Best Aquarius Crystals


What are the best crystals for Aquarius? The following three crystals support and balance Aquarius’s positive and negative traits. These Aquarius crystals are also traditionally associated with the zodiac sign of the water bearer.


Amethyst is traditionally the stone for Aquarius. Wearing this crystal makes it easier for this rather aloof sign to express its emotions. Aquarians who are more individualistic, however, can also use it to improve their teamwork skills. This stone aids in cooperation and considering the advice of others. Wired Aquarians can find it hard to sleep so Amethyst can help them wind down at the end of the day.

So no matter how things are externally, Amethyst will give you inner peace. With the help of this purple friend, you can relax like you are in a spa! This stone’s benefits include enhancing your sleep and alleviating daily stressors. Rest is essential for healing and preventing burnout. Aquarians find it hard to stop and recharge when they get their teeth into their favourite topic.

Amethyst is known as nature’s tranquillizer and a superb general healing stone. Aquarians will find it soothing when overstressed, tired, or burned out. It is also a powerful remedy for anxiety. Amethyst is said to calm those frazzled nerves so prevalent in Uranian types. It can rejuvenate depleted energy, reduce stress, and offer protection from the harshness of life.

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