Algol ~ Birthdays May 16 to 18

The head of Medusa from Greek mythology is represented by the infamous Algol fixed star at 26º Taurus. As part of constellation Perseus, Algol was regarded by the ancients as the most evil star in the heavens, but is its reputation warranted? If Algol was truly so malevolent then we would find it common in serial killers. We just don’t find it there, though it is present in some dictators. But it is true that Algol has a connection with death and pain.

The medical term Algology means the study of pain. “You will not be able to ignore suffering and horror, or brush it aside… The Algol placement on a chart insists upon a confrontation and assimilation of these harsh aspects of human experience in this lifetime.….Algol, like other stars, confers tasks upon us which, if comprehended and accepted, offer great rewards of power and creativity. These stellar challenges are not to be feared, but understood and used in a positive manner.”  Diana Rosenberg [1].

Algol is situated in the constellation Perseus, where this hero is depicted slaying the gorgon Medusa’s head off. Algol is positioned in the forehead of Medusa. I like to think of it as her third eye. The ancients mistrusted Algol’s blinking and inexplicable 8 hour disappearances. But it turns out it is a binary star, eclipsing itself every 3 days. Mysterious indeed and only adds to its allure. The poor star appears to die, but then it is reborn. Medusa’s deathly look is inspired by the appearance of a corpse, the skin dries and tightens over the bones of the face making the eyes huge, wide and staring.

Demon Alcohol

The Arab word for alcohol means “the Demon”. Alcohol comes from the word Algol. Alcohol disintegrates and dries us out, so it literally petrifies. It turns us into zombies, we loose our heads and our sovereignty. It is easy for a dictator to brainwash a nation of drunks. At the same time crime is also fuelled by alcohol, giving us a false sense of bravado.

Morals become loosened. The same religion that has wine on the altar paradoxically blames it for all manner of evil doing…“The shaft of the abyss, from which smoke rises like a great furnace, reeks of alcoholThat woman of the Apocalypse of Saint John, dressed in purple and scarlet and adorned in gold, precious stones and pearls, drinks alcohol. She holds a golden cup in her hands full of abominations and the filthiness of her fornication. That is the great whore whose number is 666.” [2]

Algol threads the fine line between life and death, madness and wisdom. Wine can make you warm and sociable at parties or turn you into a lecherous fiend. It can be a truth serum, yet it can make you tell the filthiest lies. When alcohol pierces our aura it can let in those evil spirits, they take possession of us, we have been invaded. In the Greek myth, being invaded by Poseidon (Neptune) was exactly what happened to Medusa in the first place. Neptune is of course also associated with alcoholics and the blurring of boundaries between worlds. So the God of the sea raped Medusa, but what is more horrifying was Pallas Athena siding with the Gods in condemning her. This important part of the story is often skipped over.

Medusa Myth

Medusa started out as a temple Virgin. She was beautiful, charming and admired for her glorious, long, glossy hair. Poseidon, overcome by lust, ravished her in the temple. Pallas Athena was not amused so she cursed Medusa for defiling her sacred grounds. Out of jealousy or maybe just to prove she was one of the boys, Pallas turned Medusa into the hideous serpent headed gorgon with the petrifying stare she is famous for. Brave Perseus succeeded in decapitating her and returned her head to Pallas Athena for use as a powerful shield in battle, the Aegis.

Medusa became even more powerful after her death (see Diana), together with her rival Pallas Athena she became invincible. Maybe there is a message here, when former adversaries are united they become stronger. Algol is also definitely a star of transformation. The blinking binary star goes from light to dark in cycles, like Persephone. So she is another resurrection Goddess and like Persephone, she was also raped by a God…

Algol fixed starThe serpents in Medusa’s hair connect her to the Ophiuchus constellation (the snake charmer) also known as the medicine man. I wrote that “Medicine comes from the same root as Medusa, the name of the sorceress Medea also comes from this root. The blood from Medusa’s left side was poisonous and the right side was used to heal.”

So the paradox again, if you dabble in shamanism it can kill you or enlighten you. Medusa’s blood also gave birth to Pegasus, where lies another story about hubris. Both the Lilith star and the Lilith constellation of Ophiuchus have the darkest reputation within the fixed stars. And both feature…serpents. What is it about serpents?

With Ophuichus the serpent is about linking sexuality to enlightenment, and that seems to worry Christianity. With Algol it is more about taking that wisdom and becoming your own god. Now science is the worry. Nowhere is this Medusa hubris more evident than in the medical profession, where we have doctors playing god with genetics.

Algol Keywords

Creating monsters, Frankenstein, splicing, plastic surgery, mutation, genetic manipulation, playing god, weird heads, unusual hair, abnormal sex drive, perversion, warped mind, exaggerated demeanour, deformities, a creation that becomes destructive to it’s maker, regeneration, montaging, potency versus impotence, brewers droop, striking, stunning, spine-tingling, mind blowing, getting out-of-your-head, mind over matter, ultra-creative, being your own god, soothing pain, caring for the suffering, haunting voice, speaking for the under-dog, exorcising ones demons, working with the shadow.

Algol rules heads of states and beheading, it rules treason and replacing one ideology with another. The head contains the brain so it’s about wisdom and of course snakes in the hair represent higher knowledge, even antennae also. Even the product of Medusa, Pegasus signifies far out ideas way ahead of their time. I think Algol is also about information that blows your mind. This is where Algol becomes horrific, when our intelligence evolves quicker than our consciousness.

Algol & Artists

Algol is prominent among those who work in the mass media. Again we get a connection with Medea, medicine, anti-venom, snakes. Media is communications and speaks out. This is not surprising since Medusa was known for her screaming mouth and protruding tongue. It also rules the throat. The most notable example I could find was Eric Burden of The Animals. The singer of “The House of the Rising Sun” is highly respected for his incredible blues voice. Now with Mercury (07’), plus Venus, Jupiter and Uranus ALL conjunct Algol he should’ve been pure evil. Instead it’s all in his voice. Raw, powerful and gritty, not pretty. But his delivery sears right into your soul.

This star often produces great art because of the ability for the artist to constantly reinvent themselves. The subject will also feel indestructible and like a god, immortal. This gets them into trouble because they can get intoxicated by their own power. This is why this star has a reputation for dramatic accidents. The other danger is of course loosing their head through alcohol or drugs. The invasion of Neptune gives a great imagination, but it can also confuse and upset. Another trait that seems to come with Algol is a certain outspokenness and blunt words. They have a tendency to rub people up the wrong way and are often demonised as a result.


Algol people seem to either be incredibly sure of themselves or they really have no idea who they. Some are fantastic at assuming a myriad of personalities (see Peter Sellers) They can sometimes feel rather schizophrenic and as if they are indeed possessed by many demons. The confusion with Algol may be because of its blinking nature, I’m wondering wether those born in the eclipsing 8 hours are those that suffer more with this star. Mercury seems to bring out the best in Algol (David Beckham 00’!), this trickster planet adapting well to the swing from dark to light. There is always something flamboyant and exaggerated in the Algol persons appearance even if it is not in aspect to the Ascendant. They just stand out. Some are spookily beautiful (see Uma Thurman), but most are what you would call “striking”. Something like being very tall or having huge lips (see Mick Jagger).


I cannot talk about Algol without mentioning its Nemesis, which is the fixed star Capulus at 24 degrees Taurus. This star is in the sword hand of Perseus that slew Medusa. It is extremely close to Algol so those who have a planet conjunct this star also get the Algol influence too. Sometimes its hard to tell the difference between the two, but there is a subtle difference. Bernadette Brady found this star to represent primitive, male, sexual energy. I call it the male Lilith. These people feel split and are on a quest to find themselves. This unease makes them very driven. They want to play the hero and see themselves as the “good guy”. Some have a love/hate relationship with their own power and may even be afraid to use it. However when they do finally, it is NOT subtle.


Algol & Planet Combinations

Algol Ascendant

Relationships will be dramatic and intense; there can be a tendency to sex-addiction.  They have a strange kind of appeal despite not being classically beautiful or handsome. The appearance may even be shocking or disturbing at times yet still somehow alluring. Outspoken about taboo subjects, they are not afraid to be controversial.

Margaret Witlam (03’); Outspoken Australian PM’s wife, former champion swimmer and social worker. Advocate of womens rights, abortion and conservation. Mae West (08’); Outrageous actress, screen writer and continued to be a sex symbol well past middle age. Famous for her sexual innuendos. Linda Marshall (28’); Leading cosmetics entrepreneur. Toni Morrison (30’); Nobel prize winning novelist. Wilt Chamberlain; Promiscuous basketball player claimed to have bedded 20 000 women. Albert Ayler; avant-garde free jazz musician and suspicious death ; Princess Louise; Queen Victoria’s artistic daughter. Edgar P Jacobs; Comic book writer and artist. Subterranean (Underworld) themes. Brian Wilson; Lead singer-songwriter of the Beachboys, supremely talented and innovative. Mental illness and drug addiction.

Algol Midheaven

The subject will make their name with their mystique. There is something very striking about them. They are are not classically appealing, so those who admire them maybe drawn to them because they also identify with being the misfit or outsider. Even if these people do happen to be beautiful they may still feel ugly. They are often mistaken for being vain, but really they are incredibly self-conscious and may feel people are constantly staring at them. Medusa’s stare is projected onto others.

Dolores Cannon (02′); Hypnotist who found many of her subjects had lives off planet! Guillaume Apollinaire(08’); Coined the term “surrealism”. Poet, journalist, art critic. Elena Ford (11’) Heiress to Ford Motors fortune. Charged with drunk driving. Marlene Dietrich (16’) Actress/singer remained popular due to constantly re-inventing herself. Uma Thurman (31’); “She’s more than a little haunted” according to John Malkovich [3]. Thought herself as ugly as a teen and actually played Medusa in the film “Percy Jackson & the Olympians”. Frida Khalo; Surrealist painter suffered polio and a bus accident as a teenager. Her self-portraits were a curious blend of complex, dreamlike imagery with an explicit and quite gory depiction of her injuries. Henry Ford; Runs in the family see Elena Ford. Agatha Christie; Murder mystery writer was famous for her psychological suspense.  Prince Albert. Extravagant and outspoken Donald Trump. Woody Allen; Neurotic misfit.  William Hopper and Pierre/Marie Curie Davison.

Algol Sun

These people destroy or create, sometimes in order to create they must destroy. They will attach themselves to a cause with great zeal and passion. Their lust can inspire them to great art or it can sometimes become so intense as to be destructive. There may be a need to be worshipped and regarded as a great figure“head”. This idolization can become like a drug to them.

Liberace (10’) with Mars, Born with a caul, a “head helmet”. Cosmetic plastic surgery left him with a spooky monster face.  Hugh Clapperton (17’); 18th Century Explorer. Marshall Applewhite (18’); Founder of suicide cult “Heavens Gate” and prophet. Debra Winger (19’); Outspoken actress. Pierre Curie (31’); Physicist and pioneer in radioactivity. Ayatollah Khomeini; Extremist, charismatic religious leader and politician. Efron/Hudgens Davison; High School Musical teen showbiz couple. Margot Fonteyn; Prima ballerina with Mars. Don Bachardy; Portrait artist, met life partner, writer Christopher Isherwood at 18, 30 year age gap.  Georges Braque; Cubist painter and “Fauvist” (Meaning “Beasts”).  David Byrne; Singer with “Talking heads”! Brian Eno; Experimental musician and artist. Innovator of ambient music. George Lucas; Star Wars Director.  Eric Satie; Colourful, avant-garde classical composer. Heavy drinker, died of Cirrhosis of the liver.

Algol Moon

Moon here suffers many traumatic emotional experiences. Acute sensitivity. Can be melancholic and prone to depression. Over-active imagination can cause paranoia. The subject may be tempted to turn to drugs or drink to numb the intense feelings of sorrow. Will be passionate about social welfare and human rights. May feel overwhelmed at times by pain in the collective consciousness, expecially after a shocking event like a terrorist attack or an environmental disaster.

Pier Poalo Pasolini (00’); Italian film director, poet, visionary, writer, intellectual. Openly gay in 1940. His work was highly contraversial and critical of consumerism.  Brutally murdered by being run over many times by a car. Christine Keeler (05’); British showgirl who brought down the British government. bought (06’). Patricia Highsmith (17’); Novelist of psychological thrillers. Alcoholic. Seen as hard and cruel or being great fun with a dry, biting with depending on the friend. Bi-sexual never married. Carrie Fisher (30’); “Princess Leia” in Starwars. Bi-polar with alcohol and drug addiction. Peter Sellers (44’); Depressive and insecure behind his roles. Erratic behaviour was esacerbated by alcohol and drug use. Baby Azaria Chamberlain; Stolen by a dingo out in the Australian bush. Kate McCann; Three year old daughter went missing from hotel room. Linda Lovelace; Porn star who later said she was forced into it by her pimp husband. Sid Vicious/Nancy Spungen Davison Chart; Herion addiction, alleged death pact between them. With North Node. Mick Jagger.

Algol Mercury

A deep thinker with a brooding manner. Communicates in an intense, provocative style. Forth right in their speech. Passionate writers, they weave intricate plots and there is an obsessive, compulsive edge to their work. Something about their voice is unique and they may be quite noted for it wether it is speaking or singing. It may be sexy and husky, unusually high or low pitched, whispery or just have a weird accent.

David Beckham (00’); Magical free kicks. Distinctive fashion sense.. Suffers from OCD, everything has to be in straight lines or pairs.  Eric Burdon (07’); “House Of The Rising Sun” Lead singer  with Venus, Jupiter and Uranus! Joan Collins (16’); Actress. Mature sex symbol. Famous for playing man-eaters and femme fatales. Married five times. Johnny Depp (21’); Character Actor. Eery, androgynous appearance. Tends to play misfits and freaks. Clint Eastwood Director and thinking man’s cowboy. Acting roles are mainly loners and outsiders. Julian Clary  Transvestite gay comedian, famous for his double entendres. Salvador Dali Eccentric behaviour reflected in his bizarre paintings.  He had a flamboyant personal style. His craftsmanship was as intricate and elaborate as his personality. Dame Nellie Melba operatic Diva. Jay Leno US stand up comedian and talk show host. No drinking or smoking. Dean Martin “King Of Cool” charismatic, with a relaxed crooning voice. With Mars and Jupiter. Saddam Hussien wrote the Koran in his own blood, Brooke Sheilds Put up as a child model from birth. Brooke had a poor self image despite going onto date a string of famous, powerful and wealthy men. Michael Jackson idolised her and proposed to her a number of times.

VENUS – Prince William. Diana Princess of Wales. Debbie Reynolds.  Sid Vicious with Ceres, died by heroin overdose. Liv Tyler (Capulus) Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill (Capulus) – Debbie Harry (Capulus). King Edward VIII (Capulus) abdicated.

MARS – Anita Byrant singer and anti-gay rights. Brian Jones Rolling stoned..drug abuse and suspicious death. Salvador Dali archetypical bonkers artist. Vic Reeves (Capulus) – Liberace (Capulus).

Algol in Your Chart

If you don’t have a chart, yet get a free one here: FREE HOROSCOPE MAKER. To work out the exact position of Algol, stars move forward through the zodiac at one degree every 72 years. You can find all the star positions here: The Fixed Stars in Longitude Order. *Algol positions:

1900 – 24° 46′ Taurus*
1950 – 25° 28′  Taurus
2000 – 26° 10′ Gemini

1. Medusa’s Head, Diana Rosenberg.

314 thoughts on “Algol ~ Birthdays May 16 to 18

  1. I have it exact conjunct Ceres(in the 9th house) and 3 degrees from my midheaven. Any input on Algol and Ceres?

    1. That’s an interesting question. I think Marina would be best to answer that, she will be online a bit later. I would only guess at some painful issues with seperation or inlaws, as Ceres had her duaghter taken off by Pluto. Might have to look further into Greek mythology to see if there was any link between Medusa and Demeter (the Greek version of Ceres).

    2. I have the same exact thing; and my mother was a demon who allowed my sisters to abuse me, but blamed me for everything. She also helped my ex( a drop dead alcoholic) gain custody of my daughter based on baseless rumors, and made her an extreme alcoholic with suicidal tendencies.

    3. OH no. I am sorry. I hope you can work it out with your daughter. My mother isn’t a demon, but has made mistakes. My older sister went through a phase of beating me up and blaming me. My mom did not punish her. My mom can be obsessive when she can’t control our behavior. Interestingly, I moved across the entire US to be with my husband and my mom acted like I was kidnapped. And when I got together with my boyfriend a couple of years ago, she acted like he was Pluto. My mom is Ceres! Along with the food intolerances I had, my mom also feed us to keep us happy, to remove sadness and illness.

    4. God Susan. That’s awful. Did you mum actually have anything aspect that Ceres of yours? My mother has Mars on Algol and my dad had Mars on Capulus. (Was he her beheader?) She could be a right demon at times and side with my sister against me but nothing like your experience. I’m sorry.

    5. Now that IS a question. Sid Vicious had Ceres on Algol, but he’s an extreme example I guess.There are so many connections with Ceres to Algol I don’t know where to begin. Having Ceres in Algol is like having a double whammy, plus you have it on your MC. I would not like to guess, but its certainly mother related as the MC is how we view society and that is usually coloured by how our mother treated us.
      Algol and Ceres are connected by Sicily, Medusa is on the Sicilian flag, but she is also Ceres with corn added around her head. Southern Europeans used to put Medusas head on their ovens to scare children into eating.(!?) There may even be a connection with diet and anorexia. The discovery chart of Ceres has Algol CONJUNCT CERES!!. I mentioned it here.

      Next project. Ceres!!!!In the mean time this might give you some idea.

    6. Thank you. Sid! I can be very extreme and I have been through several transformations. I have had pain due to seperations, moving, breakups, death. I do have major dietary issues that made me very ill on and off for 2 decades till I discovered the cause. I also have upper back and neck vertebraes that go out of place. My food intolerances could have been the cause or contributed to my skeletal and muscle issues. My mom and I are close, but she can still try to be controlling by guilt tripping(even though I well into adulthood). Thanks again.

    7. I have dreamed about snakes my entire life, found a full rattlesnake skin at 8. My son and I saw one here that no one else I know has seen in these parts.

    8. Hi fushiafairy and Marina – I discovered a couple of links between Ceres and Medusa which while appearing tenuous do have their roots in Greece and Crete and are totally creditable – one strand with Medusa leads back to Crete where she started out as an agricultural goddess whose job it was to protect the land and place of the home, as well as the crops (cf Caitlin Matthews and Robert Graves) – the other, which I like a lot, comes from pre-classical Greece and I picked this up from a professor of antiquities in Greece while I was there in the 80’s, and it has been confirmed by other scholars (including Graves) – Medusa’s story is at least 5k years old, predating the common version of the myth we have, and an older version tells us that it was Mercury and not Zeus that provided Perseus with the weapon with which to cut off Medusa’s head – Zeus gave him an adamantine (note the patriarchal symbolism) sword, but, Mercury gave him a sickle, Ceres very trademark symbol and a connection with the Moon and planting/reaping cycles – this makes sense to me as the story is also about reaping what one sows, as you have suggested above, and I think a sickle would also go with Medusa as an agricultural goddess….I happen to think there are other links too, but, more on that another time perhaps once I’ve ferreted out more sources….would love to see you give Ceres a go Marina!

    9. as you might expect Mercury should read for the Greek Hermes and, get this, at the Full Moon asteroid Hermes was exact square the Sun/Moon at 26 Aquarius!

    10. My ceres is conjunct my north node (19′) at 21 taurus in 10th, not sure if this qualifies as being conjunct algol, too wide an orb? Thankfully I don’t have any awful incidences to report that I can relate to this aspect. I do have some of the possessive mother issues, but I think that has more to do with her ceres conjunct my pluto (my ceres aspects nothing in her chart). Also, my mum is a complete garden freak…she’s obsessed with all things green…and she especially loves pruning or ‘dead heading’ as you put it…stripping things bare so they can grow strong again. Maybe the ceres/algol/NN is an expression of this trait in my mother!

      The strange thing is that as I began writing this comment I was racking my brains trying to think of any head or neck related injury I might have had and I immediately thought of my birth! When I was born I was pretty much lifeless…the cord was tangled around my neck and had cut off the air/blood supply through my neck. Luckily I was revived and apart from those first 3 wks of intensive care, I grew up perfectly healthy.

      As a side note, I’ve read that pluto in hard aspect to the ascendant can relate back to a traumatic birth, which would explain a general distrust of people and life because of those first moments in life (or in my case, almost dying then having to spend 3 wks in an incubator away from my parents). This can cause you to go through life preparing for the worst to happen again, life’s a constant survival! On a happier note, I have jupiter exactly square my pluto and sitting on my descendant so perhaps that represented the kind doctors and nurses who had my back, or those people I generally encounter in life who are always there to help out when I need them!

      Back to ceres/algol. When I was 18 I suffered a seizure, in addition to numerous others in the years that followed. Nothing was ever officially diagnosed. However, the neurologist did ask if there had been any head injuries earlier in life, and my birth was what jumped straight to my mother’s mind. I think this is smoething she still feels guilty about, like it’s her fault when clearly it’s not! Another interesting point is that these seizures began when I was at the peak of my teenage dieting phase. Lack of nutrition and exam stress are what I believe caused the seizures. To this day I’m still on medication for undiagnosed epilepsy. I had always attributed my mercury/jupiter/uranus/pluto/asc t-square to this. But maybe the ceres/NN/algol connection relates to an underlying weakness in my head/neck area, caused during birth, and triggered by inadequate nutrition!?!?!

  2. Thanks Marina and Jamie

    This is just brilliant! I knew when you were not answering your posts like you usually do that you might be working on an inspiration.

    Halfway through I was going to ask about oppositions to Algol and I see you anticipated the question. Thanks for that!


    Thanks for this.


    1. Cheers 🙂 Re; Oppositions. Do you mean from the full Moon post? Because we still only use conjunctions to the fixed stars.

    2. HI Marina

      My reply ended up way at the end of this thread.

