Cancer Horoscope 2021


In 2021 Cancer will learn to...... Resurrect!

Your Cancer horoscope 2021 allows you to dive deep into the dungeons of your brain to pull out some spiritual gold. You are hyper-focused and even quite obsessed with rooting out all the nastiest skeletons lurking in your psyche. You might come into some life-changing inheritance this year too.

The paradox is that both the planets of loss and gain are in this debt house, so it could be a case of easy-come, easy go with any inheritance or legacy that comes your way. Possibly your partner, if you have one, may also get a huge boost in income but then not want to share it with you! Whatever the scenario, other people’s money is a double-edged sword in 2021.

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Cancer 2021 - Saturn & Jupiter

Challenges & Opportunities

During this time you are going to learn the hard lesson of not relying on other peoples money. This means living within your means and having to minimise your debt as much as possible. Externally this could manifest as loans being called in, banks refusing you credit or failing to get a mortgage. You should pass through this period relatively unscathed if you are already self-sufficient. If however, you rely on the generosity of others then you may suddenly find they are withholding funds more than usual. Yes, this is the proverbial credit crunch transit!

These days women tend not to live solely on the husband’s income, but it is still possible that the spouse’s income might well take a tumble during this transit. If you are lucky enough to be a kept woman (or man!), you might find you are rudely forced to share the financial burden or face severe lifestyle downgrading. This might be a period where you get a job for the first time. Conversely, you might equally leave work to have children, which then makes you more reliant on your spouse’s income. This action, in turn, forces them to be more responsible and hard-working.

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Cancer Horoscope 2021 artwork: Mixed media collage by Marina using archive photo of Cancer woman Natalie Wood

Cancer 2021 Love Horoscope


January To February

Cancer 2021 HoroscopeWe start with Venus in your marriage house right at the beginning of the year. This is fantastic for all romance and it’s the best place for it to be. Even more intense is that it’s going to make a conjunction with Pluto, the Lord of the underworld, on January 29th in that house. Pluto is coming to the end an almost 15 year transit in there. But it doesn’t really make itself felt until Venus or Mars or another planet activate it. This is one of those times. So it can be that you have some kind of altercation with a very possessive abducting type of partner.

If you feel like you have a very controlling partner, then this will bring that to the surface. There could be an argument and you make a stand here. Or it can be the Phoenix from the flames where you’ve released yourself from captivity, or you’ve transmuted a relationship with a very powerful possessive partner. Now you’re equals and just as powerful as they are. Persephone becomes Queen of the underworld at the end of January.

So as I said in the whole year ahead, all the action that was in Capricorn has now moved into your eighth house. So any relationship issues that have been brought up need to be put on the psychologists couch. You are going to be doing that this year. This is the moment when self-analysis can be initiated with the event of January 29th. So Venus moves into the eighth house on February 2nd, so now, any relationships with toxic people will be put under the spotlight. You’ll see if the relationship you’re in IS indeed very toxic, or it’s with an addict. If you feel suddenly attracted to darker, bad boys or girls, this will be the month when you feel pulled into that underworld, and down the rabbit hole. If you want to use this energy to study these kind of relationships, if you’re interested in how people tick, then by all means, go down the rabbit hole!

You may feel the Persephone pull on February 6th when Saturn and Venus join together. This can also be actually a relationship if it’s a good one. So a relationship with someone who’s also into psychology, who’s really into studying the occult and going deep into studying the deep state, then this is fine, it will be a marriage of minds. It should be a happy connection, because then you can study these things together. And Venus with Saturn relationships deepen and become long term. So if you are interested in that sort of person, and they’re a psychologist as well, then this will be a great one for you.



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