Fomalhaut ~ Birthdays February 20 to 25

The fixed star Fomalhaut is positioned at 3º 52′ Pisces in the southern fish. It is situated in its eye and the fish itself, which is found at the foot of the water bearer. Originally this star was part of the constellation Aquarius as Greek Astronomer Aratus mentions in 270 bc. Fomalhaut is “One large and bright by both the Pourer’s (Aquarius) feet.” To me it makes sense Fomalhaut being part of Aquarius, as then it forms part of the fixed cross of the four Archangels; Michael (Aldebaran), Raphael (Regulus) and Oriel (Antares). Fomalhaut is Gabriel, the human. The others are beasts…

Eric Morse says “Regulus was long considered the supreme of the Four Guardians but the role of Fomalhaut – Gabriel, in the birth of Jesus – must now be said to challenge or actually supplant, with a new stage in human spiritual evolution, the supremacy of the more ‘medical’ Archangel of the Leonine era.”

Regulus is in the process of moving into Virgo, another human. So it too is evolving away from its bestial past. It was Ptolemy who put Fomalhaut in its own constellation of the fish. The Southern fish is nothing to do with the Piscean fishes, although Fomalhaut is said to have an influence similar to Pisces. Confusing isn’t it?…This star is already slipping away from us.

Fomalhaut has a very mixed influence in terms of how fortunate it is considered as a star. Rather like Neptune, it can be magical and highly spiritual or just a no good, unscrupulous drunk. All the royal stars have the capability for glory, honor, riches, and fame, but they also have the greatest height to fall from. Their incredible power must be used wisely and with integrity.

With Fomalhaut on the AC and in good aspect, it is supposed to give one fame that lasts beyond the grave. Fomalhaut is also said to have the nature of Mercury and Venus, so art and writing are well starred. Out of the four Archangels, Fomalhaut is definitely the poetic artist, magician and most probably a pacifist. The others are all beastly warriors.

As ever, this Venusian side to Fomalhaut that makes him a little suspect to a dog-eat-dog world, Robson says… “It is said to be very fortunate and powerful and yet to cause malevolence of sublime scope and character, and change from a material to a spiritual form of expression.” 1. Don’t trust the spaced out angel with the sparkly purple wings then…

Fomalhaut In Astrology

Fomalhaut is enchanted and intoxicated by love and life. This star governs the winter solstice, so like Jesus it contains the hope of being reborn. Fomalhaut has lofty ideals, the kind that believes love will conquer all. Often these people fall hopelessly in love with someone, but the road to them is strewn with trails and obstacles. Romeo probably had Venus on Fomalhaut.

Fixed Star FomalhautHowever, if Fomalhaut’s hearts are pure then the impossible love is often won. This goes for their everyday life too, these misty-eyed dreamers are often not taken seriously. That is until they are found at the top of their tree, still gazing wistfully into the clouds, much to the chagrin of their contemporaries. These fishes seem to have got there as if by magic, indeed they probably have. I can see why their rivals may be a wee bit suspicious, “by what witchcraft did they get there?!”

For Fomalhaut though, selling its soul to the devil is precisely what it cannot do if they don’t want to end up incarcerated. These folk will topple right down into the gutter if they seek fame for their own personal glory. It must all be done for the love of their craft and for the benefit of the greater good.

Fomalhaut’s nemesis is hubris if they have some sort of savior complex then the immortal name that this star promises will more likely be that of infamy. I think it is interesting that TV Evangelist Jim Bakker has Fomalhaut just 2 mins off his AC and Guru Osho has it on his MC.

Away With The Fairies

Both had their halos torn off, Bakker by a sex scandal and Osho by various attempts to debunk him. Osho was constantly hounded by the US Police, (arrested for visa application fraud) and his teachings were rejected by his home country. Both these Gurus serve as great examples of Fomalhaut in action.

One of Fomalhaut’s traits is finding it hard to keep grounded in the physical world. They have an otherworldly, “away-with-the-fairies” demeanor and may find it so painful to be on this planet that the temptation is to take-off altogether with mind-altering substances or pain-relievers.

Some of the natives below have had their problems with addiction. John Coltrane’s free-Jazz was spiritual and elevating, but to get there he battled with heroin addiction and alcoholism. In 1957 however, a religious experience was thought to have enabled him to get over his addictions and after his death, he was actually worshipped as a deity in various churches in the US. Fomalhaut redemption.


Ethereal, wistful, poetic, mystical, magical, idealistic, saviour complex, guru, poet, artist, dreamer, psychic, spiritual, religious, otherworldly, out-of-this-world, space-cadet, spaced-out, immortal, everlasting fame, romantic, greatly fortunate/ unfortunate, envied, worshipped, persuasive, silver-tongued, slippery, escapist, sinner/saint, charismatic, enigmatic, fairy-tale, Victim/victimizer, uplifting, euphoric, mind-blowing talents, zealous, fanatical, impractical, utopian.

