Best Synastry Aspects

Synastry aspects between natal charts to describe connections between two people. We look at this after first determining each person’s relationship needs by studying their natal charts. It is essential to look at both charts first because you really do need to know what the other person’s planets are plugging into. Person A’s planets will work like a permanent transit on person B’s planets when they are together, so it’s important to see just what this planet is triggering in the others chart. This is why reading synastry aspects in isolation can give a false impression.

For example, a couple may have the much-hyped Venus conjunct Mars aspect in their synastry. Bingo! But hey, what if that Mars is aggravating an already seething Venus? What if B’s Venus is on the star Algol and conjunct Pluto? Ouch! All that blissful, romantic sexual compatibility could be blown away by extreme obsession, jealousy, and even abuse.

This may actually be OK if both partners are rather Plutonian, they could even channel this energy into some kind of artistic/creative project. They would need an outlet that tackles facing the shadow and shedding like on the taboo which would make it cathartic and be healing for them both. You need to keep in mind the basic personalities of each partner and if they have the creative opportunity to be able to transmute the energy into something positive.

When we look at synastry, we have to sift through all the aspects to get an overall picture. But first, we do have to see if we are getting hits on the basics, which I think are important for the long-term prospects of a couple. The basics are the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant (the soul’s trinity) in aspect to the sexual planets (Venus and Mars) and the social planets of balance (Jupiter and Saturn).

If you are a karmic astrologer then the Vertex and the North Node are also important. It’s these basics that I use in the soulmate test that I do as part of my evaluation criteria in synastry readings. To me, they are the foundations of a successful relationship.

Best Aspects In Synastry

Sun/Sun Synastry Aspects

The Sun is the core of our being and identity so harmonious aspects between Sun’s in synastry will usually be easy going. You are both on the same page basically. You will not challenge each other’s egos. You are so at ease with the other person that you support each other by just being who you are. Even the opposition isn’t bad because there is a nice magnetic, opposites-attract feeling. You feel like you compliment each other, that together you are one. The square is the most difficult but it’s still a connection so it is compelling and dynamic. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert had this one, it’s more like “I have met my match”. Ego will take a beating, but they will whip each other into shape.

Moon/Moon Synastry Aspects

The Moon is our habits and our auto-pilot, how we instinctively react. The Moon is how we like to be nurtured and cuddled. So its preferable for the Moon’s to be harmonious in synastry if we want our relationship to feel like a comfy pair of slippers. Domestics are more likely to occur with hard aspects and even the conjunction because the sensitivity that comes with the Moon might just be rubbing a bit too close to the bone when the Moon’s are on top of each other. Either that or it could just be a little too symbiotic, merging into each other so that you don’t know where one ends and the other begins like you are still in the womb.

Sun/Moon Synastry Aspects

This is the classic marriage indicator simply because it is what marriage is all about. The balance of day and night is what keeps the earth fertile. Ying and yang, male and female, partnership and balance. Fertility and growth are the fundamentals of a successful relationship. Even if you are not having children together you want your soul to thrive as well as to be materially comfortable. Harmonious aspects facilitate this fecundity. The opposition makes for a sexy polarity. The square will put obstacles in the way of growth, but the growth may end up being more durable because it will have forced you to build up more resilience. Again Victoria & Albert had this too.

Sun/Moon/Ascendant Synastry Aspects

The Ascendant/Descendant is the relationship axis, it is a work in progress, it describes our journey through life and how we adjust ourselves when we are confronted by people and new experiences. The Ascendant is the vehicle of the Soul, while the Luminaries (Sun and Moon) are the drivers. The Sun would be driving in a more conscious, purposeful way whereas the Moon would be more auto-pilot and going with the flow of the river. A sympathetic relationship between the Sun or Moon and the Ascendant means you all want to go in the same direction. Because of this you should both achieve more together, get things done swiftly and as stress-free as possible because you are not fighting over the steering wheel. Horse and rider are as one. There is a feeling of  “Us against the world.”

Venus/Mars Synastry Aspects

Of course for most people sex is important in a relationship so it is preferable to have Venus and Mars in aspect. It really doesn’t matter if the aspect is hard or soft, well it might in the bedroom perhaps…These two connecting more or less guarantees sexual chemistry that doesn’t dim too much after the initial excitement fades. The hard aspects seem to make it more potent and exciting. With that also comes the potential for more aggression and a clash of libidos, when one partner wants it and the other isn’t in the mood. The magic Venus/Mars aspect on its own is not enough to hold a couple together. But you certainly need this or another sexual aspect if you want long-term zing.

North Node Synastry Aspects

The North Node in synastry is hugely important because it shows where our soul needs to go to evolve. It is very sweet to see this feature in synastry between a couple because it shows they are helping each other down the same spiritual path. The North Node conjunct Vertex is one of the top indicators for marriage. Other than the Vertex, then the Luminaries, Ascendant, Venus or Mars conjunct the North Node is going to be a winner as your relationship will be in line with your souls’ development. A square to the Nodes will be far more challenging and more likely to be a karmic contract type relationship where there is some excess baggage that is blocking you both and needs resolving once and for all.

