Ophuichus The 13th Sign? ~ Nov 22 to Dec 21

Ophuichus is the Serpent holder or the snake charmer. The snake part is a constellation in it own right called Serpens. Another name for this constellation is Serpentarius, which I think is a far more evocative and pleasant sounding name, apart from it being easier to spell! The myth surrounding this constellation is that of Aesculapius, a medicine man, so gifted that he was able to perform the miraculous feat of bringing the dead back to life. Zeus was so enraged by this mere physician playing god that he destroyed him with a thunderbolt. Apparently however, it was Hades that provoked Zeus’s wrath, complaining that fewer souls were being sent down to the underworld as a result of Aesculapius’s talents. The centaur Chiron raised Aesculapius as his own son. His mother is said to be Corvus the crow, which is interesting as the Corvus constellation hasn’t got a great reputation either.

It is suggested Aesculapius as its other derivative Asklepios, came from words meaning “applying” and “making limbs gentle”. It is also associated with the words hermit, gentle, kind, calm and soothing. Medicine comes from the same root as Medusa, the name of the sorceress Medea also comes from this root. The blood from Medusa’s left side was poisonous and the right side was used to heal. You could say that Aesculapius used this blood as medicine. The coiled up snake can also be seen as the Kundalini, the word itself in Sanskrit means “coiled up”. The igniting and harnessing of this life force is the aim of witch doctors and shamans. This will be done through the use of drumming, trance and hallucinogens. This takes us back to this constellation being known as the snake charmer. The snake is hypnotised by playing a musical instrument, the ancient version of trance music.

Ophuichus Snake Wisdom

Of course integral to the shamans role is inducing altered states of consciousness by the use of entheogens. Some have said these are the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden and of course the snake as Lilith was the temptress there. The snake is said to represent wisdom. But this is occult (meaning hidden) wisdom for a reason. Just like they say that sudden igniting of the Kundalini can send you mad, then also too much of this wisdom flooding the brain can do the same. Together this is enlightenment. Sex and spirituality is a powerful force, it hits us like a thunderbolt.  The tarot card associated with Ophiuchus is the one that most people fear. “The Lightening Struck Tower”, but a thunderbolt can either kill us or in the case of Frankenstein, bring us back to life. This is why western society is desperately in need of modern medicine man now. We need the guidance and the soothing hands to help us get over the shock.

Ras AlhagueThe earliest snake charmers were traditional holistic healers. There has always been a need to heal the rift between the body and the mind and this was done through the use of herbs, magic, divination, crystals and prayer. Now the split has become even wider, but it’s not really been since the discovery of Chiron in 1977 that alternative medicine in the west has really taken off. It is easy to see how the negative associations with Serpentarius came about.

Firstly; playing God and finding god within yourself and using the power for your own ends is very threatening for the established Gods (Zeus). Secondly, messing around with drugs and spells when one is not a trained Shaman is actually very dangerous. You are opening portals not only to helpful spirit guides but also the earthly sprites realm. Some of these like to play tricks with you and mess with your mind. The worst-case scenario is letting in pretty nasty demons.

Letting in nasty demons is true for us sexually too. Aesculapius means to open up. Surgery comes to mind, but another way to enter someone body is through sex. This is the reason promiscuity can harm women more than it does men. They too are portals. Having sex with very negative men can be extremely damaging to their soul. I have since written the post Twin Flame or Hell Fire? which examines the nasty demon aspect in sexual relationships. According to Robson sexually these people are doomed. For the constellation in general they are “passionate, blindly good-hearted, wasteful and easily seduced nature, unseen dangers, enmity and slander” [1]. Maybe it’s just that these people are extremely vulnerable to being seduced by what I call a ‘Dark Cupid’ and with all the nasty symptoms that come with it. Ophuichus natives may also have some sort of sexual power that is highly prized and valuable to those who seek to have intercourse with them. The ‘Dark Cupid’ effect could explain the extremely negative interpretations below.

Ophuichus Fixed Stars

Ophiuchus spans all of Sun sign Sagittarius. Precession means the star moves forward through the tropical  zodiac at one degree every 72 years. The positions below are for the year 2000.

09°14′ Sagittarius. For HAN It brings trouble and disgrace“. [3]
17°58′ Sagittarius. For SABIK we get “perverted morals and success in evil deeds“. [2]
22°27′ Sagittarius. For RAS ALHAGUE it “gives misfortune through women, perverted tastes and mental depravity“. [5]
29°45′ Sagittarius. For SINISTRA it’s associated with depravity and with the Moon “Lustful, wanton, infamous, scandalous, addicted to sorcery and poisoning“. [4]

Ras Alhague

The most important star is Ras Alhague in the head, followed by Sabik in the right leg, Han in the left knee and Sinistra in the right hand. Not much has been written about it’s smaller stars apart from the few quotes written above. Out of these, the sinister Sinistra seems to get the worst deal because it also gives an immoral, mean and slovenly nature“. [4] In Italian sinistra means left, so it’s odd that it is given to the right hand. This could be a reference to right brain thinking.

“It has a Saturn like character, and some of the undesirable Venus qualities are also present. Connected with these are Neptunian tendencies, making the native especially prone to infectious contamination caused by toxins. People thus influenced are easy going in the use of medical drugs, hallucinatory drugs stimulating foodstuffs, too much good living and overindulgence in tobacco and alcohol. …. Besides the lower emanations, there are supposedly higher influences attributed to this star, ‘though only very few people are able to attune themselves to these influences’.” [6]

I would say its higher influences are those I have already mentioned while talking about the constellation as a whole.

Ras Alhague & Planets

Ras Alhague Sun

“Reserved, thoughtful, studious, suspicious, solitary, reputation for athletics, little wealth, careless of public opinion” [5]. The Sun brings great creativity and takes away some of the shady edge of the serpent. It also brings great sexuality and charm. There could be a mental health handicap which has to be overcome. Still the wisdom of the snake creates innovators, but also brings notoriety, wanted or unwanted. The subjects may be uncomfortable and secretive in public, and may forever slither out of grasping hands.

Singer Dionne Warwick; American singer also became TV show host and Ambassador for health. Coquettish Vanessa Hudgens; High school musical actress whose topless and nude pictures appearing on the internet did not please her Disney bosses. George VI; Reluctant King, suffered from a stammer, hated public speaking. Kenneth Branagh (Sabik); Acclaimed British actor known for his modern film adaptations of Shakespheare’s plays. Connie Francis; Italian/American singer wanted to study medicine but pushed into singing by her domineering father. Was raped in a hotel room and almost killed. The mafia killed her brother. Diagnosed manic-depressive and was at times suicidal. Connie continues to sing today and is known for her tearful, emotional vocal style. Frank Sinatra; Italian /America crooner, suffered with manic depression. Sought solitude but then felt lonely. Osho (Sabik); Indian mystic sex Guru. Contraversial, contradictory yet spellbinding.

Ras Alhague Moon

Ophuichus“Public prominence in religious matters, favorable for gain” [5]. This contradicts the more general meaning of the constellation “misfortune through women, perverted tastes and mental depravity”. But this characteristic only seems to appear with weaker souls. There are some deaths through overdoses and accidents by just not getting medical attention in time. This could be seen as “misfortune”, especially for John Belushi. Van Gogh was probably thought “depraved” by his sensible and wealthy family. If these people don’t have addiction problems themselves them they may find themselves in relationship with someone who is. Otherwise more evolved types, may get accused of depravity even if they are clean and eventually are able to rise above the criticism.

