The Pleiades ~ Birthdays May 19 to 21

Fixed star Alcyone is the major star in the famous Pleiades Star Cluster. The Pleiades are found in the shoulder of Taurus the bull, positioned at 00°00′ Gemini*. Different cultures throughout the ages have a mythology around these stars because this cluster is so striking in the sky. The Pleiades stars are also known as the seven sisters. In Greek myth, the sisters became stars because Zeus took pity on their mourning the death of their family.

In the medieval times the fixed star Alcyone (representing the entire Pleiades) was known as a magical Behenian star and in talismans is said to give magical power and knowledge. In Esoteric Astrology, the seven solar systems revolve around the Pleiades star cluster, and of course, there are many websites all over the net claiming to have channeled information from them.

 “The Pleiades’ role, then, is to help seekers become consciously aware of Divine Knowledge and Wisdom, which is why their etheric, astral and mental bodies must be purified before being able to integrate with that spiritual realm. The Pleiades represent a spiritual “station” where the Perfect Model within seekers is energized and comes alive on earth.” Plotinus.

Pleiades ConstellationSo it’s really no wonder that the Pleiades featured so strongly in 2012 astrology. The Pleiades are revered up to the present day by Ufologists and they are also featured in the Cherokee Rattlesnake Prophecy. We are all expecting mass awakening but what is it about this constellation in particular that inspires such great expectation? It is strange because when you study Alcyone’s actual meaning, it really is a mixed bag. Although the star confers wisdom, there is also a bunch of really negative associations with it also. This may be due to the Judeo-Christian habit of warning the general mob away from anything magical, but if you look at the lifestyles of some of the natives born under these stars, there could be some truth in Robson’s grim interpretations.

Bohemian Lifestyles

Another association with Alcyone is homosexuality. Both Robson’s and Ebertin’s books were published around 1930 when gay sex was still illegal. Just like any fixed star associated the unchaste female sexuality was demonized, so it is the case with Alcyone. I would read Robson’s interpretations bearing this in mind, which why I have set them beside Bernadette Brady’s evaluations for comparison.

So the Pleiades are generally seen as having an overdose of Venusian energy. Remember Venus has her dark side since she was both the goddess of love and war in Babylonian times. Venusian style ‘war’ can be underhand and manipulative. Here’s what Manilus says about the Pleiades star cluster:

 “they will smooth their hairy limbs with the porous pumice, loathing their manhood and craving for sleekness of arm. They adopt feminine dress, footwear donned not for wear but for show, and an affected effeminate gait. They are ashamed of their sex; “ [1]

Ok, there actually are few great homosexual examples on the list. The best example is the beautiful and supremely talented Rufus Wainwright, who has Alcyone rising by 42’. He is the perfect Venusian gentleman and is certainly not ashamed of his sex. He dresses occasionally very flamboyantly, but mostly tastefully and romantically, like an 18th-century poet. Rufus has also had his brush with death when he was raped and nearly strangled aged 14 in a park.

Later Rufus also suffered from Alcyone’s threat of blindness. At the height of Rufus’s crystal-meth addiction in 2002 he temporarily lost his vision. He is no longer an addict and his musical direction has matured to include his passion for opera. I note David Beckham is also in the rising list. Despite being a manly football idol, he is certainly not in the slightest bit bothered about wearing feminine garments! He has been known to sport a sarong and nail paint, which is unusual, to say the least in the macho field of sport.


The Pleiades Constellation

“The Pleiades gives ambition and endeavor, which gives preferment, honor and glory. Not a good omen with regard to relationships to the opposite sex”. [2] 

There is definite evidence of “disgrace” in some of the natives below, usually stemming from scandalous love affairs that threatened their public profile. The effect of Venusian indulgences in the form of alcohol or drug abuse are also observed to have a detrimental effect on some of these peoples careers and performances.

Pleiades constellation“The Pleiades causes bereavement, mourning, sorrows and tragedies.” 3.  Alcyone is a cluster, so it is also said to give blindness or accidents to the face, but the modern interpretation of eyesight problems is an inner vision. There are a fair few fatal car accidents and drug-related premature deaths on the celebrity list, so the proximity to death is clearly there.

Because this cluster rose at sunset around November, this star is also associated with a judgment of the dead and fate. In many countries, a day was set aside around this time to mourn those who died in battle. So this star has connections with passing over to other dimensions. This could be where the mystical side of Alcyone comes into it and with it the attainment of occult wisdom. The judgemental side of this star can be quite harsh though because it dishes out karma with no mercy or compassion. Gruesomely, in common with Robson’s more negative findings, Alcyone with the Sun gives us one subject who truly did possess an ‘Evil disposition’. Serial Killer Jeffery Dahmer took the lives of 17 men and boys. His murders involved rape, mutilation, necrophilia and even cannibalism.

Alcyone Keywords

Wise, magical, scandalous, rocky relationships, disgraced, immoral, visionary, insightful, intuitive, ruthless, fated, judgemental, critical, criticised, insightful, fascinated by the occult, fascinated with the deep soul, gothic, homosexuality, gay icon, idolised, passionate, in touch with the anima, being true to yourself, vain, venerated, indulgent, spoilt, easily flattered, flirty, beautiful, romantic, tragic, mournful, artistic, melancholic, melodramatic, poetic, ritualistic, ambitious, talented, theatrical, ravishing, handsome, well dressed, aesthetically aware, designer, dandy, destined.

Alcyone & Planet Combinations

Alcyone Rising “The rising Pleiades are indicative of those who are homosexual, like to be flattered, and (with a poorly positioned Mercury) impudent in speech.” 4. “To have artistic or intuitive vision, but recognizing that such vision has the shadow side of giving and receiving harsh judgement”
• Rufus Wainwright, Jessica Savitch, Dionne Warwick, David Beckham, Jacky Chan, Anna Freud.

Alcyone Midheaven “Disgrace, ruin, violent death. If with the luminaries it makes its natives military captains, commanders, colonels of horse and emperors.” 6. Bernadette Brady says if this star is on a pivotal point at birth (the angles) that it gives “A strong sense of knowing, a strong vision of destiny, a desire to walk the correct, if not the popular pathway”  5. In the past I think that not following the traditional pathways could well result in ‘disgrace’ or even ‘ruin’ (if homosexual).
• Edwin Hubble, Montgomery Clift, Pebbles Santiago, Patty Hearst, Erik Menendez, Donna Summer, Eddie Fisher.

Pleiades AstrologyAlcyone Sun
 “sickness, disgrace, evil disposition (used to be a term in astrology for homosexuality), murderer or murdered, imprisonment, death by blows, stabs, shooting, beheading or shipwreck..” [6] “The ruthless visionary, a passionate but potentially arrogant person.” [5]
• Cher, Harvey Milk, Jeffrey L Dahmer, Dale Winton, Morrissey, Malcolm X, Laurence Olivier, Bertrand Russell.

Alcyone Moon “ Injuries to the face, sickness, misfortune, wounds, stabs, disgrace, imprisonment, blindness,” [6] “Insightful to the darker side of life.“ [5] A fascination with societies underworld may indeed put you at risk of “stabs” I guess.
• River Phoenix, Frida Khalo, Katherine Hepburn, Ian McShane, Edith Paif, Dionne Warwick, Juan Manuel Fango.

Alcyone Mercury “Many disappointments, loss of possessions, much loss from legal affairs, business failure, trouble through children” [6] “To be insightful and brilliant, but struggling with the darker side of human nature” [5]
• Anna Freud, Tammy Wynette, Cilla Black, Bjorn Borg, Audrey Hepburn, Natasha Richardson, Mary Wollstonecraft.

Alcyone Venus “Immoral, strong passions, disgrace through women, sickness, loss of fortune.” [6]   “A love of theatre, art or rituals; The poetic soul” [5]
• Dame Nellie Melba, Kylie Minogue, Marlon Brando, Karl Marx, Gregory Peck, Nancy Reagan, Giuseppe Pelosi, Amy Dumas.

Alcyone Mars “Many accidents to the head, loss and suffering through fires”[6] To be aware and sensitive to difficult social issues. The critic” [5]
• Andy Warhol, Lord Louis Mountbatten, Tammy Faye Bakker, Helena Bonham Carter, Glenda Jackson, Eddie Fisher,  Griffith/Banderas Davison,

The Pleiades in Your Chart

If you don’t have a chart, yet get a free one here: FREE HOROSCOPE MAKER. To work out the exact position of Alcyone, stars move forward through the zodiac at one degree every 72 years. You can find all the star positions here: The Fixed Stars in Longitude Order. *Alcyone positions:

1900 – 28° 48′ Taurus*
1950 – 29°18′  Taurus
2000 – 00°00′ Gemini

1. Astronomica, Manilius, 1st century AD, book 5, p.310-313.
2. Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.26.
3. The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse, p.39.
4. Fixed Stars and Judicial Astrology, George Noonan, 1990, p.28.
5. Star & Planets Combinations. Bernadette Brady. p 88-90.
6. Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923. p 193..

120 thoughts on “The Pleiades ~ Birthdays May 19 to 21

    1. This is one important reason we wanted to get this post done. Marina will be researching the next eclipse soon, we’ll keep you posted.

  1. hmm squaring my north node and trining Saturn and merlin. Becoming an ethical mystic only using the power for good?? May need to contemplate on this one. Thanks for provoking the thought 🙂

  2. In my natal chart, Saturn sits at 0Gemini along with Pallas at 29Taurus in my 12th, 8 degrees from my Ascendent at 8Gemini. Looking ahead at the May 20 solar eclipse’s transits to my natal chart, I see the transiting Sun and Moon most closely conjunct Saturn and Pallas, then trine my Pluto on 0Libra in the 5th. Then, I see the stellium in Taurus with a handful of asteroid goddesses, with all of them following the lead of the south node. This solar eclipse looks to be very interesting. I don’t know how I feel about that stellium rooting around my 12th house, with all waiting to tick by my Saturn, then past my Ascendent….. Looks like a lot of tasks in soul seaching, then to apply those positive inner changes to reflect positively in an outward growth.
    The Alcyone/ homosexuality bit has me piqued. Alcyone is not rising on my chart, but is the the “ant-rising” – being right behind the Ascendent in the 12th. It’s funny, because I am quite comfortable being a woman with a man, and after deflecting a few advances on me by some of my female friends, I have determined that I am really not interested in the same sex at all. Not even in fantasies. 🙂 What can I say? It’s probably Saturn’s effect on Alcyone – grumbling if anything goes against the norm.
    Alcyone has definitely brought me my share of grief. Losing all my grandparents by age 19 and both my parents by age 31 has taught me many different lessons in grieving and healing. Then, add to that an unsolved brutal murder of dear friend and “brother” 3 years ago. I have seen it and felt it, but I am stronger and dearly cherish the life that I have TODAY. I may not be wealthy or have much of a family, but I love the people that choose to walk with me in this life and I will never forget those that were on the road with me in days gone past.
    Thanks for your post. A good read.

  3. Just to get things clear about Alcyone. I DON’T particularly think it’s a gay star which is why I put a question mark there. I’m sure you cannot tell if someone is gay by their chart. With Alcyone I think its about being comfortable expressing your anima if a man and if a woman you become idolized and projected as that anima by gay men.

    Gone are the “Pansys” of the 1930’s when these fixed star books were written. Most gay men I know are not in the slightest bit “Venusian”, in their appearance anyhow…. Alcyone may be more camp than gay, which is not the same thing. Some gays are camp, but not all camps are gay. I think the Beckhams are quite camp, which is why Elton John probably gets on with them.
    Having said all that, it is interesting that the Sun on Alcyone has quite a gay list!

    As for myself I have my North Node on Alcyone. Jamie and I share some synastry here with his Vertex in my North Node. Once Jamie said he felt like he was a lesbian in a mans body and I’ve always felt I was a gay man in a previous life… I have had two gay boyfriends and my gay uncle was like a dad/mum to me.

