themes of the Persephone myth even more strongly for Pisces. “This aspect can represent having ones creativity and independent thinking completely stifled by a parent or authority figure….. Eris on the South Node brings in collective karma relating to the suppression and abuse of the sacred feminine.”

So it really does look like you have a demon to slay, real or imagined. Pisces will need to stand up to the bully or address their own bullying shadow that emerges when they themselves feel victimised. This same area will be activated by the October 8 Lunar Eclipse which will fall into that “Gate of Hades” once more. This is your house of self-worth too remember. If you have removed the bully (internal or external) then you can now start repairing your self-esteem. The October 23 Solar Eclipse works especially well for you since it falls in your solar 9th house. This proves you have fully resurrected from the Underworld and its challenges earlier in the year. Its been intense but you have learnt a lot. Clearing out what one cannot see deep down does eventually show on the outside.  So bid farewell to the sharks Pisces you can shimmer on the seashore once more.

Pisces Horoscope 2014 ~ Best & Worst

Jupiter is your traditional ruling planet, so anything he is up to affects you very strongly. He starts the year in your 5th house of lovers, recreational sex, play, creativity and kiddies. Lucky you! If Jupiter retrograde has to go anywhere I would put it in this sector. Here the lusty king of the gods can indulge himself all he wants. Here you can gamble, spin the wheel of fortune and dream idle dreams. The only drawback I guess would be too much of a good thing. Jupiter does go direct on Mar 9, but by then you may be so languid in your love pool that you find it hard to get out. Guess what, you will get a cold shower soon enough, because from July 21 you are thrown head first into the world of work when Jupiter moves into your solar 6th. Success in your bread-and-butter job means plenty of buns in the pantry. Don’t eat too many of them mind, Jupiter here could create health problems related to over-indulgence. Best days for love: You are extra sexy and attractive with Venus in the 1st from Apr 7 – May 3. Venus conjunct Neptune on April 11 keeps you slooshing about with the mermaids in that love pool I mentioned above. The affair may be real or imagined… Apr 20 is lovely healing spa love. Try not to fall for your masseur. Venus replaces Jupiter in your 5th house of love affairs from Jul 18 – Aug 11. Venus is in your 7th house of marriage from Sep 5 – Sep 29. Venus in your 10th house of status from Nov 17 – Dec 9. Grin and bear it days: Jupiter square Mars on Aug 2. Angry gas giant. Mercury retardation annoyance: Mercury is retrograde in your 5th house from Jun 8 – June 15 messes with your love technology, be careful those electric toys don’t zap your privates. From Jun 16 – 30 expect exploding fridges.

The decans below make the tranists as accurate as they can be within a ten degree orb. But for a detailed account about how this year will effect you personally, please refer to the READINGS page.

Pisces Decan 1

Birthdays February 19 – 28    Ascendants 0º – 10º  

pisces2Neptune conjunct your decan all year. What I have already said in the general Pisces forecast about detoxing and keeping as pure as possible applies especially to you. Neptune can be wonderful as a transit if you take the right precautions, but going into it blind is asking for trouble. It’s kind of like going to Peru and taking Ayuascha, they give you a guide for a reason. Enlightenment can blow your mind and most of us still have to pay bills, do the school run and function to a timetable. So what you need is a wise Shaman to hold you hand and guide you through the surreal, psychedelic trip that is a Neptune transit. Now as a Pisces you might already be quite into this anyway. The only problem is if you are already a very right-brained type this could send you into another dimension altogether and you will have great difficulty staying grounded. Artists and musicians tend to handle this transit quite well if they don’t have a day job. They can lock themselves away for a whole year, converse with their higher-self out loud without being called an idiot and come out with a ground breaking exhibition or poetic new album. Conversely this transit also works very well for skeptical, scientific types who need to open their minds. Those decan 1 fish who may have been feeling “out of water” for a while in a stifling job or relationship will get just the wave they need to sail free. The biggest difficulty with this transit is discernment. Everything is coated with the same enchanting glitz, so it’s really hard to spot deception and charlatans. This is where you need your Saturnian best friend to help you decipher who’s who. After the Venus retrograde you will know who you can trust in this regard, but the first few months of the year, with all the retrogrades, will prove to be the most challenging. It will be very difficult to know who to trust with Chiron conjunct your decan until February. Health could be an issue, hence the reason for the need to detox. You may go through a healing crisis during the early part of the year if you go too fast with it. Chiron can be the mentor too, so I would seek an independent counselor at this time if you really are suffering. North Node trine your decan until March will mean that you do find support from others. They may be the new connections that come in after you have weeded out those who were draining you. Gatherings and being open to synchronicity are important now. If you are going through some sort of crisis, then local support groups or even internet forums are invaluable now. Solar eclipse sextile your decan April 29 will be great for bringing fresh energy into your life, and confirmation that local support groups and making local connections are the way to go for you at this time.

