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Welcome to your Cancer 2023 to 2024 year ahead horoscope forecast running from birthday to birthday. These new horoscopes are essentially mini solar returns which will give you a snapshot of the major transits for the solar return year ahead. Like the solar return, the influence of these charts will last the whole birthday year. They sum up well the energy of the next twelve months without getting too bogged down in dates.

I include a Cancer 2023/Cancer 2024 horoscope for each decan accurate to within a 5º range either side. For more accuracy, I suggest you purchase a Solar Return Reading which will go into more detail. Otherwise, check out the meaning of Jupiter in Taurus and Saturn in Pisces for the bigger picture of your luck and challenges for the year ahead. You can read this Cancer 2023/2024 horoscope for either your Sun sign or your rising sign.

IMPORTANT. If you are finding the negative manifestations the planets’ transits ‘come true’ this year then it is a sign that you need to raise your vibration level out of the fear and victim frequency. When you connect directly with the creator god/source or the Sun (Whatever you want to call it.) then the archontic diamons or planetary archetypes will not pull you down into material vices and/or addictive patterns. You will no longer be food for the parasitical entities. Creator sky god and the blessed mother earth goddess over ride anything the lesser planets can throw at you!

CANCER 2023 -2024 Horoscope

Cancer 2023/2024 Horoscope ~ Decan 1

Birthdays June 21st to 30th
Rising Signs 0º to 10º Cancer

The standout aspect pattern for Cancer Decan 1 in 2023/2024 is the minor grand trine, which includes a great balancing act between Saturn, Jupiter, and the Sun/Mercury conjunction. This is a superb gift that you can use to broaden your horizons and learn new skills. At the same time, this combination brings you the stamina to see any goals through to completion.

If you are searching for a committed relationship with a male, this configuration also bodes well for long-term happiness. Of course, it will not happen by itself. You will have to work hard to make this outcome manifest into reality but know at least that the universe is sympathetic to your request. Saturn trine the Sun and Mercury should keep you realistic in your romantic expectations. So in this way, you are more likely to attract a person of substance, not just a weird filtered-out Instagram nut job. (Yes, men use filters too! You’ve seen those waxy faces…)

There is a good mix of all three aspect types in your 2024 horoscope. The red squares add fire to ignite new projects, the yellow quincunxes bring fire to the wood. The wood is the gift of harmonious blue trines and sextiles. The Moon sextile Venus/Lilith/Mars is particularly intriguing. This super, sex bomb could manifest in a few different ways depending on your soul’s vibration. At worst, it could signal an obsessive triangular relationship. But since this trio is in Leo, it will be intensely romantic and addictive. Pluto trine Ceres adds more Persephone fuel to the fire. Thrilling as all this is, these connections offer a terrific opportunity to let go and heal toxic relationships from your life. Sun trine Saturn gives you the willpower to set boundaries.

Expect fireworks with Mars square Uranus, and possibly a long-distance or unconventional relationship with Venus there too! Lilith makes it all a bit spicy and forbidden. Hopefully, Saturn trine the Sun will shake some sense into you. Listen to your wise old grandma. Ceres trine Pluto is saying much the same. Keep away from those sultry-eyed, dark and brooding Pluto bad boys or girls this year. The chart has all the hallmarks of a “50 Shades Of Grey” type of affair which could prove scandalous. Instead, these scintillating aspects could create beautiful art as the imagination is fertile and blossoming. Think of the Empress card in her verdant and deliciously scented floral garden. You can transmute the illicit temptations into something visually awesome and spiritually uplifting.

Cancer 2023/2024 Horoscope ~ Decan 2

Birthdays July 1 to 10th
Rising Signs 10º to 20º Cancer

cancer decan 2 2024

For Cancer Decan 2, it’s all about the yod, the yod! What’s a yod? It’s God’s great big pointy finger pointing at something. In this case, Mars is burning a hole in your cash zone. So watch your spending this year. Or are you spending too much cash on a sexual partner? (No, I don’t mean on male escorts, although you never know!) Neptune and Pluto are at the base of this yod, which could spell trouble. You could become utterly bewitched by a love affair, especially since Venus isn’t that far away from Mars in this configuration.

