Pluto In Aquarius ~ UnSlave Or EnSlave?


Pluto re-enters Aquarius properly on 20 January 2024 where it will stay until 2043/44! (Except for a breif spell when it returns to Capricorn from September 2 to November 18 2024) So we will have Pluto in Aquarius for roughly two decades. Pluto has a 248 solar cycle.

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Pluto was last in Aquarius between 1778 to 1798. That period was known as the age of revolution since we had both the American and French revolutions. In 1796 the first vaccines were developed by injecting a child with cowpox which of course was ground breaking for the medical profession. Before that Pluto was in Aquarius from 1532 to 1553 when Henry the 8th was King of England. During that time we had the protestant reformation and the first Spanish conquistadors landed in America.

Cosmic Dawn Of A New Age?

Reading what others on the web have said about Pluto in Aquarius this time around I get the impression that the media would like it to be an intensification of the ‘progressive’ agenda. They report that ‘weird and quirky Aquarian traits’ will become mainstream. Well, I’d say that’s been happening for at least 10 years. Flying the freak flag is nothing new and traditional values are positively spat upon in media advertising. Pluto in Aquarius is being hyped as the “cosmic dawn of a new age”. Well as a stellium Aquarian, I would love to think so! Liz Simmons of popsugar writes:

“Overarching themes to expect from Pluto in Aquarius will be the destruction and transformation of Aquarius traits and associations, which may include the following: the greater community, friendship, humanitarian efforts, individuality, authenticity, liberation, and eccentricity.” ~ Popsugar. She goes on to say “It becoming increasingly cooler to be weird and quirky instead of trying to “fit in.” 

But if Pluto does indeed nukes Aquarian traits then wouldn’t it go the other way? Instead, we would have the destruction of individuality, community, eccentricity etc wouldn’t we? Or have I read that wrong? I do see a backlash against the ‘Woke’ however and in some ways, sensible Saturn in Aquarius has paved the way for Pluto to cut the crap so to speak. Both Saturn and Pluto will bring to an end that which does not serve us. They share death in common and both are feared the most as transits.

However, as with all transits, there is a positive or a negative manifestation. We have free will and can choose which one will play out in our lives. We’ve had two and a half years of Saturn in Aquarius with the occasional square from Uranus. That configuration has given us an idea of what Pluto in Aquarius will feel like.


In my Saturn square Uranus ~ Techno Tyranny article I wrote ~ “In some ways, this square has a similar feel to Uranus square Pluto which ran from 2012 to 2015. I called that one ‘Dominators and Dictators’ because I found that the previous Uranus square Pluto in 1932/34 heralded the rise of the Nationalist Socialist Party and Hitler. I wonder if this Saturn square Uranus will have a similar effect, a kind of Uranus square Pluto lite.

Currently, there are so many constrictions (Saturn) to our freedoms (Uranus.) and flight restrictions too... Our smartphones are increasingly becoming the cyber-version of the ball and chain. We already have it to some extent with ‘Track & Trace’ in the UK. How Saturn square Uranus is that? Uranian technology being used as surveillance.” There is already talk of digital IDs which will probably be linked to our phones. In the UK on April 23rd 2023 (Again the number 23!) we had a nationwide testing of this ‘Emergency Alert’

Permission To Penetrate

“Emergency Alerts is a UK government service that will warn you if there’s a danger to life nearby. In an emergency, your mobile phone or tablet will receive an alert with advice about how to stay safe.” I find this whole idea creepy. Similar to the 4-minute nuclear warning we had in the 1980s with the “Protect & Survive” leaflets that were put through our letterboxes. It’s interesting this ‘test’ occurred during Pluto’s brief prequel visit to Aquarius in 2023.

Pluto in mythology is known for the rape of Persephone. One of the traits of psychopaths is their disregard for boundaries. They take without asking and invade your personal space. These modern devices like mobile phones do just that. Like Pluto, they are constantly spying on you, but only if you let them. Again they need you to give them your permission before they penetrate and enslave you!

So I’m hoping there will be a rebellion against invasive technology and the ‘woke’ agenda. Low-vibration Aquarius is extreme equality, where anyone that tries to rise above the average is pulled down (Like when one ambitious crab tries to escape from a bucket, the others pull him back down). Communism degenerates to the point where no individuality is left at all and the collective becomes a hive mind. High vibration Aquarius on the other hand is the common man as divine, requiring no intermediary between himself and god. We will not need a middleman, banker or broker in business either. Pluto can be a huge parasite or freedom from parasites because he can detox all the negative Aquarian traits of humanity. We can sell directly to our clients without someone taking commission or interest.

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