    In Jamie’s and I’s Davison, our Sun is on Alcyone…we’ll there you go 😉

    My Hero! No Alcyone, but his Moon is conjunct my Sun on Altair. I could’ve been his great dark man…

  4. I have long suspected that Beckham is gay and that Victoria is “bearding’ for him. This information of your certainly confirms that theory in spades. There is a reason she’s always bone-thin and sporting a boyish haircut!

    I’d bet the kids (all boys, you will notice, until recently; I suspect a certain amount of pressure was brought to bear on Becks by Victoria after he was caught with a (undoubtedly male) prostitute yet again!) were all conceived by “artificial insemination”, too!

    1. Alcyone is the Great Group “point at center” for the One Cosmic Hierarchy and the center of the sweep of the circle of the Seven cosmic Initiates, the Lords of the Seven Great Creative hierarchies. Alcyone is seen as the seven faceted atomic Jewel at the central Hub of the Great Wheel. It is the supreme symbol of Synthesis, consummated light expression and the cosmic Whole. All Seven of the cosmic Paths eventually lead via the Seven Centers to the central Hub of the Great Wheel and all Seven strands of the Great intra-cosmic Antahkarana emanate from it.
      From HP Blavatsky.

  5. Overall it probably depends where your soul is rather than your body. In esoteric astrology, i.e the astrology of the soul, Alcyone is said to be the central star around which the solar system revolves – – the scientific jury is out on this one! I’ve found both proof for and against – there is pgysical measure and there are “lines of force” which are totally different and which as an astrologer, make more sense to me. It was after ploughing through A Treatise on Cosmic Fire I sudden;y realised that the influences are “electric” in nature and as such, physical positions are irrelevant. Alcyone as the star which pulls the solar system around it is exerting an electromagnetic force. Its this force which creates the lines of influence.

    This is from Alice Bailey’s Esoteric Astrology

    “Aquarius, Alcyone and Humanity constitute a most interesting triangle of force. Alcyone is one of the seven Pleiades and is called the “star of the Individual” and sometimes the “star of intelligence.” It was potently active during the previous solar system wherein the Third Person of the Trinity was peculiarly omnipotent and active, just as today the cosmic Christ, the Second Person of the Trinity, is peculiarly active in this solar system. The energies coming from Alcyone impregnated the substance of the universe with the quality of mind.” – This is an article which links the PLeiades to the photon belt – something else to ponder on!

    Herewith quotes from Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine on the Pleiades –

    The Seven Sisters, the Pleiades

    References in The Secret Doctrine

    1. The Pleiades are the supposed wives of the seven Rishis of the Great Bear. They are also the nurses of the God of War, Mars, the commander of the celestial armies.” (Vol. II, 579)

    2. “The Pleiades are the central group of the system of sidereal astronomy.

    a. They are found in the neck of the Bull, the constellation Taurus.

    b. They are therefore in the Milky Way.

    c. They are thus considered (Alcyone, in particular) as the central point around which our universe of fixed stars revolves.” (Vol. II, 582)

    3. “The number seven is closely connected with the occult significance of the Pleiades, the six present and the 7th hidden.” (Vol. II, 654)

    4. “The Pleiades were at one time the Atlantides and connected with Atlantis and its seven races.” (Vol. II, 811)

    5. “One of the most esoteric cycles is based upon certain conjunctions and respective positions of Virgo and the Pleiades.” (Vol. II, 454) [658]

    This is a quote form A Treatise on Cosmic Fire – “The Pleiades are to the solar system the source of electrical energy and, just as our sun is the embodiment of the heart or love aspect of the Logos (Who is Himself the heart of the One about Whom Naught may be Said) so the Pleiades are the feminine opposite of Brahma.” (The third aspect) (156)

    Here’s the whole page anyway for anyone who wants more on the Pleiades and Alcyone.

    There’s a lot more to Alcyone than men wearing skirts!!!

    1. Hiya Uber,
      I was really hoping you would add the esoteric meaning here. Because that’s the side of it I know nothing about and I knew there must be something exciting hiding underneath the Gay red herring. Just like people are scared off Algol. The fixed stars are rather like Scooby doo arent they? The villians always still a gooly ghost in front of the most important stuff that “they” don’t want you to know about. It might also just be because it will blow your mind…..

    2. I have finally around to reading the links. The first one. Very interesting , but yes I always thought this idea of us revolving around the Pleiades rather fanciful, plus I’m still rather skeptical about channeled information. Alice Bailey is connected to the Huber school which as you know I have been inspired by, but I don’t practice their technique to the letter. The point that our Solar system is older than the Pleiades, therefore how could we revolve around it make sense to me. I think the whole theory must be mythical and symbolic, a meme. Lilith too is a hypothetical point….
      Galactic center 26 Sag is galactic center and thats how it stands with me. As for the photon belt, I have heard about that too, though I have to look into that further.
      I have a lot of respect for Barbara Hand Clow as an Astrologer, I didn’t realize she was so big on the Pleiadain thing too! I will take on channelled info if it resonates. Will read later.

  6. Hi Marina, as i see it, The GC remains the same. Our solar system is a system within the galaxy and esoterically, the connections are electric in essence between points. So Alcyone doesn’t change what’s at the GC.
    The esoteric system wasn’t entirely the produce of AAB’s relationship with her ascended Master DK as her predecessor Blavatsky had also touched on it in The Secret Doctrine.
    I don’t use the word channelled for their work, rather, received. I think there are actually very few people who have actually channelled. I think most people who claim to have, have either contacted low grade spirits on the lower astral or they are having self dialogues.
    It was A Treatise on Cosmic Fire which swung me as I had just started looking at the plasma universe and electric universe theory when I read it. It was written in 1930 but was absolutely consistent with what the most modern cutting edge science is saying about how things really work in space rather than how maths models fudge them.
    It’s a massive subject to explain but the more I read, the more it works.
    I’m not sure about the photon belt, need to read more. It maybe another of those things which are calculated rather than ben observed.
    The issue with calculating the age of stars uses the thermonuclear/ gravity model which more and more astronomers are saying is not what they actually observe. so using a different method, the Pleiades may be much older than the Earth, or older than we have been led to think.
    I ordered the book you recommended on Huber astrology and promptly lost it!
    In the esoteric system, it’s the reverse wheel which is studied, the return of the soul to source. The planets and signs are differently related and all of them are filters for what was called Ray energy. For me, I like to study both because where the personality struggles in the everyday world, the soul is doing work often at odds with it, which creates the conflict. I’ll mail you a link to a very good site which you can reference for esoteric rulers of each decan within a sign on both exoteric and esoteric wheels. It’s very interesting to compare.
    With the groups of stars such as The Pleiades or The Bear, these filter huge influences on the whole of mankind and are essential in our evolution. Influencing stars are believed ton have phases of influence I.e they can be highly active on the whole human race at specific times and not others,,which is not to say there aren’t minor influences on the personality level…
    I’m now reminded of the Mayan Tzolkin system too which adds another slant…
    Oh dear! So much to know… So late at night… So snug in bed! Big hug down there in Oz!

    1. So much to know indeed…. I did start reading “A Treatise on Cosmic Fire” on the net, but I find it hard to read off the computer. I really should buy the book. Hugs to you too! My time here is nearly done and getting quite sad 🙁 . But I AM looking forward to starting my planetary magic course when I get back. That will keep me out of trouble….
      I remember listening to Etta Jackson on Redice and she said similar things about groups of stars teaching humanity. The Great Bear, Pleiades& Sirius each had something different. I cant remember which was which but it think one was Law.

  7. Wow MArina! Etta JAckson – what a find! I’m just reading a sample from her book, Understanding Your Choice and have downloaded some podcasts.
    A Treatise on Cosmic Fire is impossible to read on a computer!!! It would benefit from diagrams too! I took a copy into the African bush where time stands still and was able to crack most of it there. Who is doing the planetary magic course – sounds brilliant on title alone!
    I’ll have a glance through Esoteric Astrology by AB and see what I can distill to post here on the PLeiades.
    Re the photon belt – from what I’m learning about stars and electricity is that as the charge ramps up in the star or star system, the environment changes – i.e in dark current mode, planetary or stellar ionospheres do not emit light except during auroras (interacting with other electromagnetic fields).
    In normal glow mode, the strength of an electric current is evident and the entire plasma of the star glows. The brightness of the star then depends on the intensity of the electricity in the star and the density of the plasma. The colour depends on what gas is being ionized.

    In Arc mode the strength of the current is very high so the plasma radiates brilliantly over a wide spectrum including UV and radio frequencies. So with the Pleiades, perhaps what is thught to be the photon belt is an increase in charge to the system’s plasma which means they may well be ramping up in their influence, that of course being electric.

    Plasma is apparently an ideal medium for conduction of electricity (but apparently not perfect!) and if we take our kundalini, chi. prana etc to be fundamentally electric (using this word in the more cosmic sense rather than a hairdryer!!!) it would make sense that the kundalini of certain stars is so important to us and can effect our evolution as suggested in Esoteric astrology etc

    The Ancients – Cicero, Horace, Ptolemy and Seneca described Sirius as being coppery red – in the days of Nero, Seneca described it as “redder than Mars” and Jupiter as “not at all red” but in the 10th C, Al Sufi did not describe it as red. So by then it may well have changed from red to the brilliant blue- white it is now??
    We know of at least 7 examples of stars whose evolution contradicts the thermonuclear fission models of stellar evolution –
    FG Saggittae – which has changed form blue to yello since 1955! Its evolution can be seen in my lifetime!!
    V605 Aquilae and V434 Sagittarii, V 838 Monocerotis – went from invisible to 10th mag in 2 weeks!! – then to mag 6.5 then faded away again and is now 16th mag. For a short time it was brighter than any star in our galaxy! Shortly after its discovery ot was noticed that Monocerotis was surrounded by a glowing cloud – a plasma. Maybe similar to what is called the photon belt?
    Other stars which defy standard models and therefore models of age etc are – Sirius, Capella, Castor.

    Back to the PLeiades – if they are as esoterics suggest, the designer of the human mind, it maybe that the mind is read for an evolutionary leap and hence the system is gathering charge to transmit.
    The PLeiades, Sirius and Great Bear work in a triplicity – a triangular flow of energy/rays to influence Earth. I found some great little refs to this in Etta (want to call her Etta James!!!) JAckson’s work.
    So! Another afternoon on the sofa with a library to immerse in! Thank god I walked in the deep frosted woods this morning! Stunning! One and a half hours… now I’m lame!

  8. The Pleiades were very important to the Maya – its where they thought they originated from! The Tzolkin, their sacred calendar is apparently based on the cycle of the Pleiades. This year, the New Fire Ceremony will take place on the solar eclipse of 20th May at El CAstilo – where the Pleiades will conjunct the Sun which is why they built the pyramid there! – More detail on this page if you scroll down.

  9. And – from Graham Hancock –

    …sun and Pleiades in the zenith. Of course, this alignment doesn’t occur on the equinoxes, but at Chichen Itza it occurs on May 20 th in the 21st century. The point is that the pyramid “points”, with this symbolism, to an astronomical alignment that occurs in a specific precessional era. As such, the Pyramid of Kukulcan is a precessional star clock constructed in stone. Can one imagine anything that compares to this anywhere else on earth? Something that combines architectural alignment to horizon astronomy and snake symbology to state something as specific and profound as a rare alignment in precession? In my view, the Pyramid of Kukulcan is unique. Again, this reconstruction of mine is supported by additional evidence and the skeptical reader should really check out the full argument in my book Maya Cosmogenesis 2012.

    Snake symbol? Kundalini. Electricity. All those planets in Taurus around the eclipse! How lovely!

  10. The Mayan word for PLeiades is the same as their world for rattle (as in the coils of the rattle snake.)
    During the March equinox, people from around the world attend a cosmic ceremony and ritual at Chichen Itza. They watch a “shadow-serpent” slither down the stairs of the northern balustrade of the Pyramid of Kulkulcan. For those who are in tune, it produces a “rush.” The serpent hasseven coils, with an imaginary eighth forming at the top of the pyramid. The Mayan word for a snake’s rattle and the Mayan word for the Pleiades is the same. To continue, Yucatec rattlesnakes have a three-dotted signature circle formation near their rattles. A number of scholars have interpreted this insignia to be a solar ahau face, a symbol of the sun.

