Mars Retrograde 2018 ~ Old Flames Burning

Mars retrograde 2018 will travel from 8º Aquarius to 29º Capricorn from June 27 until August 28 2018. The red planet turns retrograde about every 2 years. I tend to view retrogrades as working in a right-brained/cyclical/intuitive way rather than the direct linear mode we tend to operate in just to get through our daily lives. The planet’s energy is turning itself upside down in a sense, so we get the opportunity to view things from another angle. Mars is traditionally a malefic, but it does not follow that in retrograde it becomes even more malefic. Nor does Mars become it’s opposite, a benefic! It just becomes well… weird.

With Mars retrograde, instead of the usual flame-grilled Mars direct affair, it becomes more of a slow, rich bake. Much depends on in which sign Mars finds itself during the retrograde period. Generally, the Martian impulse will be slowed down, deepened and feel more Plutonic. Mars retrograde could also be similar in effect to the energy of Pallas Athena, where every move is planned carefully and strategically. I have read that Mars retrograde is akin to it traveling in the 12th house, which would make it more of a spiritual-warrior. So if one is going to wage war at all, it will probably be a psychic one.

Mars Retrograde Meaning

Since Mars is about sex as well as war, Mars retrograde prompts us to re-evaluate our sexual relationships. A new sexual attraction may burn out quickly, while a fling with an old flame could turn into something unexpectedly long term. Our ambitions and goals are bound to come under scrutiny also. It is said that those who start a war during Mars retrograde are likely to lose. In personal terms, “starting a war” could mean summoning someone to court or initiating a new business campaign against a rival. In competitive cases like those, it is usually advised to wait till Mars is direct again. However if someone should wage war on you, then it would be foolish not to defend yourself.

Mars Retrograde 2018 In Aquarius to Capricorn

Mars starts its apparent grind to a halt on June 25, but officially turns retrograde on June 27. The effect of Mars retrograde depends very much on what it encounters on its journey and how well it adapts to the cosmic territory. It will start off at 9º Aquarius, and then travel back to 28º Capricorn, the sign of its exaltation. So it will pass through Aquarius decan 2, Aquarius decan 3 and Capricorn decan 1. It will hit the major stars:

Capricorn 29º 06′ ~ Alpha Indus in the Indian 3.2
Aquarius 0º 56′ ~ Tarazed in Aquilla the Eagle 2.8 
Aquarius 1º 15′  ~ Albireo in Cygnus the Swan 3.2
Aquarius 1º 47′ ~ Altair in the heart of Aquila the eagle 0.7
Aquarius 4º 03′ ~ Dabih in the head of Capricornus the Goat 3.2
Aquarius 9º 40′ ~ Alpha Tucana in the Toucan 2.9

This Mars Retrograde will affect the degrees from 28º Capricorn to 8º Aquarius. So this is a very concentrated energy for Mars to spend so long between just 12º. In traditional terms, Mars is peregrine in Aquarius decan 1, so it cannot act as well as it should. The problem also is that this decan is pretty rebellious and feisty at the best of times, so what we end up with can be very disruptive rebels without a cause.

Groups may act up out of frustration because they themselves feel so powerless in taking control of their own lives. In Capricorn decan 3 Mars is stronger because in Capricorn is in its exaltation. This decan successfully combines artistic and musical ability with a great business mind. Mars here is aspirational and even the retrograde can’t hold it back. Instead, it will plan very strategically and wait to strike at the optimum moment. Mars stations direct on its degree of exaltation 28º Capricorn which makes it even more special. Mars continues in the shadow zone until October 6th when it returns to 8º Aquarius the point at which it went retrograde on June 27, you may get a reprise of events that occurred on that date. I talked in detail about Mars retrograde on the September YouTube video.

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  1. Thanks for this article and your take on the retrograde! I’m very interested because I have natal Pluto at 23 Virgo closely conjunct the SN. Any advice on what to pay attention to during this transit? I think this may be a good opportunity to see how these energies function in my life and chart (she says bravely, while not feeling so brave about this transit at all!). Luckily natal Pluto is quintile Mars/MC and BQ the AC.

  2. Wonderful information and great chart, Marina.

    Natally I have Mars Rx in Cancer in 3rd House conj Sirius. It’s OOBs at 25o46′ declination. This year’s Rx period will sextile my natal Mars. Mars crossed my 8o/9o Pluto/NN conj once, will Rx across it, then go direct across it.

    My Pluto/Nodal Axis is square Mercury conj Antares. Gonna erect a chart for Feb 22 right now and get to work on it.

    Marina, this may be the year when this exorcist finally gets to cast out the family line demons and undo them entirely, never to trouble any soul again.

    Think? 🙂

  3. Thank for this fantastic article.

    I can really relate to what you say, especially the December events and likening it toa journey over choppy water.

    Hoping to go back to an old job in March/April. I usually find having another go/revisiting things in general turns out well in retrogrades.

    Thank you!

  4. Amazing,as my partner Moira and i have been having great fun with the study of Fixed Stars & Asteroids relative to our very strident Grand Crosses.Mine is cardinal in cardinal signs on the angles.Sun in Cap4 54 4th(IC Cap1 24)-Moon Ari 1 50-Mars Lib 0 18/ASC 1 04/Juno 1 50-Uranus 2 54-N Mercury Cap 23 14.These Mars/Mercury transits are bringing great energy to the plans we are making to shrink the 3,000miles that separate us,not to mention the continuing healing of the residue of the crosses.Mother’s name Lily(Sat 4 Cap),a troubled but healed relationship.Father issues(Sedna) of desertion before birth/chronic abuse by 2 step-fathers were dealt with long ago for me along with many childhood trauma’s(Ceres 22 42)(Zero 21 16)Moira & I have been deeply engaged with Lilith issues and though my N Mean Lilith at 28 13 Aries/osc 27 37 Aries 8th does not aspect the cross,i am of the understanding if they are close, much more intense.Peacock is also conjunct M Lilith now and i like that.In reference to Alkes,i live with a small river literally under my back deck.

    I enjoy your posts tremendously. Michael

  5. Hi, Marina. I had not realized that we were already in the shadow period of this mars retro. I have three planets all conjunct each other right on my second house cusp. Mars at 14 d, Uranus at 14 d and Pluto at 16 d.

    Good opportunity to learn how these energies work more deeply in my chart and in my personality.

    Thanks for the awesome post and the great information.

  6. Thank you for this illuminating information, Marina. I am always so impressed with the depth of the information you share and your ability to put the various pieces together to create such a complete picture. I’m struggling w the big picture of Mars Rx in my life so this was helpful…

  7. Thank you for this wonderful take on Mars Rx. My AC is 4 Virgo and my Pluto is 27 Virgo, so I’ve been very interested in this Rx period. I’ve already had a positive and transformative year over the last twelve months in relationships with Pluto transiting my 5th house. I think my personality is somewhat Arian despite my Earth AC and Aquarius Sun because I have Mars at 3 Aries in the 8th house (ruled by Mars as well). So, I enjoy reading about Mars, thank you. Love your site.

    1. Thanks dragonfly and everyone else for the lovely compliments. I havent been as active on comments as I would like because I’m in Australia with Jamie and the family right now. but I’m very inspired to write, so when I find the time thats all I want to do.
      Have you looked at your fixed stars. If you feel really Marsy (As I do despite my utterly Air/Aquarian chart), you may well have Sun on Altair (2 degs Aqua) or have many Mars/Jupiter stars strong in your chart. Is Mars in tight aspect to your angles or personal planets?

    2. Marina, hope you are enjoying your trip. 🙂 Yep, I’m mostly Air. I have a Libra Moon, Aquarius Sun is at 8 degrees, conjunt Pallas at 7 and Venus at 9 degrees Aqua. The 6th house cusp at 5 Aqua is closest to Altair, but yes, Mars is in tight aspect to the MC (2 Gem) and the IC (2 Sag conjunct Neptune). Mars is also conjunct Chiron. I’ve looked at my fixed stars some – still learning a lot there. Oh, back to Mars – my daughter has an Aries Sun, which is exactly conjunct my son’s Venus in Aries. He adores her.

  8. Guys – I always enjoy your take on significant transits. I have been very concerned about this Mars retro as I am a radical Virgo (9-20-64) with a very solid 12th house Mars. (A difficult position for Mars to begin with!) I have already been feeling the extreme tension of this Mars energy for some time – but with the onset of this retro cycle, it has been VERY difficult to find an outlet for all of it. I’m sure I will have to be very careful during this period as to not appear like a rabid dog to my loved ones! Not sure where all this is going to end up by the end of July but I am certain that there will be plenty passive aggressive energy that I will HAVE to learn how to work with and release for sure! Hmmmmm may be time for a new hobby of sorts – perhaps boxing????!! LOL.

    Love and Peace,

  9. I’m having serious problems posting.This is a test.Would the strike on SOPA affect this?

  10. Michael,

    I just tried to post the letter you’d sent to me, which hasn’t posted here. My own post doesn’t seem to have made it either, so I’m trying this one. Google is the host-server for the Darkstar website, so there may be quinky glitches with Google today. The Moon is just at 0 Sagg as I write, making a quincunx to Jupiter, a trine to Uranus and a square to Chiron. Today does have a somewhat Mercury RX feeling overall. Moira

  11. I am enjoying the T MARS trine N MERCURY at 23 14 CAP 4th as it communicates to N SATURN 19 25 VIR 12th & N MARS 0 18 LIBRA 12th con ASC 1 4 LIBRA 1st,by trine.My partner and I are indeed organizing thoughts & restructuring our lives to ready for what now feels like an Odyssey.Unlike Odysseus,i want my partner with me.She is a critical part
    of the “mission” i feel.I am so grateful to have found my partner,now “WE” are even stronger,in-spite of our distance.This Mars Rx,and it’s return,i see as testing/evolving and channeling the N Mars throughout my G Cross

    Marina,what are your thoughts on Venus at 9 18 Taurus in the March 12th G Trine?The American Ephemeris has them all in the 9th degree on March 14th.

  12. With Mars squaring the Moons nodes through this time the ‘right brain’ impulse emphasised here aids and abets connecting with extra impetus on collective path for realising global soul unity and clearing timelines of mental debris, habitual thought patterns that hold us back and dead matter thinking – ‘karmic rebalancing’ rings true – with the arch-angelic influence might we also hear outward expressions grow that we’re getting sick to our souls of warring in this world and finally be shedding the yolk of patriarchal supression on this earth….

    personally, Mars is trawling 9/10th hse and pinging MC so, amongst other things, looking fwd to amping up and germinating meaningful new career paths in readiness for second half of the year

    thanks Marina

  13. Karmic rebalancing – yes please! So can we also be freed from not only the patriarchal oppression but the diametric opposite of the puer eternus anarchy! I’m fed up of being in the cross fire.

    I’m loving this Mars in Virgo – its in my first house mostly and I have become a human tornado! Not only am i tearing through my written work but the house is looking good too! Am taking no prisoners!

    1. uberqueen, this retrograde is all over my first house too but I’m not having your success! It’s been a rebalancing for me though – I am forced to recognize how my work has hurt my health and repair things. I do feel that the Mars energy in my first house prompts aggressive impulses whenever I feel (rightly or wrongly) my freedom or individuality is being challenged. Yoga helps me avoid unnecessary battles. The puer eternus anarchy – very cleverly put. 😉

    2. UQ-they’ve wore me out trying to communicate to them how the pattern has to change.No more bloody revolutions.Fight or flight wont work anymore.All revolutions have directives/inspiration from the shadows though the motives/ideas may be just,but the change needed demands a new way of thinking and feeling.Right brain/left brain needs the added dimension of an evolved HEART and empowered intent,WILL.

      I too am empowered by this Odyssey of Mars as my placements in an earlier post indicate.My PERCEPTION could have been very different if there had not been an awareness of balancing the outer male with the qualities of the feminine inside.The Odyssey for me will extend to the Mars con Mars/Asc 12th-0&1Libra,where it will transfer what has been learned/gained to the 1st and to the angles and G Cross.

  14. so Mars retrograde sounds like a fine opportunity to act on ones heartfelt passions rather than fighting the outside world. good Ive had enough of that and like LizaJane i am very hopeful for karma to balance the unfairness of november 2011 for me and all others who have been in tough times 🙂

    1. Debbie…Keep me posted….whatever the result may be…I love the changes starting with others……this Leo/Virgo cusp…will have a good matter what!

  15. I’ve synchronistically stumbled on a great article about the Mars-Virgo to Neptune-Pisces opposition (our current Venus & Chiron transits, with Neptune on the brink)in The Mountain Astrologer. This was in effect for some time in the 60’s, but the last time the complete Mars transit/opp was in Virgo was in the 30’s. Therefore, my parents who are now in their mid-70’s are experiencing a poignant Mars return to their natals. Starving and surviving (Virgo) through WWII Europe now becomes their mission to thrive (Neptune) through their own old age ? Each of them are confronting their first serious medical conditions, and managing their recuperations in light of the “big picture” (Neptune) that they’d like to continue to dream big despite the trials of daily self-diagnosis.

    On a more personal level, Michael and I share a vastly stelliumed 6th house Davison. Ironically, neither one of us has a 6th house planet in our natals, but he has Saturn 12th and I have Neptune 12th. The only way we’re understanding the directive power of the Davison 6th is through that 12th house portal. Organizing the dream is the action in play, and will be for some time.

    Namaste, Moira

    1. Thanks for that link Moira, I have several logically trapped pisces and uber critical virgos tieing themselve in knots just now and that article just made so much sense! kind regards Debbie

  16. Hi Marina and Jamie. I find it interesting the decan astrology by the month that whilst I (just) fit into decan 2 19.44 leo. The transits you speak of hit at the exact date of transit 3. Does this mean I am a decan 3 even though I am just in the decan two and does it mean that the effects as such transit at different times for everyone during the decan phases? If the mercury sun opposition hits me on the 8th for example, do I get it right through till the completion of this transit or just for a couple of days? Mmm. Where can I find out how long the transits effect me?

    ALSO. I’m a littl;e worried after reading your post on gaddafi and fixed star menkalin as I have this fixed star next on my MC sextile lilith along with betelguese sex lil, which sits almost at the exact degree in both true and eliptical reading and both stars trine jupiter in eliptical reading (don’t know which one to read true or eliptical) Any thoughts on this. I would think the trine with jupiter would emphasise menkalin and betelguese and the sextile to lilith – sex death??

    1. I do apologize for this being in the wrong discussion. I thought I was in the FEB horoscopes section 🙂

  17. A little OOT, but Retrograde means its becoming weakened? Vedic Astrology says Mars controls the left brain hemisphere and venus the right brain hemisphere. Any congruity there?

  18. Hmm… left brain/right brain… I’m assuming you’re a female . So you have a 10 percent larger corpus callosum – the connective bridge between the two, than a male. I think Mars retro probably works better for women because we’re more tuned into energy ebbs and flows in our bodies. If the left brain is Mars and the right is Venus, depending on how your Mars is situated is going to be important. If you had Mars in Cancer say, perhaps you’d be retreating into your shell to plan your actions first or not to act at all. In a woman it could just be careful planning. In a man with Mars in cancer it could be being at the mercy of a woman due to lack of male assertion! And so on…If it is in Aries, under a retrograde in Venus it would be quite hard to get going because of the inconjunct – so it might be a question of actually becoming more aggressive because of frustration. I think its imposcible to give one blanket analysis.

    Its working really well for me at the moment because I’m a Virgo asc and its in my first house. I have all the Martian energy and strategy afforded in my left brain from its natal position but also the stamina to go over things which need working on again – plus knowing when to stop, down tools and stare at the ceiling before going into action again.

    My natal Mars in in Leo conj Sun and PLuto so its pretty charged up and in the 12th its relentless. I never give up. The retrograde is not necessarily weakened, it just times things differently. If you look at cats, they are very active in bursts and inert otherwise. That’s very Mars retro.

  19. I really enjoy your deapth of knowledge on this subject. I hope your version is “Truth and trust worthy”. I am in the midst of a battle for my self expression that started back in November and has esculated right up to January 23, 2012.

    This shall be an interesting journey, and I will let you know the outcome; as I am using your version for guidance.

  20. Mars retrograde touching the fixed stars of
    Alkes & Sedna has seen direct expression for me re ancestral inheritance via the father. My father has just told me that he is giving my siblings and I some of the money he has reently inherited from a distant relative. This marks the culmination of a family ‘myth’ about my father’s family being done out of a rightful inheritance by a weak father & a wicked stepmother. The money was left to him by the relative expressly to redress this wrong. I am very struck by the timing of this.

    1. A very strong solar flare is heading this way and Mars is also in its path! So our little red retro friend is going to get a little – or big! – kick up his little red bottom!!

  21. Thanks Marina, genuinely insightful, as ever. Like Sarah on Jan 23rd, this is whipping up finances and fathers for me too – well, for my 6 year old son – whose (rather wealthy) father pays for his private education while contributing nothing to the general daily costs of raising him. On Jan 18th I formally requested that he begins to pay his half (I am sinking ever further into debt). It will be most interesting to see whether he decides to contribute or if his son is, figuratively, ‘thrown overboard’.

    1. Interestingly Mars will retrograde over my natal Mars at 16 Vir and Pluto at 14 Vir, both fourth house, while rx through his dad’s 10th with his Pluto at 20.

  22. Excellent! Two phrases come to mind with mars retrograde in virgo: ‘Seperate the wheat from the chaff.’ and ‘Beat your swords into plowshares. Also this is a particularly challenging mars retro since mars spends it’s greatest time retro in virgo and virgo is inconjunct aries by nature emphasizing the need for teachable flexibilty that retrogrades require.

  23. I have mars in the 10th house, in Virgo…how is this current mars retrograde position likely to impact me just now? Also, I have pluto and Uranus (both retrograde) in the same place too. And have the ‘gift’ of a mutable grand cross…phew! Life has been oddly intense, especially this week…really having to deal with issues of power and control and stepping into my own assertive power. Is this a life changing aspect or just part of life’s ongoing opportunity for growth?

  24. Wow, Marina, I have to say thank you again because of a recent turn of events and only your site provides the layers of meaning from Alkes and Sedna to my situation. My father has heart disease and a history of heart attack, so when I felt some strange symptoms on January 22 that seemed to add up to heart attack as opposed to anxiety, I allowed myself to be convinced by a few close people to go to the hospital. I was admitted, all the right tests were done, and all were negative for heart attack. I happen to work for my father. His response was “so there’s nothing wrong with you.” My thought, “well I wouldn’t go that far.” I have never felt my heart do what it did on Sunday. Maybe it is anxiety but if so, then I had better reduce stress. The dates of Mars’ transit through Virgo are really significant too for me regarding the sources of my stress – work and my ex husband (a bully). I am actually considering looking for another job which is a strange idea in this economy but if the inheritance or gift from my father is working in the family business, and the family business is making me so stressed I feel like I am going to die, then I guess it is time for a change.

  25. Mars retro – examine what it aspects and see what actions or restraining of actions might be creating karma. E.g if you have Mars retrograding on Pluto this might bring up reactions or actions from a very primitive base. Emotions or urges triggered then might well be creating more karma. As Marina says, it’s about karmic rebalancing and that is done through choices.

