Cancer Horoscope 2014


Cancer Horoscope 2014Cancer is caught up in the 2014 cardinal blitz with Uranus square Pluto continuing to paradigm-shift the foundations of your life. You get more of the deep-down rumbling of Pluto transformation rather than the thunder-bolts of awakening from Uranus since Pluto. In January Venus retrograde is opposite your sign, so you are flung straight into the deep end of the challenging transits right at the beginning of the year. You’d better sober up from the Christmas parties pretty smart-ish then as this one falls in your 7th house. Gug, you will need to be on the ball while ruthless Pluto takes care of detoxing your prime relationships for you. In January you will literally start feeling sick if you are with the wrong person. Our bodies just don’t lie. The 7th house is marital relations and open enemies. Of course detoxes are never very pleasant even if we think they will be all fresh juicing and saunas. The gunk that oozes out does actually stink or it wouldn’t be a proper detox. As I wrote in the 2014 forecast Jupiter opposite Pluto “ could be difficult since the aspect between these two can be pretty fanatical and obsessed despite the fortunate stars, in fact Sirius could heat up the obsession factor big time. So those touched by this aspect might be try unfeasibly hard to mend a relationship through their passionate unconditional love.” You may find that your beloved was your enemy all along. Otherwise if your relationship does survive the worth test, then completely cutting off from actual open enemies would be a good move too. You finally realise you don’t need to do battle with them every day or put up with their harping on. You are just feeding the troll if your do.

Be Prepared!

The April 15 Lunar eclipse falls in your 4th house so there may be a domestic shake up in the spring. Either you actually move, get the builders in, kids leave home or you get a new house guest. This impacts all of your life because on April 23 there is that Grand Cardinal Cross that all the cardinal signs have been getting their knickers in a twist about. Now as I said, this impacts all the angles of your chart; Your essential self (1st), your home (4th), your partner(7th) and your career (10th); The foundations of your life. In order to feel successful and happy, you need to feel like all these areas are fulfilling. So yes this is a big deal for you, but in particular Cancer decan 2’s. But there is no need to panic though. This will be the ultimate test to see how robust the house of life you have built yourself is. Will it be blown away all the way to Oz with you, like Dorothy, blown away with it?, or will your “house” stay stubbornly bolted to the ground. You may actually want to take off somewhere new, in which case, build a winged extension with which to ride the storm. You can achieve anything you want with a bit of preparation. The Cardinal storm can actually carry you far, if far is where you want to go. The April 29 Solar eclipse at 8º Taurus falls in your 11th house of friends and wishes which isn’t bad at all and enables you to make lots on exciting new connections on your windswept travels, they will also be something to hang onto!

The Persephone’s nodal opposition on July 15 will affect your parental and career houses. As I said in the 2014 Forecast “Negatively this aspect can represent having ones creativity and independent thinking completely stifled by a parent or authority figure. Put this together with the Nodes would mean that one would utterly need to become autonomous (or one is fated to help others become autonomous) in order to get back on track with their life.” This applies to you specifically then and decan 3 will feel this most acutely of all. The October 8 Lunar eclipse falls in your 10th house of career, which could be a day of revelation. Uranus blows away the cobwebs in dealing with your mother or boss. This makes room for some overdue healing helped by the powerful grand fire trine that started on October 6. The October 23 Solar eclipse falls in your 5th house of lovers and creativity, which opens the doors for romance in your life for the next 6 months, especially for Cancer decan 1. Since this eclipse is particularly creative anyway, those artists among you should also feel particularly inspired while this arty eclipse is in effect. So you can see Cancer, although some of you might be feeling crucified by Uranus square Pluto at times, the squares are very dynamic and actually make things happen for you. Your motto this year is “Be prepared”. Keep that in mind and you will be fine.