    JOhn Major Jenkins says – ““when the serpent shadow appears, the snake’s tail pierces the temple on top of the pyramid (the fifth, central direction-the zenith direction) and then it points up into the center of the sky. Since the rattle is called tzab (Pleiades) and the three-dot ahau face design is the sun, the symbolism states unequivocally: sun and Pleiades in the zenith. This May 17th – 20th Pleaidian alignment, as encoded by the shadowed appearance of the snake and his rattle during the equinox, along with the 2012 galactic alignment, also encoded at Chichen, occur in the 21st century.”

    So that period from May 17 to May 20th, the solar eclipse in a Taurean stellium is going to be quite something. WHat can we expect from the Pleiades?

    1. Seven coils with an imaginary 8th at the crown – just like the chakras in the body and the 8th above the head. I’ve been reading about the Maya from Jose Arguelles’ perspective. I think I would enjoy your book too.

      The Pleiades are in my natal chart at Midheaven. I think I will be asking about my risks for a violent death from Marina and Jamie. Yikes. I definitely have the characteristic of “a strong desire to walk the correct if not the popular pathway” which has caused me to be unpopular in various work situations because what I was doing was ethical and honest but not lucrative.

  11. In aboriginal myth the Pleiades are called the seven sisters…now they are only 6 , the youngest sister is said to have been abducted by an Evil Man.( has horns in a modern painting I saw of him…must mean time and mortality)…it sounds like chakras again. aboriginal myths are ancient in origin…

    1. I agree with the chakra symbolism, as mentioned by both yourself and Dragonfly,the crown chakra went missing in humanity which in turn redered humanity to access the 8th silver chakra of spiritual inspiration and symbolic sight, which stopped the connection with the gold chakra below the ground in the womb of mother nature herself which enables the physical/material creation of the divine world instead of the man made on. Thanks to Neptune in pisces, many will once again realise the way through the fog is up…and there they will begin the journey that so many of us are on and hopefully completing so as to guide those who choose to embark on that journey of their own, some guide posts and the hindsight of the pitfalls to avoid if they choose to see it. Namaste

    2. oops that should have read, rendered humanity unable to access, sorry, my neptune airy fairyness is affecting my words lol!

    3. There’s a very interesting symbol on an old Grimaud tarot. The card of Judgement shows the rising dead without heads but swirling wheels instead! Also I think on the card of the Pope or Heirophant, the two acolytes have the same swirling wheels in place of heads. The path must lead to opening of the crown chakra.

    4. Yes, I would love to find more information about Aboriginal Star Lore.

  12. Pleiades were at the point of the vernal equinox in 3,000 BC…were the birthplace of the Sun…and there was a high knowledge of not just astronomy but also yoga at that time. There is a beautiful image at Bhogazkoi of a tall Hittite hat with a caduceus form scrolled all the way up it…Hittites were a brother line of the Egyptians.

  13. How interesting have just found that Pleiades sits on my ascendant, sun, mercury neptune and venus in scorpio ( in fact venus opposes ascendant),jupiter, moon and chiron conjunct pisces midheaven…. have always felt fated for something but not sure what!!!

  14. Hi Marina,

    My Waldemath Moon sits there. Last night, I dreamed of being just about to take a highway (or a freeway, I´m not sure), and was in a gas station. The hotel in front, crossing the gas station, was named “Empowerment”. The place was not pretty at all, in between locality and a way, nobody´s terrain.

    Mhhh. I keep being very 8th-12 house, and keep crying. I don´t know how will I get responsabilities accomplished!



  15. My nephew was born on May 19, 1985. He has Sun 28′ 36″ Taurus, and Moon 25’59 conjunct Pleiades. So far his life has gone rather well. Is this a fated position? How not to worry on reading the captions above? Thank you

  16. This is sooooo confusing. If Alycone was in Taurus when I was born (1974) then??? How the heck do you know where it sits in your chart? Any other places online that provide more clearer instructions? Thanks!

  17. You can go to, then “my astro”, enter your birth data, then go to “free horoscopes” and then “natal chart and ascendent” for yourself. Then look in your chart for the degrees (about 29 taurus) to see where (which house) it falls in your chart.

  18. Hi Marina,

    My daughter has chosen for her the homosexual preference. And I think I rather look better, because her venus seems to be right there. And with Sedna.

    I will tell her to read further, so she might bring those feelings into her therapy and might take good care of her self.

    I don´t mess with her about her sexual preference (I don ´t care, as long as the other part is caring and may sustain own self). She -Gott sei Dank- has always behaved like a prudent person.



  19. Hmm, Alcyone is a direct hit to within nths of a degree, to my Saturn. That doesn’t sound awesome.

  20. I read this wonderful article back in May, but read it again today – since things from the eclipse have been manifesting for some months. It’s all beginning to click for me, I think.
    I have Jupiter conjunct Lilith (29 Tau) in the Pleiades directly opposite Juno (29 Sco). Very close to my MC at 3.40 Gem.
    Many situations have come about this year in which I have been called upon to explain my eclectic spirituality. I have been “put on the spot,” so to speak, on many occasions – even challenged to “define my belief system” by someone I have been in a relationship with for eight years!
    I was raised from childhood in an oppressive, tyrannical cult situation. Breaking free from that when I was of an age to do so helped to shape my spirituality today. Time and again in these past months, whether curious, challenging, or somewhere in between, I have been asked to explain/define/assimilate and question my spiritual stance. Reading this article again, it clicked – that Jupiter-Lilith-Juno thing going on for me isn’t *all* about betrayal, jealousy, and control in relationships – it’s about spirituality coming into play with those dynamics, too.
    There was a time in my youth when I think I tried to manipulate/control my spouse into being faithful (because he wasn’t) with the religion I practiced at the time. I saw my failure as the failure of that religion and it’s doctrines, also, and abandoning some of the tenets of that faith led me right where I am today. I don’t think I entirely realised this until now.
    I’m sure there are more pieces to this puzzle – what is the orb in use for the Pleiades?

  21. Correction!

    As I have read through and through these pages, now I know that my Waldemath Moon is 4 grades away from Acyone. And that nothing sits near by. Knowing that tight grades count very much somehow realeased, because the natal aspects to it are a mixed ensalada with guacamole:

    Natally, the aspects are quadrate to Pluto, to PF and to Lillith. It opposes my NN; sextiles Pallas and Juno. Trines Pholux. Downwards, it conjuncts Mercury, Nessus and sextiles my MH.

    (Not that I know much about it, but reading, feeling and staying with myself, sure will workout nice for me…)

    Things at work, searching for a new work and with my brother, are rather boiling (though, I keep my mouth shout… otherwise, Alchemy won´t work; and my energy will be thrown with the water I bathed my children with (as Jamie wrote). If it´s about magic… then let´s do some rituals, in silence, and let the Alchemy boil!

    Thankyou so much for the insights!!!

  22. Who cares about bringing ANY sexual, gay or straight, into this?
    Seriously, real astronomy DOESN’T CARE, and I’ve been doing the job for over 20 years.

  23. Too many incidents over the past few years did not make sense, until I investigated – Plaedis – My venus, 29.29 Taurus conjuncts this Star point and my life per se was – ambushed- destroyed – all hell broke loose – I had so many eclipses to my Sun, to Venus – to the moon.
    I did go suddenly Blind – many times – my heart did stop – and everything in my life was destroyed and very painfilled. I was physically attacked and assaulted by many dark forces –
    i did create many incredible pieces of art, literature – estoerica – far beyond – known knowledge – but life as i know can only be lived n the moment

    Is there anything i can do to survive this – impossible dream

    To dream … the impossible dream …
    To fight … the unbeatable foe …
    To bear … with unbearable sorrow …
    To run … where the brave dare not go …
    To right … the unrightable wrong …
    To love … pure and chaste from afar …
    To try … when your arms are too weary …
    To reach … the unreachable star …

    This is my quest, to follow that star …
    No matter how hopeless, no matter how far …
    To fight for the right, without question or pause …
    To be willing to march into Hell, for a Heavenly cause …

    And I know if I’ll only be true, to this glorious quest,
    That my heart will lie will lie peaceful and calm,
    when I’m laid to my rest …
    And the world will be better for this:
    That one man, scorned and covered with scars,
    Still strove, with his last ounce of courage,
    To reach … the unreachable star …

    Love peace and out – I am going to move to Thailand soon
    as I have to go to a better place than the 49 parrellel

  24. Alcyone is conjunct my 12th house Saturn within half a degree, and within 7 degrees of my Asc. I have had my share of grief!
    I have also had my share of psychic and mystical stuff too, that’s the nice end of it.. I guess the 2 aren’t unrelated in many ways, seems the more shamanic or psychic some people are, the more they are tested or suffer in this life, sadly.
    Pain can indeed bring wisdom if you are lucky.

  25. Some thing of the unbelievable, I have venus at 29 degrees 29 seconds and all hell broke loose as the eclipses of the past few years were all on that point or opposition – so my life was often just destroyed, poverty etc. so wild – then as I had enough – I tattooed the Akashic Record and Rahu Ketu on my arms – as I felt I was on Dune and had to ride the sand worm.. but as soon as I did these TATS – I wrote THAD TAROT- it has 22 cards – all higher Arcana – its being sold now on flipside in the Philippines.. However I had included- KRITTIKA and in using the deck – it blew my mind – it forecasted incredible changes – in 2015 – in my clients life and also – the arrival to earth of a mind boggling array of galactic forces – heralding such new beginnings I was speechless. Turns out there is a large cosmic storm in 2015 coming from the plaedis.

    1. Ah ha! Nice work. You might want to look on this site about the current “pralaya” and 2015.

  26. venus conjunct Halycone
    PLEIADES (Alcyone) VENUS “Immoral, strong passions, disgrace through women, sickness, loss of fortune.” 6. “A love of theatre, art or rituals; The poetic soul” 5
    Well that is a reality – I have experienced and here we venture into the Myth of 7.. The 7 women- Grandmother, mother, 3 sisters, and 2 daughters. All betrayed me through 3 generations of betrayal, violence, lies, scandal, for essentially no reason, just as natural as breath for them. It was a snake pit – of enmity. I had to create distance and leave the pit. I realised it was by this time in their DNA and they all without missing a beat – at the same age – 21 – turned into she-demons. Spectacular to behold, in its malice – there was no reality to their storms – beyond the fact that they could do it. The Mother – took my 7 year old body and beat it to death. Shattered the skull, until I died. Problem was I did not stay dead. But was later rushed to hospital as she had ruptured my appendix. Later episodes into Hospital has I aged- to the horror of Doctors who finally uncovered the 33 year old injury. I was investigated as it was deemed that my death was certain as a result of such violence. The doc says – Who took a 2×4 and struck you till you were so severally injured. You cannot survive this and how come you are alive? You are dead in 1 week. They rushed me into emergency surgery – removed17 teeth and bone. Destroying the mouth.
    I did survive, dumped the family, the name, the DOB- and was suddenly catapulted into world wide fame – and traveled around the world and lived in Korea, Japan, Oman, Kuwait, KL, Thailand etc. I became an educator, an artist and began to write books. But the injury once again exploded – as Saturn/ Uranus ignited – The Pleiadis – Disaster Struck and the most incredible underworld – forces came out to play. Not sure when this will stop or end. Its suggested 2014! I looked into the family chart and also discovered that during these similar periods both my Father and his mother committed Suicide. The Venus aspect also played a dramatic hand. All of the family has congenital syphilis. The mother had Yaws and was psychotic and the father had neuro syph from his father, hence his mothers’ early suicide. She died when he was 3.
    The mother Lol – had this penchant for violence – loved to beat you till blood will come and say I will crucify you!
    So its a good thing that I avoided them all – and let them nest together. In Homeopathy – my – signature remedy is Bungaris Krait. A deadly snake venom is my antidote. In my deck – THAD TAROT – KING COBRA – KRITTIKA is VENUS – SATURN – PLUTO. I did try to understand more talked to the Dalai lama – who said – its your Karma – I said Dude -My Karma – has Karma – so which Karma – are you referring to? lol

  27. I have Jupiter at 29 degree Taurus 11th house. I am, in fact, homosexual. This is a random observation but one that probably should be made: Most of my “deceitful or violent” encounters were from the more unevolved factions of society who were in the grips of an ego-centric reality. They felt the need to spill their erroneous understanding of existence all over my own. These were people who wrongfully assumed they knew me and what I was about, without any mutual regard for me as a human being living out my own evolutionary process too. Homosexuals are some of the most altruistic people you’ll ever meet (we’ve had to be due to the current male dominated paradigm – shit, even straight women are acting like ambitious results-oriented men now). If these attacks on me weren’t about their ego, they wouldn’t care what I was doing in the bedroom or with whom I engaged sexual relation; it would be none of their business. Maybe the whole point of creating these situations for folks with a placement connecting to other galaxies…is the inner reflection (like you suggested) necessary for receiving messages. We don’t perceive other realities by being “busy” with the details of worldly affairs and human drama. It’s true that I wouldn’t have learned about the concept of fate and astrology without these numerous random events extracting what karma was due upon my soul. I feel, however, that these “attacks” have helped me understand the human condition in ways others couldn’t perceive without having gone through it themselves. Only outcasts from society have communion with these silent freeways that external frequencies communicate through. I’ve had some very strange dreams involving alien entities. Our ancients considered this separation from a conforming mass as a way to “individualize” the soul with its natural evolution into higher planes.