July Onwards

Mars trine your decan Jul 26 – Aug 15 With the Neptune conjunction to your decan all year, you really need Mars to give you some action. From now on you should feel less foggy now that Mars is direct and blasting a furnace of energy into your solar 9th house. This is where you suddenly get the surge to travel or study. An esoteric or mystically themed course would be ideal. Going overseas to a spiritual place that could enlighten would be ideal. Somewhere that puts you in touch with the healing power of nature will support your recovery. You might indeed be tempted to go to Peru… but remember you are extra sensitive to any drugs right now. Smoking a joint would probably be enough! Going to a spa to detox might be a wiser, if more boring alternative. This cleansing would be good to do before Mars square your decan Sep 14 – Sep 30, for you will need all your energy to combat those demons that I mentioned in the general forecast. You also might need to build your immune system up because Neptune transits can make you very porous to invaders and that includes microbes. You should feel back on par with the Solar eclipse trine your decan Oct 23 which supports growth and will give you the ability to bounce back. Mars sextile your decan Oct 27 – Nov 10 the recovery continues with Mars now very strong in your solar 10th. If you have been slacking on the work front, you can now start to gather those creative ideas and inspiration from your Neptune trip and start to construct something quite beautiful from them. You may also find an exotic muse at this time to inspire you further. Be careful you don’t fall too far under the spell of a siren at this time Black Moon Lilith opposite your decan from Dec 1 is in your 7th house of marriage. It might be hard to keep grounded especially if you are under the influence of any other forbidden fruit. Too much serpent juice could so easily float you all the way to Never Never land if you are not careful. Okay, it is the festive season and we all tend to get carried away by the reindeer around this time. Just make sure you come back to the real world in time for 2015.

Pisces Decan 2

Birthdays February 29 – March 10    Ascendants 10º – 20º  

Pisces Horoscope 2014Saturn trine your decan until end May. Your decan 1 neighbors are floating about in wispy outfits doing a great impression of a jellyfish while you are classically robed in a more sensible apparel. Yes, you really mean business this year and want to be taken seriously. And so you will be with this harmonious and balanced trine. Saturn’s scientific influence blends beautifully with your poetic Piscean wisdom. This all coming together in the eyes of others does wonders for your self-esteem. You gain respect and authority with your great imagination and have the stamina and will to mould those ideas into something concrete. It’s also great for attracting solid and reliable relationships into your life. At the same time however you have to undergo some healing with Chiron conjunct your decan Jan 11 – Aug 27 this will allow you to come to a greater understanding of who you really are and what your higher purpose in the world is. You may encounter a wise teacher at this time that can help you see the bigger picture. The demon slaying backdrop of the year sees you confronting the shadow and casting away the childhood conditioning that has held you back in the past. You also get the bonus of Jupiter trine your decan Jan 1 – Jun 6 which brings fruitfulness and abundance into your life. The helpful influence of both Saturn and Jupiter goes a long way in helping you  successfully resolve those childhood wounds brought up by Chiron and heal them without too much pain. You are opening up and feeling warm and generous towards others. Suddenly you find your social life blossoming in response to the energy you give out. All in all, if you wish to exorcise bad habits and toxic relationships from your life, then now is the time to do it! There is no reason to doubt your ability to slay these demons once and for all. Late decan 2’s (18º-19º) also get the bonus of a powerful grand trine to their decan. This is the pure balancing energy of Jupiter trine Saturn in the sky on May 24. It has the potential to bring you high status, leadership ability and justice. Business goes incredibly well too as Saturn builds a solid reputation while Jupiter generates enthusiasm, popularity and wealth. It’s just such a winning combination!

