The astrology for 2014 will be a deciding one for relationships, since we have both a Mars & Venus retrograde this year. The best days include the brilliant April Lunar Eclipse on Spica conjunct Ceres, the Jupiter trine Uranus in September and a Grand fire trine which turns into a kite for the first two weeks of October. The October Lunar eclipse is also an exciting one conjunct Uranus in the grand fire trine/Kite. The most difficult days must include the day of the Cardinal Grand Cross when it is ignited by Mars in April. The April Solar Eclipse square Lilith could be challenging too. We have two more hits of the ongoing Uranus square Pluto in April and again in December.


January – March 2014

2014 Horoscope

We start with a Venus Retrograde in Capricorn lasting until January 31. This will be a time to evaluate our relationships and what is worth pursuing. The house in which Venus falls in our own charts will determine the types of relationship under scrutiny. However we shouldn’t do anything drastic while the retrograde is in effect as this is not a great time for any direct action. To compound things we have Pisces/Aquarius Mercury Retrograde between February 6 – February 28. The first quarter of the year Jupiter is also retrograde so our faith will be tested, especially when Jupiter Rx forms a T-square with the ongoing Uranus square Pluto around February  24. First though we will have to contend with Jupiter opposite Pluto on January 31. Jupiter on Sirius is powerful and fortunate giving “Business success, journeys, help from relatives, ecclesiastical preferment.” while Pluto on Nunki in the bow of the archer is generally seen as fortunate too and is associated with the Lovers card in the tarot. It is interesting that Venus goes direct on this lovers star. Nunki gives “truthfulness, optimism and a religious mind.” Those relationships that do survive the Worth Test will renew our faith in the power of love to bring success. But the opposition between Jupiter and Pluto at 12º Cancer/Capricorn cannot be ignored. It could be difficult since the aspect between these two can be pretty fanatical and obsessive despite the fortunate stars, in fact Sirius could heat up the obsession factor big time.


2014 astrology forecast So those touched by this aspect might be trying unfeasibly hard to mend a relationship through their passionate unconditional love. If the relationship does not respond to your persistent Jupiter optimism do please learn to let go. If you do not, then Jupiter square Uranus (As part of a T-square with Pluto) on February 26 will do a fantastic job of shattering your dream romance into tiny little pieces. Relationships started in January may have a lot to live up to. It will be hard to keep ones expectations realistic. Decan 2 Cardinal signs will find it hard not to coerce their partners into making commitments before they are ready. Or they may be at the receiving end of bullying tactics from an over enthusiastic/ambitious partner. Romantic connections are further disrupted by an uncomfortable Mars retrograde in Libra starting March 1. This occurs in a relatively easy part of the sky however, so even if relationships fizzle out the partners will probably remain good friends. The brilliant energy from Spica/Arcturus could bring together exciting intellectual groups. This is a potentially a great time for brainstorming, but not for starting anything new. Even if Mars is in detriment in Libra, the slowing down of the planet of war and competition might be a good thing. I think it will manifest unlikely but creative combinations, and bring unusual alliances.


April – June 2014

2014 HoroscopeApril 15 We have a Lunar Eclipse at 25º Libra on fruitful Spica. The Moon conjunct Ceres makes it a double weetabix whammy. We will need to conserve all we can from this bumper crop because later in the month we are faced with a horrendous Cardinal Grand Cross. That dream-busting T-square of earlier on in the year is ignited by an angry Mars Rx on Algorab. This could be revenge for something started in February. Lynn Koiner advises never to start a war when Mars is retrograde. We don’t need to be Obama to take this advice.. For example; If you need to take someone to court or start divorce proceedings, she advises to try to get the other party to start proceedings because she says the initiator will always loose.  If you are in for some kind of battle, then save as much as you can at the April Lunar Eclipse. This means conserving energy too. From April 20 we get a repeat of Jupiter opposite Pluto and Jupiter square Uranus but this time the T-square is pretty much exact with Uranus square Pluto reaching perfection on April 21.  Mars in Libra completes the hellish grand cross on April 23, all at 13º cardinal signs. It will also trigger the fiery October Lunar eclipse point at 15º Aries too. This cross is potentially explosive and I would say makes the 23rd the most dangerous day of 2014.


2014 horoscopeIn this chart we have Mars on Algorab, the terrorist, kill or be killed, squaring Pluto drawing the archers bow, Uranus is breaking free from the chains of Alpheratz, (the chained princess), while the super-sized Jupiter on Sirius is trying to reign in the greed. It would be interesting to look at which countries have synastry with this chart in order to see the protagonists. USA’s chart has Sun at 13º Cancer on Sirius… I’ll leave it to the mundane astrologers to figure out the rest! In our own relationships, I would say with utter certainty and in bold letters. “Do not go into battle with any Libra Crows on April 23” . BUT, if you are very clever (and feel like being mean), try to goad them into attack and then watch them self-destruct. The Grand Cross stays within orb until May 1, overlapping the Solar Eclipse at 8º Taurus on April 29. It will fall on Hamal, the flaming hot star in the Ram. The Solar Eclipse will sextile Neptune and square Black Moon Lilith making a nice mystical learning triangle. This may seal the deal nicely if you have been trying to exorcise someone for a while. Use the eclipse for some clearing and cleansing magic. May 19 you can now go forth with confidence since Mars is direct again. It will turn around on Diadem, the wreath in Berenice’s hair. Cardinal decan 1’s may have to sacrifice something before they can claim their prize. The world around us looks a little brighter and as bounce forward to a rebalancing and productive Jupiter trine Saturn on May 24. This is fortunate because Jupiter builds peaceful bridges on Wasat in constellation Gemini, while Zubenelschemali is the fortunate Northern Scale of Libra that brings gain. Investors should be feeling a little more confident and consumer spending should tentatively increase too. It won’t be a massive recovery or anything like that, just cautious, prudent speculation for accumulation. Then June 7 we get another Mercury Retrograde in Gemini/Cancer.


