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Your Libra Horoscope for June 2017 has the Sun is in its joy, in your sector of foreign cultures and spirituality. Why wouldn’t it be joyous, for the Sun here inspires you to push yourself through boundaries and go further than you normally would. Travel broadens the mind and one can only reach its higher self by having room to grow. This wanderlust lasts until Jun 21 when it’s back to work with a vengeance. You should be revitalized and fully charged up to get the benefits from the spotlight now being on your status in the world and career. It’s time to remind people who you are. Take this time to get out of your parochial box and speak to different types of people from diverse social backgrounds. This will help give you a different perspective on the world. New horizons beckon and give fresh vistas on your life. This is the month to get metaphysical as the Sun in this sector of the chart questions dogma and shines it’s light on dimensions you might have been previously blind to. You may literally make friends with a foreigner or connect with a spiritual guru type mentor at this time.

Libra Monthly Horoscope 2017

During the June 9 Full Moon you will find it very hard to communicate and to put words to your feelings. This is a time for emotionally charged interactions with others, because you will find it hard to interact in a shallow, chit-chatty fashion. The Full Moon opens you up to feeling great empathy with everyone you encounter. This can feel too much at times as random people spill their heart out to you from every corner, including total strangers.

It will seem like you have ‘Agony Aunt’ tattooed on your forehead for the next two weeks. Another problem is that habits from the past and unconscious childhood conditioning bleed into your daily life. You might react with a strong gut feeling to usually insignificant occurrences, like to a song that wafts out from a passing car followed by a bus carrying a poster on the side that is highly symbolic. Connections from one thing to another seem loaded with emotional meaning like you are living in a French film noir.

Libra Career Horoscope

Until Jun 6 continues to be a great period if your work happens to involve psychology, as this is a time for deep thinking and mind-probing.  But the doom and gloom at work might have left you feeling a little glum so after Jun 7 you step back to see the bigger picture. It’s not all just about how much you are earning. You realize you need spiritual satisfaction also. It’s only when one travels to a totally different environment that we see how small our problems might be in the greater scheme of things. Any recent work stresses seems much smaller now and ridiculously petty. Even if you haven’t had the chance to escape the rat race, you could just by chance pick up the right book or see the right film that helps you put everything back in perspective.

After Jun 21 your desire to make a mark on the work is high and you are feeling extremely ambitious. Your status, in terms of how you rank against your peers is very important at this time. Business for you is all about making the right impression, right now! Applying for a promotion would be great at this time. This is a period where you can feel like you can express yourself clearly and confidently to your boss, if you have one. For the self-employed, you might find you are communicating with more prestigious clients than usual, which can only add to your reputation. Use this time to connect with people you would usually think are out of your league. You will be presently surprised.

Libra Love Horoscope

Love can turn into quite an obsession during after Jun 6. You might be pulled towards a totally unsuitable mate, but who nevertheless irresistibly pushes all your buttons. This could be because you have unconsciously attracted into your life someone to help purge out your repressed demons. This is also classic ‘Dark Cupid’ territory, so don’t be surprised if one of these fallen angels swoops into you life at this time. I might be just a passing fling that only lasts for 3 weeks or so, but it will still rock you to your core. You might find yourself obsessing over this person for months afterwards if you become sexually bonded with them. Think carefully whether you really want to put yourself through those intense, gut-wrenching emotions before you enter the underworld. It could be quite a struggle to get back up into the sunlight again. On the other hand sometimes, this is just what you need to rid yourself of deep down toxins that are really resistant to removal. Sometimes the body needs to be shocked into the healing crisis that is needed.

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