You are in a similar position as Cancer Decan 1, only Lilith is out of the picture, so there is less chance of a triangular relationship with this one. You have a very sensible Moon conjunction Saturn, which will rein in the really silly spending. Venus square Uranus could make it hard for you to commit, especially if the object of your desire is dirt poor. Not to say you have to be entirely focused on the mate’s income, but to quote Moon-Saturn Marilyn Monroe, “Boy, doesn’t it ($) help?”

But let’s look on the bright side, shall we? Mercury sextile Uranus brings fun, fun, fun, and extreme inventiveness. Forget about your love life for a while. The planet of sales and communication, paired with tech-savvy Uranus, means you could earn a significant amount of cash from any online business.

Cancer phonecase

This year, you could become the king or queen of social networks, especially with Venus square Uranus. Transform that square into a diamond, and its power will be immense. The key is to be unique and not blindly follow trends. Be the trendsetter yourself! With the Sun conjunct Mercury, you have many tricks up your sleeves and can adapt like a chameleon. Artistically, you are like a butterfly, gathering pollen from various influences and creating something never seen before.

Pluto square the nodes helps filter out and transmute past toxic relationships. The trauma from past hurts surfaces for healing. It might appear unpleasant at first, but Moon Saturn can handle the grunge. Even if you’re usually squeamish, as a Cancer, you can withstand more unpleasantness than usual in 2024. You should be able to tolerate the antics of the most repulsive people, which is beneficial if you work as an exorcist. However, as a regular person, being patient and caring may result in some treacherous individuals taking advantage of your sensitive Cancer soul. Moon Saturn enables you to learn the lesson of setting boundaries. So in 2024, you might surprise everyone with your finely-tuned bullshit detector. The doormat nursemaid is gone, replaced by a no-nonsense super matron!

Cancer 2023/2024 Horoscope ~ Decan 3

Birthdays July 11th to 21st
Rising Signs 20º to 30º Cancer

Well, here’s another Yod-tastic configuration for Cancer Decan 3 in 2024. This time, the Yod points to the planet of love and money, IN the house of money. Exciting! Does this mean you’ll be blessed with the power of pentacles this year? Let’s hope so. Teaching might be an option with Mercury, the pupil, square Jupiter, the teacher, in the house of common interests. Taking a new course this year could lead you to make some great friends. Uranus has been in your friendship zone for a few years, bringing many changes to your social circle. As Uranus gets ready to leave this house in 2026, you realize that the group of friends you have now is very different from the one you had in 2018 (when Uranus entered Taurus). If many friends have moved on, leaving a huge void, take the opportunity in 2024 to fill that gap.

Cancer decan 3

So, as I mentioned before, the best way to expand your social life would be to take up a new hobby and meet people who share your interests. Another significant transit has been the dastardly Pluto opposite your Sun, now coming to an end. The drama of the past few years is dying down, and hopefully, life will become pleasantly ‘boring’ again. A refreshing change, indeed! Uranus sextile your Sun has been exciting but can also make you feel wired, even with a soft aspect.

Cancer doesn’t enjoy being pushed out of its comfortable shell too much, and Saturn opposite Mars in this 2024 horoscope might mute any impulsive behaviour in your love life. The so-called malefics in opposition might concern some people, but let me assure you that you can use this as a powerful source of courage. Mars is brave and a fighter, while Saturn possesses stamina and carefulness. Saturn can temper any wild ideas or impulses. It’s like the wise father guiding a reckless son. But if you tap into this energy at its highest vibration, you could enjoy the best of both worlds.

Your chart in 2024 shows polarisations with Pluto also opposite the Moon. Again, oppositions can be empowering as they bring us face-to-face with our nemesis. These polarizing aspects allow us to clearly see our shadow and work on integrating aspects of our personality that we may feel ashamed of. Sometimes, the shame may be unwarranted, and we should learn to love ourselves. However, if we have upset someone through ruthless and inconsiderate behaviour, take responsibility and be humble enough to apologize. The proud Moon in Leo and Pluto’s opposition to it reveal how destructive this trait can be in relationships. This transit can help release the toxicity of this negative behavioural pattern.

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