    1. A very thought provoking essay on humanity. Its been stated that the act of civilization and those who consider themselves to be a part of that process, is to be brutal and dehumanizing. Violence on any level can throw us, even our DNA out of whack – and sometimes that can be forever. So far I have read about the strife driven, aspects of 29 degrees – of Taurus – and planets , Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn. Having developed THAD TAROT and using King Cobra / Krittika, as an Icon, all I can is Mama Mia- Here is what I wrote on it. 17. King Cobra – Kritikka (Pleiades) -Venus/Pluto/Saturn- If you want the woo woo, you got it. The Pleiades a difficult but exalted state of consciousness. A state of fragility through tranquility. Patience you need, One day at a time but through exaltation daily- by the minute, focus – can bring peace, prosperity and abundance. Give up and surrender and you win everything. It does seem to express itself through gay sexuality, however after living on Asia, I began to thank of it as the First sex rather than gay sex. Which seems to be defined through to me a bizarre stigma. In Asia, being gay is as natural as breathing and again though stigmatised, it is by far the most practised sex by the largest population known to mankind. Making it the first choice of sexual expression. Man has gotten wrong about so many things, creating bizarre labels and meanings that through time and publication, took on a lot of erroneous meaning. For instance, I practise homeopathy and study an enormous amount of material in regards to healing – and what heals and what pathogens are the most destructive and ways to relieve suffering etc. This is where I – indicate that in the research that has been known in homeopathic literature that the HIV virus is Viral syphilis. That its very treatable through standard Allopathic syphilis treatments, just for a longer period of time, than what is considered standard.
      I read that it was a virus that originated in Alpha Centauri and came to earth 75,000 years ago and infected many species of animals here on earth. Its known to be a TREPONEMA disease, like Yaws, Behel, Pinta and its VDRL cousin – Syphilis. I termed it SYPH-IV. And there are many treatments available. Even the homeopathic remedy centers in the UK can make the HIV cocktail into Remedies and that combined with a variety of mercury isolates and lanthanides make a treatment that is basically a treatment that is definitely more star based. The woo factor indeed. However if its true, a moment of Venus/ Penis = a lifetime of mercury. Penicillin is a mercurial remedy know to treat this Venusian complaint.

    2. I read in Time Magazine that Viruses are responsible for the “random mutations” in Darwin’s Natural Selection theory of “survival of the fittest.” Viruses aren’t alive without the DNA of its host and they “rearrange” genetic makeup in ways that would be stuck in its old structure if viruses didn’t exist. There are both negative AND positive manifestations for these random mutations (we generally only hear about the negative ones). Viruses are responsible for biological evolution in the same way that “social mutations” evolve the soul. Buddhists view homosexuality as a “preta.” These are karmic devices that correct imbalances of strong personality addictions. Let’s say the individual had an addiction to something socially acceptable (like heterosexual sex or money) in one lifetime – but abused it in excess- without regard for those on the opposite end of it. The karma then shows up in their next lifetime, as the same addiction, but in a socially unacceptable form. Their condition makes it much more difficult to practice that same behavior. Everything directly correlates with the previous karma. It’s not meant to punish but to correct the overdose. Homosexuality isn’t a sin but something that exists in minority. Even when we finally accept homosexuals into the mainstream, the majority will still be heterosexual. It will still more difficult for homosexuals to find a partner. See what I mean? The aim is to balance addictions on all levels (just like you mentioned in homeopathic remedies – which deals with biological imbalances). The bible has a similar metaphor about karma with its mention of the “7 deadly sins.” All seven are healthy when practiced in mediation. It’s only when these 7 “sins” are done in excess that they hurt other people – which is why karma is generated.

    3. I´m sure you are aware of Lynn Margulis ´ Thesis about the Endosymbiosis, where the forces of evolution are colaborative in the microcosmos (not only comptetion usw. like Darwin stated).

      She found herself to be even famous. She found her way through the scientific paths, which are not easy at all. I love her theories!


    4. What is the nature of Karma and is Karma the natural state of the Universe. Are the planets representations of a Universal force so complex that it can be best expressed through the Lies theory?
      We all write about our personal experience of Karmic forces and we all acknowledge that specific planets are responsible, but it’s a complex interaction that we are experiencing. Viruses per say – affect humanity in stupendous ways that create generational expressions that mark us as a race- the human race. The earth has now the largest population of people ever and while we can reduce the forces of karma to our personal expression, karma through a family lens yet these “karmic influences’ are so broad. In areas of the earth are people that are suffering with generations of poverty and illness that embody a much larger expression of Karma. Some areas of the earth, are vortices of karma. Some cities in so called civilized countries are as afflicted as the Sudan or Pakistan or? So is the nature of the universe karma and is this is a force that is measured through multiple expressions from our own personal interpreting, including the weather, economic situations, physics law and medicine. Where do we draw the line of what is or not karma?

    5. Xtoph,

      I don´t really think we are able to conceptualize a limit or a frontier. I don´t like to play God/Godess (though, I seem to forget this sometimes…).

      I know many here have a deep vocation to look in to worldwide situations, in order to understand them from the complex astrological view, that only widens all the time (you see, we take into consideration the Galactic Center, for example; and it seems that a few are looking to understand the Virgo Galactic Complex to understand even more astrology…!).

      Though, for me, it is very hard to understand my nanometric decitions that seem to shake the whole, and I have the feeling that it is a matter of Conscience and this happen within. Ends up being an outer expression (that comes from within).

      When I look to karma´s knot, there is no begining and not an end. And we are not able to *know* intentions (on the top…).

      Don´t the say that even Hitler went to Heaven? (part of the obscure and misterious ways that God/ess has to express Love on this 3D dimension).

      I am sure not invited to try to understand the whole. I just end up lost , in many ways. By trying to understand my part, my doings and intentions, seems to suffice.

      They say *end of suffering*, dont´they? would that be the line, which ever it is for each one of us, regarding the whole?

      For me, I have the feeling that I have one dimension of persons when I *act* my karma (unending knotts, well embroided altogether). And another -much more friendlier- when I don´t.

      Intuition, feeling…


    6. Maybe the reason we’re overpopulated is the fact we aren’t addressing imbalances at an individual level? We continue to breed as many children into this world as we possibly can (which is an individual excess) without regard for whether or not this earth can sustain all of it in the long run. We don’t think about whether or not those children will have food, clothing, shelter, medicine (ALL from plant sources), fresh air to breathe (again, TREES filter pollution from the air and water) or even something as basic as a source of income. We’re failing our children with all this excess. Anytime you take more than you need you’re taking from someone else. The system is interconnected. “As above; so below.” If we don’t address the “problems” in our families how can we address the larger issues in our collective? We have to first start at the SOURCE of the problem…which is in the details of our individual families (which makes up the issues in our larger collective). Maybe you’re following the Lies-To-Himself Theory 🙂 lol. People suffer in poverty because a few INDIVIDUALS at the top are hording their resources…capitalism is a hierarchy, after all. It’s top down. You don’t get rich from sharing your wealth with everyone else. That’s why christian business men have to “burn a saint.” But this is how evolution happens. Some have to taste royalty and others their spoils. The aim is always balance. Not all wealthy individuals abuse their resources. Some share everything they earn with those around them and enjoy a rich fulfilled life of friends and community. They move forward in their evolution (which is about burning off past ignorance). Those who horde, spend their next lifetime in poverty. In case you haven’t noticed…our poor have quadrupled in existence so this is a lesson that we’re failing in majority. We’re too attached to material things and the power we assume it represents. Even poor people horde their things so the lesson continues unchecked over and over again. Material things are a burden to spiritual souls…like Jesus or Siddhartha. They understand it is only a small step in the shedding of their ego. How many times did Jesus ask Kings and Priests to give up their riches? Its easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven. lol. That’s sounds difficult 🙂 Yet some churches are hording millions for their members only; in full blown hypocrisy. This is just an example about how hard it is for us to pass these evolutionary lessons. We’re meant to move forward; not digress into the same animal state we came from…

    7. Hi Xavier,

      I have a daughter with aspects to Pleiades and she also is homosexual. I´m happy with her. She seems to have the grace to choose partners who support her (men or women). She seems to behave not like a victim. I was profoundly worried about her when we talked about this. I thought she would live the ugliest parts of society, but she seems not to. She is happy, she acts very prudently and seems to be quite honest with herself, her drive and her emotions.

      She does have enemies, though they seem to be rooted else where in her chart. Not in this domain.

      I´m heterosexual AND have lived many of the experiences you mention in this kind of relation. I had to take a good and deep look to Persephone, to Sedna, Venus and my Sun, among others.

      My victim pattern starts to be built up with my opposition Nept. Sun/Venus/Sedna, which are in conj.

      So! For me it was not easy to unfold some of the secrets kept in my Sub-Inconscious. And I´m sure we are all still learning to know ourselves and to stop acting as we did, while the old ways prevailed.

      I do agree that we victims have a way to face life that is very sensitive and profoundly wise, though I have been strongly invited to be prudent (Aries Sun & Uranus 1st House).

      I also agree that some women act the worst of menkind.



    8. Hello M. del Rin 🙂

      Thank you for your comment. “Xavier” is actually my pseudo online name because I like words to speak for themselves. I’m actually female. lol. Me and your daughter have much in common. I have both Pluto and Uranus in my 4th house with a 13 degree Cancer Ascendant. With a moon in Gemini 12th house, my emotions are like a tsunami. A sun in Leo 2nd house gives me a more balanced female to male perspective. I read that the Pluto in Libra generation is here to balance gross imbalances in our collective power dynamic. Many of us are tasked with this issues, even if our houses are different in sphere. Like the Buddhist sages say: “Each snowflake in it’s proper place.” After much research into the south node on my birth chart, I’m pretty sure I’m burning off the karma that my grandfather had created. He was an incredibly selfish man that came from money and squandered it. My mother told me he was a raging alcohol that beat both his wife and kids. My mother was scared of him. Fortunately, he wasn’t home very often because he had taken a hammer to the head of a Mexican guy he fought in a bar. He spent his days on the run from law, as a felon, and died of pancreatic failure when my mother was only 13. His selfish actions left his own family to rot in poverty. My south node looks very similar to this mans “karmic debt” and part of evolution is to pay off that karmic debt in an attempt to “purify” the soul. I was born homosexual for a reason (I owe his karmic debt to the “mother” of his children). I originally viewed my life as a curse but now see it as a chance to liberate the karmic debt my family was blind to. The men in my family are pigs. I could only fix this debt by being born as a female that wasn’t attracted to men. Sometimes we need an outside shock to pull us inwards for contemplation…especially in a busy materialistic world like the one we’re living in. There’s no time to reflect about what we’re doing because we’re so desperate to accumulate and achieve, instead of liberate.

