Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

Your Aquarius monthly Horoscope for September 2016 brings with it specimens of humanity that will cause your hair to stand on end in one way or another. You may meet someone that you immediately have very strong feelings for, or against. Watch out for people that make you behave in the most irrational and primal way and say hallo to your shadow! After September 22 your life lightens up considerably. New horizons beckon and give fresh vistas on your life. This is the time to get metaphysical as the Sun in this sector of the chart questions dogma and shines its brilliance on dimensions you might have been previously blind to.

It can be very hard to tell what could happen with the September 1 Solar Eclipse in the house of debt, psychology sorcery and the taboo. It’s meant to be a mystery! But one things for sure, it will highlight the importance of working on your shadow. Sometimes this shadow work happens because we are forced to deal with the unsavoury subjects of inheritance, debt or your partner’s extravagant spending habits… These subjects can bring out the very ugliest side of human nature. Much depends on your own soul’s evolution. You may be the kind of person who absolutely relishes in delving deep into occult subject matter, reading psychology books, or studying the life of psychopaths. If so, then this eclipse will pass like a breeze.

September Monthly Horoscope 2016

Your self-worth is called into question by a crisis that hits your partner’s bank balance or there is a sudden demand of debt owed. Are you feeling insecure because your perceived value relies so much on the material success of another?

This eclipse for you can emphasise a parasitical relationship between banker and borrower or the addict and its drug pusher. September 18 Lunar Eclipse will hit you hard in the pocket if you rely too much on the generosity of others.

If you have lost out financially then the Lunar Eclipse’s message is that you have not invested enough in your own self esteem. We feel good about ourselves when we have worked hard on our usefulness in the world. This does not mean we have to be earning big bucks, our worth can be bringing up children with patience and kindness.

We could be invaluable as the power behind the throne in relationships. We can provide emotional support and moral boosting to the main breadwinner wether they be male or female. This also works in business partnerships too.

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