  26. A thread in the “Astroweekly” relates to a theory on the application of musical notes to the Zodiac in a thread on the A.D. Forum titled-“Birth Chart of the Universe”.Some NEW-THINKING to be sure but quite interesting in light of the MARS Rx in process.With the feeling that the state of our reality(maybe the Universe) is in for a big shift & an awareness of the Pluto/Uranus squares coming into play could open up those tuning in to a renewed vision/birth of creation initiated by this ‘ODYSSEY’OF Mars Rx,and i believe it’s return.As it enters Virgo 22(read below) on the 28th,Neptune is on the THRESHOLD of Home(29 Aqu)sext Jupiter(2Tau)Peacock(1 tau)Lilith(4Tau)with Chiron(3Pis)calming the seas ahead as they sext Lilith(4Tau).Gearing up for that G.Trine(March 12th)that Marina likes,with Merc/Sedna/Mars.
    In light of all this,in spite of my abandonment(before birth)by my father & the steps-f after,Sedna for me represents the Patriarchal abandonment of the ‘Divine Feminine’and the healing of same through these magical aspects/processes that can fill that chalice with the choices made now

    Alkes is so appropriate as the “Holy Grail” as Rhudyar alludes to 22 Virgo below.Moira and I have Pluto at 25 01 Leo 10th(see below) in our composite.A fitting home after the strident lessons of Capricorn in our G.Cross’s


    The 12 point Matrix is supposed to represent the “True Path of Discipleship’ by some sources [The writings of Dorthy Leon is one]
    And if it’s as Rudhyar stated that all paths of discipleship begin in Virgo. This is highly illuminating as the first point that one connects to from 00* 00′…ooo1” Aquar. is the point in Virgo in the 22nd degree [ at 21.4285713 degrees Virgo to be percise] when one connects these ‘Dots’ in cycles of 5ths or 7ths.This also correponds to some ancient Mesopotamian or Babylonian [or they could have been Summerian or Assyrian…I’m not sure] bas-reliefs we have seen with a man beneath an arragement of Stars above him in this configuration of seven stars to one side of him and five stars to his other side.

    Also the Sabians that are at these points are most interesting if viewed with the hypothesis they represent the “True Path of Discipleship”…as, according to Rudhyar all true paths of discipleship begin in Virgo then one reads the symbol for the 22nd degree of Virgo and proceds to the symbol for the 18th degree of Libra then the 13th degree of Scopio and so forth for a ‘Symbolically Illustrated 12 Step Path of Discipleship” …all in all, pretty far outstuff, I’ll admit…but this theory has got a lot going for it.

    Then, by this line of thought the “True Path of Discipleship” begins at Virgo 22*…the symbol for which [from Rudhyars’ book] “A ROYAL COAT OF ARMS ENRICHED WITH PRECIOUS STONES. KEYNOTE: The certification of aristocratic status, at whatever level “nobility” expressess itself in cultural eminence. …Every great Adept has come out of a line of human beings who have made their marks upon human evolution….”

    …and the “Path” ends with the 26th degree of Leo the symbol for which is {Rudhyar] “AFTER THE HEAVY STORM, A RAINBOW. KEYNOTE: Linking above and below, the Convenant with ones’ divine nature, promise of immortality…we find the man who has been able to weather the cathartic storm face-to-face with his divine Archetype; because he has been victorious, a link has been established with his divine Soul-being…[and Rudhyars’ Keyword{s} for this symbol} …REVELATION OF WORTH”


    1. …and the “Path” ends with the 26th degree of Leo the symbol for which is {Rudhyar] “AFTER THE HEAVY STORM, A RAINBOW. KEYNOTE: Linking above and below, the Convenant with ones’ divine nature, promise of immortality…we find the man who has been able to weather the cathartic storm face-to-face with his divine Archetype; because he has been victorious, a link has been established with his divine Soul-being…[and Rudhyars’ Keyword{s} for this symbol} …REVELATION OF WORTH”

      Thank you for the information Michael, really great & very helpful
      in trying to understand purpose behind the challenges often presented to us.

  27. Greetings. Member Michael contacted me Friday via another website astrology forum, introduced himself and informed me that he was utilizing a post of mine from that website.
    I thought that I’d check this Astrology site out and notice that the thread He’d contributed to is about Mars retro grade.
    In light of that I’m offering these other posts of mine that deall with retrograde planets and the Sabian Symbols.
    The first two links deal with Mars retro…the rest are obviously titled.
    Prediction by Hindsight r.e. Sabians

    History in Hindsight>Mars retro ’67 “Summer of Love”

    Pluto Retrograde 2011-12…prelude to…?

    Sabian analysis of Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune rx 2010-11

    Summer 2011, Sabian analysis of Uranus retro. currently

    Sabians: Jupiter retrograde Aug 31st>

    I hope they may be of some use or assistance to any or all of you.
    Thank you for your interest and for considering Sabian Symbology.
    Sincerely, Dave Mastry aka Devananda [Piercethevale]

  28. Greetings Dave!

    I’m Michael’s partner, and have been enjoying this synchronistic cyber-meeting lately. I’m a devotee of the Sabians as both a poet and astrologer, so slowly savoring your links. I’ve brought the Rudhyar Archives up to remind myself of the richness available through the site, where I’m re-reading his articles on the Nodes (another particular interest of mine).

    I’m personally stricken by your presentation of the Sabians for Mars RX in Virgo and the Cancer NNode during the week of 9/11/11. (2nd post in your first link, above). I chose this week far in advance of a momentous move with my children, from their father. I had been preparing for months. One can certainly imagine my “aghast” that I’d chosen this particular week based on a combination of water elements in play with a fastidious Virgo Sun. The NNode exactly squared my own in Aries. I hadn’t been studying these closely at the time, and probably would have made the same decisions to proceed with my personal agenda and plans if I’d known. It seems such a confirming “bias” from this perspective.

    It’s great to meet you and so much of your material which Michael discovered recently. It’s with great ironic timing I’ve discovered you left the Astrodienst forum at the same time I started a poetry thread there in Oct.’08. Michael and I both look forward to studying together with you and through mutual threads in the future.

    Back to the links (in a Mars RX Virgo style)!

  29. The Sabians (Rudhyar) for Jan.24th Mars & NNode follow:

    Mars 24 Virgo
    The need to keep a vibrant and pure simplicity at the core of one’s being as one meets the many tests of existence.”

    This has definitely been the theme for me with the transit through my 10th house, while I address the myriad issues involved with a recent decision to sell my own house. Many of the challenges in the details involve a “wait and see” attitude on my part now, as I trust the vision of the bigger picture.

    The 1/24 NNode @13 Saggitarius leads me to read both the 13th and 14th Sabians, particularly as the Node is retrograde.

    Keynote: “The karma of past actions as it affects opportunities presented by a new cycle.”

    (Can we talk about my Mother here … ??? Let’s not, as I’m maintaining my Martian equilibrium!)

    Keynote: “The enduring power of occult knowledge and of its quasi-divine Christians, ‘seed-men’ of a previous cycle of existence.”

    “…archetypal knowledge remains the foundation upon which men’s minds can still build solid and valid formulations, as new evolutionary developments are pending.”

    “developments are pending” is a most suitable reflection on this transit so far. Not only are mundane matters taking on their vibrational qualities from the past to their conclusions at this time, but my intellectual explorations (read: astrological immersion) are truly grappling back through time and its histories as I explore the mythos of the Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene, the asteroid Cruinthe … and share new-to-me concepts of Sacred Geometry.

    Mars RX in Virgo is a very busy place on my desk and in my mind !


    1. Moira, thank you for sharing the links. My South Node is at 12 Virgo, my Pluto is at 27 Virgo (opposing Mars at 3 Aries in the 8th house), and both Pluto and the South Node are in my first house. This Mars Rx is transformative for me – getting more information on the Nodes was exactly what I needed today. Not coincidentally, in my 38th year, I had a transformative year full of challenges, from health to work to home. Being reminded of my South Node as my place of undoing, and having it in my first house, really puts in perspective my current challenges at work and with my health and ex-husband.

      By the way, I have been on a similar exploration to yours – have you read The Magdalene Manuscript?

    2. Dragonfly,

      I really enjoy Rudhyar’s description of S.Node action as an involuntary “expulsion” of the material within, as mandatory and unconsciously driven as our simplest biological functions. The NNode experience is much more consciously processed (what is accepted or rejected) in the process of acquiring new experiences. I’m glad to hear the timing was right to read that particular link ! I’ve linked another good article on the Virgo/Pisces polarity themes in an earlier post, if you haven’t caught it.

      Can you link something about “The Magdalene Manuscript”? I don’t recall the title, but sometimes one finds an excerpt in cyber-space that’s from another source, etc.

      Thanks, Moira

    3. thanks everyone for the ongoing Mars retrograde information and links…so helpful for me during this personally intense and focused time…I am quite new to the study & influence of astrology but this blog site is really fantastic and so educational…bless you all!

    4. I just posted an analysis of this on AW forum…I use ‘True Node’ btw
      [here’s a complete repost of what I’ve written]
      A planet in retrograde does a one, two, three…do si do…little dance that is of important observational notice.
      1. The degree and minute of the Zodiac it begins its retro. motion from.
      2. The degree of the Zodiac it begins its ‘Final Return’ from.
      3. When it returns to the exact degree and minute of the Zodiac that it started its retro movement from.
      At each of these points its important to note the degree of the Zodiac the North Node is in at the time.

      A planet at step number one is trying to release a principal/spiritual law of the Cosmos which is symbolically represented by the degree of the Zodiac it starts its retrograde motion from. This is the point I refer to as the “Stimulus”….what that particular planet is trying to get moving/influence [Stimulate…etc.] The symbol for the Noth Node at that time is “WHY” as it applies to society as a whole.

      At step number two the planet is picking up[I] ‘Ignition’ [/I]energy for this ’cause’ it is trying to achieve. The ‘Ignition’ is represented by the symbol for that degree of the Zodiac. The symbol of the degree of the Zodiac for the North Node at that point is, again, as to ‘Why’.

      At step number three we have the ‘Release” and the degree symbology of the North Node again pertains to “Why”.

      This month on Jan 23rd @ [my local time] 4:54 pm Mars went retro @ 23* Virgo 05’ 34″

      The Sabian Symbol for the 24th degree of Virgo represents an impasse of the principle of ‘”Action”…that is Mars.
      [From Dane Rudhyar’s Book:]


      KEYNOTE: The need to keep a vibrant and pure simplicity at the core of one’s being as one meets the many tests of existence.

      [this Sabian Symbol] tells us that, though great, spectacular and resolute efforts are needed in order to achieve one’s higher goals of destiny, still the essential quality as one journeys on “the Path” is a pure, spontaneous, fresh and nonviolent approach to all encounters. This of course is Jesus’ entreaty to his disciples — that they should be like ‘little children.’…
      …the individual whose innocence is fixed upon spiritual realization should genuinely radiate [Rudhyar’s Keyword] INNOCENCE.”

      I’ve talked about this degree symbol before and how it differs from the other degree symbol that incorporates a lamb in that ‘Mary’s” lamb was always the one sure to follow. That is ‘Spiritual Agencies’ believing in us ..’Humanity’. The complete turnaround of us following them and imploring for their assistance…they are entreating us.

      The ‘WHY’ of this to human society as a whole is represented by the symbol for the North Node at the time …which was at 13* Sag. 11′
      the 14th degree of Sagittarius [ibid. …and interestingly it was Dane Rudhyar”s Asc]

      KEYNOTE: The enduring power of occult knowledge and of its quasi-divine Custodians, “Seed-men” of a previous cycle of existence.

      . ….implies that such an archetypal knowledge remains the foundation upon which men’s minds can still build solid and valid formulations, as new evolutionary developments are pending. This …symbol suggests that this occult knowledge and the traditional process of acquiring it is still available, and that by accepting their principles modern man can best meet the challenge of our present world crisis. …. THE POWER OF SPIRITUAL ANCESTRY.

    5. [and in completion]

      “So when Mars goes direct it will be [local time] April 13th, 2012

      Mars will be @ 03* Virgo 31’…interestingly this is the degree I get for my proposed birth chart of Yehua/Jesus…the symbol of ‘Brotherhood’ and White and a Black child playing together.
      The Cosmos is saying that for Mars/Action to continue on it got stuck at ‘Innocence”…[and , GEE? I can’t imagine WHY..can YOU?]

      and what this means is we have to back track and stimulate more ‘Brotherhood’ into action…the kind of brotherhood that crosses all perceived boundaries.

      The North Node at that time spells it out specifically for Humankind @ 05* 57′
      …and it will be a 05* Sag. 02 at the Final return [6//19/2012 @ local time 12:57 pm] so this is a very important symbol to understand why the additional ‘Brotherhood’ understanding/energy and to satisfy that ‘Innocence’ that Mars must meet a certain criteria of

      KEYNOTE: The development of skill in group-situations testing collective goals.

      Any society is built on the interplay between groups of people, each group united by an at least temporary aim. The individual person within the group is assigned a particular role in the play; and definite rules have to be obeyed. The game teaches not only personal skill, but fairness and cooperation. Where this symbol is found, the value of making individual-will or ego-will subservient to collective cultural patterns is emphasized….

      This…symbol …. refers to the importance of developing [Rudhyar’s Keyword] GROUP SOLIDARITY.”
      [local times given are for Folsom, Calif. ..I utilized astrodienst for the charts]

    6. Hi, Moira. Here are some links:

      The Magdalen Manuscript

      Above is a link to a brief description of the book with some reviews. It is essentially three books – the words of Mary Magdalene channeled through Tom Kenyon to his co-author, Judy Sion; a discussion of alchemy by Kenyon that is dense and comprehensive; and an autobiographical piece by Sion that illustrates some of the points made by both Magdalene and Kenyon. Even if people don’t accept channeling or don’t accept the channeling was of Magdalene, the book is fascinating and even includes meditation exercises.

      Above link is to the website of one of the authors and a companion cd to the book.

      Tom Kenyon’s site is interesting in and of itself. In “articles,” there is an excerpt from the book that you might like. The most exciting part of the book, for me, was the part that is presented as the words of Mary Magdalene channeled through Kenyon to his co-author, Judy Sion. Sion’s autobiographical piece is an important part of the book as well – her story is sadly all too common in the world but her bravery and strength led her to a happy ending when she could have ended up very unhappy.

      The information in The Magdalene Manuscript on relationships and meditation is very rich and so worth reading. If you check it out, let me know what you think about it.

    7. Dragonfly, thanks for these links. We’re straying off-topic, though re-visiting concepts of Magdalene during a Mars rx in Virgo doesn’t seem totally off the mark to me ! I don’t know if there’s a method of messaging each other via this site. If not, I can be PM’d at either the Astrodienst forum (Moirae), or the AstroWeekly forum (Moira). I look forward to the reading, and discussing Magdalene more with you!


  30. a member at the other forum left this observation..

    “Wow. Is it significant that Mars went retro almost to the degree squaring the June 15 2011 Lunar eclipse (Sun at 24*Gem 24″ opp. Moon 24*Sag24″) and will turn direct almost exactly at the degree of the August 27 1969 lunar eclipse (Sun 3*Vir 58″ opp. Moon 3* Pis 58″)?”

    …I commented overall

    Good looking out…thanks for the ‘Heads Up’ observences…I’ll give them some study later this eve.

    I’m curious…though, as to Mars getting ‘Stuck’…at ‘INNOCENCE’ it because WE no longer have THAT [kind of…specific?…overall?…or?] innocence…or does it mean we have to re-kindle a kind of innocence that unabashed brotherhood is?


    1. Hi Dave!

      I don’t really perceive it as “getting stuck”, so much as realizing that our most honest and “innocent” responses are required to address the topics Mars RX will be introducing during its transit. There are myriad tableaus to address and respond to during this transit (in my own experience so far) and their resolution relies on my care to be as honest in relationship with others as I possibly can be. I have much “business” on my desk, but simple “business” dialogues are not enough to move them to any resolution. The best compromises amongst parties seem to involve the pure innocence of one’s attempts. This is also creating pauses/lapses in the usual business mode of response, but that’s to be expected for a retrograde with one of our action planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars).

      I’ve yet to think through all you’ve contributed in your following post. Feel free to contact either Michael or I via PM’s in the Astrodienst or Astroweekly forums, as I noted to Dragonfly in my prior post. This seems the best way to follow-up with each other for now !

      Graciously, Moira

    2. I realize that I use a great deal of visual imagery when I cogitate or ruminate over something or the other and I have the habit of expressing my self in the same idiom.
      Of course the retrograde movement is just illusory and there is nothing within the realms of actual physics and mechanics is there anything to obstruct Mars in its’ orbit.
      Mars has no will of its’ own…at least it has not yet shown any evidence of having any.
      In all things it also has to be realized that at most the whole affair is just a localized perspective on a process of nature.
      Yet in all things of the Astrological it must be seen and understood as something ordainly procured and demonstrably symbolical. But how do we define this point of a planets orbit?
      A hesitancy? An Impasse…?…as that is one term I was very fond of, for awhile.
      The ‘Final Return’ is a release of something best described as ‘etherealical’…yet decidedly so as to a principle in effect.
      As the degree symbolism can be read in both directions and the counter numeric [clockwise looking down from the North Pole of the Sun] is that of an ‘Evolutionary’ [spiritual] procession it is a symbolical ‘Visit of Stations’ in its’ retrograde proceedings…then brough t back through those very same stations into the mundane world to be applied. The Nodes spelling it out as to the ‘”WHY” …”What’s it All mean”? heard all around the globe that day.
      So, yes….’Stuck’ is a term I wouldn’t agree with either…as to these TIMES that they look like they’re about to culminate into sooner or later [IMHO…unlike anything we’ve seen since the 60s’]…cause I think we’re all going to have to take one of the biggest steps forward in the history of mankind to date…else if any might survive to the 22nd Century.
      …Come on people now, smile on your Brother….

  31. Hi Dave,
    I have been milling over the transits & aspects of Mars Rx 23rd Jan as it conjuncted my N Chiron at 15 Sag where the NN transited that day & as it sextiled N Venus Aqua/N Neptune Libra/Asteroid ATEN-12Aqua
    Trine N Pluto 11th as T Mars Rx trined N Mercury 23 Aqua.

    The Sabian was so kool “The Pyramid & Sphinx”, in light of the placement of Asteroid ATEN.Along with other factors too numerous to detail,i have deep rooted interests with The Amarna period of Egyptian history & the reign of AKEN-ATEN.Asteroid SPHINX is at 27 Aqua.

    On the Progressed Composite chart for Moira & I the Jan 23rd NN was on our N Vesta(Vesta relates to Virgo/Scorpio)14Sag 25 1st
    Personal integration
    renewal of virginity & separation
    meaningful work
    dedication to a cause
    devotion to a spiritual path
    sacrifice to reach goals
    elimination of unessential
    personal commitment
    focus on a goal
    secret orders & societies
    sexual fears
    denial & separation from
    personal relationships

    Throughout this Mars Rx & return the Transits to our P Composite are astounding with the added Asteroids.The fixed stars i’m not so up on..yet.Yet still so much contributing to our delineation of “The Mission”

    The call to brotherhood may be contained in that “seed men of a previous cycle of existence” you mentioned for the Jan 23rd Sabian
    implying man can still build upon an Archetypal foundation as new EVOLUTIONARY developments are pending.