    9. Hi XM!

      So interesting this what you recall about men in your family. I myself have always felt I was an outsider, and that I have to complete my emotion cycle, so that i am able to live with my similars.

      I get deeply angry because of other´s doings and I lower my energetic vibration.

      My daughter is so pleasant and so kind (though, I know emotions are VERY high within) and is so diplomatic.

      She is my master in this domain. Regarding will power, love for knowledge, activity and pureness -so to say- I have been her´s though it seems that my lessons are through because she has shown me by many actions that she masters them.

      I am the pupil now and I have many things to learn about her. I observe her. I have to learn in her also the warrior in many ways.

      I don´t know why she came here for. She amazes me. She has Jup conj. Chiron in MH. And she is studying psychology. She would like to finish and go on with medicine and then to be a neurosurgeon… (too much for me, though she is only 23 and has the right to dream; hope it is not delusion, like in my case regarding too big dreams).

      I´m doing allright in museums and being a science writer. I really don´t see any limits on the knowledge and every piece is precious to me, no matter the origin or the path (spiritual, material…).

      I can only wish you the best you guys, because you don´t have it easy regarding society. Hope she is able to recall just as u have.

      I am adjusting my believes and the knowledge I have about mission and path. Adjusting my Earth and my Heaven, so to say (as well as my inner woman/man duality). Doing my best in this cross, in order to achieve some inner integration.

      Comming here to water myself has been useful.

      She has a life to live! I celebrate with you guys. This life is so worth living! 🙂


    10. Wow. She’s lucky to have you as her mother 🙂 Mine disowned me. I found it interesting that you had your Sun and Venus conjunct Sedna. My mother has Sedna prominent in her chart also. Unfortunately, she wasn’t as understanding as you are. She lives in deep denial. I’m curious about the men you hooked up with because it might have something to do with your daughter’s placements. The reason I say this is because I read Pluto takes 248 years to orbit once around the sun. That’s 248 years of karma being passed down through the bloodline. The less conscious the family is about their behavior, the more karma that accumulates for the poor children being born down the bloodline. Apparently, there’s an electromagnetic component to our DNA and we pass our unrecognized karma down to our children (read Liz Greene “Astrology and Fate”). She said it’s up to the children to redeem the parents. It’s possible your daughter is purifying something from her fathers side? Let me tell you about what I observed in my own mother (with Sedna conjunct her North Node) so you can decide for yourself if it applies to you. She has a Libra sun and, above all else, wants to keep the peace. The only problem is she’s not attracted to the Gemini 7th house she was suppose to marry and, instead, went for aggressive alpha males. She’s extremely shy so, instead of pushing her comfort zone, she waited for the types of men that invaded her space. Both my father and my stepfather were men that didn’t take “no” for an answer. Sedna, in my own interpretation of the myth, is karma associated with a person who throws others overboard the side of the boat in order to save themselves. This is something people do for “survival” and not necessarily something they do to be mean. My mother didn’t do these things on purpose (she’s an incredibly loving individual) but she repeatedly did it to “keep the peace.” She was so afraid of angering the men she married that she allowed all kinds of abuse. These men ruled her world with an iron fist. It made me sick watching her serve them like they were kings. They only ever fought when it came to us children and the men blamed us for the problems in their marriage (instead of themselves). My mother meant well but she encouraged that imbalance of power. Eventually my father would cheat on her, while she was pregnant with me, and my mother would get on a plane to go home. Nobody helped her so she took the passive aggressive route and called my fathers commander to force us children onto him. He beat the crap out of us and married the Filipino stripper he cheated on her with. I couldn’t make this stuff up!! lol. Sounds like the plot of a movie. Anyways, the point is my mother, once again, abandoned us to save herself. This is a huge pattern with her. It’s hard to be mad with her because it’s so obvious her problems stem from selfish men…but she refuses to face it…and her children end up paying for it. Karma isn’t always about dominant excesses. It also corrects submissive imbalances as well. Not that we children are completely innocent…we wouldn’t have been born into these families if our karma didn’t match what was needed. I don’t view the concept of karma as some super being in the sky taking notes and coordinating chess pieces on a game board. I think it’s more about different types of energy attracting to polarities (like magnets). We leave this world with a particular polarity and it seeks to balance it out by being reborn with the opposite. My mother still tries to convince me that I should be with men. It’s pretty sad, actually. That you praise and accept your daughter is good karma 🙂 Thank you for supporting us! lol. *phew* Here’s a link about finding your past life in a birth chart:

    11. I went back and checked my mothers birth chart and was wrong about Sedna being conjunct her North Node. Sedna is conjunct Varuna in Aries 4th house of family and is square Uranus in Cancer 7th house of marriage partner. That Uranus in her marriage house is also square her Sun, Midheaven, Neptune and Juno all in Libra 10th house…which, in turn, is opposite Sedna and Varuna. lol. geez. Uranus did a job on her %-)

  28. What if we looked at the (woman) Venusian landscape and compare it to (Male) Mars – :
    (Hell as no fury like a woman Scorned) Venus is a hellish world – the hottest planet in the Solar System, with an average temperature of more than 400°C, and a surface pressure almost 100 times what we experience here on Earth. On top of that, there are clouds of sulfuric acid and other corrosive chemicals. Mars on the other hand was deemed more hospitable than Venus.

    Mars is a harsh, cold world. It is much colder than Earth; but then, it is also farther from the sun. The small, barren planet also has a thin atmosphere that is 95 percent carbon dioxide.Extreme differences-Mars’s atmosphere is about 100 times thinner than Earth’s. Without a “thermal blanket,” Mars can’t retain any heat energy. On average, the temperature on Mars is about minus 80 degrees F (minus 60 degrees C). In winter, near the poles temperatures can get down to minus 195 degrees F (minus 125 degrees C). A summer day on Mars may get up to 70 degrees F (20 degrees C) near the equator, but at night the temperature can plummet to about minus 100 degrees F (minus 73 C). Frost forms on the rocks at night, but as dawn approaches and the air gets warmer, the frost turns to vapor, and there is 100 percent humidity until it evaporates.

    So by nature perhaps men embody this Marsian reality and Women? With my expression of Venus in the Pleiades, this is more my reality as portrayed by the landscape of Venus. Chiron – is known to be – a victim orientated – experience. The Pleiades is a strange place to have experience. Its strife driven aspects are extraordinary. I think in the end we all have to survive this divine realityl

  29. Hi!

    My mother was an orphan (when she was 3 y. of age). And at the same time, she was a sándwich child. She was deeply loved -and spoiled- by her older sibilings. She had the dream to marry loving husband (like her sibilings), though tough and strong. She hit a Wall when my father -responsable, tough and strong- was also violent and had some affaires. He got passionated with a woman right before I was born and my parents were almost divorced. I kind of took the whole situation in an intravenous way (Chiron 8th H. mother so sad because of this situation and with 3 boys and me to be born; and Lillith on 8th H. opp. Pluto; Pluto on Leo and Lillith/Ch. in Aquarius… saint vs. whore is what people see in me) so, I have the wound (cáncer dec. 1). and people projecting me deep desires (nept. opp. sun-ven-sedna).

    She was very strong but was allergic to work (she was very literal: she thought work was suffering and never could see it as a freeing tool).

    I was far of being her favorite. I was too much like my father. My Sun is on 10th. Nept. on 4th. Moon on Antares, in 5th H.

    I have had difficult times to grow and my mother was a child, though a strong temered one. She had a great visión of life and of us, so -Saturn on 6th- I studied hard. I make my living in scientific culture (museums and childrens´magazines). Now, I´m starting social projects for women and for tweens (though is taking time… unending time).

    She sure did her best. With this cancerian asc. so wounded, I also have uranus in 1st H. So I tend to be volatile (that has brought me into lots of trouble). I seem to get affraid and run away from reality to be on my Shell (where I create and also feel deep resentment).

    My daughter and I worked our relation from her very Young age. I did not want to be violent (and went into therapy; and I wanted to accept her, because my mother never did… or did just because she wanted me to save her of her sons, who would not keep up her expensive way of living as my father passed away: an engineer, inteligent, bright and with his inner mess non-understood).

    My Juno is in between 9th and 10th house, Pisc. Aries, where rash winds and much water is. So I tend to be with spiritual, rash men. My Desc. is on Capricorn, so they would have to be more earthly than me. And I have had a hard time to find a man and to settle a profound and deep relation. I act my practical father or my ambitious mother (my moon is on Antares).

    Some are violent in a very direct and transparent way. My ex-husband -father of my children- was violent in a very subtile way, though strongly violent (he is on his 6th bankruptcy now and did not pay some bills of my children…).

    My children both work.

    I wish for myself to be able to support my children better and to be a bit more strong to get unattached of what people do, think, feel and say. (I run away to my Shell…).

    My daughter now is a Young adult though in her adolescence it was tough. She did not know where to head professionally and she sat for 1 and a half year in a couch… Now she knows and things are different.

    My son is still on his adolescence and I still have to be patient, though in many times he is the one tending bridges for us to dialogue.

    Had to work very hard and to study deep to understand myself and wish for me (the best), though my limitations are many…

    Kind regards!


    1. That Lilith conj. Chiron in Aquarius is a powerful placement. I highly recommend you read Barbra Hand Clow’s book “Chiron: The Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner and Outer Planets” The inner planets are closer to us so they tend to manifest much stronger than the outer planets. The outer planets, however, are our highest order and require us to do extra work on our mental/physical antennas before we can use it like a conduit for their expression. Ultimately, they’re suppose to work in tandem. Right now there’s an imbalance so we’re disconnected from it in the same way an electrical current can’t move up a wire without a perfect balance in positive and negative polarities. Pluto directly across from that Chiron placement is your catalyst for Chiron’s activation 🙂 My Chiron is also connected to Lilith and it’s directly across from Uranus. Don’t look at it as a bad thing. Sometimes pain is necessary for growth and It’s pushing us forward…

    2. I used to *know* that Chiron and Lillith are important. Chiron brought me right here, in order to understand. And Lillith observes there from. I thought that my ensalada was on my 8th. After Marina´s reading I came to understand that it seems more on my 11th/10th, where my archetypes *live*. And now, knowing the nature of my asc., I have much more clarity (Sun, Ven and Sedna conj opp. Neptune).

      My mother was a vivid provider of great visions. I hope I can be as prudent as she was (and to get rid of her limitations).

      Good luck! (I have and want to go through that book).



    3. Any book by Barbara Hand Clow is wonderful stuff 🙂 She’s one of my favorite. Chiron is the bridge between the Adam and Lilith rift…the material and immaterial realms. Adam banished her; not God. Adam then created Eve out of his own rib and blindly followed a snake that lied to him from the Tree of Knowledge (which is where society perceives existence – the Tree of Life is where God made Adam and Lilith equal and where our real nature exists). The use of gender was metaphorical for the balancing of positive and negative polarities. Barbara (and physicist Stephen Hawking, for that matter) says everything is made of energy. All that appears solid vibrates at a low frequency and can be seen in the material realm. Male genitalia only represents this form because it is on the outside of the body, visibly solid, and manifested. All that appears empty vibrates at a high frequency (and our equipment can’t perceive it because it’s undeveloped – this polarity is represented by Lilith – who was banished by Adam – the material realm) but she is the realm of dark matter, voided space, caves, electromagnetic energy, and all that is unmanifested. Her genitalia is on the inside and hidden. That is the only reason she represents the negative polarity. The myth wasn’t meant to demonize her into an evil entity. That was something Adam made her into because he was afraid of her. She was hurt and rejected by what he did to her. When the story says she attacks his children it’s because Adam passed her banishment down to his children. They fear what they don’t understand instead of facing it. Think about it…why didn’t he compromise with her? Enima and Anima. Eve is Adams alter ego and Adam blindly follows her on his journey back to himself. So now it’s time for Chiron to bridge the gap between the inner and outer planets…the material and immaterial planes. The Pleiades is only Homosexual and Venusian because it’s Lilith who needs to be released from her bondage and homosexuals have already merged their male and female polarities. In Hindu parables the Pleiades are represented by an androgynous character that is the merging of Shiva and Shakti. Shiva is the void and “would be a corpse” without Shakti (electricity/kundalini) to animate it. Electricity is all about perceiving the higher energy present in the ether that surrounds us. Ardhanarisvara is the name of this messenger from the Pleiades only after they have merged. It’s an ancient tale and connected with certain types of yoga that clear out the chakras so they are free to conduct subtleties in reception. Your daughter is in this category. I’m curious what else is connected to her Pleiades placement…just to see similarities 🙂

    4. I strongly believe that all this has to do with one simple task: inner integration.

      Well, you know, her birthday is tomorrow. She has Mercury sitting right there, on her 8th H.

