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Welcome to your Gemini 2023 to 2024 year ahead horoscope forecast running from birthday to birthday. These new horoscopes are essentially mini solar returns which will give you a snapshot of the major transits for the solar return year ahead. Like the solar return, the influence of these charts will last the whole birthday year. They sum up well the energy of the next twelve months without getting too bogged down in dates.

I include a Gemini 2023/Gemini 2024 horoscope for each decan accurate to within a 5º range either side. For more accuracy, I suggest you purchase a Solar Return Reading which will go into more detail. Check out the meaning of Jupiter in Taurus and Saturn in Pisces for the bigger picture of your luck and challenges for the year ahead. You can read this Gemini 2023/2024 horoscope for either your Sun sign or your rising sign.

IMPORTANT. If you are finding the negative manifestations the planets’ transits ‘come true’ this year then it is a sign that you need to raise your vibration level out of the fear and victim frequency. When you connect directly with the creator god/source or the Sun (Whatever you want to call it.) then the archontic diamons or planetary archetypes will not pull you down into material vices and/or addictive patterns. You will no longer be food for the parasitical entities. Creator sky god and the blessed mother earth goddess over ride anything the lesser planets can throw at you!

GEMINI 2023 -2024 Horoscope

Gemini 2023/2024 Horoscope ~ Decan 1

Birthdays May 21st to 31st
Rising Signs 0º to 10º Gemini

Gemini Decan 1, Saturn is your challenging aspect this year. However, the old man will be great for building spiritual muscle and setting boundaries. Learn to say no to those who have been draining you for some time. You have what I would call an ‘exciting chart!’ Yes, there is a whacking great T-square dominating your 2024 horoscope, but you also have wonderful trines and sextiles giving courage and optimism.

Mars sextile your decan gives you the verve to succeed. This aspect helps transmute the obsession from the T-square into an energy you can use for deep soul transformation. The passion and drive of this pattern will fuel creative projects and ambitious moves.

You will learn much this year from the learning triangle. The intuition of the moon feeds into the T-square. So let’s break it down: North Node/Jupiter square Pluto is the conflict that needs resolving. This could be a spiritual crisis and a loss of faith. But in the end, divine intelligence proves it is at work in your life as long as you keep your eyes open for the signs.

It would be a crying shame to let Pluto make you feel dark and hopeless with Jupiter’s opportunity for growth with it on the north node. Zeus is pushing you to evolve. But to do this you must detoxify. The quincunx from the Moon says to clean up your diet so that you can think clearly. But la luna also says you must address mother issues also. Ceres opposite Neptune supports the case for resisting the forbidden fruit. Mind-altering substances would be a really bad idea this year! You will be extremely sensitive to them and they will mess up your gut biome.

The resolution is the very optimistic and humorous Moon trine Jupiter. It means that you can see the funny side of most of this year’s obstacles, and there WILL be some! But each time you pass one of Saturn’s tests you will earn some metaphysical stripes. Your authority is boosted by having gained wisdom through the hard knocks of life. There is also the chance of an out-of-the-blue romance this year thanks to Venus sextile Uranus. It might be an unusual one since you could meet this person in a hospital, on a spiritual retreat or in some kind of institution. (Please don’t fall in love with a convict. Pluto!)

Gemini 2023/2024 Horoscope ~ Decan 2

Birthdays Jun 1st to 10th
Rising Signs 10º to 20º Gemini

The solar return chart for Gemini Decan 2 resembles of the two of swords card. Like that card, there is a feeling of being stuck in the middle and avoiding making a firm decision. The heart is closed off and you might have decided that you can’t trust your heart.

Maybe you have been betrayed by someone (Venus opposite Pluto.) who has gaslighted you so much that you can’t trust your judgement. (Ceres opposite Neptune) Another possibility is that you have felt so violated by the experience that you have turned to drugs or drinks to numb the pain.

Please do not lose hope and turn into an air sign ice queen! For there are two trines in this configuration here to help you. Venus trine Neptune is beautiful and romantic. It can be a healing muse to inspire great poetry and art so throw yourself into creativity.

You may also find a new romance follows quickly if you cut permanent ties to your abuser. Ceres trine Pluto finds solace in nature, flowers and animals are healing. Gardening would be a fantastic food for the soul this year. Join a gardening collective and grow some veggies, you could meet someone special among the eggplants.

