new Moon march 2024

New Moon 10 March 2024 ~ Health Spa

The New Moon 10 March 2024 is at 20º Pisces Decan 3. Aspect: sextile Uranus. Fixed Star: Beta Phoenix in the Phoenix. Asteroid: Hygieia. Tarot Card: 10 Of Cups. Healing Crystal: Aquamarine. New Moon in Pisces decan 3 The wild … READ MORE

Lunar Eclipse March 2024 ~ Melted hearts

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on 25th March 2024 is at 5º Libra Decan 1. Type: Worm Moon. Aspect: None. Fixed Star: Zaniah in Virgo the Virgin. Asteroid: Opposite Aphrodite. Tarot Card: 2 of Swords. Healing Crystal: Rose Quartz Lunar Eclipse march … READ MORE