Cancer Horoscope 2014 ~ Best & Worst

Jupiter: blesses and protects you this year while it is your 1st house, but it does have the opposition to Pluto and the T-square to Uranus to contend with. Maybe since Jupiter is in your 1st , it will provide you with a buffer to the general Cardinal Cross mayhem and Jupiter is dignified in your sign too which strengthens your position generally. July 20 Jupiter waltzes into your 2nd house of cash and you should see your bank balance inflate. Try not to get too carried away with the sudden wealth as you could easily spend it faster than you can earn it. Best days for Love: Feb 2 Venus turns direct in your 7th house, after an initially bumpy start while it was retrograde, now you can enjoy its lucky influence in your house of marriage from Feb 2 – Mar 5. Apr 11 Venus conjunct Neptune in your 9th could be a holiday romance. Apr 20 Venus conjunct Chiron could be healing love with a spiritual teacher. May 3 – 28. Venus in your 10th get’s you noticed. Venus conjunct Uranus in your 10th could be a romantic connection that is good for your career. Jul 19 – Aug  11. Venus through your 1st house gives you attraction and charm. Oct  24 – Nov 5. A great time to attract a love affair when Venus is in the house of lovers. Your rock-to-lean-on partner might appear on Nov  16 with Venus conjunct Saturn. Grin and bear it days: Jan  30 is make-or-break for relationships when Venus Rx gets close to Pluto. Mar  29 Venus in your 8th square Saturn might mess up a solid relationship due to temptation. Try to resist. Apr  23. The day of the Cardinal Grand Cross. Enough said already.. Aug  25 Mars conjunct Saturn in your house of love could cause a bust-up. Mercury retardation annoyance: Jun 8 – 16. Mercury retrograde in your 1st doesn’t do much for your communication style and you could get your wires crossed.

The decans below make the tranists as accurate as they can be within a ten degree orb. But for a detailed account about how this year will effect you personally, please refer to the READINGS page.

Cancer Decan 1

Birthdays June 21 – July 1    Ascendants 0º – 10º

Cancer Horoscope 2014

Uranus square your decan until March. You will be glad to know that the Uranus square Pluto assault on your decan is coming to and end. You are just left with a few Uranian lightening bolts for the first three months of the year. So if you haven’t already done so, this is good chance to break out of any lingering stale relationships. Then you will be free to take advantage of the creative possibilities of this year. You can actually put the sparkle back into a dull marriage now (If it survived the crucifixion of 2013) with Neptune trine your decan, which lasts all year. This is a beautiful, imaginative and romantic transit, which will leave you feeling euphoric and very blissed-out at times.Take time out to pursue your spiritual path, work on your intuitive abilities and go with the flow. If you are married, you probably deserve a second honeymoon after what you have both gone through in the past couple of years and Neptune trines are perfect for that. If you are single however, journeys to magical locations will please Uranus’s wanderlust early in the year, plus you also have the bonus of North Node trine your decan until March, which makes you feel supported by the universe on your travels. You should have lots of opportunities to make exciting connections that support your spiritual path. A great time to meet like-minded folk who inspire you to follow your bliss and with whom you could collaborate creatively. Mars square your decan May 2 – Jun 7 is a time where anger and frustration get the better of your. So probably best to lock yourself away in that artist’s garret and work on all those creative projects you have brewing. Others can have lots of sex and/or do sports until….

July Onwards

Mars trine your decan Jul 26 – Aug 15 which makes this fiery energy far easier to handle. With the Neptune trine as backdrop to this year, you can really push ahead with your dreams. The combination of these two transits will bring success in arts, music or film. Together Mars and Neptune are also a strong “spiritual warrior” influence, so if you work in the mystical fields your powers of prediction and healing will be especially potent and magical, blasting those skeptics out of your path. Solar eclipse trine your decan on October 23 is another fabulous transit which is artistic anyhow and happens to fall in your most creative house. Your imagination is off the scales and you might complete or start your greatest life’s work during this period if other factors in your chart support this. Mars opposite your decan Oct 26 – Nov 10 could breed some competitive jealousy however. Try not to let the success of recent months go to your head and remember the people that helped you up during your hard times in 2013. It may be payback time now. Lilith sextile your decan from Nov 29 means you end the year with more magical influences. The goddess blesses you with intuition and innovation to take this year’s successes even further up to the stars.