Tom Hanks/Wilson Davison (02’); Enduring, 24 year Hollywood marriage between actors. Al Pacino (03’); Italian American actor famous for playing mobsters.  Parents divorced when he was two. Stared smoking age 9, drinking and pot smoking in his teens but never hard drugs. Grew up in the Bronx. Rejected from Actors studio as a teen, but through perseverance was finally accepted and became the huge success he is today. Never married. 3 children.  Tom Robinson (07’); Gay activist who eventually married a woman and fathered a child by her. K T Tunstall (07’); American singer-songwriter and lesbian activist. Alexander Fleming (16’); Biologist who accidentally discovered the worlds first anti-biotic and changed history. Tiger Woods (16’); Philandering celebrity golf champion. Vincent Van Gogh (20’); Dutch painter ahead of his time who died in poverty from a self-inflicted gun wound age 37. Relationships with a 1st cousin (unrequited) and a prostitute caused his father to disown him. User of highly alcoholic Absinthe, which is thought to have aggravated his bi-polar condition. Pattie Boyd (22’); Model, photographer and rock muse. Married two guitar giants, George Harrison and Eric Clapton. Left Clapton due to his alcoholism. Claims to have inspired “Something” by Harrison and “Layla” by Clapton among others. Donald Trump (29’); Business magnate and TV personality. Famous for his outspokenness, his beauty pageants and having an extravagant lifestyle. Natasha Richardson; British actress and member of the Redgrave theatrical family. Died aged 45 of a head injury received during a skiing lesson. Glenda Jackson; British actress turned socialist politician  High profile back-bencher and critic of Tony Blair. John Belushi; American actor. Died aged 33 of an overdose. The fatal “speedball” (An injection of heroin and cocaine) was administered by a female friend. Jennifer Aniston; American Actress. Estranged from her mother since 1996 after her mother wrote a revealing book about her. Had an intense and complicated relationship with Brad Pitt with Angelina playing the part of the serpent!

More Ras Alhague Natives

ASCENDANT Cheiro, Jamie Lee-Curtis, Diana Princess Of Wales (Sabik), Bob Dylan, L Ron Hubbard, Bob Geldof, Tom Waits, Zac Efron, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Hans Christian Anderson, Viscount Linley, Marie Curie, Connie Francis. MERCURY “Unpopular attitude and criticism through religion, philosophy or science; difficulties in marriage and quarrels fostered by others, trouble through opposite sex, not very good for gain” [5]. Mouthy comediennes Bett Midler, Goldie Hawn, Tracy Ulman and Jamie “The Body” Curtis. Gifted comic writer Nancy Mitford well known for her particular brand of teasing humour. Famous “Madame” Heidi Fleiss. Murderers Dennis Nilsen and Erik Menendez. Bill Hicks, Robert Kennedy, Douglas Fairbanks, Jude Law, Janet Street-Porter, Bjork (Sabik), Christina Aguilera. VENUS. “Quick mind, well educated, cautious, secretive, suspicious” [5]. Composer Ennio Morricone, gifted Astrologer and palmist Cheiro, feminist writer Germaine Greer, Michael Hutchence, Delta Goodren, Jane Fonda, Rutger Hauer, Lewis Carroll, Winston Churchill. MARS. Trouble through writings, public censure in connection with religion, science or philosophy [5]. Carl Jung, adulterous Prince Charles, leukaemia survivor and Tenor Jose Carreras, irreverent gay comic and DJ Kenny Everett, Doris Day, Placido Domingo (Sabik), Judy Garland, Christopher Reeve (Sabik), Bill Hicks, Christopher Lee, Lewis Carroll, Nigella Lawson, Avril Lavigne.

Ophuichus ~ The 13th Sign?

Is Ophuichus the missing 13th sign? Absolutely not! The tropical zodiac is based on the 12 months and the seasons, so it is a solar calendar. To have a 13th sign would mess up the whole system. However Ophuichus does fall very close to the ecliptic and the symbolism of this sign being left out of the zodiac does fit into the meaning of the constellation as a whole. Ophuichus is a sign in exile, an outsider and just wasn’t accepted into the gang of twelve. Ophuichus also corresponds to the archetype of the 13th fairy in the fairytale, the Sleeping Beauty. This fairy was called Eris, which is also another Lilith/dark goddess archetype. Eris just like the Roman myth was not invited to royal party, in this case the christening of the new princess. As you can see from the interpretations of this constellation, there is definitely a supernatural, otherworldly and shamanic quality to Ophuichus. If you really want to claim this wanton witch or wizard as your Sunsign, then its position by degrees simply mirrors that of Sagittarius. Ophuichus falls between 1º to 29º Sagittarius, so this is birthdays from November 22 to December 21.

1,2,3,4,5. The Fixed stars & Constellations in Astrology. Robson. p.54, p.199, p.172, p.208, p.193.
6. Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.72-73.







97 thoughts on “Ophuichus The 13th Sign? ~ Nov 22 to Dec 21

  1. Great article Marina! Regarding the etymology, Asklepios comes from the adjective askelis (???????), which means without juices, lifeless, like a skeleton and the verb pio(????) apply as you said. The exact translation is “someone who makes tough illnesses smooth”. You are right to emphasize the idea of smoothness, his first name was IPIOS, smooth, married to IPIONI, one of the first female doctors! Wonderful couple! Thanks again for all the information!

    1. Thanks Dimitra, great name 🙂 I read about Epone that she was “The mild one” but I didn’t know she was a doctor. Very cool!

  2. Marina really cool post. I was wondering how close the orb has to be for a conjunction. What is the allowable orb for conjunctions? For instance my sun is at 15 d sag. I have no other planets in sag.


    1. About one degree orb for these stars. It will depend what year you were born, for example, in 1970, Sabik was at 16°11 Sagittarius. This is what Robson says for you: Sabik “With Sun: Sincere, honorable, scientific, religious and philosophical interests, unorthodox or heretical, moral courage.”

      You can check out all the stars at Anne Wright’s website, Constellations of Words. constellationsofwords.com/stars/Stars_in_longitude_order.htm

  3. Have you read any of Aleister Crowley’s work linking astrological signs to the tarot (‘Book Of Thoth’ is the best example)? In his system there’s a 9-deg. “overlap” (21 deg’s-20 deg’s of the next sign corresponding to the various cards). That seems related to the Ophiuchus theory.

    And the fact that Scorpio basically stole the sign. As is our nature. I’m born Nov. 21(I’m double SCO), and I always said that I got the extra bits left over in the bowl };).

    1. I still have his deck, but I now use the celestial Tarot which also links Astrology to each card. I couldn’t read the tarot without the Astro connection. I do need to get that “Book of Thoth” then. I have Tarot the Mirror of the Soul that I bought to go with the Crowley deck but it doesn’t talk so much about the Astrology.

      The 9 degree overlap makes sense to me, I think that goes for the houses too. But I’m not sure I get what you mean. Are you saying the last 5 degs of a sign and the first 5 degs of the next sign are a sort of bleedover?

  4. “Bleedover” or “morph”: It seems to work that way. A metaphysical blending point. It makes sense with other Golden Dawn/O.T.O. ideas.

  5. “another way to enter someone body is through sex. This is the reason promiscuity can harm women more than it does men. They too are portals. Having sex with very negative men can be extremely damaging to their soul. But on the positive side, having sex with enlightened and powerful men, even loads of them, can be fantastically empowering. Losing their seed weakens men whereas receiving it strengthens women.” Incredibly resonant, great insight. I have venus in the 8th conjunct lilith and opposed pluto. I have been reading Mists of Avalon lately and loving how the priestesses of Ceridwen chose their own bedfellows and their children were born and bred in a matrilineal social context, the goddess context; the identities of the earthly fathers was really irrelevant.

    1. Wow! What a powerful Lilith. I have Lilith envy now!
      Jamie was the one who informed me of Ceridwen, I’m amazed that we ever had that sort of culture. Wonder what the world would be like if it was all like that now..

    2. Oh, I love lilith. I have read so much about her even before i found your blog when it was funkastrology and then i found it to be so fortuitous and synchronous. for me, lilith cannot just be the arcane and what i can find in paper texts. my dreams and visions have always been powerful but i seek connection with others thru lilith now that i have had a child and experienced marriage. do you see yourself as a psychic? i see you as a psychic and as a channel. you have a mentor presence. i was looking at your lovely lilith aspects to mars, jupiter and neptune, which are indeed lovely. strong and fortunate and lovely. i do not have software to speak to me of the fixed stars, though. and lilith in your 10th, is she in your 10th?, is so very apt.

