Aldebaran ~ May 28 to Jun 4


Fixed star Aldebaran is found at 9º 47’ Gemini in the right eye of the bull in Taurus. It is probably the most famous of the four Archangel stars representing St Michael. God’s military commander and opposite his nemesis Antares in the Scorpion. Aldebaran seems to have gained the better reputation than his opposite number. But really, Aldebaran and Antares are two sides of the same coin.

Aldebaran actually has a more stormy reputation than one would imagine. This is because the left eye, Ain, forms part of the notorious Hyades star cluster. This bunch of rainy stars splatter across the bulls face. Aldebaran though, is the bull’s right eye. Its status as a raging red giant ensures its position as the Alpha male of the bunch, even though it is sometimes described as a rather fey “pale rose red” star. I don’t think so!…

For under the pretty velvet Taurus glove is a fist of steel. Aldebaran is a ferocious charmer. Peacocking his power with fine clothes like those Hip-hop stars decked in gold “bling”, driving their puffed-out chariots with the scary bull bars on the front. They promise much but they also deliver, this could be the best sex you ever had. Sensual, indulgent, the Aldebaran lover knows just what buttons to press.


Women with this placement will be robust and earthy, not dainty little cherubs. They will ride you till you are both saddle sore, and they can keep going, and going and going… Raw hide indeed. John F Kennedy was a perfect Aldebaran example, lusty, charismatic, pushy and powerful in his speech. He had the Sun here, a leader and head of the country but sadly assassinated with a shot to it. The bull’s eye is also a target remember.

J.F.K’s son had Aldebaran MC and tragically died in a plane crash. Unfortunately for JFK Junior it literally was a fall from a high place and another violent Aldebaran death. “With Sun or Moon, culminating or rising: Great honor through violence with difficulties and casualties.” [1] Jackie Kennedy Onassis had Jupiter on Aldebaran, but it is much safer there. Aldebaran, unlike its opposite Antares, can get away with all manner of evils, even though they are both just as extreme as each other. The difference is that Aldebaran knows how to play the game. God is on his side.

Aldebaran can charm the doorman into turning a blind eye. They have a non-stick veneer and any criticism just slides of them. Aldebaran can get away with murder because they come across as the knight in shining armour and saviour even if some are quite ghastly underneath. Those that act with integrity should avoid the violent ending this star sometimes delivers and are actually sweet all the way to the pip!

 Aldebaran Keywords

Lusty, lecherous, lovely, rich, sensual, smooth-talkers, materialistic, businessmen, winners, insatiable, indulgent, romantic, seducers, pleasure seekers, hedonists, idolizers, textural, lush, dashing, knights-in-shining armour, saviours, robust, strong, meaty, juicy, tough, bold, cheeky, macho, old-fashioned, classic, chivalrous, polite, charmers, diplomats, harmony, earthy, fertile, family-oriented, pro-life, pro-nature, naturists, aesthetic, luxurious, golden, lucky escapes, shining through, artistic, fashionable, iconic, beautiful, musical, sultry voices, softly spoken, strong/silent type, good girls, nice chaps, wholesome, butter-wouldn’t-melt, holier- than-thou.

Aldebaran Ascendant

“If Rising, and in conjunction with the Moon, a good fellow, but if in conjunction with both the Lord of the Ascendant and the Moon it denotes a murderer”. [1] I couldn’t find many examples of Aldebaran rising, so I don’t think this placement in itself gives one the usual Aldebaran ambition. Instead, it may be a tad complacent and happy with its lot, more in keeping with zodiac sign Taurus. What I found in my files of friends and family was quite a flair for fashion, but a tendency to self-indulgence. The Ascendant is the physical body and relationship axis so the sensual appetite of this star comes out very strongly. A high sex drive is marked and also a love of food and luxury goods.

These natives may simply be content with focusing on their relationships than to be bothered with anything outside the kitchen or bedroom. Francesco Smalto (00’); Fashion designer to heads of State. Jeane Dixon (37’); One of the most famous Astrologers/Psychics of the 20th century. Famous for prediction. Dan Falzon; Australian Soap actor who also runs an eco-tourism business. David Helfgott: Australian concert pianist with schizoaffective disorder, subject of the film “Shine”.