      Sorry about the confusion, I was typing fast and have had my head in the astrology notes the last few days. I typed ‘opposition’ and meant ‘Opposite or Nemesis’

      My thoughts when reading on the strong energy of Algol was what is it’s opposite. I think you and Jaime answered that with Capulus?

      My thoughs are always about what balances this?



  3. Excellent article on a poorly understood demon….and very timely during this lunation. 😉

    1. Thanks 🙂 Yes the Moon was inspiring to me. (Moon square natal Pallas Athena) I had to get this out. Ironically I have had a sore throat for a few days, maybe it will go now!

    2. Then Marina I feel very honoured that you did my Solar Return Chart during your inspiration time. By the way you look radiantly beautiful in your new picture. Probably your honeymoon.
      Unbeknown to me I quess I was living this out in that I struggled with my relationship and then he changed women and suddenly he was going to cut off her head as well as her friends.
      Unfortunately he didn’t realize he was speaking to a police officier as she’d run to them post haste and he spent a couple months in jail as well as having his machette removed. But later they continued. I departed. On a homegoing trip I noted this comparison of me with Medussa in a very exhausted moment I might note. Good to know that she had something to do with agriculture as I am more and more feeling our vegys’ are yuk. in the stores.

    3. Thanks Charyl, I thought It was time I changed my avatar from my miserable looking pre-Jamie one!
      Twas luck of the draw in terms of when I did your Solar Return. But I should’ve known I’d need Medusa’s help since you have Sun on Capulus! Very fated huh.

  4. The entire connection to the genome project is frightening and yet I’m totally getting it now.. it blows me away. The research done here is excellent!

    Whoah Marina- this is amazing because there is so much to add to this being that you just opened the door to another dimension of understanding.

    In doing some small research in the Medusa mythology due to the asteroid 149 and its movements and placement, some of the correspondences of the mythology of Medusa also brought about an idea of “technology gone wild”, considering that Medusa was “altered by the Gods” on a level not normally attainable, but the idea of DNA and manipulation of it, thrown in there makes it scarey!

    This is not just “optical Lazar surgery” (my husband with asteroid Medusa on the ASC in Gemini conjunct Betelgeuse(!) and Pan (the robust force of nature in the human body, perhaps)and Dionysus(an elated and spiritual side of sensuality? also associated with Alcohol))

    Algol conjunct his NN, Mars and Mercury. (respectively 25.07, 25.52, 26.33) This is close stuff, huh?

    But what can I say about this Gemini man? He’s quite brilliant, sometimes seemingly too cool and sometimes overwhelmingly warm and sexy, absolutely sexy! He’s picky, demanding and often a pain in my back side, but gives me space to do what I want allot of the time.. yet he demands total loyalty, and I confess that I’ve been privileged to the have the friendship of a pop-star I had always had a crush on, but my husband knows he’s the only one.. and he just knows it.. and he’s deadly right too.

    For me, he has the most beautiful eyes. 🙂

    1. Thanks AET :)) Yes, Looking at where Medusa the asteroid falls in our chart can help us understand Algol if we are not blessed (or cursed) with this star!
      Thanks for the feedback on your Algol man. How is your synastry with his Algol points?
      My daughter has Lilith on Algol, she has amazing big blue eyes and the longest lashes ever. And oh god the stare… At aged 7 she is now fascinated by Medusa. We watched this together and she loved it. I let her sleep in my bed that night because it scared her abit.. Clash of the Gods- Medusa

    2. Its scarey stuff.. I watched the entire thing and it made me to a search for somethings.. and one thing lead to another and

      I must have just lost my head, finding a video on youtube concerning an incident in Brazil which happened in 1987 concerning 10 grams of Cesium 137 chloride, neglecting that the video was in a collection by the IAEA on youtube.

      Because the news report mentioned “a handful” when 10 grams is hardly a “handful” its not even a tablespoon (15 grams).. and yet it sickened and killed a number of people and left 200 plus individuals contaminated.. a tiny amount

      and I posed the question, does TEPCO insist that the world is overreacting to the 80,640 kilos of nuclear fuel, melting down in reactor one?

      I knew there was a problem when it said the comment was bring screened and I looked who put out the video again, and it was an official channel.. 😛

      I wonder if I’m going to be banished from the internet for loosing my head and loosing my cool? Or am I just really really paranoid.. 😉

  5. Images in our mass consciousness of aliens may well be images of ourselves in the future, bigger brain, narrower lower jaw. Evolution is going in that direction anyway. Genetic technology may be the tool to speed it up. We evolved an evolutionary tool.

    1. I saw this one a few weeks ago, and to tell you the truth the video has allot of hidden stuff in there-

      Not the fact that the man when the robotic body is laying there while the man is in space and dead, so the soul is in the robotic body.. and the transformations of the “alien” suggests this blending between the ideas of not only trans-humanism but also when the man turns into a man from the robotic body suggesting that there is a change to take place, where machines become human..

      Also that the dark skin man was made light skinned in the transformation as well saying in a subconscious way that his perceived race or colour was something he had to “evolve from”.. which means to me a message that he wasn’t “good enough” before he transformed. And that is like the troubling message that people are getting from many sources in a time and age where there should have long been accepted the colour of skin as it is.

      But the very ending was very much for me about a suggestion of bestiality, and although very beautifully done, very much taking many ideas that are in fact floating around about changing deliberately the human genome and making us effectively “better” because we need to be genetically modified (according to those damned space documentaries that my son insists upon watching). It’s probably like what you say, when man decides that they can be the “God” which as we all know now, has dire consequences.

      And it reminds me, I recently did a voice part of an alien in a Machinima, called “An Alien in my Bed” by Loris Rizzo- his take on the entire alien thing was quite interesting although quite processed.

    2. Very Pluto and Persephone too.

      “I’ma disrobe you, than I’mma probe you
      See I abducted you, so I tell ya what to do”

  6. I too find this fascinating, I am a amateur Astrologer can you tell me how I find Algol in my chart. Thanks.

  7. Thelema and Louisiana. 06/01/66 Murfreesboro Tenn. Sewart Air Force base.
    Why am I the only Sovereign I know ? Bring on the Golden Age !!!

  8. Loren louisiana: Thelema and Louisiana. 06/01/66 Murfreesboro Tenn. Sewart Air Force base.Why am I the only Sovereign I know ? Bring on the Golden Age !!!

    Follow the white Rabbit !!!!

  9. I too have a fondness for Medusa . . . I tried to paint her in my high school art class, many moons ago . . . she actually came out more beautiful than ugly, as I couldn’t get the snakes down correctly and she wanted to be beautiful ~ so, I let her. Then I gave up the painting for many years, and now I’m back to it. The first painting that was calling to me was the one I did back then, Medusa. So we went round again, and this time, she is again beautiful, but oh so very powerful. My friend who saw her said, “you don’t want to mess with her”, lol. It was very funny, but very true ~

  10. The thing about serpents and enlightenment, I beleive they do go hand in hand. And sexuality added in, but maybe that’s not for everyone. I also think you wake yourself up to this idea of becoming or awakening to the god within. The time is ripe for that apple to be picked. And I neglected to add re: my first painting of Medusa, I gave her away. Such is what I did with my art back then and my borders were leaky and I had no power. Time and experience changes you, don’t you think?

    1. Hi Lilly, Lets see your Medusa!!
      I lost a lot of artwork and I know about leaky borders too. Yes, yes experience gives you wisdom and power. Youth is wasted on the young…Baa! I’m a grumpy old git now.

  11. This fixed star is opposite a Venus/Ceres conjunction of mine in Scorpio…there has been a slew of soap operas in my love life..quite the learning experience to say the least.

  12. late taurus is pussy when angol shoves off? Gemini turns on the charm?

    My mon has mercury conq. this degree, square mars/aquarius and used to discribe swimming in a quarry w/ non-poisonous water moccasins, “It was like swimming w/ leather belts,” she has large staring blue eyes, gallons of hair. at the beach we’d find her clams and watch them slide live down her throat. Although a conciousentious parent, (capricorn moon) Emotion irritates her. She loves nature and will go into muddy areas to see snapping turtles, or get up to see the sky. She has a very good mind, can add columns of numbers and wanted to be a chemist, but her mother made her major in English. The truth is we, (4 younger kids) were brought up by my older pisces sister as mother wouldn’t talk to us, unless we were sick then it was her project to get us better. when my dad and sister were sick she was at their beck and call, traveling to NYC etc, to be w/ sis.
    very nice article marina

    1. “late taurus is pussy when angol shoves off?” This is Alcyone and the Pleiades. They don’t get a good review by the old writers either, another research project.

  13. nb: the arabic word for alcohol is khamra- from the noun yeast, verb ferment. algol the star is al ghoul, the ghoul in arabic. it can perhaps be translated as demon, but why? ghoul is a word. in arab/islamic tradition a ghoul has an independent identity, whereas a demon has the capability of possessing other entities, and perhaps is created by dysfunctional psychology/spirituality. d-m-n in arabic is to guarantee, its forms include the words for addiction/addict. the etymological mix-up for alcohol and al ghoul may arise from the gh, which in arabic is one letter, ghein, though as we see in english requires the consonant blend gh. anyway, though it seems there is a direct link between english demon and arabic daman, all the sources i’ve looked at link english demon to latin, which of course doesn’t mean the romans didn’t get it from arabic. sanskrit daaman is fetter/string/cord.

    1. So would you say that demon is not an accurate translation but alcohol is?

    2. Since ancient times Arabs knew her behavior strange star fired by the name of the star-Ghoul (Algol), and the name of this terrible fired by the ancient Arabs because of their behavior strange Vsroh within their vision of the sky as an arena for conflict between the gods and demons .. Known in Arabic as the “Perseus” is situated in a Perseus (perseus) Indeed, under the group (Cassiopeia) and can be seen in the southern part of the sky.

      What is strange in this star who made the Arabs see the evil?

      In September we see the light of this star is emitted in a frequency. And strange in the fact that the power of its rays weaken the 69 hours to a minimum and then bounce back to a normal level. The frequency of very short compared with the frequency of light the rest of the stars, and suggests as if the star threatened to send signals Kqrat drums, so Valtsourat Arabic for her role on the stage of divine match perfectly with the strange behavior. Is it possible to be the star that inspired the verse star slapper?
      The fact that the name came from the ancient Arabic shows that people knew this since ages. However, the interpretation of this phenomenon came in 1782 when the English astronomer John Goodricke to reveal the secret behind this strange behavior. It emerged that the star-Ghoul is not one star but two orbiting each other, to the degree that even the telescope can not be separated from some. At the same time, the Kz of the earth comes directly in the level of the orbital so that we see them when one of them in front of the other and then become behind. In terms of the strength of lighting each one of them different Azemia we see the power of light Qarea difference. When the star is poor lighting in the front cover to strong light, and then disclosed after moving to the back. This is similar to signals from the Al-Manar.

    3. Al-Manar, the Beacon, like a light house? Warning of danger. So we are dealing to two stars, an eclipsing binary because we see it side on.

    4. Hi jamie !
      More Algol Celebrities …..
      Asc: Christa McAuliffe, teacher (died in Challenger disaster); Carl Sagan, astronomer (active in anti-nuclear movement).

      MC: Albrecht Durer, artist; Jackie Robinson, baseball star.

      Sun: Prince Metternich, Austrian diplomat/statesman; Pierre Curie, scientest (killed in accident); Empress Maria Theresa of Austria (mother of Marie Antoinette); Paul Zindel, Peter Shaffer, Arthur Schnitzler, playwrights; William Lilly, astrologer; L Frank Baum, author (Oz books); Ayatollah Khomeini, Iranian leader; Jasper Johns, artist; Henry Fonda, actor; Liberace, pianist; Margot Fonteyn, ballerina;

      Moon: Mick Jagger, rock star; John Calvin, religious reformer; Werner Von Braun, rocket scientist;

      Mercury: Albrecht Durer, artist; Cole Porter, songwriter; John Browning, pianist; Oliver Cromwell, statesman/persecutor of Catholics; Byron “Whizzer” White, football star/Associate Justice, US Supreme Court; Pancho Gonzales, tennis champion; Zubin Mehta, conductor; Maraquita Platov, poet;

      Venus: David Rose, composer/conductor; Prince William of England; Yogi Berra, baseball star;

      Mars: General Andrew Jackson, US President; Mario Cuomo, Governor of NY; Charles Addams, cartoonist (“The Addams Family”); Franz Kafka, author; Salvadore Dali, artist; Martin Bormann, Nazi leader; Margot Fonteyn, ballerina;

      Jupiter: N Lenin, communist dictator; Jean-Paul Sartre, existentialist philosopher; Samuel Pepys, diarist; P T Barnum, showman; Cecil B DeMille, filmmaker; Carolus Linnaeus, botanist; (Helio Jupiter: Tamerlane, conqueror); Pablo Picasso, artist;

      Saturn: St Joan of Arc, warrior/martyr (burned at the stake-Saturn ruled her 8th house); Lon Chaney, Bela Lugosi, Marcia Mason, actors; Richard Nixon, US President; Richard Speck, murderer.

      Uranus: John Lennon (murdered), Bob Dylan, singers/songwriters; Samuel T Coleridge, poet; George Bernard Shaw, critic/playwright;

      Neptune: C E O Carter, astrologer; Artur Rubenstein, pianist; Bela Lugosi, actor; Gen, George Patton; Neils Bohr, physicist; Ezra Pound, poet;

      Pluto: Alexander the Great, conqueror; Joseph Stalin, communist dictator; Gen. Douglas MacArthur; Moses Maimonides, philosopher/physician/lingust/author of Mishneh Torah; Mata Hari, exotic dancer/spy (executed); Albert Einstein, physicist; Isadora Duncan, dancer (accidentally strangled); Wanda Landowska, harpsichordist;

      NNode: Field Marshal Irwin Rommel; Ramakrishna, mystic/author; Winslow Homer, artist; Leo Delibes, composer;

      SNode: Shah Reza Pahlevi of Iran; Manly Palmer Hall, astrologer; Sam Goldwyn, producer; Pierre Trudeau, Canadian PM; Natalie Wood, actress;

      AND ALGOL & MARS ….Mars and Algol are connected with weapons and attacks. If badly placed or aspected, severe wounds to the head and eyes are possible. If the native strongly responds to this conjunction, they could be the instigators of attacks both cruel and clever. The Elspeth Ebertin indicates that this combination increases the risk of bad teeth. She also gave examples of this combination in the charts of serial murderers.
      Aspects to the combination are of the utmost importance. Easy aspects from 9th house planets reinforce moral rectitude. A client with a Mars-Algol conjunction in his 10th house, squared by Venus in Leo, has made unsuccessful attempts to run for political office. He abused his former wife, then abandoned her and their children, and continually involves his family and friends in his legal machinations. He has lost jobs because of sexual harassment charges. He has assumed the role of the Gorgon toward others, and suggestions for further professional counseling have been ignored.

    5. Thanks!
      Eeeek… as I said. Mother. Algol on Mars, Father Algol on Capulus. Grandmother (who looked after me alot) Algol MC. I grew up with Algol!
      Oh and not forgetting Daughter, Lilith on Algol. Algol, but I get Mars conjunct Lilith instead and Sun square Medusa.

    6. Thanks!
      YOU are always pleasant and happy person and was wondering if you were born and where and what time. …. I have an articles for you about solar eclipse.

    7. Yes I did wonder how accurate this was. It sounds the same of course but does demon/algol really mean alcohol? Thanks for the extra info Gina.

    8. Further thoughts. I do like the translation “independant entity”. Maybe this is independant thought too, again it goes back to being your own sovereign and your own guru.

  14. I’m trying to insert a photo. I just finally added my photos to my computer. Even though I put it on my desktop,I don’t seem to be able to paste a phote here. Any suggestions?

    Thanks : )

    1. Hi Lilly – the format needs to be JPEG, and so long as you click on ‘choose file’ and follow through it should automatically appear when you post comment – let us know if this is still not working……

  15. fascinating as always guys. My lovely son has Mars on Algol, he’s a tad argumentative and prone to psychosis and making horror films but no signs of world domination as yet!
    with regard to snakes and dna, I recently read Jeremy Narby’s book linking the dna double helix with the Ayahuascera vine and the snake visions it induces. He, as a scientist, came to the conclusion that plants impart medical knowledge. I guess all good shamans know that already. For a good precis, try

    1. I think my Mum should’ve made some horror films..(Mars on Algol too). Yes the plants imparting knowledge I go with, I like Terence McKennas “Food Of The Gods”. Like Rob says somewhere further along this thread, matter is sacred too and the plants know things…Ophuichus is the constellation for that also.

  16. Years ago I stood for a long time in front of the statue Perseus with the Head of Medusa by Antonio Canova, 1804-1806 in the Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC.

    What came to me then was that this was a symbolic declaration of the defeat of women as respected vessels of Wisdom and spiritual power – the Death of the High Priestess. I saw the Medusa Head not as an actual monster at all – but rather as a metaphor for a woman who had opened all her chakras, whose kundalini power was intensely activated and producing massive energy swirling around her head. The halos often seen in mediaeval religious paintings reflect the awareness of how the human aura, especially around the head/the crown chakra, is profoundly changed by enlightenment.

    Kundalini is usually compared with Serpent Power – and thus, at least to me in that moment, the snakes on Medusa’s head were symbolic of her frightful and awesome Shakti Power, her superb enlightenment, and her psychic abilities (the siddhis in Sanskrit). She could see the future, remote view any portion of the earth and other dimensions, read all hearts and minds, communicate with others like her over great distances, perhaps make herself invisible or shape shift, and heal disease. Tyrants are fearful of these abilities – especially in women, because such ‘knowledge’ has the power to expose the true ego-centric intentions of tyrannical manipulations. Thousands were burned at the stake during the Inquisition – for the same reason.

    Empathic women were used as oracles for many years in the rituals of the Pythia, in Delphi and Delos. I have a past life memory of being one of these at Delos. But as time passed and moved human consciousness deeper into the Kali Yuga, women were stripped of their spiritual place in the western world and the sword took over. This statue was a public announcement of this.

    1. As for Algol, my dear, darling, and wonderful husband has this much maligned star conj. his Mars. Even though we have only been together for 3 and a half years now, I find him to be the kindest, most generous, loving man I have ever known. He truly has a heart of gold. I must say, New Zealand men are often splendid.

      This illustrates the fact that a chart will tell you everything about a person – except the level of their Evolution on the spiraling path Home. You cannot tell how spiritually evolved a person is by looking at their map. Good aspects will produce horrid acts and difficult aspects will forge greatness.

      Again I say that Jamie & Marina should rewrite the star dictionary. It is time and they would make a wonderful contribution to the art of astrology – beyond Victorian verbal rubbish.

    2. Yes, I’ve been noticing lately how much I appreciate an updated book – usually health related. It’s become a must. So I second the motion.

    3. Totally agree with this Susan re Medusa, and your comment below about soul evolution, the need for ‘Victorian verbal rubbish’ to be binned, although its the prejudices this carries that is most problematic – I think J & M are engaged with this, but, seems we are pretty much all contributing to this here, as a collective voice – its a long overdue overhaul of the whole language of astrology, and invoking the symbols of and working with the ‘seeing’ powers (that we all have) is defo happening – its really in the application though that the difference is made – and, all the outer (and inner) dross must get shaken loose for the shining orb within to show its radiant face…..divination also offers a path of personal development, so, assists the paradigmatic shift – I don’t believe it is any coincidence that we are paying so much attention to these symbols now, as you did in the MMA – ‘welcome to the future’!

      ….just an aside on the evolutionary aspects of astrology – it is certainly in the nature of astrology to offer a mirror that can assist in soul/spiritual evolution and the transformation of personal consciousness – from a purely pragmatic sense I have also invariably found with astrology, as with many other forms of divination, that engaging together with the reading (of the map) takes the potential for the evolution to a higher level – however, it is only the individual themselves who can realise that potential, it cannot be done for another, but, the best possibilities also seem enhanced by being physically present together at the reading….

    4. Well, I hasten to be so bold Susan, but I had recently been working with some folks online, with books, as it were, and I began to have “kundalini like experiences . . .after a month or so, these sessions, went through body part after body part, ending in my head region. I became frightened as I did not know what was happening to me or if I could trust the source. These “energies” worked their way through my head, my brain, for days and many hours. I cannot say I am now “enlightened”, but I will say words you say resonate with me. I had always been empathic to a degree, but I had found I would get lost in the feelings, especially of the negative type, toward me. Healing and shapeshifting, are akin to my being, for many reasons. I would say this quantifyably, that is, I am keen to be at peace, in the moment, out of my head, in nature, where I live, breath and am truly alive, sending out high energies, forgiving others and letting it be, letting go of the outcome, etc., you get the picture. I am not constant, but it is my space. I hesitate even speaking of this as there is so much out there that is sugar coated, and to me what I am saying is not a be all and end all. Just what is so these days.

    5. Susan, I have to confess this is also an angle that I’ve been working on, within my art works for a long time. Previously to creating a few sketches for asteroids (one was Medusa) I took note before I started drawing her, I had already had this number of images, where I have a female figure.. eyes closed, third eye open with all these eyes linked up to the third eye by tendrils that go through the ethereal and material world.

      Now although I have not consciously seen it so often in that way, on a subconscious level, and an ongoing theme, these tendrils, and silvery threads I have perceived as touching everyone simultaneously that people have some kind of contact with. When I was younger I used to “see” them in the dark blowing in the astral wind off my hands when I noticed some kind of connection between people.

      Obviously these threads represented the way I did, with eyes coming out, are not unlike “Medusa’s snakes”, they are however much more reaching.. and can “see” everywhere.

      So I thought about the senses of the snake itself, and imagined not only the various sets of eyes, but also the various perspectives of perceptions that a head full of snakes would possess compared to our dimensions of human perception, such as heat vision, the number of angles and even the sense of smell by tasting the air..with the Jacob’s organ that snakes and cats possess. And imagined that overwhelming amount of unrestricted and unfiltered information.