Vertex Synastry Aspects

The Vertex works like an alternative descendant and is the point of destiny encounters. When someones sexual planet falls on this it can feel very compelling, like a whirlpool it draws you in and feels incredibly fated. This sort of contact can be life-changing, but it doesn’t mean it is long term. The Vertex effect is like being hit by a thunderbolt and can be enlightening. The Vertex in combination with the luminaries or Saturn is more likely to give the destined feeling mileage. With the sexual planets, it could one of those crazy flings that are unforgettable.

Saturn/Jupiter Synastry Aspects

I like to see an even spread of these two in connection with the personal planets. They are the balancers. You don’t need tons, just enough Saturn to give stamina and relationship glue and just enough Jupiter to give fun and optimism. An imbalance of either is not great. Too much Saturn without Jupiter you can get depression, meanness, obstacles and overworking. Jupiter without Saturn restraint can breed indulgence, infidelity, pipe dreams and gambling. I find the hard aspects work better with Jupiter while the soft work better with Saturn.

Sun/Moon Midpoint Synastry Aspects

If we don’t have the luminaries in aspect then this one more than makes up for it, but only if it is in hard aspect (conjunction, opposition or square). The Sun/Moon midpoint represents the balancing of the masculine and feminine within and the inner marriage. A hard aspect from partner A’s Sun, Moon, AC or Vertex to this point, brings the sun and the Moon together and makes Partner B feel whole. This is also said to be a karmic contract aspect, where one partner has promised something to the other in this lifetime. It could be something like giving the other partner children or even breaking them up from a stagnant or abusive ‘Dark cupid’  type relationship.

Mercury Synastry Aspects

Mercury in synastry is often overlooked, but in the information age it’s value is increasing. Of course, communication between a couple is essential because it’s a bond like any other. With so much competition from social networking sites and the internet, if a couple cannot have stimulating conversations together than after the sexual buzz has worn off there is a real danger of stagnation and boredom. The Mercury aspects don’t always even need to be harmonious, they just need to be connected. A good debate can stimulate the passions and can be great foreplay. The occasional argument is healthy for purging and cleansing bottled up emotions lest they fester and become toxic.

I provide an in-depth synastry reading. Part 1 covers the basic compatibility, aspects made between the natal charts and what each partner is looking for in a relationship. Part 2 goes deeper, looking at the relationship (Davison) chart in detail, its connection with the natal charts and current transits to it into the future.


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  1. Excellent to see all this summarized in one place. I noticed you didn’t mention Mercury in synastry, isn’t it as important as the others? I would love to see some individual pages on important synastry aspects so we can go into more detail and have comments from people experiencing them. I have lots of questions and you are the expert!!

    1. Ok Mr Mercury. I put it in there just for you 😉 I don’t use Mercury for soulmate scoring, it’s true, otherwise I would never finish and I wanted to keep it as simple as possible. So I have yet more work to do huh partner? along with readings, writing ebooks and getting on aeroplanes…..It’s a hard life.

      PS. Also added Sun/Moon midpoint. VERY important. I just forgot! (Jetlag-see above)

    2. Lots more work, but we were meant for that as a couple. The tightest aspect in our synastry is your Mars trine my Saturn, 02′.

      I’m trying to work out which of us naggs the other the most. We have Mercury square Mercury.

      But your Mercury is also square my Venus and Saturn. My Mercury is trine your Mars.

      I’m confused, I have natal Mercury opposite Saturn. I can’t believe I actually asked you to nag me last night about tampering with the website.

    3. Ha ha , don’t I just know we have Mercury square Mercury, that’s supposed to be one of the great red alerts! But the square is a Mars aspect and boy don’t we just get things done when it comes to mercurial stuff?! I guess my Mercury zaps (or Nags) your restrained (or procrastinating) Saturn opps Mercury/Venus huh?

      I can’t believe you actually asked me to nag you last night either!! lol. You obviously like my Mercury sitting on your AC 🙂

    4. My husband and I have an interesting Mercury situation, I am thankful that some of it doesn’t get in the way of things, but then with my ASC being Conjunct Mercury and Mercury ruled, (conjunct not only BLM but a number of asteroids such as Apollo, Tantalus, Hephaestus,).

      My ASC is conjunct my husbands own ASC, but he has brought to the table, a conjunction of Medusa and Pan there. But in synestry Mercury in my chart conjuncts these but also Squares his natal combination of Saturn conjunct Chiron, but trines his BLM in Aquarius.

      His own Natal Mercury in Taurus, conjunct Mars and NN in 12th house (conjunct ALGOL) Opposition to his natal Neptune/ and mine (both of them are in the 6th house AND retrograde) his Natal combination in Taurus is softened in contact by my generational Pluto/Uranus conjunction by a trine (there on top of that are some personal planetary combination such as Pallas-Athena and Promethius conjunct that)

      I would think that Psyche trine Psyche helps.. (Moon sextile Moon as well.. as Jupiter sextile Jupiter)

      Then when you add in the composite, the interesting stuff begins.. I think composites can be really are interesting about the chemistry that people create, what is created out of these challenges.

      My research about composite charts in my own life seems to show that these challenging aspects can actually express things that are quite powerful.

      So if your Mercuries are somewhat not in harmonious synestry, take a look at the individuals, and ask if they themselves are comfortable with their own natal aspects and then checking the composite, you will see that the challenges may nudge people into a very good dynamic of growing..