Fomalhaut & Planet Combinations

FomalhautASCENDANT “Great and lasting honors.” [1] Jim Bakker (02’), John Coltrane (09’), Nathan Buckley (18’), Gertrude Stein (15’), Vincent Price (34’), Anthony Armstrong-Jones, Antonio Banderas, Phil Donahue, Carl Wilson, Princess Caroline, John Singleton, Pier Paolo Pasolini.

MIDHEAVEN Prince William (21’), Van Morrison (22’), Ronald Kray (28’), Irene Cara, Franz Shubert, Patsy Cline, Sam Cooke, Reginald Kray, Ian Shaw, Pattie Boyd, Kirt Russell, Anthony Burgess, Lord Byron, Nancy Mitford, Hilary Clinton, Max Ernst, Timothy McVeigh, Osho, Hector Berlioz, Theodore Roosevelt.

SUN Dissipated, easily influenced by low companions, gain through inheritance but unproductive of good, may suffer for some crime committed” [1]“ The Artist, Idealist…The need to keep one’s feet on the ground while ones head in the clouds” [3] Drew Barrymore (03’), Christine Keeler (07’), Michael Chang (13’), Julie Waters (16’), Edward Kennedy (21’), Anais Nin, Kenneth Williams, Charlotte Church, Alan Rickman, Nina Simone, Kurt Cobain, Robert Altman , George Harrison, Patty Hearst, Karen Silkwood, Dick Emery, Johnny Cash, Gordon Brown, Andre Breton, Eric Gill.

MOON “Secret business causing much trouble and enmity, but eventual gain after many difficulties.” [1] “To catalyse idealistic or romantic feelings to others” [3] Alison Goldfrapp (22’), Raoul Dufy (30’), Paul Newman, Elvis Presley, Prince, Gene Roddenberry, Alicia Silverstone, Frank Sinatra, Vanessa Hudgens, Edward VIII of UK, Ben Hart, Herb Alpert.

MERCURY “Many losses and disappointments, unlucky in business, better servant than master, writes or receives secret letters, worry through slander, imprisonment or damaged reputation”[1] “Success as a scientist or writer” [2] “The poet or the liar” [3] Asteroid Lilith (22’),Patrick MacNee, George Van Tassel, Bobby Womack, Dick Emery, Franz Shubert, Bruce Willis, Nancy Spungen, James Joyce, Dane Rudhyar, Holly Johnson,

VENUS “Secret and passionate love affairs, some restriction in the life, disappointments, easily led astray.” 1. “The artist or the fanatic; seeing magic in everyday life…to be a dreamer.” [3] Betty Ford (07’), Wolfgang Mozart, Camile Paglia, Hugh Hefner, Benny Hill, Victor Hugo, Gates McFadden, Ian Richardson, Karen Silkwood, John Travolta, John Hurt, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Max Ernst, Marilyn Manson, Depp/Paradis Davison.

MARS “Malevolent, passionate, revengeful, many secret enemies, liable to disgrace and ruin” 1. “Too seek or admire the path of a spiritual warrior or the potential to be a blind fanatic” [3] Peter Blazey (24’), Thomas Tycho(28’), Bjorn Borg, Edie Sedgewick, Phil Collins, Bob Dylan, Lyle Menedez, Michelle Pfeiffer, Giacomo Puccini, Steven Sondheim, Elizabeth Taylor, Tina Turner, Ll Cool J.

1. Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923 p.165-166.
2. Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.78.
3. Star & Planet Combinations. Bernadette Brady. 2008. Pg 170-171.

82 thoughts on “Fomalhaut ~ Birthdays February 20 to 25

  1. I know, too quiet from me.. away with the fairies is a good description.. 🙂 I’ve been working on stuff that really did take on that very same vibe as Fomalhaut.. & your description of Coltrain’s free jazz is for me an illustration of the free flowing abstract expressionist art of the time as well..

    When I see those abstract expressionist splatter pictures, its almost like hearing John Coltrain’s music played through the static of a very bad speaker.. & I get this almost every time I see some works, especially from groups like COBRA and such. I don’t know if they had the vibe or if they were trying to tune into it, but whatever it is, it is the music that made an impression on a genre of artists in a time frame pre-Pop. Just letting go of the “image” to find the soul of the art..


    Be well!

    1. Hiya! I was interested you are the first to comment since your MC is on Fomalhaut by only 23′. Did you know that? You came up in my research. I thought that’s why you had commented. Abstract expressionism is very Fomalhaut for me. I wonder if it has a chart. Uranus was on and off Fomalhaut from May 1919 to Feb 1921.
      Wiki says “Although the term “abstract expressionism” was first applied to American art in 1946 by the art critic Robert Coates, it had been first used in Germany in 1919 in the magazine Der Sturm, regarding German Expressionism.”

