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The synastry reading covers the basic compatibility, aspects made between the natal charts and what each partner is looking for in a relationship. After that we go deeper, looking at the relationship (Davison) chart in detail. I look at its connection with both natal charts and then current transits to the Davison into the future. This synastry reading is recommended for long term relationships and/or affairs that have reached a crisis point to see what past life karma might be involved. Reading time is 60 mins on MP3.

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“I am happy to leave my positive feedback on the great job Marina did for me and my wife. She clearly met my high expectations. I did not send photos or any additional details at the start because I wanted to see how far Marina can go without being influenced or distracted. I have to admit that Marina did an excellent job and I respect her ability based on the achieved result reading. I recognized all of what Marina read. The reading was amazingly accurate! There were many things in my live that did not make sense all together and that did not look like they were pieces of the same one coherent picture… Marina helped me to see that indeed they all can be put into one meaningful context. After I felt that something was still missing, Marina willingly proposed to do an additional reading to help me finally get the picture. She was able to find the missing piece to my complete satisfaction. I was looking for clarity and she helped me to get one. I feel that Marina found her path and follows it with courage. She effectively uses the strong intuition she was given to help people. I only can encourage Marina to trust her intuition even more, and cultivate sensitivity to the most subtle moments. I am sure her clients will continue to benefit from her talent and the extreme depth of her own soul.
Thank you for the courage to pursue this path!” ~ happyclient 8/8/11

“Just finished reading my in-depth synastry reading with Marina and I am absolutely speechless. The level of depth and detail were more than I expected and well worth the price. I will need to replay her recording given all the detail…we are talking hours here. Lastly, I have studied astrology for years and bought other reports and Marina’s is the best by far. Treat yourself and your loved one you will find hidden treasures in your midst. Fond thanks” ~ Patti 22/4/11

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