      People may believe that some of those aspects are red flags, and they can be, but if you look deeply into the individuals involved and then the composite you may find out it really expresses itself well… as what the individuals create TOGETHER… even if there are harsh challenges.

      (its not cheating the system of synestry.. it just brings awareness everything leads to something we need to experience between each other.. perhaps)

    5. I agree.
      A little conflict makes for evolution.
      Too much comfort-zone is like Marina’s comparison of the grand trine to a marshmallow.
      Nothing worth while is so easy.

  2. I only skimmed the beginning and already I want to congratulate you. Great article again!
    Of course I may be biased cause it is EXACTLY on my line of thinking. We need to start with the natals first.
    I also place importance on Mercury, though it is not a soulmate-sign per se, and on its own it doesn`t “make” romance, but if there are attraction`s aspects present, it becomes very significant. I find nice and strong Mercury aspects enhance the ability to communicate and add a flavour of friendship (just like Jupiter gives a friendship-feeling as well; though I feel in Jupiter`s case it is more based on a broad sense of support of the other, while Mercury is more about communicating on a very daily basis, the old 3rd-9th house axis thing ).
    Well, for me personally Mercury-aspects are needed in a partnership, maybe also because Mercury is my DESC-ruler.
    I definitely would take that into account (at least the rulers of the angles, for the houses, well, there is still a lot to debate about these housesystems).

    Also, thank you for including Jupiter as a social planet. It seems that in most recent times many astrologers forget a bit about the soical and also commitment-dimension of Jupiter. But if I remember it right, then ancient astrologers found Jupiter to be very important for marriages (as do I).
    It`s not only Saturn that figures into longterm-relationships. With Jupiter there you might actually enjoy being committed to each other. 😉

    The transpersonal planets Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, also Chiron may come later into the analysis, and in connection to the basics can become VERY significant, but I see them more as “intensifiers” and “katalysts”.

    But the core compatibility and attraction really is found in the basic planets. So I really liked reading that here in your article.

  3. Good Morning Marina, thank you for whipping this up – what a treat. You are The Best!
    I’m wondering however, if Neptune and all those other planets leaving Aquarius will change the emphasis on the information age to art or some such. Just in time to save some of us are crinked up necks. I was listening on Braveheart yesterday about the mind development of the masculine having reached its tipping pt and now the feminine must learn to control the emotions to reach our tipping pt so Yin and Yang can evolve to a higher planetary level. I certainly learned a huge lesson about the Power of the Mind during this time passed. Cheers Jamie & Marina

    1. Your very welcome. Well it will be interesting to see if there is a different feeling for me once Neptune leaves the Aquarius zone since Its gone through the whole of my stellium in the last however many years its been. If it feels different then i might be convinced about the zodiac effect. I’ve been meaning to have a look at the styles of music and Neptune on the various stars its been transiting over the last 40 years or so. I’m curious to see if there is indeed some sort of pattern and if the stars myths reflect something about musical trends.

  4. sun/sun is the agreement between past life for souls to meet again. Mercury square is an old difference still hanging fire, one desires mental dominance, or emanispation… all growth. Jupiter is placed in saturn’s spot, of the reincarnate. Sun/Sun, (earth/earth) opp is parent and child in past life, power struggle, fire works, this. mars/mars is old enemy from the past, (watch out), even if the council is sympathetic. Saturn/saturn school mates!, jupiter/jupiter work mates! moon/moon is lost in space, come fly with me, forever, but one has troubles both go down.

  5. can’t seem to access your charts but from memory there was a uncertainity about the outer world in general, parenting, self espression that marnia forfilled, she loves the devotion her independence craves.

  6. lucy:

    sun/sun is the agreement between past life for souls to meet again…Sun/Sun, (earth/earth) opp is parent and child in past life, power struggle, fire works, this.

    Marina and I have Sun trine Sun, so maybe not parent and child in previous life together but parents of a child? With Moon quincunx Moon something karmic about parenting. Seems about right.

  7. given a second chance,in this life J, you don’t want to blow it, apast life misson cutshort, you bring armed guards w/ your sun…emotions….

    mercurys’ are squared as if to say ‘pay attention, J’s empty capricorn AC has marina’s merc. looking over the edge, in trine to J’s, uranius/sun/….pluto/conq, M pulls j’s moon right out of hiding! and there’s she is familiar, to your dark-moon reservoir of past impressions of old loves and in turn M. is reminded of a family member she admired from a distance. M/saturn opp. J/jupiter forces J into the present, face reality, capricorn/virgo desires structure, and her’s is prominately 10hs. M pulls J along

    anyway you’re both high-powered so keep your noses clean. need i say work-a-holics?

    1. Thanks for that lucy, you got us there! I love it when someone does astrology for us for a change. 🙂

    2. thank-you , Marinia! You’re a natural writer, esoteric astrologer and Jamie deciphers comments, clarifies, cuts to the chase, so i get it. You both know a lot about stars, my opinion differes as I think degrees of sun are told through stars not vice-versa!

    3. supposed to be; ‘stars tell degrees of sun’, my retro/aries/merc transposes. It’s a long study for me, sun degrees, so here are stars, pin-pointing traits suspected by me already in ancient chronolical, intigrated by you and J.

  8. Thanks Marina,

    But do you not look at (pre)-natal solar/lunar eclipses?

