Gemini Monthly Horoscope

Gemini Monthly Horoscope

Gemini Monthly Horoscope

Your Gemini Horoscope for September 2016 stresses that this is a time of connecting with your roots.  Your home and personal territory become really important and the tendency to look inward while spending time in your home sanctuary is something your soul is crying out for at this time. If you own your home outright then you might want to focus on making it more secure or creating a ‘safe space’ within it, away from noisier family members. It benefits your health to honour ancestral linage, if your immediate family seem alien to you, maybe you can feel grounded by looking back in time. From September 22 you come out to party and socialise as the vibe lightens up and you can really enjoy the best of the summertime fun and games.

The September 1 Solar Eclipse in one of your solar foundational houses can be quite a life changing event. It is all the more potent if it triggers any personal planets in this house of your roots, father and property. (Check house 4 and its ruler if reading for ascendant.) What this period will bring up for you then is any childhood wounds that have not been addressed. If you had a dysfunctional upbringing then this period can be very challenging. Events in your daily life can bring up long buried feelings, seemingly from nowhere in the next 6 months. It may be very helpful to take a trip somewhere that is meaningful to your ancestors. It is important to go somewhere relatively unspoilt and solitary, so you can have some quiet contemplation with the land. You may actually move house, especially if this eclipse falls very close to the IC itself.

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The September 18 Lunar Eclipse is a possible life-changing eclipse which illuminates the foundations of your life and how it has programmed your status out in the world. Did you parents like their work? Did they invest in you to live out their unfulfilled ambitions? If so, is the career you are in now a reflection of their aspirations rather than your soul-calling?

This period of time should provide you the opportunity to re-align with your true talents. Test out wether it is true that if you follow your heart, the financial security will follow and be pleasantly surprised.

On the other hand your success may also be a result of proving your parents wrong. If nothing you did was ever good enough then the constant striving for excellence could have served you well in material terms. The problem then is never feeling satiated.

There is always more to earn, more to achieve, more prizes to win.. and this is exhausting. It can leave you with very little time to spend cultivating a happy, fulfilling family life of your own. It is possible that an event occurs that shakes up the work/home imbalance, if there has been one.

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  1. Thanks for sharing that. Just a doubt, please. You wrote the Solar Eclipse will hit our house 4, but when I check the transits the Sun is in my house 8, in fact. How shoud I read that, then? Tks a lot.

    • Hi Evescott. Ok, most popular horoscope writers, write for Sun signs. They use solar houses because not everyone knows their ascendant. So they will write for Sun sign Gemini as house 1 and the eclipse will fall then in solar house 4. If you read for your ascendant then it is more accurate because then you can consider the house ruler too, as an astrologer would when reading your birthchart.