Saturn in Pisces 2024 ~ Crystalising Dreams


What will the coming shift of Saturn in Pisces mean for us? Saturn spends approximately two and a half years in a sign and takes about 29 years to go around the sun. Saturn represents the important maturity milestones in our life for example the Saturn returns just before our 30th and 60th birthdays. These birthdays are often seen as life changing transitions into either parenthood or grandparenthood. With Saturn going in to Pisces we get the feeling that we are at the end of the line since Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. So this sign change feels a lot more final than say from Capricorn to Aquarius. It seems a lot more like an end of an era.

So how does Saturn in Pisces operate? The quality of energy is very different from when it was in Aquarius where it rules supreme. In the water bearer Saturn was powerful and fantastic at setting boundaries. However, in Aquarius, the planet could also get, dare I say it.. (And as a stellium Aquarius I feel like I can say it.) autistic. Saturn in Aquarius is the archetypical genius geek, hyper-focused on perfecting structures and making sure they are 100% efficient. This obsession with technology comes at a price since relationships and empathy are often left on the back-burner.

However now with Saturn in Pisces we are starting to feel burnt out by the digital world. We crave the opportunity to go with the flow of our intuition once again. Saturn in Aquarius brought us AI art among a plethora of boundary-setting apps. Track and trace for one! Covid implemented many Saturn in Aquarius limitations on our movements, but Saturn in Pisces will change all that. There will be a backlash to any hyper-digital art I think. Artists might look to go back to creating in mediums that are impossible for AI to replicate, like real life abstract oil paintings and watercolour.

Saturn is uncomfortable in Pisces since the sign is so blurry with no precise edges. So clarity is hard to find. But can Saturn bring a grounding to spirituality? Saturn in Pisces could spark interest in more earth-based, pagan religions. The lord of the rings loves to test us, so in Pisces, it will test our belief systems. Saturn also helps crystallise our dreams for us, especially in a sign like Pisces which is all about the imagination and making those fairytales come true. Pisces, like all the signs, is divided into three decans. So let’s look at how Saturn fairs in each Pisces decan and what it does when it meets the fixed stars there.


Saturn in Pisces Decan 1 

7th March 2023 to 2nd March 2024.
Retrograde from 18th June to 2nd November 2023

Muses, Fairytales & The Bohemian Dream

Saturn is considered the ruler of Pisces Decan 1 in the Chaldean system, so it behaves more sensibly here. The timelord works best at crystalising those dreams I mentioned earlier and setting healthy boundaries. Saturn is also very grounding in Pisces 1 and helpful for the artist’s lifestyle. It helps us not get too distracted by glamour or seduction. Practically using the imagination would be the best way to use this position. Working on recording and analysing your night dreams will help you understand your deepest motivations.

Saturn will hit Sadalmelik and Skat in Constellation Aquarius, Deneb Agide in Constellation Swan and royal star Fomalhaut in Constellation Southern Fish during this transit. You can see that the fixed star interpretations of Saturn in Pisces are not kind! Saturn was perceived as a malefic planet by the ancients. So I read these interpretations as karmic lessons that might come up at this time. Remember, not everyone will experience the negative manifestations because we have free will and/or have been good little humans!

Saturn on the Fixed Stars

Sadalmelik 3º ~ Exact 6th January 2024 “Original, inventive, psychic, careful, cautious, practical, good judgment, difficulty in putting ideas or inventions into practice, gain through companies, speculation and matters of an earthy nature, chronic illness to wife or children, favourable for gain, long life.” [1]

Fomalhaut 4º ~ Exact 7th January 2024 “Accidents, ailments affecting the lungs, throat and feet, loss through enemies, friends, Mercurial affairs, bands and companies, wrongfully accused, affairs involved at end of life, sudden death and family cheated out of their rights.” [2]

Deneb Adige 5º ~ Exact 22nd January 2024 “To act against the tide of society’s conventions, to feel restricted by social norms, to rebel and place oneself in danger. Solutions are sought to long-term problems.” [4]