  32. Hi Moira and Michael. I felt a little odd intruding upon your thread here but I did want to demonstrate the process I use to interpret these retrograde motions of the planets. If you read the thread I posted a link to called “History in Hindsight” I wrote:
    “Mars returned to 23* Aries 43′ on the 29th of Dec., 1941 and the North Node at that time was in the 17th degree of Virgo.
    But, Mars, on it’s way to the “Final Return” entered the 22nd degree of Aries on the 23rd of Dec. The Sabian smbol for which is “A PUGALIST ENTERS THE RING.”…gee, a symbol of a trained fighter entering the ring/fray and this happens just after the attack on the USA at Pearl Harbor…
    The North Node that day? The 17th of Virgo…Sabian Symbol “A VOLCANIC ERUPTION” keyword: “EXPLOSION”!!!…Sabians!!” it seems that the degrees of the Zodiac that a planet passes through on its’ final return are also of importance to note. That symbol of a “Pugalist entering the Ring” is unmistakable in my opinion.
    Be it known that I am completely self taught. My brother Daniel did introduce me to ‘Real Astrology’ in the summer of 1984 when I was 31 years old. It was because of my own Part of Catastrophe at the 17 of Capricorn that was the cause. [The Part of Catastrophe {Asc. + Uranus – Sun} is essential in that it must be fulfilled symbolically. What came up for the chart I believe is that of Jesus/Yeshua is the 28th of Virgo and as Rudhyar defined that degree symbol; “: A BALDHEADED MAN WHO HAS SEIZED POWER.

    KEYNOTE: The sheer power of personality in times that call for decision.

    Whether at the religious or at the socio-political and cultural level there comes a time when obsolescent patterns of order and cultural refinement have to be radically and relentlessly challenged. Catabolic personages emerge to seize power and dictate decisions that alter the structures of society; or within an individual life, an intense urge for cathartic changes mobilizes the will, and traumatic decisions are made. At such times, the issue has to be met and, ruthless as the power may appear, it must be accepted.

    At this third stage of the thirty-sixth sequence we face the un-postponable necessity for decision and transformation. Existence is motion. No static formation, however beautiful and inspiring, can remain long unchallenged. Everything bows to THE POWER OF THE WILL — divine, executively human, or Satanic.”
    …note the passage about challenging religious and political power structures.
    President Obamaa’s Part of Catastrophe is the 1st degree of Pisces [using His officially released Hawaiian birth cert.] [ibid.]” IN A CROWDED MARKETPLACE FARMERS AND MIDDLEMEN DISPLAY A GREAT VARIETY OF PRODUCTS.

    KEYNOTE: The process of commingling and interchange which at all levels demonstrates the health of a community. [Rudhyar’s keyword] COMMERCE.”
    George DUBYA Bush’s Part of Catastrophe is the 13th of Cancer is about not being somebody elses’ ‘puppet’ but asserting ones own will.
    I think you can see by these examples alone that the Arabic Parts are defined to each individual by the Sabian Symbology found on that Part. The 17th of Capricorn is about giving up inhibition. Let me just say that trying to make a home where people come to ‘party’ [Lake Tahoe] isn’t always such a good idea esp. if one is not well centered or hasn’t defined them self or their life goals.
    But, had it not been for that ‘catastrophe’ at that time I would’ve never driven all the way to L.A. from Tahoe in a ’67 Ford Falcon that used a quart of transmission fluid every 150 miles and arrived just as he had finished two years of unemployment during which time he had devoured every book he could get his hands upon on astrology.
    My path had always been that of Edgar Cayce, Ram Das, Parmahansa Yagananda, Alan Watts…my brother more Carlos Castaneda, Jung, and also Edgar Cayce [our parents were avid readers of everything Cayce].
    As Cayce had admonished against using Astrology and my parents concurred I was very reticent and skeptical of his ‘new found path’ [or belief..or whatever…] He handed me Sakoian and Ackers Astrologers Handbook, Rudhyars ‘Astrology of Personality’, Danes book on the Sabians and a 20th century ephemeris and told me to study those as they would be all i would need. …He was right.
    I had heard of Rudhyar before but only because in 1978 I had run into my college roommate from my sophomore year that had turned me onto ‘Be Here Now’ in 1972 and gave him high praise for turning me onto a book that radically changed my life for the better and he told me that he found Dane Rudhyar to be far more enlightening especially via an odd little book Dane published called ‘A Seed’ [of which I did get a copy…long since disappeared and impossible to find nowadays].
    So, that is the basis of my Astrological education…that and utilizing it to understand the women I dated in the years to follow which grew into doing comparability readings for couples. the rest of the story you can get from all the threads I have in various forums around the internet under the name David Mastrogiovanni, or Mastry as is my legal name and the name I published my one book under ‘A Template for the Time. The Astrological Birth Chart of Jesus.” TGS Publishing, Frankston, Texas…or under my net-name piercethevale…[an homage to Parsival or Parsifal…how ever you prefer.]
    Thus, all that being said and understood I can state [and assume you’ll all understand me when I say] I use what works based on nearly 28 years of trial and observation. I hold no allegiance to any ‘school’ or type of astrology other than what works …what has proven itself.
    As I see you are into some study concerning Mary Magdelena I figure you for researchers into the Priory of Zion..Templar legend material.
    Cool…I’m all about ‘Glastonbury’ myself. The Priory at Glastonbury is what I believe to be ‘The Real Deal’.
    If there is a way to send a private message here let me know as I would like to discuss some things privately…if you are serious sleuths as to the what occurred after the Crucifixion I have some info/observations/evidence for which you will want to know of…as to any veracity to any of it…that’s up to you to decide…I try not to ram anything down anyones throat concerning spiritual matters.
    I have been a practitioner of yoga since the summer of 1968 and became a chela of the Sadhan Order of Yoga of India under Sri Prabhu Ram Lal in 2008 through the gracious intercession on my behalf by a member of astrodiensts’ forum that petitioned the Order on my behalf for acceptance. [Although I am a particularly rare yogi that needs no Guru or Archetype only the actual Logos as my guide…as explained by Swami Sivananda in his book on Japa Yoga…I tell you this so as to assure you I have no ‘interests or motives’ as to push, promote etc. any religion or belief system.]
    Here’s a link to my book…you can read the foreword in which I state this…[it says I believe Jesus to be ‘the greatest avatar to ever have been on Earth..more correctly it should say as great if not the greatest…] and here’s a link to an archived internet radio interview I did a few years ago..not my best interview…but the only internet radio interview and which can still be listened too…note, that the interviewer, Dr. Reggie, and I had no prior discussion as to what I was going to be talking about and He didn’t realize that one hour was just barely enough time to cover the basics and I do have to fend him off a couple few times during the show so as to stay on topic…and it gets a bit tedious to listen to at times…but it covers all the basic material…although a great many new revelations have come up since such as reading the symbols in reverse order from Virgo 30* and that the ‘Esoteric School’ of Astrology [associated with Theosophy] was obviously correct in that it should be read in reverse ..only it is from Virgo 30* and not Aries 1* as they have believed….thus the I.C. being interpreted as the HOW of the natal chart becomes the WHY and the M.C. becomes the HOW [which you’ll find does make far more sense..after all the 10th house cusp does represent ones ‘profession’…and that is ‘HOW’ it not…?
    My book {and, I’m not about the $$$…haven’t seen a dime from it year except for the one personal copy I sold to a woman two years ago…I’m selling truth not books…and truth I sell for free…be sure to click the cover for details to read the foreword and an excerpt]

    ..and the internet radio interview:

    ..and please send me a way to have some ‘private correspondence’ as you’ll want to know a few things if you continue to delve into any more of these techniques I’ve been promoting or the few that I seem to be the only source of [those techniques I believe to be ancient but there is no record of ..thus, people claim I have ‘invented’…{they said the same thing about Rudhyar…and we all know this is a most ancient science and I believe as Rudhyar himself stated that one day it will not only be recognized as a science but the “Mother of All Science”.

    OM Tat Sat OM [Sanskrit, meaning: May Gods Truth Be Made Manifest {Revealed}]
    Eternal Love and Light, Dave Mastry, Devananda.

  33. ps, I utilize the talents of a wonderful clairvoyant by the name of Clarisse Conner, at times for additional help in understanding some matters..and she has never failed me…she can see the past and the present without flaw [I never use a ‘seer’ for the future..besides, that’s the one thing the Bible does prohibit…not using one to see the future..the present and the past is another matter and is not prohibited by the Bible… We can go over all this some other time. You’ll notice Clarisse wrote the intro to my book at my request. [she predicted I would write and about my ‘great discovery’ …long before I had a clue as to anything involving any of this] ..but I digress..I wish to note that I asked about the asteroids having actually been a planet at one time and whether they still rule Sagittarius and Pisces and she agreed…that the planet that was between Mars and jupiter was real and is the proper ruler of those two signs..I asked her ‘How do we account for it’s influence’..she said, “I see wormholes opening and and there..”… [as my brother told me years ago he had read in some very occult and ancient tome that “Lucifer shattered this planet as to confuse Mankinds’ psyche”…and I believe it may in fact be written in the book ‘Hamlet’s Mill’…but if not, then definitely something very occult and esoteric as only my brother could come across and get access to something as such…{He has an I.Q. over 140 ..would’ve been Valdectorian of his H.S. class but for a ‘B’ in P.E. his senior year {politics}did a fall semester at Glendale Jr. College in 1973..went back to college in 2001 and as of 2008 had earned a B.S. in Organic Chemistry, B.S. in Biology, B.S in Computer Science, a B.A. in English Literature and a Masters in Teaching …all from Western New Mexico State University. ..he is presently earning 2 or 3 more degrees.]
    So, as far as using asteroids…I’m keeping my eye on Chiron, Juno, Veata, Pallas and Ceres and have seen evidence that they do seem to be of influence and that influences attributed to them…but not 100% of the time..and as far as ub313 or Eris goes..her advice is ‘To Forget it’ it doesn’t have astrological influence of any never has and it never will…as it doesn’t even belong in our solar system…I can discuss some more about that by pm…if you are at all curious.
    I hope to hear from you two, Moira and Michael…and am looking forward to it actually.

    1. “and as far as ub313 or Eris goes..her advice is ‘To Forget it’ it doesn’t have astrological influence of any never has and it never will…as it doesn’t even belong in our solar system…”

      Disagree strongly. The fixed stars are not in our Solar system either, but we still use them!

  34. Hi again, Dave —

    You’ve introduced a lot of material here! Perhaps that’s a function of reviewing our personal mythos’ during this particular Mars RX cycle ? Questions of relevancy, purpose, right action come into meditation. Jamie & Marina had noted in the essay that a Mars RX transit seems like a voyage through one’s 12th house.

    It’s difficult to respond to merely one of the ideas in your post, so I’ve chosen the one I’m most compelled to examine at the moment:

    [quote]and as far as ub313 or Eris goes..her advice is ‘To Forget it’ it doesn’t have astrological influence of any never has and it never will…as it doesn’t even belong in our solar system [/quote]

    To this I’ll share that a year ago I could’ve given a whit about the stars and ‘stroids, and many other seemingly trivial concerns regarding chart analysis. My own perspective has shifted through observation of some of these theories in play. Jamie’s Uranian or cosmobioligist approach to chart analysis via the focus on planetary/point aspects was one particular illumination. Marina’s research into the potential mythos of the asteroids/TNO’s/TPO’s was yet another. Eris is one she’s delineated in this site.

    It’s my instinct that astrology is on a new “modernizing” brink via the marriage of quickening-new astronomical discoveries with a certain new perspective on the oldest foundations of astrological theory. These are combining into new merger-theories, represented by the interests of each astrologer. Rather breathless and exciting times ! These are certainly times to keep one’s mind wide-open (innocent?) to the potential impact of the “lesser” entities in the development of modern astrology, while coincidentally investigating the “Pyramid and Sphynx” of historical astrological foundations.

    A thought in context of the Sabians for the start of this MarsRX transit.


  35. this mars retro has been stressful for me so far. man, it’s like I’m receiving calls from every a’hole requiring assistance in my temp help desk job! LOL!

    mars retro has been lingering over my natal pluto in the 7th house and I’ve been fielding calls from every whiny person requiring technical help but then refuses to listen to every solution I give out in order to fix their computer problem. talk about mars and pluto conjunction! hehehehe.

    just taking my time and buckling down…trying to remind myself that all of it will soon pass! hopefully sooner.

  36. Mars through Virgo’s being particularly brutal to me right now, and with it retrograde, it’s getting its “second wind.”

    Essentially it’s retrograding and getting ready to hit my natal Midheaven again, which is NOT helping things careerwise right now. Basically, Human Resources thinks I’m playing hooky with all the sick days I’ve had to take, when really I really have been catching just about every cold and stomach illness that hits, not long enough to justify paying for a doctor’s visit, but enough to put me in a deficit (and the fact the water heater went out and started leaking all over the place in my house a day after I returned from being sick and me having to take off to help my dad replace that did not help). I have a strong feeling I’ll require other lines of income very soon here, which if that happens will leave me with no recent positive references for future jobs. Eh, I’ve had a vibe I should do my own stuff for awhile. HOWEVER, transiting Neptune is exactly opposite my sun right now. And more ugly is, transit Neptune will start becoming more opposite my natal Saturn (which is about 3 degrees or so from my sun)… around the same time Mars stations and starts going direct. Right on my natal Saturn I might add, which is also square my natal Ascendant. Right around the time I should have my 2nd annual review for my job, assuming I haven’t moved on by then. Awesome.

    The manifestations are getting quite ugly. Now, I’ve also heard 10th house relates to the father figure in some way (I think), and I came home tonight as well to find dad still up, researching his medications. Most of which he has been prescribed recently… and most of which when taken together have particularly nasty (and potentially fatal or debilitating (i.e. highly increased risks of cancer) over an extended period). I feel compelled to also add transiting Chiron is opposite natal Saturn and square natal Ascendant at the moment, and when all those transits occur with the Mars stationing direct, transit Pluto will also be retrograde and on my natal Ceres (2nd house).

    Somewhere in the middle of all this is supposed to be a Mercury retrograde too, isn’t there?

    I’ll have to describe what else is happening when Mars leaves the shadow zone completely at a later time, but that’s ALSO A busy transit chart. (And I think at the same time the first of several Pluto/Uranus squares becomes exact). All I can add right now is, it looks like monumental change is inevitable on my end.

    1. JON R
      I remember well the transit of Neptune to my 4th house as it conjuncted My Sun back in the early 80’s.Only After i paddled my way through the WATER & pipe leaks could i begin to appreciate the nebulous benefits of Neptune which for me was also impacting a very adamant Grand Cross on the angles…..and i’m still here & loving it.With Mars RX i’d say it’s maybe calling to turn the sails into the wind and face any maelstrom,but i’d still check the pipes in the house.

  37. Hello,

    What’s your take on surgery during a mars rx? I’ve heard it’s bad, though I had surgery years ago when mars was rx and it turned out fine.

  38. Surgery on old issues seems to be a theme of the Mars retrograde … maybe that’s the methodology of how it works. Mars is a sign of “sugery” … just because the planet is retrograde doesn’t mean we’ve lost faculty with our tools. In my opinion, it’s a matter of the “tools” being applied to the most pertinent issues. In an RX transit, this will be tools applied to resolving old issues.

    I’ve got similar medical factors in play now, and hope to resolve them before this transit’s done. The “sources” are historic, and now seems like the best time to address/resolve them.


  39. Thanks, Moira.

    I agree that mars rx would make getting old issues taken care of surgically, but you know we’re in the minority in that view. 😉

    Can you elaborate what you mean by this: “The “sources” are historic, and now seems like the best time to address/resolve them.” Maybe I’m just a bit sleepy, but do you mean the sources requiring surgery are historic or are you referring to astrology sources?

    Good luck with your surgery!!

  40. This is fantastic article, Mars retrograde in Virgo – “The Catcher in the Rye” , and we all welcome fantastic date March 12 , retro Mars Virgo trine Pluto Capp – Jupiter, Venus , Lilith in Taurus. Really great day, for mankind. I would like to ask you something, if I could please. What is someone’s natal Sun is on 8 degree Pisces,or Lilith on 9 degree Pisces ? That would be the spot that make’s Yod with grand trine ?
    I’ve been wondering this since January, coz I saw that magical date March 12th.

  41. Hi Miro, Actually the Sun & Lilith at 9 Pisces will form an opposition to Mars-Virgo at the apex of the trine … this is the tip of a kite formation, not a Yod formation. The flowing energy of the trine will be energized to manifest via the Sun/Lilith placement. With Sun/Lilith sextile the Jupiter/Venus/Lilith point in the trine, I’d expect some great sensitivity or awareness of the feminine divine coming up to the surface (sextile Pluto) and manifested by a Virgo styled precision. If you were a painter, there might be a masterpiece in the making here ! This native is probably already involved, via the Mars retrograde energy, with the topic that will “sail like a kite” by then.

    Thanks for the reminder of this date. My own progressed Moon will also be at the tip of the kite then, with asteroids Persephone – Icarus – Karma – Eros conjuncted by transiting Mars. Sounds Good !

    ~ ~ ~

    Cassandra, you got me right the first time … the personal historical sources leading to the need for the surgery. So far this Mars-Virgo transit has me studying the textures of certain asteroids that have a mythic spiritual meaning to me. I am digging into some historical personal material and wondering in a most Virgo-precision way, “what is the pertinence” of this to me? I’ve also (today) discovered Mars will transit across natal asteroid Hekate soon. The Shaman Woman who guards the entrance to Hades. This is very significant to me as Saturn is transiting at my 12th house cusp for a long time this year, and bringing both physical and psychological life/health issues up for addressal. Saturn will be retrograding back to a point where Mars will sextile it when it directs this spring. This will occur with Mars in my 10th and Saturn in my 11th. I’m hoping to feel much better in a public-dynamic way, by then.

    1. Thanks Miora , my mistake , it’s a kite, you are right. But that Lilith on 9 Pisces is mine, also my Eros is on 10 Virgo (btw Im Taurus ), and Sun on 9 Pisces is female close to me.That was the reason I asked separately. So it will be very interesting period for everybody on the Pisces kite spot , but how it will manifested, depends of the House from where Jupiter/Venus/Lilith strikes the kite spot, right ?

    2. THanks Miro and Moira for bringing this to attention! My asc is 9 Virgo. I’m going to look at it form the Virgo perspective.

    3. I have Asc 9 Virgo too…would be interested in your thoughts. also Moon 9 Taurus opp Jupiter 11 Scorpio.

      From charts I’ve done recently this Mars retro is really hitting people with mutable oppositions/Tsquares. They seem to be experiencing life changing events usually more common with outer planet transits, but sort of speeded up and intensified

  42. Yes, I’d consider the houses. You could start now by observing how the (slightly wide) trine from Pluto to Jupiter is effecting conditions of the houses they’re transiting in each chart. Pluto would indicate the area of deep changes and Jupiter would indicate where the changes are most easily/beneficially attained. Good Fortune to you !

    1. Ok , my natal Lilith is in 7th house, and Pluto strikes from 5th and Jupiter from 9th(trining my Eros at same time ), (at the same time rx Saturn trine my Venus and conj my Uranus :)…crazy chart these days.

      That female have Sun in 5th house , Pluto strikes from 3rd and Jupter from 7th house.( at the same time rx Saturn opp her Moon and square her Venus ) , very complex for her , think so.

    2. Im digging the astrology , but this was never happend to me or to her. That’s the reason , Im asking . So please , your oppinion is very important to me. Thanks again.

    3. Dear Miro,

      You’ve got the action-adventure transits in play, or let’s say your cards are probably a better “deal” now. It’s important that you not add to her serious considerations of your relationship by playing the role of the “card dealer”. That could result in 5th house (love, romance, gambling) troubles for both of you, even though it’s a great focus between you. Let her Jupiter transiting 7th (partnerships) help guide you through your own Lilith issues. There might be issues of distrust or distance causing fear for you, which she can absolve/dissolve if you both trust the microscopic analyzation skills at play in the Mars-Virgo RX period. Trust that this perspective will continue through the transit regardless of whether you pay extra attention to its methods and aims or outcomes. Given the Saturn pressure on her Moon & Venus, you’re doing the right thing to not only give her some space, but also listen to how she feels comfortable “leading” for a couple of months. It won’t be a wild time, but it might be a great time to share smaller, important particularities together …intellectual interests seem fitting. You might also spend some time considering how relationship/partnership hits a raw nerve with you, (Lilith 7th) while you and she adjust to each other’s balance for a few months. Recall that Mars RX has a “deal with the old, before dealing the new” atmosphere. Time to relax into the smaller details, before forcing larger plans.

