Twin Flame or Hell Fire?

This site isn’t called Darkstar for nothing, for I have a fascination for Pluto and Dark Goddesses. The lord of the underworld is square my AC/DC relationship axis so how could I not? For some time I have noticed the Persephone Myth theme coming up in synastry readings. Was I attracting clients who had a weak spot for the “Pluto Bad Boys” (as I called them.) or was it my own Plutonic projection reflecting back at me through their charts?

Then recently I was sent a link to a Youtube video “ The Dark Side Of Cupid” I was stunned. These “Pluto Bad Boys” did exist outside my brain and I was not alone! These entities are known by various different names, ETs, psychic vampires, mind parasites, weitiko, archons, psychopaths etc etc. Psychology explains them away by calling them projections of our shadow. But could they be more than that?

Psychic Vampires, Archons, Psychopaths…

First off, it is really not healthy to start branding every ex who has wounded our ego as a psychopath! It is vastly more complex than that. According to Eve Lorgen an entity can attach itself to one or both partners. I believe the creature tends to spend the most time with the partner with the least boundaries. (This can simply be because they are more psychic.)

However co-dependant relationships, where one or both partners have an addiction, are easy prey for these entities. Then the creature can have fun jumping between the two, playing the angel/martyr on one side and the demon/addict on the other. The entities, like vampires need blood, feed off trauma and unloving sex.

Sometimes, the demon will push the couple towards porn and more perverted forms of sex. Some couples in long-term love relationships do spice things up with sex toys and “50 Shades Of ” erm.. role playing. I’m not talking about them! But a new relationship that very quickly descends into needing pornography for stimulation should bring up a red flag. UPDATE! Porn is a real problem and usually the portal through which these ‘Dark Cupids’ enter in the first place. More research is needed on this subject alone.

50 Shades Of Red Flags

The most common scenario of all is the affair with the married man or woman. The spouse will play the Moon and the lover Lilith, whatever sex they are. This does rather demonize Lilith, but she has a powerful kundalini energy, which makes her a prime target for the possessing demon.

Lilith here is like Persephone, she can be overcome by her powerful sexual feelings so the sex becomes a drug. This generates obsessive, stalking behavior, desperate for our next Plutonic fix, we hate what we have become… and then we seek the astrologer. After it is all over, we say “What the hell possessed me?!” and the astrologer will say. “Well, you just had a Neptune transit…” But sometimes it’s more than that, and the transit just opened the portal.

A toxic relationship with a demon is as addictive as heroin. Why do you think I have a syringe picture on my Pluto post? I mentioned “love bombing” on the Psychopath Astrology post. A Pluto possessed partner will love-bomb the other into submission. They will pick people at their most vulnerable, coming out of a divorce, a debilitating illness, after a loss of a parent or job.

Love Bombing

twin flameThe Neptune possessed partner will come across as the knight in shining armor and be anything you want them to be. Again we also have to look at ourselves, because at these times we can project onto these people our perfect soulmate. If they happen to match the anima/animus as described in our chart then that’s it, we are hooked. At the end of the relationship we might blame the partner for being a charlatan, but did we really see them for who they really were? Psychologists say we tend to experience new partners as 75% of our own projections.

When we are in love it’s very hard to discern whether a relationship is the real thing, or if it is possession or projection? This hyper-dimensional explanation could account for why so many people, even after suffering burns, jump straight back into Hell’s fire despite very obvious red flags.

We like to think that as “enlightened being” types we should know better. But ironically it’s the questioning, curious type, the one who takes a big bite from the apple of wisdom that gets targeted. It stays with me to this day that my Catholic uncle blamed the ending of my first marriage on me taking astrology classes… You don’t want to dabble in the occult!!

Nigredo Process

But falling into the underworld is part of the alchemical process called Nigredo.

“The alchemists believed that as a first step in the pathway to the philosopher’s stone all alchemical ingredients had to be cleansed and cooked extensively to a uniform black matter. In analytical psychology, the term became a metaphor ‘for the dark night of the soul, when an individual confronts the shadow within” ~ Wiki 

The problems come when we get stuck in the underworld and addicted to these relationships (Don’t eat the food there it says in the myth.) It is interesting that one player in the Persephone myth, Ceres, is associated with poppies which are the ingredient for opium. Religion is the opium for people said Karl Marx, which brings me to Angels…and Neptune. Demons might turn up as Pluto, but Angels, that’s Neptune’s game. These are the love and light brigade, new-age gurus, ascended masters and anything wearing a halo. Angels are still vampires but pose as your saviour. If Neptune works through you, then you will be of the, I create-my-own-reality, self-sacrificing, turn-the-other-cheek martyrs….and a perfect match for Pluto.

Light-workers can be even more susceptible to demonic possession just because think they are immune! If you believe you create your own reality, then you must also believe the kid who got raped by a pedophile was a “vibrational match” on some level for the rapist. Well, I don’t buy it. The are many YouTube Indigo/Persephone kids spreading the word about the law of attraction. I used to watch a lot of it and felt it was quite empowering initially, after a while though, it just felt wrong. I couldn’t really explain why. But knowing about the angelic side of the demon, you can clearly see how Neptunian the Guru effect is. Like any drug, you get the initial buzz, but after taking in too much, you end up with a “law of attraction” hangover.

The karmic payback thing becomes dangerous because can allow abuse to continue. Deep down Persephone types will think they deserve it, that they have agreed to go through the trauma in order to evolve. It can make Neptunian Angels quite scarily psychopathic. Some will use the karma concept to distance themselves from helping those who happen to fall on bad times. It also keeps Neptune angels stuck in co-dependent relationships.

Neptune Angels

twin flamesNeptune angels become the enabler, the nurse, controlling the addicts’ doses of medicine. But these “saints” invariably end up, just like the vampire, draining their friends with stories of how terrible their Pluto partner is. The friends, who may be in similar relationships themselves, feed off the drama, like being addicted to a soap opera. And so it continues….

Taking this toxic “medicine” as a temporary, conscious, transformative process, (Nigredo) is healing and good cosmic hygiene. Perpetuating and enabling a vampiric addiction, which drains you, and in turn others is destructive and spreads dis-ease. There is a difference, but addicts and those fully possessed by demon/angels, kid themselves that what they are doing is healing.

It is hard to know the difference though and any wounded healer who likes to play close to the edge and fall in too deep. Some of us can endure it for years and come out like a phoenix from the flames, while another can do a weekend of psychedelic drugs and lose the plot forever. It’s impossible to know what another soul can handle, which is why, at the end of the day we just need to get to know ourselves…well! Relationships paradoxically are a great way of helping us get to know ourselves since the 7th house opposite our personal 1st house is our mirror.

I wrote this post to continue the “Archon” discussion which has also prompted queries about how astrology can help us understand and spot a possible “Dark Cupid” relationship. It also follows on from my very old Psychopath Astrology post, which I recently resurrected from the grave then realized I needed to update. Psychopathy has become a big thing within the alternative media. It is the new devil.

God & Satan

In the olden times, before the telescope, our demons were pretty basic. Jupiter was God and Saturn the devil, two sides of the same duality coin. Now “As above, so below” things have gotten more complicated. The trans-personal planets show us there are more influences “out there”. We aren’t just in a battle for sovereignty with religion (Jupiter) or politics (Saturn). Now we face our demons through Uranus (ET’s), Neptune (New Age) and Pluto (Psychopaths).

The trans-personal planets are the most difficult to deal with in personal relationships. I use the ancient rulership system and it’s true that the visible planets are the most important planets incompatibility. However, I would find it impossible to work without Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, because it is these planets that will show the themes of the “Dark Cupid”.

Relationships lacking basic compatibility, but with many transpersonal planet connections between them, will be obsessive and challenging. These are the rollercoaster connections and I see a lot of them as an astrologer. Black Moon Lilith and Chiron are crucial in understanding the entry point for these entities, through sex, drugs, magic or childhood abuse.

