Asteroid Hygieia


To understand the meaning of asteroid Hygieia in our natal chart we must look at her myth, archetype, and correspondences to understand how we can work with her as a deity for healing. Hygieia is the Greek Goddess of health. She gives her name to the concept of hygiene and cleanliness, which is, of course, next to godliness! Her father was the famous healer Asclepius, the god of medicine. Worship of Hygieia was in tandem with her father until after the Delphic oracle recognised her. She gained popularity after the Plague of Athens in 430-427 BC and again in Rome after the plague in 293 BC.

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Depictions of Hygieia usually show her as a young woman feeding a giant snake that is coiled around her body or drinking from a jar. There are few written accounts of Hygieia’s life, but she is a significant goddess when sickness prevails. Who doesn’t know someone who suffers from ailments and would require her grace?

Hygieia In Greek Myth

One story in the myth about her comes down from Plutarch, which is that of Hygieia working with Pallas Athena. The two goddesses oversaw the building of the Parthenon, the famous temple in Athens dedicated to Athena. Hygieia’s job was to tend to the manual worker’s health as they carried out this demanding job. Athena was there to keep the peace. So, Hygieia is a great goddess to call upon when doing physically demanding or stressful tasks. She works well with other more administrative or strategic goddesses. Hygieia has a more empathic lunar energy.

Hygieia did not have any children, nor did she have a consort either. All her relatives are healers. Hygieia’s mother is Epione, which means “soothing”. Her sisters are Iaso, the Goddess of recuperation; Panacea, the Goddess of universal remedy; Aceso, the Goddess of well-being and the healing process; and Aegie, the Goddess of brightness. Hygieia is a virgin goddess, which means her patients will become her children. She is 100% devoted to helping and healing others.

Hygieia grew up in a family of healers and doctors, so medicine is truly in her blood. If her myth speaks to you, you need healing or are a natural-born healer who must rise to the call to serve others. It can even be both where you have to learn to heal yourself and, in doing so, can heal others. All modalities of healing are possible. It can be conventional or alternative, as long as you are helping others. You may also be less of a hands-on healer or more about making herbal remedies. Another possibility with Hygieia is her hygiene trait, which means you could have a career in toiletries, soap or cleansing products.

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Hygieia Negative traits *

All Goddesses have the potential to have a negative side, and healthy Hygieia is no different. The tendency to over-sanitise can be a problem! The side of the Virgo archetype that is a perfectionist is intense with Hygieia. If you resonate with this Goddess, there is a tendency to disinfect every germ to oblivion. The same goes for your behaviour, where you edit everything you say or do. Remember that balance is needed, and accepting the dark and light in others is crucial. Humans are part of an ecosystem where bacteria have an essential function. In nature, things have to get smelly and decay before they die, but life begins anew once the rubbish is collected.

After the Roman conquest of Greece, Hygieia became Salus, which translates to ‘Welfare’ in Latin. So, another trait we can see in this Goddess is the theme of taking in waifs and strays. One must guard against taking on more healing work and duties than one can’t handle. Otherwise, your health can suffer, and you will be of no use to others at all. Another possibility is attracting partners who always need looking after; for example, they have a drug addiction that harms their health. There is a danger of becoming a lifelong nurse to others. The Hygieia archetype gives to charity and feels drawn to work with society’s disadvantaged and most vulnerable people.

Hygieia As Spirit Guide *

10 Scenarios where you might seek the guidance and healing of Hygieia are when:

  1. You or your loved ones have an illness
  2. For help finding natural remedies to heal yourself and others
  3. You are obsessing over the tiny details of a project too much
  4. You need motivation to clean the house!
  5. Your partner treats you like a nurse
  6. You want to cleanse your space from negative energy
  7. For any hands-on healing like massage, reiki, acupuncture, physiotherapy etc.
  8. When you get all ‘OCD’ about the mess in other people’s houses.
  9. You feel overwhelmed by everyone else problems.
  10. You have a parasite infection, candida or worms!

Hygieia Correspondences *

Omens that show Hygieia is reaching out to you:

You have started planting an herb garden
When the Moon is in Virgo, you want to make detailed craft objects
You are attracted to antiseptic and antimicrobial herbs and oils like Tea-tree, Eucalyptus oregano and mint.
You go on a bumper, spring-cleaning mission, sanitising your abode from top to bottom.
You love the smell of disinfectant.
Fresh whites, pale sage and hospital green, attract you
White snakeskin is appealing
You bought a pestle and mortar and don’t know why
Moss agate, clear quartz, green aventurine and selenite jump out at you in crystal shops.

Other associations with Hygieia that may call out to you are: White feathers, books about herbs, herb gardens, the rod of Asclepius, the hermit card tarot card, white cats, little birds, rosemary and lavender, daisy patterns, cypress trees, white lilies and lily of the valley.

Hygieia in your horoscope *

You have a strong Hygieia signature if you have two or more of the following:

Your Moon is conjunct with Mercury or Ceres.
Asteroid Hygieia is conjunct with your Ascendant, Midheaven, Sun or Moon. *
You have many personal planets in the 6th house.
Fixed star Ras Alhague is conjunct with your Ascendant, Midheaven, Sun or Moon. *
Asteroid Pallas Athena is trine or sextile to your Ascendant, Midheaven, Sun, Moon or Venus. *
You have many personal planets in the sign of Virgo.

To find Hygieia in your chart: Go to Astrodienst to draw up a free birthchart. Click ‘Additional objects’ and add in the number 10 followed by a comma in the manual entry box.