The Soulmates Chart In Synastry


Finding true love with a soulmate is not all that it’s cracked up to be. It’s more likely to be a case of “Help, I’ve found my soul mate!” In astrology, the 7th house is not just the house of marriage, it is also the house of open enemies. It is also opposed the 1st house of the physical self. Therefore the supposed ‘Soulmate’ relationship is very often a tug of war on many levels.

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What may feel destined could also be a number of things. The beloved could be reflecting strongly back to you your animus or anima, what you are lacking in your chart, what you have disowned in your chart or, when the relationship turns sour, your worst demons. With synastry, squares and challenging synastry aspects between a couple are karmic aspects and can be extremely challenging.

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These will usually enable you to “fast-track” your spiritual evolution by burning off a ton of ingrained karma. Often a soul mate comes into your life simply to do this, but it does not mean it is lifelong. Negative karma from the past can attract you even more strongly than positive karma. Hence those impossible, gut-wrenching, and often unrequited love affairs.

Love Healing Crystals

In 2021 with highly charged emotions on both sides, aim for a balance of pink energy (Venus) and red energy (Mars) in your romantic relationships. HAWKHOUSE  based in Massachusetts, USA have some beautiful examples of the pink crystals. ROSE QUARTZ has always been the classic crystal for attracting love into your life. But consider also: PINK TOURMALINE for self-love and anxiety. RAW RUBY is a paler version of the familiar bright red stone and is shown here set in copper. 

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The red crystals are from MOONDROPS jewellery based in Tennessee, USA. They are sure to fire up a stagnant libido this year which could happen if you become drained by all the fighting. RUBY, the queen of all gems inspires passion, loyalty and awakens Kundalini. CORAL brings joy, stimulates circulation and helps revive any flagging parts  BLOODSTONE is protective and calms the mood after a lovers tiff!  Click on images for more details.

Does this Chart Spell ‘Forever’?

I don’t believe an astrologer can or should ever tell you “This is the one”. It could be a one, however, and astrology can certainly show you why you have been pulled together. You will also be able to see why you find it so hard to break up even if the relationship is making you miserable. Usually, these are Moon/Saturn contacts. Looking at the charts individually first is crucial to see what each person can handle in a relationship.

Some people just cannot take too much drama, others would be bored without it. Some may need a very cozy domestic 24/7 togetherness, while others crave space so that a long distance romance might actually suit. Therefore it’s really rather pointless saying “Oh my Sun is conjunct his Moon, we are destined!” if one of you is a thrill seeker and the other likes vegging in front of the TV.

Couples Composite Chart

The composite synastry chart takes the midpoint in time between the couples birth-date. The coordinates are also halfway. This is my specialty. I use the Davison version of the composite synastry chart because it actually exists physically, so one can take into account the fixed stars.

I now use the Davison as my only composite chart, as it keeps things simple. For me they just work better than the composite midpoint chart and in my opinion contain the most magic! This chart describes why you have been brought together and what lessons you have to learn in this lifetime.

Relationships are the best teacher and synastry aspects between the natal charts can show what type of lessons you are learning from each other. One of the most illuminating things to look out for, is when the partner’s important planets or points make a conjunction with the Sun, Moon, AC, Nodes or Vertex in the Davison chart. It shows how important the relationship is for each of them. It will reveal if one is more attached to the union than the other.

Karma In The Composite Chart

The fixed stars in the Davison composite synastry chart can give us an idea of past lives and karma that may have brought the couple together. With soulmates, it is usually very obvious. Symbols and themes will keep repeating themselves and a story will come out. The Nodes will often show the nature of the karmic contract.

It is very important to look at the connections from the synastry chart to the couples natal charts. Strong indicators of many lives together and/or a karmic mission will be confirmed if the couple has conjunctions to the big 3 (Sun/Moon/AC). UPDATE! I believe that the Davison can show the nature of a third entity in the case of hyper-dimensional interference as explained in my Twin Flames or Hell Fires article.

Charles & Diana A Very Fated Relationship

How The Davison Chart Works In Practice (27 mins)

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In this members-only audio I look at the Davison relationship chart of Prince Charles & Princess Diana. They are not a great example of a love match but their relationship was certainly fated. The Davison relationship chart deals very well with those destined type of connections, for better or for worse!

You can clearly see the ‘creating an heir’ purpose in the grand trine, but it also proves that grand trines are not always blissful and can be quite complacent in the long term. You need to work at trines! Compare their chart to Queen Victoria and Albert’s puzzle.

It’s a far more complex and challenging chart with two Yods and a T-square. But it probably kept them busy and intrigued just figuring it all out! I look at the major pivotal points of Charles and Diana’s troubled relationship and see what major transits were happening at the time. In the audio I also discuss the important transits to the Davison chart.

Charles & Diana Relationship Chart
Prince Charles & Diana Composite Relationship Chart
Victoria & Albert Relationship Chart
Victoria & Albert Composite Relationship

Important Davison Relationship Chart Transits

Engagement 24 February 1981:
Transit Jupiter/Saturn quincunx Mars in 8th House

Marriage 29 July 1981:
Transit Saturn/Jupiter trine composite Venus in 5th house
Transit Pluto trine composite Mercury in 5th house
Transit Saturn/Jupiter wide conjunct composite Moon in 1st House

Prince William Born 21 June 1982:
Transit Saturn square composite MC

Marriage Problems Visible 1987:
Transit Neptune trine composite Mars in 8th house

Diana ‘Tell All’ Panorama Interview 20 November 1995:
Saturn Rx conjunct Sun in composite 6th house

Queen Orders Divorce 20 December 1995:
Transit Saturn Direct conjunct Sun in composite 6th house.

Divorce 28 August 1996:
Transit Mars/Venus conjunct Jupiter conjunct composite MC

Death Of Diana 31 August 1997 :
Transit Sun/Mercury Rx Cazimi trine composite Mars in 8th house
Transit South Node conjunct Sun in composite 6th house



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