Your Gemini Horoscope for August 2017 means connections with your immediate neighborhood become important this month. Locally there are many events and a call for you to participate. You can’t really hold back from involving yourself, even if you tried, so dive right in with gusto. This is not a month to keep quiet! You will be asked your opinion and also to speak out about local issues if you have been active in the community. There is a restlessness about you, and you will want to keep busy with visiting siblings or reconnecting with friends you haven’t seen for a while. Take advantage of the sociable vibe as after Aug 23 you will feel in more of a hermit mode. At this time you can play the homebody, have loads of long, luxurious Epsom bath soaks and indulge in lovingly prepared home cooking.

August Monthly Horoscope 2017

This is an eclipse month so here is a sneak preview of what is in the 2017 Horoscopes

Aug 7 Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius:An Lunar Eclipse in the your house of expansion and higher learning pulls you out of your local box and throws you onto the vast plains of endless possibility. However it is through being too attached to your familiar, local area that you are forced out of your comfort zone and into.. culture shock!
Aug 28 Solar Eclipse in Leo: An eclipse in your house of philosophy could trigger a crisis in morals and ethics. You will be prompted to address your life code and the standards you live by. Events force you to question the beliefs you grew up with and send on a quest for wisdom and truth.

Gemini Career Horoscope

If you work from home you will get a lot done until Aug 13 because you will have some trouble unchaining yourself from the desk. If on the other hand you travel to an office, you might find it hard to drag yourself there. That is, unless the work itself concerns selling real estate or entails actual building work.

What Mercury Retrograde Means for Gemini

You will feel like withdrawing from discussions with those in the outside world at this time. You are really not in the mood for heated debates on current affairs. Instead it seems that your thoughts are looking into the distant past and maybe old memories are coming back to haunt you. Try to think of what could be sparking off this nostalgia. Information you are receiving could be firing up those neural pathways through music you listened to as a teen or maybe someone at work is wearing a fragrance that a past lover used to wear.

Gemini Love Horoscope

Up until Aug 26 neighborhood is looking rather more lush and beautiful this month and because of this you might also be more open to finding love locally. As you stroll around your home stead you become aware of its positive qualities, even some graffiti could look quite artistic. You will find that interactions with neighbors and shop keepers are more friendly and cheerful than usual. Indeed if love is on your mind you mind bump into someone literally on your doorstep. Make sure your slippers are presentable.

Gemini Spiritual Horoscope

Ceres in your house of possessions will give you the opportunity to heal through the experience of letting go. You may experience material loss which forces you to confront how attached you are to 3D objects that are infused with very little sacred energy. Loss and emptiness could also push you into comfort eating. Over doing the sugar and starch may jolt you into seriously changing your diet. This also gives you the opportunity to address what toxins you are putting into your body.

August Horoscope ~ Gemini Decans

Gemini 1

Birthdays May 20 to 11

Best days for love:
Venus sextile ~ Aug 26 to 31

Best days for career: None!

Challenging days:
Sun square ~ Aug 23 to 31
Mercury square ~ Aug 1 to 6, Aug 19 to 31

Gemini 2

Birthdays May 31 to Jun 11

Best days for love:
Jupiter trine ~ Aug 1 to 20
Sun sextile ~ Aug 1 to 12

Best days for career:
Sun sextile ~ Aug 1 to 12
Mars sextile ~ Aug 5 to 20

Challenging days:
Mercury square ~ Aug 8 to 18
Neptune opposite ~ All month

Gemini 3

Birthdays Jun 11 to 20

Best days for love:
Jupiter trine ~ Aug 21 to 31
Venus trine ~ Aug 18 to 25
Sun opposite ~ Aug 23 to 31
Uranus sextile ~ All month

Best days for career:
Jupiter trine ~ Aug 21 to 31

Challenging days:
Mercury square ~ Aug 23 to 31
Saturn opposite ~ All month

Decan 1
has a challenges in both business and romantic relationships. Decan 3 had Saturn setting obstacles, but with this you will learn to set boundaries. Neptune might fog up decan 2‘s lens on the world. Venus will help you say no politely to pressure to conform against your will. All decans learn that the majority is not always right and how to hold their own, even if it means isolation for a time. For decan 2 and 3 there are so many energizing and supportive influences which give you confidence to push forward your dreams. Lucky Jupiter blesses all your endeavors and brings you friendship and enjoyable social events. Decan 2 and 3‘s personal power is amplified, but they are diplomatic and not forceful in their approach. Every good deed is noticed, especially by important and influence people who will dish out rewards. Enjoy the attention! Any competitive Mercury square energy is balanced by Jupiter who serves as a buffer.

Gemini 2017 ~ Gemini Traits ~ Cosmic Report

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