Aries Horoscope 2021


Aries in 2021 will Learn to… Charm!

The focus on career has finally come to an end for your Aries horoscope 2021. Now you should be able to rest on your laurels somewhat. The Capricorn cluster in one of your most important, foundational areas of your life has dispersed. However, Pluto remains in there until 2023 to mop up the sweat that has fallen from your brow. Aries should be fighting fit in 2021 and ready to reach for the highest peaks now the foundations of your life are rock solid. The stage is set for your to build on those foundations and enjoy the fruits of your success and reputation. Enjoy networking and promotion of what you have achieved.

Saturn Challenges & Opportunities

This period of your life is rich with opportunities to come together with like-minded people and to work as a team. You have learnt to shine as an individual, so now it is time to bring your expertise into group situations. It might be quite a challenge at times because you are still riding on the laurels of your individual successes. Still, you have the chance to take your biggest dreams to the next level, and this will get easier as time progresses. This zone of hopes and wishes has a visionary feel and one where you are inspired by other peoples’ excitement for the future too.

The framework for your wildest fantasies is provided for by Saturn. It is important to network as you have never done before because co-workers will not allow you to do things solo any longer. Once you have attained a certain level of professionalism, it is natural to attract these peers with whom you can compare notes and also enjoy a social life. They will want you integrated into their collective once they recognise your talent. This group Midas-touch can then affect a larger sphere of influence or market, It will feel like you are joining a cartel and this will feel empowering.

Jupiter Growth & Luck

Your Aries horoscope 2021 will be excellent for making new friends! (Apart from May 14 to Jul 28 when Jupiter moves into Pisces ~ Details in the full Mp3 report.) Jupiter blesses you with genuine, joyous and generous connections for the next 12 months. Don’t waste this valuable opportunity and make the effort to expand your social networks and connect with like-minded people. There is also the chance to benefit financially through social media as well, so a little time invested in cyber chat will be well spent. 


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Aries Horoscope 2021


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Don’t waste this valuable time looking at a screen though, get out there and hug real people. 2021 is a very idealistic time where Jupiter allows you to dream your wildest dreams. Take the opportunity to set future intentions and wish upon that most elusive star. Jupiter can make real magic here if you take time out to visualise your fantasies.

This is where friends are really important since more heads are better than one and if you can get together and conjure up a beautiful utopia, so much the better. You can set personal goals too, but this collective energy is best used for the greater good. Having a vision for the long-term future is really important, as any plans will work best if they are farsighted enough to continue to bear fruit for generations to come.

Mars Action Periods

APRIL 23 to JUNE 11 2021 ~ Aries can put a great deal of energy into its domestic situation right now.  Your Aries Horoscope 2021 could see you working on renovations or putting effort into moving house.

There is also a big passion for your roots and motherland if you don’t live in the country of your ancestors.You could have strong feelings of cultural pride and connection with the land. If the two are one and the same, then this bond will be easier. If not then you will feel the need to learn more about your native heritage in order to feel anchored and secure. You might also feel like fighting for your land too.

Aries 2021 Horoscope

SEPTEMBER 15 to OCTOBER 29 2021 ~ Woaahh! Mars in the house of open enemies could be interesting in your Aries 2021 horoscope. You will certainly know who your friends are and you might well need them on your side when defending yourself against the wild mob who are hurling knives at you.

Ok, it’s not going to be that bad hopefully, but Mars in its rulership here is going to be feisty, to say the least. You need to be able to take the high ground and not rise to the bait. Your partner at this time might also delight in just winding you up. The best approach with lovers is to make love, not war. It really is the only option. If they won’t let you, just take out the frustration on a tennis racquet or any ball that you can kick or hit.

Ceres Magic & Healing

FEBRUARY 21 TO MAY 7 2021 ~ Ceres in your own sign Aries will inflame your body with animal magnetism and you will feel extra bonded with fawn and fauna. There should be an immense drive to pursue an authentic path for yourself. What is natural for you may seem offensive to others, but trust your gut and resist peer pressure from the herd. Aggression and assertiveness will make you somewhat of an activist as you do not fear falling down the rabbit hole.

MAY 8 TO JULY 30 2021 ~ Ceres in your 2nd house of possessions will give you the opportunity to heal through the experience of letting go. You may experience material loss which forces you to confront how attached you are to 3D objects that are infused with very little sacred energy. Loss and emptiness could also push you into comfort eating.

JULY 31 TO DECEMBER 25 2021 ~ Information is magic while Ceres visits the house of the goddess in your Aries 2021 horoscope! Trust then that the relevant information or just the book you needed to read will fall into your lap from the ether. You will also enjoy charmed experiences with your siblings where you can relive magical childhood experiences or enjoy telling scary stories to each other around the campfire.

Aries Horoscope 2021 artwork: Mixed media collage by Marina using archive photo of Aries woman Joan Crawford.

Aries 2021 Love Horoscope

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January & February

This is your Aries 2021 love horoscope looking at the movements of Venus through your solar houses. So on January 9 is when Venus enters your 10th house. That will mean that your heart beats faster to the tune of older, richer and more successful mate, you’ll be impressed by their status. But it doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily just materialistic, you’re probably subconsciously searching for a guide or parental figure that’s been lacking in your life. And this way, you can learn how to advance yourself and get quite a growth-spurt in your maturity.

There’s also the chance that a relationship that wasn’t very committed become so at this time, and your status in the world changes as people now regard you as a couple. If you’re single your Facebook status could go to in a relationship also. Now this may not be the hottest love placement, but it is a good opportunity to realise that you can attract mature and responsible partners if you don’t normally. And they may be a little battered around the edges and thinning on top but the heart underneath is rock solid gold.

This partner also has the added bonus that they won’t drain you, will commit to you and be the rock that you really need and this may be quite a change for those of you who go for toy-boys or Barbie dolls. But the experience will help you move away from the impossible fantasy to consider more realistic and therefore attainable partner options in the future. So January 9 until February 2 really good time for for commitments in love. At the same time you have Mars in Taurus, that’s nice because you’ve got the two earthy signs with the planets of love in them. So that always slows the impulsive active Aries down and makes it think carefully. To commit when there is reason to commit and not just jump in physically too early. And that then risk being hurts if the mate doesn’t want to stick around and were only after one thing

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