Aldebaran Midheaven

“If culminating: Honor, preferment, good fortune and favors from women” [1] In stunning contrast to Aldebaran rising, we see a plethora of high-powered celebrities with Aldebaran Midheaven. This confirms Robson’s observation of great success here. Those who act with integrity and have some sort of altruistic motive behind their work seem to avoid Aldebaran’s risk of sudden storms and misfortune. We get fame, notoriety, some wasted talent and a fall from grace, most probably due to over-indulgence of the good life that Aldebaran initially delivers. The subject’s charm, artistry and refinement gets them far, if they can avoid becoming complacent.

John F Kennedy Junior (03’); Handsome eldest son of assassinated president JFK. Socialite, magazine editor. Died in plane crash with wife. Pierre Laval (14’); War time French Prime minister executed for deporting French Jews to Nazi death camps. Charles Combes (16’); French engineer. Cyril Fagan (17’); Sidereal Astrologer. Placido Domingo (17’); Spanish tenor and occasional baritone, famous for his booming and impassioned vocal delivery. Peggy lee (21’); Versatile Jazz/Pop singer. Her sultry, purring voice shown at its best on “He’s A Tramp” in the Disney film. Vivian De Sola Pinto (23’); British Literary critic and poet who defended D H Lawrence in the “Lady Chatterley” obscenity trail. Étienne Carjat (25’); French Journalist and photographer known for his caricatures of prominent Parisians. Edmond Jouhaud (26’): Narrowly avoided a death sentence from the French military after a failed coup d’etat to overthrow President DeGaule. John Davies (33’); Rugby fullback. Ian Charlson; Unassuming actor. Ian wanted it publicised that he died of AIDS to raise awareness of the disease. Jim Kerr; Scottish new-wave singer. Della Reese; Actress, Gospel singer, game and talk show hostess. Now works as an ordained minister. Jack Kerouac; Beat generation author who helped spawn the hippie movement. Died of internal bleeding due to life long alcohol abuse. LL Cool J; Hip-hop crooner, known for his romantic ballads. Brian Jones; Rolling Stone’s innovative lead guitarist. His talent was eroded by serious drug abuse. Sacked from the group then drowned in a swimming pool. Bobby Jindal; American politician, pro-life and anti-gay marriage. Barbara Plekker; Porn Star.

Aldebaran Sun

“Great energy and perseverance, high material honors but danger of losing them, danger from quarrels and the law, honor and riches ending in disgrace and ruin, liable to disease, fevers and a violent death” [1] Since the Sun rules the head and Aldebaran is placed in the Bulls head, it’s not surprising that those with this placement are looked up to as leaders and can become icons. Sometimes they are the idolisers though and can go a bit over-board pursuing the object of their desire. They are easily pulled and seduced into scandals with the opposite sex. The bull’s insatiable sexual nature comes out strongly, but usually it’s bullish energy is channelled into the arts where they are especially fertile. Those that use their wealth to help others remain relatively unscathed by the unfortunate consequences of this star. Those who become greedy however, are in danger of “disgrace and ruin”. The Sun here has great responsibility and must act with integrity.

Kenn Brodzaik (00’); Australian concert promoter and musician manager. Nelson (JR ) Rockefeller (08’); Republican vice President, businessman and philanthropist. Tough on drug users, imposed compulsory rehab on offenders to try and reduce narcotics trade. Promoted public access to the arts. Founded Museum of Primitive Art. Rodolphe Salis (18’), Creator of modern cabaret. Brooke Shields (44’), Put up as a child model from birth. Dated a string of famous, powerful and wealthy men. John F Kennedy (47’): Idolised US President had many extra marital affairs “If I don’t have a woman for three days I get terrible headaches”. [2]. Assassinated with a bullet through the bull’s head. Clint Eastwood; Icon of the strong, silent type and robust, stoic masculinity. Tom Robinson; Singer-songwriter, gay activist who fell in love and had a child with a woman biker. Alanis Morissette; Singer-songwriter, with passionate, powerful, and sometimes scathing vocal delivery. Mellowed of late.

Aldebaran Moon

“Favorable for business, honor and credit, especially if in the 1st or 10th house, but danger of calamity. Favorable for domestic, public and religious matters; danger of a violent death.” [1] The moon rules our subconscious urges and emotional needs so it will bring out Aldebaran’s weakness for the opposite sex in a similar way to the Ascendant. Both the male and female will have the bull’s raging libido. This lust, if not reigned in, can bring the subjects downfall. The mother may have died suddenly or violently. This premature departure from the infant’s life leaves the subject craving for the mothering they missed out on as a child, which is why often one spouse or lover is never enough. The moon here needs a great deal of physical love and affection.

