Mercury transit The Houses


Astrologers will look at Mercury transit the houses for matters concerning your career. Mercury is the fastest planet after the moon and takes 88 days the orbit the sun. The winged messenger is the most variable in speed compared to the other planets. Mercury can spend between 15 to 60 days in a house or sign depending on its speed or whether or is retrograde. Mercury retrograde happens three to four times every year. The meaning of Mercury when it is retrograde is different in the houses from when it is direct. See my Mercury Retrograde post for its transit meaning while retrograde

Mercury Transit 1st House

Time to get out of the misty cocoon and promote yourself again. You will likely feel very refreshed after your retreat. Your revived energy levels mean that you are now more inclined to push yourself into leadership roles within your workplace. Freelancers will feel more like connecting with people and promoting their brand.

So now your mind is firing on all cylinders. Debates, meetings, and interviews connected with your work will go well. Words will not escape you for sure. The only problem may be overthinking things and not trusting your gut feelings. Push yourself out there when you have the gift of the gab!

Promoting, mailings and anything that tells the world who you are and what you do is ideal at this time. Sending out CVs would be a good move and applying for jobs. If you need to review how your business is doing this is ideal as you are feeling in the mood for deep analysis and research into stats and projections.

Mercury Transit 2nd House

You have established your credibility, so now ask for money! Maybe you are offered a secure wage or successfully make a sale. You will be concerned about material matters. What is coming in, what is going out and the nuts and bolts of things.

You might need to spend on equipment or tools to upgrade your brand. It is wise to invest in maintenance the more successful you become during this time. Make a good impression with your clothes and grooming if you are an employee.

A fantastic time for buying. You will be obsessed with getting the best deal during this period. You can use haggling to your advantage at this time, so make the most of it. In terms of money coming in, this might not be the most successful time, since you will have to speculate to accumulate.

Your sales skills will be exceptional. It will take a few months for the efforts to bear fruit, so be patient. To make room for new items, you could sell off things that are not that important to you. Maybe have a sale, but don’t expect any surprise high bidders on eBay!

Mercury Transit 3rd House 

Mercury in the houses

After a period of being concerned with making money and the material side of things, you might want to think about improving your skills and learning something new. You could get sent on a training course at work. If you are between jobs, now is a great time to sign up for classes that improve your chance of employment if that has been a problem.

Knuckle down to some study if your qualifications aren’t enough to give you the lifestyle you want. Instead of wheeling-and-dealing, you will feel like doing research and reading. It is also a good time for filling in application forms for higher education.

If you need to study to advance your business or improve your prospects, now is the time to do so! You will feel naturally curious and want to absorb as much data as possible. You might do this the old-fashioned way, by collecting information around the neighbourhood by just casually chatting to people.

You will likely be found in front of a computer or surrounded by books since you are in research mode. Your mind is interested in tiny details, so learning something techy is ideal. You might find your career is most successful in dealing with local people at this time.

mercury transit 4th House

You are sick of ticking boxes and have finger ache from typing. Your eyes also need a rest from all that reading. You feel more like taking on a more practical role at work doing physical work. As a result, you may have to get out from behind your desk and handle human resources. You could be showing clients around, making them feel welcome, and making a lot of coffee.

The self-employed will be glad to stay close to home and dive into their interests. You will be concerned with stabilising your business is stable and sprucing up your office space. The need to invite clients to your home may prompt you to consider renting office space to present a more professional image.

Home workers could feel chained to their desks. On the other hand, if you travel to an office, you might find it hard to drag yourself there. For those selling real estate or building work, this transit is perfect.

Perhaps you consider restructuring your company or refreshing your ‘home’ page. If your physical office is uninspiring to work in, think about re-decorating. Clear out any distracting clutter and do some cleansing rituals. At least give that coffee-stained keyboard a polish!

Mercury Transit 5th House

The serious business of examining your work foundations is over, so have some fun in your working life. Once you feel secure in your environment, you can be more casual and relaxed in your role. Perhaps you felt you had to be too strict in recent weeks to gain respect or maintain order.

You have been working hard, so you deserve time to loosen up and be more playful. Charm your co-workers or employees. Reveal you are human and not just Mr or Mrs robot-efficient. Creatively you can experiment and not do things by the book so much. You have already built a sustainable framework to hold up your wilder ideas.

You could find it difficult to take things seriously and are likely to become the office clown. At least you will be popular with your peers and everyone likes a laugh! Making money is not your prime objective and you fall into purely pleasurable pursuits. However, this attitude can still benefit your business as it attracts customers with its fun factor.

You should feel incredibly creative at this time. Rising above rigid material expectations produces unique and successful products. Paradoxically, when not thinking of making money, you come up with ideas that do the best commercially.

Mercury Transit 6th House

It’s back to serious maintenance work. You might have been having a ball and doing more socialising than working in the last couple of weeks. Sorry, but that period is over and you will have to work twice as hard to make up for it! It is a time for detailed work and making sure everything is working properly.

Timetables and rotas are adjusted and tasks assigned. Now is the time for work evaluation. The company machine is tested to ensure its efficiency. So snap back out of the pleasure zone and ensure you are sharp and well-oiled for the test run.

During this time you make a great inspector! Every little detail shows up as your eyes see like a microscope. It is the best time to perform mundane maintenance on your business. Go through everything with a fine-tooth comb. Do your accounts and fix broken links on websites. Those are the sorts of tasks best addressed at this time.

It is also not the most imaginative period of the year. Use it to do all the odd jobs you have been putting off. Employees might get asked to do all the skanky jobs like clearing out the smelly stationary cupboard. Those nasty menial tasks might make you feel like a servant. Just stick your headphones on to get through it!

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