Dark Davison Charts

flam2I also wonder if the Davison (relationship) chart describes the “Dark Cupid” as the matchmaker of the relationship. The Davison can describe the so-called “Karmic contract” very accurately. Some researchers say that these karmic binds can even be fake! Very abusive lives between a couple are “shown” to the souls while awaiting incarnation.

Because these demons are masters of illusion, they can show you a kind of photo-shopped movie of what seems to be a past life connection. The best way I can describe it, is when you dream of someone you don’t particularly fancy, but if you see them the next day it feels really weird, like there’s a pull, even if it’s a cringey pull.

I have a feeling the demonic programming is like that, but they program you again and again and again… Before you know it, you have been groomed, so that when you meet them in this life, that’s it, Cupid strikes you down very easily. In my experience, the “cringe factor” was there too very early on, but then it went away. I wonder if this is a symptom or not.

Soulmates Or Cellmates?

You can tell Pluto had been gnawing away in the background of some of my past synastry articles. I think it’s hilarious that it was in trying to define ‘Soulmates’ (by giving scores for karmic connections), that I ended up uncovering a good few ‘Cellmates’! Some clients were getting terrifically high scores in relationships (45+). After them giving me feedback, I realised these affairs had all the hallmarks of a “Dark Cupid” relationship.

This did make me wonder what the hell was going on, since I wasn’t even using the transpersonal planets in the ratings. Saturn gave high scores for relationship glue however. So there are two possibilities: 1) These were true love connections that were hijacked by demonic entities because they were great quality “food”. Or 2) Saturn is a big indicator of a karmic contract.

A little glue is fine, but too much Saturn and it becomes a high security jail with your demon holding the key. I think astrology can show us the “program”. But we can choose to switch off the TV programme, and you can certainly change the operating system that programs your computer.

Sin Or Synastry..

What I have noticed over the years that the best synastry aspects are really The Best Synastry Aspects. It’s important to have the basics, to be compatible by element with the Sun, Moon and AC (With at least two out of the three.) If you have that, even at a very wide orb, the rest is just icing on the cake. Be careful with relying on Vertex and Nodal connections though, as they could be karmic contracts which may not be genuine.

If you have Nodal/Vertex connections though and good basic compatibility, this can show you have important work to do together. I do still use the soulmate test in my synastry readings, but for the opposite reason than what I invented it for!

Very average scores seemed to be common in stable, long-term partnerships with no roller coaster effects. Very low scores were usually a symptom of unrequited, wishful thinking on behalf of the client with people they hardly knew. One advantage of these connections at least, is your love demon will have no interest in them whatsoever!

I have a hunch that the Davison chart is very important in the study of the “Third entity”. I have seen some stunning Davison charts that describe “Dark Cupid” relationships. They are never boring! You usually get the geometric version of a Hollywood movie, that is; tight T-squares, Yods, Pluto, Mars, Lilith hard aspects, deluded Venus/Neptune trines, Ceres/Eris Persephone themes, etc etc.

I intend to study extreme couples like Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, because I don’t believe independently they could’ve done what they did. Something in the Davison must’ve attracted the possession. From these people we can see where, or how, we may be vulnerable to attack and what measures we can take to defend ourselves.

104 thoughts on “Twin Flame or Hell Fire?

  1. finally, some clarity on how good relationships can go bad or be hurt if your etheric barrier is weak. I’ve always oscillated between my stong neptunian and plutonian signatures, so it’s nice to see a detached recap of these things! thankfully i feel much less helpless these days from either angels or demons. the mundaneness of life now has been a blessing. i wonder how much all of these ideas are just about immaturity and escape: escape by being ‘bad’ or escape by ‘helping others / finding god’. if you are grounded, mature, and happy with your lot in life, neither of these will be seductive.

  2. Bloody hell Marina, this post elevates you to guru status – the most common sense evaluation of the psychic element of relationships I have ever read.
    Too much to comment on here except to say
    a) how timely a warning, as I have dipped my toe in the water of a very dangerous liaison and need to escape – poor guy has a doozy of a chart with a Pluto/Merc square Fist of God to Saturn, and it’s all nodal/Chiron connections between us, which, as you say, can make you feel helpless and as if you OUGHT to go through with it all, and you did once say you could envisage a bad boy on a motorbike rocking up to carry me off, and here he is and I do not like it one bit!
    b) my late mother was a born again Christian and very hot on demonic possession etc and one of the paradoxes she and her mates struggled with was the sheer amount of bad luck and tragedy that entered their lives when they became born again. The explanation was that ‘Satan’ was now interested in them and their saved souls, whereas us unsaved sinners were ok because we were under the radar. Seemed like a no brainer to keep on sinning for the sake of a quiet life! You have summed it up marvellously.

  3. Hi Marina!

    Thank you for this article. Transiting Pluto is almost conjunct my Unaspected natal Venus.. within a 3 degree orb. I’ve recently been thrown together with another individual and we are similar in very scary way. Even the way we’ve noticed each other is “fated.” He gave me his birth chart and I found that his Vertex is conjunct my Moon almost exact. His Moon is conjunct my Anti-Vertex almost exact as well. We have the same world views, beliefs and dreams but the way we are (in personality and how we approach things) seems to be opposites/complimentary. Your article is really making me rethink our possible relationship as we got very close very fast (within 2 weeks). My Moon is Decan 1 Virgo – which screams Persephone and your recent article on the Ceres conjunct Pluto frightens me.

  4. Gillian “If you are grounded, mature, and happy with your lot in life, none of these will happen.” If you are grounded, mature, and happy you probably have a good sense of self esteem and have good boundaries. In this respect I do not see falling into the darkside of a Neptunian or Plutonian relationship as a matter of escape but rather, knowing what is acceptable and what is not; what violates and self effaces vs what is respectful and affirming. As Marina has stated – it starts with knowing oneself (much less chance of projection).

  5. “Some will use the karma concept to distance themselves from helping those who happen to fall on bad times”. Indeed, and also a way for some to explain the unexplainable. “Why bad things happen to good people” etc. Much too close to the Judeo Christian concept of the punishing God – very dangerous, unhelpful, and simplistic view of life it seems to me. Ironically, if something awful happens to these same people, then what are they left with? “I deserved this?” Very sad.

  6. brava!
    this article is just right on target.
    a target that is placed on a picture of Pluto, so we can bombard it with darts.
    but, in the end since all life is change , when you yield to the Power of Pluto ,you may find that what
    pluto forces out of your life may be something you never needed..
    and with the bull dozer gone is new ground on which to build a Brave NewWorld.
    don’t forget. pluto can also bring many unsavory characters from literally the underworld.
    Like a sewer worker or someone in the mob.
    There are my 2 cents.
    Love you site.

  7. I think that maybe you have never experienceda Neptune Square Venus transit.
    i read an article in the Mountain Astrologer that when this hits even Astrologers who know the score are helpless and powerless and when the transit ends you realize the Prince was a frog indeed.
    Of courses. If It was at trine the relationship would have a happy conclusion.
    But, the Square is a doomed exposition.

  8. Angels too, eh…
    I have been suspicious of them ever since a picture of one mysteriously fell off my wall during a nadir of depression, a kind of “10 of swords” moment.
    Not long after, I read something metaphorical, I think it was the Emerald Tablet, about celestial beings who try to catch you and you can only escape by running in circles. You would think demons, but no, these must be angels, if they are moving in angles!!!

    1. Not for the angles unfortunately. In that case it’s best to do an Aries rising chart for both of them and work from that. Bear in mind that the Moon also will not be so accurate either.

  9. really rings true, i have definitely been in angelic possession very insightful thanks

  10. I grew up thinking everyone was good and some did bad things. In the last few years (mainly since the Transit of Venus, start of Pluto/Uranus square), personal experience has lead me on a new path, seeking truth and uncovering secrets. I disagree on the third entity theory. I’ve come to know some people intimately who are just truly evil, not possessed per se, just evil. These evil ones walk among us and unless you’ve had direct dealings with them you wouldn’t even know their dark side.

    Pluto, Neptune, and Lilith all have been active during the times I have had to deal with evil.

    Currently,I have Saturn hovering around my AC…. go figure. Cheers!