      I’m sure many of the Abstract expressionist painters of the 1940’s were born in with Uranus in Fomalhaut. I didn’t look up Uranus on Fomalhaut in my database when I was researching it so I probably missed these artists. Robson says of Uranus on Fomalhaut “Unstable, wasted talents, evil environment, unpractical ideas, loses friends, addicted to drugs or intoxicants, utopian schemes, afflicted marriage partner, brings misfortune to associates, fatally injured by electricity, explosion or accident.” [Robson*, p.167.] I guess that expresses better the mundane manifestation, the chaos of the post WW2 world.

      Bradys is better, she says with Uranus it is “sensitive to the dreams of ones culture; seeking to express in art, words or music the desires of ones generation. Taking the common place and turning it into art. The expression of a desire or longing.” Pg 171. Star & planet combinations

    2. So Marina, in 1946 when I was born, was Uranus near Formalhaut? (I can’t do the maths but it seems Formalhaut was about 2.25 Pisces.. so I don’t understand how Uranus can be IN Formalhaut as you say in your post about 1940s artists? Do you mean on it? Uranus was in Gemini in 1946 – also, Formahaut in Pisces in that year makes it trine my Venus only I can’t remember you mentioning it in the reading so perhaps it isn’t important?

    3. I think she’s trying to talk about a time when the generation of the 1940’s was born, what collective vibration something like Uranus conjunct Formalhaut would give.. thus the fruitation of the vibration of the 1940’s abstract expressionists, free jazz, ww2 all these things effecting the majority who had come of age at that time.

      Right now we have this Pluto/Uranus Virgo (Zomasa?) generation coming into their 40s right now.. once again, the best and worst, which quality of this combination will win out?

      🙂 AlterEgoTrip

    4. I really didn’t realize how close the conjunction to my MC was, I wonder if you have noticed that Douglas Adams also had the very same degree of Pisces on his MC. His chart is public- [Cancer ASC * Moon in Virgo * Sun in Pisces]

      I wish I knew exactly how to word my works what I do, where I’m going with my “work” and the projects I am involved with. I wish I knew exactly where my career could go, may go, could go.. ect. I’m trying to go with that weird vibrational flow, getting involved where I can, doing my best, putting good people together where I can as well.. but I’m personally just trying to keep the path of my “authenticity”.. even if it gets people annoyed, and it has!

      I feel like in many ways I’m even suppressing the contentious within me until I can release it perfectly to its mark. If I am going to point fingers at institutions & groups with my projects, they are going to have to be tight.. supernaturally tight.. because if I am going to say things, they must be authentic.. even if the names are changed.. sometimes I really want to use my “works” to lash out at the insanity in the world of the power structure… but have not done much yet because I want to also find the humour where one laughs at one self for accepting these social insanities as normal.

      As you see, I’ve got much on my plate this year 😉

      Take care 🙂


  2. Interesting article, thanks Marina. I agree with Aratus – the star should be considered part of our constellation of Aquarius.

    My Descendant is at 4 degrees, 11 minutes Pisces and my Ceres is at 1 degree, 50 minutes Pisces. My mother had Venus at 29 degrees, 55 minutes Aquarius. I guess those are not tight enough in orb but as for my mother, the Venus reading does apply. She created a magical childhood for my brothers and me but suffered great disappointment in love and experienced ‘restriction in life’ connected with men who were supposed to have been reliable but weren’t.

  3. oh, wow, I have to add that in checking my son’s chart (feb 16, 2004, 2:12 pm, Birmingham, AL, USA), he has Uranus at 2 degrees, 29′ Pisces, just a few degrees beyond his Sun at 27 degrees, 29′ Aquarius, both in the 8th house. His Uranus placement a degree and a half away from Fomalhaut in the 8th – let’s hope Brady’s interp applies as opposed to Robson’s.

    1. Hi Dragonfly,

      Had to laugh, as my son has his Uranus on 2’52 Pisces and I
      did not groove out to Robson’s interpretation as well!

      Thankfully Marina balanced it out nicely,phew…

  4. I have south node in the 8th house in Pisces at 2degrees – and Chiron over there at 6 degrees. Yes – I feel otherworldly at times….Kat

  5. The late Whitney Huston had Uranus on her desc opp Fomalhaut. Alongside other things, it may have contributed to her self destruct with drugs issue.
    I notice Bobby Brown has Uranus 4 libra so that squares her Fomalhaut. I’ll make further comments about their synastry in the right thread. But for this one, Whitney seems to have shown both sides of Fomalhaut, swinging between her beautiful appearance and voice and her Algol headed mad woman. I know were not supposed to acknowledge progression and fixed stars but her pr AC is conj natal Algol. I can’t help but say how much she resembled a snake headed monster when she was off her face.
    RIP Whitney, what a tough karma you struggled with.