Skat 8º ~ 21st February 2024 “Trouble through opposite sex, many travels and peculiar adventures, sudden up and downs, early marriage but may desert wife may be deserted or marriage may be bigamous, separated from children, no help from friends, bad for health in latter part of life, may die in workhouse, hospital or asylum.” [3]

Saturn In Pisces Decan 2 

3rd March 2024 to 22nd February 2025
Retrograde 30th June to 15th November 2024

Victim/Saviour & Resurrection

I found Pisces Decan 2 to be the most difficult one karmically because it is so easily contaminated. I wrote “Pisces decan 2 is probably the most liquid area of Pisces, which means it also risks being the most toxic. These subjects are supremely absorbent of their environment, so can work positively or negatively.” Austin Coppock also found problems here with Saturn in particular: “The ancient one tends to exaggerate the boundary between the spiritual aspects of life, preventing easy and harmonious interchange which is the goal of this face”.[12]

The most liquid version of Pisces with the driest and most brittle planet will cause problems. For example; like when you have a plant that is so dry it can no longer absorb any moisture at all. The fixed stars are Achernar which is religious star in Constellation Eridanus the river and Ankaa in Constellation Phoenix. It looks to me like a period of chaos, that puts a formidable leader in power as suggested by Bernadette Brady below. Hopefully, they will bring order out of the chaos.

Saturn on the Fixed Stars

Achernar 15º ~ Exact 15th April 2024 “A person that can be a leader in hard times or a dictator in good times. Needing to learn to lead with care and create with flexibility. Changes occurring in authority through crisis or upheaval.” [5]

Ankaa 16º ~ Exact 16th April 2024 “A path maker, someone who can build new direction from chaos. To learn that difficulties are really a source of strength, a source of new beginnings. Strong leadership emerges out of chaos” [6]

Saturn In Pisces Decan 3 

23rd February to 24th May 2025 & 1st September 2025 to 13th February 2026.
Retrograde 1st September to 28 November 2025

Daring Visionaries & Star Measurers

I found a more positive side to this decan than the stars below suggest. But Saturn here can take a bit of getting used to. The lord of karma always adds more weight and challenge to the Pisces Decan 3 experience. But that’s exactly what it is, an experience! Saturn gets better with time and wisdom. This last decan is also the last of a 33-year cycle with Saturn and the world-weariness is starting to set in. However, I also see this as an exhilarating point of time as we are on the very edge of change. Daring Pegasus reaching for the stars exemplifies this decan and both fixed stars below are found in Constellation Pegasus.

Saturn helps us be more realistic in our goals so we need to pay attention to the wise elders at this time. If we act impulsively and carelessly we could fall to the earth with a nasty bump like Pegasus’s rider Bellerophon. Scheat is also on the verge of becoming “The star of our age” since in 2045 it will reach Aries point and move into the tropical constellation of Aries. We are not that far from it now really. Maybe Saturn in Pisces decan 3 can give us an idea of what that will mean for humanity.

Saturn on the Fixed Stars

Markab 23º ~ Exact 23rd March 2025 “Born in poverty, prison or asylum, may be abandoned, hard life, imprisoned for a crime, few friends, unfavourable for domestic matters, death under similar conditions to birth.” [7] “Seeking respect by endeavouring to build reliable structures and ideas. Being cautious, overly concerned with stability, seeking to understand chance. Safety is sought in tradition, protocol and upholding the law” [8]

Scheat 29º ~ Exact 17th May 2025 “Danger of death in infancy, domestic trouble, colds and consumption, death by drowning or accident. [9] Danger of death in catastrophes such as floods, shipwreck, mining accidents, aeroplane accident, or maybe by suicide. [10] “One who records and notates. To collect, compile or compute data; a tendency to be dogmatic with one’s ideas of truth. A time when the so-called experts are challenged.” [11]

Saturn In Pisces For All Zodiac Signs

You can read the meanings below for both your rising sign and your Sun sign. If you don’t know your rising sign using astrotheme.

