Leo Monthly Horoscope

Leo Monthly Horoscope

Your Leo Horoscope for September 2016 means the material world holds a great fascination for most of this month, but you may feel too attached to luxury items. Shopping might feel like good therapy this month as the annoying ad mantra “because your worth it…” plays non-stop in your head. The best way to use this pampering, sensual energy would be to share the indulgence with others. After September 22 the focus is more on connecting with local friends or siblings. You will feel more like reaching out to actual people than being seduced by glittery shop window items. It doesn’t cost much to have a picnic with a friend and the Summer sun is free!

The effects of the September 1 Solar Eclipse in your possessions and values zone are variable. Because this is the house of money, people often worry about financial crisis when an eclipse falls here. But there is just a very slim chance and only possible if this eclipse closely aspects a personal planet here, or hits the ruler of this house by hard aspect. (Check house 2 and its ruler.) And even if a credit crunch does occur, eclipses in your self-worth zone are simply opportunities to see how much you really value yourself. Any financial loss in the next 6 months might just be a mirror to your own lack of self-esteem.

September Monthly Horoscope 2016

The September 18 Lunar Eclipse in the underworld of your chart is so mysterious that you might not even realise how much it has transformed you until three months thrice have passed.

The funny thing is, others around you can see the intensity or even the gravity of events that occur around you at this time, yet you are totally blind to it. You literally are in the dark. Debt and death are not the most cosy topics for an eclipse to flood into your consciousness. But the inky black sea of squid that flushes out just shows what has been building up in your psyche for some time.

You might find you have quite a perverse desire to watch gory movies or post-mortem shows at this time. It can feel quite gut wrenching, but at the same time cathartic as all the angst is wretched out of you. Yes, vomit is the word. Sorry if this is making you feel rather squeamish, but it’s kind of the point. An eclipse in this zone of the chart can feel very primal. It’s blood curdling and brings up very raw, primal urges that can make you feel quite shameful.

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