    1. Fomalhaut……………….

      In Arabic means Foum al-Hout “fish mouth.” Combines Mercurial, Venusian qualities mixed with neptunianskim influence. In keeping with tradition, the effect of this star variable: it ranges from very good to very bad, depending on the overall structure of the space. However, it is considered that a positive effect prevails if there is a relationship with Mercury, because it stimulates the development of intellectual abilities, and promises made in writing and research. The Ascendant and good aspect contributes to fame name that will survive this century. When Venus makes progress in art. The conjunction with Jupiter or meridians contributes to the patronage of the church hierarchy. In combination with the sun or moon, the star has a more pronounced effect.

      Neptune Fomalhaut (April 18-July 24): Neptune Fomalhaut’la become a part of, see it as very important and distinctive. Since this star, Royal Star is one of four important. Berdadette Brady for Fomalhaut, said: “The other three, that Royal Star, these stars are also promises of success, but people will not catch on because of the star. This star, associated with ideals and dreams. Ideals and dreams scams, can great personal happiness achieved. But the corrupt ideals and dreams, then it will be great losses and confusion. Provides great creativity and inspiration. People who have a mystical power and glory only for himself but for other uses will bring great success. Person of influence of this star is required to act honestly “Alvidas:” .. This star is said to be very happy and powerful, but also can lead to great evils, and the way that material can be maneviye “So this time, we like the noble and idealistic own purposes, something very important. In this way, and, more happily, and the ideal can be served. From the material, rather than move to a process of spiritual profit from what is important. So we wait for the material fallible luck.

    2. When I first saw this post I didn’t even know she had died! One wonders what orb to give these fixed stars. If we use Robson’s criteria “For a 1st magnitude star, 7’30″ and William Lily 5º for 1st and 2nd Mag stars. As as 1st mag star Whitney would’ve had Fomalhaut rising! Plus is a royal star so I reckon that strengthens the case. Certainly so true of her.
      Looking at the rest of her chart everything supports it. I note she has a Lilith/Neptune conjunction. Forbidden fruit, but also musically gifted. Refined voice. She also has Pluto/Mercury in the 7th on Zosma. Victim or Saviour of her spouse… Transits on the outside Mars retrograde square her MC. Transiting Nodes square her Pluto/Mercury on Zosma conjunction. Transiting Pluto square Mars. You cant see on this chart but she actually has a Yod to Eris from Lilith/Neptune sextile Pluto/Mercury.

    3. How wretched. – I’m struck by the heart ailments bit -broken heart mist have contributed to her problems – but my Chinese doc who is a genius told me that people who sing a lot weaken their hearts and are always at risk of heart atack. This may be an over abundance of emotion, as great singers seem to be able to magnify joy and pathos.

      dr. farr
      Re: Progressed angles & the fixed stars
      I share Robson’s (Vivian Robson: “Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology”) view that when angles, Lots or planets progress to the place of the star, the star has a modifying effect. HOWEVER, as with progressions (and profections and SR’s) in general, NOTHING that is not already indicated (as potential) in the radical (natal) chart, can result from the progression, so, for example, unless Algol already had a relationship established in the natal chart, the progression to Algol of an angle or planet would not bring into play a major Algol effect that would suddenly change the trends and directions seen in the natal chart. It would have a certain modifying effect, but would not spin the life in a brand new direction; same goes for all the stars (in my understanding of this subject)





    1. Excellent chart! Chiron is on Fomalhaut right now too. Exact on February 7, which would have been when Marina started her research. Most interesting given the religious theme seeing Chiron representing Christ.

  6. A friend has sun at 4 Pisces 29′, square Neptune. Everything you say is true about the magic, creativity, idealism and pursuit of love but brought down by inescapable childhood abuse, drink, drugs and self destruction.

    1. Yep, Fomalhaut beautifully put in a nut-shell there. It’s a tough one and sad for your friend. Is there any chance of redemption there? I’m thinking of Johnny Cash.

    2. More Kurt Cobain unfortunately, I had to step back from trying to do the redeeming tho I have fought like a tiger for him many times

    3. There is always hope in the presence of an human angel, just as courageous as a non human angel 🙂 Never fear the good you see but just be weary of the falsities of the devil and the reward will be like nothing on earth 🙂

  7. Funny that Michael, the Archangel of the element of FIRE and of (Mercury-ruled) Hod on the Tree of Life AND the Angel of the last decan of Aquarius is associated with TAURUS.

  8. In David Ovason’s book ‘The Zelator” he mentions Fomalhaut in connection with a powerful bond of friendship; and one that ended when the friend was bitten by a deadly snake, which incident was said to be associated with Fomalhaut.