Saturn Transit 1st House ~ Pisces


While Saturn is in your sign you will be doing some intense self-re-structuring. So weed out behaviour patterns that you don’t want and are not serving you. However, while stripping away parts of your identity, you may feel lost and empty. You know what you don’t like, but not what you do. So this time in your life is all about getting to know thyself. The only way is by spending quality time by yourself. That way you won’t get influenced by others’ preferences. If you are over-reliant on a partner for identity, then cracks may appear in the relationship. You may even lose that partner. With Saturn, the ultimate goal is to prepare the ground for new growth. He is the rubbish collector, so try not to despair! If you happen to lose a partner it is for the best. Put the connection behind you straight away and do not resist letting go.

This is a time of introversion. So take solitude seriously and do the self-work. It will give you a rock-solid foundation to build on in the future. Trying to push against this reclusive stage will only bring frustration as you bump into the walls of fate continually. You won’t become totally isolated of course. One has to work and interact with people (Unless you are a basement dweller ). But you might not have the usual enthusiasm about social engagements. You are likely to feel too tired for parties or invites may be less forthcoming this year. If you have a very positive Saturn in your chart and relish your hermit time, you will enjoy this period! Patience is cultivated and you know that the best things come to he who waits. You are happy with deferred gratification and grateful for time out in the slow lane.

Saturn Transit 2nd House ~ Aquarius

Most people worry about Saturn in the second house of cash because nobody wants to feel financially insecure. It doesn’t mean that you are sure to suffer hardship and poverty. Of course, there is always that base level of experience, but Saturn also sets lessons for you to discover what is truly valuable in your life. It can even be that earnings increase because you have seriously spent quality time working on your self-worth issues. Setting boundaries with people who drain you can impact your bank balance, even if they are not physically borrowing money per se. The earlier part of the transit can be the most difficult as Saturn throws in cash-loss tests to see how well you handle it. Finally, you no longer care about the bad investments, the theft, or the money you lent. Then something amazing happens! Ironically, it is at this non-caring point that material security subtly starts to rebuild itself, right under your feet. You may not realise this until after the transit has passed, but the rock is there and it will carry you forward for the next 29 years.

The best course of action would be to get a good accountant so you don’t worry about money altogether. You could even take a low-interest loan out. Whatever you do, don’t let things slip. This is a time to take stock of your possessions and protect them. Do a clear-out and sell off old stock or belongings. Selling anything major, like a house, might not be the best choice, but clearing out old clothes or furniture on eBay is fine. Even making a minimum profit tells the universe that you want to create room for growth further down the line. Sorting through your possessions will show you what memories and gifts you still treasure and what you don’t! Saturn is great for weeding out the junk. Keeping large amounts of items that have no use or sentimental value just attracts spiders and dead energy. By giving away to a charity you move the energy for others to enjoy. If you suffer from low self-esteem, then this transit is invaluable in terms of looking within and getting some support from older, wiser, mentors. These folk can guide you towards people and pastimes that make you feel valued, rather than feeling unworthy.

Saturn Transit 3rd House ~ Capricorn


Saturn in your communication house can make you fearful of speaking your mind. Your brain is going through a period of restructuring. So while your mind is rebooting, links between synapses may feel as zapped. Like when a telegraph pole gets struck by lightning. One minute you have an enlightening insight, then, bam short circuit. You are lost for words. This internal brain fry can also bleed into the outside world. While in your neighbourhood, you may become increasingly awkward and even shy. You fear what words might leap out of your mouth. Connections between A to B might be fraught with obstacles and road works, again as if to reflect what is happening in your cerebrum. Saturn here merely wants to slow down your thinking process to rewire your brain. Negative childhood thinking patterns are scrambled so that they can be re-set. Memories from your infancy can flare up during this period. If it wasn’t a happy time, and there were painful incidents of sibling rivalry you can reprogram your mind more positively and healthily.

