Mars Retrograde 2018 ~ Old Flames Burning

Mars retrograde 2018 will travel from 8º Aquarius to 29º Capricorn from June 27 until August 28 2018. The red planet turns retrograde about every 2 years. I tend to view retrogrades as working in a right-brained/cyclical/intuitive way rather than the direct linear mode we tend to operate in just to get through our daily lives. The planet’s energy is turning itself upside down in a sense, so we get the opportunity to view things from another angle. Mars is traditionally a malefic, but it does not follow that in retrograde it becomes even more malefic. Nor does Mars become it’s opposite, a benefic! It just becomes well… weird.

With Mars retrograde, instead of the usual flame-grilled Mars direct affair, it becomes more of a slow, rich bake. Much depends on in which sign Mars finds itself during the retrograde period. Generally, the Martian impulse will be slowed down, deepened and feel more Plutonic. Mars retrograde could also be similar in effect to the energy of Pallas Athena, where every move is planned carefully and strategically. I have read that Mars retrograde is akin to it traveling in the 12th house, which would make it more of a spiritual-warrior. So if one is going to wage war at all, it will probably be a psychic one.

Mars Retrograde Meaning

Since Mars is about sex as well as war, Mars retrograde prompts us to re-evaluate our sexual relationships. A new sexual attraction may burn out quickly, while a fling with an old flame could turn into something unexpectedly long term. Our ambitions and goals are bound to come under scrutiny also. It is said that those who start a war during Mars retrograde are likely to lose. In personal terms, “starting a war” could mean summoning someone to court or initiating a new business campaign against a rival. In competitive cases like those, it is usually advised to wait till Mars is direct again. However if someone should wage war on you, then it would be foolish not to defend yourself.

Mars Retrograde 2018 In Aquarius to Capricorn

Mars starts its apparent grind to a halt on June 25, but officially turns retrograde on June 27. The effect of Mars retrograde depends very much on what it encounters on its journey and how well it adapts to the cosmic territory. It will start off at 9º Aquarius, and then travel back to 28º Capricorn, the sign of its exaltation. So it will pass through Aquarius decan 2, Aquarius decan 3 and Capricorn decan 1. It will hit the major stars:

Capricorn 29º 06′ ~ Alpha Indus in the Indian 3.2
Aquarius 0º 56′ ~ Tarazed in Aquilla the Eagle 2.8 
Aquarius 1º 15′  ~ Albireo in Cygnus the Swan 3.2
Aquarius 1º 47′ ~ Altair in the heart of Aquila the eagle 0.7
Aquarius 4º 03′ ~ Dabih in the head of Capricornus the Goat 3.2
Aquarius 9º 40′ ~ Alpha Tucana in the Toucan 2.9

This Mars Retrograde will affect the degrees from 28º Capricorn to 8º Aquarius. So this is a very concentrated energy for Mars to spend so long between just 12º. In traditional terms, Mars is peregrine in Aquarius decan 1, so it cannot act as well as it should. The problem also is that this decan is pretty rebellious and feisty at the best of times, so what we end up with can be very disruptive rebels without a cause.

Groups may act up out of frustration because they themselves feel so powerless in taking control of their own lives. In Capricorn decan 3 Mars is stronger because in Capricorn is in its exaltation. This decan successfully combines artistic and musical ability with a great business mind. Mars here is aspirational and even the retrograde can’t hold it back. Instead, it will plan very strategically and wait to strike at the optimum moment. Mars stations direct on its degree of exaltation 28º Capricorn which makes it even more special. Mars continues in the shadow zone until October 6th when it returns to 8º Aquarius the point at which it went retrograde on June 27, you may get a reprise of events that occurred on that date. I talked in detail about Mars retrograde on the September YouTube video.

279 thoughts on “Mars Retrograde 2018 ~ Old Flames Burning

  1. I was born on 31 Oct 1956 and Mars was still pretty bright , I looked this up. What does it mean for me.? Thank you, I’ve always had a pull strong from Mars.

  2. Wonderful insight/analysis as always. I’m a bit confused though, aren’t we only talking about Capricorn decan 3 and Aquarius decan 1?

    1. Oh no! I didn’t know about Hawaii. I put this post up weeks ago. Hope they will be ok.

  3. June 21-²8 2016 Has been very taxing on me. I have had multiple people come out to wage war on me. Associates, customers and family have all not been thinking clearly. I’m not sure of there signs but I am a Scorpio. I have been in complete shock at these advances against me so much so that I knew something had to be in the air because these people whom I know have had a great deal of respect for me just turned on me overnight. I know their personalities and they are not acting normal. I feel like a target right now who has to maneuver extra carefully until this Mars Rx passes.
    As far as my energy level I am spent, last week completely took the wind out of my sails.

  4. I feel all of what you are describing BIG TIME.. I have Mars, Mercury and Sun in Aries this has been one of the roughest retrogrades ever for me.. Had zero energy or much get up and go really having to push myself which is almost alien for me to be like this. Reading a new business venture may be slow gave me lots of hope as i kicked off a venture at the start of all these retrogrades that just hasn’t taken off well.. thanks for all the lovely insight as always <3

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