  9. Yes, there’s a Church of John Coltrane in San Francisco-it’s ‘African Orthodox’;you can attend weekly services with some great music
    It’s been there since 1971, actually. Still going strong….I used to hear the music on my way out of yoga class, when I lived there.

    Also, when i was travelling in ethiopia overland years ago, i was stranded in a town having it’s ‘Angel of St. Gabriel’ festival-no rooms left, meant I and a few other travellers spent the night sleeping on a school bus in the police station yard; it was trippy-the curtain fabric was george washington dollar bills. So this angel of st gabriel thing is very mystical; i had alot of by default experiences, for many years afterwards, although i was not part of any formal experience in the festivities. The women all wore henna crosses on their foreheads, and all were dressed in fully white robes. Hmmmm…possibly I have this guy prominent in my chart; maybe Ethiopia’s got it strong in it’s chart, as well. That place is so interesting…..

    1. oh, and i should say: they were robes and carried crosses, some, and this was all at night, in almost pitch dark, as there were few street or road lights in this town. they’ve got the mystical plane navigation down to a tee, i’m telling you….(:

  10. I have asteroid Vesta conjunct this! And I was born on the winter solstice. Also moon in Pisces. Totallllly relate. I feel like with Vesta it has a temple priestess vibe to it. Also interesting is was when my progressed Mars went into Pisces and conjuncted it, I went through a total Edie Sedgwick obsession. I love astrology. 🙂

  11. I haven’t seen too much evidence of this star on my ascendant at 2’35’ Pisces, for good or bad. It also squares my moon in Sag 3’55’.

  12. Marina, what orb do you use with fixed stars? My sun is at 0 degrees 33 Pisces. Thanks.

  13. Marina,

    I have my osculant Lillith right there. And in Pisces 9th house Merlin, vesta.

    Do you have any information?


  14. I have Fomalhaut at my Midheaven at 3 degrees, 25′ trine my pluto at 1 degree 28 in my 5th house. Currently very excited for Neptune to finally enter the 10th house! If you were to check out my website you will see that Fomalhaut energy has undoubtedly founds its way in to my paintings. Its not an easy task to channel such intense otherworldly energy right now. But alas! It has to be!

  15. I believe this fixed star is opp. Pluto on my Mc in Virgo. Would this mean if I don’t figure out a way to serve in my work, I will suffer? I also have Black Lilith in that house but not selecting as it’s at 19 degrees.

    1. Hi Michele, as long as you do it with integrity you will be fine. Mostly Fomalhaut is fortunate, it only works bad if you knowingly use its immense power to manipulate and charm for personal gain. But say if you were working as a PR for an ethical company or designing packaging to charm people into buying something useful then I’d say that would be totally fine.

  16. What do you make of it conjunct the progressed ascendant? I’ve been a space cadet for the past couple years and finding it increasingly difficult to be in this dense world. Must be the influence of fomalhaut…

  17. Aloha! I am wondering what orb you would allow for this fixed star?
    My sun is @ 1’42” pisces…
    Thank you!

    1. I’d put it at 2 to 5 degrees maximum. Feeling something at 5 and good understanding within 2. Mines is within half a degree and can feel it in everything I do. Saint and sinner, in the casino of god.

  18. Hi there. I have my mid heaven at 3 Pisces. What do you foresee the effects of Neptune conjunction mid heaven and transiting in 10th house right now? I’m an artist, and have 5 planets natally in the 5th, including Pluto trine Mid heaven… Any thoughts?

  19. Hey Marina, is it only the planets mentioned that Fomalhaut affects. I have my true node there. Does this mean anything?

  20. I am regulus and fomalhaut born Feb 19/80 @ 9:28am in Toronto. I have a viral video online called the matrix for real and perform psychic surgery and magic using a 144 vogel crystal wand. I am also in contact with inner earth beings and ETs. The violet flame assists me in my mission.

    1. what you are, is a perfect psichotic or a lousy liar. I am related to Medicine.

  21. In a long series of event charts in the prosecution of Jodi Ann Arias, for the premeditated murder of Travis Alexander, she has appeared as Neptune in Pisces on Fomalhaut. Ignominy for the crimes she committed follows her, as described in your article above. (Found guilty of aggravated premeditated capital murder.)

    1. A star alone cannot profile a murderer…..It only deepens or illuminates what is into the personal horoscope, and NEPTUNE is more into the reign of mind and non concrete –

  22. The problem when u study astrology is that u forget that we re actually living in the 21st century .
    It’s a new era , truly friendship I’d say 🙂

  23. My sun is at 3°´13′ pisces, tight square neptune at 3°02 sag. Neptune 2012 transit over my square has brought me lots of spooky fantasies, lost of personality, mental illness for several months but also some magic, mystique and profetic experiences through a meditation process.