      I’m not a relationship expert, by any means (astrological or otherwise), Miro. I respect your questions, but hope you can sit “insight” any thoughts I’ve sent lately.


    4. This is very helpful Miora, and thanks allot for this brief information’s. This was a partnership and strong boundary with Sun/Lilith conjunction, and it’s ended not so long ago cause Saturn square Venus opp Moon in female chart. On March 12th it will be magical day for both, but as you said I’ve got better cards in hand , cause Saturn trine my Venus. The only thing I could do now , as you said, is to give some space and to see what will happened with rx Mars. From my point of view, in her chart rx Mars is transiting 11th house, that means , and old friend that will change prospective and want to be more than a friend. The Jupiter/Venus in her 7th house would be something connected with me, cause we were in partnership while Jupiter is transiting her 7th house. From my chart Rx Mars is in 1st house and it means my strong ambition that will come through some strong woman (Lilith in 7th house), and Jupiter/Venus is in 9th house, means I will go for a journey to the mountains or career chance . The only thing that will connect us on Marh 12th will be journey together, but if she wants, (Saturn square Venus ). That was the deal between us before we separated.
      This is very complex situation , and I hope my intuition will be right. You were right that fear of separation and distance is now crushing our hearts, but we need to learn how to love our fears , doubts and jealousies, not to keep them as they are, but to transform them ( Pluto from my 5th house ). I could write on and on , but this best thing is to read little details as you said. Thanks again, blessings

  43. okay, thanks for clearing that up. Saturn hitting the cusp of the 12th, huh? The cusp is so sensitive. I can see why you’re having health issues. I actually have t.Sat in the middle of my 6th, so same deal. It’s square my MC/IC for awhile, but thankfully it’s turned rx and will eventually get off that point. It also is square my sun by degree right now and will move away too. That should help me too.

    Is t. mars currently in your 11th or 10th? T. mars in 10th speaks strongly of surgery or seeing a dr. I agree you’ll likely feel better when sat rx’s back into your 11th. Sat in the 12th is a tough transit. I had it 10-11 yrs ago and wasn’t into astrology then, so I was wholly unprepared. Since you know astrology you can use that to help it be easier by knowing what to expect and maybe heading off some things.

    1. Thanks for your helpful thoughts, Cassandra. Yeah, Mars is transiting in the 10th. I never knew this indicated medical authority. I have conference appointments scheduled with all three of my “authorities” this coming Wednesday. This is when they’re going to hear a delicately composed (how Virgo, with progressed Venus & Mars there!) piece of my mind. I scheduled these appointments before the Mars RX transit (Yippee, or they might never have come together as I planned ?!). Natal Pluto at 1 Virgo runs my 10th house trine Saturn 2 Cap 2nd house. Mars won’t retrograde back in close aspect to these numbers (thank the stars???), but I think this is a great reminder of how the overall function of planetary action in their houses can contour one’s approach or focus. Can anyone say “well-contoured BITCHITUDE ?!” Pluto-Virgo-10th … I’ve never trusted authority, but I manage it quite well.

      You brought up an interesting thought regarding the directions of Mars (in April) and Saturn (in June). I don’t mean to toss a damp Virgoan towel on matters, but when they direct we’re still deep in the numbers they transited RX. I do sense this as a period of the resolution of all issues “sturm&dranged” during the RX period, but do you think anyone can breathe freely until either planet is front/forward/beyond the complete cycle of degrees involved in the RX transit cycle ? Hopefully, we’ll both be paying attention to minor follow-up appointments by then, eh ?

      Thanks also for your thoughts about the 6/12 house medical “visitations”. I can’t wait ’til everything gets traffic-jammed in my 5/11 or 3/9 houses. For the life of me, I can’t begin to Virgo when that might ever be again !

      Care in all,

    2. Oh, you’re so welcome! Sorry this is so long coming, but I’ve been crazy busy. Yes, 10th is MDs, especially surgeons. Is see you had your appt. already. I hope it went well! I hope your “well contoured BITCHITUDE” payed off, lol, love that saying!

      Is t. mars on P.venus or mars? I see neptune is on your IC. I wonder if this is all woman related issues, like ovaries and reproductive things and such. I thought that mars was going to turn direct on 3 virgo, if so, that can be when you get real progress, since it will be on your MC. Surgery?

      I do want t. sat to move on because it’s square my sun right now and my MC, but I am most unhappy about t. neptune square my mars and it will be there for sooo long. Don’t get me started on t. pluto on my mercury either and then there’s uranus…sigh, but yes, I will be happy when mars just moves on. It’s square my moon which is adding to my stomach problems. And I’m not happy about saturn in my 6th for so long either, but that’s another long duration thing. Oh well.

      5/11 sounds grand, doesn’t it?! Except for saturn. I didn’t like saturn in my 5th so much.

      Did you have a freudian slip in your last sentence above? 🙂

    3. Hi Cassandra … yes, it’s been so “archeologically” busy lately, I can barely get to the astrology of it all. Not only are the doc’s probing the depths of my physique, but I’m un-earthing my household & worldly possessions in preparation for “The Big Dig-Out” ! Pluto & Uranus have set the tone, with Saturn holding the stop&go watch and Mars RX directing the activities for this big picture.

      Mars RX is now conjunct P-Mars, then back 4 degrees to P-Venus 10th. Interesting numbers regarding relationship plans, as the Virgo action finds me in a state of assexual distraction while I’m cerebrally and spiritually involved with the partner of my life from a great distance. Just before Christmas, when Mars was direct on these numbers, I “braved it up” and asked how we might contour our lives to be physically together. This opened up new doors in our relationship and plans, but with the Mars RX in effect we’re mired in the highly Virgoan details of life excavations required to make it so. Ironically, he and I have been studying the mythos of Virgin Mary, Magdalene & Christ in a larger context of esoteric astrological philosophy for some months. Suffice, that I’ve never felt more like an immobilized statue embodying virtue yet deprived of thriving life, than I do now. I do so feel like an icon of my own life, welded on a pedestal for the general probing review of others: doctors, realtors, mechanics and technicians, my lover, family, and my own cud-chewing analytical self. So, I submit to the investigations and excavations; extract the all-too-human rotten teeth and dose myself in flax seed. Saturn RX in the 11th seems to bring “the audience” on now.

      The best I can hope for these particular transits is that Mars will prove my attention to the details with some 10th house rewards by the time it directs; and that Saturn’s direction in the 12th to Scorpio, will provide form to my desire-natured trine between Neptune & Sun from early Scorpio to Cancer. Or, maybe that’s when I evolve out of my lifely form as I’ve known it ? I’m sure I’ll paint a picture or write a poem on my way through.

      The 6/12 axis is the Virgo-Pisces bases. I do trust the Mars transit to bring up the appropriate details, and have faith that I’ll land on two repaired feet by the time Saturn’s at the ASC. Certainly something to look forward to!


  44. Oh, and lucky me, since I have interceptions my 6/12 is 1.5 signs so I get a longer transit in my 6/12!

  45. “But true swash-buckling adventurers will trust that if Neptune loves you, he will get you there unexpectedly faster and award you a bounty of treasure for your courage.”

    with mars squaring my neptune throughout this retrograde… i dont think its possible it will apply to me

  46. this is turning out to be my go-to reference article for navigating this mars retrograde, thanks so much Moira!

    everything’s in flux! ridiculous how much already rings true… the treacherous boss who cost me my job was a female but i did not exactly contour my Bitchitude properly…strange, that’s usually a talent of mine with mercury venus sun and jupiter in leo intercepted in the 6th house of service, but i think ultimately the job was dead weight, false security keeping me from pursuing my Neptunian dreams and talents, poetry and tarot. before i even knew i was fired i randomly said yes to a restaurant job hostessing that i normally would have shrugged at, so with neptune slowly sailing away from my moon (29 aquarius)and getting ready to come over my ascendant (1 pisces) and my natal Neptune (17 deg) near my midheaven in Sag (14deg) at least i got that gut intuition revved up.

    i have an audition in my Brooklyn neighborhood to read at the National Black Writer’s Conference this Monday the 27th…if i’m chosen i’ll read at their Poetry Cafe March 29th. wondering how this whole kite thing will work with my south node in the 1st at 9 pisces…the north node in the 7th travels with my natal saturn at 13 virgo.

    where can i expect to see my swashbuckling cavalier approach pay off, and where might my prideful mane obstruct my vision and cause me to stumble? 🙂

    1. Sorry, been away navigating this transit in other pathways for a few days. ~ ~ ~

      Na-T-Ruth, I can’t think of a better profession than restaurants for both stimulating and being stimulated by work WITH the world of others. Your 6th house Leos (nice! All mine are in the 9th)are beautifully suited to serving others while you suit yourself. It’s also a great place to use your chameleon qualities to greet the tones of the day. You’ll KNOW when the moon just shifted from Pisces to Aries. Having an active ability to adjust to these tones is the mark of a good restaurant employee. I left “the company” after 25 years in the ad bizz, to both raise my kids and pursue my creative (Neptunian)side, working in restaurants. Ya gotta LOVE people, even on their crankiest days.

      Watching this transit spin, it’s certainly a time when we are forced to address older issues that we thought might resolve or dissolve, but they haven’t. So, recalling what was “on the plate” from November to December are the issues you’re required to nurture/foster/nudge along now. It doesn’t mean important projects can’t be achieved, but these will be the matters still sitting on the back-burners in slow-simmer mode since autumn. BOLD NEW PLANS OF ATTACK ? On pause. With Neptune dipping into your first, I think you’re getting “the groove”; grooving back to other interests.

      I’ll quote from Jamie&Marina’s original article, about the upcoming trine:

      [quote] March 12 we get an interesting grand trine that involves a the Lilith conjunction Jupiter and Pluto. This is a fantastically potent and magical moment. Mars on Zosma in Leo again suggests the possibility of transforming the victim into the saviour. So a time when pussy-cats lions get their courage from Oz and belt out an almighty roar. This trine lasts until March 22.[/quote]

      I doubt you’ll do anything to jeopardize/capsize your boat! Your N.Node’s gonna be so busy building constructive (Saturn) relationships via your S.Node visions/gifts!

      Both you and Hades have introduced the Neptune factor. I’m personally having a very interesting time with old Neppy as it’s opposing n-Pluto in Virgo 10th, now for the coming year. Mars RX will transit almost back to this point, and is retrograding into general sextile with my n-Neppy 12th. I wasn’t watching Mars going forward in aspect to these points, but I sure am slammed with troubling details that have stalled some great fantasies (?) I started weaving this autumn. The fantasies are still in Neptunian force, but I’m forced to dig deeper into solutions to my practical world issues (in a most Virgo manner). As part of this process, with new research directions filtering to me every day lately, I’m actually getting a much better panoramic picture of what Neppy calls me to dream. It’s very scary, but very empowering at the same time. Pluto’s always known how to call my name from that Virgo/10th placement.

      ~ ~ ~

      Mars will RX to natal Persephone @ 12 Virgo by next week. The daffodils and crocuses are already up here in Southern America. I’m looking forward to what else “springs up”. Maybe my sorely challenged feet ? Will keep all posted !


    2. wow Moira,

      thanks so much for your guidance and encouragement. there was a lot of “doomsday” naysaying being put into the sun-mars opposition this past weekend when i worked three very busy shifts as hostess, which is turning out to be a great way for me to flex my natural “doorman” instincts with mars in Cancer…i’m learning to actualize my mars and make saavy decisions on my feet, sometimes hard to do on fishy fins lol.

      about 10 years ago when pluto was transiting my neptune i had a hard time adjusting to the swirling energy of restaurant work, keeping my head on straight and not getting overwhelmed. now all the earth assistance, plus age and experience of course, is really helping use Neptune energies to keep the waters calm and flowing. i was amazed at the confident rhythm i was able to establish this weekend. meeting, greeting…Antennae helping me seat the couple that needed to have that urgent chat at the quiet table in the back, and the mousy newcomer to the big city and the community table to make some new friends. it was great!

      i also got to be the newbie who met and impressed the owners on a high pressure Saturday as i had the big hype new West Village shop sailing on smooth waters. gave myself a nice Leo pat on the back. if that’s what i manifest under an opposition i can’t wait to see what the trine will bring.

      and you’re right all the nodal connections i’m making are promoting solid growth within the comfort zone of divine tuning and timing. yes i’m also making small daily maneuvers toward big dreams that have been in my heart for years now–i started to really put paint to canvas in the fall and hit some seemingly dead ends before the retrograde. but i’m loving the energy of this mars transit with all it’s crazy little challenges. for a late bloomer like myself it feels like an amazing opportunity to finally fit into my own shoes–an eye-opening trial and error zone that’s helping me realize the areas in which i might have just been playing dress up before.

      i’m excited for all of us artists and healers etc who are finding ways to be of service while ceasing to be martyrs, enablers, etc. for me this is a time to accept abundance into my life in the form of real concrete material things–money? me? ahhh! yes i was just telling a friend how i realized i am indeed terrified of my own power…but now i’m getting off the fence and dedicating my energy to manifesting my most authentic self in ways big and small.

      thanks so much for all that you share…i’m cluing a lot of friends and family into your blog, and wishing you lots of magical manifestations as we prepare to break ground this spring. light,

      naOMi ruth

  47. asteroids!
    Lilith 3 Vir
    Vertex 17 Vir
    Varuna 13 Gem conj IC
    Vesta 13 Tau conj Chiron
    Sedna 6 Tau
    Quao 10 Scor
    Ixlon 11 Scor

    1. Naomi Ruth(has always been a favorite name of mine for some reason I can’t pin down:

      Glad to hear you’re swimming in the yob ! Seems like Mars squaring Varuna this weekend, and trine Vesta had you “rising above it”! I love the anecdote about seating people as specifically as you can … then there’s the “server rotation” to equitably deal with. Gotta say, I don’t miss the stress but you really know when you put in a good shift’s work !!! You can bless your asteroids under transit, maybe ?

      Meanwhile, Mars is transiting my natal Persephone. Funny, you mention my “blog”. This one’s not mine … but the energy of Mercury entering Aries on my early degreed cardinal Sun-Moon-Saturn-Nodes cross found me finally deciding to put one into the works by Thursday night. I’m stressing about design technicalities now, as I’m quite analogue with computer-eeze. However, the support from all I know in my private and cyber lives has been incredible. I do feel like I’m stepping out of the cave into a spring field of myriad flowers, empowered in a new 10th house direction … Pluto’s pleased, as I’m harnessing the visionary Neptune energy through the 4th/10th Pisces/Virgo opposition.

      It’s synchronistically apt that you referred to my “blogging” ! I’ll send a link here when I have her up and running. 🙂 Moira.

    2. that’s such wonderful Neptunian mischief Moira,

      more and more i find myself trusting those weird little newsflashes that come into my communication–i paused for half a second when i wrote “your blog” knowing logically it was inaccurate but it FELT TRUE so i just went by it? loving all the nuanced realities that are surfacing right now.

      case in point, during my meditation this morning i saw the faces of two acquaintances of mine, a photographer and body painter, both stellar artists. for 2 years now they’ve been wanting to do a project together which they originally had me in mind to model for. trouble is i hate cameras. and i know, i know, with my chart i could have already made a killing if i wasn’t so terrified of stepping into the limelight. so while chanting imagined reaching out to them to get the project underway.

      low and behold not a few hours later i discover it’s the photographer’s birthday we all find ourselves online messaging about how much we have to learn from each other…so here are two people i trust and respect to help manifest my chameleon qualities in Neptunian art of photography.

      i won’t say “i can’t wait” because with these planets i don’t have any choice lol, but let’s just saying i’m really looking forward to your blog Moira. 🙂

  48. The police officer David Rathband who shot by Raoul moat died last night. It looks as if he may have taken his own life. Just checked and saw that mars was last in virgo summer 2010.Was amazed to see that he was shot on 4th july 2010 when mars was at the exact same degree in virgo (14.37) as it was last night when he died.

    1. For got to add: I wonder how many other people are dealing with issues first brought up summer 2010 when mars was last in virgo? I know I am going over stuff started then and touched on in december 2011 and now going over again hopefully to be resolved when mars goes direct in april and then moves out of the shadow in june.
      Marina have you noticed this before? that issues during mars retro are linked not just to the current period but to the time mars was last in the sign it’s now retrograding in?

    2. Actually, since you mention issues from summer 2010, yes I have had an issue that had come up then come to the forefront again. Love triangle actually which resulted in me being the point that lost out (and the triangle blew up soon afterwards anyways).

      Basically stuff almost happened with a good friend and this one girl I was interested in during the Summer 2010 pass, but “he couldn’t do that to me” and that fizzled. Then she went with other guys, I said screw it but never quite disconnected fully (believing her to “not be that kind of girl” as she kept pointing out before). Then he says screw it, tries again, and what couldn’t happen before did (and thus proving that she *was*). And when this came up, he went into detail.

      I didn’t bother ever confronting the girl since then. She couldn’t be honest with me before, I’m not going to bother with it now, and as for the other friend, I’ve found myself going over previous events over the years and… I wasn’t the only one who has experienced similar incidents over the years.

      Anyways, at a party a few weeks ago, (yes he was somewhat inebriated by this point, and I was holding back knowing my previous history with these hosts hasn’t been immaculate), he makes a snide comment basically bragging about it. Basically started hitting every possible button to set me off when I already had other things going on, at which point I made a plan of action of mine as well as my displeasure very clear, and repeated it for emphasis (plus added the statement “because I can’t seem to trust *anyone*”), which apparently he went and told at least one other person who I encountered since, and god knows who many other people. I have not spoken to him since that night AND have heard little from the hosts either.

      And… I meant every word of it. I haven’t decided whether to do damage control or just light the bridges on fire (leaning towards this). The one friend who did question me about it knows my history all too well and I think he very much understands where I’m coming from. I couldn’t repeat my exact words then though as… well, I didn’t feel it was appropriate to restate exact wording inside a church after a wedding.

      It is also greatly impacting my decision to set a move in motion and get out of this town.

  49. Thanks Marina for this inspiring and insightful post. I was mulling over whether to pursue legal action for an incident that happened in Aug 2004, when mars was also retro in virgo. I’ve decided to pursue it. Right decision.

  50. oh gosh well lets see yes a little feisty leo vied for my office and she rageduntil she got her way i got moved to my original office and now have been demoted and out moted as statinary when i was a supervisor , humiliating to say the least …now very lost dont know what this trine will do for me i want not so much the crown but more of a bigger opertunity. I am a sag more like a geminii some times i have a piscesmis heaven and geminii rising cancer moon born dec 2 1955 at 5:44 pm in los angeles and i need hope and help and healing and hell maybe the gods are crazy and a miracle job I REALLY LOVE AND DESERVE WILL FALL INTO MY LAP!
    enjoy this posing thanks so much …julli

  51. I promised to write in on “blog” progress, so here’s the great transit news! I got it up overnight Thur-Fri while the full moon conjuncted transiting Mars at my natal Persephone asteroid. Cool stuff. My 2nd article is the first rumination on the Persephone myth. I’ll be writing more this week.

