The Hyades ~ Birthdays May 26 to 30

The Hyades star cluster is in the face of Taurus the bull, spanning 5 to 9 degrees Gemini. The Sun passes through these degrees around May 26 to 30 each year. Some include Aldebaran here, but really he is separate from the rest of the cluster and needs to be read separately also. The Hyades themselves cluster around the left eye of the Bull and the face. Ain is the star in eye, but Prima Hyadum is the alpha star of the Hyades which has separate interpretations for the planets listed below. For Hyades as a whole Manilus writes:

“The Hyades are a stormy star group and was regarded as a separate constellation. Those born at this time take no pleasure in tranquillity and set no store by a life of inaction; rather they yearn for crowds and mobs and civil disorders. Sedition and uproar delight them” [1]

Generally Robsons interpretations for the Hyades are much harsher than those of Aldebaran. It is interesting that Robson himself has both his Sun and Midheaven in the Hyades. However Robson’s personal life is a mystery, so we have no way of knowing if he based his conclusions on himself. He says the Hyades;

“give tears, sudden events, violence, fierceness, poisoning, blindness, wounds or injuries to the head by instruments, weapons or fevers, and contradictions of fortune” [2]

Like Aldebaran, fixed star Ain (the left eye) gives a flare for design and art, but needs to be careful of having a wandering, lusty eye. Generally the left in anything tends to be more unusual or even a little sinister. This seems to hold true for Ain. Some people have a planet between the two eyes, this may be the ability to be a little ambidextrous, or even to be duplicitous.

Myra Hindley’s and  Ian Brady’s Davison chart has Venus between the bull’s eyes, while Mars is closer to Ain. This is so obviously their unrestrained and predatory sexuality as a couple. Mars on Ain in the 8th house square Ceres, shows only too clearly the sexual abuse and subsequent murder of the children they abducted.

Hyades Keywords

The HyadesMilitant, activists, provocative, permissive, persuasive, fierce, violent, stormy, emotional, controlling, manipulative, cunning, sharp minds, strategic, single-minded, commanding, disgraceful, tactful, tactile, tacticians, forgers, quick-mind, hasty, impulsive, nit-picking, technical, crafty, craftsmen, strong passions, abrupt, brave, daring, stalkers, obsessive, compulsive.

So there is a difference between Aldebaran and the Hyades. Aldebaran fancy themselves as Casanovas. They seduce by attraction, Venus style, they don’t need to do the chasing. The closer you move towards the Hyades, the more pro-active and controlling it gets. Ptolemy likened the stars in the bull’s head to Saturn and in part Mercury, which could make a dark trickster. Aldebaran can get itself into sexual scandal through greed when it is handed to them on a plate, while Hyades scandal comes from going too far with their stalking and obsessions. This goes for all their desires.

“Striving for prestige leading to power politics leads to tremendous success in life if bridled, if not, failure and a fall from power. May exploit other human beings in quest of power. Staggering increase in sexual urge, a dissolute life, excessive and licentious ways.” [3]

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11 thoughts on “The Hyades ~ Birthdays May 26 to 30

  1. I will look at Uranus in Taurus at some point for the collective, but not until it gets to 26º degrees which won’t be for a good while yet!

  2. I have my ascendant just two minutes away from Hyades and have had so much negativity aimed at me all of my life…now the new moon is on Hyades and I am feeling really strange. My health has never been great and my life has been so filled with betrayal and every sort of pain in every level. At the age of 61 ….I am wondering what sort of energy this star is shining down on my body and personality that has give me so much torment.

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