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A made-to-measure reading using the decans and fixed stars. I discuss your natal chart and its potential on MP3 (50 to 70 mins). This reading uses a unique combination of esoteric and ancient techniques to examine the souls geometry and planetary strength. I also look at the progressed chart and bring in Ceres, BM Lilith and Eris if relevant. Current transits are referenced. You can choose to have more of an emphasis on the future promise (transits & progressions) or focus more on the past and ancestral history (Nodes and IC) otherwise both are considered equally. I have renamed this reading to allow for greater flexibility. After the initial natal reading you may want a repeat reading that asks deeper questions, to problem solve or focuses on a specific area of life. PREVIOUS CLIENTS can use this form for year-ahead readings. Time spent is hard to predict as each chart is different. Complex charts and aspect patterns take longer to unravel, as do challenging outer planet transits to the natal.

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“Still very very happy with the natal reading you did for me in August. It’s really helping me keep focussed on which direction I must keep looking in and has given me confidence in what I have to offer. You really hit the nail on the head for me. Previously I think I was a little scared of what lay at my core but you shed light and now I see I can use it to transform and become truly fulfilled. Am now considering a Dark Moon reading (when finance permits) as I find your interpretation so valuable and also inspiring.” ~ Layla Sept 12 2012

” Marina, thank you so much; the natal reading you did for me is fabulous. Your interpretation of so many aspects of my chart and the stars that lurk there is not only learned, but also intuitive, insightful and spookily accurate. As a result I feel more understanding and forgiving of myself and much better prepared to face the future in a constructive way. This has been so very valuable; you have made a really significant contribution towards my ongoing attempts at evolution. Sincere thanks for your candid, personable and supremely insightful work. I recommend this reading without hesitation. Maggie x” ~ Margomac  25/6/12 

“Absolutely fabulous. Really the most on the mark and easy to apply reading I’ve ever had. I would highly, highly recommend this to anyone.” ~ Marin  10/4/12

“I just want to say everything and I mean EVERYTHING you said in this reading was so accurate I’m gobsmacked! The date and time must be correct – it was accurate in such a deeper way than anything I’ve ever been able to get into myself by my reading – and of course the last time I had a chart done was 1989, minus the fixed stars, which certainly do give a deeper insight. Thank you Marina for such a truth-filled and free flowing reading, the best ever. It was wonderful to hear these truths just fall so naturally through Marina’s voice on the Mp3. I will recommend you to my friends!! love and take care “ ~ Leone 9/6/11

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