    The astro-data gets more interesting. The week prior, Mars transited Hekate in Virgo 10th. Hekate is the “wise-crone” of the Persephone triplicity. This was a rough couple of days in my personal life; relationship crises everywhere. Note that Hades/Pluto is also in Virgo 10th, and a big player in my chart. Natal Persephone is at 12 Virgo. Ceres/Demeter the sexualized “mother” of the Persephone triplicity conjuncts my ASC at 12 Scorpio. T-Mars sextiled that point. What else, you wonder? Transiting Lilith & Jupiter are conjunct my DSC now. T-Mars trined that point. I’ve spent the weekend weaving the themes of Persephone/Hades with Adam + Lilith + Eve. The pomegranates and apples are still in the air, but I’m darned excited to receive the confirming article about the Lilith-Jupiter transit this evening!

    This is not confirmation bias folks. I’d been muddling blog ideas for a few months. Last week I decided to get it done. Had no idea where I’d start writing to.

    The synchronicities couldn’t be more telling. And just think … in a couple of months I get to re-live these moments as Mars directs over the same points. The uber-mind is going to be immersed in “relationship” for some time ahead … but with Ceres on the ASC and both Liliths in the 7th I’ve always been transfixed by the topic !

    1. Blog is:
      If you’re reading NaT-Ruth !

    2. hahaha just saw this thank you Moira! can’t wait to check it out when i get done with all this running around. have a great one i’m loving the vibe today, once again you called it 😉

  52. With Mars stationing right on my natal Saturn and square my natal Ascendant/Descendant, I’ve been noticing a *massive* amount of delays this entire week. I’m having a hard time remembering what happened when it hit my natal Saturn the first time, but I do know when it retrograded and hit my Midheaven exact the second time (also in Virgo), my supervisor was channeling the spirit of Bill Lumbergh (the boss from Office Space) very very prolifically (i.e. was getting called to the office 4 times a day and being stalled in there for a half hour or more at a time). Left me with very little desire to actually do anything, and some of my earlier hobbies (playing some online games with friends) fell off my radar as I no longer had any desire to play them. (Older issues were coming to the surface, and have done so again recently, but I’m slightly more sociable in general at the moment).

    Also I’m noticing my aggression and frustration levels are hitting all-time highs with this Mars Retrograde cycle. What was contained isn’t remaining contained very well and I’ve been avoiding some key people the last couple of weeks in order to avoid… a blowup.

    Looking forward to Mars getting out of the shadow zone and getting on with things (with a Mars return shortly after).

  53. reeeally curious to see what issues come back to haunt us/get resolved by the end of this weekend! it’s gonna be a doozy but i’m hoping for the strength to recognize how to recognize what i need to in order to leave the past in the past! how’ve you been Moira?

    1. Ruth, are you referring to Mars finally directing past its original stationary RX degree ?

      It’s been sweeping across the same Persephone, Demeter asteroids with a sextile to Ceres at the ASC … and will semi-sextile Hekate (again), just as it did in March when RX. That’s when I started my blog. Interestingly, my creative writing skills went rather dormant of late, but have revived in the past week or so. Mercury entering Cancer has been such a relief for me … toooo much Gemini squaring Mars action lately: I’ve been scattered and creatively paralyzed for a while.

      I’m researching how to construct a new blog page for an “open mike” poetry symposium. Any interest in writing with me there ? This is how my triggered Ceres/ASC gets her groove together! I’ve got several other poet/writers interested in this project.

      I think “pursuing” is the pathway through at this point. What doesn’t come along with that action, isn’t meant to stay with you; for now at least. The Venus RX is having a great impact on other factors of my chart from the 8th to 7th houses ~ what a waltz and tango! What is of value in relationships and partnerships is a singular keynote, which I’m pursuing in a very cloak & dagger way I must admit. I am definitely drawing boundary lines regarding who I communicate with, when, and whether I do. There are so many potential conversations spinning in the air now and I can only capture so many of them.

      Also have transiting Lilith moving in on natal positions in the 7th, which is compounding my experience of super-consciousness in the relationship sector.

      We’ve got Gem Sun square Virgo Mars, Sun trine Libra Saturn and Mars sextile Saturn on Wednesday this week. I’m feeling a lot of intellectual muster in the works !

      Wonderful and synchronistic to hear from you as Jupiter spins into Gemini today! It’s been quite a day in the communiques already. 🙂

    2. Moira i’m so excited to hear you’re organizing a poetry open mic! absolutely please inbox me at my website and i’ll send you my direct contact.

      well this lion’s ego has certainly taken some hard hits in the last months but all for the best of course. mostly i remain spoiled as things always turn out alright. my restaurant job has me rubbing elbows with celebrities and making great contacts, and i’ve managed to get out to a couple readings and get some attention for my writing as well, which feels great. i completely feel you on the creative lull and fuzziness of late, but thankfully this Jupiter Gem is re-igniting that inner force and the drive to connect and express.

      yes with Mars spending all this time rubbing up against my saturn in the 7th house one-on-one relationships have been trying to say the least. got singing Nina Simone’s “Misunderstood” lol. i’m so ready for some resolution!! last night i had the first tiny hint of life (indirect contact) from the man i’ve been estranged from since the horrific falling out we had during the sun/pluto square on March 29th…arrrg, patience.

      can you please post a link to your blog?!

      wishing you and all of us the best as Neptune guides us through the rest of these rough waters to the adventurers’ treasure chest 🙂

    3. Thanks for reminding us Na-t-ruth. This has been a rollercoaster 7 months for us Darkstars so I’m curious to know myself. Especially since it falls on “Spikey Denebola”.

    4. yes i am brimming over with anticipation Marina! female friends and acquaintances have remarked about the combo of edgy nerves and excitedness…we seem to have settled into some level of acceptance that we must take the good with the bad…and hopefully we can even integrate the concept this long journey has taught us, that the “bad” at first glance is often the best and most opportune thing for us if we give things a moment to develop. so cheers to all the pleasure and the plain i guess, come what may Ms. Denebola 😉

  54. Mars has been dancing with my Saturn,only in the 12th.As of late i have been very vocal on the need to stand above “Judgement” of those feelings/experiences that so easily can create a defeating,fearful approach to difficult,sometimes dark challenges.A G.Cross teaches there can be great rewards when these challenges are met with an open heart/mind,without judgement.This RX has been part of a greater life/chart departure from Saturn’s darker side. The last time Mars was at 23 Virgo it trined my N-mercury 23 Capricorn and a new chapter was started that may be complete and an internal summation forthcoming i’m damn sure,with new structures in place for expressing some deeper thoughts & about the shape of the vessel.

    As Mars conjuncts N-Saturn at 19 Virgo
    opposes Frigga
    semi-sextiles N-Neppy 1st & N-Pluto 11th

    Moira,…how do you think Frigga could play into this yod?

    1. A poker-faced round of bridge with the Queen ? 🙂 It’s like a Saturn-Venus conjunction, negotiating disciplines with the desire nature to best creative or spiritual ends (Neppy and Pluto). A good transit to work on the Alkes vessel!

  55. I did a gate with the head of Ajax and Achilles on both sides and passing throw you can see a red light between dark space !The winner for sure is Achilles because is chosen from Ulises of Troy !I don’t belong to blue blood of “oriental turtle” but anyway the perversity and the bad rules the world since old times and we can’t find justice even in our days !
    The most negative figure like Achilles is not fair to win money and fame ! Fuck you bitches with blue blood and see you in hell like all the others passing passions !

  56. I was looking forward to this post, thank you Marina! 🙂
    This is one unhappily celibate (for waaaaay too long) Gemini with natal Mars in Libra, so let us all keep our fingers crossed for me and send me some collective blessings to end this monstrously torturous and unfair (!) celibacy. I hope my Virgo rising doesn’t screw this up for me because I am pissed at the very thought of that possibility.

    1. I just read plot summaries for Thornbirds and Brief Encounter and they are both sad, almost tragic 🙁 Is that what this Mars Retrograde is going to be like? Because this : “This romance might stay “courtly” for a very long time, very like another simmering love story “Brief Encounter.” That is until it messily explodes on May 20, so keep some wet wipes handy..” to me sounded like going from platonic to sexual (explode, messily, wet wipes). I am so confused now.

    2. Lmao!

      I actually just started scanning the comments to see who else has their natal Mars in Libra and in the 2nd house. Your birth details sound very similar to mine; my sun is in Leo, Moon in Scorpio, my Saturn, Pluto and Mars are all in Libra in the 2nd house (and all very close if not exactly at degrees 24, 27, and 9) and I believe I’m still going through my Saturn return. Phew! Anyway, all I know is my celibate behind has been EXTRA horny since the beginning of Feb… So much so that I’ve contemplated pulling some risky stunts… Not to mention my mood swings are crazy and constant. But no matter what mood I’m in, I still want to hump something. Lol!

      Anyway, I am still pretty new to astrology, but I can definitely feel the effects…

      How are you coping? *hugs

  57. One of the scandals over here (there are many, really), is the one related to a woman that worked for prostitutes rights… and -undercover- she was a damn horrible madam asking for money to each one of them and threatening them to kill their families if they didn´t.

    So, talking about undercovers, ah?!

    We´ll go bit by bit, living on a daily basis.

    Nice weekend for everyone!


  58. Great post, Marina. I really like the illustration too. It looks like the Roman Emperor Trajan. I have an ancient bronze coin of him in my little collection. (This is similar).

    1. See Roma and die as they say – or was it Venice? Anyway – I hope you get to see it up close and personal Greg! Not just the column but all of Roma!

    2. Thanks, UQW. Me too. I would love to travel while I’m still able to enjoy it. Rome, Paris, London, maybe even Cardiff! (hee-hee)

  59. Great piece Marina!
    One thing to add – Libra rules law. Certainly in the UK we are seeing a lot of sexual misdemeanours from the past come to court. Personally I think a lot of this is a waste of time – its impossible to prove anything 40 years after the event and the law is dispassionate so it will not convict anyone (rightly) on word alone.
    However – in instances where sexual energy has managed to outstrip judgement (law), the perpertrators and the “vicitms” (don’t like using that word!) have a chance to get a perspective. That they were out of order and over reacting to an animal force respectively.
    LIbra, esoterically, is the razor’s edge where balance is both fine and often painful. I say painful because balance might require taking something out of one dish of the scales to balance them. That dish could contain honey but it could contain poison.
    Mars in Libra would represent action in law. Mars retro might be lawful inaction – e.g the right to remain silent!
    Re sex, Mars is the sexual drive but retro it might dampen it considerably – which will be interesting in the Northern Hemisphere where it will be spring, the traditional time of sexual stirrings for the herd!
    I think LIbra is very overlooked as a sign representing sex – which is odd because it is the sign of relating and relationships. These days, relationships are mostly centred on sex and when sex no longer delivers, marriage comes into another phase of test – mostly ending in divorce!
    Noting your inclusion of Ira Trivedi’s commentary on sex in India – a country with a hugely ambivalent relationship to sex (religiously prurient but teemingly over populated) – the recent spate of violent attacks on women is resulting in a lot of public legal examination and calls for changes in the law. We also see a challenge more or less around the world for a change in the law re same sex marriage. Ms Trivedi’s book “India in Love: Marriage and Sexuality in the 21st Century” is a commentary on the changing landscape of arranged marriage, marriage for love etc and also the rising divorce rate as many people become rapidly disillusioned with romantic love as a basis for marriage (in India at least). This is the full article on her findings as she researched her book including the dark side of the sexual revolution – “According to latest statistics, a new incident of rape is reported every 22 minutes. Local, ear-to-the-ground surveys have reported that 1-4 per cent of women in the areas surveyed have been raped or sexually assaulted in the past year—close to 50-200 times greater than official rates, which implies that sexual violence in this country is much worse than is reported.”
    I won’t even start with the stats for rape and sexual violence in South Africa… but speaking of which – Oscar Pistorius will be back in the dock and Mars retro will see how the law prevails on the wretched story of him and Reeva Steenkamp.
    One of the qualities of the Uranus Pluto square is the urge to initiate action of Uranus in Aries (thoughtlessly?) and Pluto in Capricorn – deeply conventional. While conventions are over thrown under the warring Arian energy, balance and law are forgotten but of course it is there as an arm of the cardinal cross to be contended with.
    In Esoteric astrology, Alice Bailey and her mentor DK wrote some 80 years ago that the Earth and its cargo would be entering another initiation in the near future (sort of now) which, as it approaches, would increase the sexual energy in the world. This is because the etheric body of the Earth is being charge with energy (prana/chi) which in turn enters the etheric body of humanity. Its no accident that the population of the world has sky rocketed in the last 40 years. Of course in most human vehicles the impulse results in an act of sex but note the other revolution of some younger people wishing to remain chaste until marriage!
    Mars retro in Libra might see a counter revolution or at least a lot more changes in the law. e.g the Crown Prosecution Service in the UK is advised to review the time limit for when a case can be brought to trial. As recently shown, 40 years is ridiculous! One thing I noticed about the recent spate of cases is that all the accused were celebrities. Not one accusation was made against a publicly unknown person. Some of the women accusers were “autograph hunters” – groupies of a lesser kind but no less ardent when it come to flirting with fame and glamour!
    The essence of Mars retro in Libra for the individual is to remain in the balance, to put all the facts on the table dispassionately and weigh them to find out best how to keep the peace. WHich is probably what we all want in the end!

    1. Scuse ,less dyx ia,
      40 yrs, or whatever, time is not relevant, as karmic debts always come around, whether forwards, or backwards in time ,injustice can not be ignored , weather the, Cyano Bacteria, Cancer cells, Neandertals, Incas, Spanish Inquisition, Rowanda ,Native Americans,, Klu Klux Klan, English Empire,Female genital mutilation, or Male genital mutilation, etc. etc.the injustices have to be addressed. If male one life, Mars attacking, female in another ,Venus, aquiescant, the swings and roundabouts of balance ,always have to be assessed, by our Higher self, either in this life, or the next. The idea is the fulcum of equilibrium. untill we move on to a higher dimension ,where that is the norm. Male and female combine in androgeny. Another entity evolves.The creative energy ,eventually creates everything by intention , instantly. By the way ,cancer cells never die and proliferate eternally, change that negative , to a positive life force and we have , higher mindedness, increasing forever and beyond.

    2. ps ultimately, male blood lust ,turns into female pain of menstruation

    3. pps the pro- portion ,of male and female energy ,is not restricted by gender.

    4. Blood is not just blood ,blood typye medicine, shows variant blood groups react differently, but blood ,is just a metaphore, for what circulates through us, the life blood is, spirit /prana .The material world is just one dimensional projection of mass consciousness. There are myriad ,in fact ,infinite others. Most of every thing is empty space ,in this dimension, awaiting instruction, for what we perceive as “REAL”. the projection of reality differs from entity to entity,all are equally right, but completely different, which is why we all need to understand our own blood test results and not transfuse others with them.

    5. I htnk we understand about the dietary blood type differences and blood groups and the reason to know blood type – i.e compatibility of antibodies as per blood type – but blood isn’t a metaphor for prana – or is that what you meant male blood lust and female menstrual blood?
      Blood like all organic substance (or I should say, sentient) has prana or qi as a component. Blood contains iron which is a conductor of electromagnetic fields. Blood is not a metaphor – its a conductive medium and a delivery system of nutrients.
      Most of space is definitley not empty space. Space is 90% plasma – i.e ionised or electrified gas. Its amedium for instruction as is blood. Blood also contains plasma – in fact the term for celestial plasma was named after blood plasma. They act similarly.
      However – we have evolved by mixing blood – the original type is supposed to be type O – which can be given in transfusion to any other group but O cannot take blood from anyother type but O.
      But how do you get male blood lust translates into female menstrual pain? That’s the bit I questioned!
      BTW – Its worth noting that blood as a conductor “rises” as in erratic behaviour during high sunspot activity – there’s no prediction possible re sunspots but watch for them under mars retro and if they are intense, stay out of trouble!

    6. u queen of wands

      bet your virgo

      I am not talking about the physical material world.
      but the aquarian uranian symbolism of blood, which predisposes what the next life is/will be, time goes forwards and backwards from this point.
      The electromagnetic frequencies on the screen of life ,are not real, or as real as a tv programme.
      The electrical field, or ocean of consciousness ,picks out various waves to surf on. Its all about intention and what we are expecting to reproduce. Its all there, before we are born and varients of that pattern. We are ,or appear to be, living it in 3d. Most of an atom is empty space. subbattomically and outside time and space, its all different ,but it is all simultaneous ,or All one, as there is no time ,or end to space.
      I try to keep incognito ,as those who have no experience of same ,disbelieve it.
      as I mentioned before, please see- neurosurgeon, dr eben alexander and anita moorjani on the internet.
      there are millions of us in the snuffed it club.
      and ofcourse everyone has there own version of “REALITY”

    7. queen
      just to reiterate,
      blood lust to menstral pain ,denotes the life or lives, from male become female.
      due to experiencial consequencies. The source lives all versions simultaneously.
      no thing is in a vaccum,or void.
      its all and nothing.

    8. electromagnetic frequencies are simply aspects ,all aspects of this dimension/universe ,are all active at once, fom one individual, to the other ,
      we would blow the circuits if we ,posing as human beings, experienced them all at once.

    9. Whats up with the negativity? The universe isnt ruled by saturn

      Therenis much fun, play, joy and luv, and good stuff to be had…
      Why be so strict, and say thst everything is karma, when most stuff is free will and chance..
      Change your perception of the higher forces, and you will find that they would probably be insulted by people insinuating that they are a malignant source of constant he did she did, she said he said endless retribution stuck in such cycles forever..
      Have fun, get a lover, do something fun, and you will see that the universe encourages such activities..

    10. there is no such thing as chance, or an accident.
      im sure those in the ukrain,
      are having such fun at the moment.
      Those of us who have died and come back,(see, dr eben alexander and anita moorjani ) , know that every thing has consequences ,stick your head in the sand if you want, but eventually you will have empathy for others, and not justify a lack of personal responsibility .

    11. Those in Ukraine have made a choice. As you say, apparently no such thing as an accident. Consequences can be stretched over time of course. Who knows what the Ukrainians did to end up in such a mess…

    12. Quite the opposite, when you accept free will, you take responsibility for your actions, and when that free will is guided by a strong moral compass with intentions of doing ones best,
      i find that far more emphatic than blaming good or bad on karma.
      Karma seems to be the new witch inquisitions, a word tossed around like nothing.
      Dont say those struggling with a terminal illness do so because of vague concepts..
      Shit happens to the best of us,
      I read somewhere that Jesus said when youbsee others suffering, he gave no logical explanation as to why it happened, but encouraged those witnessing the disaster to be empathic, pray for goodness, without giving an asolute answer as to why bad happens..
      Not everything has a logical answer, and trying to fit everything into a box of ones perceptions is extreme ego conflict, demanding the universe to act in accordance with ones expectations, when all have free will.

    13. every illness has an emotional reason behind it.
      body mind interface.
      the placebo effect, is just changing your mind ,to override the conditioned response.
      That is what healing does.

    14. My working theoretical understanding of what karma “is” goes something like this:

      Thoughts inspire feelings, and feelings/emotions create the physical form-based manifestations that make up our “realities.” Sometimes we have a thought or idea and then we don’t like the feelings that we feel as a result of that thought. We are actually able to deny or “block” our feelings as a way of avoiding them if we really don’t like them, and supposedly early on in our creations, this is what we did – we formed a lot of judgments before our cognitive minds had fully developed enough to understand things. It is just like how a baby placed into a bathtub full of scalding water might develop a fear of baths or water that lasts into adulthood, or other sorts of trauma-based neuroses.

      If enough people are conditioned to share the same judgments, they can collectively create a “reality” that impacts more than just the individual. So it may seem very convincingly “reality” when in fact, it is based on a mental judgment that does not understand the true nature of the essence it originally judged against.

