Sagittarius 2017 Horoscope

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You have another year of Saturn in your sign and hopefully it hasn’t been too much of a bore. Usually Saturn transits get easier as they go along while you start to build cosmic muscle-tone. You should start to feel quite fortified and unusually mature this year! Yes you are still your jovial self but you have a reassuring air of authority now. People trust you more so you can also ask them for more leverage. Where there has been growth and joy is within your circle of friends.

Your social life continues to flourish. You can also start to feel much much more optimistic about your future. The light starts to beam rays of hope from the end that long, looming Saturn tunnel in December. You can dare to make grand plans again. A realistic structure emerges from the dust to which you can pin your more fanciful dreams. You can be much more adventurous in your love life in 2017 though, as you are radiating animal magnetism from every pore.

Sagittarius 2017 Horoscope Summary

Unlike your ruler Jupiter, you won’t have to literally turn into a furry friend in order to seduce a nymphoid. Instead you might have to beat them off with a stick! Unfortunately the attention might come from unwanted pests also, so don’t get too excited. In that case, get a furry friend to chase them off. Discernment is needed, maintain sobriety so you can tell the difference between pest and person.

The eclipses should lead you down a path strewn with wise elders and teachers. Research and study aided by these gurus can be a great antidote to the dizzying social whirl. Despite a myriad of invites, you do actually feel quite reclusive due to the Saturn effect. The lesson excuse will provide an escape as 2017 sees you spending much of the year taking refuge (From the pests) in a library.

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