      Yes, the danger about Medusa is that her symbol is that of someone no one can keep any secret from.. if the snakes don’t see it, her “third eye” does… like an x-ray into the soul. The ultimate “dragon” for the male to slay, her wisdom is both poison and healing, and that depth of the dangerous duality, the information and power, her own death, to be as a kind of prize.

      She relates to the dragon slaying myths where the man must slay the dragon to “save the maiden”.

      But in the modern world as a symbol, she is made into various new symbols, such as that of Hyginea (asteroid 10) and her snakes. So powerful is the idea of the healing and the snake (symbolic of the opening of the base chakra up to the crown) it still can be seen on various images from the apothecary (slowing being removed by “big pharma” who seek to sequester and hijack this healing symbol as something else all together).

      I asked in my philosophy course long ago, why wasn’t there any female philosophers noted in the books.. and the professor paused and scratched his head and said, that there must have been some kind of input of the modern philosophical thought from the Oracles who influenced the thinking of Pythagoras and that of Socrates.

      The parts of history left out of the books are the most exciting parts, such as the fact that the Oracles were not so unlike going to your local reader in the I Ching, in China in the square, before Mao banned them under the laws created against “the perpetuation superstition”. (as Clif High has pointed out)

      We have as human society have been cut off completely almost by that total natural world of mystical thought, and Medusa is also a symbol of this break, yes, its true. And we should never forget that because it means allot to us to remember what we have collectively lost when we became “less superstitious” and more “logical” by violent force which continues today over the small enclaves and shades of Medusa’s wisdom symbols that had flourished, hidden in plain sight.

      Other enclaves of the symbolic wisdom flourish in such minor symbolic ideas such as the growing of one’s hair in dreadlocks.. as a spiritual journey in various groups of people, not just monks practicing the denial of the needs of the material world in their journey to discover their own enlightenment and transcendence of it in their practices, thus do not comb nor do they cut their hair… and this is not just men but also women on that path.

      [reference below]

      “Medusa’s Hair: An Essay on Personal Symbols and Religious Experience Book Description

      The great pilgrimage center of southeastern Sri Lanka, Kataragama, has become in recent years the spiritual home of a new class of Hindu-Buddhist religious devotees. These ecstatic priests and priestesses invariably display long locks of matted hair, and they express their devotion to the gods through fire walking, tongue-piercing, hanging on hooks, and trance-induced prophesying.”

      As you can see, all of these things are rather personal to my own experience of perceiving the world and relates personally to what you have written also.

      AET 🙂

    6. right with you there again AET – ‘hidden in plain sight’ is a good way to put it too, and I’ve sometimes wondered if the hiddenness has also been a necessary protection of those abilities and knowledge while the heresy of scientism, material culture and power-over has been so rampant – time comes!……and the wisdom/poison nature reminds me of the ‘lefthand/right hand’ application of these abilities – would love to see some of the artwork you mention… 🙂

    7. Yay! I have always seen the hair as antennae. Great link. If we go to the Katy Perry video again, we see her floating in space, like a medusa jelly fish, tentacles reaching out.

      So all these artistic Algol people are vessels tapping into the collective sea of consciousness. The 12th house, Neptune (Pegasus’s dad).

      I like:
      “Yes, the danger about Medusa is that her symbol is that of someone no one can keep any secret from.. if the snakes don’t see it, her “third eye” does… like an x-ray into the soul. The ultimate “dragon” for the male to slay, her wisdom is both poison and healing, and that depth of the dangerous duality, the information and power, her own death, to be as a kind of prize.”

    8. This makes me think of the 60s revolution, much of which took place via hair! It seems absurd now but men with long hair… It was a serious issue then and the first time since the war people could really let their hair down. For a generation of people with the highly combustive and creative Pluto in Leo it was an instant way to make statement.

      Btw is the square ever considered with fixed stars?

    9. Just wanted to add to this discussion on hair-

      I remember earlier this year reading a book written by an Australian about the Ancient Civilizations,specifically Lemuria (I think)which mentions that our hair used to conduct information and was an extension of consciousness.

      So hair was long and alive,picking up signals right to their very ends…

      Maybe that’s why the Armed Forces insist on ‘short,back and sides’ – keeps them brainwashed and compliant!

      Ahyhow at the time I thought it was an intriguing (SP?)concept, as have grown my hair long since the birth of my first child and am loath to dye my greys now…

      Bring on the old crone…heh,heh,heh.

    10. No only conjunctions to fixed stars.
      Re: Hair. Must be a subconscious thing then, but I’ve never liked shaved head men. But it seems to be the fashion in the uk. Most pubs are filled with men who look like they are in the forces. (Thats the 40ish age bracket, all the young ones have that emo backwards hair)

      I went to Paris years ago (not sure if it’s still the same) but I was in heaven, lots floppy fringes and hair longer than a few inches and even a few cravats! Parisian men all look like poets..I noticed that in world cup too. The french/italians, longer hair 🙂

      Not keen on long, long men hair though. Too merlin.

    11. I look at hair like this (being that I do have Saturn in Aries and its placement seems important)

      A time for everything- anything goes!

      Seriously, monks sometimes shave their heads, to let the light into the head/crown chakra and the pineal gland is light sensitive in fact it supposedly has light receptors so it is sort of really an “eye”, even though buried deeply in the head.. other times, people on a natural path need to induce their spiritual path by letting go.. all things are a part of the experience… even the disciplinary hair cuts of the “military” but take note of how few women would dare shave their heads willingly.. and if they do, they are usually marked down as “crazy”.

      I see hair as the moment of the identity, like a snapshot, and I think its quite symbolic when someone has their hair cut to conform, of if they have their hair cut to gain something.. that someone TAKES it, remember is what they did in Norway to the women who were supposedly Nazi sympathizers or had some relationship to them.. and made it a mark disgrace.. or a woman to become a Buddhist monk and shave her hair off to let go of the “unnecessary” and become physically “minimalist” while seeking the spiritual path..

      There are so many spectrums.

      And then there is the idea that my son brings up, and this is that if he cuts his hair he won’t be himself anymore… so when he says this, he’s touching on an important point… its a part of identity (my little boy with the Leo ASC and Aries Moon/Vesta conjunct MC- thinks his hair is important to who HE IS) and for him it may be true!

    12. Alterego: Reading in my Tib. myst. book last night this:
      The process/cycle of dissolving again crystallized forms into the normal stream of life and consciousness. Integration/perfection process of dissolving into wholeness.
      Demonstrates the egolessness and non substantiality, the mutability and relativity of all form, its emptiness of any abiding or absolute quality. This is taught in every Tibetian training of meditation, so that there is absolutely no room for misunderstandings or for getting attached to one’s own experiences and achievements. He who realizes that actuality (reality)is the product of our own actions (which start in the mind) will be thoroughly freed from the materialistic conception of the world as a “given” reality. This is by far more convincing than theo. or philoso. arguements. It is a practical experience – infinitely deeper going effect than the intellectual conviction because “the act of spiritual vision transforms the seer; which obviously demonstrates the extreme opposite to the act of “perception”, which differentiates the perceiver from the object of perception and thus makes him conscious of his narrow separateness.” (Ludwig Klages) from Foundations of Tibetian Mysticism pg. 104
      I’m unsure if I’m learning this rightly as I’m applying to it a recent experience of suddenly realizing I had just updated my role in a simple revolving of the mind when saturn was opposing Uranus. Then did I realize the Power of the mind to make it’s own story. Moon in Aq. it follows that it was about my Motherhood and daughter. To me oppositions are awareness from within and this is where this awakening took place. Like Rip Van Winkle Having said that I also am inclined to strongly feel that every word is ordained. So go figure. Growing pains.

    13. When I say “perception” it is because I have no other name for it, as it is not “seeing” because I do not use my eyes, it is not hearing because I do not use my ears, it is not smelling, nor is it touching nor is it tasting.. but sometimes some of those physical based sensations are a part of the “perception”- and my experience has been accidental and free of expectation.

      I have remembered some times where I would be in a hotel, and could see/feel/perceived everyone through the walls as though they were transparent and all humans glowed with life light.. and yet stopped myself from “looking” farther to put the breaks on my experience because I know although I can do some things, do I have the training to deal with what I may find?

      I see the opposition of Saturn to Uranus in transit as being a time for balancing the energies of both, and if there is one that is getting more attention than the other, you need to carefully adjust the scales…

      Opposition says to me that both planetary energies are on, but need to have equal ground. I should also take my own advice on that due to the Pluto opposition to my natal Mars- I know that I often back down from conflicts, but sometimes one needs to stand up too, even when opponents are very big and powerful, because its part of the way things need to play out, the balance needed-

    14. Beautiful Susan, thanks. In my mind Kundalini or the chalkra system’
      travels both upwards “gyzer” to the unfolding of the Universe, and downwards to bring “as above, so below” to earth by the pure balanced channel. Learned by rare moments of experience followed by research. In my mind now this takes a discipline to effect balance so I think I would have to renew my practice of yoga to effect bringing “god’s will” so to speak, through to be done “on earth as in heaven” in neutrality, non attachment. I believe these other powers exist but not sure if they are side trips.
      I remember at one point wanting those snakes out of my head. Perhaps being aware of mis use of those powers. My teacher appeared in 1974 in my 30’s. It was a difficult time for a knee locked tauras.
      Just because it all sounds so otherworldly I’ll tell the story of how I first gyzered up. I was daring to go as is to a dance,on creative cope, with a crush on my neighbour. Finally he asked me to dance and suddenly he pushed his knee between my legs on the floor there, and the gyzer took off, up it went and splayed out overtop of my head and I went into a space and totally obedient, totally following his lead. Don’t think it lasted long.
      I love reading that once we get that we can dissolve whatever we’ve created knowing that it all begins in our minds anyway, we realize that this reality is NOT a given and that it is our selfishness that blocks the overall attunement to our wholeness. Just tuning in here.
      In these readings to go beyond systems as in shamanism seems to be something that might interest me now as I find a couple new experiences of nature responding to me. However, what you said about Medussa representing the defeat of the Hi Prietess touched a chord and I especially like the idea of you standing there feeling the story unfold.
      Glad to hear that your husband represents the higher use of an aspect.

  17. I am trying to add this image of my painting of medusa. stylized as it were. It is posted in the JPEG part on this page. Hope it works. Understand, that is is not quite finished. I feel it is a bit of both sexes. Leaning toward the feminine, of course.

  18. OK, I just figured out how to add my pic’s to my computer, and I just took this picture after I charged my phone, while cooking dinner and reading the camera manual for the umteenth time, and forgetting again because I so seldom use the camera because I couldn’t see my pictures because they were never put on my computer. . . take a breath Lilly . . . yes, so, the upper inch on the jpec, isn’t in the painting, that is background that really should be cropped, as soon as I get a minute. . . and the spot on her chin, is a stroke that I left there, meaning to get back to it at some point but as I said, her attributes are mostly feminine but masculine as well, so I left it for the time. Up close she is almost female pan. . .

  19. This is actually very cool, to see my work out of my living room, albeit small space, onto and into the greater beyond. . . to who knows how will see it/her and feel or react. . . crazy shit be that. . . lol

  20. lilly: I began to have “kundalini like experiences . . .after a month or so, these sessions, went through body part after body part, ending in my head region. I became frightened as I did not know what was happening to me or if I could trust the source. These “energies” worked their way through my head, my brain, for days and many hours.

    Lilly – You need to reconnect with the earth-plane for a time to balance out this experience. Actually you sound fine to me. This is the big problem with experiencing these kundalini events without a guide. And I totally understand how difficult empathic abilities can be especially when you can feel what people are in fact thinking/feeling no matter what face they put on things. Cyberspace is an excellent example – aren’t we all a lot more connected, feeling each other, here than we care to admit. I think this is why online sex has become such a rampant addiction. The invisible forces are more powerful than we have been educated to accept.

    In the old days, the previous cycles of time, people like you, AET, rob, etc. would have been selected and placed in special Wisdom training schools which would have given us the necessary education to use our god-given gifts in service to others, and protected us at the same time.

    Essentially what everyone goes through is an Armageddon-like battle with our own demons. You sound very strong and on your chosen path. The God-with you would not have allowed you to experience this if you really were not ready. Some force their Kundalini and pay. But you sound fine to me. Nestle your body down on the grass under a big tree and connect with the eternal within you.

    You may also want to read a bit more for balance, to enhance and further understand intellectually what you have experienced so that it will not be wasted. Knowledge will release you from all fear. Thank you for having the courage to share your awakening.

    And your painting is lovely. Interesting to me that she is blue …

    1. A good book on this:
      KUNDALINI TANTRA by Swami Satyananda Saraswati
      Yoga Publications Trust, Munger, Bihar, India
      last reprint of 10! in 2009

    2. Susan
      Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. Yes, I am fine now and doing as you suggest. But was not the case 10 days ago when this was coming to fruition. I was going off the deep end not getting any support from the people I was connecting with. Sink or swim I guess.

      “You may also want to read a bit more for balance, to enhance and further understand intellectually what you have experienced so that it will not be wasted.”

      Could you be more forthcoming with this Susan? I do not want to waste it, rest assured.

      As for her being blue. The first one was all blue, different shades of course. But this one would not allow me to duplicate, as much as I tried to. So, I let her be what is. She spoke to me, as the Sidhe. I love them. I have also read lately about another blue race people, although in this moment who they are escapes me, as my mind seems to go to the Sidhe.
      I like your painting as well. Alot of energy there, vibrantly so! Awesome.

      Thanks Susan~



    3. “You may also want to … further understand intellectually what you have experienced so that it will not be wasted.”
      Lilly: Could you be more forthcoming with this Susan? I do not want to waste it, rest assured.

      Experience needs to be balanced with Knowledge and Love for the Divine.
      Whatever path you are on, whatever tradition you are following, look for the deeper understanding of your experiences. The experiences are intended to re-connect you with ‘that’ which you have always been, meaning of course the God-within you, which is also within and permeating everyone and everything.

      If the phenomenal experiences are not incorporated into your greater Wisdom, they will fritter away. Ask for help within. If you ask with a sincere pure Heart, you will be protected and whatever you are destined for will over time, perhaps now more gradually, be revealed to you. And I have no doubt that after what you described, that is the place you are in – the place of humility and purity.

      Humility is your best friend and a grand protector on the path Home. It will keep you safe. You may be certain that this was a gift, cherish it, and know that it was purposeful. This world desperately needs higher consciousness, especially in these dark days. I wish you well!

    4. Susan:
      Experience needs to be balanced with Knowledge and Love for the Divine. Whatever path you are on, whatever tradition you are following, look for the deeper understanding of your experiences. The experiences are intended to re-connect you with ‘that’ which you have always been, meaning of course the God-within you, which is also within and permeating everyone and everything.

      Interesting you use the phrase “God within you” why not the Goddess? Lily is a woman after all? Expecially as you have been espousing the need to bin the “Victorian verbal rubbish”.
      Language by its nature is pretty sexist I grant you, but if we about balancing things out like you have said lets start with the how we view the God/Goddess within us. If we are to feel that we are actually divine then I would address myself as a she not a he. Maybe I’m being pedantic here , but I think its correct to flag it up. If we are to be awakened then we need to observe the things we do and say out of habit. This is the drip, drip brainwashing we have been experiencing for thousands of years now.

    5. When you get to raise kundalini there is no distinction between god/goddess or anything else. I think some of use use god over goddess because it’s actually a more neutral term, having been used for so long… A bit like we say hoover meaning vacuum cleaner. Although as women, if we say god instead of goddess it might be because we are expressing god as an advanced aspect of the animus which is actually spirit.

    6. Maybe we need to change the word to Spirit then.
      I’ve thought back to how I phrase things in readings and I seriously think I have never used the word God ever, or even Goddess for that matter, unless I was referring to the Dark Goddess. Does that mean I’m an ignorstic?

      Maybe I shouldn’t ask this on a public forum, but isn’t raising the Kundalini the same as having an earth shattering orgasm ?

    7. it might help if we were able to accept that spirit and matter are one and the same, and ‘experiencing’ Life – also, I get more than a little put off when I keep hearing about Mind in this elevated sense that so many of the eastern paths seams to favour – it smacks of puritanism and arrogance and produces an entangelment of dialectics that defeats its own purpose – ‘kill the Buddha!’, you heard that before? – btw I would recommend Barbara Hand Clow’s book “The Liquid Light of Sex’ for an astrological perspective on Kundalini……she explores this as a natural life cycle ‘experience’ in relation to Uranus…..

    8. There’s still a confusion with the words – in some circles they talk of spirit and the mean what’s on the astral. I htnk the word god does not suffice what they mean in the eastern traditions either – its a western word. Unfortunately the ultimate experience is beyond words and so we quibble over terms!

    9. Well, from my own experience I have to say that raising Kundalini makes even shattering orgasm like a mild irritation… I asked the same question myself when I was in an ashram doing some vedic study and the very erudite Swami assured me it wasn’t. So I thought, well what about multi orgasm…
      But when I had the experience myself I understood.
      Seriously it is indescribable.
      All I can tell you is that I had noticed the time at which I started my meditation and then when the experience was over, I looked at the clock thinking I had been “out” for about three minutes. It was actually thirty minutes.
      I should add that I had been in an ashram for three months and I was in a very clean state and practicing physical yoga every day too.
      My first foray into kundalini was with a teacher, a young woman, in kundalini yoga, who had raised it too quickly and been hospitalized for six months as she had a sort of psychotic episode.
      I also know of one person who had a similar experience and when the kundalini returned downwards beneath his mooladhara chakra it descended into a lower chakra (rarely mentioned for good reason) which also resulted in a severe psychosis. He has been in mental health care for some thirty years. I knew him before it happened. He was warned not to do it without a teacher but thought he knew better.
      We can discuss more when we meet Marina – all I can say is that the experience blew my mind in a way I could never anticipate. I was jettisoned into a state of absolute bliss which I cannot describe in words. To say bliss is not to explain it at all.
      if this means anything, it was just the absolute and when I came back, I was not the same. I knew what was meant when the sages speak of love. I knew what Rgumi spoke of when he said “when I say the word you, I mean a thousand universes.” And the love divine was not the love we feel in the ordinary sense. It knows no separation.
      So for a while I was in a “state of enlightenment”.
      But of course, being a mere human I allowed fear to creep back in because as I had to operate in the normal world, much of it operates on that level.
      But at least I know where I want to return.
      One of the lasting effects was to lose a fear of death however and I was able to reassure my then dying sister that she had absolutely nothing to fear if she was not going to recover form cancer.
      To live with that experience regularly and stay in the world one would need to be alone or at least with a similarly inclined partner. Good sex – tantric sex is great and the glue to keep two beautiful souls together but its not The Thing ultimately. Its great to have tha perspective.

    10. Lily I wonder how you would intellectualize and experience like you have add. Maybe its impossible to read and study it. Its something you felt in your body after all. Instead of shutting yourself away with a book, I would go and seek counsel. A woman who is in touch with her body,maybe get massage or reiki, hands on healing..
      But I think you already got it. You said:

      “I would say this quantifyably, that is, I am keen to be at peace, in the moment, out of my head, in nature, where I live, breath and am truly alive, sending out high energies, forgiving others and letting it be, letting go of the outcome, etc”

      My feeling is to go with that, if that’s what your body is telling you, go do it! No need to rationalise it or “balance” it. This has happened possibly because you were over cerebral before, THIS is the balance. The important thing is to get out in nature as much as possible, walk barefoot, eat well, drink lots of pure water and exercise. The most important thing is to feel grounded in your body. Root yourself in the earth. Gardening is good too!

    11. Marina

      First, let me thank you for providing such an excellant place to discuss such amazing topics.

      Two things really. First question you posted earlier, as to were these energies of a sexual nature, let me answer briefly, if you will. They are both, sexual and/or straight one encoding, or what feels like dna restructuring. That is all I choose to say at this time.

      As far as your words regarding going with what my body is telling me. I do and I will. That is the only thing I truly trust at this time. Everything else, while valid or not, comes through me and feeds me or gives me a puzzle piece, but nothing speaks to me like my body, the earth, sky, birds, wind, air, etc. Particularly, the birds at dawn and dusk. It is almost as if they are drums, and I am in a drum circle, or a shamanic circle. And the drums, are the transport vehicle to the dream, or vision, or experience. I can go places with the dream that is more real, if you will, than the reality of day to day. It feeds me more and speaks to my soul deeper than anything or anyone. I am in love with my experience of life. Of this connection to life. Moment to moment.
      You are correct in your suggestion. They are all good.

    12. ‘Dna restructuring” is a good one. I have had feelings over the past 5 years that have felt like that. I think I have had what some people have called the “Quickening.(Flu-like, achey symptoms out of nowhere which arent viral.) During which time I gave up a few unhealthy habits. The lastest feels like its going to be the wine. I can’t seem to take it anymore.
      I also just hate living in the city and just want to go somewhere I can walk barefoot on the grass/beach everyday. Reposting link :

  21. AlterEgoTrip: When I was younger I used to “see” them in the dark blowing in the astral wind off my hands when I noticed some kind of connection between people.
    Obviously these threads represented the way I did, with eyes coming out, are not unlike “Medusa’s snakes”, they are however much more reaching.. and can “see” everywhere.

    Thanks, AET! As always. It doesn’t suprise me that you have the sight.
    This is my visualization of our serpent power.

    1. That looks more like what I see all around people when I close my eyes and the human form disappears (not the bubble in the middle but the colours and bubbles) this is supposedly “synestesa” but it could be “sight” 😉

  22. Marina: Cheers Re; Oppositions. Do you mean from the full Moon post? Because we still only use conjunctions to the fixed stars.

    TY for your reply Marina – I meant nemesis or opposite not opposition – typing too fast. My exact thoughts were though on reading on the strength of Algol energy is ‘What’s on the other side?’ always there is balance in the universe. Think you and Jamie answered this with Capulus. Am I correct?

    Thanks for this article – it was complete ‘brain candy’ still enjoying it! LOLZ.


  23. Marina: how you would intellectualize and experience like you have add. Maybe its impossible to read and study it.

    Understanding a spiritual experience with the intellect, the buddhi as it is termed in Sanskrit, is NOT intellectualizing it.