    1. Spot on, same here, same aspect too. Currently living a hell in heaven kind of thing with this neptune transit. My soul is walking through the most unimaginable experience and not sure I will even be alive after all this. Feels like a hundred lifetimes of all human emotions and perception condensed into a couple of years. Cloud 9 bliss and pain even the devil cannot compete with. Hope I survive….:0

  24. Like anything viewed with a special lens, event charts have intrinsic limitations. They are a study of interaction in a moment of time among people & things. You can see what Mars is doing and how, for e.g., Saturn is reacting. You may also KNOW that Mr. Zed is performing that Mars role (by what he is actually doing). Saturn may represent the brick wall Zed is demolishing. In no way is that to say that Mr. Zed is Mars in the arc of his life or that he should have been christened “Mars Zed”. A situation is distilled and recorded in memory and various components of it play their parts. Jodi Arias has a birth chart and I have it. She is not Fomalhaut. She is many things to many people, as are we all. But she has assumed the Fomalhaut personification for her own purposes during this prosecution. Perhaps at her August hearing, some other bodies will represent her.

  25. Trine natal Neptune (which gets dizzy so easy!). Let´s hope Archangel Gabriel will give a help. Today, social Project for children.


  26. Thanks, wonderful post on this lovely divine star…….
    have it conjunction my midheaven.
    the part about nobody taking them seriously! – and later on down the yellow brick road! – the same stupid ignorant dodo dumb dumbs dumbos – whom were laughing and thinking he’s gotta be delusional or pretty far out there……… are now somewhat – someway pissed off and jealous! – thinking hey! wait ah second! – he’s not supposed too know or do anything talented! – just because the person them self! – are a miserable disgusting horrible soulless walking ignorant moron! – who can’t see how Fck’N “dumb and stupid they them self actually are! – well, that part
    ’twas spot on.

    got a little carried away,

    lovely post though.

    1. How interesting, Jason…Which are the effects you perceive due to FOMALHAUT in coniunctio to MC?

  27. “Fomalhaut Astrology section”
    and the keywords list section.

    could pretty much! – highly identify,
    with all the words written in the Fomalhaut section,
    right before the keywords list.
    also have Neptune highly potent and aspected within thine own chart as well, so…….?
    could also – be relating,
    too my already visibly knowing own neptune vibe.
    thus having sun trine Neptune – mercury trine Neptune, Neptune opposite ascendant, Neptune quintile midheaven and Neptune square Jupiter………….

    Fomalhaut is the only conjunction into my midheaven, assuming it would be showing in my daily activities?

  28. Interesting. I think my third house is overwrought…Saturn conj Fomalhaut, Chiron trine Neptune/Scorpio (having triple Chiron return due to retros), IC 29 degrees Pisces. (Funny how Pisces rhymes with crises). So have recently had Uranus opposition, followed by Saturn/Neptune in mutual reception, and the opp of Chiron return to the Pluto/Uranus conjunction. Very tired and practicing wu wei.

  29. How about on the DC? Mine is at 3 18′ Pisces. I do tend to attract drunks and dreamers.

    1. Mercury Tropical 1*, Sidereal Venus 4*

      Same here, all my relationships have drug or drinking issues, they seem to flock to me, it is so rare if I find someone as selective about drug use as me. I cant smoke weed for the life of me, but I can take up to 3 MDMA pills and that is my zone. But I do it like twice a year, much more as a teen. But liquor is not my zone unless its wine with food, makes me tired. I think since Mercury rules skin, and In Pisces makes me sensitive to throwing up. For me it feels like i’m dying, I hate it. I will keep anything down. Can count on both hand the number of times I have thrown up in my life. My sister and a Libra throws up like every weekend. lol Well she has Mercury In Scorpio. A sign noted for its intensity but not hyper-sensitiviy.

    2. I just know that the addictive substances logically to my Aquarian Sun, are el stupido to do. & I hate the government tricking me into doing stuff that I know they want me to do. Since they have been in my family for so long, I know there tricks. My Pluto Mercury Trine and a well aspected Scorpio Moon helps offset there black magic for me and friends alike, when people see me up and about, they follow or try and play like they are not addicts where I live. Well, Its a HIV/ drug assistance facility, & I really don’t care if you are as long as your not trying take me or some unsuspecting teen down with you. I got in here because I was a homeless teen, but they went pure drug use/HIV as a requirement a few years ago so I live with about 50 addicts. Never touched a HIV Med or $old my Sol, still healthy as a horse 17 years later.

      But its just funny that people straighten up when they see me about without me saying anything really. I inspire sobriety and a no nonsense approach to drug use around them. Aside from all the mis communication, I really like my Mercury here. esp when on MDMA or listening to music, which is like always since I never watch TV now that there are so many black magic sigls in graphics and media.. I can literally feel myself downloading things that need to come out into the collective. I Like every piece of music will arrange my thoughts into a type of thing I can download for future use. Ive always been more of a Terrance Mc Kenna mind explorer type, than a reckless abuser of anything.

