Your Sagittarius Horoscope for October 2017 means it’s time to socialize and connect with those folk with whom you share the same dreams. It is though conversing with our peers that we come to see our place in the world. Are we out of touch? Are we alienated, or are we simply a square peg in a round hole. If we don’t feel we resonate with our old mates any longer, it could be a sign that we have grown out of that scene. This might be a very good thing if it was actually quite a negative scene that supported bad habits or addictions. After October 22 and all that networking you will feel more like retiring to the safety of your home cocoon. Use this time to recharge before your fabulous birthday month after November 22.

October Monthly Horoscope 2017

The Full Moon October 5 2017 is a superb one for you with which to enjoy the simple pleasures of life with people you really love. This one takes you back to a time of childlike innocence. It’s about getting excited that it’s a sunny day and you are about to visit a cafe that does 99 flavours of Italian ice cream. Everything is yummy with the Full Moon here. You should also feel extra nurturing and protective over every small and fluffy person, place or thing. If you could give a word to this placement it would be “cute”. You will feel nostalgia for the golden age of your youth (If you are older than 30!). Allow yourself to be a dreamer and have wishful thoughts.

Sagittarius Career Horoscope

Mercury in house 11 (until Oct 16) This is a period where you will be mulling over your dream job or what what your mission on planet earth actually is. It would be a good time to set some sky high goals and be have some vision of where your creativity, talents or business nous can take you. A strong element in reaching those goals will be networking with your peers and ‘jamming’ out some ideas. Mercury in house 12 (until Nov 5.) From Oct 17 take the opportunity to recharge your batteries as you might have been burning the candle at both ends with all those work dos recently. You will need your energy soon enough, for after the next few weeks a whole new 3 month cycle starts. Suddenly you will get busy as the sap of interest in what you have to offer rises. Until then however, finish off projects and try not to start anything new and ambitious just yet.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope

Venus in house 10 (until Oct 13) Your heart beats faster this month to the tune of an older, richer and more successful partner. You will be impressed by status, but it doesn’t mean you are mercenary necessarily. What you are probably subconsciously searching for, is a guide and/or parental figure that has been lacking in your life. This way you can learn how to advance yourself in life and get quite a growth spurt in maturity. Venus in house 11 (until Nov 6) The main influence will be the ability to get on well and harmonize with a wide variety of people. There should be no conflicts as you are feeling relaxed and content and radiating that out to others who then feel the same.

Best Days By Decan

Sagittarius 1

Nov 23 to Dec 2 (0º-10º)

Best days for love:
Venus sextile ~ Oct 14 to 21
Best days for career:
Sun sextile ~ Oct 1 to 2
Mercury sextile ~ Oct 6 to 10
Mars sextile ~ Oct 23 to 31
Challenging days:
None ! 🙂

Sagittarius 2

Dec 3 to 12 (10º-20º)

Best days for love:
Venus sextile ~ Oct 22 to 29
Best days for career:
Mercury sextile ~ Oct 6 to 10
Sun sextile ~ Oct 3 to 12
Challenging days:
Venus square ~ Oct 1 to 5
Mars square ~ Oct 1 to 6
Neptune square ~ All month

Sagittarius 3

Dec 13 to 22 (20º-30º)

Best days for love:
Jupiter sextile ~ Oct 1 to 10
Venus sextile ~ Oct 30 to 31
Best days for career:
Sun sextile ~ Oct 13 to 22
Mercury sextile ~ Oct 11 to 16
Uranus trine ~ All month
Challenging days:
Venus square ~ Oct 6 to 13
Mars square ~ Oct 7 to 22
Saturn conjunct ~ All month

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