    1. Isn’t that like saying understanding the taste of the food with the mouth is NOT eating it?

    2. No, because what you mean by the word intellectualizing and what I mean by the ‘intellect’ are two different things. I’m talking about Knowledge of the Self. We all have a mind, but the buddhi intellect is the power to reveal knowledge and wisdom within us. What good is having ecstatic experiences if you don’t understand what they are or what they mean? You need Wisdom and understanding to be able to process these things – which are so powerful. That is what a guide or guru does or should do.

      As for saying the God-within and not the goddess… that is my choice. However, I thought that when I said, “These experiences are intended to re-connect you with ‘that’ which you have always been, meaning of course the God-within you, which is also within and permeating everyone and everything.” – I covered it. As in everyone and everything. I feel sad that you would turn my compassion for this woman into an argument.

    3. All I did was provide some alternative advice to Lily, I think I’m allowed to do this on my own website.

      I feel sad that I cannot question your belief system without you getting “sad” about it. Rejoice woman, we are having a debate!

      I am going to a lecture with Uber in a couple of weeks. It’s at the theosophical society in London. Alice Bailey and the Plaediens. You know we have had our differences, but I want to learn and see what all the fuss is about. There is miss-information, over miss-information so I am going as a journalist. I am also curious to meet my “Astrological adversary” as she put it.

      As well as giving Christians a hard time I also think its only fair I challenge the beliefs of those sitting on the Eastern side of the fence. With your website Susan and the amount of times you refer to the Eastern way I can’t resist I’m afraid! It’s really not personal.

    4. I think what Susan means is that whatever experience you have, they still have to be processed through the mind. there are different aspects of the processor, but you can’t know you’ve had the experience without the mind to recollect it, or process it into an experience.

    5. I’m really looking forwards to the Bailey/Pleaides lecture – please don’t gie me a black eye though!!! Its not about the Pleaidians – its about the influence of the Pleaides on humanity!

      In my experience the Eastern philosophies represent the feminine. The feminine in this instance being the abstract spiritual, that which cannot easily be defined, the mysterious. Its something which creeps up on you, it is fluid and its “structures” intended to deconstruct the ego. This is where the light comes in.

      Feminism seems to me a very masculine belief structure and I to chose to use the word God over Goddess because its neutral. My forays into eastern philosophies have taken the maleness from God whereas the cultivation of the goddess in modern terms has become more male.
      The thing is, we get there in the end!
      Alo, in Eastern philosophies/religion the supreme creator is not male, it is genderless. It does not have personality, it is abstract.
      Pprrrrr….. lovely!

    6. Yes I agree with you about Feminists seeming “Butch”. But it’s all a front. I’m really not Pallas Athena, and I’m not about to punch your lights out!

      I put it to you that Feminists NEED find the God (Animus) inside them and Eastern Religions need to find their inner Goddess (Anima).

      I reckon we are drawn to the path that serves our own personal evolution. Therefore you are probably more “Male” than I am…. And I’m really a just a girlie woose.

  24. AlterEgoTrip:.

    Also that the dark skin man was made light skinned in the transformation as well saying in a subconscious way that his perceived race or colour was something he had to “evolve from”.. which means to me a message that he wasn’t “good enough” before he transformed. And that is like the troubling message that people are getting from many sources in a time and age where there should have long been accepted the colour of skin as it is.

    Good observation.
    I found a fantastic site by Goddess worshipper and feminist
    It’s absolutely answered all my questions and niggling doubts about all this ascended masters,Plaedeians, western mystery schools and new age alien intervention stuff. She wrote a book. New Age And Armageddon. The Goddess or the Gurus.
    One of the reviews.
    Sjöö, however, is determined to get to the roots of this kind of thinking, which she first discusses in relation to rebirthing and her son’s botched healing. She traces a lot of it back to the channelled works of Blavstsky, Steiner and Alice Bailey, with their Manichaean emphasis on worlds of pure spirit and solar fire where the atom bomb is celebrated as a ‘liberating’ thing, as opposed to the more inferior creations of earth, matter, or moons and wombs. I do not think it is necessary to buy into the whole ‘earth-mother’ thing to get something out of this book, though some of what she says can be a healthy enough antidote to some of the thinking that underpins so much of the self-improvement movement, as well as possibly having something to say to astrologers, New Agers and Wiccan Pagans alike.

    Now I can get the site linked above on my laptop and she has written pages about Rascism and Misogyny in new age thinking. But I cant get it on my Mac for some reason. The site was down. But I’m going to cut and paste all the pages because it so utterly struck a chord with me. Stuff that has been bothering me for years and years and again just recently with points raised by Uber and Susan.

    1. Thanks, I just updated the link in what a wrote above and it goes straight to her essays on the new age. Most though provoking.

    2. Thanks for that link,I found her essays v.interesting on channeling- and yes too many ascended Masters!

      Maybe the female race has been too busy raising children and managing to survive global male domination to mess around with Guruism?

      Wouldn’t most women just want co-helpers and fellow companions on this journey on Earth,not disciples?

      Have seen the numbers that there are more women killed around the world through total disregard and disrespect than both world wars.

      This doesn’t rate as news, as in some countries we are rated less than the livestock.

    3. Fantastic writings!

      .. so I suppose you can see why I am always so suspicious of the groupings of “gurus”? 😉

    4. I’m just glad I stumbled apon it. I still haven’t finished reading.

      It think its very timely I found it now. It’s all falling into place for me. The rape of Persephone. The rape fantasy implied in the ET Katy Perry video, the way these “Chosen” women become channels for these “Masters” (Pluto). It’s also abit like the immaculate conception isn’t it? Aliens implanting women, not with sperm though, but with ideas.

  25. Marina: Eeeek… as I said. Mother. Algol on Mars, Father Algol on Capulus. Grandmother (who looked after me alot) Algol MC. I grew up with Algol!
    Oh and not forgetting Daughter, Lilith on Algol. Algol, but I get Mars conjunct Lilith instead and Sun square Medusa.

    Have to look a bit deeper then Marina. The conception chart gives more information about the soul as I think it describes the previous life, or the one that was the most significant.

    Sun conjunct Algol (24′)

    1. Ok, my Algol has been rumbled!
      Three generations of Algol eyes then.

  26. I have to confess I do not have Algol in a prominent aspect to anything, maybe the opposite of my 6th house Neptune but I do have asteroid Medusa square my ASC in a t-square configuration in my 10th house.. and I can tell you, SHE KICKS MY ARSE EVERY DAY! 😛

  27. I just figured out that varuna is conjunct algol in my chart, any thoughts??

    1. AS you can see I haven’t really looked at the slow moving planets as the influence is not personal. Not unless the said planet is involved an aspect pattern or conjunct an angle, node or luminary. If it is I’m not really up on Varuna, though being a trans-Neptunian and connected with the sea it may amp up the Neptune angle which would make you sensitive to Alcohol, or like a psychic sponge I would’ve thought. Reminds me of the video Jamie posted, with Katy Perry floating in space for some reason.

  28. Susan: In the old days, the previous cycles of time, people like you, AET, rob, etc. would have been selected and placed in special Wisdom training schools

    UH UH – not me baby, no ways…..

    1. When its put that way and isolated, it does sound like the “indoctrination” I have avoided all my life. My mother actually got into one of those “special wisdom training schools” and they demanded the “sacrifice” of her life to their order. How can that be wise?

      On the other hand, I was selected when I was little to be part of supposedly “genius” classes after school and I declined when I realized that it would be 2 more hours a day in a place I utterly hate.

  29. Algol then is on the same degree as transiting Admetos which has so much to do with the death theme or finalizing things. You havn’t mentioned it.?
    It’s early morn but I think I have that right.

  30. uberqueenofwands:
    Well, from my own experience I have to say that raising Kundalini makes even shattering orgasm like a mild irritation… I asked the same question myself when I was in an ashram doing some vedic study and the very erudite Swami assured me it wasn’t. So I thought, well what about multi orgasm…
    But when I had the experience myself I understood.
    Seriously it is indescribable……. Good sex – tantric sex is great and the glue to keep two beautiful souls together but its not The Thing ultimately. Its great to have tha perspective.

    I have not had your experience true, but you have not had mine.
    Anyway I’m pleased to be speaking to someone who has had had a “Kundalini awakening”. But it seems a bit hit and miss doesn’t it? I mean Icke and Crowley, can we really call them enlightened?… This is good though because it all relates to Algol and Ophuichus.

    Anyway, IMO there are various ways to “Enlightenment”. You can either take lsd, auyashca or mushrooms (Fast track), you can do as you have done, kundalini solo with a spiritual guide or you can do it with a partner through loving sex.
    I think the first two can be dangerous because they can blow the mind too quickly. How many stories are there of it going horribly wrong? If “Kundalini awakening ” was a drug, it would be banned. I have no doubt that it must be like being struck by lightening. But I think its just the build-up of the equivalent of many lower volt sexual orgasms. So who’s to say which one is “The thing.”

    The great thing about sex is it’s natural, we all know how to do it instinctively and it works slowly but safely. Loving sex is life affirming, it brings new life into the world, it keeps your body fit, and ANYONE can do it. The only catch I suppose is you need a partner. So it’s good there are other options.

    I think everyone could do with taking time out to detox and meditate in an ashram for months. But In reality how many of us are free to do that? A very small section of society.
    Medusa is about fearing our own spiritual power. We think it hubris to listen to our own minds or if we question gurus. It’s interesting that Medusas stare turned people to stone, petrified them (Saturn-societies rules). Medusa is our own power and our magical sexuality. The way to try and gain that power seems to be to cut the mind off from the body, but to do that is risky as we have seen in this “Kundalini Crisis”.

    To quote Rob again (With Algol on his DC I think he is tapping into this very well)
    “it might help if we were able to accept that spirit and matter are one and the same, and ‘experiencing’ Life – also, I get more than a little put off when I keep hearing about Mind in this elevated sense that so many of the eastern paths seams to favour”

    It seems to be important that one is grounded when struck by this thunderbolt of awakening.

  31. Marina: doubt that it must be like being struck by lightening. But I think its just the build-up of the equivalent of many lower volt sexual orgasms. So who’s to say which one is “The thing.”

    Hmm… well as someone who tripped into the pot etc etc and has been around the block a fw times, I’ll stick with what I said!
    But that apart, – it is random – except perhaps for one thing! Timing!! At roughly the same time (within a month) of my experience, a great friend who has a near identical stellium went through the same thing spontaneously! But he had been doing a lot of psychotheraputic work at the time and was under a fantastic female therapist (not literally) so the experience was contained in a safe place – I prefer this to “grounded”.

    THe ashram experience was enlightening n itself! its a book… one day!!
    I defo wouldn’t call Crowley or Icke enlightened! I think the experience of kundalini is one thing, maintaining the practice and the universe-scape it opens is another.

    Marina, did oyu make a comment somewhere about Eastern religions needing to get more in tune with the feminine? That’s the very essence – but not as western mind knows the feminine! Anyway, I attended a three day Hindu Puja (cleansing ritual) before taking mantra intitation – the adorable little priest in this magical setting of stone deities and flowers and candles recited from heart 1,000 different names of the goddess.
    There used to be an awesome Tantra Yoga site sun from someone in Isleworth!! (near you!!) – but it disappeared some years ago and I have not been able to retrieve it… anyway, it listed all the names and more!

    When we get into the DETAIL, we get into the fractals and then we are away! A thousand names – so sumptuous don’t you think!! How many do we have in our western feminist tradition?

    Of course central to this and connecting the two halves, the two hemispheres is monkey god Hanuman who surely must rule the Internet!!!
    So many words and so much mischief and so many misunderstandings and so on!
    Om shanti goddess! And Pax vobiscum. Have a lovely Sunday with the little ones.

    1. oh! Forgot to mention re kundalini – Matthew Manning the amazing healer has a stellium in Leo – we are born same date except he’s Sag asc, I am virgo. So his stellium i the 8th. This is where his kundalini siddhi works. I’ll see if I can find his chart online. Worth a gander as he’s a strong male doing a very “feminine” work. Makes me think the essence of The Work is to become a self fertilising hermaphrodite (sounds very dodgy!!)

      The “Mysterium Coniunctionis” archetype otherwise known as the alchemical or sacred marriage between Sol (the sun king) and Luna (the moon queen). The alchemical, sacred marriage is often referred to as “The Hierosgamos” or union of opposites. Jung studied the alchemical writings of the Rosarium Philosophorum which defines the sacred marriage archetype. The Rosarium also defines the product of the sacred marriage which is the child of Sol and Luna. This is the archetype of the “Alchemical Hermaphrodite” or “Divine Child” which is the result of the “Mysterium Coniunctionis” or the sacred marriage between the sun king and the moon queen. The Divine Child archetype has started to act and will be acting very powerfully in our world in this new Golden Age. Another name for the Hermaphrodite is the Rebis which is the final product; the fully actualized divine child birthed from the alchemical, sacred marriage. The Rebis is representative of Mercurius also known as the Messenger of the Gods. The following is a depiction of the two-headed divine child of the sun and the moon. The child, who is a fusion of both the male (positive) and female (negative) polarities is depicted as having both Sol’s head and Luna’s head.

      The twin snakes, Ida and Pingala entwine around shushumna and the kundalini rises to bring it all to oneness. Then you have the full power which in Manning’s case is used as a healing force.

    2. My comment about Eastern religions was about despite everything they preach, we don’t see so many female Gurus. I find that odd, but we have already covered this.
      We will have to agree to disagree I think. But what you are suggesting then is if one hasn’t gone through the Kundalini experience then they are not enlightened? Yet there are some that have gone through it and are still not enlightened. Hmmmm….
      Lot’s of tiny grass snakes do not a serpent make then. Woe is me, I’m obviously not enlightened then. 🙁

    3. After thirty years or so dipping into Eastern religions – I must have missed something.
      What is it they actually preach – you use the word preach several times. I never came across a preacher at all. Although I didn’t make much foray into Islam.
      As I mentioned before somewhere – the great teachers were definitely enlightened. But kundalini is not exclusive to eastern religions. You will find it is universal e.g the the Hindu word kundalini directly corresponds to the Mayan word k’ultanlilni.
      Enlightenment is not just raising kundalini – its repeating the process over and over until the effects kep the consciousness permanently raised. There’s no ryhme or reason to who what where when it gets raised, I don’t think. But its what happens after and that’s why so few can really be said to be enlightened – as in a permanent state!
      When it happened to me, I then had to make a choice… he serpent’s tongue has a fork in it – two ways. I wasn’t ready to devote myself and become a full on yogi. Not then.
      Grass snakes are fine! Anacondas are another story… high maintenance!

    4. I found this for you Marina! And anyone else who wants to hear about kundalini from a female guru. /

      Scroll down to the passage from Sri Mataji.

    5. I just wish this goddess loving religion would filter down to its population. That’s what I mean by practice what it preaches. I don’t mean “preach” literally.

      “India’s 2011 census shows a serious decline in the number of girls under the age of seven – activists fear eight million female foetuses may have been aborted in the past decade. The BBC’s Geeta Pandey in Delhi explores what has led to this crisis.”

    6. Well this is about simple survival in a society where most people are dependent on “man power” – i.e physical ability to work… farms etc In Africa its the same although babies are just abandoned or dumped.
      What Eastern religions teach is that the lower senses ultimately have to be mastered. (They lead to reproduction, which when not controlled is damaging to all) This applies to tantra too. Of course the senses are difficult to master. Try telling an ordinary male in INdia/Africa wherever that he must be responsible for reducing the numbers… I have lived in Africa predomanently for over 5 years and never seen one advert for contraception. I haven’t been to INdia for about 8 years but wasn’t aware of one in Chennai where I last stayed.
      Eastern religions are feminine in essence – so they don’t bark at people to stop having kids. They are in essence compassionate.
      But over population is another thing and certainly in INdia, where girls are seen to be less able to farm/work etc and will inevitable reproduce (vicious circle), girls are not seen as so desirable for the maintenance of a family in later years.
      e.g if you are elderly and can’t work a son is seen as more useful than a daughter.
      If you study the finer points of eastern religions you’ll find them gentle but there is a backbone of transcendance – this starts with transcending the lower desires.
      Its interesting that in the west of course where people have a lot of control over their fertility that sex presents a different set of problems.
      Bottom liine, this earth is a soul factory – i.e they come here wholesale for learning. So there is no one size fits all is there.
      Have you ever made forays into Eastern religions properly – e.g practiced?

    7. BTW – Don’t the BBC have a really restricted way of analysing things. No mention of the history of subsistence in India plus the interference of western science which increased the population over time through vaccinations etc. It has never ben a question of just dowries.
      Read The Politics of Fertility by Germaine Greer.

      Also, remember that ALL religions are subject to interpretations through politicians/power manipulators.
      Thank goodness neither Sri Mataji or Shankaracharya or Ramana Maharshi fit into this category.

      interesting thing about the BBC – I was asked to speak on a prog about 20 years ago on the experience of being a single parent. i was happy to do this, as my experience was rounded and mostly happy. Alas I fell foul of the producer because she had a script of misery she wanted me to convey. I had a row with her because I said this was not my experience and neither that of others I knew. But she had a script of victimhood, loneliness etc etc So I declined.
      Don’t for a moment think the BBC is run by people who have your interest at heart. There’s a committed coven of misinformation at your license fee’s expense. Just a thought.

    8. speaking of misinformation, Germaine Greer was in fact funded by the CIA, not only that the so called “feminist movement” on that level is totally steeped in the EUGENICS movement philosophy of the 1920s-

      The abortion of children has led to not more women nor has it lead to empowering women but in fact has led to the population being more populated by men, and brings about more power and control for men- isn’t that odd? Hormonal birth control as well…

      Thus leading to MORE competition amount women to attract the male instead of the natural order where the male is supposed to attract the female.

      Also the males of our population are not in full respect of themselves the main reason the world is as bad as it is… there is a sacred sexuality which needs to be explored at the right time, not rape, but those within the commercial version of feminism says to women, “if men can have multiple partners and experience “freedom” from the responsibility of sexuality- let us be like the un-evolved males”

      But I’m supposed to believe that Germaine Greer and Camilla Paglia has my best interest in mind… when these are women who just wish they were men and want the exact same sexual freedom of the lower male not the higher sexuality of the evolved female.

      If you want the so called “feminist ideal” take a look at what has happened in China. We can see one child policy and eugenics has created a lovely society where women are becoming less and less in numbers while men who will never have wives are growing.

      And yet the demonetization of single mothers all around the world is pretty much the norm.. but men like Arnold continue to propagate and remain powerful.

    9. A thought, Marina…
      Western religions teach don’t murder, steal, covet, blaspheme etc etc
      And yet….!!!

      At its best, religions are there to offer guide lines for transcendence of base human nature. At worst they become objectified tools for domination.
      A fatwah on them!

  32. Perhaps this is why female gurus are thin on the ground – the work of women is needed elsewhere??


    Poor man…

    1. The common amount of disconnect is so great, that accidents like this happen… there is just too much going on to create human feeling creatures into autonomic “work machines”.

    2. I never found that link, but strangely it was by following your link to the BBC is where I found the baby girl killing (Very Lilith that) article.

      Now I want to bring all this back to Astrology as I fear we are veering off topic. The BBC is not in the dock, but religion (as a form of control and brainwashing) is. Yes UQW a fatwah on ALL of them I say. I really don’t want to appear like I’m just buddah bashing..

      The nearest I got to any eastern practice was listening to a few Pema Chodron ebooks, I like “Western body,Eastern mind”Judith Anodea. I do ashtanga yoga. Think the chakras are cool since they correspond with the planets, Love OSHO even though I know he was a nut and had a thing about rolls royces, used to meditate but would rather exercise.

      I’m an astrologer and would rather stick local when it comes to religions. The greeko/Roman myths suit me fine and are rich enough in crazy symbolism to be going on with despite the obvious patriarchal bent. There is enough spirituality right under our nose in the UK and it is all very sympathetic to the Goddess. So IF I had to pick any path it would be pagan. (Though wasn’t impressed with their eating habits. They all stopped off at Macdonalds and stuffed themselves with Big Macs!!!??)

      I think as a loud Sicilian I’m never going to feel at home with the restrained zen/eastern approach, but it doesn’t mean I don’t find it interesting.

      Anyway I’ve rambled on. What I wanted to ask you UQW was if you had a date for when the kundalini experience happened to you? I would love to see the transits and compare with Icke et all. (Jamie had your chart!)

    3. Alas I don’t have an exact date – It was around the middle of July in 2001. I’ve never kept a diary… What a shame. Uranus was in Aquarius likewise Neptune – So Uranus opp Sun/Mars?PLuto and PLuto trine Jupiter?? Don’t think I can narrow it down any more than this, sorry!
      I had been subject to some really out there stuff for most of the Uranus Opposition to the stellium including bright electric blue light manifesting around me and clairaudience. They remain.

  33. uberqueenofwands: Don’t for a moment think the BBC is run by people who have your interest at heart. There’s a committed coven of misinformation at your license fee’s expense. Just a thought.

    oh yeh, you will have to ‘prove’ that you do not have a TV before the license enforcers desist from insisting that you are liable to pay for one and risk heavy fines if found possessing a TV, regardless of whether you watch the BBC – guilty until proven innocent…..

  34. Here is Maria Shriver’s chart, AC conjunct Algol, thanks to Me on the May 2011 Full Moon Post. That full Moon was on her DC, oppoosite Algol, after which the revelations about Arnie’s love child came out.

  35. AlterEgoTrip:
    But I’m supposed to believe that Germaine Greer and Camilla Paglia has my best interest in mind… when these are women who just wish they were men and want the exact same sexual freedom of the lower male not the higher sexuality of the evolved female.

    If you want the so called “feminist ideal” take a look at what has happened in China. We can see one child policy and eugenics has created a lovely society where women are becoming less and less in numbers while men who will never have wives are growing.

    And yet the demonetization of single mothers all around the world is pretty much the norm.. but men like Arnold continue to propagate and remain powerful.

