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Full Moon November 2015 ~ Geek Chic

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The Full Moon on November 25 2015: 3º Gemini Decan 1
Aspect: Opposite Saturn. Fixed Star: Mirfak in Perseus. Dignity: Peregrine.

Dandy Warriors & Geek Chic. The “Good V Evil’ duality of Gemini is strong here, not just because it is the most Gemini decan, but mainly because of Perseus’s Medusa-slaying tendency. This Moon see’s itself as a spiritual warrior and reformer, on this earth to stamp out evil!..

Full Moon November 2015 Horoscope

Full Moon November

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  1. I love your article, please don’t hesitate to publish more. I’m very intrigued to hear more of what you have to say, I don’t quite understand the moon chart either I need something more basic


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