July Onwards

Mars trine your decan Aug 13 – Aug 31 The conquering energy continues with another great window of opportunity to forge ahead into new territory. The energy is expansive and also great for travel. All forms of activity that increase your wisdom and put you in contact with people of another culture are well starred. There are less major transits for your decan in the second half of the year, but you can ride on the coat tails of the fabulous growth and success that you experienced at the beginning of the year. As always there is some rough to go with the smooth with Mars square your decan Sep 29 – Oct 14, but this is small fry compared to what you have all ready been served at the cosmic dinner table. It’s just a tough bit of meat to chew through. Use this time to retreat and mull over what you have achieved so far. You might need a rest by now anyway if you have been working hard coping with your earlier success. Mars sextile your decan Nov 9 – Nov 23 sees you back and refreshed with Mars powering through you solar 11th house of hopes and wishes. Again its just more opportunity to refine and perfect the dreams and build on the reputation you have attained this year.

Pisces Decan 3

Birthdays March 11 – 20     Ascendants 10º – 20º 

Pisces Horoscope 2014You get the best deal transit wise of all the decans since you have no hard outer planet transits at all. This should make it easier for you to battle through the detox challenges mentioned in the general forecast. You start the year with Black Moon Lilith trine your decan Jan 1 – Mar 17. Lilith in her priestess mode will give you plenty of supportive signs from the universe to guide you on your path. Dreams are important at this time and intuition is strong. Lilith also endows you with plenty of charm and sex appeal if you want to take her down the tantric sex route while Jupiter is loved up in your 5th house of fun and frolics. The mystical experiences are nicely balanced by Saturn trine your decan from May. You have the blessing of this wonderfully grounding transit for most of the year like decan 2. Even though it doesn’t technically fall into your decan until May, you should be able to feel Saturn’s crystallizing influence as it approaches right from the beginning of the year. Success is most likely with Jupiter trine your decan Jun 1 – Jul 22 because you will get both the influence of  crystallising Saturn and lucky Jupiter together. Early decan 3’s (20º-21º) also get the bonus of a powerful grand trine to their decan. This is the pure balancing energy of Jupiter trine Saturn in the sky on May 24. It has the potential to bring you high status, leadership ability and justice. Business goes incredibly well too as Saturn builds a solid reputation while Jupiter generates enthusiasm, popularity and wealth. It’s just such a winning combination!

July Onwards

Mars trine your decan Aug 30 – Sep 16 You have the same deal as decan 2 with the conquering energy continuing. Instead of me just repeating what I have written you can basically read what I have written there and use these dates. The only difference is that on the Sept 15 this great energy moves into your solar 10th so you can take what you have learnt abroad and apply it to your career. You might even bring back a new foreign business partner. Mars square your decan Oct 13 – Oct 28 again as for decan 2 but you get the bonus of Mars sextile Sun, Mercury and then Venus (Oct 20) in the sky at the same time from your solar 8th. In your case you could actually use this fiery energy in a sexual way. Retreat from work by all means but don’t waste this sizzling transit. Set up a boudoir of passion in your bedroom if you have a willing partner. This is when the angry square of Mars can be transformed into a sexy diamond. Mars sextile your decan Nov 22 – Dec 6 Same as for decan 2. Since you have had such dreamily good aspects at the start of the year and if you have successfully detoxed, you should be feeling better than you have in a long time.

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