The possibility for a new romance is high since Venus and Mars are fairly close together in romantic Leo. These relationship planets fall in your 3rd house of your local environment which supports the case for finding local love through hobbies or classes. Venus square Jupiter/North node is very positive for fated relationships, the only problem is getting a bit too carried away. Mercury conjunction Uranus has you feeling like a crazy fool, and you could act impulsively with any new date. The temptation to run away with Guido from the circus is really high.

There are quite a few quirky quincunxes in this chart which tend to spicy things up. They can mean a lot of experiments, and a lot of silly mistakes but also a lot of fun! Saturn will square your decan at some point in the next year which will help ground you whenever you feel flighty. Sensible Saturn should help you think twice and act a bit more sensibly. Stability in relationships and a serious older person coming into your life are also possible under his influence. Geminis are naturally childlike and have a charming youthful spirit. That butterfly trait will be even more accentuated by Mercury conjunction Uranus.Overall the oppositions in the 2024 horoscope could mean swinging from one extreme to the other, from ultra-cautious to extremely daring. Hopefully, your new Saturn influence, whether in business or pleasure, will help keep you stabilised.

Gemini 2023/2024 Horoscope ~ Decan 3

Birthdays Jun 11th to 20th
Rising Signs 20º to 30º Gemini

Hello? Is anyone home? Neptune is doing a number on you Gemini decan 3. As you can see from the chart you are directly plugged into the psychedelic Ceres opposition to Neptune. There are two ways it could go; high vibration is the sublime blend of Ceres’ fertile flowers and Neptune’s waterfalls. This is a pure sacred nature connection. The birds and trees are alive with messages of guidance for you. You will also feel incredibly energised and healed by the great outdoors. Or… you could just lock yourself in your room with a rubber plant and a bag of weed. Which do you think is going to bring you enlightenment? Neptune’s low vibration is more treacherous than Pluto’s, but most people don’t realise it because Neptune’s mist is so very subtle. Spiritual bypassing is a possibility, but with Ceres, it is aided by ‘enlightening’ plants such as ayahuasca. But humans can be intoxicating too, an inappropriate relationship with a guru like this one (Aliki Farms Sketch. Portlandia) just about sums it up!

As you can see, the Lilith conjunction Mars is simmering underneath all this with Venus close by. That’s a recipe for triangular relationships if ever I saw one. (See Portlandia!) The kundalini awakening potential is very high here, and that combined with Neptune could send you into orbit never to return. It is very important to keep your feet on the ground this year. Hang onto sceptical, well-grounded friends who will shake some sense into you if need be. Thankfully Jupiter sextile Saturn keeps some sort of balance, even if Venus is square Jupiter which can be extravagant and indulgent.

Mercury plays the trickster very strongly in Gemini your sign. On the positive side, Mercury with the moon here is fantastic for writing and humourous communications. This combination can tell very entertaining stories but it can lie splendidly also. Best to let this energy work through you by giving presentations and writing novels, blogs or whatever magic ‘spell’ you can scribble. Don’t leave this wonderful word pool untapped. With Venus sextile this conjunction is exceedingly charming and great for speeches, presentations and sales.

Moon Mercury is not the most reliable pair, however, especially in Gemini so you need to be careful to not get carried away with flights of fancy. Together Moon Mercury in Gemini screams fads, fads, fads. Shiny new object syndrome could affect you for the year ahead. Be careful you don’t confuse people or clients with all your image/brand changes. Relationships are another area where you might find it hard to make things stick. Your mixed messages make lovers feel they can’t trust you to stick around. In business, the commitment to stay the course seems lacking too and you could lose commissions because of it.

The challenge this year is picking one person or plan and sticking with it. Mercury square Saturn is begging you to define your goals and settle on one theme. I know it’s difficult with all those ideas bouncing around your head but you could have analysis paralysis if you aren’t strict with yourself. By the end of this year, Saturn will have taught you to edit and weed out any time-wasting distractions and help you focus on those important long-term goals. Ceres trine Pluto begs you to go out into nature, sit under a tree and meditate. Tame that monkey Gemini mind once and for all. You have so much inspiration this year, but the key is to successfully channel it all into a finished project.

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