ADMIN UPDATE The new YouTube video summary of the August Astrology Forecast. As you can see I’m getting the hang of this video lark now. I hope the sound is better. I used my snowball microphone this time and put it nearer to me, but maybe I need a clip-on one nearer the mouth. Another really annoying thing; If anyone has imovie, can you please tell me if there is an… Read More »


The New Moon on July 26 2014 is at 3º Leo. It falls on the star in the front paw of the great bear Ursa Major. The star is called Talitha, which means “daughter of the assembly”. Robson gives no meaning for it, but it is associated with a bible story where Jesus is called to revive a dying girl. Jesus says “Talitha arise”, so this star can bring healing… Read More »


Sun conjunct Mercury generally gives a sharp, quicksilver mind and tongue. These people live by their wits and have the ability to shine with words. They are often social chameleons. Their restless mind can be faddish and an over-active imagination often gives rise to odd quirks and phobias. A good few of the examples below had multiple marriages (3 and over!). Health seems to be an issue and this could… Read More »


Sun conjunct Lilith seems to play out as the ego feeling exiled from the dominant patriarchal system. Sometimes this is as a result of actual abuse from male authority figures. The closer Lilith is to the Sun the more it may feel eclipsed by males in their life because a conjunction* of under 8º will make Lilith combust by the Sun, meaning you cannot see it. However it is possible… Read More »


January Horoscope – February Horoscope – March Horoscope - April Horoscope - May Horoscope - June Horoscope  JULY HOROSCOPE The monthly horoscope for July 2014 gives us a month with no inner planet retrogrades and no grand crosses. Hurrah! At last we truly have a month where we can take a holiday from all the “challenging” (a word too polite for what has been happening..) aspect patterns in the sky. Last year we… Read More »


August looks set to be a month of frolics and love battles. Yes there are some hairy moments between the sexes, but also some great opportunities for excitement and pleasure. We can have all the fun of the fair with its thrills and spills. The planets are roller-coasting, driving dodgems and there is even a bit of a ghost train towards the end of the month. This is because so many planets… Read More »