    3. How kind of you to say such nice things about my Lilith and all. Thank you 🙂

      I think I’m a bit of a reluctant psychic.. I’m more of a Uranian astrologer than a Neptunian one I think. I grew up rather skeptical of psychics because my mother was pretty much addicted to them. I always preferred astrology because there was maths involved and you could see them. It just seemed more like a proper science.

      I’n recent years I finally realized that my intuition is rather good and the more I trust it the better it gets. North node in the 12th is a bit of a late starter. Everything i write these days seems to feel like its being channeled. Neptune trine Mercury! I’m finally using that Yod of mine. And Mentor is nice. Jupiter apex I guess is a teacher.

    4. As an Ayn Rand-ite Objectivist (the only Randite astrologer you’re likely to meet), I channel my intuitions through hard measured facts like angles and aspects. I’m a double Scorpio with Mercury conj. my ASC as my final natal dispositor. Even Saturn in Capricorn that diposits itself (my only natal planet to do so) is in my third house and therefore accidently disposited by Mercury. “The facts, ma’am, just the facts.”

  6. Marina, you have eta Ophiuchus, Sabik on your Descendant. According to Vivian Robson, it causes “perverted morals”.

    Given that the DC represents the partner, I’m wondering if you think this applies to me, or that this is what you attract in your ideal partner? Robson did write these interpretation in a more conservative social/religious context. So I’m thinking his “perverted morals” could do with a more modern translation.

    1. I’m far too straight laced to have “perverted morals”!!! It’s on my DC, I know who the perv is….

    2. Modern translation.. “Kinky? Experimental?”…My ideal partner is NOT into any species other than human I might add.

  7. Hi Marina and Michelle – I got into Marion Zimmer Bradley’s books at one time – they helped flesh out the archetypical dynamics of the Arthurian characters pretty well, but, I always had the feeling that Morgana came off with a rough deal, which made her look very absorbed by her own shadow – but, good reading, so thanks for the reminder

    Marina – I know what you mean about the North Node in the 12th as I have it too (Scorp) and its taken a lot of tough endings and beginnings in the development, but, perhaps we are juicier and more flavoursome for it 😉
    As for Neptune & Mercury – I don’t think you have to be ‘a psychic’ to be psychic – its funny the impressions we get of people from their writings, but, from your posts I have no doubt about your own abilities and connections with the unseen worlds and don’t you think your a better astrologer for it – I stand in admiration of people who have the maths abilities as well, especially as, while I can grasp the concepts, the mechanics leave me cold…..I know you don’t go for signs much but a Capricorn Mercury is very real and helps earth/balance the sextile with Neptune – and, anyway, your fierce Mars Lilith occult warrioress is brilliantly expressed through yod point Jupiter – thats you that is LOL….thank goodness (on this occasion) for skepticism!

    1. You know what, I have had a bit of an epiphany regarding signs!!!
      I have come to the conclusion that, as the late Blaschke maintains, there ARE 4 Zodiacs. Tropical, Sidereal, Draconic and Heliocentric. I personally would extend that to include the constellational model including Ophuichus.
      Robert Hand, Pg 210, Horoscope Symbols. “signs are a far less reliable indication of a planets cosmic state than are aspects and midpoint combinations”

      Aspects do not change whatever Zodiac so I still hold them sacred above all else. But yes I must admit. Mercury rules my AC on this earth and it’s in Capricorn so it keeps me grounded. I like telescopes, geometry and technical gadgetry, but I still can’t do my times tables 🙁

    2. Marina, lets works backwards. You are assuming that Mercury has more influence in your chart/your life than any other planet. This is because it rules your rising sign (Gemini) and therefore the ruler of the sign that Mercury is in has so much sway over your life. Looking at your life, do you really thinking Mercury has the strongest influence?

      You see I could say that your express Venus stronger than Mercury because you are so affectionate, beautiful, loving and artistic and fashionable. But Venus apparently does not “rule” your chart.

    3. No no no!!! I did not say Mercury has more influence than any other planet. Quote “Mercury rules my AC on this earth“. Rules is just the word we use, there is no other to describe that situation. The soul is eternal. By “on this earth” I mean the costume we are given to wear here.
      My Yod and T square to the AC are the strongest elements in my chart. Venus conjunct Moon on the MC are extremely strong too. They all work together. The signs are a style, the clothes. They are NOT the person. Planets and aspects are the person. They rule supreme. Strip off the clothes (signs) and what dya get! The person is still there and more authentic.

    4. If you use these rules, then saying Mercury rules your AC is saying Mercury is the ruler of your chart. Your chart, your horoscope, is you. Therefore if you use this rule, we all assume that you are saying you are ruled by Mercury, that Mercury is the strongest influence in your chart, the strongest influence in your life.

  8. Jamie it’s not my fault you assume wrong. I told you what I meant. Don’t pick on the word “RULE” and beat me over the head with it because you have Mars on Regulus!!!
    If anything I am making the point even more strongly for the aspects and fixed stars being the most important and core of it all.
    If there are 4 zodiacs then they can’t all be right, and there are more than one house system also. Therefore they are either right for different reasons or they are unreliable. I’m still deciding…

    My problem with it is that most people place signs as the first thing to look at when I think they should be the very last, if at all. This order (For me). 1) Angular Planets, 2) Aspects and patterns, 3) Fixed Stars, 4) Houses. 5) Signs and their rulers.

    1. When you state horoscopic rule like “AC ruler” then it’s not my Mars on Regulus in err thinking you mean “chart ruler”. You used the phrase “Mercury rules my AC” to justify your belief in the validity of the tropical signs, because of the “rules”.

  9. Marina, given that your AC is “ruled” by the rising star, being Hoedus I “indicates a native who may be petulant and lascivious, one who is said to be involved in depraved and vicious desires”, then I thought it was my Mars on Regulus you married, or perhaps even Mars on the little star next to Regulus, Phecda “pathological sex nature”.

    1. Hey Jamie, I was just reading over our Wedding post, I was checking our chart for something and I found I wrote this back then. I didn’t know much about this constellation then. But hey I like how it connects to us.

      “It’s pretty neat that the wedding Vertex falls on the Sun in the composite chart. The Sun and the Vertex are important for us in both composites. So this point might be worth investigating. One of the stars here is also conjunct our Davison Moon and that is Yed Prior. It’s in the supposed thirteenth sodiac sign, the constellation Ophiuchus. The star is in the the left hand of the serpent bearer. I had to laugh at Robson’s interpretation. “Of the nature of Saturn and Venus. It causes immorality, shamelessness and revolution.” [Robson, p.218.] That’s us, some of the more conservative people might say, if you look at our lifestyles. But Robson speaks from a 1930’s mentality. I find him rather sexist and stuffy generally. I take “revolution” as an asset in our line of work.
      I like the constellation as a whole because of the dark healing quality. A small dose of poison as a cure. The way of healing by taking the hair of the dog that bit you. It is also very Chirotic as a constellation too I think, and fit’s with our astrological mission statement. “

  10. Me and my big mouth! Nevertheless….

    been exploring the Aesculapius myth….remember Aesculapius made Zeus/Hades angry after learning how to save mortals from death? Well….Robert Graves ties Aesculapius’ transformation onto Saturn through the crow’s role in the story as snitch to Zeus (crow standing for traditional laws – and old school astrology?), after which comes the fire (Uranus, serpents and the burning path) – ironic, as corvus is also tricky, covert, the Libran shadow, and Libra stole the Scorpion’s claws, a human re-construction of the constellations and another anthropomorphic retrograde step towards conformist division/control of the deeper animal nature through re-writing the story and introducing ‘justice’ on a human level into the equation – echoes of the introduction of the 12 signs? – the crow also got transformed in the Aesculapius story, became black, voice changed! – Graves also ties this into Bran (crow/raven-god), who also lost his head as a ‘just’ act by his followers that preserved his power! and this after a battle which involved a cauldron which could restore the dead to life (familiar?) – Brans head then developed oracular powers (the head being the seat of the soul)…..will astrology become transformed likewise – are we losing our heads – don’t miss next weeks thrilling episode….

    anyways….I think this shows the entire signs issue is a decoy – Ophiuchus’ re-emergence augers a transition to more sentient-electric basis for our relationship with the cosmos, in which it is us who become transformed – once we learn to ‘sing the body electric’ (our own divine nature and healing abilities will be ours!) we might have a better basis for our understanding of the relationship between astronomy and astrology, observing and ‘seeing’ – First we have to survive the Fire……er…..anybody seen Chiron?