Gary Hart (00’); Ran for president, but brought down by the press for having an extra-marital affair. Novelist. Wayne Gretzky (06’); The greatest hockey player ever. Captain Admiral William Bligh (27’); Commander of HMS Bounty when the infamous mutiny took place. Antoine Chanzy (36’); French general and governor of Algeria. Benito Mussolini; Italian fascist dictator. Married twice, numerous mistresses and affairs with his female supporters. His dead body was strung up and stoned in a public square alongside his mistress and other fascists. Dale Winton; TV presenter. Father died when he was a teenager, his mother committed suicide by drug overdose. Leontyne Price; One of the first black sopranos, noted for her seductive, rich and buttery voice.

Aldebaran Mercury

“Affects the health and domestic affairs, prominence through mercurial matters, material gain, and many learned friends”. [1] These subjects seem to take it upon themselves to speak out against evil. They may swing between sinner and saint and have the archetypical Mercurial talent of switching abruptly between conflicting principles. They may confuse people with their twin personalities, but they also have a talent for being able to build bridges and mediate between opposing forces. They may like to play devils advocate also.

David Gahan (23’); Lead singer of Depeche Mode. Songs deal with Good V Evil. Catholic themes and S & M. Ex heroin-addict. Anne Heche (24’); Actress, film writer, Director. Career suffered after her same-sex relationship with Ellen DeGeneres was made public. Anne was raped by her gay father a few times from age 8 to 12. Ann says his denial of his homosexuality made him abusive and a sexual deviant. Three of her four siblings are dead, her brother committed suicide. (Mercury rules siblings). Wreckless Eric (32’); British Punk/New wave singer-songwriter. Prince William (33’); Lost his mother Princess Diana in a car crash aged 15 but followed in her footsteps with regards to having a strong hands-on interest in humanitarian and environmental causes. He has a “Harry Potter Scar” from a golfing accident. In 2009 he said “I call it (the scar) that because it glows sometimes and some people notice it—other times they don’t notice it at all”.[4] Glenda Jackson (39’); Former Actress. High profile back-bench labour MP and critic of Tony Blair. Meryl Streep; Oscar winning actress with a special talent for accents. Wolfgang Borchert; German author studied in schools. Denounced the Nazi regime. Allen Ginsberg; American Poet. Anti-establishment and opposed sexual repression. Edward Snowden; Computer wizard. Former CIA employer and whistle-blower currently granted temporary asylum in Russia.

Aldebaran Venus

“Honor through literature, music or art, creative abilities, favorable for health and marriage.” [1] “Power directed wrongly. Abnormalities in love life.” [3] There is some scandal here with Venus bringing out the insatiable desires of this star yet again. There is potential for great artistic achievement and talent with the ability to create beautiful, harmonious and sumptuous environments. If the person has no artistic gift however then they may covert Venusian beauty in others. They will then be overly materialistic and find it hard to let go of people or possessions.

Anya Gallaccio (23’); Scottish installation artist who works with fruit, vegetables and flowers. Ronald Isley (24’); Musician, songwriter in family group the Isley brothers. Jailed for tax evasion. Pierre Molinier (40’); Painter and photographer whose work was fetishistic-erotic. He is alleged to have had sex with the corpse of his sister before he photographed it as a piece of art. Maria Montez (37’); Exotic Latina famed for her seductive fancy costumes bedecked with jewels. Nicknamed the “Queen Of Technicolor” Venus between both bull’s eyes. Gerry McCann; Father of missing Madeleine McCann. David Carpenter; Serial killer. Stalked, raped and murdered his female victims on hiking trails. Joan Collins; Mature sex symbol, known for playing femme fatales.

Aldebaran Mars


“Great military preferment but attended by much danger; liable to accidents, fevers and a violent death” [1] Mars here gives great ambition, business sense and the guts to really “wheel and deal”. This is someone who must win at all costs and is a born survivor. The danger of a “violent death” here may simply be as a result of their daredevil behavior. These people are highly impulsive and take risks, but as the saying goes “Who dares wins” and more often than not, they do. The tendency to accidents depends on the rest of the chart and if there are other elements to cool the hot-bloodedness of this placement. Passionate and highly-sexed, these people’s libido does much to propel them into high positions. They have no qualms about using sex to get ahead.

