Taurus Monthly Horoscope

Taurus Monthly Horoscope

Taurus Monthly Horoscope

Your Taurus Monthly Horoscope for September 2016 has the Sun is at its most joyous in the lovely summertime sector of your chart. So you can look forward to a whole month of laughter and pleasure. You should be feeling light of heart and enjoying your most precious love connections. The temptation to spend time away from more serious commitments and your work desk will be very strong. It is wise therefore to try to plan leisure activities and parties for this period. Enjoy acting like a teenager and let your hair right down until September 22. After that, it is back to work and the cold shower of organising your life and waking up at a civilised hour.

Your house of fun is in for an exciting injection of adrenaline. The September 1 Solar Eclipse in this children and pleasure zone could be dramatic in both good and bad ways. It’s kind of like letting a very hungry 5 year old loose on a chocolate fudge cake. The sugar rush can be both hilarious or dangerous depending on where the child is. The same goes for your dear self. New relationships brought into your life by this eclipse can be giddy and instantly euphoric. The romantic bliss can be so off the scales that you don’t even notice you are crossing a busy high road to get to them. The eclipse works like that instagram filter that blurs out every unsightly bulge and crinkle around the subject, just to focus on their come-hither lips, eyes, butt…

September Monthly Horoscope 2016

With the September 18 Lunar Eclipse in your friendship and wishes zone, you could start pursuing a creative hobby that brings in a whole new set of friends. Do not be afraid to invest in some playtime just because you think it is self indulgent, with an eclipse here it the fun could trigger a serious vision for the future.

The reboot might come initially from feeling quite a lonely, that you have spent a lot of time social-networking online rather then actually meeting real life people.

Maybe an event occurs where you are “de-friended” because of an innocent comment that was taken the wrong way. Or maybe the comment wasn’t so innocent and something inside you wanted to shake things up out of boredom.

The final result though, is a dissatisfaction with shallow forms of communication and a craving for more meaningful interaction. Somehow you stumble upon an evening classes or a ‘meet-up’ group and feel compelled to go along. This step into the unknown could bring a totally out-of-the-blue friendship that activates gifts that you didn’t realise you even had.

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