  11. Question – so you say it’s important for you and your partner to be compatible by element with the Sun, Moon and AC (or at least two out of the three). What does ‘compatibility’ look like in this case? My partner and I have the exact same Sun and Moon sign – does that mean we are compatible?

  12. Great post Marina! A question though..when doing the Davison Chart..which one do you use? There doesn’t seem to be too much of a difference between the uncorrected or the corrected..that I can see. Referring to Astrodienst. I will, when I have time, go through my astro data saved re past connections, just because this has sparked a lot of curiosity! Food for thought- definitely 🙂 x

  13. So fascinating! Thank you!
    A quick question – the article is called “twin flame or hell fire” – I’m just wondering if you actually subscribe to the “twin flame” connection – as you don’t actually mention it in the article… Are u suggesting twin flame relationships can be confused for these hell fire ones – or are they the same thing??
    Blessings and love ????

    1. I actually don’t believe there are such things as twin flame relationships! It seems to me an excuse for all manner of abuse.

  14. You have called for an plutonic/lilithic/neptunic?

    Boo, here I am! 3:)

    But do not tell anybody … 😉

  15. Great post, Marina! I agree about the flaw in the theories of karma/Law of Attraction, especially when it comes to pure-hearted innocents being viciously hurt by sociopaths. I’m Buddhist but I don’t believe these children drew those events to themselves through some horrible thing they did even in a long-ago past life. I think it must be more nuanced than that. A Buddhist leader I respect very much said there is a concept in several forms of Buddhism that talks about light-workers (bodhisattvas) “assuming the correct karma” in order to fight against the darkness in society. The idea is that some people reincarnate knowing that they will be the victims of a certain crime, in order to learn about that type of evil in depth, and to motivate them to spend the rest of their lives working to protect others from that specific type of evil. This leader said it would be very wrong for someone to say to such a person “You were bad in a past life and now you’re being punished for it,” when that might not be the reason at all. The person may just be a light-worker with a very power mission in this lifetime, and the victimization they experienced was essentially them receiving their karmic assignment in this lifetime, or getting a “PhD” in the type of evil they came here to fight.

    That makes much more sense to me, and feels right in my heart in a way that the mainstream teachings on karma or the Law of Attraction never have. It makes me so sad to think that victims of terrible crimes read those teachings and think “I was bad in a past life, or negative in this one, so it’s my fault those things happened to me.” Thank you for speaking out against that very damaging and negative mentality! Bless you. 🙂

  16. Brilliant article and thank you from someone with Pluto opps the Asc (natal)and transiting Neptune conjunct Asc. Almost forgot– transiting Saturn conj. MC, squaring natal Pluto, too.

    No, it has not been boring!

    I learnt two things:

    1. How to sit with myself and with my own demons and rage without making someone else carry them.

    2. And when to say enough is enough, by not asking to be released, but by releasing myself and telling how it is, and how it will be, without asking for anything.

    I have it in the back of my mind that you aren’t taking Yahoo address.

    But if you are reading this, I want to send a cheque (money order). I don’t do online transactions.
    If you have an old fashioned postal address. I will make that happen.

    best Dianne from Northcote. Melbourne. Victoria. Australia

  17. I like this post very much, Marina 🙂 I really have lived that this wishful thinking and affirming things, is foolish. And that one has to really have a look not only to the chart (thanks for the tips… all of them, suited real relations: Lillith opp. Pluto natal: not easy to handle. One “love for ever” has Saturn in his 8th House… where my natal mean Lillith lies and also my Chiron. You should have seen the pain, profound wounds we made to each other. Oh! So very unconscious.
    And father of my children made an exact opp. to my Lillith too. So…
    You really rock on this one and it is an open invitation to observe, live, feel and increase this very deep look we better do with doings (and forget the words, somehow!).

    Thanks again!


  18. I think Law of Attraction is true but only applies where there exists mutual consent. I could go out on the street, walk up to the first person I see and punch them in the face, but no way I could believe that person was subconsciously attracted to me! Though some people would argue that is so. Maybe Karmic Law is another forbidden fruit, if not understood properly leads to all kinds of ridiculousness.

  19. Marina, this is, perhaps, one of the most important things I have ever read. And the timing is spectacularly important to me. Something I have long theorized on my own, and written about, but having this context blows it all out of the water for me in a way I had not put together previously. My sincere gratitude.

  20. Also, it’s often interpreted as ‘someone did X and now they must experience Y as a result’, assuming it was a ‘bad thing’ and now they get rewarded. However, it can be a reinforced behavior based on soul trauma-the soul knows that experience and comes to expect it or is born into a similar situation based on limited ideas of what’s possible/deserved.

    Re: boddhisattvas, it’s interesting that souls ‘take vows’ to agree to live a boddhisattava path and I have grown to become hesitant of these spiritual hierarchies and systems-no matter the religion. Taking a vow is not necessary in order to help other people. Human sovereignty and evolution requires careful analysis AND intuition of both embodied and disembodied realities, IMO. To whom are we submitting these vows? And the vows that extend into future lives in particular seem unnecessary and a bit like ‘culling of souls’ for some particular need [of whom, I do not know].

    Big topic, good article Marina.

  21. I’m glad you use the ancient rulerships… been bothering me lately – how I readily accepted the transpersonal planets as new rulers without doing serious questioning. Yet another form of cosmic bamboozling and throwing us off balance ! The outer planets matter, absolutely, but they needn’t be replacements, mucking up the symmetry. Re-thinking it during this Mercury retro.

    And about ‘karmic contracts’ – yes, I think we have a choice to end them/end the illusion perhaps, at any time, rather than continue to blindly obey out habit, but they do need to be brought to consciousness somehow, in order to make that little mental or emotional quantum leap. Because the story being told to you by, say, a psychic or astrologer is only an interpretation of the ‘energy’ (sorry, can’t think of a better word). Stories are a type of medicine or spell/spell undoing, in a sense. Again, it’s about being awake or being rudely awoken !

    Thanks for the article !

  22. Sorry…one more comment 😉 This topic is always on my brain, I’ve a lot of the dark star meself.
    I do believe there is such thing as possession…people who do a lot of drugs/drink are susceptible, as are people with low self-esteem (possibly due to abuse, but it is so widespread now just from media, etc) or just not grounded enough. The aura starts to look like swiss cheese, full of open holes, apparently, and the demons get in. If you’ve ever wondered how people who seem to be completely gone over the edge still survive – it’s because the demons are still inhabiting the space, keeping the otherwise dead person going.
    These days, with so many drugs and people fascinated with the paranormal, the astral plane has become crowded like a shopping mall (so I’ve been told). You don’t want to hang out there if you are a sensitive person, not only are there demons, but ordinary people living right here who are sending you false signals of having been ‘connected’ in another life…but in reality they are just needy. Yes, those new-age guys…grrr.
    Astrologer Linda Brady says you can tell by whether there are ‘karmic warning bells’ (as you mentioned, you feel a draw, but it’s also kind of icky) or if the feeling is easy and right. I think we’ve all been there, drawn to the forbidden zone, etc.

    There are, fortunately good entities and ‘psychic tools’ for protection, although being conscious is really the most important thing. Michael and the Rose are your basics. And humour. Demons hate that shit.

  23. A GREAT book on Pluto is Liz Greene’s “The Astrology of Fate”. There is a chart in that book that is almost EXACTLY like mine, with only minor differences…even the Ascendant is the same! The Moon is even in the same degree of the opposing Sign to my natal Moon! Weird!

  24. I enjoyed this article. I felt as though you were writing about my relationship with a certain someone. I guarantee if you read our chart – we would be a case of what you’re describing here. It is evil, and possessive and just probably shouldn’t is a drug.


    1. “When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside as fate”.

    Therefore, all those “dark relationships” are truly a projection of our own darkness

    2. “There is no coming into consciousness without pain”.

    Yes it hurts, but less so when we realise what just happened.