    The synastry between me and both my wives (by that I mean past and future) is very poor but the bond I have always felt was that my natal lunar eclipses conjunct their solar eclipses and vice versa – their strengths match my weaknesses.

    In my current relationship the only major aspects are a double mars/moon conjunction otherwise oh and her sun square my saturn but then I have always looked for that ‘challenge’ to self-improvement in a relationship.

    This is one of those instances where completely ignoring the zodiac signs doesn’t quite compute – if I didn’t have a solar eclipse in Capricorn then how could I a Pisces (sun dead conjunct Fomalhaut) get the business wherewithal to be the MD of a company? Jupiter conjunct Midheaven conjunct Polis?

    Forgive my inexperience with fixed stars…

    1. Yes maybe I should look at eclipses, but I do look at quite a lot of things! In synastry completing aspect patterns between you can be very potent. As for your business know how, aspects in your chart with Saturn and Mercury could do it, Jupiter conjunct MC is certainly successful and lucky. Marsy squares and saturnian oppositions will give you business gumption and stamina. Business is really just tactics so military stars will qualify you.

    2. Well I have decided to have a reading… you can tell me all about it then 🙂

  9. Hi, very informative article. I still have not met the right person. I think its because my uranus lines run here in Japan and well it makes it hard for me to keep a relationship. Of course, I could blame it on me. But there is no blame really. I was wondering. If you looked at the following set of aspects from my natal chart. What would you suggest that I look into, of course I will always agree with Jamie (as he has said before) go for love.

    but astrology does help a bit non?


    sun in sag 15 d
    moon in cap at 18 d
    sun/moon midpoint 1 d cap
    mercury 4d
    vertex in cap at 17 d
    venus at 14 scorpio
    mars at 14 virgo
    north node 22 gemini
    jupiter 18 taurus
    saturn 29 aquarius

    Now one person said I should try to find a Capricorn with his mars in Taurus or Scorpio. hmmmm I don’t seem to meet a lot of caps for some reason.

    I meet a lot of female caps but not many male caps.

    There is always the question of their ac. I would think it might be good to meet someone with their ac in aquarius. But not sure.

    Anyway ideas what I could look for?

    I have my ac in leo at 23 d.

    So that makes the sun my chart ruler and my final depositor is mercury.

    I also wonder if one should take their progressed chart into consideration.

    As my progressed ac is at 27 virgo
    my pgr venus and pgr mercury are at 11 d cap now.
    My progressed sun is at 2 or 3 aquarius.
    My progressed moon is in libra right now and it will be there for maybe another year or so.
    My progressed jupiter is at 16 taurus now and my progressed saturn is pisces at 3 d or something like that.


    great article
    thanks a lot Marina

    1. I would suggest writing down your dream man astrologically and wishing for it. Before I binned star signs I prescribed myself a Sagittarius AC, Mars in Leo, Venus in Libra, Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Aquarius. I didnt go by what I should be compatible with, just what I fancied.

      I got what I ordered! ( in a corresponding sort of way): Jamie has: Jupiter (Ruler Sag) trine AC, Mars in Leo, Venus in Libra, His Sun is conjunct both Uranus ( Ruler Aquarius) and Pluto ( Ruler Scorpio). I also scribbled down “part Gene Hunt and part Doctor Who”. I forgot to order a Tardis, so I have to use Qantas instead….

    2. Hi, Marina that is a great idea. Hahaha love the bit about “I forgot to order a Tardis, so I have to use Quantas instead”….hehehe hilarious….

      I need to get clear about this.
      When I first read what about what kind of guy you wanted astrologically and then you said “scribbled down part Gene Hunt and part Doctor Who”…..

      My first idea in my head was…Shaman….Hahaha. No joke. But seriously, I would love to be close to nature more if I could I would not live in the city at all.

      At the same time, I love parties though. I love having dinners and I enjoy going out dancing and doing all kinds of very social things. Museums. Mostly though it is always music related as I do music.

      Man who are cold need not apply. I like a warm loving person around me who is not afraid to show his emotions or say how he feels.

      I also like people who are rather intelligent and creative as well and spiritual.

      hmmm gotta think this one out

  10. Ha ha yes, be carefull what you wish for. Maybe i should,ve specified locality! Wishing for Dr Who did get me time zone travelling though didnt it?

  11. I find their composite chart interesting in the sense that my version with the midpoint and such has Mercury conjunct the MC by seconds. I also give it that 10th house Venus conjunct both… by a few degrees. I think that in spite of everything about compatibility that may be going on with those Mercury aspects in synestry, you have got to give some credit to that composite. Plus the first house Lilith, and Black Moon Lilith in the composite trined MC, Venus and Mercury.

    Lets not forget that Saturn in the first on the ASC of the midpoint composite.. that sounds enduring!

    I find that an interesting composite. And the degree in which Eros is in the composite is the same degree as Marina’s Venus (conjunct Moon and MC) so I would believe that whatever the motive the relationship has, in the composite that the togetherness has inspired Marina’s passions.

    And since Gemini rules the 4th house of the composite and its placement is in the 9th house in Sagittarius, conjunct the MC.. you may have to consider both the entire world and publishing and professional work is the actual “home”.. that the home you share is in your minds.. and in your hearts… and probably not a definite place, but a very movable one.