      We will all have to live our own experiences, in the here and now…



    5. Have you read this?
      “In the year 2004 and 2012 an alignment will take place both on the Cherokee Calendar and in the heavens of the Rattlesnake Constellation both. It is the time of the doublehead serpent stick. It is the time of the Red of Orion and Jupiter against White Blue of Pleiades and Venus.”

    1. MH has she in Sirius. Conj. Jup & Chir. 9th H. Cancer.

      Asc. in Libra.


    2. Wow. No wonder. She’s a healer by profession B-) How nice!! I wouldn’t doubt she pulls off that neurosurgeon dream. My chart did the complete opposite; it cut me off from everything else in my life so I had no choice but to face these two placements. Squares are everywhere except for a few trines/sextiles connecting in just the right spots. It pushed me through a tunnel in such a way that anything outside of the designated path was painful. I have a bachelors degree in Architecture and graduated right when the housing bubble burst…making the 5 long years I spent in college completely useless. That’s not something you can predict, ya know? Now I owe a ridiculous amount of money for a degree I can’t use. It sounds like your daughter is on the right side of this energy, but it’s hard to tell without seeing all the other connections. Is her Pleiades placement connected to that Sirius MH in any way? Is her Jupiter and Chiron conjunction directly across from Uranus? Those would all be good signs. Barbra Hand Clow says these two fixed stars manifest as a form of telepathy. If they’re connected to each other, where do the trines and sextiles land? Barbra Hand Clow has another book called “The Alchemy of Nine Dimensions” with whole chapters devoted to these two, in particular. She says the Pleiades are 5th dimension (emotion) and require preparation for use in channeling knowledge from 6th dimension (Sirius). All the info about “frequencies” in my previous comment are from her book. I only understand this stuff in an analytical way but have yet to experience it. It’s all new to me. I figured I’d start with kundalini yoga and see where it goes. My Uranus/Chiron opposition is in 2018 so I have much work to do. Barbra says the ego has to be shed before the 5th dimension can be actualized but that it’s dangerous to shed too early (before the Uranus/Chiron oppositional transit). That’s the only reason I asked about your daughters Uranus and Chiron placements. Barbra says if the ego is shed too early than all that super duper emotional energy being stimulated by Uranus can, instead, turn inwards and cause damage. It won’t alchemize in the right way if the ego is undeveloped. She views ego development as one stage in the process of self-consciousness…then the shedding of that self/ego in its next stage (called “individualization”). For a long time people were telling me the misfortune in my life was self-created and I’d have no answer because I couldn’t figure it out either. After a while I became angry. I knew there was nothing wrong with me and it was other people who were inflicting their own crap upon me. There’s just a point when you *know* it’s not about you. Life would’ve been “easier” if I had conformed but I’d be miserable, ya know? Anyways, in Barbra’s book, she says the Chiron/Uranus oppositions are fruition periods. The fact that you know astrology gives your daughter the upper hand 🙂 She really is lucky to have you. I could’ve saved myself from making all kinds of mistakes if I had known sooner…

    3. I don´t see any aspects!

      (mercury Jup, no aspects: hence…)

      Today is her birthday! (… and mine, being a mother :)!)

      She was born the 12th june 1990, at 2:30 pm. (with Holland goal, in soccer world cup championship). In Mexico City.

      So very thankful for your concern and so very interesting this what you share!


    4. Uranus is opposite Chiron!! <==as predicted by Barbara Hand Clow (both Chiron and Jupiter are in the same 15 degree as Pluto and Venus – which are opposite each other in Taurus 7th and Scorpio 1st). When Uranus hits 15 degree Cancer all those other 15 degree placements will come alive. Considering her Mercury Pleiades is in Gemini 8th house (and Pluto is also in Scorpio), she has a triple dose of Pluto transformation working on these these two stars. Whatever Pluto does to Venus effects the 15 degrees in Chiron and Jupiter….along with the 8th house activation where Mercury is in Gemini 8th. Psychology makes more sense than a neurosurgeon…mainly because the MC, Chiron, and Jupiter in Sirius (logic) are all in the water sign of Cancer (emotions). I suppose it could work the other way around where a neurosurgeon nurtures the wounds of her patient. Either way, they're both good choices. All this stuff is objective. She'll dig the depths of Scorpio/Pluto as her backdrop for communicating that Mercury (Pleiades is heart). Notice the Cherokee prophecy has the two stars crossed? Venus/Pleiades heart/fire in the white/blue of Gemini/logic while Jupiter/Sirius logic is in the emotion of Cancer 🙂 They compliment each other in harmony…

    5. Oh! How lucky is she to have such placements. I´m glad for her. What I can certainly say is that she rocks on what she does, that she is deeply happy and that I do also -by feeling- have the impression that she will be a very good psychologist.

      She is also very practical and has this beauty aswell (trine jup. pluto) which might help her to have her head not only in healing, but also in making money.

      She seems to be making her choices carefully and she is a good student, willing to do more and knowing she is only in the beginning.

      Over here, construction seems to be not so forgotten and Alonso will study it -my son- and I sure wish him well. He will enter in a University which is the best for architecture over here and has already chosen a School on it. He even knows the daughter of the chief-school-architect and they both have nice emotional approach to every one, so I would think they will both do fine.

      I´m willing to support them and I´m what´s necessary to do so.

      Thanks again!


    6. Is it me or do these comments post out of order? %-) lol Anyways, just so you know…..Pluto in Scorpio 1st house is a very aggressive placement. Sometimes it’s easy to go overboard when life is blessing you. She has to be careful. As long as she transmutes that power into something cooperative she’ll be on the right side of that dominating Pluto energy (which doubles because he’s the ruler of Scorpio and because Aries is involved). She’ll definitely be working with all different kinds of people (not just Mercury in Pleiades Gemini but Uranus in Cap 3rd). North Node (destiny) is Aquarius 4th house (connecting right back to that Sirius MC healer in Cancer) which means she’ll have a tendency (past life – south node) for Leo 10th; someone who seeks popularity and fame instead of self-knowledge. Check out this website:

      As long as her public image is about other people she’ll continue to rock into her destiny 🙂 lol. She has plenty of time. Uranus doesn’t transit Cancer for a long time…she’ll be older when “judgement day” arrives.

  30. Yes. They referred to the time after as the time of Untime. Or to be accurate, the Hopis did. You should check out their prophecies too. You probably know about the alignment at Chichen Itza with the Pleiades directly overhead?

    1. The Mayans were ahead of their time. Lots of tribes were influenced by similar concepts. Snakes shed their skin in death/rebirth cycles so it makes sense for it to represent the earth. Birds represent sky and air so it makes sense for that to be a theme also. I think earth is like a cooking pot where alchemy evolves the soul. We arrogantly assume we’re the only intelligent life out there (even spending billions on rocket ships in search of other realms) when it’s us who are the undeveloped ones on the low end of the cosmic totem pole. lol. We’re still a gestating embryo in the cosmic belly. We’re so early in the process we haven’t been born yet. If we spent thousands of years developing our material bodies…imagine the potential involved in developing our opposite immaterial possibility %-) Gives me goose bumps…

    2. Yes, I have the feeling that we all should just keep going, keep feeling. Or maybe it is because I sometimes paralyze and freeze (Sedna?) and for me there have been times that I can recall that I did not want to move (innerwise, I mean) in spite of doing my everyday life and to seem alive…

      I wonder if I will be able to use a trine Athena-Moon-Uranus, which some great pattern finders have… I sure wish me so.

      I hope we are a bit more evolved by then (inmaterial possibility), because to mess now with the non material…!

      Our heart the material and the unmaterial. We should evolve considering the heart first of all.


    3. I was thinking about something “xtroph” said earlier about homeopathy and how violence sometimes sends the DNA out of whack. I actually agree with him. I don’t believe it’s “forever” unless the individual refuses to work on releasing it. Maybe that’s why you felt frozen? Like the idea of it was too much. I read that if you ingest lots of toxins (caffeine, alcohol, foods full of preservatives, aspartame, and meat from animals that are fed corn instead of grass) the kidneys react by releasing a bunch of salt into the blood stream as a way to “bind up” the toxins until you drink enough water to wash it out. It protects the body from all that toxic exposure until a later time. I think our emotional traumas are similar in that it can be so overwhelming that we shut down and wait until a better time when we are in a safe enough place to process it. The way our world has been engineered to speed up, we’re working ourselves to death, and get anxiety if we don’t have something to do. It feels foreign to sit and meditate with ourselves because we’re programmed to always be moving. It’s like we’re not given enough time to process those old emotional wounds (in many cases, we don’t WANT to even look at it). Instead, we bury it in our cells until years later it manifests as a disease. Then, instead of eating diets that facilitate healing, we visit doctors that prescribe pills (which in many cases kills the liver and adrenal glands that are already trying to remove those extra toxins stuck in our bodies). It’s like our world is set up in such a way that healing is left as a side note….our conduits are all clogged up with extraneous debris.

    4. Violence and problems regarding life… as it is (would say wise Quijote to Sancho, on the English beautiful versión, Don Quijote de la Mancha).

      You see, Universe is amazing. I was reflexive about our comment about her Pluto and she being a very deeply loved and expected child, who -in a very Young age- would steal and harm, would treat people without opps. with so much pride (Go to the kitchen and stay there, she woul order the service… :/). She was so, so, so much even as a baby.

      I was terrified (Arian Dc3) that she would turn out as a caracter Thomas Mann wrote a tale about (he would be love, her mother would ask something special for him and she asked him to be loved by everyone… and he ends up being a spoiled child taking advanatge of every soul he would cross on his path. The mother one day retires the wish that so much harmed him, in order that he could face reality of his deeds…).

      So, we learn both. She faced the ones she stealed from. She faced her own lazyness. I made her face her deeds.

      And she somehow understood… but after very big struggles. She thought I was a witch, a mean one, leading her to *unjustice*. Therapy helped us a lot!

      Today, after work, went to see a movie. it was about neurosurgery and about how parents deal with it, when it comes to an innocent (their two year old son). Wonderful! I will take her to watch it on sunday. She will come.

      And brought me to my recalls. My sister was born with aestenosis in her heart. And when I was 4, I had to look at her in the hygenic bubble. She was 2. And we were all so sad. My parents had to deal with all these… At the end, she died when I was 27 and she was 25. She died in my arms.

      OMG… Sigh!

      How is that we thought we were different, strange and wanted to be *well*? My compliance patterns only grew. And the dimension of sensibility also grew. I, now, don´t feel like making myself understandable any more…

      I´m only trying to get rid of all that pain. No wonder I dreamed about riding a whale in a rodeo, at that age. And we are healing.

      So, for me, Science and Spirituality ARE bridgin´ Little by Little!