July – September 2014

July 1 Mercury is direct in time for July 15‘s juicy Mars/Ceres/North Node conjunction on Spica. I propose that Spica is the stellar version of Persephone/Kore/Demeter, which is of course Ceres. If that is not Persephone enough for you, then we get Eris conjunct the South Node. Demetra George asserts that “Mars-Ceres contacts links the ability to act and be effective in the outer world to subconscious images of self worth.” [2] There are two possibilities for this aspect. One could channel it into defending the weak and innocent, as this aspect is fiercely protective. But negatively this aspect can represent having ones creativity and independent thinking completely stifled by a parent or authority figure. Put this together with the Nodes would mean that one would utterly need to become autonomous (or one is fated to help others become autonomous) in order to get back on track with their life. Eris on the South Node brings in collective karma relating to the suppression and abuse of the sacred feminine. Mars opposite Eris on the south Node could be about addressing thousands of years of war against nature, it’s cycles, sexuality and our wilder instinctive drives. Eris in her Lilith guise also seems connected to genetics and how the human race is evolving. Does Eris on the South Node mean will we find out some uncomfortable truth about how we came to be on this planet? Or we discover the missing link perhaps?


2014-horoscope September 25 we get another super aspect. Jupiter trine Uranus. This trine thrives on change, novelty and new inventions. Look out for visionaries and inventors who will make impossible dreams come true. Anyone plugging into to this fire trine will have extra strong faith in future rainbows. This will keep them focused on doing whatever it takes to get to that pot of gold. Uranus on Alpheratz is “Just, honorable, good speaker, domestic harmony if male, but not so fortunate for female, benefit from practical application of ideas, interest in occultism, considerable psychic power if female, favorable for gain.” ~ Robson. Interesting the different interpretation for the sexes. I would think this is in part due to Robson’s 1930’s mentality, but also because this star in the head of the chained princess. Many feminists have this star strong and since Andromeda was put up for sacrifice by her father, to me this star represents the chains of patriarchy too


October – December 2014

2014 HoroscopeThe last quarter of the year feels quite a bit more edgy, since we have Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, two eclipses, a fire grand trine and Uranus square Pluto. Hopefully you made hay while the sun shone over the last three months, because you will probably have to draw on your cash and energy reserves from now on and until the end of the year. Of course there is that annoying “spend-loads-of-money-on-things-that-no-one-needs-in-order-to-prove-you-love-them” festival where a large red and white thing gets stuck up your chimney.. This year though, Uranus square Pluto comes to boot the red and white blob back to Lapland well before you can get into any antler clashing on ebay. Pre-December though, we have some burning hot Mars ruled Eclipses to singe off any superfluous fluff and a feisty grand fire trine to cremate any remaining follies, leaving you with a pretty minimalist set-up for Christmas. Mercury retrograde between 2 – 25 October in Libra/Scorpio. While concurrently the inventive and visionary Jupiter trine Uranus becomes a Grand Fire Trine from October 1 – 10 thanks to the transit of Mars on Ras Algethi. Mars here is about “Wanting to live by a moral code; strong principles and a sense of justice.” [1]. So a principled Mars thunders in and creates an ethical storm where Uranus can unleash his truth-revealing thunderbolts. This revelation could be pretty shocking. Jupiter on Dubhe is intensely protective, but it’s also a very female energy. Jupiter here will demand freedom for her descendants. The Grand Fire trine perfects on October 6. 


2014 horoscopeThe generational healing aspect of Jupiter trine Uranus could manifest a great discovery or invention that revolutionises the way we look after our young. I think it will benefit mothers most of all and give them liberation. Both Uranus and Jupiter are about freedom. Jupiter as traditional religion could also benefit from Uranus’s enlightening influence. This trine may bring a reinterpretation of what religion means for us, which could shatter our belief systems perhaps. The October 8 Lunar Eclipse at 15º Aries falls right in the middle of this and is conjunct the Uranus part of the fire grand trine. This turns it into a high flying kite. This could be the great day of revelation. From October 11 – 14. The minor grand trine part of the Kite is activated with the Sun/North Node at 18º Libra at the apex with Mars trine Jupiter at its base. Those with this plugging into their chart can expect creative gifts and inspiration, which will help align them with their true life-path. Mars trine Jupiter gives the courage to push forward ones talents and dedication to their art. If 100 critics rubbish your creations they are wrong! You are just ahead of your time. The October 23 Solar Eclipse at 0º Scorpio conjunct Venus benefits artists. The time is ripe for daring innovation and originality in arts, music, film and culture in general. Scorpio decan 1 are known for being made of “true grit”, they often risk life and limb for a cause they believe in. There is great spiritual power here, so the artistic products that come out at this time must enlighten, not just entertain. The grand finale of the year is the penultimate Uranus square Pluto at 12º Aries/Capricorn on December 14. Uranus sobers up as it retrogrades back to Alderamin in Cepheus the serious king. Pluto is still on fortunate Nunki in the archer however. This square may feel harsh, but it wont be as explosive as the last one. This Uranus square Pluto may serve to help us grit our teeth through some austerity measures. Having to be frugal and sensible at this time may actually be a relief and will make a change from the rampant excess that usually occurs during the festive season. At least this way you might avoid the new year hangover and yuletide belly sprawl. This means you can great the new year of 2015 lean, mean and hungry!

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