Best Aquarius Love Matches


What is the best Aquarius love match? The following Aquarius compatibility couples are based on the aspect or mode relationship between Aquarius and the other zodiac signs. The couples are ranked in order of the most compatible for marriage or long-term relationship down to the most challenging connection.

Best Aquarius Compatibility Signs

Aquarius with Gemini & Libra Compatibility

This is the classic, compatible trine aspect you share with your fellow air signs. Aquarius with Gemini will have fantastic communication. Aquarius loves Gemini’s quick wit and endless questioning of the state of reality. During courtship, the two may talk so much that getting physical is often forgotten. Aquarius and Gemini talk so long into the night they often fall asleep mid-sentence.

Aquarius with Libra is a match made in heaven. Romantic Libra can melt the heart of commitmentphobe Aquarius better than anyone. Aquarius will often be totally enamoured by Libra’s charm and style. Another thing Libra does well is work around Aquarius’s rigidity and inability to compromise. They do this by somehow convincing the Aquarian to think it was their idea in the first place.

Aquarius with Aries & Sagittarius Compatibility

These signs form a sextile aspect with Aquarius and are also considered a harmonious connection. Fire signs go well with air and warm the sometimes cool and distant air. Fire signs increase passion by putting the intellectual air sign in touch with their carnal desires. The base Ram then makes Aquarius feel more human! Aquarius and Aries respect each other’s individuality and independence. However, Aries can find Aquarius rather a ‘know-all’ at times and would like them to be more impulsive. Fixed Aquarius doesn’t like being pushed out of its known universe and finds it hard to go with the flow despite its reputation for being a bit of a hippie.

Talking of hippies, Sagittarius and Aquarius can make a very ‘Californian’ type of couple. Both like being counter-cultural and are indeed fascinated by all other cultures apart from their own. This sextile relationship works wonderfully as both signs share a passion for wisdom, philosophy, travel and exploring wild and wacky conspiracy theories

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*Please remember you we more than just our Sun signs so if there are harmonious connections between the couple’s rising signs and moon signs they can always override their less compatible aspects. As the relationship develops, the couple can learn to live with the mismatches.