Sometimes, the only way to fix a broken machine is to take it apart and reassemble it from scratch. Of course, while your brain is having this maintenance work done, others may perceive in you a kind of vacantness. And after the changes, you could even notice that your communications with neighbours or relatives suffer in the transition, as they are used to your old way of thinking. So while the internal and the external adapt to match one another, you may experience some fall-out from those who cannot communicate with you on an equal footing. This is natural and part of Saturn’s lessons here in the learning zone. It may indeed feel like you are back in primary school again, and, as often happens during the transition, one can experience solitude and disconnection from your ‘classmates’. Try not to get depressed and wall yourself off further, reach out and test drive your new brain wiring, you should be pleasantly surprised by the response.

Saturn Transit 4th House ~ Sagittarius


This is a crucial transit of Saturn because it entails an inspection of the very roots of your being. You will be examining your domestic arrangement and home. Any unhappiness here will probe you to dig deeper into the fundamental cause. Perhaps you might look at ancestral karma and what you perceive as a family curse. What you fix within yourself at this time will be integral to your life-calling or career in 15 years, so it is vital to make these foundations deep and stable. It will be your rock for many years to come. You may become closer to your parents to understand your ancestors. Conversely, you might find a substitute parental figure to help heal a dysfunctional relationship with your biological parents. Relationships you make at this time are highly likely to feel quite patriarchal. I mean this in the most positive sense, where you find a connection that is both protective and supportive. Try not to become too reliant on this ‘parental’ support, however.

Becoming too attached to parental figures could mean they abruptly withdraw their patronage when you need it most. Saturn wants to teach you a lesson about self-sufficiency. So it will push you to attain enough strength that you can function without a crutch in the future. While you may attract many wiser, older influences during this transit, they will only stay long enough to give you a nudge towards building more willpower within yourself. These Saturnian folk, (whether your real parents, grandparents or counsellors) will dish out ‘tough love’ and train you like a martial arts guru. Saturn in your intimate zone can feel like a firm mattress for a bad back initially, but it gets easier as you adapt to Saturn’s slow groove. You may need to renovate your home or feel drawn towards a course of psychotherapy during this time.

Saturn Transit 5th House ~ Scorpio


Hmmmmm, who let the party pooper in? No one likes Saturn here, but at least you can get very serious about creativity. This is the house of the three P’s: pleasure, pro-creation and playtime! Therefore you will be tested on how well you express yourself through romantic encounters. What might well happen is that you find yourself attracting people who constantly challenge your identity or critique your artistic products. The temptation at this point is to withdraw from dating altogether, as it feels too much like hard work. Saturn will poke you in the back and place you in very fated situations. You will find that you keep running into that annoying person who rubs your ego up the wrong way! Eventually, the coincidences get ridiculous. Therefore you might have to surrender to Saturn’s ironic ‘good timing’. For those already with a partner, you might have to take on some extra burden that puts pressure on your relationship. It might be a nice responsibility, like having a new baby! Whatever projects or people you take on will cause you to have to place limits on leisure activities.

Another possibility with Saturn in this fun sector is that you put pressure on your partner to settle down and make a commitment, or they may make the same demand of you. There is a powerful parent/child dynamic here, where you might want to play the child in relationships and have fun! However, when you play, Saturn’s firm hand reins you away from such frivolity. What a waste of time! The best way to use this period is to work hard on creative projects as you will have great self-discipline with arts and crafts. It could be a wonderfully inspiring time for sculptural projects while engineering tasks also go well. You can be very ambitious while playing around with ideas. Taking a job that involves working with children would be perfect. As your progress, you start to feel increasingly more mature and patient. The kids are allowed to enjoy themselves while you take care of practical matters.