Cancer Decan 2

Birthdays July 2 – 12      Ascendants 10º – 20º

Cancer decan 2

With Uranus square your decan all year and Pluto opposite your decan all year, you must be prepared to go through eye of the storm in 2014. This years big aspects hit your decan full on I’m afraid. This is your big test! Re-read what I said in the general Cancer forecast above about how you should greet the Uranus square Pluto storm. Do you need to invest in some ruby slippers? Or do you need to build extra strong and deep foundations? Even if you are 100% happy with your life as it is, you probably have to accept that some change is inevitable. Maybe you just have to work out what to let go off so you can float away in a hot air balloon with at least some of your most treasured possessions. Better you get to choose what you discard rather than some contents of you life disappearing indiscriminately. 2014 will be a year that you find out what really is important to you then. Who are the people and items you would take to a desert island? This year is about streamlining and getting rid of the clutter. This might be very painful for some of you crabs who are hoarders, but the year will be a lot easier if you travel light. If you have some spiritual mountains to climb, you will fair much better if you chuck out some of those restricting belief systems. It could be one of those years where one part of your life takes a bashing and then you realize you have to accommodate the imbalance by adjusting the other four corners of the square. Yes you will be busy with all that adjusting, but it will keep you fit! Thank the gods then that you have Saturn trine your decan all year. This solid rock of reliability will give you the strength and will power to soldier on through this. This could be an older wiser mentor, your dad or a very sensible partner. In fact you do seem to have a good few of these helpers around since you also have bouncy Jupiter conjunct your decan Jan 1 – Jun 5. This serves as your lifebelt during the Uranus square Pluto, but at the same time it will form a T-square to it and could inflate matters further. It all depends how you play this. It really is literally sink or swim. Since this Jupiter contact is going on at the same time as the helpful, healing Chiron transits. I just think this is part of this whole “self-work, find a teacher, get spiritual and try to work out what the hell is going on in your life” phase. Taking a philosophical view really helps. In desperate time we all tend to cry out “God help me” and indeed this on one of those moments. Ask and ye shall receive though, and the universe should throw a guru/mentor/teacher your way. Chiron trine your decan Jan 5 – Sep 2 could be that teacher since it falls in your 9th house of higher education and religion. Uranus and Pluto transits can take years depending on the retrograde periods, but it will only feel stormy when an eclipse or Mars transit ignites these heavy weights so do bear that in mind decan 2. The support you get from others is crucial during these times and the Chiron healing will certainly give you the tools to cope with the more testing moments. So if a great healer does come your way, grab them with both hands and keep them by your side. The planets incline they do not dictate, but are more likely to dictate by default. Awareness is the key with these transits and your kindly Chiron healer/astrologer can help you keep vigilant over the behaviour responses that keep you locked in repetitive astrological patterns. Mars square your decan Jan 1 – Jan 25, Rx Apr 3 – May 6, Jun 2 – Jul 7. This period could be contain moments when Mars could whip into affect some Uranus square Pluto action. The extended Mars retrograde transit runs through your 4th house, so it is working through the very foundations of your chart. This could be grueling work as you progress through your Chiron healing at the same time. Having the planet of action plowing through your domestic sector will leave no stone unturned within the family unit. Everyone you live with will feel the effects of your therapy. While Mars is retrograde things may feel as if you have relapsed, but go easy on yourself. Forgive yourself and others. Shit happens, especially with these year’s transits!