    Fantastic point and that’s why feminism has become a dirty word and why I have hesitated in describing myself as a feminist. But other times I think It needs reclaiming, otherwise how can one say one is in favour of re-balancing the earth? So many causes and religions have been hijacked and used to control and feminism is no exeption.

    I suppose Nature/Goddess power is the best description and that brings me back to my favourite Goddess Cere/Persephone 🙂

    I felt very inspired this morning and am going to re-write my Lilith/Kundalini post. I have had some more ideas about Mother nature and how she has been demonized.

    I do think though it’s wrong to see men as beasts and somehow lower,that’s like saying trines are good and squares bad. This higher and lower duality is the problem. It’s about balance I think.

    1. What I mean when I mean “lower” (and men can be elevated and spiritual no question!!) is the men who are acting out in the lower vibrations, and continue with the paradigm that they themselves own the world.. and control everything and that everything out in nature is somehow considered “bad” including virus, disease, birth, death, animals as they are..

      Its good to point out that men are actually responsible for their own belief system.. that they need to do what they can to become enlightened, since most women would be there as long as the men are. But this is problematic if everyone is going to McDonalds and eating crap food while believing that they are representing a spirituality–

      Its all in a sort of wholeness in a way, we must learn to teach men to embrace their own REAL power and not to embrace the force that is dominating this earth which is based upon controlling life itself.

      Just saw a series of videos by this guy who practices what he preaches… and it was on “Transcending Psycho Sexual Mind Control”

      Although maybe his insights are austere and do not include the other aspects of sexuality such as homosexuality and such his insight would make a good groundwork for teaching young men- although very up front with his language and such… he’s a father and his wife does the home birth thing and she’s a net radio-show host as well.

      What his conclusion comes down is that sexuality in the paradigm does not touch even remotely upon the spirituality and communication of the act… and yet on every level there is media message to engage in immature behaviors and lack of understanding when in regards to the action of sex itself..

      I add that sexuality is used on every level to sell things, including our own life styles, and the gratification should be instantaneous and as unemotional as possible..but that we should collectively “feel” emotional when we touch an iPad or iPhone- and wonder why we are so screwed up–

      as far as higher and lower goes, there ARE women lower on vibrational scales- just as there are men on “higher” ones..

      And personally, I think there is a variation in everything, and I believe there MUST be a dialogue into other forms of sexuality as well as that of those who are A-sexual… as being ok and not harmful, but that these ideals are not just a “last stop” but a part to a wholeness and awareness.

    2. Germaine was a University Graduate that ran into exclusion – as I remember. (Isn’t it wonderful that Geo. Sands was honored in the boys club at the end) Germaine had mercury in the 12th house and wrote her books in the University? isolated i imagined. I have her chart in my papers. I may not be 100% accurate. It’s my feeling speaking.
      I think a lot of it is that Uranus was in it’s masculine phase until now when the feminine/dress phase is back in and now Braveheartwoman leader is saying they will change the world with Love not Force. “We the pluto in libra generation will save the world as the Dali Lama has suggested.” 1966 had Pluto conjunct Uranus in Virgo. Working rights. Jean Rands a member back then holds a position in the Teacher’s Union and they have written and worked for better working conditions. Sexual harassment etc.
      Can’t think of a job in the 70’s I was propositioned at.If you come across I’ll teach you to drive the Big bus. Need the shop stewards help sleep with him while his wife’s in the hospital. The changing times. We went across Canada on the Abortion Caravan. Shut down Parliament, made history, archived 2010 on CBC. Many of the original leaders felt hurt with the rejection of their educated selves.
      Ellen,the leader from back then sits today on the Vancouver City Council.But her mom is educated and her aunt sat on Parliament as one of the first women. It started when a woman named Betsy working for the civil service had no husband a lot of kids to raise and wanted better wages and no glass ceiling. Then wanted some action on the Abortion issue from the women’s caucus and from the MP for her district and he put her off and laughed when she suggested a caravan across Canada. She wasn’t a spring chicken either. She said watch me. It’s on the video on CBC called The Women are Coming. Many of the women sadly from then aren’t successful..Jean Rands is till with her husband. I think many of us weren’t totally informed of the bigger picture and were lost in it all.
      Next thing I knew I was experiencing the big back lash. So you want to be liberated here open this can of pacific with this nail, coffee room talk.
      But they like myself get to see my daughter with an MA travel worldwide.
      My niece be a lawyer and my other niece with an MA. as well as mothers.
      The problem becomes the super burn out – not the superwoman.
      In the States a woman of power found out her husband was schitzoid and didn’t want to have his baby. She was into science and knew there was a pill around under development so she pushed to bring it forward and got someone else influential to influence the church’s laws and it was born in 1960. I married in 1961 pregnant.Then they said the University doors opened up as women and employee’s no longer had to worry about them getting pregnant.
      Some women were comfortable with vehicle repairs and jeans and were supported by their father’s.
      My body quivers with feeling as I listen to the put downs of that time.
      How can people in Astrology not see the astrological significations of that time. Isn’t moon conj Uranus in the US Chart? 4th house for instant.
      But Rob your piece was beautifully written in my esteem. Yoga was not mainstream in the 70’s. Practice in many cases was hidden. That the east began to have a powerful influence with the west as I read it was exactly what loosened people’s minds and bodies following the drugs. Timothy Leary’s acid trip saw after layer of layer of onion was peeled away a dot. Ended up in a wheelchair thinking he’d been stroked by Maharishi but as i gather it he’s doing better and has written a book on his new revelations. It’s a great tapestry. It was an incredible time. Honor it.

    3. Here we are leaving the Vancouver Court House with Betsy’s car stopping two hours later at Hope gas station and singing. Ellen, on Vancouver City Council helping the East Side women is holding the paper. She was and is a gentle demeanor’ed soul. It’s her relative that was in the Parliament. Young women now can say I can be anything I want.
      I think it was BirkBecks book that was talking about how some from that time weren’t really liberationists but rather hurt women. I’d have to agree with that holding some degree of truth. Some weren’t Political activists as perhaps idealists. Personally I never could get the idea I wasn’t equal perhaps coming from my Nature upbringing and of course now I resonate after years of yoga too with the latest conclusions of being part of nature, part of the cosmos and part of all including men until we are not.
      Breath in, feel it and be it. It seems that heron wants to communicate with me – be the silence. That kind of thing and what a long strange trip it’s been. it’s kind of funny the way they did seem to disappear later. I personally wondered where they went. I personally felt it was a ship without a rubber after they all went back to UBC. Then I met a Yoga teacher. 1974. I hope this gives it a more real human spin. enuf already.

    4. This is my husband’s truck. He and a University Professor built the canopy on the back and the speaker’s roared out “Revolution NOW” My working class husband. At 25 I drove with the other’s taking turns across Canada hearing horror stories of lysol and knitting needles and outcasts shunned at each city we stopped at after long hours, tired exhausted.
      We were exploring who we were and who we were as a collective. We were the Braveheartwomen of the 60’s and 70’s.

    5. Brilliant!
      Does anyone really believe the CIA were funding Germaine or the Braveheart women? I hope not!

    6. What a wonderful picture! Thank you Charyl. Yes, I find it hard to believe Germaine Greer was funded by the CIA. She’s one of my favorite warrior women. Michael Tsarion seems to have it in for feminists and when I used to frequent his forum many moons ago, I found many of the guys on there had a very worrying attitude to women.

      That’s where all this feminist conspiracy comes from. Also Icke mentions it too. Of course women working is going to help the “Hive”,but that doesn’t mean the women advocating the right to work and be financially free of men are working for “them”….

      Anyway, Here’s Germaines chart. She has Venus on Ras Alhague (In Ophuichius-the shaman). Moon conjunct Uranus! (Another one Uber.) I like her Sun conjunct Lilith in the 12th. Mars trine Pluto, woo powerful. Does Mercury trine Neptune make her vunerable to manipulation, or tainted by the conspiracy brush?

    7. Marina: Does Mercury trine Neptune make her vunerable to manipulation, or tainted by the conspiracy brush?

      Not necessarily either one! maybe it makes her secretly sentimental and deeply compassionate. Which, having seen her interviewed etc and followed her over time, I’d say she is!
      The Moon/Uranus is so emotionally independent and publicly concerned but yet emotionally disconnected too! She’s a warrior woman with a deeply soft and intuitive interior.

      I forgot to mention it (well… didn’t have time!!) but I just did a chart for someone who slashed his own throat as the Sun moved off Algol recently. He too Moon Uranus opp!
      I also do regular work for a woman with sun Uranus conj opp Moon. Her mother died when she was 7. Briefly, she is a headcase… like a screeching head on a pole… nothing on Algol though!

      I wonder if Moon Uranus, like the Aboriginal spirit child has more of the zeitgeist in its nature than the actual mother?
      The book on Aboriginal culture is called Voices of the First Day by Robert Lawlor. Interesting Germaine is Australian. Many of her more out there ideas must have been influenced by Aboriginal culture which is much more Aquarian in nature.

      BTW – Immense respect for your work! Next time we meet I’m wearing my PD costume… I’ve got to get in training if I’m going to keep up at the TS soc!!

    8. Thanks so much for this Charyl. It brings perspective to those who didn’t experience first hand what those pioneer women were dong back then.

    9. Your welcome – there was a lot of emotions as our feelings were unleashed. Rethinking it further I can see how women are so short changed. Where are you guys coming from in regards to Greer? Is this recent topic around her? I was wondering through why the negro women and the Native American women seem to be signaled out more than other races as being inferior.
      Walked to the library later and had a hair brush with a mating crow who took offense to my aggression. The library clerk said they nested there last year too being a problem.

    10. This topic isn’t around her, I made a ref to her work and Camille Paglia’s earlier.
      I grew up with Germaine a the spokeswoman of femism. I think I made an earlier ref to her book The Politics of Fertility.
      I’m not sure where your comment below fits in??
      “I was wondering through why the negro women and the Native American women seem to be signaled out more than other races as being inferior.”

    11. Am I off topic? I was just rethinking those women’s lib days and our various conferences and battles and that’s what came to mind.

    12. uberqueen {food break.} I kept thinking of “Fertility Politics.” Yes, I see that 4th house moon SN Uranus etc in Tauras, my sign. Maybe a lot of make wrong in her early schooling with Aries there.. Jupiter (inclusiveness does hook with chiron and sun lilith.)
      Havn’t looked at her chart for years and years so it’s great to get a fresh look. Does she have an autobiography out? So many Aquarian’s make a mark in mass communications.

    13. Sorry, I hear more now what your point was. The bull just saw red.I agree.
      Don’t wish they WERE men but wish they had the same freedoms and rights as men. Actually wish they could express their potentialities as men can.
      That their potentialities weren’t limited to creating families.But not mindlessly adopting whatever in order to be equal. It did seem Geo. Sands slept around at the drop of a hat in exploring her freedoms and social climb.At the end she thought the world was insane and retired to her garden with her grand daughter. Curing that insanity, going back to Uranus’s 3 stages, the getting and getting away with; the beg. of feeling sensitivities to others and the awakening to our own part in the movie we’ve created still seems the key.The evolution.I speak cause I know if I had not awakened to my role as young mother being over I would have remained in a very insane place. Eckart says by popular request people were asking what movies hold the lessons we’re trying to mass absorb. Avatar, Groundhog day, Forest Gump were a few named – our movies. The Hopi Indians place emphasis on taking responsiblity. That worked for me.

  36. AlterEgoTrip: ….. sexuality in the paradigm does not touch even remotely upon the spirituality and communication of the act… and yet on every level there is media message to engage in immature behaviors and lack of understanding when in regards to the action of sex itself..I add that sexuality is used on every level to sell things, including our own life styles, and the gratification should be instantaneous and as unemotional as possible..but that we should collectively “feel” emotional when we touch an iPad or iPhone- and wonder why we are so screwed up–as far as higher and lower goes, there ARE women lower on vibrational scales- just as there are men on “higher” ones..And personally, I think there is a variation in everything, and I believe there MUST be a dialogue into other forms of sexuality as well as that of those who are A-sexual… as being ok and not harmful, but that these ideals are not just a “last stop” but a part to a wholeness and awareness.

    well said…..the dominant culture is hell bent on keeping people at the surface of experience and knowledge about our own bodies and sexuality (and just about everything else) – we are encouraged to see this as the gift wrap and the gift wrap as the gift, throw away the real gift – sex can be the gateway that leads to a more meaningful and powerful experience of who we are and who we are to each other and the deeper one goes (into the true gift) the more the outer orientation falls away in significance – I have experienced an aversion in my past to men who display this ‘think with your dick’ mentality and that brought out my own rage, and I found that this rage is not typically masculine ! It is the same rage that says don’t fuck with my/our children andwnats to cut to the ‘truth’, and to borrow a suitably fierce archetype, it belongs primarily to Kali – Ceres/Persephone too….what we have seen is a wholesale abuse of emotions, intellect, and the ability to bring presence, awareness into what a person is being attracted towards, compelled by and indoctrinated into and keeping these seperate from the body into the bargain – ultimately it dishonours….distortion of this nature needs a powerful detox to begin with, and if there has been any value in the first wave of feminism, I think it has been in loosening up the canker that encrusts and atrophies our true nature, in which spirituality is balnced, inclusive and expresses wholeness….ours (men and women alike) is to continue that work….thanks for your insights and those of the other outspoken commentors here (mostly women it seems, at least on this matter)…..

    1. Its very suitable that we end up on the idea of the “disconnection” on the topic of Algol (the fixed star in the forehead of the severed head of Medusa) Because this is where the technology, social engineering and disconnect from nature totality of everything would have all of us- as severed heads of “wisdom” without the body to act, without the physicality and wholeness of vision to act.

      She (Algol) is disconnected from her “gorgon” body, while “Medusa” (asteroid 149) remains the wholeness and not a weapon for other people’s use.

      When we are disconnected from the whole, we become other people’s tools, (in Algol’s case a weapon of mass destruction) because we are isolated from the intentions of the real effect. Think about all the things that people are doing with OTHER people’s DNA (that other connection, huge thanks for the research Jamie!) for example!! Shocking!!

      I think this is important to remember. I think it connects the idea, in my 12th house transit version of thought, that we must reclaim the Medusa body..and honor wholeness.

      Thank you Marina and Rob for your personal insights. I don’t feel entirely weird or crazy after this subject now!

    2. Thank you both too for inspiring me. I have just ordered Barbara hand-clows book “Liquid sex”. Much great food for thought. Still researching kundalini experiences. Then I will add and rewrite the Lilith Kundalini post I did. I was just scratching the surface back then.

      PS. That “transcending psycho sex mind” control guy was a dude, they should have him give sex education classes in schools!

  37. Hi Marina – I just found this –
    It shows comet HOlmes exactly transiting Algol in October 2008. I’m going to rack my brain to see what happened then!

  38. uberqueenofwands: publicly concerned but yet emotionally disconnected too!

    Sorry – I meant personally diconnected , as in out of touch with own emotional needs. Princess Diana too?? can’t remember…

  39. the nodes, saturn, lunar cycles, uranius all seem to figure into the 7year itch. Effects men only! mid-life crisis, mens club extraordinaire, 42y/o men think they are kids, they don’t care how ridiculous. mean while women consolidate power. great comments ya’ll

  40. uberqueenofwands: Not necessarily either one! maybe it makes her secretly sentimental and deeply compassionate. Which, having seen her interviewed etc and followed her over time, I’d say she is!
    The Moon/Uranus is so emotionally independent and publicly concerned but yet emotionally disconnected too! She’s a warrior woman with a deeply soft and intuitive interior.

    Yes I’d go with that. The reason that I like her so much..(Apart from her being an Aussie!), might be that I do identify with her to a certain extent. What you just wrote above is me really (Definitely a secret sap), I have Mercury sextile Neptune and Moon in Aquarius.

    PS. I am in PD training. But I need to loose atleast 5 kilos to rank as a Wallis. I want heartshaped beehive hair for the next meeting.

  41. Yes, well it was Wallis who said you could never be too thin… she’s an odd fish! But had a radical life. I might train up for Claudette Colbert in her later years… I saw her swimming in the Caribbean with Ronald Regan in 1981. I have subsequently been in her house, now owned by someone else on Barbados! What style… so shriveled i her little bathing costume!! A deluxe 10!

  42. The moon Uranus conjunction manifested as a teacher of computor for myself and my girlfriend. Was earlier employed at the school board in electronics. Extremely high strung/nervous thin older man who was the Fraser Valley Astrology Guild recorder and librarian frequently darting out to the other room being unable to sit still for long. In Pisces 5th.Now that is off topic but another example of that combination. NN 10th so his SN also 4th. Virgo.

  43. Someone else that comes to mind is author Doris Lessing so checked her out and she has lilith conj. the nn . She wrote the Marriages between zones three, four and five that I read that had so much astrology/compassion in it’s narrative. I can’t see where her algol is in my programs. The woman in this story is re-inventing herself in line with orders from the higher power.

  44. Lets try that again. I have a feeling it’s not going to go so I’ll post Doris Lessing Picture instead as there’s no cancel button here. Certainly not a simple symbol.

    1. Much deeply nourishing food for thought Charyl.

      Its a long time since i read The Politics of Fertility but living in the uterus of the world, the Southern tip of Africa, I am surrounded by the politics of fertility on a daily basis. There is another chapter to the book which needs to be written. More anon.

      Germaine has Moon, Uranus and lot of fortune conj in Taurus so its not surprising she wrote that book. Algol is 10 degrees away form this conj. The book was published in 1984 but she must have been writing it for a few years before and certainly Uranus in the later degrees of Scorpio would have been opposing Algol at that time.

      Some of the stuff which stuck with me were her refs to how trade from the 15th C onwards had altered the balance of life in India – and trade/economics is what largely drives women to work now. Lets face it, its the minority who are in really personally rewarding/socially valuable jobs. Most are working to afford goods.
      (cue the barrage of assaults on UQW who think this is a personal remark…!!!)

      But what made the most impact on me was her statistical evidence of the breakdown of relationship after two years if there was no issue from it. (Again.. cue more attack!!!) Greer cites this as inbuilt to the hormonal aggregate of the male/female union. I think I agree with her but slightly differently…
      i.e if there is no child, there has to be a creative issue – a united project. Alas, even in today’s enlightened world this project is often the welfare of the male… to keep him in the bedroom. Look at the goods women are supposed to spend on in pursuit of physical perfection and allure… Back to hormones! In a simple way, if the male hasn’t produced issue, he looks elsewhere. Its biology – although two years may translate plus or minus of course.

      No where is this more obvious than Africa – I can speak for South Africa – where thousands of young women are mothers in their teens with little way of support. The fathers of the babies, once they have established their “potency” move on to produce more. The mothers live in abject poverty with their kids and become dependent on their mothers. So its not unusual at all to find women in their late thirties/early forties who are grandmothers and sole providers.

      What I have never seen is an advert encouraging African men to limit their families, to take responsibilities as fathers, use contraception. I have never seen ads to encourage this in women either. I haven’t even seen an ad encouraging people to use condoms to prevent HIV.

      The President of SA, Mr Zuma, has at least 19 children and a string of conquests which seems to increase daily.
      So here we have The Politics of Fertility in action. And in answer to your wondering about the perceived inferiority of African women, perhaps there is an inbuilt resignation which stalks them and makes them soft targets? Its very non PC to look at the practices of Africans and make judgement but it seems female circumcision is a peculiarly African thing… One of my first awakenings to the harshness of African life was a march organised by Christian Clergy about 7 years ago against the practices of male violence against female women and children. Of course this includes sexual violence.

      Back to Algol! The Head of Medusa brings to mind the one myth of Orpheus who condemned the promiscuity of the Maenads (the wild lusty lady friends of Dionysius.) His prurience made Dionysius decapitate him. However, his dismembered head just carried on singing in the sea. This is another bodiless head but it pours out indiscriminate sugary sweetness. William Whisenant, kinesiology pioneer equates this with the spleen meridian out of balance. Menstruation is related to this meridian in TCM … so I’m linking back to the sweetness of oestrogen.

      As long as women produce oestrogen they will have the urge to nurture. The politics of oestrogen are I’m sure bound up with Algol too. Its not in the sign of fecundity for nothing!

      Germaine, back in the early days, had a wild corona of hair not unlike The Gorgon! The Gorgon had to have a voice! The latter phase of Uranus in women might signify this since the oestrogen recedes and the voice is more of the sky than the body. it certainly made me very aware of how my hormones had short changed me over the years!!
      This is a transcendent challenge unique to women it seems.
      Yet again, the Politics of Fertility dictate the market since we have to retain our fertile/potent exteriors in our efforts to keep competitive with other females with the male in the bed.

      This is a long one!!!
      I leave you with this photo taken last year of a hatch for unwanted babies by a township, Masiphumlele. This is Xhosa word which means “we will succeed”. The population in 1990 was about 8,000. By 2005 it was over 26,000. Maybe it means “we will accede…”

  45. Sorry – I should have pointed out Germain’es book was actually called

    “Sex and Destiny – The politics of fertility.” This is far more Algol!

  46. Here’s a review albeit from a Marxist pov – but a good summation of the book’s content. She got a lot of stuff right, some of it wrong and there’s always more to the picture.

    If she was funded by the CIA, they did a good job. Can they splash the cash on more like her!!!

  47. superstition surrounding child death kept men in line, a theme in novels, the weeping dad, phlandering during child birth is blamed…played out w/ Patrick kennedy, 8/7-9/63 JFK & Jackie’s baby was born while jack parties on a yacht, dies in 3days…jack holds patrick inconsolable, perhaps seeing his own ruin, guilt, that special reality of death….from that day 8/9/63 till the assassination Jack gave up the dorian gray and fell in love with Jackie.

    jfk; 8th/hs/taurus/jupiter/mercury/mars/23/20/18, square aquarius/uranius/4th/hs/@23….jupiter/uranius square and saturn/23/aquarius trans @ the time of Patrick & assassination

  48. uberqueenofwands:

    “But what made the most impact on me was her statistical evidence of the breakdown of relationship after two years if there was no issue from it. (Again.. cue more attack!!!) Greer cites this as inbuilt to the hormonal aggregate of the male/female union. I think I agree with her but slightly differently…
    i.e if there is no child, there has to be a creative issue – a united project. Alas, even in today’s enlightened world this project is often the welfare of the male… to keep him in the bedroom.”

