Cancer 2028 Horoscope ~ January to March

Saturn in 2018 enters Cancer’s house of relationships. This is a major transition house, where Saturn ascends out of the inner zone of your chart and out over the horizon. In your Cancer Horoscope 2018 it is time to test how well you hold yourself when confronted with the needs of others. Your own capabilities will be tested too so give projects and people your best and you will get the best. If you find people do desert you, it is simply showing that you are not in the same league as them…yet! This is where Saturn’s law of karma comes into play, where you have wisely invested will start to pay off. If not, more effort is needed. Saturn rewards hard work.

Jan 31 Lunar Eclipse falls across your self esteem/partner cash axis. You could be invaluable as the power behind the throne in relationships. With this eclipse you can provide emotional support and moral boosting to the main breadwinner wether they be male or female. This also works in business partnerships too. In your Cancer Horoscope 2018 the eclipse will show you how well you have been working as a team, how much give and take there has been between you. This is the axis of natural law, it is the scales of loss and gain, the fertile fields of summer versus the resting manure of winter… If you are solo, you could be relying too much on external validation (‘Likes’!) of your beauty or talents. What are you really worth in the in the great scheme of things. Are you serving others or mainly yourself? Are you a parasite yourself or are you letting others vamp off your positive energy or talents?

2018 Eclipses For Cancer

Feb 15 Solar Eclipse falls in your taboo and debt zone. The eclipse might give you an epiphany moment where you suddenly see the unpleasant, but real truth about an issue. It could also bring about a dark night of the soul, where you experience quite disturbing dreams also. Hopefully this won’t be too much of a nightmarish time, but if it is, it is just showing you what you have been brushing under the carpet for far too long. We all know what happens when a dank part of the house gets ignored. Spiders, mould and other nasties take hold and eventually start eating into the actual wall. The longer we leave it, the more frightening the prospective scum build-up becomes. The Solar Eclipse comes just in time, before it gets too disgusting a job to even contemplate.

Mars enters your marriage house on Mar 18 until the end of the season. You will be tested on how much you try to avoid confrontation in your dealings with others. If you are tend to constantly compromise for fear of causing offence then Mars now will show this tactic unexpectedly fail even though you have gone against your principles to make someone happy. Suddenly you can’t help but generate a resentful vibe! Eventually the seething viper of this energy is picked up on and the other starts acting out even more. Ceres is in your 2nd house all season. If you have a spending problem, Ceres will give you the opportunity to crack your addiction to retail therapy. The cash flow reduction forces you into seeking non-material ways of fulfilment. This will put you in touch with priestess Ceres who feel satiated by her connection with mother earth.

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