Saturn Transit 6th House ~ Libra


It’s plough the field time! Prepare to put some ‘wellie into it’ as Saturn cracks the whip in your house of daily grind. This period can be hard to manage in terms of energy consumption. Sow seeds for your future, but be careful of burnout. You could easily become a workaholic, just don’t burn the candle at both ends! If work must be your total focus, then put 100% into it. Draining and distracting relationships should be set aside since doing both will give you extra stress and could make you ill. Remember your health since Saturn will test your immune system and strength of constitution. You might find you come down with more colds and flu than usual. If this happens, do not try to work over it. Make sure you get the rest that Doctor Saturn prescribes.

The worst thing you can do is run yourself ragged being everything to everyone. Focus on the ground below your feet and plant as many seeds as possible while the soil is fertile. That way you can reap as much harvest as possible when Saturn crosses above the horizon of your chart into the next sign. Learning to plan is vital. Time management and keeping to schedule will help you feel less stressed. When things get overwhelmingly busy, sticking to your timetable will help avoid the temptation of working extra hours. You are vulnerable to losing more time to sick days in the long run, so it’s not worth pushing yourself that hard. Conserve energy as much as you can. Saturn asks that you work slowly and thoroughly with care. Respect nature and its cycles during this time of deferred gratification. Your work ethic will feel meaningful at this time like you are part of a set of cogs running the wheels of your community. Working for your family or social services will feel more fulfilling than working for yourself.

Saturn Transit 7th House ~ Virgo


This is a major transition house, where Saturn ascends out of the inner zone of your chart and out over the horizon. You have been working on your foundations and your deep self for the last fourteen years and now it’s time to test how well you hold yourself when confronted with the needs of others. If you have built a strong sense of self, then this will be strengthening. You will be confident enough to keep centred, even if your close relationships challenge you. If those partners were vampiric and fed off your energy, then your reluctance to be a doormat could mean that the partnership ends. You will find out who your parasites are!

If you are the host and put up boundaries, it will cause great panic from the feeders. So you could see turbulence around you, but you should feel calmer. There can be immense weeding of your contact book, but you will find new rocks of support by the end of this transit. Have patience, eventually, you will find your allies for the next 14 years. As you take on more responsibility, you become a parent to more projects. You might even literally become a parent. Therefore naturally, you will have less energy to give to any adult children around you. Time management is essential. So it’s time to test how well you hold yourself when confronted with the needs of others. Your capabilities are tested, so give projects and people your best and you will get the best. If you find people do desert you, it is simply showing that you are not in the same league as them…yet!

This is where Saturn’s law of karma comes into play. Wise investments will start to pay off. If not, more effort is needed. Saturn rewards hard work. A marriage break-up is a traditional interpretation for Saturn in this sector, but only if your relationship has been left to rot! At least Saturn here can reconstitute any stinking residue to fertilize the romantic soil for new growth. The 7th house is one of the foundational houses of the chart, so this is one of the most significant Saturn transits. Commitments made in partnerships, whether to fix or finish them, will impact all other areas of your life.

Saturn Transit 8th House ~ Leo


During this time you will learn the hard lesson of not relying on other people’s money. You will learn to live within your means and minimise your debt. Externally this could manifest as loans being called in, banks refusing you credit or failing to get a mortgage. You should pass through this period relatively unscathed if you are already self-sufficient. If however, you rely on the generosity of others then you may suddenly find they are withholding funds more than usual. Yes, this is the proverbial credit crunch transit! These days women tend not to live solely on the husband’s income, but it is still possible that the spouse’s income might well take a tumble during this transit. If you are lucky enough to be a kept woman (or man!), suddenly you have to share the financial burden or face severe lifestyle downgrading. You might even have to get a job for the first time! Conversely, you might leave work to have children making you more reliant on your spouse’s income. But this action will force them to be more responsible and hard-working.

