Libra April horoscope


Your Libra April 2022 Horoscope  suggests that you will be greatly receptive to counselling. This could be for help in your intimate relationship or simply for problem solving. Conflict with others prompts you to seek an objective, outside opinion. This peacemaking vibe lasts until April 20, after that it’s time to explore the dark, dank cellar of your chart for the roots of any conflicts between you and your partner or any rivals

Libra April 2022

You don’t have to be alone! You should seek guidance from others during this time. If you need help with your intimate relationship or are having problems, counselling is well-starred. This is the time when seeking an objective, outside opinion becomes necessary when conflict with others arises. This can be an exciting period of competition and rivalry which allows you to see who you work best with, while eliminating from your life those with whom you are not so compatible.

The major theme of this period is looking at the relationship with your spouse if you have one. You realize you need to take their feelings into account and that you have been functioning a little too independently. This can be a lovely time of reconciliation if the relationship has been going through a rocky patch.

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Libra Emotional Horoscope

The Full Moon April 16 in your sign makes you extremely emotional for the next two weeks. Don’t be surprised if you burst into tears at the drop of a hat. If you are a manly type you can just say you’re really in touch with your feminine side… seriously you will feel pretty mushy.

Don’t worry though, it won’t last so I’d just wallow in it and let it be cleansing. So really this is quite a good time to purge yourself of any internal rage and turmoil. There is absolutely no point trying to keep a lid on it and getting all Buddhist with your unfulfilled desires.

A Full Moon in your sign won’t let you be objective, no matter how much you try. Detachment is pretty much impossible and you will empathise with every man and his dog, (Or even plants for those extra sensitives!)

This can go two ways, you can either be extra nurturing this month and emotionally giving, or you could be annoyingly needy and demanding. It all depends on what this Full Moon triggers in your own chart, squares to Mars are brattish and explosive, trines to Venus are loved-up supreme.

Libra Career Horoscope

Until April 10 is a perfect time to sign contracts and go into partnership with someone. You will be at your most diplomatic so use this period to work your wordy magic into convincing someone to do a deal with you or buy your products. You should be successful at anything that involves group thinking as you yourself will work best having someone to bounce your ideas off.

The period from now until April 11 is the best time to sign contracts and form partnerships. You will be at your most diplomatic during this time, so use your words to convince someone to do business with you or buy your products. As long as you have someone to bounce ideas off, you will do well in anything involving group thinking.

Libra Love Horoscope

Unfortunately, this is probably the most boring time of the year for affairs of the heart. The snore fest with start from April 6. Fortunately, it only happens once a year! What this period is good for however is health. You can use these three weeks or so to make yourself beautiful from the inside out. At this time you will find it really easy to stick to a detox diet, and it is also good for joining a gym and making a commitment to keeping fit. You might even meet a future partner through a fitness class!

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