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Gemini Monthly Horoscope

Gemini Monthly Horoscope

Your Gemini Horoscope for March 2017 means your reputation in the big wide world takes precedence. You might find you have to spend a great deal of time building on what you have achieved in terms of your career. In some cases you might have to actually go back and strengthen foundations because some event occurs that the roots are quite unstable and not deep enough. After Mar 20 you can lighten up, look forward and enjoy the company of close friends with whom you share common dreams.

This can be a burdensome month, because you are forced to be responsible and deal with the nuts and bolts of your business. It’s quite a serious time where you will see clearly what has worked and what hasn’t in terms of your life calling. The chickens come home to roost as it were. Talking of home, this is also the sector that deals with your mother. Wether she has been encouraging or critical is reflected in how feel the universe treats you. If you are not being rewarded or recognised at this time, it could be then that your primary judging “goddess” was more of the punishing fire-and-brimstone type than ‘Namaste’ (Translated as ‘I bow to the divine within you’). To be confident and abundant in the wider world you might have to work on how to see the universal mother.

March Monthly Horoscope 2017

The March 12 Full Moon is one of the most emotionally draining lunations you experience in the year as its position opens up long buried family skeletons. The natural thing to do as you regress to the mental state of a 3 year old is to want to cocoon yourself in bed and wrap up in the fluffiest duvet you can get hold of for protection. This is the Moon womb par excellence. Don’t bother to push yourself out of your comfort zone as you will act the most crankiest PMT monster to your loved ones ever.

Keep away from anyone that presses your infantile buttons and brats in general, as things could turn very ugly, very quickly. Avoid trolling type internet activity also, as you will seem to attract comments that echo your parents worst criticisms of you. You won’t be able to deal with anything in an objective matter at all for the next two weeks. If you are lucky enough to have dream parents then go home and let them cook for you. Heaven!!

Gemini Career Horoscope

Until Mar 12 your desire to make a mark on the work continues be high and you are feeling extremely ambitious. Your status, in terms of how you rank against your peers is very important at this time. Business for you is all about making the right impression, right now! You should be riding the wave of the status boost that you earned over the last couple of weeks. So from Mar 13 make sure you keep networking to milk every last drop of interest you have generated.

Now is the time to network wether it is in person or using the social network media. You will be feeling optimistic,visionary and wanting to share your ideas with others. Mixing with like-minded souls will be inspiring for your work. This is a great time to attend a work-related conference and meet your peers. If you are an employee you might find you make new friends at work and feel more like socialising with them after hours. This is an enjoyable work period where you don’t feel too isolated, even if you work solo or at home.

Gemini Love Horoscope

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Gemini 2017

Gemini 2017

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  1. Thanks for sharing that. Just a doubt, please. You wrote the Solar Eclipse will hit our house 4, but when I check the transits the Sun is in my house 8, in fact. How shoud I read that, then? Tks a lot.

    • Hi Evescott. Ok, most popular horoscope writers, write for Sun signs. They use solar houses because not everyone knows their ascendant. So they will write for Sun sign Gemini as house 1 and the eclipse will fall then in solar house 4. If you read for your ascendant then it is more accurate because then you can consider the house ruler too, as an astrologer would when reading your birthchart.