Aries May Horoscope


Your Aries May 2022 horoscope puts you in severe spending mood as soon as you receive cash in your pocket. However you have worked hard and feel like you deserve a treat. Because of this you may feel the need to engage in retail therapy. If you are going to display your new treasures in an ostentatious way, you should try to resist it! There could be some who may feel that the material items you are resplendent in are just an over-compensation for your lack of self-worth.

After May 21 the focus is more on connecting with local friends or siblings. You will feel more like reaching out to actual people than being seduced by glittery shop-window items. It doesn’t cost much to have a picnic with a friend and the Summer sun is free!

Aries May Emotional Horoscope

The sensory feeling of a certain type of fabric can be something you really crave, or you may just want to collect many items of the same thing. Yes, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 16 May 2022 is a real howler where you feel more of a lunatic than usual. Taking any mind-altering substances will only make things more psychotic so I would avoid this if you know you have an extreme natal chart.

Powerful and dangerous people hold a fascination for you at this time, so avoid hanging out with gangsters and get hold of the Godfather Box set DVDs instead. Safer… Read my dedicated Eclipse post for more details on how the lunar eclipse will work for your sign.

Aries May Love Horoscope

From May 3 to 28 Venus is blossoming in your own sign, so this is the time to go for your dream lover. The only thing you have to worry about is being a bit of a pushover, so try not to get too gushy! If you are coupled up you might end up playing cupid for other people. You can be the perfect host this month uniting folk for relaxed and enjoyable social occasions. You can also mend frayed relationships between those who have broken apart.

Aries May Career Horoscope

Mercury turns retrograde this month from May 10 to June 2 read all about what it means for your sign in my dedicated Mercury Retrograde post. So until May 9 you are very likely to be stuck behind the computer or a pile of books for a week or so since your brain is in research mode. If you want to learn something very techy, this is an ideal time as your mind is interested in the tiny details at the moment. You might find your career is most successful in dealing with local people at this time.

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