Jeffrey Archer (04’); Political career ended with his imprisonment for perjury. Best- selling author of the “Kane and Abel” series. Roy Rogers (05’); Singing Cowboy! Loni Anderson (05’); Four times married. Blonde-bombshell actress and sex symbol. Meryl Streep (14’); One of the worlds most acclaimed actresses. See Mercury. Dorothea Mackellar (14’); Australian bush poet. Amelia Barr (33’); British novelist. Herman Melville (36’); Novelist who wrote “Moby Dick”. Keith Richards (36’); Rolling Stones co-songwriter and founder. Still associated with excessive drug use, despite cleaning up in his old age. Mars between both Bull’s eyes. Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux (41’); Ornate French sculptor. Sean Penn; Actor and film director known for his humanitarian work and political activism. Wolfgang Borchert; German author who denounced the Nazi regime. Jean – Claude Van Itallie; Playwright who as a child, escaped from Nazi Germany to make a new life in the US. Graduated from Harvard.

Aldebaran Jupiter

“Great ecclesiastical honor and high military preferment”. [1] This placement seems to give great success and inspiration in whatever field these subjects find themselves in. I think this is chiefly because of the subjects unshakable faith and determination to pursue their dreams no matter what the obstacles are. The chance of success is more likely if Jupiter is well placed near an angle or closely aspected by one of the personal planets.

Martha Graham (00’); As influential as Picasso in her field of dance and choreography. Cornelius Charlton (02’); Honored soldier for the US army in Korea. Mark Waugh (05’); Gifted Australian Cricketer. Brooke Shields (18’); Actress and Model. Dated a string of famous, powerful and wealthy men. See Sun. Betty Ford (25’) US First lady, feminist and founder of the famous rehab clinics after her own battle with alcoholism. Alexander Graham Bell (29’); Innovative Scientist and inventor of the telephone. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (46’); US first lady and wife of assassinated president John F Kennedy. Later married Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis. Fashion Icon. Indira Gandhi; First female prime minister of India and the world’s second longest serving female PM. Was assassinated by her bodyguards. Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi; French sculptor who designed the Statue of Liberty. Stephen Sondheim; Award winning American composer best known for his achievements in musical theatre. Joanne Woodward; American actress. Happily married to fellow actor Paul Newman for 50 years. Iconic Hollywood marriage. Honore de Balzac; French playwriter, novelist and independent thinker. Founder of realism in literature. His works continue to inspire modern day writers and filmmakers. Zenna Henderson; American science fiction writer.

Aldebaran Saturn

“Great afflictions, strange mind, great wickedness, sarcasm, eloquence, good memory, studious and retiring nature, legal abilities, domestic and material success, losses through mercurial friends”. [1] There is a great drive and desire for these subjects to make a name for themselves and rise above the limitations or unhappy memories of their upbringing. This maybe because they were born in poverty or they are running away from demons in their childhood. The “great wickeness” I believe may be something these people will have experienced from others, most probably an authority figure or the father. Otherwise these people do have the capability of being wicked themselves if they don’t address the demons they may try to suppress. Saturn tends to make the shadow deeper and darker than any other planet Remember Antares opposes this star, so the battle between good and evil may play out in their career, whether it be artistic or political.

Adolphe Joseph Thomas Monticelli (03’); French pre-impressionist painter who lived in poverty despite a prolific output. His rich, romantic and heavily textured paint daubs were often criticised, yet they were an inspiration to Van Gogh who took this style to another level. Myra Hindley (06’); British child killer who sexuality assaulted her victims alongside her lover Ian Brady. Arnold Bax (06’); British romantic composer and poet. Robert Hand (17’); Influential Astrologer. Jimi Hendrix (22’); Consider the greatest electric guitarist of all time. He would often fly into drunken, jealous rages and was violent towards his girlfriends. He was known to have casual sex with a large number of women. Died of drug overdose. Benito Mussolini (35’), Italian fascist dictator. Married twice, numerous mistresses and affairs with his female supporters. See Moon. Billy Connolly (40’); Scottish comedian, actor started a humble folk singer. Sexually abused by his catholic father between the ages of 10 and 15. Abandoned by his mother and brought up by aunts. Billy married psychologist/comedian Pamela Stephenson and retains a deep distrust of Catholic church. Edie Sedgwick; Model, socialite, heiress and Warhol’s muse. Coco Chanel; French fashion designer credited with liberating women from the constraining corseted silhouette. Her ambitious drive and opportunism led her into questionable alliances. Harrison Ford; Film actor and producer. One of the highest grossing actors of all time.

