Your Cancer Horoscope for August 2017 means the material world holds a great fascination for most of this month, but you may feel too attached to luxury items. Shopping might feel like good therapy this month as the annoying ad mantra “because your worth it…” plays non-stop in your head. The best way to use this pampering, sensual energy would be to share the indulgence with others. This is nice because pooling your resources gives everyone a feeling of abundance, and like attracts like, right? In the negative sense this could purely be the need to show off ones bling. After Aug 23 you realize you need to reign in the spending and focus more on activities that are less about consumption. Teaching yourself new skills costs nothing, and that will give energy out rather than be simply taking energy in.

August Monthly Horoscope 2017

This is an eclipse month so here is a sneak preview of what is in the 2017 Horoscopes

Aug 7 Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius:The Lunar eclipse in the underworld of your chart is so mysterious that you might not even realize how much it has transformed you until three months thrice have passed. The funny thing is, others around you can see the intensity or even the gravity of events that occur around you at this time, yet you are totally blind to it. You literally are in the dark.
Aug 28 Solar Eclipse in Leo: The effects of an eclipse in your possessions and values zone are variable. Because this is the house of money, people often worry about financial crisis when an eclipse falls here. But there is just a very slim chance and only possible if this eclipse closely aspects a personal planet here, or hits the ruler of this house by hard aspect.

Cancer Horoscope Career

After Aug 13, if you need to study in order to advance your business or improve your employment prospects this is the time to start sharpening your pencils! You will feel naturally curious and want to absorb as much data as possible. You might do this the old fashioned way, by collecting information around the neighborhood by just casually chatting to people.

What Mercury Retrograde Means for Cancer

This is a great time for in-depth researching. You will be feeling much more inclined to spend time looking into many topics and getting your teeth into some really juicy subject matter. Those studying for exams will find they can easily get their head down and ignore pressure from others to come out and play. On the other hand those writing a thesis will find it hard to actually stop digging for information and finally start putting it all down on paper.

Cancer Horoscope Love

Until Aug 26 f you want to attract love in to your life, then this is the month to do so! You are wearing Venus like a silky second skin, while at the same time it is oozing charm out of every pore of your body. You really won’t have to do anything to get the object of your desire as the Venusian energy magnetizes everyone to you. This peaceful energy does not want to cause any conflict, so you will gladly accommodate any wishes of your partner.

Cancer Spiritual Horoscope

Ceres through your personal zone will inflame your body with animal magnetism and you will feel extra bonded with fawn and fauna. There should be an immense drive to pursue an authentic path for yourself. What is natural for you may seem offensive to others, but trust your gut and resist peer pressure from the herd. Aggression and assertiveness will make you somewhat of an activist as you do not fear falling down the rabbit hole. Raging against the Pluto bully is also a strong possibility, as this transit gives one great courage to fight ones oppressors.

August Horoscope ~ Cancer Decans

Cancer 1

Birthdays Jun 21 to 30

Best days for love:
Venus conjunction ~ Aug 1 to 8

Best days for career:
Mercury sextile ~ Aug 1 to 6, Aug 19 to 31
Sun sextile ~ Aug 23 to 31

Challenging days: None!

Cancer 2

Birthdays Jul 1 to 12

Best days for love:
Venus conjunct ~ Aug 9 to 17
Neptune sextile ~ All month.

Best days for career:
Mercury sextile ~ Aug 7 to 18

Challenging days:
Pluto square ~ All month

Cancer 3

Birthdays Jul 13 to 22

Best days for love:
Venus conjunct ~ Aug 18 to 25

Best days for career: None!

Challenging days:
Uranus square ~ All month.

What a lovely month ahead you have! Bare in mind decan 2 has ongoing detox from Pluto and decan 3 has Uranus sizzling in the background. On the whole however, all decans should have the opportunity to take part in enjoyable social occasions and feel super positive with your work as well. Decan 1 especially is oozing charm and warmth, so it is a wonderful time to have a party and invite all your favorite people. You should have a great turnout. Your loving energy is catching and if you are not enjoying some romantic attention yourself then you will probably be playing cupid for others. So Cancer generally has absolutely no especially challenging days, in fact decan 3 might have difficulty getting off the hammock as there is really no pressure to do anything at all. No friction, no arguments, just one long mellow….. Enjoy the rest while you can.

Cancer 2017 ~ Cancer Traits ~ Cosmic Report

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