You might also have to face ‘death’ in some form. Don’t be alarmed! Saturn in the 8th house does not mean you will die. But the death of someone around you could force you to confront feelings about your mortality. What is your legacy and what will you leave to your children? Most of the time, this death is not of someone close. Perhaps a neighbour who said ‘hello’ occasionally or someone in the public eye you resonated with. This distant death might touch you profoundly, but it is less about grieving their loss and more about this person being a symbol of the passing of time. There is the recognition that part of your daily landscape is now missing and has moved on.

There is now a void in your psyche which can cause some crisis. Other possibilities are a truth was not what you thought, a skeleton comes out of the closet and taboos are broken. You start to question reality, there can be a mini life-review or a feeling of detoxing the soul. At times this transit can feel quite dark, but Saturn has to go somewhere so better here in the cellar than cramping your style in the bedroom! It is best to think of Saturn here as wintertime. The stark snow forms a blank canvas where anything is possible. The looming shadows of the winter Sun are faced one way or another. Those who relish studying psychology and the occult will have a ball!

Saturn Transit 9th House ~ cancer


Prepare for the big one! The pinnacle of Saturn’s 29-year cycle (when his mortar board is slapped onto your head) is imminent. Right now though, you are still in the university of life. So you will encounter great teachers and learn much from your travels. No, this does not mean obstacles on long journeys unless you purposely choose a country with crap trains! You will enjoy absorbing as much culture, spiritual teaching and philosophy. Your mind is open to acquiring knowledge, but you will learn that true wisdom is attained by discerning what information you keep. Beliefs are questioned and any dogma is tested. Saturn is realistic and won’t be content with a spiritual practice that focuses too much on the life hereafter. Spirit will need to take form in matter and embody itself. All this questioning of your beliefs and ethics should serve you well when you have a status to uphold in the world. Having a public face and responsibilities means your actions affect other people. You will become a role model. But for now, you can enjoy the journey, it’s time to experiment, and you can make mistakes while no one is watching!

The main thing to watch out for with Saturn here is becoming too set in your beliefs. You may test, them and think, ok that’s it, they work, I’m sticking with this for the rest of my life. So this could be a time when someone becomes a Jehovah’s witness, joins a cult or becomes a Jihadist. There is a danger of swinging from one extreme to the other here, but there is also an opportunity to learn balance too. This equilibrium might come from encountering religious extremism in people you meet day to day or while travelling. With this house of foreigners, boundary issues might be pertinent, especially in these troubled times! Legal matters could also be challenging, divorces might move frustratingly slowly and any financial settlements are meagre in their offerings. Disappointing outcomes could result if you think you know everything and are not open to alternatives. So don’t stick rigidly to a narrative, this is your opportunity to go off-piste and play around with solutions. If you get stuck into a groove too early you could become too bogged down and entrenched by the time Saturn hits your 10th house. This can be fatal with the world’s eyes on your status. You don’t want to be that exposed. Better to find any flaws by testing rigorously now. Do not set anything in stone with Saturn in the 9th. Be a butterfly!

Saturn Transit 10th House ~ Gemini


This is one of the most important transits of your life! Your karmic chickens come home to roost when Saturn activates your status zone. Recognition as a leader can happen if that has been your lifelong aim. Everything you have worked for over the last 20-24 years is coming to a crescendo! The spectacle of your firework display depends on the quality of its ingredients and careful coordination. This is your big, oscar-winning moment….or not. Ok, if you are more of a backstage player, your ‘display’ might not rival the Olympics’ opening ceremony. However, you will still be recognized and rewarded more subtly. This is a crucial time in respect for what you have achieved in your career thus far. The 10th house is not just about career it is also the motherhood zone. So parents could experience rewards by seeing a child graduate, marry, have a child or blossom into a wonderful human being. At this time of harvest, it is immensely satisfying to see all the back-breaking work, nappy changing, sleepless nights, and stressful deadlines were damn well worth it. It is a time to be proud and allow people to pat you on the back. You deserve it.