Aldebaran Uranus


“Scientific, a nature lover, critical, just, domestic and political success, public honors, fond of occultism but may meet with disfavor through it, lingering death.” [1] There are an unusually large amount of children here and a lot of adoptions. With the males, it just seems that they felt they had licence (due to their fame and charisma) to bed with as many women as they could manage in a day. Of course so much drunken sex equals babies. Uranus here just seems to exaggerate the decadent, permissive side of Aldebaran. Bob Marley may have had a long lingering death due to the spread of his cancer. Kenny Everett died of AIDs, which can be slow and drawn out. But other than that, we cannot say “lingering death” is inevitable. People born around early 1945 listed here had Uranus either placed near an angle or aspecting a personal planet.

Mia Farrow (06’); Actress and humanitarian. Has thirteen children, some blood and some adopted. Married Frank Sinatra, Andre Previn and Woody Allen. Mia accused Woody of sexual molestation of their daughter in the custody battle after their divorce. Woody eventually married their adopted daughter. Bob Marley (07’); Jamaican singer-songwriter who brought Reggae to a worldwide audience. Bob acknowledges having eleven children on his website. Died aged 36 of cancer, refused to be treated due to his religious beliefs. Jean Jaures (08’); French socialist leader who was assassinated. Julio Iglesias (10’); Spanish singer. Known for passionate romantic ballads, which have made him one of the world’s best selling artists. Was told he’d never walk again after a car crash, but recovered. He claims to have slept with at least 3000 women. Lech Walesa (14’); Polish politician and human rights activist. Anne Summers (20’); Australian writer and magazine editor. Feminist. New York “Ms” Magazine Editor-in-chief. Alfred Dreyfus (23’); French artillery officer. Jewish. Convicted of treason but later exonerated. Maggie Bell (36’); Scottish blues-rock singer some regarded as the British Janis Joplin. William Henry Ireland (38’) English forger of what he claimed were Shakespearean plays. Kenny Everett; Comedian and DJ known for his zany and irreverent radio shows. Died of AIDS. Eric Clapton; Ranked as one of the 100 greatest guitarists of all time. Known for dating some of the worlds most beautiful and glamorous women. Recovering alcoholic given to racist, drunken rants. Mick Jagger; Singer and musician. 50 years of rocking and rolling. Famous for dating models and other famous beauties. He has seven children by four women. George Lucas; Film director, famous for such epics as “Starwars” and the “Indiana Jones” series. Worth $3 Billion in 2012.

Aldebaran Neptune

“Connected with science, art, occultism and mediumship, good intellect, loss through fire, electricity or speculation, but gain through metals, military or scientific instruments, especially if Mars is strong; many journeys, obstacles to domestic happiness [1] “To have strong social ideals centered on minority groups, or minority issues. To dedicate one’s life to a seemingly hopeless or noble cause” [5]

Frehel (09’); French singer and actress. Left to fend for herself as a young child on the rough streets of Paris. Famous in Europe despite a destructive drink and drug habit. John Hunter (18’) 18th Century acclaimed Scottish surgeon and scientist. Hermann Göring (33’); Leading Nazi and ace fighter pilot. Lifelong addiction to morphine after wounded in battle. Sentenced to death by hanging for Nazi atrocities. Committed suicide the night before he was due to be hanged. Amassed a huge personal fortune from confiscated Jewish property. Gordon Lavers (39’); Blind Australian Composer. Ian Fairweather (42’): One of the greatest Australian painters of all time. Agatha Christie; British murder mystery writer. Allen Dulles; Banker, diplomat, lawyer. Director of CIA in the 1950/60’s.

All of these examples had Neptune in aspect to a personal planet or an angle. Neptune was conjunct Pluto at the time for all these examples which muddies the water a bit. I wouldn’t like to speculate Neptune on Aldebaran, so I stuck with Robson’s interpretation and added Bernadette Brady’s for comparison.

Find Aldebaran In Your Chart

If you don’t have a chart, yet get a free one here: FREE HOROSCOPE MAKER. To work out the exact position of Aldebaran, stars move forward through the zodiac at one degree every 72 years. You can find all the star positions here: The Fixed Stars in Longitude Order. *Aldebaran positions:

1900 – 8° 23′  Gemini*
1950 –  9° 05′  Gemini
2000 – 9° 47′ Gemini

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