    This is interesting. I defo agree that if there is no child there needs to be a creative issue or joint mission holding you together. I’m now reading Barbara Hand Clows, Liquid light of Sex book. This ties everything together for me. The half Uranus return and the mid-life crisis. I was reading it and it confirmed all my thoughts on forced releasing the Kundalini and also why so many people divorce around age 39-42. I’ll save my thoughts for the post to come…

    But that baby rescue hatch is just heartbreaking. I’m not sure if I ever read Sex & Destiny, but the theory seems familiar so I might’ve.

    The resignation you speak of I see in the working class wives (my daughters classmates mums) married to alcoholics (Add cocaine to that, which is now really cheap in London) There are so many cocaine dads where I live and they all have injunctions against them. But the wives have a very difficult time leaving their abusers, mainly due to finances, but also because of years and years of brainwashing making them feel worthless.

  49. Wow!!!! What a greatly informative article!!! Thank you guys for sharing all this great knowledge:-) This is EXTREMELY helpful for me right now. My Mercury is at 26 Taurus and it’s only aspect is a sesqui-quadrate to Pluto and the guy I’m seeing (or rather, having an intense karmic past life situation with) has his Sun at 24 Taurus…..

  50. I have my vertex conj algol in my 8th house, I am hopeful that i have overcome all cruelty offered by this placement without retaliation or self destruction now (without losing my head in other words lol). My sedna placement conj my dc is also semi sextile my vertex. everything has been severely tested and now what i have left is what truly matters to me, blessed be

  51. Again,

    Quite alot of information, to say the least.

    A question about my chart please?

    I have my sun, moon, mercury, venus, Dark moon Lilith, Selena (white moon Goddess), Isis, Casanova, and another Lilith aspect all conjunct Agol.
    In the seventh house conjunct my decendant. What in the world do I do with all of that Agol energy? Is it my lifetime to reinvent myself time and time again?
    I am a photographer and I have always had an afinity for Lilith in my art, However I am just discovering how much influence this star has over my life. Anyone have a comment on this paradoxical placement?

    1. looking at your photograph you must take very beautiful pictures, just keep taking them and try to sell them to some papers. i have jupiter 3 degrees conjuct to algol and in my progressed chart mercury and moon will be conjuct to it at the end of this year. (i just recently picked up on astrology but it is for the good because i started to think i am going a bit crazy. well obviously that is the reason why my thoughts were a bit dark but i try to control it now hopefully for the better. algol is in the 1st house for me so no wonder it is in my head. because yours is in the seventh watch your tendencies how you handle your relationships. (on top of it i have lilith 2 of them the mean and the oscillating in the 10th house. .

  52. Interesting, I was just told that I have Algol exactly on my ascendant in my Draconic chart (Soul chart). Thanks for the in depth details.

  53. Also, Algol in South Node!

    Much to reflect and breath, to feel and let go!



  54. My cousin was brutally murdered this past Monday. Descriptions of the murder are horrific and crazy. No one in our family can believe this has happened. In addition to the influence of Algol, my cousin’s natal chart was also classically transited by Pluto, Saturn, and The Moon’s Node among others. Transiting Pluto was exactly opposing his natal Mars; transiting Moons Node was exactly conjunct his Midheaven; transiting Saturn was closely conjunct his 8th House Moon. His birthdate is 12-24-78 at 10:31 am in Victoria, Texas. I also noted that the December eclipse was conjunct his natal Neptune.

    1. As astoundingly accurate those influences have proved to be, I am sincerely sorry for your loss and the tragic circumstances Juliet, healing thoughts to you and your family.

    2. That’s terrible Juliet. My heart goes out to you. Those were some horrible transits.
      I don’t see where Algol comes into it, but he had Mars on Facies. The most malefic stars in his chart were being triggered by the difficult transits you mentioned. His Moon on Spica is supposed to be lucky, but unfortunately not enough to override the worst transit which was Pluto opposing that very fierce Mars on Facies. “The nebula in the Archer’s Face is of the nature of the Sun and Mars, and causes blindness, defective sight (all nebula can cause blindness), sickness, accidents and a violent death.”

      Transiting Nodes on his MC Acrab in Scorpio. A difficult star and sometimes malevolent. His Neptune on Sabik in the snake charmer can be unfortunate, suggest betrayal to me. I see his Vertex is on Zosma, a victim of fate. Life can be so cruel. Thanks for sharing at this difficult time.

    3. HI Marina,

      Thank you and everyone else who offered condolences. So, in my cousin’s chart I did not find any Algol ties but, in his mother’s chart, her solar arc moon is 26 degrees Taurus. Her birthday is 9-7-49 at 9:04 pm in Kingsville, Texas.

    4. Juliet, I am so sorry to hear about your cousin’s murder. I hope whoever killed him is brought to justice.

      May you and your family find solace. My heart goes out to you!

  55. Sun on Algol conj.JU 150 SA in Libra – yesterday, May 16, in Hague, at 9.00am began a trial to Gen.Ratko Mladic for Srebrenica massacre and other war crimes in Bosnia.

    Right at these points – 23 and 26 Taurus – Ratko Mladic has Saturn and Uranus respectively

    Massacre in Srebrenica happened July 13-19 1995.
    Nothing ON Algol but PL very strong opposing it and Algol is the last missing point to form very rare Grand Sextile ! (Grand Hexagon or Star of David), usually beneficial.

    Now tell me, the biggest massacre since the Holocaust (more than 7.000 killed) happened under the Star of David?!!!

  56. Oh joy. Algol is situated in my 8th house conjunct Lilith at 24 degrees 56, and Nessus at 26 degrees 23. Varuna is in the same house at 16 degrees 21. (I’d kind of like to ignore Varuna because it’s too complicated for me at the moment.) The Lilith is square Chiron (5th house Aquarius) and Venus (11th house Leo), and opposite Jupiter (2nd house, Scorpio).

    I think that what you said about Capulus and the male Lilith energy is interesting in this context. I do have a love/hate relationship with power. Mostly, I don’t want to use it because I think the results are more negative than anything else. I am also on a quest to find myself. Constantly. You’d think I’d know by now, huh? I don’t.

    ::rolls eyes at self::

  57. Great explanation of Algol. Is realy true.
    My good friend has Venus 25,23* konjuncion with Algol. He has a car crash, and killed a women. In psihological way, he is a incredible passion and dominate in love, but unfortunately he drink a lot, again Algol..

  58. Interesting, the last year I have received many psychic messages that alcohol is not compatible with the higher energy coming in now and that people who are drinking will start experiencing extreme fatigue.

    1. That’s so interesting Kathleen! I have had to give up drinking just recently because I was having hangovers after just a glass with my dinner and getting really sensitive to it. I put it down to the menopause, but I have a Yod to Phollus too and we know the centaurs had a problem with alcohol!

      What finally made me decide to stop drinking once and for all was the last time I overdid it on holiday I was violently sick and very, very ill. I’ve never, ever felt like that before, so I took it as a message to stop. That was two weeks ago and I feel so good now.

      Also we have the South Node on Algol, so there is something definitely going on with collective detoxing.

    2. Oh my, Kathleen! Not by any means except my own choice, I gave up drinking last year, late in August. In all my years of enjoying spirits every now and then, I noticed my body was starting to “shut down” to it. That is the only way I can explain the feeling. At some level I understood it was a change in frequency, but just your comment has confirmed at what is trying to reach all of us.

  59. taurus snd monuments to the dead. I’ve always loved riding a bicycle past tombstones, the narrow avenues, truth is people love the dead, a whole life is examined, not just the irritating final days and creepy service.
    I drank, and God said, “I can’t help if you do this,” I quit.

  60. I have a question. What if Algol is 1 degree conjunct Saturn in the 6th house? Taurus?

    How would that play itself out?

  61. I have never been me able to drink..I can count on one hand how many times I’ve been toasty.. One drink my face turns blood red and my ears its so weird…HOWEVER I have a problem with smoking the lefty and the righty.. I even think my hookup is soaking it in alcohol.. anyways I’m guessing the way to find this cloud is to find 26taurus in your that that leaves it conj chiron less that a degree right on my desc. Yod formed with chiron pluto juno.. neat

  62. I have algol directly on top of BLM (26 deg taurus), does anyone know what this means?

  63. assuming I did the chart right, Algol was on the MC at the time the bombs went off in Boston today, 2:50 p.m. Eastern time.

  64. What an amazing bit of work!? What I have to offer though may not sit well or correspond to the intention of your findings. I submit that agol’s alignment signified the capture of the assailant. This being the first evidence submitted by an astrologer that I have personally seen in conjunction with a recent event. Were it not so…. The assailant would be free and roaming. Lets try and remember that the basic precepts of the third dimensional experience is that this is a world of opposites, and that all things “dark” may in fact be the brightest and most protective energies effecting human interactions. Again…. I am very impressed with your chart skills…

  65. We will know soon if this post means anything. It is a friendly warning about a dreamt ‘event’ not necessarily something scary. The Stones will be at the La Honda Center in Anaheim for three days, May 15-18. Mick and Charlie were in a dream several weeks ago, being driven in a limo, driving to the venue to prepare for a show. In the dream the location looked like the area around the surprise show at the Echoplex on 4/27. Looking up from their limo’s sun roof, on a wide boulevard, with a green median strip, I saw very tall office buildings next to each other, beige in color. It was a sunny and pleasant day. At the very top of the buildings there was a ‘light’ phenomenon, an opaque, iridescent, cream-colored air layer with the texture of Mercury (if you poked it, lol). The puffy ‘light blanket’ settled over the building tops so the tops stuck out. The color glowed and was surprisingly unusual and beautiful to look at. I said to Mick ‘look at that’! He looked up at the glowing cloud and nodded quickly as though he was not surprised but did not say what is was we were looking at – EOD.

    A dream I had just before the Stones dream was a short message ‘Not May 15 but May 14th’ (today). The two dreams seemed connected after I found the Stones tour dates in LA and the downtown buildings and median strip match. Today I read a website message @ ‘On 5/16/13..we align with the fixed star Algol at 26 degrees taurus….most violent star in the heavens.’ At the same link it is mentioned that the recent solar eclipse was at 20 Taurus. Given the dreams, the ‘earthboppin’ post above about 5/16 and Algol at 26 degrees taurus, and your article naming Mick Jagger as an ‘Algol’ celebrity – whew, any thoughts? TY for your comments! Thought I’d throw this out there in case it is a warning of some sort. Take care all and keep ‘yer heads down! I will too.

  66. I have Lilith ( in Taurus ) perfectly to the degree conjunct Algol in my 1st house of Aries ( also Aries asc, mars in Aries in 1st., saturn in 1st, Venus and sun in 12th. To say love’s been a little bit hard on me is a massive understatement. I understood the Lilith aspects but reading this and realizing that Algol is added to the dastardly equation is tremendous. I need a reading . My love life has been the worst nightmare. I need clarity as most of time I just feel I need to reset and reincarnate due to all this pain:'(

  67. does the ascendant mean right on the ascendant or does it include the 1st house as well?
    My Jupiter is 1degree short from Algol in Taurus in the 1at house.
    Am I a bit “different”? I think you should ask my friend …:)! Mean Lilith conjunts MC venus and sun in the 12 and inconjunt Neptune in the 7th.
    Am I falling for the wrong guys? A lot of times and I love them a lot.
    Now I really start to feel sorry for myself!
    I can relate to Elissa!

  68. having Jupiter on Algol does it mean that it is expands Algol characteristics or makes it a bit “luckier” than the rest of the planets?

  69. Well the Stones still seem to be okay though Mick looked a bit jaded. I have Algol not far from Asc in 12 and have a dodgy disc in my neck which I have to nurture.

  70. Amanda Berry became the voice that rescued the Sisters of Cleveland on May 5th. Algol conjuncts her Venus. Venus is a very strong planet in her chart. The Taurean inner planets were transiting through, and still do as the Sun conjuncts today, and Mars is on its way. We’re still waiting for the prosecuting attorneys to levy murder charges on Castro (the captor). I’m sure those are forthcoming by early next week. Castro’s defense attorneys (bless them) have profferred a “not guilty” plea, positing that Castro is not the monster the media is making him out to be. Hmmm. Algol is near, but not conjunct his natal-Mars and sextiles his Venus-Mercury positions in Cancer. Algol also squares his natal Ceres, which is currently transiting his natal Orcus then into the Solar Cancer stellium. Issues of nurturing/abandonment will dominate as this story unravels.

    We have no birthtimes for any of the survivors of this Medusian drama played out in real life. Therefore, from an astrological point of view, there’s a certain silence in play, which dovetails to a respect of the victims’ request for healing privacy.

    Here’s a thread running in the AstroDienst forum, regarding:

  71. I have North Node at 27 degrees Taurus. That would be conjunct this star too, no? Thanks for this article clarifying what it could mean to me. Found it meaningful and I hope I can use this energy for the best. Is harnessing this energy going to be like bull riding?

  72. I have natal Black Moon Lilith with Jupiter on Algol (Jamie). I am very lucky in life and I always wanted to know who or what is protecting me so powerfully since I was born. I really feel this constellation in my chart plays an important role. Scared of them? No, Algol&Lilith are definitely my friends. Many thanks for this article, it could be about me (Neptune MC) only I am not famous, hahaha! ?

  73. I have Venus conjunct Algol for about 10′ and square Black Moon Lilith for less than a degree. Venus is in Taurus, in the Ascendant, ruling it, and BML is in Leo, in the 4th. Meaning: I love DarkStarAstrology because that’s the only website which approaches such matters in a deeper and fairer way. Great job guys. And, well, having the ruler of the 1st in the 1st in partile conjunction to Algol allows me to add to your post. As people look into Medusa’s eyes they get paralised because they see themselves, precisely the ugliest truths about themselves. That turns them to stone, and that was what turned Medusa to stone, her ugliness, or at least, the ugliness inflicted in her. It is very interesting because, is Medusa really ugly or ugly is wht was made of her? It is very clear for me that the rejection I get from people reffer to things that are in their heads. The monster is in their heads, but I’m the one who gets demonized. I’m fine with that now, I am what I am, but for years I hated myself for what people projected on me, and worse, for years I didn’t even realise they didn’t see me for what I trully was. To realize what I really looked like from outside got me well paralised. After a huge transmutation of character, now I look to people with that dark, judging eye. As if I saw all their ugliness. Some realize that and get utterlly shocked as if they sensed somebody had seen them all naked underneath their clothes. It’s just revenge, though. I don’t think the demons I see are the real ones, as before, when they saw a wicked creature that not always corresponded to the monsters I trully happened to reflect at that moment. It’s actually a sad game, because there is always a dark look, be it from me onto others or from them onto me, as if there was something hideous in between the lines like dark intentions, dirty interests, and stuff, when in fact I am (or was) rather naive in essence. I still struggle to figure where lies the true demon, if in me or in the other person. I have yet other issues that complicates the matter, and this Medusa feelings happen only when there is some contact to my Venus, specially through opposition. That’s why I have many and more issues with scorpios, lol. I hope to have added to the discussion. And most of all I hope to get to learn how to master these energies in order to stop letting it struck me with such strength. I don’t like to be bothered by the shadows of people’s twisted minds all the time. If I could, I’d turn every scorpio into stone if they look at me too straight in the eye, lol. This stuff has so much impact on me that I still loose sleep guessing if the demon was there, inside me, all the time, and I just kept denying it. Am I going mad? How can it be that I’m such a wicked creature and have never realised that? After a certain age I know for sure that I’m not [at least not obviously on the surface] but still the urest goes on and on… Anyways, thanks DarkStarAstrology for the insights into all this Medusa Stuff 😉

    1. What a great and timely comment. I don’t have Algol aspected in my chart. But I do have Pluto square Ascendant which I think sometimes operates in a similar fashion and also Mars conjunct Lilith.
      “I still struggle to figure where lies the true demon, if in me or in the other person.” I think that statement might just be very true for modern relationships in general as we are as a collective learning to recognise our shadow side through others. They are the ones holding up a mirror too us. Is this coming out of Uranus square Pluto or Sedna on Capulus (Perseus’s slaying arm) right now I wonder? That’s one of my aims with this website, to open up the discussion that there are two sides to every planet, star and aspect. That every bright shiny body has a shadow and it cannot be separated from its source.

    2. Marina, bravo! I’m going through some heavy Lilith transits and I’m having a hard time facing my dark side. I’m in the end of the process of recognising my shadow and rationalizing it, and with Venus in connection with Algol and BML, it couldn’t be more true that I recognise my shadows through my relationships with others. As I approach some degree of maturity in this question I see that a person shouldn’t fear his/her dark side. Everyone has it’s own dark side and what differentiates one from the other is the level of awareness we have of our shadow. Yours is a hard task once people strive to maintain theirselves within their comfort zones avoiding such inconvenient matters. With Sagittarius in the cusp of the 8th house I think we only achieve true freedom by bringing our shadow into the light of concious experience. To merge light and darkness is the only path to wholeness. Your job here is great! And I definitely am a proof that your aims are legitimate. To bring such issues seriously and fearlessly is certainly a way of healing people and teaching them not to be afraid of their own demon. Actually, sometimes our strenght comes exactly from it. To deny it is to deny a part of ourselves. Thak you again for the insights.

    3. Oh, and I’m not used to Sedna yet, but I’d speculate that maybe we are living the “full moon” of Pluto’s energies in human conciousnes since it is approaching the oppositon to its discovery degree. And if you look at the actual chart of its dicovery you can see that it concerns relationships very strongly. Maybe Pluto’s purpose for human conciousness is to reveal and heal the dark side within us through relationships. We live a special moment, and Pluto is very important to the figure in the sky of this moment. In such times we shall see the turue purpose of Pluto’s entering into human awareness back in 1930.

    4. My son has Mars on Algol, about 16′. What you have written sounds like his experience, and things he has said to me in his darkest moments.

  74. progressed venus on algol. vampire theme cropping up everywhere. vampire and host are 2 sides of the same coin. can’t have one without the other and we contain both within us. out there is in here, vice versa. bml on venus natally is the vampiress in me, opp. pluto and trine neptune. the inner child’s endless black-hole-like need for love, sustenance. blood dripping from an innocent but demonic face.

    1. So intense M. If you read my comment then you know I have Algol and BML strongly connected to Venus. The vampire theme is a constant in my life. Will I ever be in a healthy and fair relationship? Will the “endless black-hole-like need for love” be fulfilled? To pass through life serching for good relationships ad finding only vampires in disguise is utterly frustrating.

    2. Vampirism happens even in seemingly benign relations. There is an energy exchange in each interaction. Something about being down in the darkness and shit of hell makes the “vampirism” feel like a repeated trauma or an emergency. At least for me. Progressed venus on algol represents to me the penetration of demonic/transformative feminine energy into my everyday interactions. Talking to and exchanging energy even with acquaintances and strangers is unbearably intense, hypersensitive and makes me want to hide forever. You look young. I’m also only 28. We have a lot more to learn and more to grow. I think if we are self-aware, eventually the healthy and enjoyable, more balanced relationships will come, even if it’s only with ourselves. The black-hole does not go away, I think. It might be that we learn to channel into or through it consciously and work with it’s power. Anything is possible, and, as you’ve probably noticed, all the rules are different now.

    3. Yes, the rules have changed. With Lilith so strong natally the way out may really be to refine our relationship with ourselves. Independence and self-reliance may ease the problem. I have found it’s very rewarding to enjoy my own company above everyone else’s. No more boundless relationships. All we need may be within ourselves. I only wonder what to do with this intensity. Saturn in Scorpio seems to be letting people afraid of deep personal contacts. We need smething to invest such strong energy or else it will consume our mental health while we keep brooding over small stuff and unimportant people. I’m afraid of growing into a “lone wolf” type of person.

    4. I don’t think everything we need is within ourselves on the earth plane, at least, but sometimes we are all we have : ) So in times when we have no one, maybe it’s good to have yourself to rely on for strength and nurturing. Some people can’t nurture themselves no matter how much they want to, but if you can you’re lucky. Saturn is Scorpio cannot lose control, not really. My Saturn is unaspected but I have Sun/MC and Moon in Cap. Have always struggled with reality in a way. Saturn in Scorp is also stagnant sexual energy to me, and in my 3rd house can make me crazy if pent up. I tend to have obsessive thoughts. Exercise, orgasms, and work help. With so much energy but no suitable place to aim it or person to share it with, seems like it would make you feel mentally unwell. How do you move the energy in a consistent and smooth way, breaking through your blocks? I have wondered why I am unable to do this for a long time. Maybe some people are just more balanced or grounded in their bodies. Maybe you need to experience being a lone wolf and see what the energy you might put into relationships and thinking about other people does when there’s nowhere else for it to go. I haven’t been properly alone for 6 years, since I had my son. No idea what it would feel like to actually be alone with myself for an extended period. What is your birth date, if you feel like sharing?

    5. It is just a suggestiong based on my own beliefs that everything we need is actually on the earth plane, yet we arent able to see what we dont know or havenet experienced, thus we need to see the resources within ourselves when alone, see it manifest into form in our imagination (only vision that doesnt require something already seen) before we see it in the outside world, I have found this to work, its just hard to get our minds to grasp it as it is not only foreign from what we were taught to believe, it is actually opposite our trained thoughts,.

      Just sharing what i have experienced and open for consideration if it feels good to 🙂

  75. Ihave Dark Lilith 26° Conjuct Moon PLUS Pallas at 21° . Also to add in the Mix A stellium of Sun,Mercury, Jupiter, Venus RX and Pluto In Scorpio with Ascendant at 6° Pretty sure Its not much to braggg about, Ohh and A Grand Trine Kites, You will ALL See me Soon in Success, To all those who can Relate I invite you to Come join me on the Other Side, We will Be Successfull Thanks .

