An incredible Cardinal Grand Cross occurs in April 2014. Astrologer Susan Miller says of it; “April’s so scary that I’m giving classes on it.“ But does this cosmic pattern really warrant such hype? I have done some research of past cardinal squares and T-squares from 1 AD.  In the previous weeks I have covered each the planetary alignments individually. But on April 23 it all comes together! After looking at the history, the… Read More »


Uranus square Pluto started its series of seven squares back in June 2012. By now we have a good idea of its energy and it is certainly making itself felt. It does feel like a paradigm shift is happening, but in the great scheme of things we are only at the beginning. The cycles of Uranus and Pluto are extremely long if we consider their whole cycle, which means a… Read More »


We start the monthly horoscope in Taurus decan 2, standing at the cross roads of the Cardinal Grand cross and surveying the damage. Does it look like a nasty road accident with your dreams twisted and mangled across the juggernaut of life? Or, on the other hand, you might’ve been bracing yourself for the worst, only to find now an eerie silence pervades. The tumbleweed rolls across your path and… Read More »


Welcome to the start of the astrological New Year as the Sun moves into Aries decan 1 on March 20. We are feeling impulsive now, want everything at once and to grab life with both hands. We want it all and they want it now! Of course we do, it’s the start of a brand new cycle. Everything is fresh, new, shiny and bouncy. “To boldly go” is our motto for… Read More »


Mars stations retrograde on March 1 2014. Mars will traverse slowly backwards from 27º to 9º Libra. Like all retrogrades this period gives us a chance to look at things from a right-brain perspective. The effect is cyclical not linear, it is internalized and intuitive. Generally astrologers suggest that this a time where we find it hard to express our anger and become passive-aggressive. But the truth is far more… Read More »


The Solar Eclipse on April 29 is at 8º Taurus and falls on Hamal in the forehead of Aries the ram. Eclipses are always important, but solar ones can blot out the Sun during the day which freaked out our ancestors. This eclipse is not total but it could freak us out anyway due to it containing the…gasp…tremor…faint…etc etc…Cardinal Grand Cross. Behold it’s a sign…zzzzzzz. No, it’s not the end… Read More »