    1. Thanks for the Rupert Graves take on this. I like it. I do agree that this signs issue is a bit of a decoy, but it has lead to some great discussion on our facebook pages. It’s funny that Blaschkes relationship book with his talk of the 4 Zodiacs is tied into this somehow and his passing just recently seems to have him working on me from beyond the grave!
      I think what I’m hoping is that just because you favor one method of working, it doesn’t follow that you should have to condemn all others in order to validate your own.
      Gary Caton pasted this on his facebook page, I think it comes from Blaschke.

      Tropical=Personality/present incarnation
      Draconic=ongoing Soul contracts/lessons
      Sidereal=current Karma/contract/lessons
      Heliocentric=Higher Self/Christ Consciousness

      There is an option for the constellational Zodiac on Solar Fire as there is on astro.com. Bernadette Brady uses a visual model, though she doesn’t limit herself to the ecliptic. There is room for a 5th I think. If I can accept the Tropical can work for those that like to use it then I would hope the Tropicalist can accept that our way works fantastically well for us too.
      The hysterical reaction to this Ophuichus story, seems a little overly defensive to me. Can’t we all live and let live?

    2. I have a personal theory – based on the obs of physicist Paul La Violette who wrote his book Earth UNder Fire about the results of what he termed super galactic waves from the centre of the galaxy. According to PLV the most recent one was from the arrow, Sagitta and resulted in the 2004 tsunami. It was a blast – and I would say an electric blast – from SGR-20 and was tracked but two telescopes. The result was consisten with the speed of travel.
      Cutting out a very long story – I think the salient part of the Aesklepius story is that Zeus stopped him uniting the snakes and giving humans imortality… However, what if at the right time the snakes were released? Seeing serpents etc as a symbol for electric currents – i.e Birkeland currents, I think the next step in our evolution maywell come as an electric shot from Ophiucus -as Marina might say kundalini – and kundalini on a planetary and galactic level.
      As you know I espouse Bailey/Dk theory and would see this as a RAy of INfluence – in this case the 7th Ray which is on its way now as the greater age changes.
      It is absolutely timely that Ophiucus is incorporated archetypally and therefore as a new template for the human psyche.
      PLV describes the story of the zodiac in his book and I found, after dredging up some very old and out of style tarot packs that the card of The Moon has fantastic clues to activity at the galactic centre!
      On the Rider Waite card, a River (ancient symbol for MIlky way – river of stars) is flanked by two dogs. Look closer and you’ll see the dog on the right is a fox, Vulpecula and the dog on the left would be a wolf – Lupus. The lobster coming out of the water is actually a scorpion – bear in mind that in antiquity you could have been beheaded for showing real knowledge hence the every changing symbols. The Scorpion is slightly closer to the wolf – as it would be in the sky around the galactic centre.
      The two towers represent a gateway – The Gateway of Man as per the Oroin Osiris connection which is at the TAurus/Gemini edges and then the opposite is THe Gateway of the GOds – which is directly opposite and is OPHIUCUS!!! I think they are 180 degrees opposite??!!
      These two gateways are maybe also sen as the red Xs on the card of the World?
      ANyway, according to Whitley Streiber there is a date of the last inundation (maybe shot from Scorpio) on the card of the moon and the date of the “next” one! So far I have worked out – surprise surprise, 2012 – and of course references on the card to eclipses.
      The Moon in the RW pack is actually superimposed over the sun. In an old pack, The Arista Tarot, this card is called La Lune Noire. In other packs the Mon is clearly shown over the sun with a little bit of the sun showing – so maybe an annular eclipse – of which there is one in 2012.
      The radials on the sun in the RW moon card number 32. So the date could be 2012 or 2111, or 2210 but nothing before 2012 of course.

      There’s a lot of decoy in the sign, stars, tarot for obvious reasons – saving the neck! Literally!!
      The late Alex Lundgold showed a ziggurat representing the development of man, starting with a slow increment and then increasing rapidly up to the present where he said we had gone from planetary to galactic awareness and would then rapidly progress to universal awareness.
      Release the snakes Asklepius!! NOW! You know you want to…!!!

    3. p.s on some of the older tarot cards of the Moon, the towers are actually portals,not towers.

    4. uberqueenofwands I find your “early theory” very invoking. I breathe of fresh aire resulting from January 12th when the biggest resurgence in Zodiac news first broke. The moon was square to Jupiter and Mercury shine the brightest endowed by the solar eclipse.
      It was this time that the snake charmer was resurrected through a news article that was read around the world.
      New life was stirring about near Sagittarius that day because the science of astrology and a monumental change had come to rouse the imaginations of many.
      In every news site across the Earth people were again being guided by the stars and it seemed as if a bucket brimming with answers was about to wash away the superficial blocks freeing our conscious intuitions.
      The old wives, keepers of the flame hastened celebration and like Zeus many astrologers struck Ophiuchus down back to sleep with the ancient blankets of time wrapped about the healing light.
      Popular Astrology kept abreast the chaos of questions from the populous they readied new charts and star paths for a universal change to surge forth but unknowingly pushed back the very Zodiac for which they feverishly prepared. The Astrological flare up on every front page got pushed down under the collective conscious to the back page below Ziggy and Marmaduke. This is how Zeus would have it. Unchanged and once again seemingly lifeless to the public at large. It was observed in the stars this way. This trickster showed one portal but jumped into the other.
      I read some Ophiuchus pages tonight and had come across some astral readings about the time of its big show while looking for ANYONE who was publishing the Snake charmer sign along with the 12 others and could not find one single Astrologer who had followed the completely different results since the “Change”.
      As I state I am born December 7, 1973 Early in the morning around 2-4 AM Phoenix AZ. I found this site and really got a strong feeling that I should ask you if you had done any Charmer readings..and if I may have the pleasure of receiving one from you? I completely understand if you feel the need to decline. Also I would like to make it clear that I do not intend to offend anyone with the above interpretation. I am NOT familiar with any charts read from the heavens. What I wrote is based on what I read elsewhere yet fully original. I am an artist.

    5. Hi Kel. The North Node is in Ophuichus at the moment. I’m excited as it has moved onto my DC star Sabik which is ‘success in evil deeds” Mwwwaaahhhaaa hhaaaa!”
      Seriously though, we are fixed stars astrologers so the heavens are our oyster above and beyond the ecliptic, so really all our readings are charmer readings. lol. Ophuichus, the dark goddesses, Algol, snakes, Pluto, Dark Moons, tricksters, 8th house, 12th house…its all our bag. We don’t need to stick in an extra 13th sign because are open to all constellations and their equivalent degrees along te ecliptic.
      What I do love about the Ophuichus debate is that it has shaken things up a tad in the astrology world, at least its brought up the fact that there are other constellations up for discussion. So we are happy 🙂
      If you want to order a reading, have a browse here and see what you think. You may well have a planet on something in Ophuichus. https://marinadarkstar.wpengine.com/horoscope-readings-reports/

    6. Thank you Marina I will click the link and look it over. I am very pleased that i have not offended with the interpretation of Ophiuchus legerdemayn. Exciting to hear the boundless approach to the celestial and the great passion for those heavens here.
      To be clear my disdain is directed towards the daily horoscope charts gifted in print and published electronically. It seems as this world unravels that imaginations soared and a change was welcomed only by some (mainly it seems welcomed by lives blessed to discover their house had been moved to Ophiuchus) while the majority found that accepting change was foreign and frightening as so much as that a change not only was unwelcome but like a modern day witch hunt they flat out refused to acknowledge the lack of control in a world much bigger than themselves.
      Science is not enough and pulling the wool over ones own eyes the norm.
      Blech! As Einstein once said “Great spirits often encounter violent opposition from mediocre minds”
      What I really was looking to find today was somebody..anybody who was writing the 13 sign daily Astrology, I know I must seem like an ant cursing in vain upward to an elephant to those who follow no bounds with regard to celestial movement but I am embarrassed to see nearly 10,000 web sites dedicated to collecting ©Pez dispensers with nary a one dedicated to the furthering of Astrological knowledge in line with a very hot topic based on scientific fact.
      I suddenly feel grimy with the layer of dirt that only a manual mental sweep of ayahuasca or windowpane blotter can resolve. hehe

  11. “I think what I’m hoping is that just because you favor one method of working, it doesn’t follow that you should have to condemn all others in order to validate your own.”