    I think if we look back to the synestry and compare it back to the composite you see allot of active stuff going on. I also point out since Venus rules over the 7th house of this composite, that with it at the top of the chart at the 10th house- the partnership seems rather high profile. Communication is also Venus ruled in this composite also.. but we see the daily communication between these two.. don’t we.

    And with that cluster, in the 9th close to the MC I say the focus which has brought together these two are under the pretext of “publishing”, “world travel” and higher education and philosophy in the context of both Scorpio AND Sagittarius..(Mars/Moon/Neptune in 9th in Scorpio) but warns a little of crisis concerning the ego and identity with Sun at 0 degrees Sag.

    Its apparent that its a nice composite… So there you have it, no matter what you think of your Mercury square.. LOOK AT what its accomplishing! Its quite fantastic! Its all a “wow” Mercury.. in the composite.. regardless of what the synestry says.

    [First house Saturn though in a composite gives you a concrete placement, but also discomfort… a fear, a feeling of distance at times.]

    1. Hey AET,

      Talking about Mercury square Mercury. We just had the most hellish day ever with our website. Jamie was on the verge of telling our hosts to stuff it and pull off our files and go elsewhere. We were bashing our heads against a wall and I wanted to cry at one point. It was most mysterious, we were told to delete the brains of our website, all the admin files, just so we could keep online and not overload the server. But they said its ok because it will be in the backup. Then we were ready to move and the BRAIN disappeared!!!! They said it wasn’t restorable and we thought we’d have to build the whole site from scratch.
      Anyway after a few of my screaming emails. The deleted unrecoverable file mysteriously appeared out of no where. We still havent moved over to new server!!! And now it seems we are allowed to be online despite being too big before. Duh!! I joked on Facebook it was the reptilians…maybe they are no joke huh!?

      Anyway, back to the composite. I hadn’t drawn this one up Huber style yet. Thank you for your kind interp. A bit of astro-pampering was just what I needed today. It is all “wow” Mercury in this chart isnt it? Look at that raging Moon though huh!? Eeeekkkkkkk. Its er very Sicilian. 😉 I’d not looked at Eros in there so thats cool. Also just noticed my vertex on the south node here. I don’t refer to the composite much because you can’t use precessed transits on it on Solar fire, so its quite refreshing to look at it today. Thanks for reminding me. I also notice we have Uranus approaching our AC. Wooooo! Big change a coming. Will we get to live together by the end of it?

    2. Oh forgot to add this was doomsday in terms of Jamies Saturn Yod apex. He had a pile up of Jupiter,Mercury and Venus on Saturn there today which happens to be the midpoint of my Mars trine Jupiter! Phew, we diced with Website Armageddon.

      So kind readers excuse us for being rather unresponsive these last 2 days. This has been why and we are not over this yet!

    3. Well you both know these Yods inside out from your personal experiences.. I would like to point out what happened to your “SMEG”, (By the way I discovered it is made in Italy..) Yods, you have interpreted as “mechanical adjustments” (when dealing with machines and such).. they can be really tricky and unexpected..I recall a few horary charts with some cars that had engine troubles featuring a Yod or two.

    4. why not power it through? aries 1st/hs master mind blasts new territories, ideas, adventures, wants to bring trans jupiter prog/5/hs kids, when sudden prog./6th/hs/uranius/pluto illness threatenes to side line career travel. The over all feel is desperate clinging to the etherial, 9th/hs, (here today gone tomarrow), a ton of insecurity here, the rug pulled out, earth quake….trans taurus sun,(progressed/second/hs) trans/snd ..wants to plant feet, (pisces/saturn) in green grass, (mars into taurus tomarrow) and forget the electronic universe, fill senses with reality, drink in life.

    5. Yes, I have Mercury, Venus and Jupiter conjunct my Saturn at the moment. Our webhost cut our account because we were using to much memory. We’re still in the process of moving to a dedicated server. We lost all admin pages and thought we wouldn’t get them back. Half an hour before Jupiter exactly conjunct my Saturn, the webhost fixed it up after saying they had lost the file.

      I’m suffering severe nervous exhaustion! I knew this transit to my Yod apex would be traumatic. I would have crumbled without Marina, we worked together to sort this out. She fired up my Yod, see in the image attached that her Mars Jupiter trine complements my Yod.

    6. Jamie- Marina really does have a great influence there.. its like taking some wild energies and at least tapping it off to be used for better purposes! Its really great to see this dynamic illustrated-

      I have to say, I’m kind of going through some of this stuff too.. but in a different way.. and with that illustration, I can see within my own chart, its Mercury that is taking up my “extra” energies.

      (taking note that some of my planetary positions are similar to your own)

      P.S. Marina really probably doesn’t know it, but reading her words here have really cheered me up.. even though I see you guys are stressed out.. I can see there is something positive and evolutionary going on. And reading Rob’s comment also brought me a smile. 🙂

    7. nm aquarius is good w/ electronics, very strong generally, with communications. example my My uncle used to own/run a publishing house. He was a pusher, but in his personal life a softie.

    8. But look at that Moon.. its the 5th house ruler, and conjunct both Mars and Neptune.. its a fantastic mixed bag, isn’t it?