      Energy wants to be constantly moving and flowing, and emotions are “energy in motion” as they say, but when we place a judgment block on a certain feeling or experience and refuse to feel it, then that energy stagnates. If we fully repress or deny it, our minds can forget we ever made the judgment in the first place (especially after countless reincarnations and lifetimes reinforcing the same conditioning). The judgment is still creating the manifestation of the thought, but since we disconnected from it and it went “subconscious”, we do not see how we were the original creators. The so-called “karmic” experiences keep getting energetically magnetized to us because they are trying to get our attention and point out that we have a deeply embedded judgment/emotional-energetic blockage that still needs to be resolved (also it’s just pure and simple energy magnetics). In order to release the block, the mind needs to release the judgment against the original feeling and agree to allow that energy to move and express within the body and be processed as grief, anger, etc (but without hurting others, preferably).

      This is also the way to reclaim lost soul fragments of essence that got disconnected through judgment/denial. If you feel emotionally triggered by some “other” or their actions, this is often an indicator of lost essence wanting to return. Owning it and taking responsibility for it in a conscious and self-accepting way is the path to healing. Perpetration and victimization is created through this judgement-based denial; everything “out there” is a reflection of different parts of the self that have become polarized from each other. So ultimately the perpetrator and victim are “one,” but they are not one while there are still denial and emotional blocks present keeping them apart. It’s not that the perpetrator becomes the victim in the next lifetime–the essence pretty much acts out the same roles over and over and the imprinting gets reinforced. But along the way to true wholeness, everything that was previously judged against and denied will need to be felt and reintegrated, even if it happened before cognitive thought kicked in (as in the case of baby/infant trauma). So eventually, the perpetrator/victim polarities will need to soften and re-integrate to become one energy again, but all of the old anger and trauma will need to be consciously owned, processed, and reintegrated.

      That’s my working understanding for now, anyway… 🙂 Never really wrote it out like that before but maybe some will find it helpful.

    15. I dont get the whole divine retribution stuff.

      If someone wronged me, would I scream with joy if I was given an oppurtunity to be mean, unfair in the next life to that person ? (No) As if being a douche is something to look forward to..
      No, I would rather forget bout that BS, and go in Another in-between-earth-realm and chill..

      Dont get why someone present the opportunity of revenge as so sweet, when in fact it is draining.. To be stuck in such a cycle, bah, I would not agree to that.

    16. there is no devine retribution,
      we are all one ,our higher self sees actions and consequencies, everything is interconnected.
      we choose .

    17. Me likey, Ava!
      In other words? Be who you are, and accept your soul as it is, instead of placing judgement on oneself or others for their individual soul-longings/expressions?

      I know of somebe who talks about ridding oneself of shame and so forth, and that humans defile each-other for expressing their unique selfes, and thus we block off our essence, to conform to the rigid ideals of many, but those rigid ideals are similarly based on judgement of self?
      Xoxo, S

    18. Simon – absolutely that is a big part of it! But I would say it is also about finding acceptance for our “subjective” emotions/feelings instead of allowing our minds to dictate what is “acceptable” or not–supposedly the mind judged a lot of things before actually looking at/feeling them to find out what they really were/are. So when we allow others to tell us “how things are” rather that trust our own unique feelings and instincts, we are shutting ourselves down, like you said —

      But it is a collective situation too and the bizarre thing is that the more true self acceptance we are able to find, the more “others” will reflect that self acceptance back to us. True self acceptance is able to make space for all different kinds of unique personalities and traits without feeling threatened by them and feeling the need to impose restrictions on others. So as we as a collective become more self-loving and forgiving of our previous traumas, mistakes, etc (and this can’t be faked, you can’t just say “I accept myself” without also doing the emotional processing or it doesn’t work), ironically, we are also creating more space for others to be their unique individual selves. It is pretty cool actually!!

    19. there is no punitive reasons for suffering ,
      just the soul force, preincarnationally choosing certain situations ,
      to know what it is and hopefully having fathomed it ,change it for the better.
      That is what healing is.

    20. Sorry gurrl, heard it all before,
      Not interesting.. Once someone states we are all one,
      I lose all interest.. And the same babble dabble I have seen re-quoted all over the place..

    21. and yet, looking at society and people individually, it would seem that we never really learn. healing doesn’t really exist and isn’t necessary, because there is no wound in the first place. body after body, life after life, it’s important to learn to detach emotionally from the game that this is, otherwise we buy into the falsity that we are wounded/broken/split and need healing/ascension/intense transformation in-body. mind games, kind of, which appear to lead somewhere and go deeper, really just move in circular paths. while god, the maze, is laughing without malice, without intent.

    1. simon,
      not trying to be interesting, just trying to explain.
      we are all a cell in the body of humanity.
      obviously you project you own ego onto others,
      so lets leave it there.

    2. Obviously you are projecting what you have read elsewhere with no discernment..
      Something does not become true, just because a lot of people rally behind a saying a concept, and blindly chose to accept something, and thus enforcing it on others.
      Its called herd-mentality

    3. simon
      no im not
      I snuffed at 3 yrs old ,sent back,
      but as I said, that’s it, lets leave it there ,
      theres a saying
      for those who know
      no explanation is necessary
      for those who don’t
      no explanation will suffice.

    4. Edgar cayce said that threre was a choice wether one wished to merge with others, into the heavenly light, and to no point of return after that, and thus becoming one with several.
      Would I make that choice, no.
      As of right now, we are not all one.
      I believe there are a plethore of dimensions to visit, and my soul-journey is never-ending..
      Why did I come here? To feel love, have relations, express creativity, grow, have fun and to experience the unexpected.
      I think you might have to wait a bit until you can call yourself one with all, but good luck, im sure you will enjoy being part of the massive ball of light 🙂

    5. You’re both right.
      There is the source and that is the “one” bit of the argument.
      But the source expresses itself infinitely. Hence each expression is unique. That’s the other side.
      You could say duality is a natural expression of the infinite source.
      … And just for fun… Have you ever noticed how people gravitate to the all one side when they want a freebie?!
      I’ve got a multiple Pisces friend who is All One… He only eats off his friends… And Won’t get a job!
      But then… That’s one of an infinite number of ways for the Absolute to express itself!

    6. So, tell me miss. Fire ^^
      Would you enter the light and lose your personal/individual consciousness, or keep exploring and having your soul-essence intact :-)?

      I live by this mantra tough ;–p meaning I have to work for love.. And this saying, it is based on the northern cross of cygnus, aquila and lyre, where I have planets..

      The two lovers, lost in amorous dalliance, neglected their duties to heaven and are now eternally separated by the celestial river, the Milky Way. But the gods always show compassion, and on the seventh night of the seventh moon, the lovers are allowed to meet, when a bridge of birds temporarily spans the Celestial River of Stars.

      Seriously, that is my number one sentence to live by :—). I find it so poetic <3 probably rings true for a lot of people, perhaps ;–p

    7. Hi Simon,
      You state above that when you enter the light,you lose your personal individuated consciousness.Also that you were “snuffed” at 3.Without more detail of your experience,which is fine if your’re not open,i’m not sure how you KNOW this to be a FACT.

      As i once consulted a psychic astrologer
      /medium/channeler some time ago on this subject,of the question concerning those who had a ND Experience and returned with messages,did ANY tell of what it meant to enter the light…..and returned?Along with a few more questions,I never heard back from her.None had entered the light that i have heard of,so there was no experience as to what awaits,though i have found some interesting theory’s and statements of that…..Is this something that you have read,or have direct experience with?

      A challenge of sorts,but i am one who has had the same thoughts/feelings as yourself.I rejected the “We are One” concept for many reasons,’New Age’ hype for one(no pun),but primarily the obvious of which is,we are all at various levels of consciousness,and i did not relate anymore to those who are not awakened (i was there once)and do not see what is in front of us and the potential to transform,evolve & move forward,away from the limiting consciousness this 3D reality holds.They may not awake until they make that choice,and it is a personal choice.

      I used the analogy of being in school and your best friend/s fail a grade.Do you choose to stay behind with them…or move on?Expand on that with the fact that you are still in the same school,if not,the town/state/country/world/dimension etc.We are all still in the game,or school,however one defines it.The “One” i relate to on the larger playing field,and feel we would not/could not, make the choice to grow and evolve if we did not have the “One” to interact with and learn from.We are who we are because of personal choices made within the play/interaction of the”One”,the collective.

      The limited consciousness of the Dark side,evil,the sacred etc,does not adequately address the differences that divide us.I can now accept those who are asleep as the opposing force that compels & directs one ready for the shift & evolving consciousness.It would also be a grand thing if we could make the shift with a collective power to bring all along….you may miss some fragments that belong to your higher self,or others that you enjoy creating with…..but i do not feel we will all move together. Gaia’s consciousness may shift as one,but our individuated consciousness has this and another 90% of dark matter & energy to play with.

    8. Hi Michael, no direct experience, rather intense meditation, and grueøling thoughts back and forth trying to find some kind of answers, and questioning what I have read and so forth..
      What edgar cayce said about the light, and merging with it, it may be true, but edgar cayce, amongst many other spiritualists, I believe, see the world as too much of a class-room, when I believe play and exploring for other reasons is equally important.
      An analogy I find interesting is video games, and how people here on earth are creating different video-games (dimensions) testing them, and diving into them. And I do believe those dimensions exist, for souls to visit one day. And so I do believe being here is also learning what dimensions you wish to travel to later in ones soul-journey..
      Bruce lee might be in an intense martial arts galaxy, where there is similair concepts, but not with the same physical wounds or limitations, possibly even flying..

      But maybe his consciousness was placed in such a dimension with a different slate, so that he can experience the unknown, unpredictability, and gather more experiences..
      Lord of the rings I find interesting too, and I once asked an aries friend, and he said he would like to visit the shire.. And so I do believe many souls later will travel to such a dimension later on..
      But the learning process here, is being able to manifest, without corrupting the flow that benefits many.. So if you were to enter another dimension, and you had powers too big for your boots, you could destroy other peoples desire to live in such a dimension, due to standing in the way of their desired “home” with all the unpredictabilty and sometimes messiness that comes with it..

      For example, if you cant accept differences here on earth, how are you supposed to be okay with people who are blue elsewhere in the universe, and have totally different means of expression.. So I believe concepts such as one is dangerous, because it seeks to limit the possibilities, and mold others into uniformed machines, who all think alike, look alike, and act alike…

      I believe here on earth, its much about co-existing with other souls, and all the good stuff life has to offer ;–p
      But I do think many realms are more 3-dimensionals, albeit slightly different rules, in a lot of places, instead of all light-beings, with no physicality as a lot of people suggest.
      Dream world is interesting too.. Ive had many synchronisities in the past, just had one recently, where I dreamt of talking to a person about an upcoming tv-show, and a day later, she posted a pic on instagram of that show, saying she enjoys it..
      Fr example, ive had 100 cirka such experiences :—)

      I enjoy your posts, and what you wrote about karma.. But I still believe the cosmos arent as strict and tyrannical as some like to suggest ;–p
      Sme people probably come here to experience love with one person, and that desire was enough to bring them here, without there needing to be much more of a reason :–p

    9. OMG!
      D’ya think the Sun is conjunct Neptune?
      Either that, or this is a Theosophical Society blog. Ha ha! 🙂

    10. This is nothing to do with theosophy, its just as astrologers ,we have been given partial information to translate whats going on. AS TIME AND THE ELECTRICAL FORCE FIELD IS INCREASING >

    11. “as astrologers, we have been given partial information…”

      That was my point. Nobody knows it all.

  60. Hey Marina! Loved this post. Since I was born with Mars in Libra Retrograde in my 12th House, I feel like this post could speak to my whole life (though Mars did progress direct when I was 18).

    My Mars is at 2′ so it won’t hit it this retrograde period, but my ASC is at 16′ Libra in that decan you love so much. 😉 I wanted to speak a little to the Mars in Libra passive-aggressive manipulation situation. I never wanted to be sneaky or manipulative, but when I’ve tried to be direct with certain people in the past, it brought HORRIBLE consequences to me. Like one time my job asked me to take on another person’s entire set of responsibilities, so naturally I asked for a raise, and then a month later they laid me off instead! When I tried to own my Mars energy and be direct with people, I was pounded into submission. If I asked for something outright, I could never have it. I had to find ways to be indirect instead. Fortunately it’s not like that with everyone, there are some people I can be straightforward with, but certain personality types just will not respond to it and will view me as a huge threat that they need to quell.

    So, it’s really not an easy placement! But I liked what you said about Mars in the 12th being the “Spiritual Warrior” because I identify strongly with that, and especially with this: uring this “Retrograde Mars will oppose my favourite lady Eris, so this will also shake up co-dependant or toxic relationships in the collective.” For YEARS now I’ve been witness to co-dependant toxic relationships in my family and with some of my friends, and it has been SO, SO painful for me! They don’t see it at all and instead blame me for my “negative attitude” and for not being supportive. I was born with all 6 of my outer planets retrograde so I am very much an internalized person and question my thoughts and views constantly, although I’ve noticed that usually my intuitions end up being correct in the end.

    So hopefully what will happen during this period is that I can shift some of that emotional baggage from myself and back onto the people who are reflecting it but are in total denial about the toxicity of their situations (I seem to be feeling it for them instead, and I don’t like it). Maybe this retrograde will be energizing and liberating for me – I hope so. And also my birthday is April 23rd which should be interesting. 🙂 I have so many Libra and Taurus placements that I really prefer harmony and beauty, but the universe has made it clear to me that I do need to fight, and that what I’m fighting for is the reinstatement of the divine feminine, so it’s all good – just not easy, that’s for sure! Anyway again thanks for this piece, great work!

    1. With Mars in Libra 1 degree,conjunct ASC 12th,in a cardinal G cross,i can validate your thoughts & feelings here.Mars Rx will cross back over my n-Neptune,then SNode at 12 D.Uranus in Aries on the other side is enriching this thirst for movement and ….”freedom from the known”….the limitations imposed,self inflicted or not,on relationship/s to/with each other,and the structures & institutions that we have allowed to have power over in those regards,as well as in others.

      I am thankful….now….for these trials & tribulations this very intense placement has created.The higher octave is alive & kicking,after the smack on the arse’.

  61. And it’s only February.

    This preamble into the Mars/Venus 2014 ‘Chronicles’ is certainly stirring our deepest Plutonic thoughts/feelings as we search for that balance.I am troubled for want of a different consciousness that can rise above the limited language we stay attached to in that search.Good/Bad will not suffice,nor will our perceptions of same if we do not transform them to match the evolutionary potential we imagine & desire to create.

    There has to be accountability for the harm we do others & self,until we awaken & see the self in others & vice-versa.Who wants to be the Judge of others and how that is worked out,with that awakening…..knowing you judge yourself?None can judge us more than ourselves,
    whether conscious of that or not.Many great ‘Teachers’ have left that with us.

    Karma is worked out daily if the intent of the heart-to-mind marriage is consummated with discernment,empathy,compassion,forgiveness,etc….we know the words,do we own them?

    Karma is proportionate to the level of awareness of these attributes,or lack of,as the lessons of the heart are experienced…..and that is all there is….imo

  62. I am a Decan 1 Cancer (7′). My AC is in Libra (7′), with my mean node at 8.’ Algorab is kinda sorta opposite my Eris (10′). I have Neptune in Libra and I have an Aries moon (28′) as well. Though on March 1st transiting Eris is trine my Venus and Mars in Leo. Maybe that’s a good thing? I suppose I should take “lusty Lilith” into consideration. She’s at the end of my 10th house on March 1st, trine my Mars and Venus (both in Leo). Which sounds fun. I can hope, right?

    Anyhow, if Mars is in the 1st house when the retrograde happens, does all the ensuing conflict remake your whole personality or something? With my Aries moon, I am impulsive and have a quick temper. My anger subsides almost right away, but I don’t leave other people unscathed and that’s obviously a problem. Since I have a Libra Ascendent, I really don’t like conflict so this whole retrograde thing is bothering me. I just want to settle down.


  63. I admit, I’m wondering about this mars rx, as my natal venus is at 20 degrees libra, which is my first house. What happens when it retrogrades over my my venus again?? I’m a sun sag (rd house)…with jup in sag And my 2nd house has a stellium of 4. But I’m wondering about this mars rx conjunct venus in the 1.
    First venus was Rx, my chart ruler…the past few weeks have been challenging. Venus rx can be the pits. Now it’s merc, and then mars rx in my first.

  64. Well, this should be fun, and puts a few recent events into a hilarious context for me; I guess I was unconsciously gearing up for this, lol! Mars and Pluto both conjunct my Libra ascendant. Thanks for this post(and the rest of your site)!

  65. So there is an interesting jinx about Mars Retrograde, which we only get to test every two years when it comes round. This is both a challenge and a caveat: If you have sex for the first time with anyone new during Mars Rx, the relationship will be a non-starter. It’s guaranteed. I’ve tested it over the past 20 years, and researched it a great deal by polling many others, it is insidious. It doesn’t matter how much you want the relationship to work, if its the first sexual time with the person, you’re done, for good. There will be no “well, maybe down the road…” Something (Mars) will permanently stop you from going forward in relationship. And even if you want to remain friends, it’s highly unlikely, since if it’s someone you’ve been seeing for less than six months (likely), then you (likely) aren’t bff material for each other, and most likely you won’t talk to each other ever again. I’ve always been one to encourage people to test astrological caveats out for themselves, and this transit is also simply the best time every two years to be with someone new and know that they will go away! Do your own research on Mars Rx, test it and watch what happens. It’s much more fun than buying something cheap and mechanical during Mercury just to watch it break. Be careful out there 🙂

    1. Thanks for the interesting comment! Currently single, (and happy about that), but I will take heed… 😉

    2. No shit. Mars was rx when I lost my “virginity” to my 1st bf; we dated very on and off for 7 months. Definite nonstarter. Great comment!

    3. So, there was a consensus of your own experiences with that of the others polled?No variations given chart configurations and other possible mitigating factors?

    4. Wow! That was an interesting read… This time 2 years ago I started a pretty intense relationship and I believe there were a couple of different retrogrades incl mars… It’s taken me a while to get over it but now looking at your notes, it makes sense why we’ll very likely never speak to each other again…

      So are you saying that if we want the relationship to last, we should ideally postpone the sex until Mars goes direct (May 20 right?)? Otherwise between now and May 20th, get it on with people you won’t necessarily want an emotional connection to? Is that what I’m understanding? Because if so, I need to rearrange my brand new little black book. Please let me know… Preferably before the weekend is out. Lol!

  66. Thanks for this! My Natal 12th House Mars is at 26 Aries, so this one will be interesting!! I have a Moon Mars Opposition natally too which is getting a direct hit. As is my Lilith at 27 Libra!! Thanks for the heads up.. 😉 Duck and cover time..

  67. What about work? I’ve been reading on mercury retrograde and decided not to start shooting my film project till it was over. Now I hear about this mars retograde lol. I’m anxious to start and I know it may seem superstitious but should I be concerned. It’s a passion project that I don’t want to procrastinate on but I don’t want to go down in flames either. Pursue or delay? One scheduled for March 15 & another end of the month and beginning of April.

    1. If you stopped doing or planning life during a retrograde, you would do nothing, as there is always an entity that is retrograde.

    2. I don’t want to influence your decision, but you should know that there is another Mercury retrograde starting as soon as this Mars retrograde finishes. I am having troubles deciding at which point I should have a minor surgery and I think I will do it during Mars retrograde.

