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Your Cancer monthly horoscope video is a segment of the Cancer yearly horoscope. If you want the rest of the year’s mp3s plus transcripts you can buy them now at a discount on the Cancer 2021 Horoscope post.

(Example transcript from Cancer 2021 Horoscope.)

Uranus in your friends house you can replace the drains easily with some new NON-drainers hopefully. Plus the new moon May in your friend’s house as well. Just perfect. So you are sifting out friends that are surplus to needs and are too draining. That definitely includes virtual friends, and probably more so than the real-life ones actually.

On the 13th we get a taste of what Jupiter’s going to mean when it goes into Pisces. Hooray for you, this is something you’ve been probably waiting for. Jupiter was a bit of a waste with such a expensive and lucky planet in your eighth house of the underworld and the psyche. But very good if you happen to be married to a billionaire because Jupiter is representing their generosity.

Otherwise, it’s a bit of a useless place for it to be. Yes it IS good for psychological work as well though. You probably can’t wait for Jupiter to move into the ninth house because then it’s travel and Jupiter loves travel!! It’s also great for study, if you want to broaden your mind and your horizons, whether it’s physical or it’s just in your mind, then this Jupiter is going to be so much more effective on the 9th.

It’s like coming out to the underworld basically. You’ve been let out of that dingy dungeon. However Jupiter will go back into your eighth house in July. So make the most of your summer because it’s the end of July that it goes back into Aquarius. So quite a good taster time and perfect for the summer holidays.

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