Gemini has the opportunity for some deep healing and karmic release in 2015. This is because so many of you are being rinsed and wrung-out by the combination of the squares from both Chiron and Neptune. Luckily you will have the protection of Jupiter from Leo helping your to bounce back from any healing crisis. Remember that ironically, the more you de-tox and the healthier you get, the more youâ�¦ Read More »


Taurus has been out of the firing line of Uranus square Pluto, but close enough for you to feel the ripples in your 2015 horoscope. You can breathe a sigh of relief now that Saturn has moved out of your 7th house where is has slowed down developments on the romantic front. This has also had you feeling quite hermit-like for most of 2014. Rejoice because just in time forâ�¦ Read More »


Aries continues the push for change on the front line of the cosmic battlefield. But help is at hand for your 2015 horoscope! Jupiter’s protective trine from Leo gives you the ability to bounce back with renewed vigour and enthusiasm every time you hit a bump in the road. If you have been one of the rare Aries not shaken up from the Uranus square Pluto paradigm-shift… where have you been!?â�¦ Read More »


The astrology forecast for the year 2015, like last year, starts with a roller coaster but then smoothes out into an easier cosmic cruise through Spring* and Summer. Winter however will give us some turbulence. Mercury goes retrograde through all the air signs this year and spending more time there should bring some interesting innovation and inventions. Mercury loves to fly through the air, so new ideas and thought formsâ�¦ Read More »


The Solar Eclipse on October 23 2014 is at 0º Scorpio. It is conjunct the planet of love Venus and closest to Miaplacidus, a star in Argo the ship. In mundane astrology, the Sun signifies the ruler, so having his light blocked out by the moon (which represents the common people) could be a worrying time for the ruling elite. Unfortunately many of us are still carrying the cell memoryâ�¦ Read More »


The October Horoscope 2014 is divided into weeks so you can refer to them as the month progresses. I shall be making videos for each week  for those who want to catch up on youtube. Please subscribe to my youtube channel for the updates. Week 1 Oct 1 – 7 ~ Angels Calling week 2 Oct 8 – 14 ~ Breaking Chains Week 3 Oct 15 – 21 ~ Slinky Sextiles Week 4â�¦ Read More »