Virgo Full Moon 24 February 2023 ~ Prudentia


The Full Moon 24 February 2024 is at 5º Virgo Decan 1. Aspect: Trine Ceres. Fixed star: Thuban in Draco. Asteroid: Prudentia. Healing Crystal: Green Jade

Full Moon February in Virgo Decan 1

The full Moon February 2024, despite its modest power, excels in manifestation, particularly during its waxing phase so try to do it before the moon reaches peak fullness. Otherwise, afterwards any cracks and defects in one’s personality will become apparent. In my research, I discovered that this decan is associated with quite grungy musicians, including some distinctly unkempt ones. Therefore, I imagine that at this time, if one can’t be perfect, they will be perfectly flawed! This full moon presents an ideal opportunity to make a ‘shabby chic’ artistic statement.

The waxing Moon’s manifestation ability in the days leading up to this full moon should provide anyone connected to it with a feeling of possessing magical powers. This can also be interpreted as having the power of healing hands. Those nimble fingers could work miracles. If healing or nursing is not of interest, the manual dexterity supported by this full moon can work ‘miracles’ in other ways.

Engaging in artistic expressions may induce cathartic angst in our strumming or scribbles. Regardless of how we use our hands, there is an opportunity to bring toxins to the surface. Any pollution exposed can then be healed, even if it doesn’t always look pretty. At this full moon, certain individuals may be criticized for bringing an unacceptable or ugly reality into view.

What the Full Moon February 2024 means for your sign

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Tarot Card, Asteroid & Fixed Star

The tarot card linked to this decan is the 8 of pentacles, representing commitment and craftsmanship. Karmically, this suggests a life where one focuses on attention to detail and completing tasks. Education and scholarships hold importance, emphasizing the concept of giving back. You may find yourself working diligently to build a secure future for yourself, your partner, or your family. It’s crucial to remember to return home regularly and allocate time for enjoyable social activities. This card indicates you are susceptible to becoming a workaholic, exposing you to potential vulnerability. Allowing this to happen could jeopardize your lovely relationship. Striking the right balance requires dedicated effort.

Asteroid Prudentia

Prudence, originating from the Latin term “Prudentia,” which means “seeing ahead, sagacity,” is the virtue of self-governance and self-discipline through the application of reason. Allegorically represented as a female figure with a mirror and snake, Prudentia symbolizes foresight and wisdom. This virtue entails the capacity to discern between virtuous and vicious actions, not only in a general context but also in making appropriate decisions at specific times and locations. While prudence itself doesn’t carry out actions, it serves as a regulator for all virtues by guiding the differentiation between courageous, reckless, or cowardly acts. This asteroid resonates well with the energy of Virgo decan 1.

Fixed Star Thuban

Thuban, situated at 7º Virgo, serves as the alpha star of the Draco constellation, associated with the dragon that guarded the golden apples in the garden of the Hesperides. According to astrology, Draco imparts an artistic and emotional yet sombre nature, along with a sharp and analytical mind. Individuals influenced by this constellation may experience extensive travel and cultivate numerous friendships, but they face potential risks of robbery and accidental poisoning.

Bernadette Brady notes that Draco actively guards and protects, presenting a contrast to the passive guardianship of Ursa Major. The latter, in her opinion, may exhibit passive-aggressive tendencies.
In the case of Virgo, a sign that tends to quietly obey, eruptions of “great anger and revengefulness” may occur when they take on too much, leading to a potential “bloodbath.” Thuban, associated with Virgo, can manifest as anally retentive, with individuals holding onto their treasures and talents out of fear of rejection or exhaustion. The influence of Thuban may be a hoarding instinct and a tendency toward solitude.

Full moon February 2024 Astrology

Mars Conjunct Venus

The conjunction of Venus with Mars has the potential to ignite intense passion in relationships, but caution is advised as it may also lead to violence. The term ‘Love bombing’ aptly describes the challenging aspects of this alignment, as it propels individuals to ardently pursue their love interests, resulting in a potentially fiery affair.

If you encounter someone new under this configuration, it is advisable not to rely on longevity, despite the initial sizzling attraction, as it can dissipate rapidly. However, the Venus-Mars conjunction proves excellent for long-term sexual compatibility when complemented by other commitment connections between partners.

Mars Square Jupiter

Individuals influenced by the Mars square Jupiter aspect may find it challenging to accept a negative response in matters related to intimacy. During this month, the alignment revels in the thrill of the chase, with the pursued becoming increasingly aroused as the object of affection plays hard to get. This aspect’s relentless pursuit often leads the would-be lover to capitulate through sheer exhaustion.

Venus Square Jupiter

The Venus square Jupiter alignment in the sky may prompt self-indulgent behaviour, attracting significant wealth but carrying the risk of entitlement. The spoiled diva attitude associated with this aspect can breed envy and resentment. While the energy can be used for self-pampering, caution is advised to avoid excessive expenses that could lead to regret later on. This aspect also tends towards a gambling inclination, with a propensity to overstep boundaries and potentially cause offence. In summary, the Venus/Mars square Jupiter alignment is irresistible when it adopts a dashing hero or heroine persona, showcasing an all-conquering allure.

Full Moon Healing Crystal

Green Jade serves as a calming influence, preventing hasty decisions and fostering harmony in tense relationships. The serene clarity of Green Jade positions it as one of the most significant good luck stones globally. Always a source of joy, Green Jade has a historical association with attracting wealth.

Similar to the luminosity of a green emerald, Green Jade exudes regality while offering a gentler vibration that ensures tranquillity, irrespective of any financial concerns. Its soothing properties deter impulsive decision-making, contributing to its reputation for attracting good luck and a lasting sense of prosperity.

Given its connection to Venus/Mars and the highlighted importance of relationships, Jade becomes particularly useful when uncertainty clouds your relationship. This stone may aid in rediscovering motivation, rebuilding trust, and reigniting chemistry between partners. Its capability to realign feelings towards one another makes Green Jade a valuable ally in navigating the complexities of interpersonal connections.

Full Moon Virgo Summary

The Full Moon in February 2024 promises a dynamic yet grounded alignment. Jupiter’s expansive energy is intricately woven into the aspect patterns, amplifying passions significantly, especially through its square connection with Venus and Mars. This cosmic configuration suggests the potential for doubled intensity in matters of love and desire. Furthermore, the involvement of generous Ceres contributes to the overall abundance and material growth associated with the Virgo Full Moon.

The aspirational Kite aspect pattern suggests high-flying ambitions and opportunities for success. However, a note of caution arises due to the potential for overspending. Yet, the widely opposing influence of Saturn on the moon serves as a stabilizing force, acting as a brake and offering a sense of caution in financial matters.

Despite the moon’s placement in the modest Virgo and cautious Prudentia, this Full Moon displays a conquering spirit. It provides an ideal atmosphere for fostering family cooperation, making it an excellent time for ambitious projects with your relatives. Whether it’s a house renovation or the initiation of a multi-generational family business, the Full Moon in February 2024 encourages ventures that require collective effort and dedication.