    Before I departed on my way down into the underworld during my “dark night of the soul”, I fell (madly) in love with 3 different individuals that were characteristic of my Neptune, (Pluto and Uranus) conj, that form a YOD with my moon. No surprises here. It taught me what each energy really feels like and what it is. I know it, understand it and I can now use it.

    Don’t be fooled, what the mystics call “enlightenment” and the philosophers stone, turning one’s lead into gold, etc, etc, is really just the process of individualisation. Don’t be in a rush, it takes approximately 8 years (according to Jung) if your paying attention. P.S. NOT FOR THE FEINT HEARTED………………..

  26. Correction for last comment. The dark night of the soul takes 8 years (usually during the mid life crises). The Individualisation process starts here and then continues for the rest of your life.

  27. Angel, yes, I had Jung up the jin jang all my life, and it prepared me for that dark night of which you speak…a Plutonian/Neptunian roller coaster I’m still feeling the resonance of – the article made me revisit…
    I definitely think in terms of ‘projection’, first and foremost, but also I think the ‘actors’ we project on have to fit the role and may be in an agreement to play it for us (and vice versa). We don’t just project onto anyone, right ? Then, there are those who are typecast villains, walking the earth as demonic redeemers, in a sort of living hell agreement to wake up those who won’t. Or all of the above, as was my case ! Like dreams there are many types, I guess. Fascinating topic, in any case.

  28. Hey RB, nice to find common ground with you. If you research C. Jung he named these energies/ characters “ARCHETYPES”. They exist in all culture of the globe, time immortal, as well as within ourselves (eg wizard, king, queen, small child, old wise wo/man). The point is that we are all connected through this unconscious phenomenon which takes through our jouney of life and what makes us simply human beings. It is the part of us remembering who we are…..part of everyone else, but at the same time unique….
    Don’t ever forget humans’ true nature is love….. We can survive all wars…

  29. Interesting way of looking at stories, I think my Mercury- Jupiter opp has a hard time with this subject. Its just so hard to think there are entities that can do this, and that there is not as much freedom for this Aqua as I thought.

  30. Hi UraniaMane,
    All of these stories, feelings, symbols and characters (archetypes) are pre-existent UNCONSCIOUSLY when we are born, so we don’t get a choice. However as we travel through life, we are given the freedom to become conscious and integrate them(hopefully)which gives our lives depth, purpose and meaning. This is the challenge each and every one of us has been given to do with our own lives, in our own way. If we remain unconscious of them (especially our fears) we are compelled to act them out, over and over again. If we are brave, remain undefeated and keep our integrity; we grow in love, wisdom and personal evolution.

  31. Yes, I understand, its just going to take a minute for me to get used to. I do watch Makaleski on Youtube, and have become familiar with some of the things she speaks about. It’s so matter of fact to her, but it’s new to me. Uranus is Transiting my 9th and exploding the whole thing, I used to not think the Devil even real. Now I know it is, unfortunately, he’s not simple and may have kind of army, full ranks and abilities, like ants do.

  32. This post is Really freaking me out. I think I may be smack in the middle of this.
    and I didnt know that I’m the Pluto AND the Neptune, I have know idea what he is, though 3 astrologers have
    told me this is very fated karmic synastry with unfinished business. How do I get out unscathed?
    Or Goddess Why can’t it be the real thing,, its such a beautiful illusion. If anyone wants to look at the chart let me know.
    its pretty interesting fodder to say the least. I have plans to go see this man in 3 weeks. Now Im not so sure. Ack!

  33. this article really speaks to me, Marina! You pointed out my own Neptune transit, and yes, all has happened as you indicated I should expect. So, I am choosing the Neptune transit option of falling in love with myself. I feel lighter and happier than I have in years!

  34. Ballsey and courageous article. Forbidden fruit or the taboo I find to be restrictive labels just as much as twin flame most certainly is. The true meaning of forbidden fruit is simply that Adam and eve had a dualistic mind. Hence a sexually open man/woman within and without a relationship is viewed as dualistic, or split from God, which the shadow of Lilith in myth doesn’t st all help. I feel the label Lilith attached to the dark moon archetype is restrictive to sexual evolution and its liberation. For me Lilith is the problem and not the dark or black moon. Lilith I’ve found just belongs too much to the past. I’ll keep identifying with the dark moon archetype, but for me Lilith doesn’t enoower me anymore.

  35. Thanks Marina – in 2011 you did a karmic reading for me and the man who relieved me of 300 thousand euros in a deluded property investment. There was definitely a schizophrenic quality to the relationship that makes no sense at all, but was irresistible at the time. We had a score of 43 or 45, I think, and your advice when asked was to run like the wind, which I did and was most grateful to do, however broke it left me! Much love to you!

  36. interesting few days examining the ‘3rd entity’ in my various relationships via Davisons, including with my lovely but somewhat over protective and controlling parents. Yikes! Moon square Pluto with both of them: say no more!

  37. A very interesting read!…….i think you’re on to something.

    I think it is true that people are sometimes attracted MAINLY to another persons DARK HALF and it is the 2 peoples DARK HALFs which are in communication with each other and exploring damage and obsession & passion.

    It reminds me also of A Passage to India where people walk into Karmic Black Caves with each other and are lost each others false impressions of each others intentions.

    Pluto just moved from my 4th into my 5th house and strange changes that went on were bizarre…..but mostly all in the mind.

    I also think Family History might play into our modern selves…..the way Americans who had Grandparents who were pre-occupied with SLAVERY in the past have problems speaking properly or thinking about what happened today. And act erratically around the subject, almost in Karmic upheaval.

    Jodorowsky speaks about that sort of problem of having come to terms with the leftover problems of ancestors……black holes in your own affairs where things fail to make sense as you’re attracted to them……….

    here’s a vid i created related to this subject and Vampire Angels.
    It i think, Pluto’s conversation with Uranus

  38. Perhaps the essence is the ego in love seeking confirmation and reflection of itself. Neptune is often indicted in love affairs and covers the lovers in a lovely fog and then one day you wake up and he is picking his nose and you have a bad attack of wind… The holiday you had on Mount Olympus turns out to be an artists’ impression hotel and is unfinished. The bridge to love is mainly below the waist to start with and it often stays there, engaging possessiveness, territory, loyalty, survival, unchained emotion etc of the limbic brain, the base chakra etc etc. Our bodies haven’t been upright for very long (in cosmic terms). Our souls through our brains are seeking the great homecoming through the orifices of another!!! Meh.. get a cup of tea!

    1. Yes – the disillusion comes not only when the brain chemicals settle down but also, over time, the projection is taken back. WHY do we do this? Is it as you say – the ego seeking love? I think so. It is working at loving itself by loving the self in the Other. True love comes when the projection is taken back. So what wss Amy projecting onto her mate? He seemed like a love or a friend he affirmed her desire to escape her pain through addiction. He was an enabler, c’mon!

  39. I am a healer and I can tell you that what people call demons and entities are nothing but energies that belong to our souls, caused by soul fragmentation or traumas. These should not be seen as something “outside” of us. They do have a partial consciousness of their own but in order to heal a relationship, these demons must be reintegrated and healed in order for auric repair to occur. We are the creators of our own demons, which project themselves as entities outside of us.

    1. Most of the time the demons are indeed our shadow fragments, but I have seen cases where there is definitely some kind of possession taking place! I find it strange that some people are so sure that demons can only be something internal while at the same time are quite willing to accept that the planets can influence us from outside by transit. To me the planets are the demons.

      So therefore, can it not be a bit of both? Internal demons work like progressions, while external demons work like transits.