      Still.. there is something utterly romantic about the Moon and Neptune.. even if it seems all out there.. a sort of spiritual/sexual/philosophical thing going on there.. all on one huge clump..

      I still say, there are allot of brain children out there for the two of you to share with the world.

      As far as home goes, I think the Mercury placement, conjunct that MC and Venus says authentically, “home is where you make it, and where your heart is”. Even if I see it the orb of influence as a larger one…

      I take note of some composites with people.. you add even some strange and challenging synestry together, and if the chart tells you what you are together is quite helpful and hopeful, in spite of the challenges, perhaps its not a gift you both can refuse so easily, regardless of the tensions.

      Obviously the emotions ride high (top of the chart heights ;))

      And I hope you both have some better days. I expect that this entire day has spanned many hours over many time zones!

      I guess it can be tough, but think of the pay off in the future.. I see publishing.. not just a website.

    9. We cant escape the 9th house can we? We both have 9th house Stelliums. Thanks for saying nice things AET, makes me feel all warm and soppy about us. Like I said before, its good to hear hopefull things, as we are feeling rather glum and missing each other terribly, plus its all been work, work and website woes. 🙁

    10. Hey Marina – feel like I’m gatecrashing the love-nest here, but, Ive just seen this composit chart and I’m thunderstruck by the synastry to my natal – your composit Mars+Moon cj my Asc, your Uranus cj my Jupiter, your Pluto cj my MC and your Jupiter cj my Uranus (and your Venus cj my Saturn!) – particularly like the Jupiter Uranus interchange….
      ……and did you notice the Lilith+Saturn sextile IC yod to the nodes in your composit – nice earthing NN! So the upcoming Full Moon is going to be right on your Mars+ Moon!

    11. Yes Rob that works out as that moderator thing-

      I really like it, just as you said sometime previously, like playing “midwife” to their incubating/birthing process.. its very cool, because I believe your encouragements could help these two see beyond the daily problems, such as this website thing.. and get beyond it with some serious writing.. perhaps serving as inspiration or helping them keep their eyes on the prize? The bigger picture is IN THERE and you are seemingly “pointing it out” when it comes to aspects from Jupiter and Uranus..

      Synestry and Composites are great tools, I am getting more aware of them as time goes on. But I’ve been doing those composites ever since I had this band I used to have.. and have done astrology for bands due to the fact that if there is anything I know, outside of astrology, a relationship that is intensive as a working relationship within a band is like a marriage.. and the guys I’ve been researching have told me this too.

      This is a little different of a dynamic, where you have a couple who are a couple, who are working together and their personal dynamics between people are taken both as the “couple entity” and as the individuals directly. And you are no less in the public eye than that of a band either.

    12. Wow Rob! I knew there had to be a connection with you and our composite. It’s like you are a cross between Jamie and I in the way you think and how you moderate. But your AC on our composite Mars/Moon. That’s great. Maybe you take the heat off us. It’s true like AET says it is like you are our cyber childminder. Ha ha, lucky it’s only virtual hey, our literal kids are quite a handfull..

  12. sounds like mucho bad vibe! I send you good ones.

    the beaver presists, having his roof jumped and peed on, he’s still ours.

  13. “What if B’s Venus is on the star Algol and conjunct Pluto? Ouch! All that blissful, romantic sexual compatibility could be blown away by extreme obsession, jealousy and even abuse.”

    Abusive ex-lover with whom I had an intense push-pull relationship, has his moon tightly conjunct my Ascendant between 11 and 12 degrees Libra, which also happens to be loosely (although maybe that’s considered tight?) conjunct Algorab. Your statement above just made a very confusing situation in my life much more clear – thanks! All the descriptions I’ve read on moon conjunct ascendant synastry have been so positive, so I had some sort of astrologically projected image of what he and I were supposed to be. But, of course, the relationship never met my projections. :):)

  14. My North Node is on the 26o of Virgo-his Sun is on the 27o of Virgo and Moon on the 28o of Pisces, while his North Node on the 23o of Scorpio conjucts my Venus(22o-Scorpio)and Mars(23o).I suppose that this is ok.But his Saturn on the 0o of Leo conjucts my Moon(0o Leo)and squares my Sun(0o Scorpio).And I suppose that these are rather unconvenient aspects-he used to suppress my feelings a lot.But aren’t Saturn aspects supposed to indicate stability?

  15. Oh!And right now i figured out that the composite chart’s vertex conjucts the composite descendant.But then again, his Uranus in the 0o of Scorpio conjucts my Sun.So , I’m a bit confused, omg…

  16. Hello Marina,

    I hope you would offer some insight into this..I did a composite chart with a guy who is a close friend of mine and I found a very exciting thing..Our composite sun, composite moon, composite descendant, his natal moon and my natal moon form the vertexes of a perfect pentagram ie all are either in a Quintile or Biquintile to each other within a degree..

    I read that the pentagram is associated with Leo and creativity because of the number ‘5’.. also we both are Leos and our composite chart has 4 planets in 5th. Anything I should expect? I am sorry if I sound wierd 🙂

  17. We have tight jupiter venus and venus jupiter conjuncts. that and mercury conj make for a good time. her north node is on my chiron. too bad for her, but our pluto and MC are conj also. I havent looked at all ythe other aspects but you got me interested as always!