  76. Ihave Dark Lilith 26° Conjuct Moon PLUS Pallas at 21° . Also to add in the Mix A stellium of Sun,Mercury, Jupiter, Venus RX and Pluto In Scorpio with Ascendant at 6° Pretty sure Its not much to braggg about, Ohh and A Grand Trine Kites, You will ALL See me Soon in Success Ibarley graduated with honours Now that Its September im going to be Making $12,500 A month, To all those who can Relate I invite you to Come join me on the Other Side, We will Be Successfull Thanks .

  77. interpretation of moon is soooooooooo spot on. mine at 25 taurus. 1 deg aquar asc (28 11 36)

  78. The N. Node is the only thing I have In Earth at 25 Taurus sandwiched between 2 demons. my Libra Sun/stellium, Cancer Ascendant and Aquarian Moon have kept this Rahu virtually unknowable. Good!

  79. I think the Philiphines is the algol example of piled up corpses. The full moon our reactions here as well as there.
    Then at 29 degrees is the death degree so close to the passover algol. It was potent. As a senior tauras I felt I laid upon my death bed and when got up to email I noted moon was 00 degrees 27 min. in gemini. I live I say. Many of my early childhood friends have planets at 26 degrees – one in poor health with venus there. I’ve been dealing with it on one level or another for years. Pulling snakes out of my hair and seeing a blinking light in third eye area. Personally I see that area as a body monitor.

  80. I once read that anyone who has a planet conjunct Algol will die by decapitation. Since Medusa literally lost her head, I suppose she’s returning the favor. Although, I also read that because guillotines are more scarce than they used to be, another assured harbinger of death from Algol would be by bullet. That’s comforting. I have Venus conj. Algol at 24 degrees 48 minutes. Guess I’ll invest in a bullet proof vest. And if that blogger about fixed stars, Alec, is right. I also have Saturn conj. Algol b/c it makes a trine to Venus as do Mars and Uranus as well. For the moment, am not living in the hood of any city of any country on the planet. Not yet anyway. But shall keep whomever’s interested – posted.

    1. My progressed sun is conjunct algol but I take it as I am the one doing the decapitation 🙂 I’m actually pleased to find out I have such a malefic as a progressed sun. Makes more sense.

  81. I am VERY pallas oriented. Everything I read about her makes me feel seen. I just wanted to say that when I hear about medusa being “raped” and pallas venging on her, I am less inclined to thinlk it was rape and much more inclined to think she had inside info and knew medisa was sleeping with the gods as a way to the top, seduced by power, hoping to succor from it, and this naturlly pisses pallas off. I see this a LOT in women. I had a gf who had moon 26 degrees aquarius (the hydro, who’s head was lopped but always came back) – square this star. She was one to sleep with power to suck it. Use her sexuality to climb and use. It’s a theme I’ve seen a lot of, and my own pallas sentiments are paralell the myth, hating it and those women who defile sexuality like this, for their own gains, at the expense of anyone. It’s a lowest common denominator way to use and express sexuality. It has no integrity or honor and is selfish and self absorption personaified.. . . That’s my 2 cents. Thought I’d share that. Love your site and insight Marina.

  82. I have Algol on my IC. When my mother was pregnant, the doctor told her that it was a high risk pregnancy and that mother and or child could die. I don’t know what was exactly the diagnosis. I was a healthy fetus, my mom was healthy in general (i.e. not obese, no diabetes, no advanced age), but still there was something serious.

    Somehow, the pregnancy advanced smoothly and I was expected to be born with no issues. Doctors even got optimistic by the 8th month of pregnancy.

    Yet, one week before my due date to come to the world, I turned the wrong way and got hanged in my umbilical cord.

    And that’s how people with MC Serpens and IC Algol come to this world! haha!

    And no, no drugs, no alchool, no tatoos or piercings. And I’m far from being a crazy bitch, since (almost) the whole solar system was in chilling out in Libra 9th house at that lovely moment I came to this world to “hang in there”.

    1. and a rich rich sense of humour – not much makes me laugh like that. Glad you had all libra to help. cheers.

  83. It is exactly at the degree I was born – in my 8th house. And I am reading this post. Talking about right timing. If anything – for the past couple of days I feel like I finally ‘found’ my head after a lot of years running around like a ‘headless chook’ (iynwim). Thank you

    1. Hi Lisa Don’t know what gives but I am in almost same boat recently. I seem to be inwardly at odds with my ‘body’ beating it up and body pain now like never before but I have moon scorpio conj. saturn fixed in place for the year at my birthday last week. My natal sun is 3/4 degrees from algol anyways and so many of my childhood friends have placements there like venus and saturn. The saturn one’s ok and the venus one is COPD seriously sick yet keeps on truckin. I find it fascinating that Hitler had his part of destiny on Algol. That shows how serious it can be. Hope you can go within and make connections to your issues causing it. That’s where I’m at with some progess but seemingly related more to that moon saturn aspect. To think the last few years I was feeling very good and quite fit and handling the bumps reasonably well. What a change but I’m still hopeful I’ll find a reason or reasons. I use natural ways to deal with it – letting it arise and leave or allow me to become conscious. Salts in bath etc too.

  84. I have Juno at 25 degrees, 36 mins – does that mean I am a crazy bitch of a wife?? lol

    1. Juno is the equal other and ultimately there is no other. Just the mirror and the source where you find nothing is judged, no others there to bounce off of. Thats the deep end. But on our level of experience it looks pretty serious when you see that Hitler had his part of destiny on Algol. Juno is many things described in such books as Dementia George’s The Asteroid Goddresses but it is the principle of relatedness. It could be the winds that Hit New York and that coastland. It is Libra and Scorpio and like everything it has a high and a low. I woke up one morning on crutches due to mystery in body and boy did I relate to all those limping people out there. Fortunately it moved on out of my body and returned me to normal a little the worse for wear. Credit yoga for that. Chalkra work.

  85. I have Mars and Sun in Taurus at 23 degrees conjunct Algol in the 6th house. I also have moon quincux Algol, as well as Saturn with also Venus semi-squaring Algol.

    I would say my Mars and Sun must also conjunct Capulus.

    Algol apparently indicates large amounts of wealth financially as well apparently if it is with the sun, moon, midheaven or ascendant, but it will give you abundance like Jupiter does but lessons like Saturn does and perhaps even a few difficulties.

    I’ve also read it indicates a violent death if it is with the sun and this kind of startled me as I’m not even sure if this is true. Another website said that if Algol is with mars it indicates someone who is a murderer. I’m not sure if Capulus with sun and mars would produce that though as I’ve never thought of myself as wanting to kill people, I’m more into actually helping others, not hurting them.

    Does anyone else understand Algol a bit better and could perhaps explain a few things to me please? I would be very grateful :)!

  86. I’ve mars here, my sun not quite, 01 Gemini/m, w/ dark moon lurking, (11/hs) I’ve a wicked NM personality w/o Taurus/moon stability. The dark moon has others depositing secrets, bad feelings.
    Your conq in 6th is supportive, caring, but what if others miss-read intentions, jeopardize good-guy self image ? mars/sun is target.
    at any rate I don’t trust my emotions any of them, love anger. I tend to wait, see what happens…Taurus are good at that.

  87. Interesting…..I have lived with my mother’s chart for close to 60 years, and although it is a very unpleasant and difficult chart, there is nothing to suggest the verbal cruelty and abuse that she dishes out to her kids/grandkids and husband. UNTIL I realized that Mercury is conjunct ALGOL…she is truly vicious, vile, mean, cutting….and everything wonderful and magical that ALGOL brings to Mercury (Btw conjunct Chiron, Moon and Sun all within 5 degrees in the 3rd house) Thank you for illuminating the magic of the fixed stars, they really explain so much!!!

  88. Well sun saturn are conj. in transit and opposing algol and venus all in scorpio so how’s that going? 26 degrees.

  89. Hello, I Have A very interesting aspect I believe. I am wondering your thought’s on it?

    Now all these placement’s are in Taurus of course! I have…
    Full Moon in 25°, Mid-heaven in 26°, Dark lilith and pallas in 24°.

    They all Trine my Neptune and Uranus Conjuction in Capricorn aswell.

  90. I have to confess being totally fascinated by a newish friend who has her Sun conjunct Algol.

    She is deaf (not profoundly deaf though) in both ears from childhood. She will not hear any opinion which isn’t her own (believes everything she reads in the Daily Mail), never draws breath and can talk non stop, covers her ears when someone says something she doesn’t agree with and makes a weird blah blah noise with her tongue… never stops eating but best of all – she was given a shrunken head (really!) in her childhood by an uncle who was an explorer.

    We paint together and she will frequently obliterate a painting she doesn’t like but funnily, her one attempt at a portrait from memory (it was a self portrait but she couldn’t see the likeness!) she painted over the ears then in a fit of pique covered the hold portrait with a burkha! She is not a muslim though!

    How much has the Burkha got to do with Algol? It covers the head, obliterates the person under it, causes them pain, shuts out the world, shrinks the head.

  91. At the risk of having my head taken off I share with you. I noticed the other day how much my father aged
    in the 5 years before he reached 64 and died. From handsome tall viking to soft overweight old man in sorrow. I was then sent a pic of Abraham Lincoln and it showed his aging in the 5 yrs after he gained office and died. His algol was 23 degrees 31 tauras in the 3rd conj. dark moon Lilith at 26.
    and close to the South Node the same as todays placemt.
    Algol then is one degree off the dove over troubled waters aspect. The only man I ever saw my dad being completely comfortable equal with was inwardly with a black man and grandma would not have one at the other end of the table. Quess who’s coming for dinner gram.
    I read his bio and brought more clarity to what we know of the reasons for the war back then. He was a great man but I think equality will come about when pluto hits Aquarius in the future – I read that many women feel the women’s movement failed but maybe just the timing. anyways off subject.

  92. Hello! I was looking at Stephen Hawkins chart and found out Uranus in 26 Tau. Does this mean something related with his incredible mind? … and also his desease? I know that Uranus is slow moving planet but might be statistically included in similar cases. I dont have databases for that.

    I dont know if someone have made a comment related with this before, cause comments now are just seeing one by one… difficult.

  93. Thats a great spot! I think Algol has a lot more to answer for than we realise!
    Hawing definitely has an over active mind tot he extent he is just a talking head – his body has collapsed and he doesn’t even have his own voice! In a weird way he’s like a drunk with a walk in – he’s a talking science doll…

    its a shame we can’t see the other comments – I posted about a friend of mine with Algol conj Sun who never stops talking – neither does she stop eating and drinking (somehow she manages it with the talking…), she was even gifted a shrunken head by an explorer uncle in her childhood, and not only is she deaf physically but if she doesn’t like something she actually yells she won’t hear it and puts her hands over her mouth – whether it is a true fact is immaterial! She did a self portrait recently and refused to paint the ears.. then painted a burkha over the entire face except for the eyes! Hysterical!

    So it made me wonder if the burkha was an expression of Algol too – cutting off the head with a veil?
    HAwking’s head is definitely severe from he rest of him in the sense it is given a voice though a computer – Uranus! Of course there are others with the same aspect but it would be fascinating to see how it manifests across them.

    At a glance -I see actor John Thaw (if you are UK based, this is Inspector Morse), legendary jazz guitarist John McGlaughlin, Country Joe MacDonald, Clarence Clemens (Sax player for Bruce Springsteen) Ian Drury – rock star deformed by polio, … perhaps go to this site to see who was born in 1942? I looked at b’days for January close to HAwking’s but also May to see who would have the Sun Uranus conj to Algol.

    1. I decided to put more comments back onto the page, seems we like to scroll better than to click back. I was trying to make the pages shorter, but yes I think this does work better for discussion.

  94. If I read my chart right, my taurus sun appears conjunct algol (Just one degree off!) When I was younger, I was quite the mythology buff and I had books of research on Medusa and her myths. I was fascinated. I have books, statues, and jewelry with Medusa’s head on it. I even considered myself quite the expert on her story – but I never looked into the astrological side, until now. I guess that explains that my odd comfort with her image and pain/suffering, as I’m usually the one who faces it, endures it, and comforts those afflicted. My moon in squares her in pisces. I guess my strong, amazonian feminine side just doesn’t quite like my soft, gentle feminine side.

  95. Hi what does having a descendant on algol mean (conjunction) with Pallas at 5 deg Taurus and Venus in the 8th house at 16 deg cancer conjunct sirius?

  96. My daughter, who is now 22, has Mars on Algol square her Ascendant in Leo and my Jupiter and Pluto in Leo. So of course there has been much drama concerning this child, dear and precious as she is to me. She bears some of the traits of mild autism (from her father’s gene pool) and has had a very traumatic life for one so young. Come to think about it, my doctor told me to abort the pregnancy because it could take my life with the chronic condition of Addisons that I had. She was an arching baby from the age of 2 months…which is a baby that screams and arches it’s back and cannot relax when it is time to nurse. I built a sling….a hammock type thing that held her snug and still I had to at first twirl around for her to be able to relax and nurse. I am told this is one of the first signs of an autistic child.

    She developed what seemed like a reflex cry and could not be consoled when she was about 18 month. Her paternal grandparents died suddenly in a car accident after driving underneath a semi that was slowed down on the highway to enter a weigh station. So I think that she knew that something very precious was taken from her and would be easily startled into this long inconsolable cry until she was unable to breathe at times….thankfully not every time.

    She became bulimic while on medication to recover from a severe case of cutting of her legs and feet at age 14. There is more to this story but not I do not wish to elaborate as she is very private….12th house Sun in 29 Cancer, Mercury and Venus in Leo.

    Her tonsils have been very problematic at times and several times she could barely breathe because they were so swollen.

    I am an astrologer and was beginning a study of the fixed stars when I realized that her Mars is very near Algol and so I am helping her to understand what it all means. She was attracting some men who were completely sick and twisted (Mars rules men and razor blades) for quite awhile. I think she has finally found someone who cherishes her and accepts her as she is. Thank you for the detailed information on Algol. I will share it with her and we will both be better informed and aware of what to watch out for. I am so glad that there are redeeming qualities to this Star!

    1. Hi Danyeal,

      Thanks for your feedback on this star. I’m very interested in Mars on Algol because my mother has this squared by Jupiter in Aquarius. What I’m thinking now about this star, is that it is SO powerful that it becomes a target for spirit possession so that the parasite spirit feeds off them. This might sound a bit “out there” but my mothers behaviour (Extreme narcissism..) can only be explained at times by thinking she must be possessed. Because she is one minute charming and lovely, then switches to a real criticising viper. Drink makes it worse with her. I’m not saying Algol is always narcissistic because you have to look at the whole chart. But I do think these people need to do more than most to set up strong boundaries so they cannot be “invaded.” These people are incredibly creative however and I think thats what saves them. If they “put-out” creatively I believe it can build up some kind of immunity to any parasites. I guess if you don’t use your gifts then someone sure as hell will!

      I hope you daughter is finding some way of expressing herself. The problem with my mother although, she was good at art, she was of the generation that got married and had kids. She put all her creativity into her appearance, she was very glam. Her sense of self was defined by how many people told her she was beautiful everyday.

    2. Danyeal,

      I don’t know if you will even get this message – it has been so long since you posted now, but I felt compelled to reply.
      Your daughter as an infant sounds exactly like my toddler was.
      The arching of the back and constant screaming during infancy and what doctors label colic and acid reflux is an imbalance of intestinal flora (bad gut bacteria) and undiagnosed food sensitivities. Trapped gas in the upper intestines causes these babies intense pain -hence the inconsolable screaming. The functioning of their brains is in turn affected (autism, ADHD, depression, bipolar etc).
      It is a lot to go into here but the book Gut and Psychology syndrome by Natasha Campbell McBride explains it in detail, and has instructions on finding relief from symptoms. It may somewhat help your daughter.
      I hope this message finds you well.
      Best wishes,



    3. Beautiful story. I think she just need to grow into her self-worth and creativity. I’ve got Algol-moon-Uranus-mars themes and it can be twisted, electrifying and over-whelming, a mix of feeling disintegrated and super-intuively enpowered in a beautiful way. You sound very wise 🙂

  97. I just finished reading a book called Have you Been Here Before by Kiriyama and I was fascinated by it’s claim that entities from other lifetimes can take over behaviors but that in liberating them ie bringing it to light, it disappears forever. This is how I see Uranus and Pluto opportunity i guess and I hope, speaking from the 12th house. These hidden identities that seem familiar that come to light as I dialogue with them one way or another. Only time will tell if it makes a difference. Algol has had an influence in being a few degrees from my sun and my early childhood friends on top of it venus and saturn respectively – who I am still in touch with. It caused divisiveness within the family but then so did politics.

    1. My daughter is severely autistic and has Algol exact conjunct her MC. I know some astrologers don’t think the fixed stars have influence on the cardinal points but … plus a yod from Uranus and the N Node to Algol.

  98. what are the connections between Lilith and algol ? if someone had lilith at 28 degrees in taurus would it have the same influences as algol or are they very separate and different from each other ???

  99. I’m taking the liberty to respond.
    I note that it is 26 degrees tauras so I’m not sure why it reads 28 in the heading.
    If I remember right I researched Ab Lincoln and he was shot by someone with that combo. A passionate being shot him in the head. I posted it here earlier. Lovely eh who need that. sorry.

  100. I feel like you know a lot about this stuff and I’m just now reading a lot about it. Can you reference me to further my knowledge of the suns gods planets etc. Everything. This is so amazing and interesting and I want to know more. How do you know these things about a person and know how to name them? If you have any info or books I can read please email me, Jaimie, at [email protected]. thank you so much

  101. Conjunct my ASC is Chiron and Algol/Capulus (27 Degrees) and my lover also has Algol-Chiron conjunct my ASC in synastry.

    It is very intense, to say the least.

    I find myself projecting all the beauty and horror of my soul onto him.

    I feel like we MIRROR each other.

    It is both frightening and blissful all at once.

  102. Hello there!!!!I need an opinion!!!In this years solar return Algol is sitting on my mercury. Mercury is in 10th house and he is the lord of 1st house. They told me that something terrible will happend to my parents or me(because except algol mercury is not well placed). What do you think about that?

  103. It looks like people might not be getting replies here ? Well, in case we do eventually, I have 26 degrees of Taurus on my 8th house cusp.

    Not only that…but my Sun is also in the 8th house. And that Sun is also in 26 degrees of Taurus.

    Is this dangerous for me ?

    I don’t take a lot of risks in life. I lost a sibling when I was 12 and from there I realized things really do happen to people. Also, other negative things like another brother going to Vietnam, and I’ve lost many family members and had estrangements from other family members, family members having issues of various kinds,ect.

    From an early age I have seen death and suffering within my own family. I’ve personally been through a lot. I also go to trouble to prevent suffering, I rescue kitty cats when I can.

    1. Wow algol can be intense.

      Especially in the 8th house!

      I save kittens too.

      Sometimes I feel like I myself am a stray kitten .

      Algol rising conjunct chiron xo

    2. Well, now that I think about it, my life has been much like yours and may be due to Algol in my 12th house ruled by Venus exalted, squared to Pluto, Jupiter in my third. My siblings have suffered and have inflicted senseless suffering upon me for my study of astrology. I go above and beyond to prove myself worthy and devout at all times. It has eased the situation with my oldest sibling and her daughter (who is of course my niece and born 3 months after I was). So my niece is a Taurus Sun and happens to be a Taurus Moon both in the 12th…….born on May 10th, 1956. A very challenging relationship with her that changes very rapidly…both of us are Gemini rising.

      So I have had death follow me since I was 3 and 2 beloved men were taken….grandfather and a man engaged to my sister. The news of the accidental death of my sister’s fiance in burned into my memory as it came through the phone call my mother answered. From exploring my past lives and the path that was the optimal one in my current lifetime, it all makes sense now why I knew deep in my soul that my life was thrown into ruin with his death.

      I have had a succession of long absences to endure of those I loved dearly. Also a succession of unexpected deaths and suicides has been a constant. But thankfully the spiritual path I felt compelled to follow has brought me understanding and a measure of comfort when I am able to rise above the circumstances that have ravaged my body and my life. Saturn and Neptune afflicted in my 6th has made for a lifetime of very diligent hard work and chronic illnesses at the hands of doctors who didn’t understand the long term effect of 3 years worth of antibiotics as a teenager for acne.

      As to your chart and the life, death and ravages it has brought you, I am sincerely very sorry and empathize with you immensely. Yes, it does mean that you must be very cautious where your health and identity is concerned. Please know that there is a purpose to every thing if you are willing to be patient and loving despite the hard knocks. I am 59 and determined to stay on the path that is meant for me as revealed by experience and keeping my eyes on the guidance of the Universe at all times. It really does mean everything to listen to the whispers and songs of the angels around you and of course the Creator. Take heart dear one. You are not alone…..ever. My motto is this. I release, I relax and I let go! I am loved, I am safe and I am supported. I chose to live in the light, the love and the sound of my Creator.

  104. Lorl and Danyeal thanks for the input.
    Venus just had its return 26 degrees-for my woman friend’s 72 birthday. Was striking when young.
    Unbeknown to me the test before me was faith. The unwitting tool was yoga. It felt good was all I knew.
    My Kenya friend used to say “keep the faith”.
    I smile as I just remembered that. Last nite was a algol nightmare and my mail box with comments of her.
    Where is she? 29 degrees?!

  105. NN on Algol 4th House. Have been working on what the hell I am meant to be doing in this incarnation. The ‘study of pain’ is a subtle clue… I think…

    1. Yes, its interesting isn’t it. A friend of mine has chiron on her north node. Native woman got caught in alcohol and later after much abuse and suffering bailed out into work. crafts. So that is the gift for chiron on NN is that exactly. We reunited on top of a mountain oddly after 20 years and she had just quit and I was cleaning up my act as well. Chiron moves without judging right or wrong I read – so what a great destiny for a lowly native woman. She became the catalyst for me to go beyond as I moved without judgement to her and her became HIM. Well that is the sacred space. Good lucky ony your journey.

  106. I’d like to add to the history on the “wine of the alter”. There are many myths, stories, and what have you about it actually being a woman’s monthly cyle of life giving blood. Also, that drinking this blood has great healing properties. It was once revered as a sacred thing “drinking blood of ‘christ'” although it is truly a rite of women. I’m still researching more into the accuracy of these ancient practices.

