The Astrology Of 2016

The main astrological influence over 2016 will be Saturn square Neptune which will get activated by various inner planets and then most importantly the lunar nodes. People will be feeling like they need to armour themselves, put up their defences and wall themselves in moated castles. All this despite being told we must dissolve boundaries, hold hands in a circle and sing Kumbaya.

Those who don’t join in the love fest will be seen as spoil-sports and nasty, negative people. But this year we have Uranus conjunct Eris which will show us who really are the exiled outsiders. Prepare for witch hunts! The ironic thing, (post Uranus square Pluto) is that it seems the liberal 60’s anti-establishment generation, born during the flower-powered Uranus/Pluto in Virgo have now become the establishment. What a neurotic bunch we are too! Obsessed with fixing, detoxing, conspiracy theories and who is the biggest psychopath.

Saturn enters Sagittarius decan 2 very timely on New Years Eve and will spend the whole of 2016 there. This means that Saturn will square the 1960’s Virgo decan 2 generation while Neptune opposes it. The North Node will also enter Virgo 2 from mid April to late October. So this is really jolting any mutable decan 2 folk onto the ‘right’ path, what ever that may be.

Pulled From Naivety

I count myself as one of those idealistic leftie flower-kids. In 2012, skipping naively through the poppy-fields, I was rudely pulled into the underworld. Concurrently I have seen many fellow Kore/Persephone’s hit their Uranus half-returns and waking up to the sovereignty of their inner Eris!

So in the macrocosm, this could translate, as realising perhaps the less power/taxes we give to the state the better. It doesn’t mean we can’t have strong, wise leaders however, like the local chieftains of old.

With Uranus conjunct Eris in 2016 we could see a similar awakening in the collective. Bleeding hearts who let everyone on the lifeboat just sink everyone, but no-one wants to be the bad guy who sets the cruel Saturn limits.  The Virgo/Pisces axis brings up the Persephone archetype and that of the Victim/Saviour. We will have three eclipses this year on the Pisces/Virgo axis, if they weren’t getting enough astro-juice already.

2016 By Season

January to March ~ Tele/Microscope Pattern
April to June ~ Mars Retrograde & Grand Mutable Square
July to September ~ Mystical Rectangle & Maleficent T-Square
October to December ~ Baby In The Cradle

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