July Onwards

Mars trine your decan Aug 13 – Aug 31 will turn things round for you and you should feel more empowered as you surmount the obstacles. North Node square your decan Sep 5 – Dec 18 can be another challenging period where you could feel a little lost and disconnected from your peers. It might just be that you are going through such profound change that while your old self is being stripped away, your friends are finding it hard to adjust to the new you. If those friends have been part of your living an unhealthy lifestyle, then they could be one of the casualties of your change. This happens sometimes and is necessary. If one detoxes on the inside than it should show externally. It’s a sign that you are actually evolving and healing. Mars opposition your decan Nov 9 – Nov 23 Again this transit will force you into defending your new emerging self, change is happening rapidly and people might find it hard to keep up with you. This will generate frustration and tension. Try to hold back from conflict since you might not realize how impatient you are being with those who are a little slow in adapting to your changes.

Cancer Decan 3

Birthdays July 13 – 22      Ascendants 20º – 30º

Cancer Horoscope 2014

Lucky you! You get the benefits of the Saturn and Jupiter transits without the accelerated, ahem,.. “soul growth” of the Uranus square Pluto transits. Or maybe you are feeling left out because there isn’t so much drama in your decan? Like most of the decan 3’s in the zodiac this year, you get the cruising lane to destination enlightenment. With the safe Saturn trine later in the year, you can look forward to making reliable and trustworthy new friends and commit to supportive romantic relationships. You won’t feel the full force of this years more tempestuous transits, but they are still falling in your angular houses which could cause some tremors still. You do have a few fiery transits coming up like Lilith conjunct your decan Jan 1 – Mar 15. This could be challenging so hang onto those grounding Saturnian rocks. During this time you may be tempted by Lilith’s forbidden fruit. You may get the urge to do something crazy so you don’t feel so left out of all the drama around you. Lilith in the 1st house will want her “Me” time and complete freedom from a possessive partner. In fact she might be tempted to dump reliable but dull Saturn for something more exotic and dangerous, especially when this transit overlaps Mars square your decan Jan 22 – Apr 5, Jul 5 – Jul 28. This will be retrograding through your 4th house of dullard domesticity to make naughtiness even harder to resist. Then the Lunar eclipse square your decan April 15 comes along and winks its tempting eclipse eye at you. I think your challenge this year is going to be avoiding falling prey to seducers and refusing those delicious, but ultimately destructive, proposals. With North Node square your decan Feb 28 – Sep 24 you could fall in with the wrong crowd if you are not careful. Like I said you are in a very good position, so don’t blow it with silly follies.

July Onwards

Jupiter conjunct your decan May 30 – Jul 21 is your other benefactor this year. The expansive one broadens your horizons with a hearty belly laugh and points his fingers at a few interesting classes you could take. This way you could meet some interesting new people and keep in tune with what’s happening out in the world. Jupiter is in your 1st house until July 16 so you can really benefit from his optimistic input. Again he can make you demand more freedom and incline to extravagance and indulgence here. The only danger can be an inflation of self-confidence and taking on too much in your enthusiasm to grow! Mars trine your decan Aug 29 – Sep 15 means you get another spurt of energy and passion when Mars fires up your libido at the same time it enters your 5th house of love affairs. This should make your aura sizzle and is a great time to go out on the town and flirt yourself silly. If you haven’t formed a long-term relationship this year yet, then this is the time. Finally the transit you have been waiting for all year, Saturn trine your decan from October. The security you have always craved is here; the only problem is thinking Mr/Mrs Sensible is rather dull after Jupiter endowing you with his roving eye earlier this year. However these solvent people are just what you need in these rocky times, so I wouldn’t look your Saturn gift horse in the mouth. You might regret it later when the Cardinal Cross comes in and gives you a taste of the Aries chaos in the fast lane. Mars opposite your decan Nov 22 – Dec 6 Is just when you need to hang on to padre Saturn. This is another time when things could get bumpy and antagonistic. Your rivals could be goading you somewhat. However the competition might actually be quite stimulating and creative, since Saturn is helping you out. The solid one will give you patience and stamina to push through the petty arguments.


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