    5. I’m sorry you had to go through that with your sister. Bothering to care about someone can open up all kinds of vulnerabilities we wish weren’t there. When someone dies it can feel like abandonment, even if we knew it couldn’t be helped. The thing about abandonment is there’s no way to resolve the emotional void that it leaves. It’s like shadowboxing with yourself. You start to wonder why it happened to you, and not someone else, or if you deserve it in someway. It’s the worse pain there is. I think compassion grows from loss so it can be a blessing in that regard. Obviously what happened with your sister softened you up in unexpected ways. I was told one time that I was “too trusting.” This individual mentioned it like it was a disease or a character flaw. It came from someone I cared about so hurt extra special. The truth was It was her who didn’t trust enough. Yet I was somehow the weak one in her eyes. I really liked your “riding a whale in a rodeo” dream. lol. It’s the tree that bends in a hurricane that survives it 🙂 What a big task for someone so young. I usually dream about killer whales when I feel overwhelmed by circumstance. In my dreams, though, the whale is always something gigantic and insurmountable…

  31. Yes! for me, integration of all our energies, which sounds easy and poetic, but is not that easy and not that fast.

    In spite of all the metaphores and beautiful -and deeply meanning- of literature made by intuition and from skilled priests and priestesses, I know there is always deep knowledgement.

    With metaphores it occures to me that I end up understanding when the happens are way passed. For instance, I feel that passing by of the comets, sure brought us not what we expected though sure what we needed.

    Sometimes, metaphores are subtile, like a fresh wind (that ends up messing all your reality as you knew it…).

    I sometimes wish I could understand better…

    In my case, on the 121212, I was deinflating a non constructed dream, when somebody would promise to come and didn´t. So for me, we have to go deep in order to know how this poetic words hit us.

    Kind regards!


  32. One thing that has me all curious is the real fact that Science is reaching to understand the manifestation and the paper that dark matter and dark energy have.

    For me, paralelisms are wide and clear. We are getting in touch with our sub and unconscious forces, the same way science is digging deep to understand dark matter & energy.

    So, we humans have lots to do!


    1. Have you seen the movie “Solaris”? It was written in the 70’s; then made into a movie, and remade again with George Clooney and Natascha McElhone. It makes more sense now that this ethereal sub-atomic particle stuff is entering more profound understanding. The beings who visit the crew members in their sleep materialize from the memory each crew member has of them. They can’t die without some device that vaporizes sub atomic particles. There’s a great line in the movie where one of the dead crew members materializes in George’s dream and he asks what Solaris wants. The being says “You’re always looking for an answer. That’s why you have to leave. There’s no solutions here; just choices.” George then asks him what exactly he is because he’s obviously not human. George says “are you a puppet for Solaris?” Solaris isn’t actually a planet…it’s a living ball of energy that glows. The being answers George by saying, “Sometimes it’s the puppet who dreams that he is human.” lol. In other words, we humans are the ones who are undeveloped and alien. The being is made up of all the same stuff as George…it’s George who thinks he is separate and different. The theme of this movie parallels exactly what you’re saying in this post 🙂

    2. Well, I am so curious also about that knowledge about the Hadr ons and how they interact. The particle is known as the Particle of God, the one that keeps every thing stringed, thight, unified.

      And Einstein, at the end, did not get to prove his theory of the Unified Field.

      I will look on youtube to see if Ican find this Solaris you mention. I will watch it today (is friday…!).


    3. I found what you said interesting; so googled “hadron.” In the Solaris movie, their visiting “beings” were made of subatomic particles held together by a “Higgs boson field.” The device they used to get rid of the “entity” appearing from their dreams was a “negatively charged Higgs Anti-Boson” that disintegrated what stabilized its subatomic particles into a mass. Apparently, it was only “theory” when Solaris was written but now has been proved as something true?! %-) Whoa. Check it out:

      “The Higgs boson or Higgs particle is an elementary particle initially theorised in 1964,[6][7] and tentatively confirmed to exist on 14 March 2013.[8] The discovery has been called “monumental”[9][10] because it appears to confirm the existence of the Higgs field,[11][12] which is pivotal to the Standard Model and other theories within particle physics. In this discipline, it explains why some fundamental particles have mass when the symmetries controlling their interactions should require them to be massless, and—linked to this—why the weak force has a much shorter range than the electromagnetic force.”

  33. Hi Folks. Great discussion here! Just to let you know I have reset comments to put most recent at the bottom. I think it was getting confusing having the latest at the top.

  34. I have a whole bunch of coincidences with this prophecy that I am lost in what to do, can you please guide me.

  35. For the moment I feel so angry!
    Sometimes, I go and go through some astrologers in other lenguages (like mine, my mother lenguaje is Spanish).
    Today, I found one who is an asshole, really! He was talking about homosexuals as if they were sick. Not that all of us are healthy… we are human beings, after all (and look at the mess of the world, right now, zbs). But to catalogue and critisize, to name them hysterical! That were beyond, far beyond what I really can tolerate.

    Now, the showers and showers of people disagreeing with such an astrologer! (including me, of course!). Well deserved!

    We come here to have some knowledge and we try to investigate a Little more, in order to go like the Hermit, with a small light in the middle of the darkness.

    I value this space because Marina is not only a very accurate astrologer. Also, because the community is peaceful and, though having here and there the imprudent and judging people, we really try to discuss things (or shout our fingers and read further when we cannot write or share).

    We should really take care of ourselves! There are monsters out there who call themselves astrologers. I´m sure they guide their followers to astray…

    Now, feeling sad!

    Kind regards Marina, community!


    1. The first sign of a deteroriating society is when they target minorities,
      And wallov in ignorance and stupidity..

      This astrologer must be in a horrible space to say such things, and if there are those who agree with him,
      They too, are spiritually, existensially, morally, lagging behind.. Only metaphor i can think of is a child who has to go through the first classes over and over again, not able to follow suit, and unable to learn..
      And so, they will be stuck in hatred, time time and again, until they finally learn, and are allowed to ascend into a higher class.

    2. Yes Simon, indeed!

      What I´m trying to do, is to go on. I now value those words of not looking behind. We all make choices, after all!

      Kind regards,


    3. friend told me last night:”leave them be, everything has its time and day.”

      People with such judgements, hoping not sound judgemental myself :-p are probably young souls, just like tyrannical warlords are spreading their toddler rage across lands..

      Good thing you are reacting so strongly though, thank you! :—)

    4. I also hope I don´t sound judging others (as if I could! Of course not).

      And it is already enough with the real questions we have to deal with: for example, my daughter. She has her Mercury right on Alcyone. She is very nice (Libra Asc.). She is clever and I have already said here that when she was born, I had the feeling that she was a boy! And the she is.

      She states that she knew she was gay when she fell in love with one of her best friends, when she was 6 or 7. And I asked her myself, when I could confirm that she had good looking and wise youngsters around, but she just could not give her yes completly.

      She went out with boys, but she is gay. In my heart, I set her free to do what her heart and her will were leading her to.

      Now, she has this menstrual cramps and has some issues regarding that Mittelschmertz… I have some friends that had those cramps, that are heterosexual and some could not have children, while others had children and the cramps desapeared.

      i feel there is a connection, though I just have not been able to know which one is it. And meanwhile, I just let her be. She is responsable and is studying and working hard.

      I feel blessed!


    5. What I have seen, the younger generations welcome lgbt-people, more so than the older ones..
      Alcyone is an interesting star! It is my setting star in parans.
      Libras are awesome, although most libras i have met are virgo ascendants.

    6. In karmic astrology, sins of the parents are visited upon their children. In “Astrology of Fate” by Liz Greene she talks about Pluto carrying generational karma passed down from several bloodlines of parents because it’s orbit is 248 years. It takes 248 years to complete it’s cycle around the 12 evolutionary phases of the zodiac. That poor child at the end of each planetary cycle (in Pisces) will get the worst of it but, at the same time, 248 years is plenty of time to correct mistakes before the children get reamed for those mistakes. We reincarnate into the circumstances most necessary to correct our imbalances so nothing is unfair. A child could pay for their grandfathers sin, for instance, but being born into that circumstance was chosen by the karmic energy left from our previous lives. It’s like one magnet being attracted to its opposite charge. Predator becomes prey and prey becomes predator. Eventually a balance is reached between the two and enlightenment is achieved. Liz Greene theorizes that karma clusters in families based on the particular lessons needing to be learned. The reason I say this is that most homophobic families are likely to end up with homosexual grandchildren or great grandchildren. It’s not so much a punishment to the child as a chance for the ignorant parents to learn from their child. Unfortunately, the burden is put on the child to pull off this great feat. Sometimes it may not even be the sins of the parents but the sins of the society that surrounds the child. Any way it’s sliced, as Jesus had done, sacrificing the self for this chance to cleanse lifetimes of karma (both for the self and the people around them) is a great honor in the long term. Sages are tested by abuse from their less evolved peers. Liz Greene says “It’s up the children to redeem their parents” or the karma continues on down their bloodline, each penance more severe the next time around (until it’s purged). The example given by Liz Greene in her book was a couple whose child was born with mental retardation. She said the best way to understand the child’s birth chart was to look at the chart of their parents. Sure enough, she said the purpose of the child’s “handicap” was to force the parents to accommodate another human being without judgement. With a disabled child there’s no choice for the parents. Karma can manifest in multiple ways…but the underlying lesson could remain the same theme that isn’t being addressed by the parents through less extreme means.

    7. FYI, I am bi, mostly gay, young, and
      I love it. No punishment on that regard, in fact, straight life seems boring to me, and i wouldnt live life any other way 😉
      Too bad that so many are against expressions of happiness, joy, creativity, and sweet luuuv.
      My brother is gay, my parents are very open, and i think they would find straight children boring..
      Unique children is a gift, and unique parents resonate, not a karma curse, liz greene is a homophobe btw, as evident in many of her writings.
      Also against disabled people too it seems, labelling anything that goes beyond her box of normality as a curse.

    8. Oh, and that “cursed” disabled child, might bring more joy to her/his parents, community, environment, friends,
      Than a “normal” child would do..
      Happiness is relative, and if someones definition of happiness is structured around vain, superficial, and easy to follow models,
      Its basically a glorofied picture perfect image for idiots.
      Like much of what is presented as ideals,
      Big house, lots money, “perfect” and boring families, perfect education and so forth..
      Its such a drag.. A man of color (according to mormons also is a karmic lesson WTF) might have a much more interesting life, more satisfying relationship, good connection with his children,
      Than a white man living in 5 million dollar mansion might have..
      The so called perfect american family of the 50s wasnt so perfect after all, as has been shown in books and biograhies afterwards..
      Ive seen straight couples miserable, and gay people joyful in the same age-geoup,
      So who are really cursed?

  36. I don´t really believe we -parents- have to do anything to do with our children´s destiny… or fate.

    Even though I do take some measures to assure that they don´t mess with their health (and reckoning that I am not able to see clearly my wrong doings… human as I am and with a not pretty sun/ven opp. netp., among other portions of my own shadow…), I try not to mess myself and put myself in-between their own path.

    Hope that counts!

    Happy to hear -and that I am able to acknowledge myself- they, the youngsters are much more less prosecuted tan in my generation. And glad to know that you feel blissed, creative and happy, all in all!


  37. My MC is at 00°33? Gemini and I can relate to so many keywords you listed here, but I think I am still too young to talk about my MC since I read it only starts to materialize after you are 30 or even 40 (I am 31). My solar return for 2012-13 has Jupiter right on my natal MC. This star is definitely related to wild female sexuality and purification of one’s astral body, this I can tell from my experience. Transit Lilith there also started a series of extraordinary experiences for me and heightened my basic, primal instincts to the extreme. Those stayed with me, it is just that I am not so confused with them anymore.

    Robson’s interpretations are too chauvinistic and narrow-minded for 21st century. My meditation teacher has Sun at 00°Gemini and she is one of the nicest people ever. My mother’s Descendant is at 00°Gemini, so it is supposed to describe how she sees my father, but there is nothing in this text that describes how he really is or how she sees him.

