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I will look at the themes of the year ahead of the Solar Return chart against the natal chart. 25 – 30 minutes on Mp3. The reading runs from birthday to birthday. The solar return is a good way to get an idea of the year ahead, before committing to a more in-depth consultation reading. Solar return charts cannot be done without a birthtime. Please specify the location where you spent or will spend your birthday as the charts are location dependent. Also note the year you want the Solar Return for.(See “Location and Year of Solar Return” box below) Thank you. Read the Solar Return post for my details on how I read the Solar Return chart.

Please fill in the form below and click BUY NOW to pay by credit card or Paypal, prices are in US dollars. I will then contact you with an estimated delivery time. Please book a month in advance to ensure delivery in time for your birthday. Please add the email address [email protected] to you address book as sometimes my form gets sent to Junk.

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  1. Marina, I have tracked personal solar returns ( my own and some family and friends) for about 10 years using the Astrodiendt online features. But it’s difficult for me to grasp the meaning of my own returns … seems like I ‘m too emotionally involved.

    It sounds like you might be covering some of the basics for people who are new to this?
    I would appreciate getting an intuitive take on this year’s return, but not so sure this is what your’re offering? Natal sun is 29 degrees 32 minute Virgo, so it’s getting close …. features sun conjunct mercury conjunct libra 3 degree ascendant, so sun mercury in the 12th House. It is the cumulative point of a finger of god — the yod is formed between a 0 degree Pisces moon and Uranus in Taurus. What really bothers me is the sun is almost exactly opposite Chiron at 29 Pisces … and Chiron always triggers trauma in my life …and Chiron is in 6th house, and conjunct descendent. My husband has lukemia, so this makes me very uneasy. Would you even want to take this one on? Thanks, Helen


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