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The question reading is best for problem-solving. I will use the most suitable predictive technique (such as transits, solar arcs, progressions, horary, eclipses and zodiacal releasing.) for solving the problem at hand. Questions you might ask: When is the best time to sell my house this year? Why am a feeling so lost with no direction? Why am I suddenly obsessed with a certain person? (I cannot look at more than one chart in this session so a more detailed view of a relationship will have to be addressed in a synastry reading.) What career am I most suited to?

If you have no specific question I can just look at your general situation at present and see the influences around you. Like the Solar Return this is a taster type reading lasting 25 to 30 mins on mp3 which gives you a taste of my work. For a more detailed year ahead just use the consultation reading which is double the time with a longer term outlook.

Please fill in the form below and I will get back to you with a ‘new client’ form where you can pose your question.

ALERT! Please check Reading Info page for current waiting times before you order. Thanks

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10 thoughts on “New! Question Reading ~ $115

  1. I was a c-section baby and was taken out a week early (January 13th 1989). If I was born naturally, my birthday would fall on the 20th. Does this matter when looking at zodiac signs. Although I’m a Capricorn, I have more of an Aquarius type personality. A mixture of both, but I identify more as an Aquarius.

    1. Hi Amy, I would have to look at your chart to see why you resonate with Aquarian energies. The astrological dye is caste the moment you exit the womb and take your first breath so although a Capricorn you might have your moon or ascendant in Aquarius and that explains why you feel that way. You can use this horoscope maker to find out:

  2. I am not completely sure of my time of birth, what can I do? Does this mean that I can’t get an accurate reading?

    1. Not really, unless you get a rectification done. Depends if you have no idea or if it is within an hour, if so it may be possible.

  3. Hi Marina – I have just paid with Pay Pal for my “Question Reading ” . I understand that you will be sending to my email address – a ‘New Client Form’ .
    Thought I should send this as well with my email address and name – as you have said above to fill out
    the form below – DoB and time etc…which I have done and paid for and this as well with my name and email address etc. Thank you and look forward to getting my new client form .
    King regards – Jennifer Fay.

  4. Thank you Marina no problem – I will at the right moment pay with my Pay Pal and ask what I need and then if the second query can be looked at briefly or if it cant… then I will settle with what your opinion is about answering or not answering my second question. I will leave it to your judgement when the booking happens
    and I have paid for it. Thank you – Jennifer Fay.

  5. Well basically you can probably ask one or two. It depends on how complex the issue is. Just email me first with your question or questions and I’ll let you know if they are feasible in a 30 min reading.

  6. Thank you for explaining that . Last question , I don’t quite understand the question format when reading about the Question Reading . Can I ask two questions or do you have a limit to one ?
    Thank you for your time . Jennifer .

  7. Hi Marina – my name is Jennifer Fay – I am wondering , I have an interest in the “Question reading ” and I am not sure after paying for it what the next step is as far as…I am in Australia and is the read sent to me in an Email and do I ask the relevant questions by putting them in this comment box ?
    I cant see anywhere the instruction for the reading etc. Thank you Jennifer.

    1. Hi Fay, once you order the reading I will send you a “new client” form where I ask you for some background info. In that form, I ask you why you have come for a reading and that’s where you can ask your question. I record the answer on mp3 and send it to you via email. Maybe I need to make this clearer on this page. It’s just a new reading so I assume people knew from the readings page how I work.

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