  68. As Linda Goodman used to say, don’t take my word for it, go try it for yourself, and report back. This was we continue to grow our body of research, so to speak. Mars Rx does not discriminate the same way Mercury doesn’t, it isn’t a function of who you are or where it’s transiting your chart. It hits us all, it simply jinxes new relationship IF they are physically consummated at that time. And that means genital contact, not even penetration, though definitely that too. Mars rules sex, so yeah. I haven’t figured out really why sex with people you’ve already been with isn’t jinxed too, probably because it didn’t begin under Mars, the same way a car or computer you bought when Mercury was direct keeps running during subsequent Rx periods. Yet I can tell you this is the one retrograde transit to look forward to every couple years, because you truly get to put your body on the line for the good of astrology. There are only so many cheap watches and mechanical pens you can buy to test Mercury, and only so many times you will try a new hairstyle during Venus Rx. This one is actually fun. Woe to those of you right now who are dating and your first time will likely be in the next two months, all I can say is that if you really, really like/love this person and want to keep seeing them, please don’t dare it. Wait until May, as painful as it may be. If you say bunk to all this, simply try it for yourself, with anyone new, and watch what happens.

    1. Hmm so what about me being born with Mars Retrograde, does what you said apply to all of my sexual liaisons *unless* they’re started during Mars retrograde periods? I’m still single now, soooo…? 😛

  69. I just found out that my first boyfriend has Mars retrograde in Libra. We were both 15 when we started dating and we were together for a year and a half during which he never ever confronted me. That’s actually why I left him in the end. When it became obvious he had no opinion of his own about anything, I started provoking it, but he would still go with anything I say or do. I was obnoxious by the end of our relationship, I even cheated on him openly and talked about it to him openly, but there was still not a sign of anger on his side so I left. 10 years later when we met I told him I was sorry about my behavior and I couldn’t believe he put up with me at that time, but he said “Why? There was nothing to put up with, you were wonderful, I would do it all over again.”

    At that time I didn’t know anything about astrology and I even thought it was bullshit because this guy for example is an Aries and they should be brave, impulsive, angry and all that. But Mars is incredibly important in a male chart, maybe even more important than the Sun, or at least equally as the Sun. I always attract guys with weak Mars, probably because my Mars is weak in Libra and I have Sun/Neptune opposition so I guess they only reflect the poor state of my own ego. I could write an entire post about that, but what I wanted to say is that if we are all going to feel like my first boyfriend during the next 2 months then we are probably really going to repress that anger to some unreachable places. Frankly, I can’t even imagine that now because I am feeling extremely nervous and pretty angry these days. I hope I manage this because with my natal Mars in Libra, even though it is direct, I have issues with anger management and I had to learn to work with it consciously and I am still clumsy with expressing it and sometimes I overreact.

    1. Funny your story about your ex, I dated a guy when I was 24 who was 2 months older than me so also had Mars in Libra, however mine was natally retrograde and his wasn’t (mine is also in the 12th whereas I’m pretty sure his was in the 9th or thereabouts). He would get really upset with me for “never having an opinion on anything” and hated my overwhelming tendency to avoid confrontation at any cost. One time he badgered me so much that I finally got angry and told him that the reason I didn’t offer opinions was because I didn’t care about the subject matter he was discussing enough to deal with a confrontation that I knew he would most likely dominate anyway, because he had that type of personality that loved to argue and he was intelligent/charismatic/attractive enough that he would nearly always win, and he was Aquarius so of course knew a lot about a lot about nearly every subject imaginable (I no longer date Aquarians, for the record).

      So yeah, I wonder if the retro was really influential there. I will say that in my late 20’s I finally started excavating my buried rage and “will to fight” and had to work through so much toxic stuff to finally get there, had to move into “I hate myself and hate being alive” territory before I could really find it and grab onto it, and it’s been a really tough road to even make it this far, but at least now I have the ability to set boundaries and stand up for myself, which I never really had before. I’m still working on it, it’s like a muscle that atrophied and needs to be exercised, stretched, and strengthened, but with conscious awareness work, it can definitely be healed I think… though I doubt I will ever become someone who “goes looking for an argument.”

  70. Actually mars doing a turn around while in sextile to natal mars may be amping up the passion in a not so good way too eh? Theres an eclipse on this point later on too, I am so not amused and not able to hide it 🙁

    1. oops adding the turn around is on my ascendant or my comment wont make any sense, not that my brain seems to be connected to the words flowing from me lately any way

    2. I know I go on a bit at times, but I am really concerned about this coming cardinal cross, so I am looking forward to reading your take on it Marina and hoping I can get a grasp on it with a bit of foresight.

      My natal moon is in 12th house at 14 Libra, it conjunct Poseidon, sextile BML in 10th and quincunx Venus in 7th, fortunately my merc in cancer is at 8 so just out of range of Jupiter. Saturn in scorp has been bringing many back into my sphere especially males who my 12th house moon has had me allow myself to be the scapegoat for their choices to avoid their responsibilies and have me cop the blame and carry the burden of the shame which I would usually just walk away from, yet not this time. I dont do mars energy very well so yeah, simply trying to breathe just now as I am already having that moon squared by pluto …gulp

  71. WoW!~So good to be in the company of so many Mars in Libra as we traverse these so difficult trials of Love and Relationships.Central to me in the search for meaning of life here,and as Shirley McLaine once said~”everything else just props on the stage”…..but then this Mars conjunct Asc 12th has Juno VERY close there as well,but in the 1st.

  72. this mars retro is definitely making me nervous as it is in both my 7th and 8th house, crossing over my Pluto on the cusp of the 8th. i started a juicy and fulfilling relationship with a Scorpio mars in Libra native back in April. however he’s much younger than me and we haven’t talked all the way through the realities of having kids etc. i have Mars in Cancer so we both have passive-aggressive tendencies, although the fact that my mars trines my Pisces ascendant and his trines his Jupiter in Aquarius lends us some integrated oomph. since i have 4 planets in Leo i like the fact that he keeps the peace without being a pushover. i think we’ve both realized that our intimate connection allows us to explore our darksides like we haven’t with anyone else before, so i’m going to take this opportunity to transform my reactive tendencies and refine under pressure like a diamond. if this transit does indeed find him being more assertive and me more cooperative/submissive i’ll be delighted. he’s a powerful man and i would welcome a partnership with someone who can take the lead for a change!

  73. I don’t understand all this, but I know enough to be a little worried about a Mars retrograde as it pertains to me. I have the sun, venus and mars in Aries in the 3rd house. Moon in Sag. in the 10th and Aquarius rising. I am in a personal HOLDING pattern and this energy is making me neurotic, and that was true with the Mercury retro., now coming to a wind down. Not sure I’m ready for a Mars retro. My husband is a Sag. with Taurus rising and Aquarius moon. We’re both bouncing off the walls getting ready to DO SOMETHING! But, as I say, all in a holding pattern. It’s not pleasant. Maybe those of you who understand the subject of astrology could lend some advice? We are looking to sell our townhome and relocate out of state, but as I say, NOTHING is moving forward, nor do I see it moving forward for a while longer. Any suggestions? We’re at a loss.

    1. April ~ I put my house on the market in October, knowing these RX’s were up-coming, and would slow things down. I have plenty of time to sort/pack and network arrangements for my move. I’m the one settling my realtor’s nerves here, instead of the other way around! Jupiter RX in Cancer hasn’t been best for her business.

      I expect matters to fall together with a sale by April and my eventual move out of state by late spring, when Mars is direct again, and Saturn coming to the end of its upcoming RX cycle. Consider that Saturn will be finally entering Sag’ at the holidays (a new hearth to tend by then?), and that these RX periods are very useful for reflecting on what you really want, and what’s packing out the door when you go.

      I’d go ahead and list your property. Real estate is not moving as rapidly as the Monday morning economic reports would have us believe.

      Best ~ Moira

    2. Thank you so much for responding; it makes me feel like it’s just not ME who’s experiencing all this craziness. Our house has been on market since last Sept., but I did not know about the Mars RX until just now. I don’t follow this stuff as closely, but I should apparently. My husband and I are both real estate agents in Bend, OR, so I hear you on the jitters. Again, much appreciated.

    3. I thought of you today when I was listening to a weekly finances program I tune into. The querent wondered how she and her husband should go about consolidating two properties (one with an extra saleable lot) in Asheville, NC (which is a high demand market). They also own some property in Mexico they’d like to develop for a seasonal retreat. They want to sell what they have in Asheville to build a smaller home in that area (maybe on their extra lot).

      The program advisory ? Sell. There was no hem-haw here. Sell, consolidate, and secure as much profit as possible in the process to invest into accessible living expenses for the next 20-30 years. Do not take out loans to re-build.

      The message was clear. If you’re in a position to divest yourself of valuable property, do it, and trust as little of your profits to the banks. I’m no gloomy-doomy astrologer, but it was easy-peasy to read between the lines of this advisory interview.

      Keep in mind that Jupiter in Cancer has been RX for months now … and goes direct in a few days. What’s good for your community, can finally start moving ahead. I’d suggest we keep in mind that what’s good for our personally defined communities may not be everyone else’s idea. And with Jupiter in Cancer this long while, what we should have a strong appreciation for is our personal definition of community ~ where and how we prefer to be; for whom and how.

      Best fortune, April !

  74. Hi there, I’m wondering if you can offer insight here as I’m feeling the massiveness of this Mars retrograde already.

    I have Sun, Uranus, and Mars in Scorpio in the 12th house at 3,7, and 12 degrees, respectively; with Jupiter in Taurus in the 7th, and Neptune in Sag in the 1st (my 12th house ruler placements). My Mars squares my 9th house Saturn in Leo. And, as far as I understand, Saturn is still retro in Scorpio?

    Things have been – churning. I have multiple major “already initiated” but new, work and life endeavors well underway coming to culmination/expression in the coming 30-60 days; I also have a long term relationship that only recently has started to stabilize after much difficulty in the past 6 months.

    All of this Mars retro talk has me very concerned… especially given that seemingly, suddenly, I cannot focus at ALL. A week ago? All engines full throttle, top of the world. Now? Watching the minutes pass and wondering how it’s possible my own discipline and willpower are not enough to make me move and do the things that need doing. And I have much expected of me in the weeks to come – with time running out. I’m beginning to wonder, and fear.

    Any smidgeon of insight would be deeply appreciated….

    Thank you!

  75. As a Libra cusp Scorpio ( 21 Oct), I was hit hard on the 5th February with financial news pertaining to work, there has been such unrest during February, misunderstandings, nothing is clear, everyone else in the office knows more about what was planned for me than I do……. I still don’t know what is really going on, tried to speak to my egocentric Boss who is a Leo, arrogant and full of lies and deceipt, Said he will sort everything out and let the other Directors know that he is my boss etc, yet he has a “fish tail” and no spine…… so until now, there is no e.mail stating anything…….. as he did sell me down the river (as he claimed he would never do) and wants to always look like MR NICE GUY. I also heard they selling where I have lived for a long time, unsettling right now as workwise Im, taking on so much more work with hardly much extra pay. But have decided as I can’t fight what is going down, will just go with the flow and make my moves out slowly where possible. I am going in for a small operation in April, hope this is a good time to go under the knife?? As I believe Mercury is coming back into retrograde later in June and October, what is that effect going to have on Libra, is everything going to turn upside down again in the worst way?? any advise here please.

    1. Hi Karin,
      I have a friend born October 22 who also was forced to take three weeks medical leave with no pay last month. I think they wanted to hustle her off as well. I told her to go with the flow, look for another job while she was on leave. I have Neptune squaring my Ascendant this year, and “everything is green and submarine” right now for me too. To quote Barry Stevens, “Don’t push the river, it flows by itself.”

      I’d make the surgery appointment, but re-schedule if you see things aren’t going well the days before the surgery.

  76. Enjoyed this. Mars is rx in my natal chart. I was in my late 30s working on a project when I got an off the cuff evaluation from a respected co-worker. He told me I was very effective in my work and getting the job done even though I did not take the most direct route. That’s the first time it hit me. Long way around sometimes. And the frustration that can come with that. It takes alot of resolve.

    And ‘karmic re-balancing’. What a kind way to put it. I know you don’t do houses but it’s in my 4th, top of 3rd decan natally, 2nd decan progressed, in pisces. Will check your site for pisces decans. But ye gads, karmic re-balancing, it was all there in my bio unit. I re-united with them all 20 years ago. What alot of pain and frustration to work through. They are all very distinct individuals with their own unique underpinnings. The collusion, though, was unbelievable. The tangled web. I worked through alot of it with the pictures that came up of other times and places and situations. Not real pretty much of the time. I can’t really thank them for the workout though, after the crap they put me through. But I can let em go.

    1. And if I had had children, I suppose I would have had to work it out through them. That would have been torture for my cancer moon.

    2. Hi, I plan to launch my business in healing with the stars soon but there has been a few setbacks to get my website up and although I just started teaching a spiritual course I still feel so far away from having the clients I want, running the workshops I desire and getting things up and off the ground. My birthday is 19.5 80. What is the best time for me to launch myself?

  77. How do you guys feel so far? I am just so full of anger and it has been going on since Mars hit the station. Nothing repressed here so far.

    1. Hi Stardust, yes it is very very challenging, as Mars and Saturn went rx, the passion to point out the unethical cruelty of “the system” rose, yet went inwards partly to see where we mentally adhere ourselves often quite cruelly to those societal rules and expectations, quite anger inducing and incredibly frustrating, not easy to calm yet is the best tack to take for ones own health sake. I have clients who also work in fields that work with the brain mechanisms who have confirmed this past week and weekend that the incidence of strange unexpected brain impulses and the resulting affect have been higher that the “norm” this is made more acute by fear and anxiety, thus calming self even if requiring a natural sedative, is likely to help the most. It to me due to the way they have described it directly representing Uranus part in all of this, and it will be for something good to change, we just need to adapt with the changes by letting flow (not at others) those emotions to not build pressure that will add to the current affects on our physicality. I hope that makes sense, I try to relay these things as simply as I am able, to quote a brilliant line from a movie, “We are all alone, yet we are all together in that too” Blessings to you

    2. Thank you Debbie, in my case it IS an internal conflict between the wish to break free and fear of further destruction of adopted mental structures. I didn’t know you are a spiritual teacher, that’s so good to know. Last April I had an unexpected full blown Kundalini awakening followed by extreme anxiety and loads of repressed material. I have been working on integrating my shadow since then and I am still going through emotional extremes and very strong pre-conscious fears ( I don’t know if this is a phrase in English, but that’s what my therapist calls those fears). I have always been intuitively scared of sedatives (and almost all pharmaceutical drugs) so I don’t use them, I am letting the process unfold naturally with a support of a psychologist. Honestly, I am afraid of the idea of repressing anything ever again so I am keeping my eyes fully opened on this Mars retrograde and the only thing I noticed was this huge surge of rage since it hit the station. I have an Aries Moon in my natal chart, so I guess it is logical that Mars transits effect my emotional well-being. One astrologer on Youtube said that while retrograde, Mars energy is not fully repressed but rather goes through extreme peaks and lows. I guess I will just have to see what’s true along the way. But anyhow I wanted to know how other people feel this shift (if they feel it at all).

      And a few pages ago we discussed whether to have surgery during Mars retrograde and I did have it today. Three minor procedures – one mole on my back and two small hemangioma on my upper lip all successfully removed. I will see how the recovery goes now. I read somewhere that the 2nd house and Taurus rule the part of your face below nose, so Mars transit in my 2nd house and scalpel on my lip would fit this perfectly 🙂

    3. Oh, one more thing – I also broke my tooth and had some bleeding last night, so I had to go the dentists today as well. I thing that’s more Mars in the 2nd. Anyhow, broken teeth always have to do with anger materializing in the body so that’s one more manifestation. I should probably hit some pillows more often. And I just found out a boxing club opened in the neighborhood so I think I am going to have some workouts there.

  78. Please dont take offence by this comment, I simply share it as I have needed to remind myself of this in this type situation before, being a spiritual teacher myself. Being a representative of the unseen world indicates having faith in it and understanding the nature of all that is Divine follows a process of Divine Timing and Divine order, thus if ones intent is to teach this, there is a need to be living by divine lore, thus as well as serving one needs to be living it. It therefore comes back to faith, if this is what is to be, it will be when the timing is perfect for success and ones fears, frustrations etc are giving opportunity to heal the beliefs of mind that are causing this, while being patient for the intended service to be up an going, even a public website as all that is divinely, spiritually, occultly given,to be made manifest follows this lore which as a teacher and servant you “know” at a deep level?

    It is confronting, I empathise, especially in these changing times when what is “occult” is so obviously to spiritual servants valuable now, the timing however, will be perfect for the perfect outcome. Namaste

  79. anybody else’s relationship blow up in their face already? my Mars and Venus in Libra mate is moving out without warning…Saturn Return in the 12th driving him back to his habitual bachelor’s solitude, apparently coupled with a deap-seated fear of the imaginary baby we’re having in 4 or 5 years. Sigh.

  80. An update from me: I have a situation festering with two exes from the period of Saturn in Libra. I left the Leo guy for Cancer guy in 2010 but nothing solid ever came out of it and things were never brought to a conclusion with him. I thought at least the story with the Leo guy was over, but it turns out it is not. I bumped into the Cancer guy 3 weeks ago and the Leo guy called me yesterday and then again today and he is really serious about getting back together. The Cancer guy is avoiding the talk so I gave him a piece of my mind and cut him off, but none of these stories is really over. I hope things will finally get exciting because my love life has been dead for ages.

  81. I met a Gemini March 1 and felt it was a real connection. We had dinner March 5 and it seemed to well until he went a bit to far with me in the goodnight kiss. Now no word. Capricorn w taurus rising at 21 degrees,. Bummed since the romance area has been barren for me for 3 years.

    1. That’s the thing with Gemini men. They, and all Geminis are a dual sign. The men being more so, IMO. They can be totally engaging with you and the next minute they act like you don’t exist. I think with you being a Capricorn, this would not be a match anyway. Keeping looking for more compatible signs for you – other earth or water, depending on your other placements. Where is your Mars? You’ll be looking for that sign man. Good luck.

    2. HI,

      mars in the 7th or 12th house I think. I keep attracting Geminis and they are usually bad news for me. It’s weird, but the Taurus’s always seem to turn out flakey or cheat and with that being my rising sign I don’t get it.

      Venus in Aquarious, 7 planets in scorpio . Saturn in Sag.

    3. It sounds like you’re looking for a water sign, perhaps Cancer man, who may be more emotionally available and less likely to run off, KWIM? Best of luck to you. If you have Venus in Aquarius that’s the Gemini connection. You like the intellectual stimulation. I get it; I have Aquarius rising, but I’m an Aries married to a Sag. It’s worked out but boy we can but some heads at times. Ha!

  82. Hi, Maria.
    Best date to sign mediation agreement for friendly divorce?
    Papers are ready, but holding off as Mars is retrograde, and we are still a family, with a child, so I am trying my best to be amicable.

    Please advise on when to sign papers?

    I have Cancer Sun, Libra moon.
    My husband Libra Sun, Cancer Moon.
    Thanks very much!


    1. I am going through the same and certainly didn’t hang back during Mercury Retrograde. I really don’t like to advise without looking at it in detail. But if this is about mediation and it’s friendly anyway you might be ok to go for it now. Maybe by the time everything is resolved Mars will be direct.

    2. You sound like a match with those alignments. Sorry to hear about the divorce. IMHO you’re fine with mediation now with Mars retro in Libra. Just my 2 cents.

  83. I am a scorpio. I’ve been with a Libra guy for the past 10 years who broke up with me and suddenly left me with another woman who he claims he loves. Will his feelings change when mars retrogade finishes?