  18. when you do a composite chart with lovers is it more intense with the venus/mars conj. or a venus/pluto conj.? and what if his saturn(taurus)opposes my sun and venus? and my saturn(aqarius) squares his sun(scorpio)? and his moon/venus is in libra! and i have no libra planets nov 15,1962(me)nov 7,1969(him)

  19. Excellent information on synastry aspects. Great advice about focusing on the basics: (Sun, Moon and Ascendant (the souls trinity) in aspect to the sexual planets (Venus and Mars) and the social planets of balance (Jupiter and Saturn)). It is easy to get lost in the aspects of synastry astrology and this article helps sort through it all really well. Thanks!

  20. I have a massive crush on my new boss, 9 months older than me. We have the most ridiculous synastry, EVERYTHING lines up in trines, conjunctions, sextiles, it’s amazing.. I mean everything.. Except his Asc, as I am only taking a guess at what his rectified chart might be. I have never seen anything like it though. Of course, I haven’t told him any of this, and he’s relatively new on the scene, and apparently happily married.

    Does amazing synastry guarantee a relationship? I am guessing not, the circumstances at the moment are very much stacked against anything happening, though I see he has Uranus about to transit his Vertex in his progressed chart, in the 7th. He also has his Uranus opposition in a month or 2.
    I am hoping his marriage DOES’NT fall apart, I just went through that myself 2 years ago, and wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy, but I can’t help feeling fate might intervene somehow. WIshful thinking, I know. But there are too many Venus Moon Sun Juno North Node aspects between us, and all kinds of other things that leave me feeling this one will be open to big twists and turns of fate.

    It’s good for one thing at the moment, it’s really making me study up on astrology. 😉 I am an Aquarian, so am standing back true to form, and trying my best to quietly witness myself go through the contortions of the mind..

  21. Cafe Astrology’s tool put us at 96%! I almost fell through the floor. I hope that gives you a sense of how much weird astro there is between us! 🙂

    1. I’ve see high scores result in a great deal of emotional pain. It is NO guarantee of a relationship. Sometimes it can be a catalyst. The guy is married tho! So the high score can only mean a lot of gut wrenching feelings on your side. As an example, a friend of mine also has a really high score with a guy who is already with someone. He won’t give up his girlfriend and the relationship with my friend is basically sexual, it does not nurture her emotionally. Don’t kid yourself with high scores!

    2. Yeah, I figured.. It is an impossible situation, in reality. It is a heartbreak, and hard to let go of the idea of it somehow working out though, when I see all these high scores, and synastry hitting everything in our charts that is traditionally about awesome relationships!
      The saying ‘too good to be true’ comes to mind.

      Thanks Marina, I really appreciate an honest piece of feedback. 🙂

  22. PS I love your site, by the way. I am a regular reader since finding you about 3 months ago! I find all the star information etc, totally fascinating. I love your newsletters.

  23. Hi Marina,
    A man I work with (married) and I have an incredible chart. Off the charts so to speak!! The sexual tension is unbearable. I know he would never cheat though. My mars connects his mars and venus, however I have Neptune square both his mars and venus. The rest of the chart is unbelievable concerning the houses. Do you see us being friends or is it best I find another job??

    1. Oh Eva, I can so relate.. sigh..
      Why doesn’t HE find another job? I have to ask why you feel that should be on you.

      I think I agree with Mar’s post below in a way, although I am in exactly your situation, it’s a hard thing to deal with! I am coping, because I only see my guy every 6 weeks or so, but I think you probably have to do what I am doing, and put it behind you, no matter how good the synastry is, and ours is ridiculous too! I am not about to lose my job of 10 years with a good company, for the sake of something that either will, or will not happen. If it’s ‘meant’ to be, then it will, if not, then please, don’t pack your job in for the sake of a guy.. 😉

      I wish you the best with this one sister.. I really do.

  24. Some people tend to rely way too much on astrology. Yes, it can be accurate, but compatibility should only be used if there’s a certain attraction between both parties. I have many great synastries and composites with some people that I’m not romantically attracted with (it’s one sided). Synastry and composites it’s more like a tool that will tell you how compatible you are with someone you already know is attracted to you, or someone that you’re already in a relationship with.

    Many people use it to see if someone is attracted to them, which I find absurd and unrealistic.

    1. I totally agree with you there Mar. You can have great synastry with really good friends and someone you are in a work partnership also. It’s not just about love and sex. I think you can access the sexual attraction between a couple, there are certain connections that guarantee it will be “hot stuff”, but they are no guarantee of longevity or that you will even like each other.

  25. Marina’s importance on the Vertex in one’s chart opens doors and verifies love that little bit more. Certainly does for my friend and his wife whose vertex and north node conjunction synergize. And I was blessed to be there with them on that first fateful night.

  26. Hey, Marina, what would you say about this synastry,
    does it look pretty perfect or what?


  27. if my sun is capricorn in 9th house and his sun is sagittarius in the same house. My moon in scorpio conjunct with his pluto and in the 7th house. his moon is virgo in the 7th house, too. Also, my venus and his mars is conjunct aspect is sagittarius. My venus is 28*16′ scorpio and his mars is 0*47′ sagittarius. My mercury and mars is conjunct with his sun in sagittarius and 9th house… my asc is aries trine his sun and opposite with his venus. His asc is pisces opposite with my jupiter… His venus is libra conjunct with my descendant. His descendant and his moon is virgo trine with my sun is capricorn and sextile with my moon.
    So…will we marriage?