    I’m in total agreement with you on this Marina – yeh, I saw Gary’s comments and the 4 zodiac idea on FB, but, do not have the Robert Blaschke book, but, will – and I find it very touching that you were reading him when you got the news

    am still hampered by my ancient Mac so have been looking for the constellation chart option on astro.com – to no avail – any guidance would be helpful

    for sure the reaction is a defensive tropical knee-jerk, only to be expected as it exposes the fallacy behind the tropical foundation – seems that because the practice of interpretation built upon this has become so well developed that we are expected to accept the mapping template it is applied to equally so – ‘wood for the trees’…..

    the Ophiuchus myth also seems to ask us to shed the idea of death as finality – live and let live!

    1. The constellation chart is underneath the natal chart option. Click on Chart drawing style and you get a drop down menu, click on Astrodienst Fixed stars and you’ll get it. Hope that helps. It will only show stars around the ecliptic, but very interesting none the less. When are we going to get 3D charts that float in the air like in Dr Who!?

    2. good ‘eavens – I had the exact same thought – all we need is the 3D virtual astrology software

      who’s Dr Who by the way…..joking – I remember well watching the very first episodes in the early 60’s!!

      found it – I’m enjoying the fact that when combined with a sidereal chart and whole sign option it all gets a little clearer, especially precession (Uranus and Jupiter on the ‘Aries point’ in Pisces!)…..thats what I have been looking for….. and, yes, it also shows how the constellations don’t fit the 12 =sign divisions – everything gets really screwy between Virgo and Aries, especially with O’fucus the new irish sign in there, but, I can live with that – many thanks Marina

    3. Ha ha ha ha ha!! The new Irish sign O’Fucus. I love it.! And the rude one below is funny too.

  12. Whats in a name?

    Ophiuchus…Pronounced “O-Fuc-us!”


    Sounds righ to me!

    Thanks for the great heads up.

  13. This Ophiuchus issue does beg that question: If we de-emphasize the traditional “signs” and their archetypical implications, what chart features do we emphasize, and what interpretaions to we withdraw therewith?

    1. That might be a book there! Ed Tamplin on our group said something about the aspects being like the hands of a clock and the zodiac being the clock face. You can have many different kinds of clock faces, but the hands are fundamental. We start with the aspects and work out.

  14. “the myth surrounding this constellation is Aesclepius.” That would be a greco/roman mythological context, in fact. Many more rich and evocative interpretations can be found in a number of traditions, from Taoism to South American ayahuasceras where shamanic visionaries focus on the serpent. Jeremy Narby’s book, “The Cosmic Serpent” is a wonderful ride through through those deep, rich jungles of pre-historical knowledge.

  15. There is a lot more to the Ophiuchus constellation than just Asclepius.
    There is a lengthy body of work on it at a web site called Startistics.com. The author has done very deep research over a long period of time. For instance, the cock was sacred to Asklepios because he attended people who couldn’t afford more. In those days practically anyone could afford a cock. Socrates’ last words were “Crito, I owe a cock to Asclepius. See to it and don’t forget.” Also, Koronis, Asclepius’s mother, was the daughter of a King. There’s a reason this constellation has become known to humanity at this time. The more we learn about its true story, meaning and significance the better. Especially if you’re a woman. Love & Light ~ Jane

    1. Jane and sistertongue. Oh yes I am with you that there is more to myth than just the greco/roman. But for us Europeans this is our astrological culture. We don’t have to throw the baby out with the bathwater, so I’m all for updating it and that is why I see Ophuichus as the Lilith constellation.
      Thanks so much for the link to startistics! I have added it to our links. What a find! My post is just a start compared to that. My god she has a whole book there. But it all looks totally Dark goddess and right up my street. I will have fun reading that when I get the chance. Fabulous.

  16. my younger sister has uranus at 22 sag 26, uranus conjunct the sun within 2degs. i wonder how ras alhague would work with uranus on that sun.

  17. OK. this is freaking me out a bit. My occasional boyfriend – or (to use an old-fashioned term) my lover…has his Ascendant at 22 Sag. (and his Venus at 23 Sag!!) Snake charmer? Indeed. Perversity? Uh huh. plus he’s a Scorpio with Mars conjunct Sun! So…yes, he does cast a spell on women, even at his advanced age.

  18. of the reference you offered in your opine, ophiuchus isn’t mentioned, if so, where is it?

  19. hhmmmm….I’m thinking of taking up astrology professionally and have just noticed I have Urania conjunct moon ( 15 min ) at 8 degrees sag ( han and sebik ) Asc and neptune at 0 degrees sag. Feels encouraging: or am I deluded?

  20. Interesting that when I was… 14? I came up with my first e-mail address, the one I still use to this day. Serpentarius. Had no idea what it was, only that it meant the serpent holder, but I really liked it and it spoke to me. Knowing nothing of astrology at the time it seems very fitting that I would have chosen this. lol. ^.^

  21. Hmm I have sun at 0 degrees Capricorn, the orb is very tight. Would you say Sinistra has an effect on my sun even though it is different sign? It would make sense as I do have a bit of an obsession with everything tied in with that star, and how even these ‘low’ things can be sacred. I also have a Pisces moon though, so that offers a certain type of obsession with undoing and darkness…

  22. Hi Marina!

    Both, my children and I have Galactic Cnter 3° away from Oph. and we all three have it in Sagg.

    Would you know what that would mean?


    (You don ´t have it easy, I bet, because you professional astrologers have to figure out what all these newly discovered planets would mean! Maybe, you are the reincarnation of those great astrologers in the past. It is you in this very present, performing what you did through lives!)




    1. Planets, asteroids, calculated parts, and now, even the galactic center… Difficult!


    2. Fiuuuú!

      Now, reading here and knowing of the tight grades to calculate… we seem to be more than 2 grades away from this sea monsters zone.


    3. I don’t know much about the possible meaning of galactic center exept I dont think its position changes much. It think its like a fixed star, slowly moves by procession. So it’s the same for all of us I would thing. It only means something if you have a planet conjunct it I think.

    1. Cool, I do like his work. I just never got into these weird ones. The great attractor too! Eeek, I have enough to deal with, with the Lilith’s et all.

      Just a thought since we are in Ophuichus, maybe some of the meaning for this constellation can be attributed to the galactic center. I’ll have a read of his article now.

    2. Thankyou Marina, thankyou Darkmoon!

      Difficult, though fascinating! Sedgwick even shares Cosmic Energies present.

      I have the feeling that GA and GC are responsible of the dynamics you so clear put in this Jup/Pluto Opp., and in the 21st dec. 2012. Also, within each one of us.

      And also, that they both are somehow supporting this whole colective movement of 7 th. mill. of humans on Earth.

      (already feel dizzy).

      Yes! I can understand that for one astrologer is more than enuf with Lillith and all related with the femenine (and it is a huge load, really!).

      Thankyou very much!


  23. I have Sag (SINISTRA ) conjunct neptune.Would I be inclined to Kundalini energy? Thank you 🙂

    1. It’s also sq by 0 degrees my venus/mars conjunction in pisces,opposed my moon and semi-sq my sun and trine my ASC

  24. Somebody essentially assist to make severely posts I might state.
    This is the first time I frequented your web page and so far?
    I amazed with the research you made to create this actual put up extraordinary.
    Wonderful job!

  25. I have lilith trine ascendant, would you say it bears similarities to serpentarius? People say I can dance like a snake, and some are intimitated by me, and in sexual terms, I like to trasé that I am going to wrap my body around the person like a snake ;-P. Dont know what lilith truly is though, but tryng to learn by reading this

  26. How will I be able to tell where Ophiuchus is in my natal chart? Might you be able to provide any insight or ideas? Thanks, Marina! Been staying up to date on your blog for a few years now. Thank you!~

  27. in my darkstar chart serpentarius is my ascendant … would love more on this.. always felt a connection with this.. the winged serpent.. lots of cellular memory there.