    1. Who can say, maybe? But by then will you care? Best to let the runners run; start looking for a new project. You have the power to recreate more than he does (Scorpio!) so go with a new plan. It’s best to keep browsing; you’ll get a keeper next time.

    2. Thank you for the answer april! It’s just that we have a 7 – year old. this is the first time he did this and I was kind of thinking that maybe its because of Mars retrogade. I am still devastated.

    3. No, I don’t think the retrograde has anything to do with the action; perhaps the timing of the action is relevant, however. I am sorry you have a child with someone who would not have a better sense of responsibility. I would get some counseling to help you over the emotional trauma. In any case, to get back to your original question – IF there is to be any resolution it wouldn’t come until probably July when Mars is completely direct again. However, that being said, you would never trust him again, so what’s to be gained? You are stronger than this; don’t let it defeat you. Not to sound trite, but when one door slams, another opens; you just need to walk through it when you see the crack. Until then, work on getting you and your child on emotionally stronger footing. I hope the runner plans to be financially responsible for his actions; if not, you’ll have to pursue him within the legal system. I know it really hurts, but it will get better given time. It really will. Keep telling yourself that “tomorrow will be better” and it will be.

    4. I agree with April. Sorry for the loss, but what will be the gain if this person returns because ‘it didn’t work out?’

    1. From Allison DuBois’s fan page on Facebook. Might explain a few things:
      We’re in the last 3 days of a sun in Pisces and the moon is now in Libra. These are romantic aspects and one of the softer combos in my opinion. People are having trouble focusing right now because the sun in Pisces makes most feel like their head is swimming. Aries will bring focus and energy to us all, that kicks in on the 20th. Drivers will be extra bad today and tomorrow with their head in the clouds, so don’t multi-task while you drive. Libras will be in rare form today wanting to ‘right fight’, debate and argue. Right now Virgo is at the tail end of their opposition, I know it was a doozy! Aries is being opposed right now by the moon in Libra for just a couple of days. So Aries be careful of head injuries and know that migraines will be common. Aries, today is not a good day to be aggressive so do yourselves a favor and keep your cool. Enjoy the energy right now, I worry about Thurs. when the sun will be in Aries which rules war, and a moon in Scorpio, which is retaliatory energy. Two signs that I’d only want to see if you need someone to have your back! Fingers crossed that war doesn’t break out for any of our allies. Happy Manic Monday!!

  84. I am Aries. My sex drive has completely disappeared… This is very unusual for me. Mars retrograde?

    1. IDK, I’m an Aries too and mine disappeared a long time ago. Lots of other considerations other than Mars retro. See what happens after the sun enters Aries tomorrow, that should heat something up. Fingers crossed.

    2. I’m an Aries too, my sex drive is fine nothing changed, but I think a lot about going to gym and sport and my masculine image. I noticed there’s an increase of athletic interest among other guys around me. (their sun sign isn’t Aries)

      Sorry for my bad english.

  85. I have aries rising and am feeling like I’m inside a mental prison with this retrograde also. Libido is unstable and crossed.

    1. I hear you on the mental issues. It’s good to share these things so you get confirmation that’s it not just YOU who is experiencing these “madness moments.”

  86. Aries Sun. I’m experiencing the opposite, libido healing; completely unexpected, but a lovely process.

  87. I’m a scorpio ascendent. Mars R libra and virgo.. 12th house 11th house. Although I’m back to my meditation.. But my friends are giving me a really tough time! Or wonder If its my own head. Although I’m guilty for breaking a friend’s trust around for another guy a year back..I kinda knew she liked him but I still went for him. But now I’m deeply in love (or maybe insanely infatuated) with him. God knows what’s in store for me ahead. I wish I can reconcile with her though. Fingers crossed!

    1. Humm….sounds like an issue that may not be resolved with the other woman. I know these things hurt; all is fair in love and war, sort of vibe. Personally, ID think you can steal someone’s man unless the man wants to go. Maybe focus on forgiving yourself for whatever “wrong” you “think” you did. Of course wrong is subjective language. In truth there is no wrong, just experiences. Try to send love and “I’m sorry” to her in your meditation. Of course, sort of an actual “come to God” conversation, that’s about as far as you can go. Other people judging you or the situation is well, frankly, their problem/issue. Hope it all works out for your highest good.

  88. I’m a Cancer with Cancer rising, moon in Capricorn. Mars is retrograde in Sag in my natal chart. I have always been curious how those with a planet in retrograde at the time of birth experience times when that planet is in retrograde. I hope this isn’t a silly question.

  89. I’m a Scorpio ascendent and find I’m still seething over the fact my ex is dating a women he worked with and kept denying he was ‘close’ with. We broke up in August 2012 so it’s been a while. They made their relationship official on Facebook in December of 2013. His Pluto is at 14 degrees Libra and I think is also a Libra ascendant so I’m wondering how the retrograde and Cardinal Cross will play out for him. I find I’m unhealthily hoping karma will bite him in the a** but I think he truly deserves it after the way he treated me and most likely was messing around with his current girlfriend behind my back.

  90. I feel you Elen. I think all women would have this reaction, especially one with any major Scorpio anything in their chart. And you may be right……he might get bitch-slapped in the end. I know it’s really hard to do, but you know you’ll have to let this sh*t go. Focus on new relationships and positive vibes. Remember, what you focus on, expands; that’s good AND not so good depending on the focus. Keep love in your heart, and picture him hanging on the Cardinal Cross. XO

  91. I have a friend who is an Aries Sun and Aries Moon and she has been flirting with a guy for 5 months now. Yesterday things finally got intimate but he couldn’t get it up. Someone wrote about that on this topic earlier. Btw, I don’t know anyone who had sex since Mars turned retrograde, except for people who had already been together for a long time.

    1. My friend had that happen to him recently too. Disappointing for all concerned…

    2. Yes, that has happened to a lot of Aries people. Here in the US with Mars retrograde in Libra there are a lot of injustices being done to many people.

    3. I am sorry to hear that Char.
      I am a Gemini Sun and since Mars turned retrograde I met a lot of guys. I am having fun, flirting and kissing a different guy every time I go out, but I haven’t tried being intimate with any of them. I haven’t been interested in anything past a little fun, except with one guy who chatted with me for days after we met, asked me out and then disappeared the moment we were about to set a specific time to meet. It is bizarre, but it has happened to me too many times in the past 3 years, so I am not even sure if I can attribute it to Mars retrograde. Maybe it is Neptune on my DC.

    4. Greg, is your friend an Aries? This guy is now very embarrassed and he is avoiding my friend although she has been very supportive. Let’s keep in touch here when Mars turns direct to talk about what happens then.

    5. Oh, btw, the guy from my story who is with my Aries friend is not an Aries, he is a Gemini with Mars in Gemini.

    6. Geminis like to talk during sex; it’s a turn-on. If his Mars is also in Gemini, it’s literally sounds like he was too much in his head to get into his body. Who knows? 90% of sex is in the head – no pun intended – so ???

    7. They did it! Although Mars is still retrograde they tried again and everything runs smoothly now 🙂

  92. What does this mean…

    “I’m thinking of the “Thornbirds” now! This romance might stay “courtly” for a very long time, very like another simmering love story “Brief Encounter.” That is until it messily explodes on May 20, so keep some wet wipes handy..”

    That people can’t resist anymore and give in…or that things end? Thanks!

    1. The statement was ‘wet wipes’…..that’s cleaning up after SEX , not tears. Bravo and it’s about time – hope it is true.

    2. I’m glad I’m not the only one who took it that way. Ha ha! 🙂

    3. I was wondering! “all of the above”

      This IS DarkstarAstro!

    4. Wanted to provide an update. : ) No wet wipes were required (sadly) – lol. “Ralph” (Thorn Birds Reference) seemed to be “over” the guilt – but just for the day. Wednesday was back to tearing napkins and being high strung. Virgo Sun/Virgo Rising/Cancer Moon.

    5. “wet wipes ready” means u might need them to wipe tears….so it might end on a sad note 🙂 i guess…..

  93. Can’t help but wonder how the kidnapped Nigerian girls play into this scenario. I am hoping for positive resolution for the girls. Would like your interpretation Marina.

  94. I’m a natal mars rx. Always have to take time to re-evaluate and decide. I was never allowed anger like other people. In the familial unit, people can blow off steam all the time and I have to deal with it and let it go. But if I get angry they will talk about it for days like I committed some mortal sin. But yet they bully me. So I took to leaving situations before they could get to me. Preventative maintenance. 😀 But then a couple of them would call and accuse me of being angry. They did not understand that I left so I did not have to be angry. What I’m left with is that anger does not feel good. I actually get feeling sick about it if I get angry, so I avoid it. It’s more about taking a stand for my well being and setting limits. Turning people back when they are on the attack and just plain letting it go. I was taking on stuff that really did not belong to me.

    1. Hey notch–

      I relate a lot to what you’re saying here, I not only have Mars Rx natally but it’s also in Libra AND in my 12th house AND inconjunct both my Sun & Moon, so talk about having an impossible time owning my anger… I believed most of my life that my anger is cruel, unloving, and unacceptable. I disconnected from it subconsciously and then these “lost” parts of me would come back and attack me over and over, either through panic attacks internally or outward via other people. I finally realized that it was my own judgments that were causing this situation, that I needed to find a way to own, embrace, and incorporate my anger into my personality because it had something really important to tell me, which is that I have been allowing people to violate me for decades in a million ways because I was unable to set boundaries for myself. This is the family pattern too–you have to act happy and nice and sweet and never let anyone “outside” know what’s really going on–that is the worst betrayal. I am an empath so I pick up everyone’s crap, internalize it and believed it was mine for so long. Finally I got so depressed that I was feeling suicidal nearly every other day, and that’s when I finally found my will to fight and my will to set boundaries. I realized that it’s one thing if other people attack or violate me, but it’s another if I ALLOW them to do it as a way of avoiding confrontation. So I started fighting back, and it got really intense for a few years. Everyone is still mad at *me* for changing, for “rocking the boat” and they’ve taken very little responsibility for their part in the dynamic, but I’m still hopeful that that will change once I’m finally able to release everything that’s not really mine (still working on it). But I love my anger so much now, and I’m so grateful for the empowerment it has provided me. I’m still working on areas where I have major residual terror caused my trauma that I don’t even remember, and it’s a major balancing act of processing fear, then anger, then sometimes both at once, sometimes grief… but now I think this healing is the entire purpose of this lifetime for me and I see that it DOES work, so I don’t mind it as much as I used to. 🙂

      I do distance myself from certain people at times when I get the inner signal to, but since this is an internal dynamic, it will follow me wherever I go until it’s resolved, so I try to take responsibility for my manifestations of conflict as well. Self acceptance has really helped. My Rx Mars actually progressed direct when I was 18, which was about the time I realized that my body actually experienced sexual urges–prior to that it didn’t and so I bought into the religious doctrine that sex is something “evil and wrong”–I was terrified of it! Ugh, so much BS to clear and heal on this planet… keep up the good work everyone 🙂

    2. This so reminds me of my friend. Her Mars is 12th H. Pisces, opposite Pluto in the 6th. I am glad you both (Ava and Notch) have overcome the internal anger issues and moved on, despite the grumbling relatives.
      My friend is still fighting her pre-verbal abuse and neglect nearly 50 years later. Your stories encourage me that she will finally resolve some of that and be happier with herself. Best wishes, Greg.

    3. Greg–so sorry to hear that about your friend! The tough part is that these things are ingrained at the subconscious/emotional imprinting level and can only be accessed through conscious self-awareness, judgment release and energy work if the patterns are to be truly changed. The path is excrutiatingly long and arduous but WELL worth it… probably sounds ridiculous to hear that coming from a 32 year-old but I’ve been working on this every single day for the last 7+ years and I’m very focused/committed when I have a goal, it has FELT like a lifetime and indeed some of these lost parts of me have been fragmented out repeating these patterns for multiple lifetimes I believe, and when I tap into them I feel everything they have felt… anyway it’s a little complicated but yes, there is hope. 🙂 Probably part of why I was born Taurus sun in this lifetime is because no other sign would have the stamina/stubborn plodding determination to take on a “project” like this… not that I had a choice, my life was falling apart and I had nowhere to go but down and into my subconscious and all the things I’d been avoiding there. Anyway best of luck to your friend!

    4. Thank you, sweetie. You have accomplished a lot in just 32 years. Don’t sell yourself short! 🙂

  95. People have been “going off” all over the place since Mars stationed direct. I see it and in myself, of course, too. I guess the productive part is by releasing parts of the volcano, it doesn’t all erupt at once. By keeping a lid on it, you’re only inviting disaster. Healthier out, than in, but, of course, with limits. You can’t smash your bosses face in, even though you can get some of the stuff out that’s been gnawing at you.

    1. Right on the money, Nancy. My husband and I have been warring over the past two evenings; of course, the wine probably doesn’t help that. It’s good that we share here so we know it’s not just us experiencing this crazy energy. I sort of wonder when Ukraine is going to blow up, as I see that coming “out” too, unfortunately. Putin is a Libra. Sigh…..keep sharing; it’s cheaper than therapy. 🙂

  96. I have definitely noticed the personal impact with Mars direct, with a much stronger energy.

  97. I have a friend who is a Scorpio with Aquarius rising and she got into an on and off affair with a married man (my friend is single) 10 years older than her. They met last summer, kept in touch for a couple of moths, then didn’t have any contact until Mars went retrograde in March. It was just as you described it here – very courtly all the time until yesterday when they had sex for the first time but that didn’t go well because he had difficulties getting it up. The are both reeeeeally burdened by guilt. Besides him being married, they also live in different cities so seeing each other is very challenging every time and they can only meet very rarely.

  98. Sex life got better after mars direct but love life didn’t. Leo guy running hot and cold, now no affection or sex with mercury rx.

    1. I’m in the same boat as you, Char. Wonder if Mars in Scorpio will feel any better, come mid-July?

  99. So now that mercury is retro AGAIN, I’m wondering if my fricken house is ever going to sell and WHEN? So frustrating this whole year. Can anyone advise? House on market for 8.5 mos., not over-priced, everyone loves it when they see it, it’s apparently just a timing thing. I’m sun Aries, Sag moon and Aquarius rising. My natal mercury is in Taurus (my only earth sign), with 5 planets in fire the rest in air. Oh, and I’m a real estate broker so I’m the one who should know this answer, but apparently NOT. Living at a very popular tourist destination in central Oregon. Somebody please give me a clue on timing. TIA

    1. You may not like this, but here goes anyway: get a small statue of St. Joseph, bury it upside down, and facing the direction you want to move to. if you can put it next to the “For Sale” sign, all the better. After your house sells, dig up the statue. Then you must either put it in a place of honor in your new home or pass the statue along to a friend. You don’t have to be Catholic to do this. ( and Hope that helps.

  100. Hello Marina!

    I would like to ask you a question – I am studying hard for a competitive exam which I have to take in 2016. However, the dates for applying to that examination fall entirely within the Mars retrograde period.

    I have heard that “When Mars is retrograde; whoever initiates, loses.” Do you think that my chances for clearing this exam are damaged from the beginning? After all, everyone in the country who writes this exam will have to apply within the same time-frame, right?

    Please let me know…

  101. Hello Marina
    Thank you for all your excellent work…your tireless service to us…
    You are a true Angel….
    I would like to finf=d out more about
    as you put it…THE DARK SIDE OF NEPTUNE…
    and also stelliums..the man I love has Merc/Venus/Mars in Pisces…
    and I think he does exhibit the darker side of Neptune…
    Where could I find more info?
    I looked all over your site but could not find it…
    also how much do you charge for a natal reading?
    I suscribe to your newsletters and love them..
    Thank You for that too…

  102. Hey Marina, I need to buy a new computer. Do I still have enough time before Mars turns Retrograde, or is the shadow of Mars retro also a bad time to purchase computers?
    Love your posts. X Kyls

    1. I think it’s fine to buy a new computer. Mars shadow is a long time and a computer is not really a Mars item, unless you use it to bash someone over the head! BUT try and get it before the next Mercury retrograde in April/May.
      Apr 14 Enters Shadow
      29 Apr to 22 May Rx – 14º Taurus to 23º Taurus
      Jun 6 Exit Shadow

  103. If Mars and Saturn appear to be cooperating I think it would only be by coincidence – only because they are in the same area of life and sign not because they play/work well together. The two most challenging energies – and the two most divisive. Lots of severing/separation going on – that to me is the most they have in common.

    1. Yes. Don’t stop life because of retrogrades. Plus you’ll have Mercury and Venus during that time.

  104. Great..I am looking fr work in CA where I live. If I find nothn by May 30th I will have to move to Colorado. I’m a single mom, alone, & broke.

  105. Hi Sag here! I am in a situation where I need to find a good job where I live in CO or move my son & I to Colorado to be closer to his dad. I have till May 30th. Scared nervous & wooried this CA girl will hate CO and not have enough funds.

  106. “brothers who were previously foes, ally together to defeat the ultimate enemy.”

    Sounds like Trump and Sanders to me!!!

  107. Hi, I just wanted to know if the retrograde impacts those who have a stellium in the 8th house?

  108. Marina, this article resonates perfectly with the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard saga. I would be interested in hearing your thoughts about the dynamics at play and how this might all unravel. Johnny Depp’s side is keeping very quiet as if something something big is being planned behind the scenes. Could we see a full fledged legal assault from Johnny’s team when Mars goes direct? When Mars stations direct it looks like it will be a significant trigger in both charts. What are your thoughts?????

  109. The way I primarily experience Mars retrograde is a huge lack of energy. I am sleepy, tired all the time, my whole body feels terribly heavy and I think it sucks. By now I am literally counting days till this is over… 16 more to go… Anybody with similar symptoms?

    1. Yes; I too have overall lack of energy and initiative during this retrograde. I look forward to returning to full creative power, ambition, physical energy and not feeling stuck in mud.

    2. I was really like that on holiday, but I thought that was the sea hypnotising me. This Mars Rx is square my own Mars too though. It was weird because I just wanted to be horizontal all the time. Still do really…

    3. Stardust you nailed it! I literally started fizzling out right when Mars went retrograde. I’m Sag Rising, Virgo Sun, Gemini Moon however my Mars and Venus are in Scorpio, so I guess that is why this is happening. I just feel like a blob that wants to do nothing. 10 more days until we celebrate! Do you have a strong Aries or Scorpio placement? I’m just curious how this affects different people.

  110. I feel all of what you are describing BIG TIME.. I have Mars, Mercury and Sun in Aries this has been one of the roughest retrogrades ever for me.. Had zero energy or much get up and go really having to push myself which is almost alien for me to be like this. Reading a new business venture may be slow gave me lots of hope as i kicked off a venture at the start of all these retrogrades that just hasn’t taken off well.. thanks for all the lovely insight as always <3

  111. June 21-²8 2016 Has been very taxing on me. I have had multiple people come out to wage war on me. Associates, customers and family have all not been thinking clearly. I’m not sure of there signs but I am a Scorpio. I have been in complete shock at these advances against me so much so that I knew something had to be in the air because these people whom I know have had a great deal of respect for me just turned on me overnight. I know their personalities and they are not acting normal. I feel like a target right now who has to maneuver extra carefully until this Mars Rx passes.
    As far as my energy level I am spent, last week completely took the wind out of my sails.

    1. Oh no! I didn’t know about Hawaii. I put this post up weeks ago. Hope they will be ok.

  112. Wonderful insight/analysis as always. I’m a bit confused though, aren’t we only talking about Capricorn decan 3 and Aquarius decan 1?

  113. I was born on 31 Oct 1956 and Mars was still pretty bright , I looked this up. What does it mean for me.? Thank you, I’ve always had a pull strong from Mars.

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