Taurus 2024 Horoscope



Welcome to your Taurus 2023 to 2024 year ahead horoscope forecast running from birthday to birthday. These new horoscopes are essentially mini solar returns which will give you a snapshot of the major transits for the solar return year ahead. Like the solar return, the influence of these charts will last the whole birthday year. They sum up well the energy of the next twelve months without getting too bogged down in dates.

I include a Taurus 2023/Taurus 2024 horoscope for each decan accurate to within a 5º range either side. For more accuracy, I suggest you purchase a Solar Return Reading which will go into more detail. Otherwise, check out the meaning of Jupiter in Taurus and Saturn in Pisces for the bigger picture of your luck and challenges for the year ahead. You can read this Taurus 2023/2024 horoscope for either your Sun sign or your rising sign.

IMPORTANT. If you are finding the negative manifestations the planets’ transits ‘come true’ this year then it is a sign that you need to raise your vibration level out of the fear and victim frequency. When you connect directly with the creator god/source or the Sun (Whatever you want to call it.) then the archontic diamons or planetary archetypes will not pull you down into material vices and/or addictive patterns. You will no longer be food for the parasitical entities. Creator sky god and the blessed mother earth goddess over ride anything the lesser planets can throw at you!

Taurus 2023 -2024 Horoscope

Taurus 2023/2024 Horoscope ~ Decan 1

Birthdays April 21st to 30th
Rising Signs 0º to 10º Taurus

The main emphasis for the year is Saturn sextile your decan which aids you in the organising the practicalities of life. It also adds a protective influence. Saturn also helps you set firm boundaries and rewards your hard work. You should find you have great support from your peer group due to Saturn’s two-and-a-half-year passage through your friend’s zone.

Read Saturn in your 11th house for more details. The heavy pressure and rigorous tests while Saturn was in Aquarius are over now. This year you will reap the harvest of your efforts and feel that you are on the right path with the Sun conjunct the north node. You may meet fellow travellers who can fast-track you towards your north node destiny.

There is a helpful eye pattern which utilises your natural money-making talents. The eye zooms in on lucky Venus in the house of cash and brings together a host of super-creative planets. These energies in such a harmonious and talented configuration will help you with creative projects and monetise any innovative ideas you may have.

You are able to crystalise your dreams with Saturn working to construct a stable foundation to support your endeavours. So go for originality. Don’t be afraid to break from your comfort zone. You have innovative Uranus with a left-field retrograde Mercury in this set-up. Eye aspect patterns deliver what they promise. They give an eye for aesthetics and the focus you need to get things done.

The Moon-Mars conjunction could fuel some unusual impatience for Taurus. Irritation with neighbours and your local environment is possible. On the other hand, you might get the hots for someone in the local coffee shop. Fortunate Jupiter is on its way to your sign, which will help add even more sparkle to your energy. Use Jupiter’s growth and manifestation energy, especially when it is close to your Sun.

Taurus 2023/2024 Horoscope ~ Decan 2

Birthdays May 1st to 10th
Rising Signs 10º to 20º Taurus

Of all the Taureans, you get the lightning bolt of Uranus full blast in your decan. The crazy-arsed, side-revolving planet gives you the chutzpah to make daring changes in your lifestyle. Turn everything upside down and have fun with Uranus’s contrary vibe.

You probably know this reaction is unusual for some very fixed Bulls resistant to being pushed out of their comfort zone. Some could find themselves having unexpectedly wild affairs with a Uranus-style midlife crisis. Some suddenly up sticks and move to a different county.

You’ll probably trust your instincts more with Mercury and the north node as an influence for the whole year. Ok, Mercury is retrograde, but I take a different view of Mercury retrograde. I believe it behaves more like its outer planet’s higher octave. You just have to know how to use the trickster energy at a higher vibration.

In retrograde Mercury can even function like a genius, with that Uranus-like energy. So you have a double Uranian influence over you for this year. When you look at the horoscope, you get a feeling of moving forwards confidently and with a kind of wild abandon. (Sort of like the Fool card in the Tarot)

The planets are splashed all over the chart, suggestive of you being a bit of a magpie this year. So you can combine influences from many diverse areas. Keep your hoofs on the ground with Venus square Neptune as the ‘wild abandon’ mentioned perviously could leave holes in your aura from not setting clear boundaries. You might regret any impulsive behaviour later on. Mostly Taurus folk are pretty cautious and play it safe, but this year you are much more experimental than usual.

The Moon in the 7th house of relationships trine passionate Mars also supports the daring energy in your most intimate connections. You also get a Venus sextile Jupiter which is beautiful for all matters of the heart and mitigates some of the other more chaotic vibes. Mercury sextile Saturn ensures that despite your wayward actions you still have a cool head on your shoulders and can think rationally when you have to.

So an exciting year for Taurus decan 2, not least because the May 5 Solar Eclipse falls in your marriage zone. A Scorpio eclipse brings surprises and invigorates your love life. If matters of the heart have felt stagnant then your Taurus 2023 2024 horoscope should bring a breath of fresh air to partnerships. Business connections can also benefit from the eclipse’s electrifying rays. All the while, Mercury retrograde sextile Saturn in the chart gives you a well-needed reality check as a backdrop to all the excitement.

Taurus 2023/2024 Horoscope ~ Decan 3

Birthdays May 10th to 20th
Rising Signs 20º to 30º Taurus

Taurus Decan 3’s horoscope for 2023-2024 brings challenges but also fantastic rewards. There is a powerful conquering influence for the year ahead thanks to a T-square combining lucky Jupiter, fearless Mars and ruthless Pluto. Jupiter in this configuration is teetering on the brink of Taurus so this feisty influence hits immediately and is a signature for the whole year too.

The best way to use this T-square would be to detox. Get a big bonfire going and throw all your junk onto it. While you are at it, burn any Ex’s Valentine’s cards for it will feel cathartic. Otherwise, nuke their text messages and enjoy a good purge! Mars opposite Pluto is hugely courageous, but can be very aggressive in its dealings so be careful how you weald this potent weapon. It’s a predator too so watch out that people don’t project that dark role onto you. It is great for slaying demons however!

The great thing about this chart is the number of helpful trines and sextiles. The blue aspects are fresh wood with which you can build new structures. The logs can also provide new flames to warm your heart with! Mercury direct conjunct the North node suggests a light-hearted, playful direction and new younger friends to dance with.

Mercury will bring wit to your communications with the bonus of a supportive and protective sextile from Saturn. You have both youthful agility and wise authority. This combination makes you a convincing salesperson. Business can be fantastic this year.

Of course, the boost of Jupiter in Taurus will underpin all these juicy transits so that the challenges from the squares will only make you stronger. You have two great minor grand trines. The first to your Sun has the spiritual-warrior connection of Mars trine Neptune. Both planets connect harmoniously with your Sun. If you trust your intuition, you should be able to surmount any obstacles this year. Make the most of this spiritual gift by meditating daily and keeping physically fit. Your body will work as an antenna for divine healing energy. It should be clean and clear to channel energy at its total wattage.

The second minor grand trine with Venus trine Saturn to Mercury is perfect for long-term romance. With Mercury so close to the north node love connections may feel especially magical and destined. Business collaborations go well, supporting your general luck with sales this year.

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