Jupiter in Taurus 2024 ~ Boom Or Bust?


Jupiter in Taurus lasts from 16 May 2023 to 24 May 2024. What does its shift into an earthy sign known for money-making mean for us all? Depending on where Jupiter falls in your chart it could mean wads of cash! This would be great news in these #CostOfLivingCrisis times. However, in my research, I found evidence that this isn’t always the case. Instead, Jupiter in Taurus can sometimes signify an end to boom times. 


Jupiter In Taurus Meaning

In March 2000 Jupiter in Taurus brought an all-time high in the stock market ending a bull (Taurus) market run of 17 years. With Jupiter in Taurus in August 2011 there were heavy losses in the stock market too. Also in 2011, the EU took steps to tackle its debt so maybe this will also occur in 2023. So I think there will be a cost of living correction! Maybe there is some wealth redistribution, but I don’t know if this is in a socialist way or a karmic way.

Jupiter in Taurus will refresh our attitude towards money, how we make it and what form cash will take. Maybe freedom becomes more valuable than having possessions. (“You will own nothing and be happy!” Eeek. ) Jupiter and Uranus are freedom-loving planets that like to travel light. Both are also sky gods so somehow we will have to learn to make this contradiction work in earthbound Taurus. (Cashless society?)

Jupiter Conjunction Uranus 2024

All is not lost, however, with Jupiter conjunction Uranus on 21 April 2024. This exciting conjunction could bring us unexpected and ingenious ways to make money if we dare. Uranus’s effects are felt two weeks before and after this conjunction. Jupiter in Taurus zapped by Uranus may revive a stagnant cash flow and get those inventive juices flowing again. Even before this powerful conjunction, Jupiter in the same sign as Uranus should bring us opportunities for financial change. Of course, the expansion of cryptocurrency is an obvious possibility already addressed with Uranus in Taurus. Jupiter added to this mix will make it even more likely. Digital currency and revolutionary attitudes to cash are very Jupiter/Uranus in Taurus.

I noticed that like Jupiter in Aries, earthquakes were a theme with Jupiter in Taurus. Earth moves here! There were also many floods which confused me at first until I remembered that Jupiter is the ancient ruler of Pisces! Many of the floods were due to Tsunamis brought on by the earthquakes.

It is also interesting that in 1999 Putin was appointed Prime minister of Russia. Twelve years later, with Jupiter in Taurus again, Putin was elected President of Russia. I checked out his chart to find he has Jupiter in Taurus! So what will his Jupiter return in Taurus 2023/2024 mean for him? To promote Putin any higher is impossible. So either he retires or he takes over the world. Watch this space!

Jupiter through the Taurus Decans

Jupiter in Taurus Decan 1

17 May to 4 Jul 2023 & 31 Dec 2023 to 21 Feb 2024
Retrograde 7 Nov to 30 Dec 2023

Raging Bulls & Ravenous Raconteurs

Jupiter is greedy in Taurus decan 1 and also abundant because Jupiter is fortunate here. The collective is likely to be complacent and indulgent despite the raging side to this decan. However, those in power will find it easy to steamroll right over the plodding masses. Keep your eye on the ball if you don’t want to become part of the mushed-up masses. There are many stars of the constellation Aries here which is why I threw in the word ‘raging’. Many dictators have personal planets here including Hitler. So bear that in mind if you confront anyone in authority. Prudence, temperance and caution are advised in business dealings.

Jupiter On The Fixed Stars

Mirach 0º Exact 17 May 2023 “Help from women but danger of scandal, much travel, legal or ecclesiastical difficulties. ” [1] “Living in a world of opportunity or an insatiable appetite for the physical world, money or people. Greed and excesses.” [2]  Hamal 9º Exact 29 May & Rx 9 Nov 2023 “Dissipated, hypocritical, legal or ecclesiastical preferment, loss by speculation.” [3]

Jupiter in Taurus Decan 2

5 Jul to 3 Sep 2023 & 22 Feb to 12 Apr 2024
Retrograde 4 Sep to 6 Nov 2023

Stage Mothers & Statesmen

This is the Svengali decan since the myth of Andromeda and her boastful mother Cassiopeia reside here. Ace propagandists and grand statesmen have planets here too. For example; Tony Blair, Catherine The Great, Karl Marx, Eva Peron, George Washington and Martin Luther King. There are heroes but also deceit due to the stars of the sea monster. The public can crown a hero but demote them just as quickly for the sea monster is fickle and dangerous. We may see someone surge in popularity and then fall from grace dramatically during this period. It is feast or famine with this decan so we will cling to what is safe and familiar. We might find it hard to adapt. Instead, use this energy for stamina and gruelling, long-term projects.