    2. marina will probably delete this, as she has done before.
      I find all this talk of, the devil,demons, possession and exhorsim etc , extemely ,regressive ,worrying and a disservice to astrology. We are trying to get away from medieval scaremongering. Look at what happens when mad wars are fought ,like isis ,misinterpreting high ideals ,killing,under the guise of pleasing,g-d, but really enjoying blood lust and warped power over another. Next time round the blood lust, will probably turn to menstruation, then see how much fun blood letting is.If you frighten people, by saying they are possessd by an evil spirit ,(alcoholiics, are looking for a true spirit,ie enlightened higher ideals )its all of some part of our selves.(incidentally ,transits and progressions are all part of us, agreed out side time and space,to be undertaken in the apparent program running ,to be experienced, its not material stuff )Then see the evidence of the husband who tried to exorcise his wife, just frightening his wife, into thinking she was possessd ,what rubbish, there was probably some ulterior motive in both of them. They should have seen it, become brave and autonomous and parted.In astrology we have the map ,if we see we are driving into a brick wall,just don’t get into the car. We have to learn from our mistakes,not keep repeating them.We all have light and dark within us ,we can choose ,stop passing the buck in denial of our own malevalence,and saying demons exist..

    3. Your link didn’t make it through the spam filter as it had too many links in it. I also think you are misrepresenting my argument and dismissing it without doing any research which borders on trolling in my opinion. If you continue to do this then I will have to remove comments as I see fit.

      As someone who comes from a Jungian background and has studied Psychology in depth I do not discount the psychological explanation for these phenomena. But there are incidents that cannot be explained any other way except by hyper-dimensional interference. Do some research on Holographic Kenetics! I don’t think I am spreading fear at all, don’t you think you might be projecting yourself?! In fact the knowledge that there are professional people out there experienced in dealing with these “possession” cases when all else has failed is a positive step. Burying our heads in the sand will not make the demons/shadow/psychosis go away.

      Have you ever had Shamanic healing? I have and I can’t recommend Kestrel at The Bridget Center in Glastonbury highly enough.
      Also this is going to be really interesting tonight if you are interested enough to keep commenting on this thread then please join in with this discussion, I have registered (If I can stay awake!), you can ask the panel questions. LOVE BITE ~ Is your love life a target for inter or extra dimensional interference?

    4. exactely- was meant for balanceworker appols.
      just wanted to reiterate that the personification of aspects ,is very irresponsible, as vulnerable succeptable impressionable individuals, or children,are adversely affected ,and always looking over their shoulder,in fear, when we should be helping them, to see positivity, that is what raising the vibrations, from the lower 3 chakras ,to the higher 4 ,is all about. devils and possession are personification of lower frequencies, and extremely unhelpful.

    5. Anna – “personification” of aspects… Yeh, I don’t think of planetary energies as entities at all either. I think in terms of pure energy and the symbols contain the archetype of that energy. Now progressions – that is an interesting one since that has to do with internal evolution. I have never related to progressions as much as transits with the exception of the Moon – I can see that clearly and it reinforces co-incidentally transits that are happening at the same time. And I do not see why the paranormal cannot be real as I have experienced it but that to me has nothing to do with transits – a completely different feel to me. Instead of projecting the concept of a demon onto an actual entity I see it more constructive to simply deal with the mess as we experience the results in real life. I have felt possessed in relationship and after years of not knowing why a brilliant psychologist (who was also very weird and twisted in his own way) pointed out that I felt safer with this man than without, even though in reality he was not providing safety – and he was right. It took me years to get rid of that attachment. I see the Tarot Devil card every time I think of it.

    6. jen, you could say you felt safer with the devil you know.(tongue in cheek),without going in to too much detail,i thinks it was connected to sedner in the 8th ,opp nep,square Uranus ,and actually, I understand,the chineese have just discovered a HUGE supermassive black hole, on 25% aries ,right on your sedna ,dive straight in to the black hole ,come out extruded at the other end,and finally make sense of the feelings ,feeling chucked into the deapths ,from paternal betrayal and relationship haze.
      I never know what paranormal means, whats normal.we pick up each persons elextromagnetic programme,from other dimensions/state of consciousness,all he time. each cell has a black hole/wormhole at its centre ,in the metaphysical/metaphorical body,the inner landscape is just a matter of scale,from,subattomics,to atoms,to organs,to bodies to planets,to solarsystems,to galaxies,to universe,to multiverses and beyond,
      at so called death,we go down a black hole tunnel to the egg /360,/light/void ,where we dump and ejaculate that incarnations experience, to impregnate another, REALITY,it is infinite and never ending.

    7. marina,
      you said I bordered on trolling and that you would have to remove comments as you saw fit, also suggested I was projecting, you also said I should do some research and mentioned Kestral,i spoke to him and he said, there was no possession ,only a discarded part of the self.
      you may possibly want to delete this, if you see fit,as I don’t think we are ever going to agree on this matter of possession .think your info on the fixed stars is great ,pity about the debatable,devil interference. i wish you well in the future.

    8. Re: Trolling. Well I was getting kinda frustrated with repeating myself…

      Re: You contacting Kestrel: I cannot answer this properly without going into detail about his healing session which is a private matter. I referenced Kestrel in case you were interested in healing and also for anyone else in Britain who might be, he’s a shaman not an exorcist, so his vocabulary will be different! The research I meant was about looking at Holographic Kinetics.

      I have not mentioned the devil in any of this so again this is your reading of my article. I guess I have in mind the Greek definition of Daimon when I think of Demon which incorporates both the angel and the demon.

      Yes this is a debatable matter, all I am doing is raising this issue up for debate. I am learning a lot in writing this, and peoples reactions to this article have been illuminating to say the least… I have always been skeptical of so called “possession”, but like I keep saying there have been many unexplained cases which we cannot ignore. I am so glad I found Holographic Kinetics because it by far has the most insightful explanation of this phenomena.
      I’ll put this section here as it focuses in the inter-dimensional:

    9. Anna – I will be definitely checking out the Sedna connection – and yes, the devil you know… sad but true.

      Marina – I think you hit it right on citing the Greek definition of daemon – allowing for the benign and even good spirit whereas the Christian only sees the malignant. We have been so much more infused in the Western with the Christian take on things that the Classic or Greek interpretation does not seem to be the default.

  40. A few years ago I would have been both skeptical and blown away by this article. Now, post Pluto transit and Pluto relationship (that ended in death), I see it as workable. Yes, entities will attach because of the sheer volume and intensity of energy being pumped out by the couple, but this happens anyway. We’re always feeding something(s), so I find that consciously providing food is the way forward. Now I work with the Goetia and call in those demons (for the record, I am of the externalized piece of one’s psyche mindset, which doesn’t matter in interactions, honestly) and work with them as equals. I’m currently in a relationship with his pluto opposite venus directly on my nodes (plus a bunch of other good mundane synastry); tr pluto was on his SN and tr NN on my pluto when we met. Davison has an exact karma-juno to eros yod, saturn sq. ac/dc, and pluto on the MC. we know it’s going to be passionate, deep, evolutionary, and ultra painful when it ends. that’s the point. soul mate relationships are where it’s at – it’s just the “last a lifetime” part that’s a lie.

    1. Interesting indeed. I’ve just had a woman stay in my house (old friend of my husband) who has a bad drink problem. She is a Cancer with Sun Moon conj at 16 degrees so she is in the full grip of the Uranus Pluto square. She is in denial of the drink problem – will start drinking wine or beer as soon as she can after rising – so about 10.30, can drink a whole bottle in an hour then hits the whisky… She has started to have weird blank episodes where she claims she is being invaded as if by a ghost and is now terrified of anything supernatural – even the word ghost fills her with terror. Without going into too much detail, I could see this as her own psychic energy disowned and projected but also since she is destroying her psychic defences, the same energy returning to haunt her. Either way it was nasty to be around.
      According to some schools of thought, the astral plane is created /fed by human emotion. So even if you weren’t projecting your own disowned stuff out, if you have weak defences you might be processing for someone else’s.

    2. Crumbs! That’s interesting that she is so terrified by the supernatural. Wonder what’s going on in her dreams that is so terrifying. I can see that the astral plane could be create by human emotions. I read somewhere it’s like a dark smog. So yes disowned orphan parts of us begging to be integrated. The collectives shadow, so then yes she could be processing someone else’s. It reminds me of a Doctor Who episode…”The Empty Child” Brilliant stuff.

