Moon Sextile/Trine Jupiter ~ The Greatest


Moon sextile or trine Jupiter brings out the very best of the warmth, charisma and entertaining potential from the two planets. The subject cannot help but attract followers as they take to the role of an idol like a duck to water. Provided both planets are well placed, these folk are popular, opulent and of high status. These natives expect success and usually get it since Jupiter is lucky and with the Moon, has the knack of attracting fortune.

Moon trine Jupiter are often just at the right place at the right time. Jupiter is publishing, so these people can find themselves continually in the news or their works are always in demand in print or media. Fame is one manifestation, but obviously not everyone with this aspect finds fame and fortune if these planets are weak in dignity.

Moon trine sextile Jupiter transit

Moon trine or sextile Jupiter in the sky gives the collective a taste of optimism and courage to go for their dreams. This aspect is bold, brassy and loves to blow its own trumpet. At this time we feel adventurous and want to explore new avenues. Sometimes this can turn quite self-indulgent and extravagant as Jupiter does not like boundaries. However it can also inspire generosity, so it is a good day to ask for sponsorship or a wage raise. Use this lucky day to stage a charitable event. This is a great energy for throwing a lavish party for a good cause. It should attract a lot of press and social media attention.

Even if the planets are afflicted, the natives will be known around their neighbourhood as having quite a character. They will be famous (or infamous!) in their own back yard. Within the family they are the big protector, the bosom that everyone runs to and the gregarious host that throws the best and most lavish parties.

This aspect is usually extremely generous and if their finances permit a philanthropist. They will get on the Jupiter pulpit if they see injustice in the world, however there is danger of developing a god complex; See “Saint Bob” (Geldof) or the very opposite, head of a dark cult, ” The Godmother” (Aldrete).

Brassy Braggadocio

Moon sextile Jupiter is a beautiful blossom of an aspect that seems to breed writers of song or word in particular since Jupiter rules publishing. The imagination is expansive and pioneering, inspired by overseas or inner travel. These people will always support their roots though, no matter how far afield they voyage. Moon in soft aspect to Jupiter attracts benefactors but they always pay back generously those who nurtured and supported their talents.

Moon sextile Jupiter sometimes falls into success by chance, being at the right place at the right time. This aspect should give natural gifts usually from a very young age. There can be a dark side to this aspect however, when the combination of Jupiter licentiousness and lunar bad habits can spill over into drug or sexual abuse, either given or received. The darker side is more likely to surface if Jupiter or the Moon are afflicted or badly placed. Generally though, Moon in soft aspect to Jupiter is luxuriant, erotic, sensual and has a huge appetite for sex.

Moon Jupiter ~ Soft Aspects

Moon Trine Jupiter

Mohammad Ali (28’) blew the biggest, brassiest Jupiter trumpet. Ali was idolized, but also hated for his over-the-top braggadocio and ‘trash talking’ down his opponents. However underneath the overblown persona, lay a sensitive, religious man, who was a philanthropist and a social activist. He certainly wasn’t all talk though, in his fights he gained a reputation for accurately predicting which round he would knock an opponent out. Jupiter is good at speculation.

Ali was eventually honoured ‘Sportsman of the century’, by the BBC. His life is a good example of Moon trine Jupiter, he was worshipped himself, but had strong religious convictions too. Ali refused to serve in Vietnam famously saying “I ain’t got no quarrel with them Viet Cong… They never called me nigger.” [1]

In retirement, despite being diagnosed with Parkinson syndrome Ali continues to travel the world, promoting awareness of poverty around the world and addressing humanitarian issues in general. In true expansive Jupiter spirit, he has married four times and fathered seven children.

More Moon trine Jupiter natives: Tracy Austin (11’), Bryan Ferry (11’), Harriet Wilson (15’), Thomas Hardy (15’), Bob Geldof (21’), Neil Diamond (25’), Camilla Parker-Bowles (25’), Kenneth Branagh, Charles Prince Of Wales, Nick Clegg, Hilary Clinton, Karl Marx, Barack Obama, Agatha Christie, Patsy Cline, Dustin Hoffman, Dean Martin, Georgio Moroder, Alison Goldfrapp, K T Tunstall, Aaron Spelling, Jerry Hall, Sarah Aldrete, Amanda Knox, Victoria Sackville-West, Jennifer Saunders, Vic Reeves, John Barrowman, Gianni Versace, Prince William/Kate Middleton Davison.

Moon Sextile Jupiter

Anais Nin (07′); French-Cuban author of erotic novels made her name in the US. Anais started writing novels as a child, left school at 16 to work as an artists model. All the Moon sextile Jupiter themes are here. She is hailed as one of the first women to fully explore erotica in fiction and regarded one of the finest erotic novelists to this day.

As a child she had a incestious relationship with her father, even though she maintains she was an innocent Catholic girl before finding and reading a stack of erotic literature at a rented apartment. This was to be her education for the writing that followed.

Soon after the opportunity came to make some much needed money producing some pornography for an anonymous “collector”. She jumped at the chance and found she was a natural at it. Anais befriended and in some cases slept with many leading literary figures.

She is rumoured to have had a bi-sexual affair with June, the wife of Henry Miller with whom she had already had an affair. Her journal “Henry & June” does not substantiate this however. What is clear is that Anais was quite besotted with the femme fatal June, showering her with money, clothes and jewels while leaving herself short.

More Moon sextile Jupiter natives: Hugh Clapperton (01′); Bono (04′); Francois Mauriac (09′); Brian Jones (13′); John Hinckley (16′);  Wolfgang Mozart, Freddie Mercury, Jennifer Lopez, Bob Marley, Willie Nelson, Charlie Chaplin, Eddie Kidd, Lee Miller, Lucille Ball, Omar Sharif, Neil Kinnock, Lucky Luciano, Mary I of England, Oliver Cromwell, Aileen Wuornos.

1. Haas, Jeffrey (November 1, 2009). The Assassination of Fred Hampton: How the FBI and the Chicago Police Murdered a Black Panther. Lawrence Hill Books. p. 27.