    1. the centaur pholus ,was incharge of the sacred wine,till herculese showed up,he uncorked it ,then all the centaurs went wild and ran amock,at the in-toxic-ation of it.

  107. Capulus and Algol are conjunct my North Node and opposite to my first house Neptune. I have not had an easy love life…

    1. julien clary is gay ,not transvestite, transvestites are sexually attracted to women

  108. Would someone be willing to look at my chart and see if it explains why alcohol turns me into something others have described as demonic please? I don’t drink anymore and I’m not asking for any sort of emotional support, I’m just SO curious if it has to do with my natal chart.

  109. I’m a sun in Libra, moon in Sagittarius (conjunct galactic center) and my AC is 22 degrees Taurus. I also have Jupiter 24 degrees Taurus. People shy away from me, especially men – story of my life. I’m a calm person but when I’m angry I’m really angry 🙂 I don”t know what to expect from the new moon in a couple of days… what do you reckon?

    1. Where is your Venus? Since it rules your Sun and Ascendant it would be very important to figure it into the coming New Moon on Algol. With a first house ruling Jupiter near Algol, I would think that this powerful New Moon would intensify your personality in perhaps the weaknesses of both Jupiter and Algol combined for at least the next month. Venus is in Cancer ruling the coming New Moon on Algol and in a near exact trine with Neptune…Venus and the Moon are in mutual reception…..both of which should ease the harshness of this New Moon on such an unfortunate star with a reputation for evil and insanity. But of course it could lead some down a path to an illusion that seems real but ends up being deadly. So be very careful where you go and what you do and say for the next 5 weeks.

  110. Thank you for your comment Danyeal Onawontee! My Venus is in 6 degrees Virgo, 5th House, where I also have Uranus and Pluto. I also have MC 23 degrees Capricorn – it trines my Algol/AC/Jupiter. So this New Moon will conjunct these, it will trine my MC but also oppose my Scorpio descendant as well! OMG! But I feel confident 🙂

    1. Well of coursre Venus is in fall but there is a great deal of earth too. please send me your birth information so that I can do a full assessment of your natal an transits.Since Mercury rules Virgo it us important to see where it is to see how well the powerful uranus Pluto Venus stelluum function.

      As for my experience with ALGOL, my Jupiter and Pluto in Leo…along with my Moon there dquare ALGOL..and my life has been full of death from a young age that tested me severely. But the blessings that have come my way far outweigh the challenges.

      As I speak, there is now the severed head of a 5 day old kitten that that was snatched away by a dog that lives in this fstmhousr…..from its mother and two litter mates yesterday while I was away.

      We found the kitten severalhours later dead and
      nrought it back to its mother to help her grieve. She licked it and then aye it and took the head into the box where the two other kittens are… the symbolism is certianly obvious. I am told tgat mother cats do indeed eat their dead kittens.

  111. Trent Reznor is NIN, was not on this list. 5-17, 1965 New Castle Junc PA 23:53. Works out to Sun at 2 47 Taurus, Fagan/Bradley or 27 02 Taurus for those still following tropical. He has a fascinating chart. My own Mercury is 3 degrees past Algol,so I thought I would add his to the pile, making my rising stars in Leo. The gymnast Olga Korbut has a Sun near Algol, the little powerhouse. The study of the stars inside the constellations seem to have the most clarity, for me.

  112. I have 4 kittens that turned one month old today, so I’m sorry about your kitten, so sad… About my birth info it’s: Oct 11, 1964. Hendon, England (United Kingdom) and thank you for whatever you can tell me 🙂

    1. What time of day were you born so I can get the houses correct?

  113. Well, wouldn’t you know it that I had written quite a bit and sent it to you only to have it lost because it said I didn’t have an email as required. With Algol on your Ascendant and Jupiter which also has Sedna now, you will be impacted pretty strongly. The exact time will tell whether the 12th or 1st house is more activated. I would bet on both of them activating each other though bringing some subconscious things to your consciousness and the other way around. Spend time in meditation to see what you can glean and say protection prayers before you meditate. Venus is in the sign that Mercury rules and Mercury is in the sign Venus rules….in mutual reception…which should help the functioning of your Venus in fall. There are all kinds of things going on in your chart from Saturn going back to Saturn it’s natal position and Chiron having hovered around the tip of a Yod in your chart as your Chiron Return occurred recently. So there have been deeply profound insights and healings available to you in the last few years that should help you to eventually understand the meaning of the burdens that have been places upon you that did not seem to be yours to bear.

    You are a deeply spiritual person and much progress can be made this year and may even lead to a romance and a wish fulfilled with Jupiter and Juno presently on the degree where your Mars is. So go within and ask for guidance through the next day of course and the next month. Say protection prayers when you meditate and when you are out in public. Algol is a very dark but sporadic force. It is an eclipsing binary star that blinks. Within the blink the energy is favorable so I am going to see if I can find the time of the blinks and the duration of them so that you are aware of the favorable energy they can bring this month especially.

    You have been on a journey of deep understanding of the nature of reality and the ultimate truth and meaning of life. We are entering full on into the Age of Aquarius in the very near future….this year and next….will bring some extremely dramatic changes as humanity as a whole demands to know the truth….the whole unvarnished truth of our existence. It will be very turbulent but the end result will be well worth the drama. Aquarius is about truth and equality for all of humanity and that is going to be brought to our awareness very soon. Be prepared for the breakdown of the monetary enslavement that exists now because the dark cabals have lost the power they held for thousands of years.

    If you want to more information please ask but know that I being an Aquarius myself will relay the unvarnished truth as I know it to be. Protect yourself with white light today and this whole month because you are at risk of course with your Ascendant on Algol with Jupiter. Especially protect your throat and let me know how you are doing.

    I hope your 4 kittens are doing well and that their love will embrace you in sweetness and joy. The only thing in this world that is real is love and forgiveness. So embrace yourself in joy and music and love,,,,forgiving all and letting go.

    1. Danyeal many thanks for your very meaningful and helpful words! Yes it hasn’t been easy the last years (job, house, people disappearing) and now it seems like the beginning of a second life, but some days I still feel the scars. Yes, the kittens help to bring joy 🙂 I forgot to tell my time of birth: it’s 19h20 and my mail is [email protected] (sorry you lost text and took the trouble to answer twice). Thank you once again for the insights, I’ve been having some kind of tired spells lately, so with your words I feel more confident facing these new powerful energies 🙂

  114. everything’s great then the gorgons head, is that surprising? Better to be on the showing than receiving end. Algol wants to change but can’t, (set in stone) so..adapts to obsessive thinking for instance and makes fun of others, showing them the ‘head’.

    BTW Danyeal my mom could not feed me either!

  115. One in 360 people will have Algol on their ascendant, that’s enough to fill a large city on a planet of 7 billion. In November 2013 I a discovered this website and the fearsome reputation of the demon star. I was curious about that Algol full moon on my ascendant. I did not get much sleep that night as I trolled from site to site reading horrific things. But it was revealing, totally illuminating, it had seemed that I had lived in a dark cave all my life. I knew this cave only vaguely from bumping and scraping against its rough irregular walls. Slowly building up a picture of its volume and shape. Suddenly that full moon was like a match had been struck, I could see it all illuminated briefly in detail, texture and colour. My life was clear, the horrors I had lived through. Those demons that regularly visited me in my dreams were not “mental symbols” for interpretation, I suddenly knew they were real! Many bazaar and eerie things matched up. Most potently my beautiful demon, an entity that visited me in the dark of my dreams. An entity so utterly powerful and seductive. My beautiful Venus. (Yes Venus rules Taurus), Venus my dark Queen, so potent I quiver and collapse in her presence. And there is so much more.

    For example, on valentines day 3 months later here in Cape Town it was a hot humid night. This time the full moon was squaring Algol. My head was still giddy from the saturation of illumination and information overload. That night I call “insect night” because hundreds of moths, beetles and bugs of every shape and form invaded my home. Morbidly attracted to the white tile floor of my kitchen glowing like the surface of the moon under the hard fluorescent light. A nest of hundreds of crickets hatched in my laundry room! By the score they began to invade the kitchen. Without thinking I grabbed a can of toxic aerosol and began attacking the nest behind a pile of old newspapers. Hundreds of black locusts erupted into the room, swirling and diving. They smacked and skidded into me and the walls making awful splat sounds. I recoiled, danced and gyrated, spinning like a scene from the exorcist, never taking my finger off that nozzle. My eyes stung and watered in the toxic fog. I felt awful knowing I was killing so many … innocents. It took them all night to die. It was awful.

    I don’t know why I want to share this suddenly? I have been healing since then. Purging the demons cleaning up my act. Now there is a new moon on the same spot. Cape Town is cold tonight, dark and frigid, so different from those luminous hot humid insect summer nights.

    In a couple of weeks this waxing moon will exactly square my natal sun on my solar return birthday hour. This stationary mercury will go direct on my natal sun where mars is now, a week or so later. Thank God sober Saturn is more or less opposite to keep it real. Knowledge is the greatest power and we have the two knowledge planets mercury and Jupiter yodding the deep transformer in my 8th on the “no fake” get real sign of Capricorn.

    I guess what I want to share is that there are 20 million Algol ascendants out there. Millions more with other angles and planets. Who knows what it all means to each of them, but God bless them all.

  116. think that age of aquarius will start to occilate, ,when plutos in aqu, will open the vortexes, to knew electrical forcefields, and highlight the Algol Sedna and Uranus, frequencies in Taurus ,connections to the physical sensual earthplane, which is why I see certain individuals with, death eyes, around 2020,think were going to have to manifest spiritualy ,higher electromagnetic intentions, resulting from current greed and the lack of earth resources ,at that time. we need to be planting trees now, to encourage the emotional reverence of water and rainfall,and seeing the body of land as sacred and not over running it or exploiting it. you cant eat money.

  117. How about Algol conjunct one’s Pars Fortuna in 11H ? Elsewise have a strong Netunian influence too: Neptune, Scorpio, 5H trine Chiron conjunct Jupiter, Pisces, 9H trine Venus, Cancer 12H. Chiron/Jupiter opposed by Pluto, Virgo, 3H. Unusual hair for sure. Not into mindaltering substances whatsoever. Caring and speaking out for underdogs makes me happy. As does creativity. And practical wisdom.

  118. Juno conjunct Algo, exactly square Uranus/Vertex conjunction. Long-term marriage to a man who hid his true sexuality, revelation 25 yearts ago brought about deep pain. However, it also sparked a journey of healing, forgiveness, and self-discovery for both of us.

  119. Seems like Algol played out perfectly on the world stage this time 🙁

  120. Was just talking to someone about amping up my shield to keep a predator at bay. Algol lilith squares pallas natally. I learned on Monday, that when I let that shield down, a worm lady got into my brain, and well, it was all over. Around and around she went. Give that one an in and it is nothing but torment. I am intrigued by this piece.

    1. Oh crap. Nessus is right there at taurus 22 too. Yikes.

  121. uberqueen: wow on your daughter with the yod NN and Uranus to algol.

    This month all those gemini planets hit my natal saturn in first house.
    Wrist and or fingers all doing well.
    Sabian symbol of forest, frost, broad bower and Statue of liberty. White Marble Goddess in my dreams some years ago and in my dream books. Must look again. review.
    New beginning? Jupiter returned in Leo 4th and I was forced to move due to
    harassment so one month here. I just ran out of strength to fight after 5 years.
    Uranus on the synapses hit hard as my natal admetos is there. I wonder how that would cause schitzoid problems. Lots of early shocks just wracked havoc.
    My father`s aggression bless his tauras heart.
    Some back pains right now but then been riding my bike. Queens song about “just want to ride my bike.” Found bird sanctuary and meadows with paths nearby.and Ang Lee for the excitement
    of moving into the future. Mars in 3rd, NN too. How does one “get past the varied belief
    systems of past lives and find new way of communicating“ when ALL systems took a crash.
    This new start has a lot to deal with but how exciting to move forward to peace and harmony as so many are suggesting like the native 8th fire. 888888. I hope you don`t find anything Ive said offensive this time. Promise not to make a habit of it. chow.

  122. Algol spells SERIOUS business! In May of this year, I went to a healer friend of mine to have an “energy balancing” session.

    At the end of an AMAZING session, she decided to use a Tibetan sound bowl to close off the session. She proceeded to BANG the bowl within inches of my right ear, without realizing the effect of what she was doing!..

    I cringed with pain, as it felt like some form of medieval torture!. Well, it was in effect, and I had an earache and ear infection for 3 days after, the ENT said I damaged my ear drum, etc.. and since, well, I have a couple of issues with that ear…

    I looked up the astro chart for the event… SUN DEAD ON ALGOL!.. And when I read up Marina’s article and keywords on Algol, Smack on as usual.. The fixed stars MEAN BUSINESS!

  123. I’ve always felt strong Algol/Medusa themes in my life, I’ve got a natal aspect pattern with Algol exactly opposite scorpio moon, and my moon is conjunct mc, chiron exactly conjunct IC (at priapus, Medusa’s slayer) , moon is also conjunct Uranus & Lilith, square mars. just one example is how I feel like I’m intuitively clashing with patriarchal society no matter what I do, like when I’m just being creative and this pent up intuitive energy through that moon/IC figurine is repressed. Recently on my birthday the sun co sun at the same time as the moon was exactly co Algol op natal moon, and I think I get her now and can sublimate it better perhaps. Well, can’t be more specific, sorry. but I feel that theme

    1. Oh and I think she is generally misunderstood, obviously, or first of all demonized

  124. Is there any karmic issue with the SN conjunction? Mine is at the 9th in taurus.
    bQ Mercury
    sexquicuadrature Pluto
    Opp NN
    Conyunct with SN, Vertex and Ceres
    trines Juno
    sextil Pallas and Vesta…
    She’s really busy with me. That Pluto contact is not my favorite but i don’t know what it means.
    It’s funny that so many people compares me with Medusa I have long, abundant and messy curly hair…

  125. Hi all! I’m hoping someone can help me. There’s some nessus aspects in my chart that seems rather…dark. And I need some help figuring out what it means.

    Nessus trine Algol, Nessus trine Lucifer, Nessus trine Kaali. Algol, Lucifer and Kaali are all in Taurus and the 6th house, which is ruled by Virgo. Nessus is in Virgo in the 9th house. Am I a bad person?

    I also have Alogl, Kaali and Lucifer all squaring psyche in Aquarius. All three are also squaring Valentine in Leo and my true node in Aquarius (True Node is also squaring Lust and opposing Valentine). Hope you all can give me some insight ‘cuz I’m lost.

    1. Oh god no!! If you look up that many dark goddess asteroids you are bound to find something ‘dark’.
      You don’t even have a regular planet conjunct Algol so you can ignore Algol altogether. Why are you even looking at the asteroids!? They are just fine tuners and only relevant by conjunction and on angles and personal planets. Get to know the basics first!

  126. Thank you for responding!
    Please bear with me, I’m still learning…

    So all aspects between asteroids and fixed stars are entirely irrelevant unless they’re conjunct?

  127. Interesting as Johnny Depp’s and his wife both have Algol conjunct a major planet..conjunct Venus on her chart.
    Like attracts like? They certainly have a magnetic beauty about them.

    1. Natural healer! You would be attracted to those in pain, but you’d have to be careful you don’t pick ‘broken’ partners who you want to fix.

  128. Does anyone have any idea of what this could mean having Algol conjunct Ascendant and conjunct Chiron in a Davison relationship chart? Thank you.

  129. Marina, I was wondering the heading for Algol gives dates 16/18 of may. Does that mean the 17 th of may is felt differently?

  130. Could we also see a propensity for narcissism with algol as well ? …. my friend has mars 25° 03 taurus – mercury 9° 05 – venus 10°06 – Saturn 9°25 …

  131. Algol in mt 1st house -Taurus rising trine Jupiter opp Pt of Fortune

  132. I have my Sun and Mercury conjunct Algol, the former at 25deg the latter at 27deg, so they “straddle” Algol – how fascinating that my horoscope interpretations to date have never highlighted this as an important aspect!

  133. From above: “It is easy for a dictator to brainwash a nation of drunks.”

    “Give my people plenty of beer, good beer, and cheap beer, and you will have no revolution among them.” – Queen Victoria

  134. I have Algol conjunct IC exact. By a 0.12 orb. What does that exactly mean?

  135. I have a T-square: Leo Uranus opposition Aquarius Chiron (2 degrees 34′), Scorpio Venus square Chiron (20′), and Venus square Uranus (2 degrees 54′). I just discovered that my T-square becomes a Grand Cross if I take Algol into consideration at 25 degrees 37′ in Taurus, yielding (the Grand Cross completion with) Venus opposition Algol at 2 degrees 17,’ Uranus square Algol at 37,’ and Chiron square Algol at 1 degree 57.’ The question is would you consider this to be an astrological stretch – even fiction – or exclusion that would be responsible. Many astrologers use an orb of 3 degrees with aspects to Algol, and there is division within the astrological community as to including aspects beyond the conjunction (opposition, square, etc.) with Algol. Thanks ahead of time for any response this might generate.

    1. Hmmm. I wouldn’t consider a square from Algol myself. But if Algol speaks to you it speaks to you. Astrology is a language, a way to tap into our intuition and higher self. So I never like to tell people their reading of their own chart is wrong. However if I was teaching you to read somebody else’s chart I would definitely be much stricter. The danger is that you can project anything onto someone else to suit your own prejudices. Astrology has to draw the line somewhere.

  136. Thanks, Marina, for taking the time to answer – and the wise advice you gave in reading other’s charts. By the way, Algol is in my intercepted 12th House (12th House cusp is in Aries) – not sure what it means, but interesting. A good thing, maybe, that makes the power of Algol hard to access. But, again, repressed in an unconscious state can result in bubbling to the surface in unexpected – in case with losing head passionate, possibly violent Algol – harmful to self and/or others ways. Again, thanks for comment.

  137. Wow! So interesting! I have algol 25′ on Taurus Ascendant 21′, capricorn sun & moon.

    I have experienced this archetype a lot, and the Persephone myth playing out in my life a lot. My right pupil does not dilate, & I only sweat on one half of my body (perfect vertical line up & down body). I have experienced being abducted & violated, to be reborn. My partners tend to become very obsessed with me, too much so. I have even felt like a demon has taken over my ex, to dominate me, in an eerie otherwordly way.

    Thanks for the insight

  138. This is really interesting. I have Moon conjunct Algol by 3 degrees. And the interp fits me perfectly.

    I’m curious though about this placement conjunct the North Node. Would this mean that the themes of pain are fated for the individual? That they live a life where they process pain of different types to learn and grow?

    Thank you so much for the insight.

  139. My poor mother has Algol exactly conjunct her Mars (23′) in the 9th house, T-squaring Neptune in her 12th and Moon in 6th. Her MC is 9º away in Gemini. Her twin died at birth, and she never recovered from it – she now suffers terrible bouts of paranois schizoprenia, and is obsessed that she’s murdered someone. The only good thing about all this, I think, is that the conjunction takes place in the 9th, which somehow seems to be the least ‘personal’ of the houses and thus the least related to her own inner torment. That’s my theory anyhow.

  140. Very interesting. I had not heard about Algol, until I started reading Dark Star Astrology. My 25 degree Algol is loosely conjunct my midheaven at 20 Taurus, and it is T-squaring my Aquarius Moon and Leo ascendant. People say I have some kind of “effect” on people when I walk into a room. Maybe powerful vibes, I don’t know. I’m going to research Algol some more.

  141. I have known & loved four people born on May 15 & May 16…..HARDHEADED & in my experience-
    neglect of health until it gets dire….

    The person I loved most in this world was born May 16….Bent on self destruction- he lived a life of drugs,bad marriages- etc,,He had a fall from a roof at 36 & was chair bound for life..

    A month ago- I lost a friend- May 15- after an 11 month battle with flesh eating disease..She ignored her diabetes, ignored bacterial boils- & this 11 month terrible time started with a leg amputation

    I am NOT saying that all people born on these dates meet the same fates….

    My Sun- Moon midpoint is 23 Taurus- so the attraction is natural

    All of these people had Mercury Taurus also……

    My 2,


  142. My Algol 26 degrees conjuncts my Sun , I was born May 17. My health is great usually get a clean bill of health , I try to maintain a positive attitude, but I find that my energy can be too much so I have to hold back in social circles . I feel if I don’t find my self giving to a cause for those less fortunate or grounding my self in community spiritual practices to keep my self in line.

  143. My North Node is at 26 Taurus with Jupiter conjunct the South Node. What stance towards my North Node you advise?

  144. I have my Venus 26 degrees Taurus. Sun is 20 degrees. Plus Venus squares Saturn. Am I doomed to disastrous relationships? I’ve been alone for a considerable time now because I choose being alone over horrible relationships. I’m starting to give up hope

  145. Wow, I have Algol just barely above my ascendant squished between it and my moon! The medusa hair is for sure, I also have an ‘off with their heads!’ thing that happens when someone really pisses me off.

  146. Hi,
    I really liked reading your more than detailed text about Algol. Could you be so kind to write your thoughts on the combination between Algol and Venus?
    I’ve got Algol conjunct my natal Venus in the 6th house, while Venus also has a trine with Mars (25 degree Capricorn in my 2nd house) and a few more aspects that are not exact.

    There isn’t much a man can find regarding this star’s combination with Venus, at least not other than it’s malicious side that reeeally scares me.
    Looking forward to reading your interpretation.
    Thank you in advance.

  147. PADRE SAYS I AM HAVING ALGOL PROBLEMS. I have a Saturn at 27 Gemini so Algol will always semi-sextile natal Saturn. Well this might be the Astrology site for me to publish a list of doomsdays, I have simply applied empirical methods and found which aspects kill people and how. It took 5 years to find out as sometimes more aspects than enough appeared at certain events. 800,000 deaths further on I found that evil indications can repeat evil events and we ought to put Astrology on the hard stuff shelf along with explosives.

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