Moon Transit The Houses


The moon transit the houses lasts around 2 and a half days in each sign/house, so its effects are subtle and transient. But when the full moon or new moon connects to a personal planet, the ramifications can last anywhere from two weeks to a month. In that scenario, you should factor in the following house positions.

Moon Transit 1st house

Your emotions are incredibly raw and tearful, which might be problematic during important business meetings. Just let it wash over you, for it won’t last long. Purge yourself of internal rage and turmoil during this time. There is no point trying to keep a lid on it. Getting all Zen with your unfulfilled desires will lead to more frustration.

It is important to remember that this bothersome excess of empathy also translates into extra intuition. So this is a great time to tune into the collective consciousness and let your imagination run wild. You also are incredibly in tune with what is trending. So this transit is excellent for going viral on social networks. The contradiction of this transit is that you will find it hard to be objective about any conflicts and take everything very personally.

Moon Transit 2nd House

The moon in this zone has you sentimentally attached to objects or your possessions. You might build a fortress of your stuff around you to feel secure. Don’t buy anything mechanical or utilitarian. Instead, you gravitate to items that remind you of childhood or your first love rather than practical considerations.

On the other hand, shopping for antiques might be profitable if you have an affinity for a particular era. You could instinctively sniff out a genuine period piece that could be valuable in the future. You feel very nostalgic, so stroking all those musty old velvet items should feel very comforting! Any attack on your values could leave you deeply upset since you identify strongly with them. On the bright side, you could receive a gift of great worth.

Moon Transit 3rd House

You will find it very hard to communicate and put words to your feelings. All reactions are operating from your gut. Acting superficially with others is challenging as random people spill their deepest secrets to you from every corner. You will not be able to avoid becoming the neighbourhood agony aunt. I would embrace it as you will find these same locals will re-pay you the help in the future should you need it.

The moon ignites habits from the past and unconscious childhood conditioning that bleed into your daily life. Insignificant events, like music from a passing car, might trigger an intense reaction. The universe is speaking to you! Connections between things seem loaded with emotional significance. Positively you can read and anticipate the minds of your neighbours and siblings.

Moon Transit 4th House

This Moon position opens up long-buried family skeletons for you. The natural thing to do (as you regress to the mental state of a 3-year-old) is to huddle in bed. So get the fluffiest duvet you can find and cocoon yourself in it. This is Moon/Womb time par excellence. Don’t bother to push yourself out of your comfort zone. If you do, others will witness the crankiest PMT monster ever.

This period could open up a can of psychological worms for you. Keep away from anyone that presses your infantile buttons. Generally, don’t interact with brats, as things could turn ugly. Avoid trolling type internet activity also. The comment section will echo your parents’ worst criticisms. But if you are lucky enough to have dream parents, go home and let them cook for you. Heaven!!

Moon Transit 5th House

You should enjoy simple pleasures in life with your loved ones. This transit takes you back to a time of childlike innocence. You will also feel extra protective over children and cute pets and a burning desire to care for others. Be careful of wrapping up everyone in cotton wool, however. In love relationships, you will feel extra romantic and gushy. Spend time watching old, soppy movies with your partner. That would be an effective way to process any emotional neediness.

You will feel nostalgia for the golden age of your youth (If you are older than 30!). Allow yourself to be a dreamer and have wishful thoughts.
The Moon transit 5th house has an incredibly soft-focused, romantic energy and you will feel more drawn to dating and indulgence if you are single. You will want to spend time somewhere beautiful while gazing at cheerful colours that are easy on the eye.

Moon Transit 6th House

Put into focus practical matters and organise your life. Habitual reactions are strong at the moment. So if you want to replace bad habits with good ones, you will effortlessly fall into the new routine. Start an exercise program while you are less swayed by emotional impulses and your willpower is strong. Niggly health issues could raise their voice as well. So give your body your full attention or it will only howl more loudly. Yin yoga is a great option!

You might also feel compelled to give your home a good scrub from top to bottom as hygiene becomes a priority. The moon will show up grime that has built up in your life and the footprints of any toxic rodents. Weed out parts of your work schedule that are not profitable. Cut time spent with people who drain you. Playing the martyr will only show up as health problems.