  38. I think what I said was misunderstood. Liz Greene meant the parents are tasked to learn FROM THEIR CHILDREN. Even if the direct parents completely support their children’s lifestyles, it could easily be the society their ancestral family was living that generated the karma. Even if your parents were awesome and loved you just the way you are, you have no idea what the parents of your parents were like. The karma carries over until someone in the blood line releases it (in this case many generations later – never in history has there been more acceptance of homosexuals than NOW). 248 years is 6-8 generations. How can you say you knew what your ancestors were like in 1765? Expand your scope and look at the BIG PICTURE. See where I’m going with this? There’s generational karma being burned off. Please re-read what I wrote because I was supporting the exact thing you shot out of the sky out of defense. Karma is NEVER a punishment, but an opportunity to learn. Those born different than what’s socially acceptable have a harder, but more fulfilling, path than those who conform to the prevailing socially accepted unconflicted lifestyle. It takes a stronger backbone to go against the tide. Jesus was nailed to a cross because the governing body didn’t like what he had to say and he preached nothing but love to his fellow man. Sages are tested by abuse of those less evolved. Understand now? This is the point I’m making. When people preach hate they are reborn as someone who endures the same unjustified hatred they had put on others in a past life. We are all products of our karma. Your current lifetime is the product of the karma you created in a previous lifetime. We all like to think we were innocent sweethearts, free of sin, but we wouldn’t have been born into this world if there wasn’t karma to dissipate. You have no idea what kind of person you were in your previous life. Whether it’s your own lessons to learn or to enlighten those around you, you are here to become a diamond (perfectly symmetrical in all the 4 elements). Maybe the reason you meet so many assholes in this lifetime is because you, yourself, were an asshole in the previous. Obviously that mistake is corrected pretty quickly when you are experiencing the other side of it personally (the whole point of the karmic cycle). Everything seeks balance. It’s arrogant to assume you were peaches and cream in all your other lives and need no instruction. We’re here to evolve and for no other reason. Science has speculated that hyper-heterosexual women who bare an abundant number of children are more likely to carry the “gay gene” they pass on to their gay sons. Read “Queer Science” by Simon Levay (a queer neurobiologist). Since everything has a purpose, the speculation (by this queer scientist) is that the gay gene actually insures the survival of the large number of kin produced by these fertile women. With many children, it makes sense for there to be an extra one less likely (but not indicative) to produce kin of their own. In fact, this scientist (along with a pulizter prize winning Edward O. Wilson who wrote “On Human Nature”) called the gay gene the “altruistic gene.” There’s an above average tendency for homosexuals to sympathized with the less fortunate and take care of others who have been thrown away. This is emotional intelligence. They also scored higher, in ratio with other queers against the ratio of heterosexuals with their own peers, on intelligence tests. Read the book yourself to verify these facts. Rest assured, you took my words out of context and assumed I was attacking you. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    1. Too bad that a person cant speculate on past lives, and see the “BIG PICTURE” bcause it simply is impossible.
      I have recollections of two past lives, no more, and i cant speak on behalf of my ancestors,
      Because I believe hat the bigger picture goes further than simply ancestral “karma” and dna being passed on.
      Karma is a tool btw, used to point fingers, and make judgement.
      Your speculations does not interest me, they reming me of a wack-job trying to get a point across

    2. The problem I have with your philosophy, is saying that those that chose to do good, only do so because of an obligation to burn off karmic “debt”, while subconsciously saying that it is some kind of privilege to be of bad manners, and inflict harm unto others, because they too are just balancing the scales.
      Free will is underestimated. And kind, sympathetic and understanding people, are of such nature, because their ancestors did bad things?
      Seems kinda twisted 2 me.

    3. You must be one of those people who make an identity out of disagreeing for the sake of disagreeing. You remember two of your past lives? Wow. That’s a great memory you have there. Funny how that idea doesn’t sound ridiculous to you but the concept of karma as a learning tool is out of the question. Karma is a concept about our purpose here being about evolution. Many sages refer to our next phase in evolution as being “born.” The inference is that we are still growing right now. We are in the early phases and still gestating to the right consistency. Science has already shown us the evolutionary process of ape to human. We’re like babies forming in the cosmic womb. We adapt to our circumstances and embellish our previous selves. What makes you so convinced that our evolution has already stopped and we are done? Try to open you mind a little bit. Karma has nothing to do with “judgement” and everything to do with learning from mistakes….over and over and over again…until, as Buddhist sages describe it: “Iron is pounded into a sharp sword.” We are coarse material, made form the earth, slowly being refined by the alchemy of friction and conflicting energies (the other 3 elements). A diamond does not form without the intense heat and pressure that our earth’s molten hot core produces. Water and Fire play a role in shaping us into Air (the spiritual realm – currently unknown and assumed empty). I don’t know where you get this “judgement” stuff. You have some sort of triggers that make an enemy out of everyone you come across. If you knew anything at all about Liz Greene you would understand how ridiculous it is to call her a homophobe. She is not only a famous astrologer but a licensed psychologist. She is unbiased and would never form “judgements” against homosexuals or any other group of people. Try reading the book before you make false assumptions. It shows how quickly you jump to conclusion without actually bothering to gather the facts. There is nothing homophobic about her work. She is educated and deeply researched in mythology. My speculation does interest you or you wouldn’t have responded in the first place…

    4. Some see the earth a a class-room, james van praagh for example, regulus stellium in 8th, and says the same as you,
      Tst the goal is to become a polished diamond.
      I see life as more than an aspiration to become crystallized,
      And enjoy what others, life, and the unknown has to offer,
      Without internalizing everything as a lesson to be learned, in the never ending growth of a soul.
      When I pass over to the after-life, I would still love fun dimensions, complicated relations, highs and lows, without determining myself to a fixed state of absolute perfection, much of what the “beauty-pressure” are doing, courtesy of libra in pluto.
      The more I allow myself to be the expression my soul longs for, the happier I become, and when you are acting in accordance to your soul, others around you become happier as well.
      So thats my philosophy at the moment, be the authentic expression of you, and thus spreading good experiences, and moments eith others, and I would love for all to be the authentic expression of themselves.

      And no, I do consider liz greene a homophobe, seeing as it is evident in her writings, and labelling squares, difficult aspects to lgbt-people,
      Because it goes against the norm of her pre-fixed notions of normality. I could post a link, but it is exstensive.
      No hard aspects between uranus and venus in my chart, lol ;-p


      And yes, liz greene is a homophobe, in saying that being an lgbt-person might stem from emotional damage and fear.
      The bitch is delusional, claiming to understand people she knows nothing about.
      Just as delusional as most of her writings, bah!

    6. So in other words, based on reading what she has to say about lgbt-people, and gay men seeking to enhance their masculinity through same-sex love relations,
      Is that women (all women) strive to be as feminine (that word is vague to me) as possible, and that if they are not living embodiments of expected female behavior, they have gone through emotional trauma.

      And if men arent the embodiment (albeit false embodiment) of pure masculinity, they are not acting in resonance with the subconscious desires that exist within men. Seeing as she states that gay men only seek to enhance their masculinity.

      Im sure she would love it in the middle east, where the men are oh so macho, strong and every embodiment of the true expression every soul longs for.

      She should stay away from commenting, claiming to understand expressions and ways of being she knows nothing about.
      I dont know what its like to live in Texas, I moght have an idea, but if I were looking for truth at all, maybe I should ask a born and raised texan, or move there.
      She sould stick to preaching her own schewed understanding of the psyche, whatever might go on in her mind,
      Instead of projecting predjudice against something she knows absolutely knows nada about.

    7. Geez. If she really did write something like that than I digress and agree with you. I didn’t read that particular book. Gay men don’t seek to become more masculine…the ones I know are more like women. lol Anyways, I was quoting her “Astrology of Fate” book because she covered ancient myths and their astrological parables. She appeared unbiased in that book. My apologies for the misunderstanding…

    8. She isn’t a homophobe. Her best friend and colleague for years was the late Howard Sasportas who was openly gay. She was a great friend to him and he to her.

    9. Oh yes she is, I have read more evidence elsewhere, but she cleverly hides it in her rethoric and language..
      Just because she had a gay friend does not exempt her for the truth, and how she views lgbt-people as a whole, and generalizes people, expressions and individual authenticity to a gross degree.

      You have people like her, who knows how to hide it, but sometimes suffers from freudian slips, and her true thoughts become apparant.
      And people like alec baldwin, who might accidentally shout a gay slur, but just in the heat of the moment.
      As a bisexual-man,
      The liz greene type are worse.

  39. dia•mond
    noun: diamond; plural noun: diamonds
    1. a precious stone consisting of a clear and typically colorless crystalline form of pure carbon, the hardest naturally occurring substance.
    2. a figure with four straight sides of equal length forming two opposite acute angles and two opposite obtuse angles; a rhombus

    1. As for your assumption that generational karma is balanced by someone being born gay, and that ancestors way back may have been bigots.
      Past-life researchers have noticed that people tend to be reborn as relatively the same person, with similair mind-sets, and ways of operating.
      And so your assumption that a kid might be gay because of the family dynamics to teach tolerance, is wrong.
      An lgbt-person stays the way he or she is, in this realm, or the next realm.
      It is not some cosmic play, in order to learn tolerance.
      A gay person here, is gay in heaven, and where the journey might take him or her.
      Do you think that michelangelo or da vinci magically transformed into straight souls as saon as they ascended elsewhere?
      Michelangelo drew male nudes, because they were his fantasy, a fantasy he wished to fulfill.
      And so, once more, liz greene proves herself to be a bigot, by making such comparisons, and that gays simply serve to teach others about tolerance, instead of having their own desires and wishes.

    1. What do you mean?
      A for liz greene, maybe she should focus on her own life, and gather wisdom from her personal experience, instead of making false judgement of those she will never understand. Da vinci said it well. She must not get out of the house much. Liz greene has made many homophobic claims, but she knows how to hide it, she should put a cork in it.

      “Experience is never at fault; it is only your judgment that is in error, in promising itself such results from experience as are not caused by our experiments. For having given a beginning, what follows from it must necessarily be a natural development of such a beginning, unless it has been subject to a contrary influence, while, if it is affected by any contrary influence, the result which ought to follow from the aforesaid beginning, will be found to partake of this contrary influence in a greater or lesser degree in proportion as the said influence is more or less powerful than the aforesaid beginning.”

  40. I’ve got Venus at 1 degree Gemini … Can we say it is conjunct Alcyone?

    1. Oh Lord! Well , i have experienced big losses of money 🙁

  41. I have my North node at oo.o7 Gemini at the 6th. house cusp. Destiny is never late!

  42. My mars is on 26th degree of Taurus and my moon is 29.05degree in Taurus. I wonder if Algol conjuncts my Mars and if my Moon-Pleiades conjunction would make me suffer one day from my eyes or make me blind.The comments on internet I have founde are terrible.

  43. “The Pleiades’ role, then, is to help seekers become consciously aware of Divine Knowledge and Wisdom, which is why their etheric, astral and mental bodies must be purified before being able to integrate with that spiritual realm. The Pleiades represent a spiritual “station” where the Perfect Model within seekers is energized and comes alive on earth.” Plotinus.

    After all the attention the last few days with the Pluto fly-by and the discovery that Pluto does actually have a heart 🙂 … I just found a link to the Pleiades computer system at NASA ::
    NASA’s Pleiades Supercomputer Ranks Among World’s Most Powerful Systems

    … to bring divine knowledge and wisdom to seekers? 🙂

  44. I have my moon on 29 degree of Taurus and my mars 27 degree of Taurus in 11th house /Leo Asc. When I read comments, I feel scared.

  45. My south lunar node is conjunct Alcyone . Dont want to explain too much here . My mom passed did her chart and found venus conjunct Alcyone and it fit somewhat . Maybe depends on if its OOB or not , the planet that conjunct such a fixed star . Anythoughts . sure fits with my ability to practice the occult etc. I feel that i may recalled a violent past life, yet dad this life time was with fbi and drank and hit. yet came around full circle otherwise i’d be a mess, as he got older hey became wiser and healed some of our past.

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