Jupiter On The Fixed Stars

Menkar 14º Exact 10 Aug 2023, Rx 2 Oct 2023 & 17 Mar 2024 “Deceitful, dishonest, wandering life, imprisonment, banishment, or judicial sentence.” [4] “Feast or famine, the fickleness of life. Success or failure based on the whims of popular support. A time of a popular hero, the popular cause.” [5]

Jupiter in Taurus Decan 3

13 Apr to 24 May 2024

Artistic Alchemy & Life’s Troopers

This decan contains the ‘evil’ fixed star Algol. Thankfully Jupiter’s amplification does not mean even more evilness, however. Instead, Austin Coppock says “There is great luck in recovering from and avoiding disaster here, as well as the ability to learn from one’s lapses in judgement. The benefic power of Jupiter may be less evident than other places, for much of the planet’s potential is focused toward the prevention and remediation of disaster” [8] So we are faced with danger but somehow, by the grace of god, we manage to avoid it. It appears there are more earthquakes than usual with Jupiter in Taurus. But an imminent natural disaster could turn out less critical than originally thought. Thanks to foresight, people are evacuated in good time so that the casualties are minimal.

Jupiter On The Fixed Stars.

Capulus 24º Exact 1 May 2024 ” One confronts problems head-on. To be willing to take action against the advice or conventions of one’s family or community. An attack against the system.” [6] 
Algol 26º Exact 9 May 2024 “ To move towards the fulfilment of one’s belief with little regard to social subtleties niceties or protocol. An obsession with power, whether political, physical or spiritual person or a life of fighting against injustice either for oneself or for others.” [7]

Jupiter In Taurus Events In history

Jupiter In Taurus 4 June 2011 to 11 June 2012


  • 4 Jun Chile’s Puyehue volcano erupts. 3,000 people evacuate.
  • 22 Jul Severe flooding In Thailand affects 12.8 million people
  • August. Heavy losses in stock exchanges worldwide due to the European sovereign debt crisis and the credit rating downgraded due to US debt-ceiling crisis.
  • Aug 20/28 Libyan rebels take control of the capital Tripoli overthrowing Gaddafi’s government.
  • 17 Sep Occupy Wall Street protests begin in the United States and eventually spreads to 82 countries.
  • 19 Sep Floods in Pakistan. 436 Dead.
  • 9 Oct Flash Floods in Cambodia kill 207 people
  • 20 Oct Libyan leader Gaddafi Killed
  • 27 Oct European Union agrees to tackle European sovereign debt crisis by writing off 50% of Greek bonds, recapitalising European banks and the bailing out of 1 trillion Euros.
  • 15 Dec US declares end of Iraq war.
  • 16 Dec Storm Washi causes flood which claims 1268 lives in the Philippines


  • 13 Jan Cruise ship Costa Concordia runs aground off the coast of Italy. 32 deaths.
  • 11 Apr Indonesian earthquake and tsunami
  • 11 May Vladimir Putin elected President Of Russia
  • Jupiter In Taurus 14 February 2000 to 30 June 2000
  • 5/6 Feb 2000 Second Chechen War Novye Aldi Massacre & battle of Grozny ends as Russia captures Chechen capital.
  • 10 Mar The NASDAQ Composite Index reaches an all-time high of 5,048. ending a bull market run that lasted 17 years.
  • 12 Mar Pope John Paul II apologises for Roman Catholic misdeeds throughout the ages.
  • 4 May Central Sulawesi earthquake leaves 46 dead and 264 injured
  • 5 May Originating in the Philippines, the ILOVEYOU computer virus spreads quickly throughout the world.
  • 11 May India’s population reached 1 Billion
  • 4 Jun Enggano earthquake in southwestern Sumatra kills 103 people. Injures 2,174.
  • 17 Jun A centennial earthquake (6.5 on the Richter scale) hits Iceland on its national day.
  • 26 Jun Preliminary draft assembly of Human Genome Project announced at the White House by US President Bill Clinton.

Jupiter In Taurus 28 June 1999 to 23 October 1999

  • 1 Jul Europol (short for European Police Office) the European Union’s criminal intelligence agency established.
  • 16 Aug Putin appointed Prime Minister by the state Duma
  • 19 Aug Yugoslavs demand resignation of president Slobodan Milosevic
  • 26 Aug Second Chechen War begins.
  • 7 Sep Athens Earthquake injures 800-1600. 50K homeless.
  • 21 Sep Taiwan Jiji Earthquake kills 2400 people.
  • 5 Oct Ladbroke Grove rail crash kills 31 people in West London
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