Along with all the praise comes more responsibility, you have shown what you are capable of, so now lets up the game to the next level! You have kids, so how about grandchildren? You have managed one house for rental, so what about a portfolio of properties? Sometimes there is a danger of getting too involved in your career and going mad with ambition. You can afford to rest on your laurels for a while, surely? Also, it would be nice to treat your family if they have supported you through the hard times. You all deserve a reward. Massive disappointment is possible if your Saturn seeds are duds. There could be a series of ‘I told you so’s’ and unpleasant karmic paybacks. Take it on the chin dear one, for the worst you can do here is carry on in denial. It will only degrade matters further with your faults amplified and you will appear dishonest and untrustworthy. If you are willing to be open about your mistakes people will respect your honesty and are more likely to give you a second chance.

Saturn Transit 11th House ~ Taurus


This period of your life is rich with opportunities to come together with like-minded people and to work as a team. You have learnt to shine as an individual, so now it is time to bring your expertise into group situations. It might be quite a challenge because you are still riding on the laurels of your successes. Still, you can take your biggest dreams to the next level now, and it will get easier as time progresses. This zone of hopes and wishes has a visionary feel and one where you are inspired by others’ excitement for the future too. Saturn provides the framework for your wildest fantasies. It is important to network as never before because co-workers will not allow you to do things solo. Once you have attained a certain level of professionalism, it is natural to attract peers with whom you can compare notes and enjoy a social life. They will want you integrated into their collective once they see your talent. Together, your Midas touches can affect a larger sphere of the market. It will feel like you are joining a cartel and it will feel empowering.

Saturn in this house tests how much responsibility you are willing to accept at the behest of your friends. There is usually quite a positive outcome, however. Your comrades may want you to become a spokesman for their cause, yet you have a real fear of public speaking. The challenge of Saturn here is that in fulfilling your peer’s needs, you become skilled in something that you might never have done otherwise. During this time you will also find out whether your career goals have been realistic or not. Sometimes there is disappointment when you see your friends ascend or be promoted while you are left behind. But don’t fret! You will get the chance to start over again when Saturn enters your first house for a brand new cycle. We tend to perfect 11th house visions on our second cycle here, rather than the first. (Saturn has a 29 cycle around the chart.) so it is not the end of the world if you don’t make it through this cycle. You will at least come out with valuable advice from your peers who did succeed.

Saturn Transit 12th House ~ Aries


This can be one of the most challenging placements for Saturn if you are constantly starting new projects. The best period for starting anything ambitious is… not now!! You will have to learn patience. So no more fads and novelties. Instead, you will finally read the five unfinished books by your bedside and tie up the twenty-odd loose ends from previous years. You are due for a rest-and-retreat period since the aforementioned years were supercharged with work and other responsibilities. You have grown up a lot but feel world-weary and old right now. It’s fine to accept that you have run out of juice at some point, especially at the end of a 29-year cycle! So don’t beat yourself up about non-achievements and missed opportunities. It’s far too late now to scrabble frantically for the scraps. The energy spent is simply a waste of time. Scraps are scraps, you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear!

So the temptation is to get broody and depressed if you feel like a failure, but you must realise there is a very bright light at the end of this 12th house tunnel! Cocooning is the best use of this time. It will be quite an active sense of preparation for the rebirth to come. So clear the decks. Say goodbye to draining connections and time-consuming projects that are not bearing fruit. Weed out everything that does not enliven or excite you. The impulse is welling up inside you, but resist pushing until you have to.

You are giving birth to yourself, so you don’t want to bust a gut against locked doors. Keep tranquil, and spend time in nature to tune into your cycles. This will help you know the right moment to start pushing. Deep, deep breaths, yes you will be able to do it!! But until this incredible debut, enjoy the gestation period to its fullest. Acting premature will only lead you down those famous 12th-house paths of self-undoing. Earthing yourself will strengthen your intuition while you plug your feet into the earth. The Hermit card in the tarot is your Saturn guide. So retreat into your cave and paint by torchlight. Watch the flames flicker and see what you can read from the shadows.

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