Gemini Horoscope 2021


In 2021 Gemini will learn to…… Fly!

With your Gemini Horoscope 2021 you should be all set for some serious travelling. It could be for business, pleasure or love but whatever the reason, make sure you have some tough new suitcases as you are going to need them. You also get a taste of success in your career when Jupiter enters your 10th house for a few months before returning to your international zone until the end of the year. If for any reason travel is restricted then the connections you make over the internet will be fateful. 

Don’t lose heart if you cannot visit these new friends in the flesh immediately. Just be happy that you have made these far-flung connections for future collaborations or journeys. Generally this year you will find yourself more connected to those many miles away than to those in your immediate neighbourhood. Foreigner and teachers could pull your heartstrings also. Happy globetrotting Gemini whether it is physically or astrally!

Saturn Challenges & Opportunities

This period of your life is preparation for the big one, the pinnacle of the 29 year Saturn cycle where you get Saturn’s mortarboard slapped onto your head.  Right now though, you are in the university of life. You should encounter great teachers and learn much from your travels. No this does not mean obstacles on long journeys unless you purposely choose a country with crap trains!

This is the time to absorb as much culture, spiritual teaching and philosophy as you can. Your mind is certainly open to acquiring knowledge, but you will learn that true wisdom is only attained by being discerning about what information you keep.

Beliefs are questioned at this time, and any dogma tested. Saturn is realistic and won’t be content with a spiritual practise that focuses too much on the life hereafter. Spirit will need to take form in matter and be embodied. All this questioning of your beliefs and ethics should serve you well when you have a status to uphold in the world. Having a public face and responsibilities means your actions affect other people. You will become a role model. But for now, you can enjoy the journey, it’s time to experiment, you can make mistakes while no-one is watching!

Jupiter Growth & Luck

All aboard, all aboard!! Jupiter is at his best in the 9th house of expanding horizons, religion and philosophy. This is where you will want to climb up the highest mountain and take an eagle-eye perspective. As you are now able to see miles ahead, you find that you are better able to predict your future. The pettiness of silly little arguments dissolves into the background and you can feel more optimistic that it’s all part of a grand plan.


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You should have no trouble attracting participants for any teaching groups you start and will learn a great deal from them too. You can also attract a teacher or guru into your life on your travels. Of course, it goes without saying, that foreigners will be important and very influential at this time, whether you are home or abroad.

Practical experience of other cultures and seeing spirituality in action will help you acquire real, grass-roots knowledge rather than blind beliefs. You will want to know things first hand. This practical experience should lead you to throw aside many old prejudices you once carried.

Mars Action Periods

MARCH 4 to APRIL 22 2021 You are so sure of yourself at this time, that seeing the other side of peoples arguments might be quite difficult. It’s not the best time for trying to be forceful with words, nor will you feel like compromising with others. It would be best then, to work things out by yourself at this time. Physical energy is high, so it might be best to shut the mouth up and express yourself through actions instead. No, that doesn’t mean punch someone in the face! Even if you want to thump people, try to channel the aggression into hard work or better still… sex! It shouldn’t be hard to find a willing partner while you have so much animal magnetism about you.

JULY 29 to SEPTEMBER 15 2021 The home turf can be the source of conflict at this time, but this is only because you are more confident about asserting yourself. If you still live with your parents then this can be quite a challenging time as you seek to cut the umbilical. 

There are mixed feelings as you want to maintain the connection but at the same time feel like you have outgrown the nest. If your domestic situation has always been generally supportive then your request for severance should not leave any lasting scars. If you have already left home, this transit will simply play out is a lessening of reliance on family support and a greater step towards independence.

Gemini 2021 Horoscopes

DECEMBER 13 2021 to JANUARY 24 2022 This could be a time when pens are drawn at dawn! Communication between yourself and others seem like they come laced with petrol, as any micro-aggression gets turns into WWIII. Ok, maybe I’m being a bit too dramatic here, but tensions are high in the house of open enemies. You will at least feel quite triggered by your partner’s words, whether they be in business or pleasure. 

It will be quite hard to mix socialising and business at this time, since a few drinks after work loosen the ability to keep things professional… Maybe it would be best to avoid alcohol-fuelled brainstorming with any collaborators at this time because someone is bound to take something the wrong way. Avoid touchy subjects with people you know are difficult and you should be fine.

Magic & Healing

FEBRUARY 21 TO MAY 7 2021 Ceres in your 11th house could inspire you to be more socially aware and support the underdog. So working for charities that deal with abuse, addiction or those in need of refuge may appeal. On the less practical level, you may want to join groups that focus on the occult, spirituality, divination or meditation.

MAY 8 TO JULY 30 2021 Ceres is in your 12th house which has the reputation of being one of ‘self-undoing’ so be very careful of the company you keep during this time. At the very worst, you could get too easily influenced or upset by narcissists, addicts, alcoholics and psychic vampires. Becoming obsessed with a guru or some sort of idol is a possibility at this time. Keep well-grounded and avoid getting involved with Neptunian type people until you can see things more clearly.

JULY 31 TO DECEMBER 25 2021 Your body is like an antenna right now so you will need to learn how to fine-tune it to receive the truth and not lies. This is another reason why keeping your body temple as pure as possible is important so that the messages are not lost in translation. Look after your body with a clean diet and its senses will serve you well.

Gemini Horoscope 2021 artwork: Mixed media collage by Marina using archive photo of Gemini woman Marilyn Monroe

Gemini 2021 Love Horoscope

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January to March

Hi, Gemini, this is your 2021 love horoscope and you should be having a very fated encounter with love affairs this year. You’re halfway through the nodes being in your sign, which means the the north node is in Gemini and the South node is in your seventh house of marriage. That is all about karmic relationships and ones that feel a little bit supernatural. Your love life this year feels like it was destined… or really heavily karmic! It is either going to feel wonderful and euphoric, or “what the hell is this person doing to me and why!?”

There’s no in between really. You also start the year reeling from Venus conjunct the South node in your marriage house that happened on December the 30th of 2020. But I can’t resist adding it to this love horoscope because it is the very end of that year and goes on into New Year, as well. Then January the 1st Venus is still pretty much close to the south node. So I think this is an important moment New Year’s Day.

By New Year’s Day of 2021 you might have met someone. It could have been kisses under the mistletoe already! So hopefully you have, or if not, and you are already in a couple then that was a defining moment when maybe you’ve got an inkling of “this is going to be long term”. It could also have been a really good time for a proposal as well. So you could be celebrating getting engaged. If not, don’t worry, there’s plenty more opportunities. But that was quite a nice little moment to start the year with. So Venus is in your marriage house until January 8th. But on that day, Neptune is making this crazy square with the nodes as well. So there’s still this kind of supernatural connection happening with anybody you meet. Not everyone, but anyone who you feel attracted to.

Now on January the 21st, there is a Neptune/Ceres conjunction at 18º of Pisces, which is also going to be square the nodes. That’s a very psychedelic, off-its-face kind of conjunction so try and keep your feet on the ground! If there are any adventures with your love at this time, they could work like the forbidden fruit a little bit as well. So you might have to resist flirtations from somebody else. And that someone might be very, very charismatic. I would not take the bait! Stay with your steady long term partner if that’s the case. But that will be a bit of a love test there because it’s formed a T square.

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