    1. very good article, especially because I went through something like this in the past few years. I started to think that we are both deceiving each other or is it something else what is deceiving both of us! Originally he is a nice guy and the relationship was,/is very complicated! Looks like the Uranus,/Pluto aspect is playing a big role here, so we will see how is it gonna play out., …

  41. Hi Marina – good point about what she is processing too – she had a hysterectomy a long time ago and I’m sure this op screw up the 2nd chakra if it is not addressed with proper healing – as opposed to surgical dressing! Even my not so enlightened husband said she was seething with “repressed hysteria” – which were remarkable words given he doesn’t know about the operation!

    Is the invader a child she never had (she does have 2), her own rage returning for acceptance and refinement? (Her husband nearly lost a leg in an accident and this has been no end of problems) or is it just a lazy soul who has reached for the bottle once too often in denial of itself?

    I’m listening out for the latest instalments but physically staying very far away now!

    1. I found this very interesting podcast about Aboriginal healing. The guy said that alcohol basically only brings out the demons already there. Which makes sence because some people are totally harmless while drunk. I think I’m uneasy with those reformed alcoholics who give up drink thinking the demons will go away. I have a friend like that that seems almost too good to be true now. (He’s turned to Buddhism and meditation now) I do applaud that but I still always feel there is something lurking in the background ready to say “Boo!!” In fact Neptune does us a favour in bringing them out maybe. Then you have to decide what to do with them though! Send them to a GOOD shaman I think. Veritas Radio – Steve Richards – Holographic Kinetics and Advanced Aboriginal Healing – Part 1 of 3

      You have to really careful with extracting these demons though. There is a horrendous story at then end of pt 1 about a husband who tried to exorcise his wife and she ended up slitting the throat of their daughter. Just awful.

      Oh he also makes the point that anti-depressants make the demons want to kill the host because they want to be heard, hence the reason the risk of suicide actual goes up sometimes with taking them.

    2. Uh-oh! Just recently switched from a bottle of liquor a day this past summer/fall season, to having just one beer in the past 4 months! Nope I do not have a problem… no withdrawal symptoms whatsoever! Except, having many disturbing dreams of late: mannequins coming alive, alien-possessed nurses at the hospital, and being dunked in the pool with a mob of evangelicals! I can’t even find my dream journal, must have “subconsciously” misplaced it! what does it all mean…

  42. As regards Karl Marx – “Religious distress is at the same time the expression of real distress and the protest against real distress. Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, just as it is the spirit of a spiritless situation. It is the opium of the people. The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is required for their real happiness. The demand to give up the illusion about its condition is the demand to give up a condition which needs illusions.” This is the full quote and I think it is better than the best known line taken out of context. The real impact here is that we are in a condition that demands illusions. Of course we are – and since the Moon is VC today and Neptune is on steroids in Pisces for the next 10 years I do not think this is going to stop any day soon. I have always maintained the need for religion as an assuage to existential anxiety. But yes, of course, we need to find a more realistic way – a more honest way of dealing than creating a supernatural daddy of sorts. The we will become stronger. And as for alcoholism aiding the realization of our demons, from my experience living with an alcohol abuser, if one is drunk one does not remember what demon even came out. Endless alcohol induced anger or weeping is not productive as a tool for introspection – it may be a release but to what end? Yes, there are “dry drunks” who have not processes their reason for drinking but I would much rather live with them on the road or in my personal life. No harm no foul. People need to process the way that works for them, so if one is swinging to an extreme trying out meditation etc in order not to drink I say more power to them. I have respect for finding the strength to overcome addition on any level.
    A final comment will be that I find it interesting that the sexual revolution seeded in the sixties and fully expressed by 1970 really did take the love out of sex on some level – for better and worse. FREE LOVE was really just FREE SEX. But sex is not free, not really. There is connection – there is synestry – there is a 3rd entity created with or without love – so better know what one is doing and with whom.

    1. PS – Antidepressants affect brain chemistry. The reason the “demons” come up and suicide is a risk is because the patient finally has the energy to act on his/her wish to end their misery. Antidepressants are given so that there can be any interaction at all – an energy level that allows for counseling. I agree – this does not eliminate the demons so to speak,but at least they have a chance of being addressed and managed if the body(brain) is brought to an effective level. Big risks – needs to be carefully monitored. This also reminds me of the anti anxiety effect of weed. To me – it is just a calming that could happen with deep breathing without the munchies. The anxiety is still there – it is just suppressed, so counseling for management of anxiety is extremely important component for a drug free life.

    2. Gosh I’m certainly not advocating drinking as a way of treatment for the actual alcoholic of course they are blind to it. But interesting for those who are sober to see what is lurking within their boozy friends. Remember the centaurs all loved their drink, but Chiron was the only one who tamed his inner beast. He did this through study of medicine and astrology. These archetypes have a lot to teach us.

      As I said to Anna, I have always looked to psychology for answers, but in recent years it just hasn’t been able to help me with certain anomalies. I am very interested in what the Aboriginal 60000 year culture has to say on the matter since so much of important ancient wisdom has been destroyed. As I said previously, there is now this healing modality Holographic Kinetics that addresses possession. The way I understand it is that there is truth in psychology, but also the more medieval approach as Anna puts it (Eg Exorcism.) Steve Richards says basically that thought-forms over time (And generations) crystallise into some kind of entity that “lives” in the body which of course can also be disease too and, I would imagine, a cancerous growth. In anthropomorphising the issue I guess it gives us a handle on it. I think we are all describing the same phenomena in different ways really, but I resonate more with the Aboriginal take on things. Here’s a short section of Steve Richards:

  43. Anna – you might want to read Jung’s excellent work Synchronicity and the Paranormal. it is not out of the jurisdiction of astrology to discuss demons, ghosts etc since the outer planets facilitate major changes in the psyche and the energy approaches through the astral and etheric realms. The problem with always being in the light is that it casts a very dark shadow – the brighter the light, the harder the shadow. Have you noticed that? Choosing light doesn’t make demons etc just go away, it means someone else is processing the disowned energy. W can choose light only when we accept our shadow and integrate it.

    1. Uber – I know this is addressed to Anna but I had an interesting discussion yesterday about this very thing. One cannot pretend that the dark or the problem does not exist by being positive – that approach is ineffective since it is a form of denial. Once denial is removed, what is being pushed away has less power and can be dealt with. I completely believe in synchronicity and have seen ghosts. At the same time I think the word demon is very charged. there is this real layman’s concept and way of dealing with perceived demons that is dangerous, and fragile psyches that must be very careful when delving into the idea of connecting with an entity that is not well meaning. I am still holding out on this one – as Jungian as I am. At the same time – I have had shivers when passing certain people on the street – very dark energy.

    2. uber ,think weve all experienced other states of reality.think I know about shadows ,mentioned before, a painting in 3d needs a shadow, to look real, but it depends if you made an accurate depiction and learnt from it, then if you stand in another place and time,with the shadow behind the tree, then that is another point of view. sun overhead, possibly crown chakra. to keep standing in the shadows ,I see as a dark indulgence, maybe like mars square scorpio neptue,which cant see the wood for the trees.

  44. That cringe feeling, I know exactly what you are talking about. It’s weird. This post is totally making sense with my current relationship/past relationships. I could never quite put my finger on what was going on, then BOOM! I get to your article, and it’s like a beam of light. You may be very familiar with the dark world, but this is a necessary light people need to have glared in their face, when it comes to understanding the ins and outs of a relationship. Thank YOU!

  45. Greetings. My father always said “A drunk man’s words are a sober man’s thoughts. The conscious filter is dissolved in Neptunian fashion allowing the True Self that is hidden from society into the light.
    I came from a most plutonian home. Dark genius.
    Thank you for your insight and markers for the fake or demonic. Addictions are chains..Self Image and images we bind others to create chains that drag others into that darkness..sun conj of two solar aspects.
    I rejoice at knowing someone else sees the Neptune New Age Light and Love trend as its own Darkness.
    I also read your Virgo decan 1
    Brought tears to these eyes.
    I now wonder about my own twin flame situ. We have not met in person. I find it most difficult to explain. If we were to…to the Darkness and way beyond. His moon sits in my 4° wide Lilith corridor which also holds my SNode and MC.
    Thank you for the food for thought.