    1. Actually, there are my natal chart and his natal chart. Please, answer my post 🙂
      Me: sun: capricorn 9th house…moon: scorpio 7th house…venus: 28*16′ scorpio ( i don’t know my venus is scorpio or sagittarius)…mercury and mars: sagittarius…asc: aries.
      Him: sun: sagittarius 9th house…moon: virgo 7th house…venus: libra, mercury and mars: sagittarius ( his mars in 0*47′ sagittarius)….asc: pisces

    1. Is fated “Best” tho? The foundation has got to be strong, the basics covered first, before you can stick Pluto or the other transpersonals in there for that matter.
      Otherwise the tendency toward vampiric/addictive behaviours can cause great suffering between un-evolved couples.

    1. I used to use very tight ones, but you can go quite wide with aspects to the Sun, Moon ASC, say 8º for them. Otherwise it depends on the aspect and the planet. I have a formula for the love test to get a base line, but otherwise when looking at the Davison for example I just use the Huber system, google it to find orbs as its quite hard to explain. For the LoveTest I use from 4º for ptolemic aspects out to 2.30º for the quincunx

  28. hi, what do you say about separeting aspect, my neptune conjunct his sun at 7 deg sep. and my north node conjunct his sun at 7 deg sep. is it strong?

  29. I’ve been researching for the following aspects and I didn’t find much information about it. The man I’m currently in love with, has a stellium in scorpio (Sun, mercury retrograde, venus, pluto) and his north node conjuncts mine by less than a degree. He’s nine days older than me. Chiron retrograde is square to both nodes, his moon squares my north and south node and my venus trines his north node. How can I read this? What is this telling me?

  30. Fascinating article and from experience I must say every single time I’ve looked into the astrological compatibility between me and someone else, it was dead on. Even if I did not want it to be, you cannot “ignore” the reality. I do have a question! I’m in a bit of a spot; I have feelings for my best male friend who I have known for LONGER than half my life. I met him when I was 14 (love at first sight) we dated but the feelings were too mature than we could handle at that age. We’ve always stayed in touch and the chemistry never went away. After we broke up as kids he started seeing a girl pretty immediately and they’ve stayed together all this time but he has not been happy in years (its not just him telling me that). He has feelings for me too and has, all this time, but I’m not sure whats going to happen. My question has to do with whether or not the crazy synastry in our chart screams soulmate or if there is something I’m missing that says otherwise. Firstly, our Nodes are in exactly the same signs/houses (North Node Taurus Ninth House, South in Scorpio, Third House). Then the Vertex which I’m only newly familiar with. Mine is in Capricorn, which is his Sun Sign. His Vertex is in Pisces, which is my Sun Sign. Then of course the Moon is always important to me in any relationship. My Moon is Cancer, his is Pisces. In the rest of our chart, there’s a lot of that going on, where our signs are swapped. And the elements get along. I’m a rising Leo and he’s a rising Virgo. I’ll be happy to hear anyones opinion on this!

  31. Ok so I have my Venus his sun direct opposition , also Mars moon direct opposition. My Venus is conjunction w Algol. There’s other things to. But wanted to mention that . Wondered what u think ?

  32. Marina, in your view, how dynamic would Person A’s Vertex conjunct Person B’s Descendant? Person B’s Vertex in this case also being 3-ish degrees off of Person A’s Sun.

  33. Hello! I was reading your article on best synastry aspects and read about the Vertex conjoined the North Node. I was wondering if you commonly see this. I read an article by the “Astro Investigators,” and it seemed as if this aspect occurred quite frequently in the charts of both men and women who were married. The orb used was 7º. Have you found this to be true?

  34. Marina, I’m curious what you think of True Lilith/Psyche of a woman conjunct Chiron of a man. No significant natal aspects to either planet in either natal chart. Haven’t found any info for this synastry aspect as of yet. Thank you.

  35. I have found over the years that people with compatible aspects between ascendants stay together. Sextile trine between asc. Granted there has to be other aspects but this assures longevity. Jupiter’s positive aspects bring a kindness between 2 people that helps to weather storms..Kindly disposed towards each other no matter what.
    Compatible aspects between moon’s or at least in compatible signs makes living together easier too. Basic needs, good will and longevity can go a long way.

  36. Hi!
    Could you explain what kind of baggage could be his Moon square my Nodes? My Saturn is tightly conjunct his Moon too. Cannot find info about the squares moon-nodes.

  37. I’m in the midst of a wonderful online relationship with someone who’s ASC conjuncts my NN and Lilith. It’s quite a comforting aspect to have. I really look up to her, and she can easily dispel any anxiety I may have with her thoughtful Virgo ASC logical ways. The other good aspect are her moon trine my sun/venus/jup. But my Pluto squares her Sun and her Uranus/Neptune is opposite my Moon/Mars. So we shall see how that plays out. Thank you for your in depth and easy to understand breakdowns, Marina.

  38. “Of course for most people sex is important in a relationship ” – well for me it’s not important. Sexual attraction of course is important, but sex and and sexual or physical attraction is NOT the same. So nope. I am not interested in sex in the relation. It just some physical stuff.

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