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Libra Horoscope 2015

Libra 2015 Mini Horoscope ~ Love, Luck & Career

Venus Retrograde will renew passion and/or review the worth of your 12th/11th houses of self-undoing (!), spiritual practice, friends and wishes from Jul 25 to Sept 6.  Read Venus Retrograde to get an idea what this will mean for you. Joyous! Your overall mood and zest for life tends to be best while the Sun transits through your birthday month and during the other air signs of Gemini and Aquarius. Love is surprisingly well starred when the Sun travels through your opposite sign of Aries and therefore your 7th house of marriage from Mar 21 to Apr 20. Best months for sex & vitality are when Mars steams up your 5th house pleasure zone from Jan 1 to Jan 11, ignites your 10th house ambition from Jun 24 to Aug 8 and fires up your 1st house physical body from Nov 12 to Dec 31

Jupiter expands and brings abundance into your 11th house of friendship, hopes and dreams from Jan 1 to Aug 12. The second half of the year Jupiter brings spiritual growth into your 12th house of mystics and meditation from Aug 13 until Dec 31. Saturn makes you work hard and take on extra responsibility in your 3rd house of learning, local connections and siblings from Jan 1 to Jun 14.  This lord of karma then goes back to wrap up affairs and tie-up loose ends in your 2nd house of cash, possessions and self worth from Jun 15 to Sept 18. Saturn re-enters your 3rd house again from Sept 19 to Dec 31.

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  1. Since 2012, the scales have been swinging wildly. I am a Libra Sun with Libra Rising. Yes, a double Libra! So there has been absolutely no relief! Saturn, eclipses, Unranus, enough already! Honestly, how much are we supposed to take and for HOW LONG? Another year??*&^%$

    • Wow, I think you should thank God for not being Capricorn. Seriously, if you Libras are experiencing some troubled times, I don’t know what we Capricorns experiencing…. End of the world… Since 2007 I’ve been living in HELL with Pluto,Uranus,Neptune,Saturn,Eclipses and so on. Every single part of my being and life have been dug up…

    • Yes, I have a Capricorn friend with a Grand Cross in Cardinals and she is having very bad time.
      I have a stellium in Libra so I had enough too. These 2 last days have been awful with the square Cancer/Aries/Capri … When it´s not your own aspects it´s somebody elses who doesn´t know anything and doesn´t want to know, which is worse, about astro, so no way of telling them, what a caos. It´s incredible how strong are negative influences from other people, it ruins your day and even your equilibrium, the one you spent so much time trying to get. Anyway, now we have the Venus Rx sq Saturn, anything more?? Les jeux sont fait, guess lots of relationships are going to end… after that elements tsunami/Tsquare, there is not much left, only a black ashes in a desolated panorama. Are we really ready to stay wait for the sprouts grow or are we packing and looking for a nice greengrass somewhere else? Fed up!!

  2. I don’t know about you other Libras, but I have had nothing but a love drought for close to 5 years now. Not even one single date since end of 2010. Why so terrible? I can’t tell if it’s Uranus, Pluto or Saturn to blame anymore. I am very lonely and the end of my rope even though everything else in my life has been going ok or even good. Romance? What romance? This second decan Libra is hoping that autumn will be kinder to us Librans.

    • I am also a Libra 2nd decante who has been divorced since 2010. I have not had any kind of relationship in 5 years. It would be really nice to meet someone to go out once a while.

    • i am a libra.. we dont need love we are balanced..
      we on top if it comes to tactical decisions..economic and wealth

      stack your money my brothers and sisters. you feel feel the superiority in you

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