  46. This writing is true genius. I have a triple pluto conjunction as does my current boyfriend. I had a triple pluto conjunction with my first love and our Pluto’s were conjunct. Interestingly enough both also have jupiter in exact conjunction to my vertex.

  47. I find that not all lightworkers are delusional to themselves, but that is the element of Neptune to want to escape and merge with the all, if Neptune is the energy signature of the average lightworker, there has to be however a separate self, relative to time and space, to dissolve. Pluto I believe plays on that separate self, using the force of power over as the hook. it wants to own and possess it’s prey. It drains the life force solar chi. It has none of it’s own. It infects with doubt, builds up and tears down when it has drained it’s host. Illuminated awareness of it’s exact intention disables the energy. Plutonium energy can fill a room,subtly.
    Alchemy is like drinking the poison and transmuting it in a deep primordial way, because Pluto is archetypal.
    If the power is to take the soul of another, then perhaps Pluto has stolen yours. Neptune wants to merge with another soul, it’s purest intention is to touch the divine in self and other.

    I have these two planets in a natal yod.
    Thanks for the post on them together. Angels and demons perhaps.

  48. Oh.
    A year ago I was dumped by the best lover I’ve had in my life. I’ve turned to astrology to find reasons because I was blindsided by it. Still to this day have no idea why.
    I cannot get over it, not even close. It doesn’t help that he still flirts, that it’s still intense when we see each other.

    He has Pluto in Scorpio conjunct Venus in Libra. I have my Lilith in first house Leo conjunct ascendant and jupiter.
    I was also unhappily married when he came after me, I eventually left my husband and then finally noticed this man’s attentions.

    All those years I knew him, never thought of him in that way and now to me he is the sexiest man alive. I cannot get him out of my head and I cannot even contemplate another.

    So wow, this post rings a bell with me!

  49. With this Venus retrograde, Marina, a few of very sick relationships came to my memory and now I feel that I am able to control my instincts better (… about time!).

    One of those “love of my life”, had natal Saturn on his 8th H. And mine, is packed with Chiron and Lillith, themselves. He lives far away, and by reviewing this Astromaps available at Astrodienst, I knew that my Chiron would express himmself extensivly over there.

    The other “love of my life” has his natal pluto in opposition to my Lillith.

    Some loves of my life, ah?

    This reading has been important for me. Thanks!

    M. del Rin.

  50. This whole article reminded me of a song from Natalie Walker called Crush. It just makes me wonder are we testing if they like similar things are we projecting. With all the wisdom in the world even Merlin fell from grace when it came to Morgana.

    1. What a great article. I’ll just quote some of it:

      “The more powerful the narcissist becomes, the more likely the empath will retreat into a victim status. Then, there is a very big change—the empath will take on narcissistic traits as they too become wounded and are constantly triggered by the damage being in the company with a narcissist creates. Before long, an extremely vicious circle has begun to swirl.”

      “However, an empath should not be looking to blame anyone else. An empath has a choice, to remain the victim, a pawn in the narcissists game or to garner all strength they can muster and find a way out”

      “A narcissist will struggle to have any connection to their authentic self and will likely walk away from the relationship very easily once they realise they have lost their ability to control the empath. The game is no longer pleasurable if they are not having their ego constantly stroked, so they will seek out their next victim.” ~ The Toxic Attraction Between an Empath & a Narcissist

    2. What was so stunning and so difficult for me is tahat, having entered the relationship knowing well of psychic vampires and largely avoiding them and knowing well and being well known by the other in the relationship… We both knew from the beginning of his narcissism. He had come to me aboveboard and openly seeking healing from just that. Having known each other for over 30 years we embarked upon this healing mission together and even though we were both mindful of the trap and both are tuned to each other we were still able to turn ankles in the ruts of however many incarnations worth owns love turmoil this relationship has already known. (among other things our Suns are within seconds opposite, and my Mars Neptune are trine and in mutual reception. For his part Sun and Neptune nearly conjunct, equaling a double whammy opposing my Sun)

      Glad you enjoyed the article Marina and glad I “know” you We’re both dealing/ dealt with similar insights and it’s good to meet a fellow traveler and learn from one another

  51. Your writing on this confirms an experience that started when Saturn was last in Gemini opposite Pluto in Sagittarius. I was the empath that found a way out, the other was a very dark creature that seemed to gain and seek strength from the demon he distributed to ultimately devour and bring death to his victims. The lesson of this has been so profound that I avoid any relationship that would involve sex or that facade of ‘love’. It has greatly moved me forward on my spiritual path. This reminder of your column comes after 14 years after the fact when mildly considering a relationship after a brush with potential serious illness. It reminds me a resonate NO! provides safety. Thanks!

  52. I’ve had personal experiences of dealing with the negative entities that you described with drug use leading to a toxic, codependent, emotional and physically abusive relationship.
    With my “soul mate”.

  53. I am new to reading these charts in depth and really need some serious help, can anyone help me disiphor them. I think I have a cell mate situation or maybe a dangerous one rising.

  54. Can you write an article on pluto-moon conjunctions? I have it nataly and in a pretty wicked relationship’s synastry. I would love to hear your take. I look forward to ordering a reading from you soon.

  55. As a fellow “Dark Star” I am surprised you haven’t noticed the link between Pluto and childhood abuse. Haven’t really found anyone yet with strong Pluto aspects who DIDN’T have an abusive or upheaved childhood, or a childhood involving something creepy, like having sex at a very early age. Sex and violence shows up early in the lives of people with Pluto as a close companion. I was lucky, I guess (Pluto conjunct Jupiter in Leo in the Twelfth) Myself, I am firmly convinced that abuse or suffering of any sort in childhood has a definite karmic element to it; the Universe puts one in a place where the karmic blowback is well-nigh inescapable. And yes, that definitely indicates a “link” between abuser and abused, since the abuser was likely the abused one “last time around”. We all carry our karmic burden with us through lifetimes, right from day one; this is the origin of that X-tian notion of “original sin”, so that means that newborns are not karmically exempt”, any more than an adult is. Plus there are different types of karma: karma you can change with an act of will and karma that cannot be changed. Some karma can be changed easily and some only with a great deal of effort and some that will not change, no matter what you do; it proceeds relentlessly to its final conclusion. The book “The Path of Karma” by Dr. Robert E. Svoboda explains all these karma types brilliantly in the introduction; well worth reading! Even God has to experience karma; Hindu myths are a tangled web of karmic payback, and nobody, not even babies, are exempt. Just like real life!
    Oh and if you want an interesting Plutonian connection, I recommend reading the books of Steve Hodel, a police detective who discovered that his FATHER, Dr. George Hodel, was the murderer of the “Black Dahlia” and who was the Zodiac Killer, a serial murderer who terrorized the Los Angeles area for years. I say “was” without qualification because the astrology surrounding the case certainly backs up this idea; you never saw such awful Pluto aspects in your life! The father, who molested his daughter, had a “partner in crime” who shared the Pluto connection; may be, this was one of those “synastric relationships” that reinforced each other. In any case it’s worth studying if you are interested in Pluto; I would like to hear YOUR take on it, Marina!

    1. Yes there is so much more I could write about this. At the moment I have been rather distracted by political astrology. But I plan to do a video version of this post looking at charts of gruesome couples like Myra Hindley and Ian Brady. Thanks for both tips. I will look into them for the video.

      I have seen the Pluto connection for childhood abuse. But of course it is such a sensitive subject. I guess I have looked at Eris and Ceres terms of pedophilia and Pluto is connected of course I wrote about that more in the Ceres (Dark Triad) post.

    2. I have Pluto in Libra 8th house opposite Eris in Aries 2nd house and square my 5th house Cancer moon. I was sexually abused by the male who “fathered” me (textbook narcissistic sociopath), whereas my brother who is 9 years older was physically abused. Mom probably got both sides, but I don’t excuse her either, since she failed to protect us, and is herself a narcissist. Interestingly my brother & I are Taurians, he with Pluto rising tightly conjunct AC in Virgo, has never been violent or a womanizer. We broke the cycle ?