    1. and got half way through and accidently sent it off … thankyou for this insight on asclepius… serpentarius.. thoth yes? feel very connected with this anyway

  28. Amazing Site best in the world on Astrology….and I’ve looked.
    The Quality of Ras Alhague appears to Create a leanness and then to regenerate (charm later) i would consider it the act of a siphon. Just like pictures of a siphon on google match the Constellation.

  29. Having Mercury Conjunct Neptune on fixed star Sabik myself, I was hoping for more Information then; “perverted morals and success in evil deeds“ which sounds a little off (or maybe just off putting). But after searching online, maybe more info really doesn’t exist….yet. But in studying your list of Sabik’s ;

    Kenneth Branagh (Sabik)
    Diana Princess Of Wales (Sabik)
    Bjork (Sabik)
    Placido Domingo (Sabik)
    Christopher Reeve (Sabik)
    Diana Princess Of Wales (Sabik)

    It appears to me the common qualities revolve around Pinching the immoral….to receive a “frothy head” of the beer in return. Not so Evil! If U ask me. Seems like a good time. But, also, very different from the qualities of fixed star Ras Alhague. Which speak to abundance from depravity.

    Seems like a good time

    1. Yes my DC is on Sabik. I’m attracted to other “evil deed” doers like Astrologers and Tarot readers. Someone like John Dee perhaps.. (AC Sag 1). I concentrated on Ras Alhague because its the bigger star, but when I do the write up of Sagittarius decan 2 I shall add more information on Sabik.
      I think Osho & Diana have been accused of “perverted morals and success in evil deeds” at some point (Didn’t Diana go to psychics?). It’s probably thrown at anyone who is anti-establishment or upsets the Christian church.

    2. In my heliocentric chart, i have venus conjunct sabik, where it says:”
      With Venus: Musical and artistic ability

      And mercury with ancaa in heliocentric, same place as my brothers moon in tropical.

      What is your take on heliocentric, Marina?

  30. How about the convo started on my Birthday and your response, Marina, is an hour and two minutes different from my Birth time?! Exciting on my end.. /:)

    Are we misconstruing the “bi-polar disorder” for the highs and lows of coming on and off a frequency of channeling energies? I’m just a “call it what it is”-December 14th-17:09 person. Lol. No one is right and no one is wrong. We are. Period.

    However, I’m not bi-polar. And I do not agree with the diagnosis. It’s a cop-out, after being around others who have been diagnosed with this chemical imbalance. Why does everyone need to “turn up” when it is appropriate for the majority? Why does everyone need to “remain calm” when convenient for the majority? My point is that every person is individual of another. Something we have accepted as astrologers, I would like to propose. Every body in this life has triggers and to assert that we are not to react to anything at all to prove our strength is an imbalanced stance in and of itself. We are here to feel and emote. Reaction, yes, is based on decision; yet again, subscribing to that of the metaphysical world of “everything happening for a reason”, does not lend itself to chemical imbalances – simply how the cards are laid. Bi-polar people are confronted and place blame on things that are about everyone else but them, taking no ownership. I have witnessed this most of my life with a parent. The person takes every scenario and highlights themselves. Ophichucians highlight themselves, only, when they have no other choice. Example, I channel but if I stay in the house off the internet and travel nowhere, not even to a grocery store, I am not doing the work I was sent here to do – I reach no one and refute every message I am sent – even when my soul is urged to move and speak. Bi-polar disorder does not work that way, coming from someone who has been falsely committed multiple times to have doctors tell me there is nothing wrong with me mentally outside of stress. (I am naturally anxious due to Energetic sensitivity.)

    Ophiuchucians channel the messages of the Universe. They channel all that is good from a raw place, not pessimistic, depressed, manic, or occult. Yes, against the standard Christian doctrine. The work of Christ is the Great Commission which is spreading the miracles of Jesus by mouth, not text. That is testimony. Ophiuchucians are a testimony of the Great Commission! Let’s get to the meat of it here. The text was written by someone who was Spiritually and physically and emotionally sordid. So, can we say, “against the Christian religion,” when in the Bible Son of Man is noted in three instances, including Jesus?

    Recognizing Spiritual equality is the claim to fame Ophiuchucians experience. We have the ability to tap into pure Kingdom frequency, noting that Ophiuchus is the Man/ Woman that sits closest to Galactic Center where the outpouring of Kingdom energy flows. We are Him, especially. It is not manic nor elitist to assert so – it is a fact that involves retreat to the Akashic. We all have this ability having been born in this constellation! Even those with Moon, Mars, and Mercury in Ophiuchus that I have been studying over the past two years have strong gifts of this sign, proving to me that it’s energies are not to be refuted, but balanced.

    I’m not sure if any other sign but a Pisces and Aquarius can understand what we go through with channeling out of obligation, because we were just born this way. To see, hear, and communicate with Spirit; to be Spiritual Midwives, to be the one people always feel comfortable being too damned comfortable with. That doesn’t make me manic nor any of them. It makes us dutiful. In understanding we Ophiuchucians are NOT HERE FOR OWN ON SUCCESS AND BENEFIT, but here for the same reason Jesus was here – “to heal the ills of man”. (Something that is noted in the Bible several times when speaking of the purpose of Son of Man.) I will not say that we are Jesus or better – we cannot be. John will never be Jesus even though he once was regarded as the predecessor to the full Spiritual blossoming of Jesus being Son of Man. We are our own Jesus. Not to be regarded as higher, though equal. This is a life of obligation for the Ophiuchucian.

    After studying Jesus’ life, He is a very sexy Man! He is a rockstar!!! By modern definition! He was smooth and didn’t take any crap. He even talked back to people and got smart with them AND NO ONE NOTICES THIS IN THE SCRIPTURES!!! Hahahahaha! This signifies that He is real, just like every Ophiuchucian listed above. Vanessa’s photos were not that bad, even though it cost her being a little girl (for the rest of her life) who never got to be herself in her life. She chose that path for herself. Decisions to reactions to decisions of reactions. Channeling is a bitch some days and I wish someone understood what I go through processing what I get. People see me as ultra sexy, but when I’m told be sexy on set, I get nerdy, awkward, geeky, cold sweat and clam up! Sexiness is simply to attract those who would otherwise not come for Spiritual tending and healing. Call it what it is. I don’t fuck everything walking. A lot of astrologers make Ophiuchucians, Sagittarians, and Scorpio’s out to be whores without highlighting that all the other signs are so superficial that they would not otherwise travel for (Sagittarius) intellectual stimulation (except Aquarius and Gemini), (Scorpio, even though I do not use it’s energies, because Chiron is a heavenly body governing Ophiuchus) being broken down to be rebuilt, and (Ophiuchus) being set on the correct life path.

    What I will not do is shut it off just because it kind of haunts me and has since I was a little, little, little kid – like, 3-4yrs old; because everything happens for a reason. I do not agree with Van Gough’s suicide, however, I connected with his pain and his hauntings studying his paintings at age 7. I had huge compassion for his sorrow of wanting to be in love but needing to get that art out, on top of needing to make money at his craft to support himself. That’s rough. Even him marrying his cousin. I learned that at an early age too. The incest frightened me, though he seemed to identify with what was familiar to him and, still, just wanted to be loved and emotionally supported. That isn’t manic. That’s needing to be loved. Yes, I consider the case of self-Love, but get real for a second – ain’t all the self love in the world to hold you in the middle of the night. Pretty soon, picnics at the river seem like they would be better with humanoid companionship…

    If manic depression is telling the cosmos to shut up, then astrology doesn’t matter; and, God made the Heavens (Cosmos, Universe, et cetera), so that would be telling God that (He&She) It doesn’t matter. I refuse! Life is about balance! Ophiuchucians are birthed with Spiritual gifts and I have recognized this in heliocentric charts and a system I use from the time of Noah and the Nephilim (which I have learned are not demons, despite popular belief. Humans give the devil too much credit.).