Moon Transit 7th House

There is an intensification of intimate relationships and business collaborations, for better or for worse. If you are in a happy marriage, you may feel extra love, affection, and romance. The commitment isn’t one-sided, as both partners want to profess their devotion. Things could get competitive in a business partnership. The rivalry will be creative nonetheless, with both sides spurring each other toward increased excellence. On the other hand, poor alliances will show up their flaws very sharply.

The 7th house is the house of open enemies so this transit can turn negative. Jealously and rivalry rear their ugly heads when your partner becomes your nemesis. A behaviour that is driving a wedge between you is addressed. This transit can be healing if used therapeutically. So seek outside advice from a counsellor if any collaborations have turned sour. An objective viewpoint could help.

Moon Transit 8th house

As a result of this melodramatic transit, life becomes textbook ‘Hammer horror’. Dark romances and forbidden fruits appeal to you. There is an obsession with foods or songs that trigger adrenaline-charged emotional responses in you. You could become quite voyeuristic. Material objects around you have the potential to become a fetish.

Extrasensory perception is occurring at this time. However, the transit is a real howler that can even make you feel quite nuts. Taking any mind-altering substances will only make things more psychotic. The underworld will also hold a fascination for you. Avoid hanging out with gangsters and grab a gothic horror novel instead. Much safer!

Moon transit 9th House

Foreign shores pique your wanderlust. There is no better time to escape to a home away from home than now. While it would be nice to go somewhere exotic, you will still want your familiar comforts. So don’t forget to pack your favourite snacks. Ideally, go somewhere that forces you to break your usual routines. There is restlessness at this time. So prepare accordingly and don’t get stuck in the same old surroundings.

Instead of escaping somewhere far-flung, you could take up some esoteric study. Having an open mind will enable you to explore infinite possibilities. You’ll want to feel boundless but also contained safely in a pod. So if you can’t afford to travel, bring distant shores to your doorstep by befriending a foreigner. You could have dreams of historical places that transport you back in time. Forwards or backwards, mental or physical, make sure you take an exciting voyage.

Moon transit 10th house

You could become popular since you are hyper-sensitive to the mood of the world around you. You know what the collective craves so that they will devour everything you serve them. Business should go exceedingly well then during this transit. The only negative is that your private thoughts and emotions also spill out involuntarily into the public arena. That includes social media, so watch those tweets! Your reputation might be at stake.

You have your finger on the pulse of what’s hot, way before anyone else does. When your peers are on your level, it can be advantageous for you. Alternatively, if your ideas are too advanced for the average Joe Bloggs, you might be considered a lunatic! Generally, this transit should be advantageous for your career as it puts you squarely under the spotlight. As the saying goes, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

Moon Transit 11th House

You will become more sentimentally attached to your friends. Their relationship will feel more like that of blood siblings. You may have to overcome some childish jealousy when it comes to your other friendships, even though you are both fully mature adults. However, you may also experience this clinginess from another friend. Depending on your independence, this closeness can be either delightfully sweet or frustratingly annoying.

Additionally, you’ll want to confide your innermost fears and dreams to those closest. Fortunately, you should find that your little clan will provide you with the support and nurturing you need. So spend time with like-minded souls during this transit. Arrange a get-together well in advance so nobody misses out on the social magic!

Moon transit 12th house

You will want to be a hermit during this transit. Indeed you really should take this opportunity to withdraw and be kind to yourself. There will be a sense of insecurity and sensitivity to criticism more than ever, so avoid abrasive people. Do you want people to rub gritty, salty sand over your open wounds? Absolutely not! Instead, heal those wounds privately, in your home sanctuary. Don’t force yourself to be social if you crave your cocoon.

So use this moon to confine yourself away from other people’s germs and negative energy. Repair any holes in your psychic shield that has taken a battering over the past year. This potent lunar period makes you acutely aware of those auric holes. You take your time, carefully sewing strands of silver moon thread through the tender flesh of your armour. As you cry out in pain, nobody will scold you or tell you to calm down. Surrender to the dark night of the soul with cleansing tears of purification. Let it go…let it go…