Full Moon 27 February 2021 ~ Binding Love


Full Moon February 2021 Key Factors

  • Full moon is at 8º Virgo Decan 1 ~ Guardian Angels, Persephones & Seers
  • Full Moon falls in 13th Lunar Mansion ~ Wings Of Virgo
  • Full moon will be on fixed star Alioth at the root of the tail of the Great Bear constellation Ursa major
  • Full Moon trine Uranus
  • Major Aspects ~ Mars trine Pluto & Saturn square Uranus
  • Mars on Algol!
  • Full moon tarot card is the 8 of pentacles ~ Commitment & craftsmanship
  • The healing crystal is the Aventurine.
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GREEN AVENTURINE “Aventurine is a stone of prosperity.  Promotes compassion and empathy.  Aventurine relieves stammers and severe neuroses.  It stabilises one’s state of mind, stimulates perception and enhances creativity. Calms anger and irritation. Aventurine balances male-female energy.  Green Aventurine is a comforter and heart healer.  Green Aventurine dissolves negative emotions and thoughts.  It brings well-being and emotional calm.” ~ CharmsOfLight.com

Healing Crystal ~ Aventurine

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I picked Green Aventurine because it complements the 13th lunar mansion really well with balancing the yin/yang vibration in couples.  All Green crystals connect us with the heart chakra so it will help bring loving tenderness into raw sex. But I would also think it will also help cure any sexual dysfunction brought on by stress or performance anxiety! Maybe stick an aventurine under your lovers pillow (if they need some help) or just ‘forget’ to take your Aventurine pendant off before lovemaking.. 😉

In the gallery I have Aventurine moon rings from HAWKHOUSE, raw aventurine rings from BLACKBIRD & SAGE, and Aventurine and green tourmaline earrings from KARIN’S FORGOTTEN TREASURES.


The Moon here although modest in power is pretty good at manifestation as long as the moon is waxing, but in this case, after the full moon, it is not. So this waning Virgo decan 1 Moons shows up any cracks and defects in the collective’s personality. I noticed a number of musicians in my research for the moon here, especially some particularly distinctly unkempt and grungy ones. We can assume then that, if the Moon in Virgo 1 can’t be perfect then it will be perfectly flawed and make an artistic statement out of itself. This the perfect time for promoting items and art than can be described as ‘shabby chic.’ 

Leading up to this full moon, in the hours it is it is waxing will be great for magical works. This can also translate as having the power of healing hands. Those touched by the hand of Moon Virgo 1 might feel that these light-fingers can even work miracles (See times below for waxing moon). If we are not particularly drawn to healing or nursing at this time, then the manual dexterity can work ‘miracles’ in other ways. There is a cathartic angst in our strumming or scribbles. However we use our hands, we will have the ability to bring toxins to the surface and allow the pollution exposure for healing. The purging action is particularly potent at the exact time of the full moon. ) Sometimes this does not look pretty and those touched by this full moon might be demonised for bringing the unacceptable or ugly reality into view.

FULL MOON WAXING VIRGO 1 : February 26th ~ Los Angeles from 9.07am,  Texas from 11.07am, New York from 12.07pm, London from 5.07 pm & Rome from 6.07 pm.

FULL MOON WANING VIRGO 1 : February 27th ~ Los Angeles from 12:18 am, Texas from 2:18am, New York from 3:18 am, London from 8.18 am & Rome from 9:18 am.

Full Moon In 13th Lunar Mansion 

full moon virgo

Al-Awwa (The Wings Of Virgo)

The aggressive nature of the previous mansion converts into amorous union here. The 13th mansion represents love, but specifically carnal love. Generally it is a mansion of binding romantic unions. But the priority and function of this mansion extends way beyond lust and sensuality. This mansion is lucky and signifies the attainment of one’s ardent wishes. It is also about the birthing of ideas.

This is an alchemical and magical mansion. You could say it relates to sex magic even. Sexual magic is potent and it has been harnessed forever by those who want to weald power and influence. The kundalini is that the creative force behind manifestation and erotic love has tremendous influence in magical practices. We know that binding objects together forms a crucial part of spell-making. For love is the most sacred and powerful of all bonds.

This 13th Mansion resolves the conflict of 12th Mansion and satisfies its yearnings. This pining for the absent lover is an essential component in the creativity of love. The muse inspires and stimulates. It revives a stagnant libido and gives one a reason to strive for an ideal. The 13th lunar mansion then, transmutes our lustful urges. These desires help propel us upward into the heavenly realms! It is transformative and spiritual, despite its material beginnings. The colour associated with the 13th lunar mansion is LEAF GREEN

Key words & image for the 13th Lunar Mansion

“Talismanic Image: Separate images of a man and woman tied together. Talismanic Properties: Creating love between two people, increase of trade and profit, assisting crops, good and safe journeys, completing buildings, curing sexual dysfunction and freeing captives.” ~ Medievalastrologyguide.com

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How to make a Lunar Mansion Talisman

Using the tropical zodiac*, the moon is in the 13th Lunar mansion from 4º 17′ Virgo to 17º 8′ Virgo. This handy Lunar mansion ephemeris gives you the dates and time of moons entry into the mansions for each month. The moon is in this mansion from February 27th at 12.24 am UT.

The very basic method for making a magical talisman would be to print out a black and white version of the profile picture of this post and colour it in for step 3 listed below. (Or you could draw your own.)

  1. Place the moon in the proper mansion
  2. Make sure moon is in the correct moon phase 
  3. Make the talisman when both 1 & 2 are in effect.

You can do this at anytime the moon is in the mansion of your choice not specifically at the new or full moon. There are more advanced ways to make a talisman however and I would highly advise you research further before dabbling in planetary magic. This post is just a starting point. Here is an example of how to make a Talisman for Health using the lunar mansions.

The Picatrix’s Talisman Instructions

Picatrix book four, chapter nine says that the 13th Lunar mansion talisman: “is for the unbinding of men who are impotent with women, and to place love between a man and a woman. When the moon has come around to this mansion fashion from red wax the image of an erect man, that is, with an erect phallus and let it be in always the image of a man, desiring to be in the act of love with a woman. From white wax fashion the image of a woman bind the two images together so that they are embracing. And so fumigate them with Amber and lignum aloes and wrap them in a piece of white silk which has been washed in rosewater; and in whichever image write the name of the one you wish. If a woman shall carry these images with her she is most strongly desired by the man whose name is upon the image, which is to say, when he sees her. And if another is bound who is impotent with women, if he shall carry the images with him, the binding shall be dissolved.”

Full Moon February 2021 Astrology

Full Moon February 2021


Artwork by Marina

*Using tropical positions for the lunar mansions now since they are the positions the medieval astrologers used for making their talismans.