    Of course, I am tired of Astrologers beating up on Ophiuchus because they are not comfortable with evolution. Fine with change, but squeamish when it’s time to differentiate evolution from change and accept what those differences are. Evolution says that all threads are necessary for the tapestry to be strong, even if rerouting is upon us; knowing that the thread rerouted must still be woven in. Change says alter the entire original composition and make it not what it once was meant to be.

    I am noticing this sign has been suffocated because it causes us, collectively, to face truths that other signs are too superficial to accept – truth is supposed to disrupt and reset correctly. There is no more stuffing Ophiuchus down and all that comes with it. All other constellation kowtow to Ophiuchus without trying because of the magnitude of truth it brings. This is from observation, not opinion. If I could put people in my eyes to see what I have seen so they can get cites for all my research I would. But then, that, too, is why Ophiuchus is suffocated. It carries truth via oral history. People like to believe what they see, but don’t ask for discernment enough when it comes to accepting what they hear.

    Love, Life, and Light,

    Aether FèngHuáng

    1. I am so delighted to hear an enlightened being of truth speak of Ophiuchucians. What you speak is spot on!!! Just remember…there are some of us out there that might not be Ophiuchucian, but we hold the same obligations and duties to be speakers of the Great Commission you mention 🙂

      “To see, hear, and communicate with Spirit; to be Spiritual Midwives, to be the one people always feel comfortable being too damned comfortable with. That doesn’t make me manic nor any of them. It makes us dutiful. In understanding we Ophiuchucians are NOT HERE FOR OUR OWN SUCCESS AND BENEFIT, but here for the same reason Jesus was here – “to heal the ills of man”. (Something that is noted in the Bible several times when speaking of the purpose of Son of Man.)”

      “Example, I channel but if I stay in the house off the internet and travel nowhere, not even to a grocery store, I am not doing the work I was sent here to do – I reach no one and refute every message I am sent – even when my soul is urged to move and speak!”

      I TOO am naturally anxious due to Energetic Sensitivity!

      I resonate highly with this.

      Thank you!~

      True consciousness, perspicacity, and endless possibilities!


    2. Wow! First off, thanks, David and Marina, for even reading that! ..mind blown. ..sincerely…

      David, I definitely could not forget that there are those not born with Ophiuchus as their Sun or Moon/Ascendant have the same duty to spread the Great Commission. 😀 We are beautiful variations of the same Family! Each with our own angle set and design, our own way of communicating. Which is why I love astrology! What I understand of it is recognizing the energy we hold to give us a better understanding of how to use it. Like a boost to get ya back into the groove… Haha!

      There are Gemini, Aquarius, Pisces, Leo (I say with planetary support), Virgo, and Libra who would be open to speaking on a “once I say it, I realize it’s out there” platform in support of the Great Commission. Then there are planetary support systems for communication, action, self actualization, and ideology that could fall under any one of these signs. Then we get to have fun breaking down demographics versus stereotypes! ^_^ I’m a demographics person, myself. Teehee. This really is enjoyable and relaxing to me. Which is why I could not possibly leave out those who are not Ophiuchucian. 😀

      In context, though, I was trying to stay within reference of the entire tapestry that is Ophiuchus, while I do have a pretty good understanding of a lot of things. I would love to learn more if you have any positive resources on other signs! Especially Scorpio. I don’t have a vendetta out against it, I have come to understand different about its make up and positioning as an inclusion to the zodiac overall.

      Great chatting with you, David. And thank you, Marina for giving us such a studious place to be ourselves.



  31. ” Losing their seed weakens men whereas receiving it strengthens women ” is this true ? If it is , then it’s not fair is it ?
    is there any chance men could receive more strength through sex? lol

    1. I highly doubt that it is. That’s occult thinking which, more often than not, is a stretch on the imagination. And often places too much emphasis on the physical. Both men and women have equal spiritual opportunity and it is not lost through sex, if anything it is increased. Any theory of either gender losing power in such a way is just gender-supremacist nonsense.

  32. yes, it’s possible. try tantra. however, it’s most effective when the seed is retained.


  33. Very interesting Marina.

    I was wondering how fixed star ANTARES (heart of scorpion) which is around 9 Saggitarius relates to this Serpentarius/ Ophiucus constellation. Is it the same as star HAN or is it another one?
    Also i realized the mysterious powerful ‘great attractor fixed star/ black hole’ (which is supposed to be slowly swallowing up everything including our solar system and its ‘local group’) is at 14 Saggitarius in this same mix.

    My Natal North Node is at 14 Saggi as part of a stellium made up of natal neptune, moon and NN all in Serpentarius! My pre-natal eclipse also at 14 Saggi. I am really drawn to study this constellation.

  34. Would a Lilith dark moon conjunction with this ophuighus have an impact? and if so how?
    I have Lilith on my descendant – 8 degrees sag, conjunct Neptune 7 degrees sag, in 7th house

    it seems Hans star would be conjunct this?

    with mars in my natal chart at 21 degrees, which would be conjunct Ros Ahague

    I have lived my life with unbelievable integrity and care…and yet people find me hard to be around – often have huge reactions to be showing their shadow side. (By this I mean people saying I’m demon possessed, trying to kill them, awakening kundalini when I just give them a hug, feeling energy overloads around me

    I’m an aquarian with very heightened sensitivity and affected by energy and pretty much everything. And have been chronically ill for a few decades with auto-immune disease.

    I’m cold and exhausted – so its surprising how others see me!
    Though I have Gemini rising, so I realise my mind is a tad over active and this can exhaust others

    I just wonder if finding out about these fixed stars and Lilith on my descendant in 7th house of relationship might FINALLY account for peoples struggles with me

    Am feeling hopeful that this could make sense of something I have be totally confused at, and often upset by 🙂

    1. I think this gives a Lilith double whammy. I have been looking into the whole Alien/Persephone abduction connection lately. I’m sure there is something about hyper-sensitives connected with that. Not sure exactly what that is yet, but I have found Eve Lorgens work really fascinating. It might explain a few things!

      PS. Your chart sounds much like mine! I’m a stellium Aquarian with Gemini rising. That puts Sabik (Ophuichus) on my DC. I have experienced the “dark cupid”. (See Eve!)

    2. Omg! I’m not alone! How awesome is this!….

      Double yod/possible triple
      Dc 7th H Gemini/Sun,N.node, Venus,Chiron,moon, mercury stellium.

      AS Scorpio mars®, Saturn®, Pluto® 12th H Scorpio

      00° Uranus®(2ndH sag), Neptune®, Jupiter® 2nd H Capricorn.

      MC Leo with 29°36’regulus Virgo cusp.

      Major energy and went through an awakening in January. I’m writing a book and would love for all of you who are going through this amazing phenomenon to shoot me an e-mail and we can figure a way to get everyone on the same thread for discussion. I may have some insight for those not knowing how to handle the energy and what it is that you are doing to others without your knowledge or intentions. 🙂

      [email protected] btw… my name is Karen. Feel free to add me on Google+

  35. That’s really helpful Marina. No wonder i am drawn to your website and writings if we share similar charts! maybe by reading more about yours I’ll learn more about mine 🙂 If you ever get pulled to write more about how living with a double wammy Lilith might be best danced with that would be fab. And info about the level of sensitivity here. I also have the fixed star Antares conjunct Lilith and neptune – around about 7-9 degrees sag. (Different programmes can alter in what degree they put lilith for me). My DC is 6 degrees. This fixed star likely also a conjunction for you. Just recently i was given a medicine name in a shamanic ceremony that matches one of the common names for this fixed star (!!! – isnt astrology facinating!!!) and also told some of what i was bringing to the world was the ‘death bringer’ in the most fullest sense of course re transformational energy. its hard though cos i also have Ceres 4 degrees just below ascedant – so this loving heart centred honest person is me too. Though you have some other takes on her for me to get to grips with. Time though to find the wild woman and embrace the dark cupid to see if that means others then find me easier too be around if its more integrated in me. Not sure how yet. been well behaved all my life! Any hints on integrating and express dark goddesses in their best most potent forms welcome 😉 Our society only promotes the shadow. Time to bring back the dark goddesses in us all in all their pure glory.