  30. I was born Feb 19th 1980 at 9:28 am in Toronto and have fomalhaut in my natal chart. I began using this magician power to affect the weather using shamanic magic. I bring rain to areas of drought and can also stop severe weather changes. One of my favorite tools is a 144 sided Vogel crystal wand for thought amplifying purposes. is a new site I developed with friends after doing rain ceremonies in california from Mt Shasta.

  31. Natal moon conjunct fomulhaut.tropo as!the unlikely suitor wins the heart of the great queen.he becomes the next king.he dives on wrecks.the magic of his utterances mesmerises humanity.he becomes tetragramaton creator of the milky way galaxy.when the timeclock in the great pyramid expires in 5776,he becomes Lucifer.he sleeps under a tree.

  32. Saturn in the outer orb of Fomalhaut, in the 4th, conjuncting IC/asteroid Angel on the Glittering Wings. People have called me an Angel, psychotics and some drunks consider me a confirmed Angel sighting, evil people instinctively hate my guts and sometimes want to kill me. Given enough Time, those who want me dead tend to self destruct or find themselves in jail. Old people mostly like me, except for my parents, who act like enemies and will stoop to anything, including frivolous lawsuits, to hurt me. The older they get, the more insane they act. I’ve played savior and Guardian Angel quite a number of times. I seem to have the power to grant sanctuary. Some people respect my sound advice and guidance, as if I were a prophet or something. Most people just laugh at my sound advice and guidance, which for them may be a little too much “out there”. For some reason, those who did take my advice are doing better and better, with quite a few getting jobs, promotions and interesting transfers abroad. One who considered herself hopeless with men is now happily involved with her much older boss, who turned out to be just what the doctor ordered. I certainly hope I’m not saying this out of hubris, but it seems I do have the ability create stability in the lives of others. As if to prove that Fomalhaut is very difficult to use for personal gain, my own life is permanently in chaos and none of the advice I give to others applies in my own life. All I can do is try to endure.

    As for the 4th hs placement, I’ve lived next door to some crazy old drunks and jailbirds, who for some reason first wanted to be my undesirable associates, then turned to enemies and backstabbers. I’ve been the neighborhood watchdog. I’ve called the cops on my neighbors more often than I care to remember. I’ve fended off home invaders. I’ve been the last line of defence. As long as I had a home, it was my fortress. As befits Saturn in the 4th at its worst, the older I get, the less of a home I have and the colder my hearth.

    As befits Pisces in the 4th, I’ve always lived near water. As befits aqua IC, my current abode is very airy and frankly breezy. As for Angel IC, I now live behind a cemetery with a funeral chapel, so my closest neighbors are indeed Angels.

    1. Fomalhaut conjunct North Node in the last degrees of Aquarius, 7th house.

      – Plays a big role in the relationships with friends and partners. There is a link with consciousness about my looks and self-worth.
      – Have had trouble with friends who turned jealous ”poisonous” when I was in secondary school, this affecting my feeling of selfworth because they became mean to me. When I was 20, I was victim of a hate/gossip campaign of these former friends. I got rid of the so-called friends.
      – First boyfriend was an ex-addict who was heavily influenced in drug abuse by his former circle of bad friends. When I met him, he had stopped using and had moved half the country to get rid of the drug dealers. He still was dealing with new ”friends” who said things behind our back and in general, were playing games with him. I told him these were not friends… But I was dealing myself with the same thing at that time, bad friends, although I never got involved with drugs.
      – Generally, I have had to learn dealing with mean, jealous and evil people who manipulate, play games and try to harm me or others out of jealousy, ESPECIALLY in my relationships. I am very sensitive to ”things said behind my back”. This a quality (I’m almost psychic, I feel almost anything, super intuition) and a danger (it affects me in a big way, when people talk evil shit it can affect my health literally).
      – It’s like I had to learn to recognize negativity and evil in relationships, then learn how to protect myself against the bad influence. Bad people can literally poison you or your relationships like a drug!
      – Relationship with my parents and family in general is very good – my parents are very pure people. We had to work on our relationship though a few years ago, but this paid off!
      – My mum says she had a blind spot to jealousy when she was younger… raised as a christian, she had learned to ”defend her murderer”, as she says herself…

  33. I have Ascendant at 3.27 Pisces… It is very interesting to know about this star.

  34. I have 6 of the 8 fixed stars prominent in my natal chart. Whoa. They are all within a 3 degree orb. Of my ascendant, ic, descendant, mc, sun, moon, and a mars/jupiter/north node stellium. It’s easier to name the only 2 in the list which are not prominent, which are vega and betelgeuse.

