Your Taurus Horoscope for August 2017 stresses that this is a time of connecting with your roots. Your home and personal territory become really important as is the tendency to look inward. Spending time in your home sanctuary is something your soul is crying out for at this time. If you own your home outright then you might want to focus on making it more secure or creating a ‘safe space’ within it, away from noisier family members. It benefits your health to honor ancestral linage, if your immediate family seem alien to you, maybe you can feel grounded by looking back in time. Enjoy feeding your roots, because after Aug 23 its party time and you will feel more like being the social butterfly while the sun is lighting up your fun zone

August Monthly Horoscope 2017

This is an eclipse month so here is a sneak preview of what is in the 2017 Horoscopes

Aug 7 Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius:This is a possible life-changing eclipse which illuminates the foundations of your life and how it has programmed your status out in the world. Did you parents like their work? Did they invest in you to live out their unfulfilled ambitions? If so, is the career you are in now a reflection of their aspirations rather than your soul-calling?….
Aug 28 Solar Eclipse in Leo: A Solar eclipse in one of your foundational houses can be quite a life changing event. It is all the more potent if it triggers any personal planets in this house of your roots, father and property. (Check house 4 and its ruler.) What this period will bring up for you then is any childhood wounds that have not been addressed….

Taurus Career Horoscope

Until Aug 13 is a good time to play with ideas and have some fun at work. You find it difficult to taking things seriously and are likely to become the office clown. At least you will be quite popular with your peers, everyone likes a laugh! Making money is not your prime objective as your fall into pursuits that just bring you pleasure. Happily, this attitude can still benefit your business as the fun factor attracts clients.

What Mercury Retrograde Means For Taurus

Mercury is the arch trickster in this house and its most playful. During this time you are most likely to have the urge to play pranks on people, the problem is there is a high chance they will backfire, so just don’t! However you should take advantage of the silliness that is pervading the air and go see some comedy shows or such like. It will be rip-roaring fun as laughter is infectious. This is a time where you could get the giggles over nothing at all, so probably not the best time to take on board anything serious. You will find it very hard to be tactful, because your trickster tongue will have a mind of its own.

Mars In Your Home Sector

Maintaining agreement with those you live with can be quite difficult at this time as you are much less willing to compromise than usual. You will certainly need some space from the rest of the household, so don’t let others enforce too much intimacy. If you find you need to go out more or barricade yourself inside your bedroom then do it. You are easily irritated at this time so respect your need to disconnect, or risk majorly offending a family member or flatmate. If you live alone, then you will enjoy making it your sanctuary. Put energy into your living space, by clearing out clutter and refreshing the d├ęcor.

Taurus Love Horoscope

Your neighborhood is looking rather more lush and beautiful this month and because of this you might also be more open to finding love locally. As you stroll around your home stead you become aware of its positive qualities, even some graffiti could look quite artistic. You will find that interactions with neighbors and shop keepers are more friendly and cheerful than usual. Indeed if love is on your mind you mind bump into someone literally on your doorstep. Make sure your slippers are presentable.

Taurus Spiritual Horoscope

Information is magic while Ceres visits the house of the goddess! Trust then that the relevant information or just the book you needed to read will fall into your lap from the ether. You will also enjoy charmed experiences with your siblings where you can relive magical childhood experiences or enjoy telling scary stories to each other around the campfire. Bonding with siblings will feel especially strong and meaningful. Friends or lovers may become extremely frustrated when you suddenly feel the need to go off grid and flee to somewhere secluded in nature.

August Horoscope Decans

Taurus 1

Birthdays Apr 20 to May 9

Best days for love:
Venus sextile ~ Aug 1 to 8

Best days for career:
Mercury trine ~ Aug 1 to 6 and Aug 19 to 31
Sun trine ~ Aug 23 to 31

Challenging days:
Venus square ~ Aug 26 to 31
Mars square ~ Aug 1 to 4
Sun square ~ Aug 1

Taurus 2

Birthdays Apr 30 to May 9

Best days for love:
Venus sextile ~ Aug 9 to 17
Neptune sextile ~ All month.

Best days for career:

Mercury trine ~ Aug 8 to 18
Pluto sextile ~ All Month.

Challenging days:

Mars square ~ Aug 5 to 20
Sun square ~ Aug 2 to 12

Taurus 3

Birthdays May 10 to 19

Best days for love:
Venus sextile ~ Aug 18 to 25

Best days for career: None!

Challenging days:
Mars square ~ Aug 21 to 31
Sun square ~ Aug 13 to 22

There is tension this month, especially for decan 1 but this can be used to push forward anything you need willpower for. The Mars square makes you combative but at least you will stick up for yourself when you need too. Enjoy the blossoming Venus sextile while it is in effect and arrange social gatherings. Overall the good balances the more challenging energy. Decans 1 & 2 do well with Mercury spending so much time in harmonious aspect. It will help you charm the birds from the trees and keep your mind clear in your dealings with others. There could be some mild irritations with the squares in alls decans but you will easy bounce back into favour. All decans should take time off to enjoy themselves. Decan 1 in particular is focused on pleasure and you attract fun and laughter into your life with your positive attitude. The tense hard aspects can be use to generate competitive energy, so sport is a good use of this time. Go on an adventure and get loads of fresh air. You body will thank you for giving it a chance to run freely in nature.

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