  36. P.s. Lilith also ‘out of bounds’ on my natal chart. Which i believe adds a quality of uranian energy too it. And all this opposite saturn in 1st house and sqaure pluto

  37. Wow! im so Blessed im an ophiuchus come around in the summer time here in new zealand.. Thank youu for the Cooolest read Peace 😀 😀

  38. The more I read this the more I see…I have a 2degree Moon conj 2 deg 32 Saturn and a 10 deg NN in Sag. The Moon and Saturn are conj a 28 deg IC and trine chart ruler Mercury in Aries. So, in 1980 I moved to the West Coast (USA) because I wanted to be where holistic medicine was practiced ! and have studied herbology etc. since that time, and of course, every type of alternative healing since I am extremely drug sensitive (was hospitalized for reaction to Penicillin, almost did not make it). So that all fits. And now, more than ever, during a Saturn return post cancer (yes chemo was terrifying) and a car accident I meditate daily to come to peace with this body. My mind (Virgo ASC) goes crazy with thinking the worse and just not wanting to be in a human body really after all the trauma. So this is fitting that all of this would come into focus at this time of a Saturn return. Thank you so much for this post – it is affirming to me.

  39. I must have drempt it. I thought Ophinucus was a fisherman. And the astrotheological base for the Jesus Christ. Weird. Where the heck did that come from?

  40. I felt neither Sagittarius nor Scorpius nor Libra (depend on the zodiacal type system), but since my personal “discovery” of Ophuichus it fits perfectly into my own intuitive knowing, an instant moment of revelation. Could I possibly been living with the universal ray signature being radiated on my soul from beneath constellation of scorpio? Has anyone has similar inner experience?

  41. I understand this. I was born 5th December right in the middle of Ophiuchus. I always came under Sagittarius but was more of a hermit than wild one. This makes sense to me. There is a calender with 13 months which is much better. 28 days in each month in alignment with the moon phases. Why is SEPTember the 9th month?? It’s surely the 7th!!! Think about this. Screw the Gregorian calender. Bring back Ophiuchus and balance. Maybe this is why the Earth is on a wobble from a spiritual perspective? The Earth is divided.

    1. 5th also… My argument is just the same FEBRUARY…. duh….LOL. PAMELA 85′

  42. Hello Mariana and fellow darkstars. I am looking for opinion or thoughts on this subject.
    What I am proposing is an an amendment to the questionable ruling by the IAU in 1921.
    Thoughts I have jostled with since it’s return to consciousness. I have notes made that can be used to outline this amendment below as a draft titled
    Swinging on the spiral of a 4D Zodiac: The obfuscation of Ophiuchus, the outer limits and inner dimensions merging to an exploding universal consciousness.

    Truth lays that, Balancing a proposal to the IAU one must shine a light on what the future will reward mankind for/after passing through the veil that separates gravitational forces of this universe. A proposal outlining the terrestrial and Astronomical treasures that lay in wait in words rich enough to spark consciousness within the IAU trustees.
    Let me start by touching on the pre-Adamic history of The Golden Age and the Olympian Gods by using powerful literary arcs between Zodiac Constellation Ophiuchus and the serendipitous and timely resurrection of the constellation dubbed “the 13th Zodiac” in 2009. A story chronicling the birth of modern medicine along with key details that connect Ophiuchus with legendary healer Aesculapius. This fascinating story chronicles the miraculous rise of Aesculapius based on detailed observations from antiquity and the dramatic fall and eventual resurrection inspired by dispute between titan Hades and brother and hierarchical leader titan Zeus resulting in a resurrected Aesculapius onto a celestial birth by honoring the only mortal into the Constellation hierarchy.
    It will be most important I highlight that at the time of this record the Earth has made a miraculous journey through space among an insurmountable army of enemies, dodging one planetary catastrophe after another on its mission of self deployment guided and protected by the will of the Architect, laws of gravity and the shifting conscious of it’s willing guardians. Now for the first time in Geo-chronology earth is crossing the galactic plane. Divided by laws of the universe from the beginning of known time, a new dawn rises for mankind. The science of Astronomy is peaking and the Architect of the universe contemplates all of what is to come. At this moment and within our generation mankind will witness the Earths biggest celestial event since creation. Our galaxy has made minuscule movements presumably since the birth of Time towards the alignment with unarguably the greatest mystery of all in space. Our galaxy center.
    What my proposal opens for debate for change is how Ophiuchus is re-incorporated to the 12 month 2D zodiac. I propose that without further delay, to integrate Ophiuchus as a resurrection in total consciousness. By rightly standing the constellation with foot placed onto the scorpion and hip at the tip of Sagittarius arrow where it has ruled in aspect and visible from both southern and northern hemispheres. Debate peaked in 2009 for this changing all of the astrological boundaries to fit or squeeze this “Christ” character into the existing 12 month zodiac is absurd. My proposal is to place Ophiuchus among the celestial not above or beside but as a ladder onto the known and into the hevans and in doing so to leave all other Zodiac quadrants alone. Few know but initiates of astrological histories will recognize that the 12 sign zodiac has been manufactured to fit within a set of rules that by the design and maturation of time no longer apply. Only at the beginning of the industrial revolution were monthly zodiacs made popular. Originally astrology was used by reading stars and planets with regard to the day of a persons birth in order to determine character. The re-seating of Cronus to its proper and endless river and letting this flow run anarchistic but true, can humanity find peace with an Ophiuchus unveiling. No news media conundrum and minimal question or declarations for one side against the other regarding an individuals astrological sign or uneasy change. All others are food for Saturn and his glorious moons.
    —Thoughts form astrologers and astronomers welcomed.

    1. My reply to this is, that if one uses the fixed stars within the tropical framework we already have Ophuichius and all the other 88 constellations as well! The 360º doesn’t work divided by 13. It’s a lunar calendar. Why follow an Earth satellite when you can follow the path of a star?
      12 is very sacred. Once you have studied Hellenistic Astrology and alchemy there is no question of there being 13 signs. I’m a huge fan of the Tropical zodiac, it connects us to the seasons and mother earth. But we can have both Tropical and a connection to the sidereal realm if we use fixed stars.

      * Popular sunsign astrology was a recent thing yes, but the seasonal model of 12 is very ancient.

  43. Hello to anybody caring to perceive beyond any dogma,
    My guess is that experimenting with astrology will never end, yet on my path of evolution astrology is a part, like in a menu somehow, it gives a great perspective but the inner “stairway to heaven” lies in the axis of one’s sushumna, the chimney of an ever moving energy/consciousness. I hope some reader would be ready to face this : our beloved 3rd dimension earth has been under heavy quarantine for “ages”, which means the span of its evolutionary process has now reached its boundaries. I know it may sound far fetch and preposterous, yet I don’t pick up lightly those informations from nowhere and my hope is that some readers may be able to discern and feel for themselves from within.
    It would be right to go further about those statements, actually I’d just say it’s more a matter of perceiving and learning how to on the infinite pathway of energy/consciousness, than pursuing somewhat sterilized left-brain arguments and concepts that add more stalling confusion and no real clues about what is going on.

  44. Tropical astrology is a joke. I’m so sick of all the brainwashed people trying to validate it in this day and age. Do some bloody reasearch for once in your lives. It was made by a patriarical Greek astronomer with the intent to rid the world of matriarch leaders and figures under the guise of “seasonal cycles” etc.

    Sidreal astrology is the way to go. Too bad much of what was known about Ophiuchus (a powerful FEMALE sign based on Medusa) was either lost or destroyed.

    But go ahead, continue to try and rationalize mumbo-jumbo…

    1. Where did you get this ‘mumbo jumbo’? Sounds just like cultural Marxist re-writing of history to me. The truth is somewhere in between. The response to so-called ‘patriarchy’ is not looney-right brain dominance imbalance. I use fixed stars precisely because they bring the Sidereal into the tropical framework. We cannot live without the Sun and its seasons, we also need the night, dark and winter rest period. We need male and female BOTH!!

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