    Marina, can you tell me why you concentrate in your work on the fixed stars? Why you find them important or unique? Im just curious to hear a little more about them. Is there something about them that makes them different from the other stars?

  35. …concerning my previous comment, excuse me, take my natal sun out of that list. My sun is in sagittarius, yes, but my midheaven is what is conjunct antares, a fixed star.

  36. Oh i just went and did a little research and I see now that all the stars are called “fixed stars”. It’s the royal stars that I have in my natal on all four axis points. That makes me laugh now that I think of it because I am dirt poor and yet my ancestors were kings and earls and princesses and such who lived in castles in Ireland and Scotland. Ha. I also have a few of what you call the “darkstars” placed prominently.

    In a nutshell, I tend to look at the royal stars the same way one would look at master numbers in numerology. The talent and potential there is great, but the energy is intense and hard to handle.

  37. One more thing about the ‘royal stars’, or the ‘archangel stars’…it is said that the original habitants of this universe were the lionmen, the hawkmen, the bullmen, and the human…so this lore would match up perfectly with the royal stars..maybe with an archangel to preside over them all??…I know this sounds like something out of a comic book to someone unfamiliar with this but it can be found in certain esoteric schools of thought

    1. Hi Fish! The Royal stars are everywhere. They are basically the 4 points of the cross. The equinox and solstice points. They are all over the Rider Waite tarot deck too. We say the “4 corners of the earth”. I wonder if there are 4 basic races which came from 4 different ‘gods’ too. I think Lisa Renee’s work talks about the root races and possible alien origins from different star systems. Negative Alien Agenda

  38. Hi Marina thank you for your response!

    Yes I have visited Lisa’s site before, and it is a mouthful isn’t it! Very thought-provoking, and very ‘dense’. Lots to think about! I think so many extraterrestials have been involved in the creation and evolution of mankind that it has become one big clusterfuck. But from what I hear the good news is that the calvary is arriving every day now and they are hear to help us straighten this mess out as long as we as a collective do our part. It’s hilarious what our schools, scientific community, and mass media tell us is the truth concerning mankind’s true origins. We came from some caveman or ape several thousand years ago and that’s the whole of it and blah blah blah. The rabbit hole is sooo much deeper than that, and yes I agree aliens have been a part of mankind’s history from the very beginning. It would be nice to get a better feel for our roots and ancient history as a collective, as I think this would help us make better decisions concerning our future. We will soon be a part of the galactic community. ~Oh give me land, give me land, give me lots and lots of land, don’t fence me in!~

    Looking back at your short list of fixed stars, I don’t have Algol placed prominently in my natal either. And thank god for that! After reading about it I wouldn’t want too! But my natal Sun is conjunct Acrab and Dschubba, which I think is one you call a “darkstar”.

  39. I guess most people think things like Tarot cards are fantasy and for nutters but I find if you allow it an intelligence will communicate with you through such oracles. Personally I am fond of the Sabian Symbols used as an oracle, which are the 360 degrees of the zodiac. I find they can be more specific than the Tarot symbols. Hey, did you know a modern deck of playing cards, used for poker and other games, was originally based on the tarot deck? I find that so fascinating! Reportedly the first Tarot deck was developed in Atlantean times…

    Marina, I admire the way you as an astrologer are thinking outside- the-box and taking on the harder issues. Keep up the good work!

  40. As a one-time huge fan of actor Pete Duel (b. 24th February 1940), and of that generation of children who were shocked and scarred by his sudden suicide I’m fascinated by this, it seems to fit all we now know about him to absolute perfection. ‘it can be magical and highly spiritual or just a no good, unscrupulous drunk.’ Ostensibly charming and delightful, he had a very dark side that seemed to manifest worst when he drank, which he did to extreme excess and seemed to like to drink and drive. He was best known for (and by the time of his death, almost entirely identified with) the character of Hannibal Heyes who he played in Alias Smith and Jones. Heyes was continually described on the show as ‘silver-tongued’. All very intriguing (thank you)!

    1. Also just noticed, ‘may suffer for some crime committed’. At the time of his death, he was about to go on trial for a drink-driving incident that left a woman badly injured. Many people attribute his subsequent suicide to guilt and worry over this.

  41. Hi Marina, Is there any chance you could add Jupiter-Fomalhaut to the Planetary Combinations, please? Thank you for posting this brilliant article. It has helped me better understand my twin sons born 23 March 1998 who have Sun, Mercury and Jupiter all very close to Fomalhaut.

  42. Thank you so much for this. Natal 8th Leo Moon conjunct Pluto conjunct Regulus opposition 2nd Aquarius Chiron conjunct Pisces Mars conjunct Fomalhaut. Working with archetypes to orient toward strengths and hoping my natal chart will give me some signs. I’m a total novice but your summation implies there is definitely something here for me to work with.

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