    3. That question mark is supposed to be a smiley face…lol

  56. Just wow!
    The observations in the Nigredo process are spot on! I have been experiencing some of them myself, with others I have observed in other people. I can confirm them!
    There can definitely be much confusion even if a person has achieved some higher level of clarity and penetrated the illusion.

    I don’t believe in the karmic connections between a raped child and a molestor. Life can just be very ugly and that’s about it.
    And I have had a “friend” who used to do things just for kicks which for a deep person like me is just very idiotic but also it taught me that anything goes in this reality. As the Thelema says (and a lot of the organised pedophiles follow this esct): Do what you can.

  57. Great read! Very eye-opening, thank u for taking the time to write it. I’m by no means an astrologer, I mean I try to read my chart but often end up completely distracted by all the “pretty pictures” plastered all over my chart. I do try though.
    I am inquiring about something I found very interesting in ur article, u said “I have a hunch that the Davison chart is very important in the study of the “Third entity”. I have seen some stunning Davison charts that describe “Dark Cupid” relationships” and that u intend to study some extream couples like Ian Brady and Myra Hindley. Well pardon my ignorance but I don’t know who they are, plz don’t laugh.
    I would like to ask if u could perhaps… Include my husband and I in this intriguing study. I have very good reason for asking or volunteering for such a study, u can believe that! I would just rather not air my dirty laundry In front of so many seeing eyes in fear of revealing all the shit stains and pure raunch that infest and soil my linens. I will gladly, openly and honestly share the extream darkness of the attached demonic entities I’m forever cursed with… I mean my marrige with a seasoned occult dabbler such as urself. ?
    Provided that u are interested. I hope to hear from u soon.

    1. Thanks for the offer, but I would only look at well known people since their life histories are available online for all the world to see.
      Funny how some people are just forgotten even though they were right up there on the evil scale. The Moors Murderers

  58. I think when I had been harmed in my early twenties, you say rape doesn’t have to do with past life, but I kind of question that when the guy was Saturn in Aquarius and it hit my North Node Aquarius. I have North Node in the 7th House with all my relationships. And found this quite interesting. And he happened to be a dominate Scorpio and hitting my Scorpio, under Scorpio Pluto in 1992. And I harmed myself back in 1993 under Saturn in Aquarius. I’m not really sure how that relates to past lives, and what you’re writing about, but it’s all quite interesting.

    1. Interesting indeed.
      Did you know you posted that at 1:11….?
      Not sure if that means anything to you, but I have experienced a lot of synchronicity with 11:11 and 1:11.

  59. Amazing, Thank you! l also have the Pluto in the 9th,square the asc/dsc. With Venus conjunct Mars /IC, and Chiron conjunct Sun in the second,there is a sense also of having to ‘pay’ for these demaons,as though it is my ‘karma’ to meet them in each lifetime. lf you were to examine or specialize in “Gay” charts” and “addicts” charts,as l have you will see that Neptune, Venus and their house placement play an important role. ln certain cultures this type of ‘posession” is considered desireable. Possibly because when it is between two men(or woemen?) it becomes a game, a scene like Jacque-Louis David: Leonides at Thermopolye.
    Your writing gave me an isight: l am able to allow the last ‘perpetrator” or dark lover to go,to release with Love(in this case he got busted for drugs and is in jail in Malaga,and of course, l saw it as my duty,my job even, to go rescue him. Of course, MONEY is involved in these relationships(my Sun/Mercury/ Chiron intercepted in Cap in the second).
    The last weekend of wild abandon allowed me to release “Demon Number one(or the last one) by introducing me to a new demon! Magic. As a drug and alcoholism counselor as well(!), l am able to place this in perspective through my own awareness and your excellent writing. Thank you,Marina Darkstar.

  60. Do all Scorpios carry the Pluto curse,being our ruling planets of Mars & Pluto? I’m November born(18) & was told often that I was dark,mysterious,sexually attractive for those brave enough,etc etc. I even got scared of myself until,I took charge of my own destiny in 2011.

  61. Psychic vampires do exist, one tried to kill me. It felt like I’d imagine it would feel to have an aneurysm, huge headache, to the point of passing out. I knew some people and they broke her off me and did a binding on her.

  62. Any recommendations on how to heal or help these situations? I’m 34 now and have ex-boyfriend from when I was 19 who won’t leave me alone. We have had no relationship for 12 years now, but he calls from jail and occasionally shows up at my family home. Fits all of this criteria, had narcissistic parents. Can’t file restraining order because it would be a worse option for a lot of reasons—no one understands this. Is there a way to get him to go away? What are the methods for healing these kinds of psychic issues? I’ve been single for 8 years now because of my weariness of men, but I don’t want to be this way forever. I do self work almost 24/7 and just don’t know what to do any more.

  63. @V: a Shamanic healer can do the job. One I recommend is Betsy Bergstrom. Do a google search for her website. She is located in the Seattle area.

  64. Feel as though you were speaking to me directly. CANCER AC, LIBRA SUN, lilith rises. Dad died last year from CANCER, the eclipse conjucted his natal Saturn on that day and transiting Saturn was opposing his luminaries in Gemini and some in early cancer. Every 30 years Saturn brings a death, a birth, and a union or marriage to my immediate family…. That’s because I have a stellenium from Virgo to LIBRA… I have been in a relationship with him that went from toxic still toxic turned into codependant, my family wants nothing to do with me now. YES I TOO THOUGHT THERE were demons involved sorry about caps keyboard. Have had some rough mars/Saturn aspects with 3 wammy natal mars with conjunct transiting mars and Saturn lost two teeth in April 2018. I think we have become more like cell mates. the stupid idiot dropped something in my food because of pulling out something from top cupboard over stove while I was cooking sauce.. :(… I hate him but it was a relationship where he just wouldn’t fuck off and leave me alone, restraining orders??? Very complicated he will break it, uhh why did I care so much… now I need him… he’s messed up my head so much that I need time to heal before I can take care of myself if I were to leave, but I will freeze homeless in Canada if I leave now, 1 beds are 1500 now. Freezing outside in january here. Crazy… we only make 14 on min wage. Thanks China for coming here and making everything especially housing super expensive, some of the foreign buyers apparently don’t even live here they buy off all the home and rent out for top dollar. And don’t tell me they are not responsible…They messed up BC Canada market so effing expensive there that NOT even a millionaire can afford now, China bad! THEY ARE HOSTILE, them threatening death on a Canadian tells me just how HOSTILE they really truly are, See Justin Trudou? You can NOT tame that beast, it is cold and HOSTILE country, they murder their own and sell off their organs to highest bidder. I want kind caring Canada back, and its NOT for sale world! It’s not for sale, YES we feel the impact, and what about sidereal Aries and Uranus extended stay there?
    See me so messed up and worried but I’ll bet you find this typical of my sign placements and strong Pluto influences as I do feel I live Persephone life, my parents always had a beautiful bountiful vegetable garden and I would visit them in summer from our underworld dungeon (basement luxury apartment, always dark) and my bf is a Scorpio decan 2 who did abduct me, I didn’t want to go with him when he left town but some how he made me go. Very dark and scary past he’s had… lost his family in car accident he was only survivor.. I have been somewhat of a healer, and like a mommy to him too. A lot of drama with him, I tried to leave, but I ended up meeting another scorpio in 2017, tall handsome still cant stop thinking about him and wanted his baby lol. that led to more drama and right back to my shorter handsome but creepy bf that I tried so hard to break up with but then he offered to take me to Poland to have my tubes untied, wanted baby so bad so went back to him, still no baby, wish the tall handsome Scorpio liked me back he wronged me too. I THINK OF MY ACTUAL bf AS BATMAN/hades/Scorpio themes in his life and he comes with a daughter who is named after Hades WIFE. Lol. well almost like the story. Like a batman YES he really does rescue people at his job everyday, he originally came with a sixplex mansion (how could I resist with my CANCER ac) but he can be a very toxic in our intimate relationship, weed always since if met him and is addicted to me, too much sex help…..

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